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I've been doing a lot of thinking about what it would take to get all of us together so that we could make a powerful force against Laurie and her brother. Not much. Communication and trust is what most of us need. There is so much that needs to be said. There are so many of us that can say it too. We need to trust each other and believe in each other again. Person to person we are stronger than any group I've ever known. We know more and feel more than any group of victimized people. We can do it. We just need to believe that what I know is possible is. Believe in the power of positive group influences.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Still Acting Like Little Girls: Adults Behaving Like Children

I think that one thing that most people don't understand about the situation that I am in right now is how much other people telling me what to do caused this to happen.  Sometimes the advice was great.  Get sober.  Act like an adult. Be responsible.  Those were all good pieces of advice.

Then there were the bad pieces of advice.  When I was on disability and was making good money, my mom told me to "work more hours" and that fucked me up.  It put me over the allowed amount of hours to work and dinged me at Social Security.  I didn't need the money and I didn't need to work more, but she thought I did.  Then came the bank account fiasco.  I should have just put it in my own savings account, but instead I let her be in charge of it.  She opened up a savings account for me and I let her be in charge of it.  I gave her the money to deposit and somewhere along the line someone stole it and now she says it never existed.  Another mistake.

Then came other pieces of advice.   Talking to Bryan Anderson about my rape.  Going to the police about the porn movies and sending my friends.  I followed more bad advice when I should have just gone to my friends at the federal government from the very beginning.  I should have stuck to what I knew from the very beginning.  Now I have a mom that says I need to be working again.  My question is why?  Why start working again to build another bank account that she will inevitably get her fingers in that will go missing?   I'm dismayed at the fact that she knows it was there and it was significant and now she acts like $30,000 missing isn't something I should be upset about.  It's gone and I worked for it and nobody seems to care.  It's like, "Oh well..."

That's upsetting to me.  Why would anyone think that my first reaction should be, "find another job" instead of "find the missing money"?

When this money was earned it was earned with the understanding that it was being put away for my half of the relationship that Christopher and I were in.   What I bring into our relationship is my half of what I bring in.  What he brings in is his half.  What we earn together is ours.  I knew that this is what you do in relationships.  I wanted to have a substantial amount of money to put together to have a home to buy with Christopher so that we could share in a home.  Just like the Nichols' Family, now this money is gone.  It is missing in action and nobody seems to think it is a priority to get it back.  That's not the way I see it.  It is a very substantial amount of money.  This is something that both Christopher's lawyer and my lawyer should be screaming about right at this very moment.  I have bills that are very important to my life.  Christopher and I are partners in every sense of the word.

I have medical bills that are important to staying alive.  I need to know, for certain, what happened to this money.  I am concerned, very much, that my mother is saying that there never was such an account when I god damn know that there was one.  I am very concerned that my sister says the same thing.  Now I know that there was one.  Why is this lie being perpetuated?  What is going on Bryan Anderson?  I am also concerned that there is money available to me that others have donated to keep this situation from happening that isn't being made available to me.  I have worked extremely hard at this job for the police and for the people of this state.  Why can't someone understand that this job has cost me a lot of money and time.  Isn't there anyone out there that can help me out, at all?

Certainly someone could be helping me out with the Social Security Disability people when they see the severity of the injuries suffered with the MRI results that were bungled at the hospital.  We know that Mrs. Guzman at the Yucca Valley office of Social Security has drug her feet on making her determination but someone from the federal government could easily have called her and helped her to understand that I am in dire need of this being reestablished right away.  I am in extreme pain and these people know that I am horribly disabled.  This whole "wait and see" policy is not something that someone that has been shot at, beaten and nearly killed should have to endure while working on an anti terrorism case of this magnitude for so many deserving people.  Bryan Anderson's lack of attention to my needs has been negligent and insufferable to say the least.  He should have his badge removed for his lack of participation in this crime.  I haven't been protected by him one tiny bit.  I've been in constant danger because of him, not protected.  His relationship with this technology has cost me more than anything.  I am disabled and being told constantly that my rape means nothing.  It's as if nothing has ever happened to me in a body that barely works.

I am upset with Christopher for his minimal participation in his efforts to get this money returned to us as well.  He could have and should have done more to get this back to me and my family.  I think he has probably done less than he should have.  What I am concerned about is that he doesn't realize what this has done to our relationship when he hasn't considered what I have done to help his family understand what he has been put through.  My mother and father should, at the very minimum, understand what his family does.  What he is doing is unconscionable.  Why, after forty years of torture, should his family know more about this crime, than mine does?  It is simply because I did more to tell them than he did.  I made the effort, Christopher, you did not.  What he needs to understand is that his lack of participation in this regard is taking a huge toll on me.  I need to know that if he can't make this kind of effort for me, then why would he want to be in this relationship at all.  Who would he make this kind of effort for?  You see, there isn't a question in my mind that I would let anyone do this to his mother or him.  That's why this project is what it is.  I simply would not allow Laurie to do this to them, clearly there is no quid pro quo.

You have to fight through what other people think Christopher.  Whatever someone else's plan is, you have to do more.  You have to say, "I don't care what you think Jeff, I won't allow you to keep this money from Kevin.  You can't take this from him or keep it.  He needs it to survive.  You do not do this or I will tell his mom and dad that you have it and I will tell them that it is going to be his now."

I knew that by putting this money away and thinking through this system that it was for Christopher and me that Laurie would want to steal it.  Anything that would be for our future would be "earmarked" for theft by Laurie and her brother.  This would be the third or fourth time that Laurie has taken a large sum of money from my bank account.  When I thought about saving this money for our future there was no doubt that it would be attempted to be stolen by her.  I should never have let my mother or sister have anything to do with it.  There was only one person that could have ever gotten involved that knows my family.  Bessie Smith is that person.  She knows my sister and she knows Laurie.  Being Missy Pissy's friend, I'm certain that the plan was devised through the pair.

I swore, the day I met Christopher, that the days of ending my relationships with someone I loved were over.  I did that the second I met Christopher and that has been the number one priority of Missy and Laurie ever since.  They've jailed us, they've hurt us, they've taken our money, they've split us apart, they convinced Jeffrey to keep us from talking, they convinced Jeffrey it was a good idea to keep us from having our families talk...they basically committed informant misconduct, but one thing they don't know is Christopher and Kevin.  We are not the kind of guys that allow people in very easily.  We are both stubborn.  I am the law guy.  He's the priest.  I am faithful to the law. He is faithful to God.  We are both interchangeable in this regard.  I have strong faith, he is strong with law.  You can't really get to us that easily.  I told Jeffrey to keep out of our relationship but he didn't.  It wasn't a smart move for him to play with us, but Jeffrey does tend to do what I ask him not to.

Laurie is very jealous of Christopher.  He is the person I will eventually marry and that makes Laurie upset.  I guess she thinks I would marry her.  Yuck.  Yes, Laurie I will marry him because he embodies what I love about a human being.  Jonathan told me that he is the person for me and that I would marry him and Christopher also told him he would marry me a long time ago.  It's been almost nine years.  I know it and so does Christopher.  Laurie is jealous beyond tears.  Remember folks, she took a wedding dress to Sedona, Arizona when she followed me there...why?  Who knows, I was told she thought she was going to film one of her weird porn movies with me in it there...knocked out...sick.  That makes me feel very strange.  There are taped conversations about Laurie and "old fashioned" weddings with me from a long time ago too.  It gives me the willys to this day.  I would never ever think like that...she's got problems.  I think her sister is missing a wedding dress.  I believe her friend Margie can identify a wedding dress on the way to Sedona as well if she is questioned about it.

The money I saved in that savings account was for an engagement ring for Christopher. I planned on asking him to marry me once I moved and when we were working in San Diego with the feds.  Laurie knew that this was how I was.  I have been looking for a long time at rings and he knows how I feel about it so, surprise Christopher, that's what some of that was for.  Now that it has gone missing, I'm suppose to get another dead end minimum wage job at 49 years old and start all over again?  That's not what I agreed to do with Marilyn Katzenberg when I got here, is it Marilyn?  I did the work and saved the money so what's with all the lying.  If this money was simply stolen, then why isn't my mom upset about it?  Why isn't she looking for it?  Why isn't she saying it was stolen?  Why isn't Bryan Anderson asking her about it? Why is he not involved like he should be?  What is his problem anyway?  This smells like the Nichols' Family all over again to me.

Perhaps Bryan Anderson is retired from the PSPD.  In that case he can consider the fact that he is going to be sued.  I will definitely be working with my attorney on a lawsuit that will directly put him in the financial crosshairs of the negligent treatment of his informants knowing that we can prove that there were conversations directly involving him and Laurie with regards to Christopher and myself.  The negligence of this officer that put both Christopher and me in danger with the information that he gave willingly and unwillingly to Laurie because of the illegal use of this system without informing me or Christopher or our families has caused irreparable harm to both of us.  If he left the job without any regard for our welfare knowing that Laurie and Brian were still committing this crime, he will be found responsible for what she has done since.  I have absolutely no problem going after him and his department for the illegal use of this system.  What I have been put through since the day he asked me to become an informant has been so horrible.  Wreckless endangerment is what I've been told is the route best taken in our case.  There is a long history with Laurie and informants.  When you see the "workplace violence" restraining order and you see the kinds of admissions that she makes, not to mention the order itself while I am working as an informant, you can see that this officer does nothing to protect me or my family against her attacks.

This situation is a direct result of his negligent behavior.  I live in constant fear and danger.  My family turned to him for help in many situations, Laurie's ear to his thinking was used against us, including my sister's husband and my own situation resulting in the loss of life in one situation and my own attempted murder at the hands of Laurie and her brother.  I am not thrilled with his lack of participation in the solution.  I thought he would make a bigger effort to solve this problem, he hasn't.  He knew that when my sister came to him for help with my brother in law that the advice to her friend was that he should arm himself to protect himself, that information was then used by Laurie to create a dangerous situation for my brother in law, which ended in a death.  That is the truth.  What I've learned is that Bryan told Laurie's uncle to arm himself to protect himself, when Laurie learned of this, she started to text my brother in law to irritate him into a confrontation that ended in a death.  This kind of inside information led to the death of my brother in law.  This system ultimately caused his death.  Allegedly.

You see what the problem is here folks is a lack of communication that Laurie is a snoop.  Constantly looking to create a confrontation.  She wants a big fucking Earth shattering confrontation.  She does this every single day with me and my parents lately.  She tries, on a daily basis, to cause a fight.  She's done this with me since high school and I'm use to it.  The DHS 8, have many instances where they know that she's requested that men have been approached to cause a fight with me...most of the time it hasn't happened.  These kinds of things turn her on, big time.  This kind of information needs to go to a prosecutor, it doesn't need to sit in the hands of Jeffrey.  It needs to go to my attorney.  Pronto.  You see when a stalker is looking to cause a violent act against an informant, it has to be known right away.  This is very important, Bryan Anderson.  These police officer are doing nobody any favors by sitting around listening to her lies.  Keeping quiet about her talking to them hasn't helped anybody in the community.  It's a silent crime until we show what she sounds like and what she says.

People are constantly asking me what Laurie and Brian sound like when they are talking on this system.  It depends.  Mostly they are hateful.  Children comes to mind.  Adult children.  Laurie acts about like she is fifteen years old and she's a snotty little brat.  She has multiple personalities and she will almost always say the most hateful thing that you can think of.  "N" word, "F" word for gays, salacious things, gross sex talk, and basically anything that will offend you or anyone that is listening.  Her brother likes to talk tough and act stupid.  They sound like tweekers.    They talk in circles.  They will hit upon a subject that you don't want to talk about and will stay on it for hours and hours and days and days.  If you have something that bothers you, it will stay on their minds for weeks.  Laurie never forgets a boyfriend.  You could have broken up years ago and she will still talk about him.  Sex...always.  She will talk about sex for ever and ever.  She acts like she knows everything about everything.  When it is convenient she will make everything seem like she caused it to happen.  If she can cause a problem she will.  She literally keeps a list of things she wants to use to "piss you off". She wants you to react to her.  Starting a fight is number one.  Every word out of her mouth is to cause a manipulation of someone or something.  She wants you to worry.  Negativity is always a priority.  She is never happy and she is always high on meth.  As you can see, there isn't anything good in her world.

Laurie never back off and neither does her brother.  It is always attack, attack, attack. She is very aggressive and so is her brother.  Lying is another thing.  They both lie constantly.  Neither can keep their stories straight without the help of other people.  To catch them in a lie is easy and both of them lie constantly.  To believe their lies is to your own detriment.  Nobody should ever listen to anything they say, including myself.  One thing that you should always remember is this.  They are not here to help you, they are here to hurt you.  Always remember, Laurie wants to hurt you.  She has no reason to befriend you.  She wants to make your life as bad or worse than hers is.  I know, I've been her worst enemy for no reason her whole life.  If she thinks she is fooling me now, she is wrong.

I've always wanted the general public to hear what Laurie and Brian are really like. The way they talk to us is a shame.  Laurie is almost 50 years old and her brother is 55 years old.  Nothing is worse than two 50 plus year old tweekers acting like little children screaming and yelling talking about sex all night long and pretending like they are little perverts.  The kinds of things that they talk about they have no business talking about.  Telling people to "go out and get jobs" when neither has ever had a job to their name.  Both of them are responsible for taking these jobs away from people when they have them.  As soon as you get a job they start in calling the managers and try to get you fired.  It's a hamster wheel of work.  I tried to show people how to get and keep a job for a long time which is why I am so darn mad about this money going missing.  I saved it to show people how to work around this problem.

This was bait money.  I know that when I put this money into a bank account the first thing that Laurie was going to do was try to steal it.  Thinking that it was for Christopher and me might as well have been putting up a big bright neon sign that said, "Hey Laurie, look at all this money you can try to steal!"  I knew that Missy Pissy would try to steal it.  I knew that she was living with Jeffrey and Marilyn.  What I didn't know was how she was going to do it.  The account was set up by my mom.  I did that on purpose.  I told my mom that I didn't want to know anything about it.  I didn't want the account number and the second paycheck of every month I would go to the bank, cash it, and would hand the money to my mom and tell her to bank it.  Then I would tell myself, "That's for Christopher and me!" Just as a way to flag it for Laurie to get mad.  I knew it would get Missy Pissy's attention.

I did this for years.  I think the weird thing about it are the conversations that I had with my mom about this that she thinks that I've forgotten about.  We did talk about this account.  She must think we didn't.  Not often, but we did.  I can remember handing her the cash and saying, this is for the bank.  Members of my family would borrow from it occasionally and my mom would have them ask if they could.  I always said sure.  If they needed to pay me back, they paid my mom.  I purposefully did not ever want to know how much was in the account because of Laurie and Laurie knew it.  She didn't know either so she had to ask.  She couldn't ask my mom, so she needed to have someone ask my sister.  The only person she knew to do that would have to be Bessie Smith.  That's the only person I can think of that would be involved in this scam.

Nobody else would know her or how to get at this account.   But how could they do this.  Well, knowing that my mom and me were on this account, there was one way.  Since my mom is getting older, having her name on my account means that if her memory was going bad, she could forget about it.  So someone came up with the idea of "memory loss" and putting my sister's name on the account.  I can only imagine that somehow Bessie Smith talked about Laurie inquiring about the money and "memory loss" became a topic of conversation between my sister and Bessie.  That's when my bank account amount must have come up.  Then they found out how much there was in it.  SCORE!!!  Then it must have come up that I wasn't know, sitting around so much couldn't be good for a sober person that use to use drugs.  Like that is any of their business.

With the "memory loss" thing happening with my mom, my sister then got her name on my account without my permission.  I wasn't asked.  My mom got tested and MRI'd. Then the money was gone.  Nobody told me anything.  I went to the bank and there was no account at all.  I checked.  I'd made deposits there myself once or twice, but now there was nothing.  The bank manager, whom I'd only met once or twice knew me by name.  So this money that I knew I'd saved and had seen statements for at my mom's house in our office was gone.  

Someone took the bait account.  There was only so many ways this could have been taken.  My mom was super defensive about having "not stealing it" and said there was never an account there and my sister, like I said, did the same.  I knew otherwise so I know it has to do with them.  Someone told them this was something to I know Laurie didn't steal it.  My concern is, what's the point?  Force me to work?  Teach me a lesson?  Why?  I obviously can save money, but what good is that if I can't use it when I need it?  If it puts me in debt when I need it the most what good is saving it?  I need it right now and it's making me worse off now than ever.  I wish I'd never saved it and never let my mom ever put it there.  I should have just put it in my own savings account across the street.  I could have just done it on my own.  Granted it probably wouldn't have been as much but it also would still be mine.  Now it looks like there is nothing at all and I don't have anything.  What's worse, Laurie stealing it and having nothing or having nothing and not being able to use it anyway.  Feels the same both ways.  It's exactly the same when you are me.  There is no difference.

I can't pay my bills.  I can't use it.  Everyone is just as disappointed in me.  Everyone still blames me.  Nobody thinks any better of me.  I'm just as big a loser either way.  I might as well have been on drugs.  What nobody seems to understand is that whether Laurie steals it or mom and my sister take it and hide it, I'm still the loser.  I look just as bad no matter who took it.  I earned this money.  I didn't do anything wrong.  Why is someone punishing me for it?  I should be looking like a good guy, so why do I feel like  bad guy?  I don't get the point of any of this?  I feel like all of this AA crap is a lie.  The harder I worked the less honest people got with me.

I got better and everyone else got sick.

For those of you that do this 12 step stuff like I do, you know that this program is one of honesty and attraction.  I've pretty much adhered to all of that.  There are promises that are suppose to come true and in May I will be sober for nine full years.  Not one of these promises is coming true.  I have worked really hard to maintain this life of sobriety but all I keep getting is more sickness from the people around me trying to make me feel like I'm not better.  I know that I'm not worse.  I know that I'm not the person I was, but when is this suppose to turn around.  I put my heart and soul into believing that when I made the corrections that it would be better for me and my family, but that hasn't appeared.  It's been an exercise in futility because those who should didn't.  I don't make excuses about what I've done.  I know that I can be working at this situation or rebuilding my own finances but that's really not making this project work.  I've done that many times.  What I need to do is show what happened so that other people don't rebuild and get ripped off.  This isn't just about putting your life back together it's about protecting it too.  It's about saying, now that you have saved this money, how can you keep it.  What does this say about my ability to keep these victims' money safe if I can't even keep my mom and sister from telling me it didn't exist?  This is a real problem now.  I love them dearly, but someone got to them.  That's not what I was shooting for here.   I want honesty in all of my affairs, not just the affairs that Jeff thinks that there should be honesty in.

This is important to me.

Squeaking by is what victims of this crime know all too well about.  Jonathan, Anthony and I lived off of a grapefruit tree until Laurie had all the grapefruits removed.  Literally when we ate from the tree that provided us food, she had the fruit removed so we had no more fruit.  This is how much she starves the victims.  When we had a roasted chicken in the fridge to eat, the next day she stole the carcass so we could pick off the bones.  When we made a pot of chili, we got one bowl and the next day the entire pot of chili was gone...a whole pot of chili was gone!!!  Literally you could not keep food in your home.

She was like a rat going through your home at night stealing whatever she could take.  I'm surprised that Anthony ever ate.  We had to go to soup kitchens to eat.  If I went down to Palm Springs I would take $40.  $20 to get him food and $20 for myself for the weekend.  Laurie hated that.  It was literally a mission of peace and this was how I tried to keep him eating.  She is a cockroach.  Her brother, allegedly, from what I've been told use to come over to my sister's home here and steal food from this house too.  While my nieces and sister lived here, they would steal food from this house and my sister would have a house full of food missing.  He would steal their panties and clothing and jewelry too.  It's like they used our family to shop while they were at school.  I can't explain how much this bothers me.

These are 40 and 50 year old burglars...tweekers with walkers.

They act like this is something that "everyone does" but they don't.  People do not behave this way.  I am certain that the neighbors that live near them now must feel the same way.  There is no way that the people that live near them now aren't missing clothing from their laundry rooms.  They must be missing stuff from their cars too.  Stealing is their way of life.  Laurie and Brian have been doing this for so long that this is normal for the pair and everyone knows it.  Siphoning gas from their neighbors cars must be going on too.  License plates are probably missing too.  Laurie and Brian are notorious for stealing car license plates and putting them on their cars with updated registration stickers.  Police should check at LaPalme and see how many cars license plates went missing while Laurie and Brian lived there?  I'm sure there were a lot of those.

You have to look at the patterns of what it takes to be a thief with no job.  In order to steal, they have to get to the places they need to go and sell drugs or steal from other people.  That means they can't get pulled over.  They have to have gas and they have to have a good registration.  Mostly Brian will use a fake id if he gets pulled over because he will be high as a kite.  Laurie will be too.  You need to check the car for drugs.  Look all over for hiding places too.  Run a dog.  More than likely he's going to need to get checked against the Christopher Mead fingerprints too.  Drug test him too.  Check the car's registration.  Check the fanny pack.  Check the cigarette pack.  Check his track marks.

The problem we still are having is that the pair are running around this area right next to a sheriff's station without any kind of investigation.  How the Hell are they not on the law enforcement map Bryan?  I am a police informant without any ties to this electronic surveillance.  I am telling you to keep an eye on them.  That should be good enough.  My information is good enough. 

She Calls Us, "Fucking Assholes" For A Reason...Freudian Slip Laurie?

Overly fascinated with all things anal.  I know that sounds a bit overly generalized, but I know Laurie.  I've known her since I was in junior high school and I know what she's had to say about my father, me and others for many years.  True or not true, what she has to say about gay men, she is always fascinated with anal sex and diseases.  It's just part of who she is.  I can't say this enough.  What she tells police about these victims is absolutely not true.  What she knows about their lives in 98% fabricated and 2% made up.  How convenient it is for her to be alleged to be the person that infected them, then run around telling the police that they have HIV and go around infecting other people.  Didn't the police ever wonder how she knew so much about them?

If she hates gay men so much, why did she know so much about them?  Now she'll tell you it's because of her brother being gay, but when you ask her, she'll deny it most of the time.  Half the time he's not a homosexual and the other half he's a flamer beyond.  You never really know if she even has a brother.  I never did.  She told everyone in high school that she was an "only child".  Most of us thought that she didn't have brothers and sisters.  I was told that she was an only child since I was 11.  Basically, Laurie lied since she was 10 or 11 about her family.  She was always a sociopath.  If you ask people from back then that didn't live where she was, they'll all tell you that she said she was from Texas and that she had no other family, if they weren't living near them in Sunfair.

I've heard horror stories during my informant career about these victims.  I know because I've lived this life.  I am now 49 years old living with HIV and I know what Laurie knows about me and the stories that she has told my family and friends.  Most of the time I think that they haven't believed her, but when it came to these arrests I don't think that there was much I could do about it.  They don't really understand that the arrests were without convictions because of the difficulties that I had with the DUI's that came at the hands of Laurie's problems.  I had problems because of those DUI arrests that weren't what they seemed either...I know that seems hard to believe but the first DUI was for the possession of poppers in the front seat of my car.  You can't even test positive for that.  That is what I was arrested and convicted for. That gave me classes and took my car away.  The second DUI, I was given a date rape drug and it took effect while I was driving and it knocked me out and caused an accident.  Then I was arrested.  Everything else came afterwards.  You see none of this would have happened if it wasn't for this DUI's.

These were forced incidents.

What looks like problems were actually caused by something else.  I took responsibility for them because there was no way to explain them...but there is a way to explain them now.  I paid the price.  Took the classes.  Paid the fines and went years without my license.  There is no doubt that I paid my debt to society.  I will never drive under the influence of anything ever again, but that isn't the only problem when you deal with Laurie and Brian.  Your record is something that stands in a police lookup.  They pull your name up in a computer and they can see what you've been pulled over for in the past.  It looks bad.  Contacts.  Arrests.  If they don't look to see that you weren't convicted, then you look like a bad guy.  So you see clearing your name is most important.

If Laurie uses propaganda with these officers, I look like a dirt bag.  If you don't know the whole story I look like a problem.  So it is imperative that police know my story.  Lots of arrests, but no convictions.  I don't drink, I don't use drugs.  I am not a convict of any kind.  No felonies.  No misdemeanors.  There shouldn't be a warrant for any case that the petitioner wasn't even an employee at the place where she didn't work.  This is all problematic on a computer screen.  I am a police informant working on a case.  My police contact should be working to clear this information so that there are no mistakes.  Making us look like the good guys is way more important than what it appears on the screen.  Our arrest records should be flagged with a "do not disturb" sign!

You can't judge a book by it's elaborate cover.  What is inside is a novel of propaganda.  If you notice, you will see that prior to moving to Palm Springs, I don't have anything but parking tickets.  I've never been contacted by the police except when I was shot at.  Nothing until I am 37 years old.  Nobody becomes a criminal like that.  It was all Laurie's doing.  Nobody breaks bad in their forties.

This whole campaign of using her arrests to make my sister and family think that I am some kind of hopeless drug addict is tired.  I've been such a different person my entire life.  I'm hopelessly normal.  I'm not any different than almost anyone that you know.  I'm really quite unremarkable when it comes to being like most people.  I am the kind of person that is good at his job.  I have many friends.  I use to go out on the weekends with my friends to bars.  I worked during the week.  I rarely used drugs.  Most of my friends did not use them.  I worked out all the time.  I went to sporting events and concerts.  I mellowed out in my thirties.  I had boyfriends pretty long term and I wasn't really into most of the things that Laurie and Brian were in to.  I'm hopelessly normal.  Now, I'm hard at work with a project that is not normal.  I'm not going to lie.  I wasn't an angel, but I wasn't a devil either.  I was just a normal guy.  What Laurie tried to turn me into was just bullshit.  She took something that she could find and exploded it into something she could use to make some kind of story out of.  Drugs or sex...I'm a guy.  No different than any other red blooded guy.  I wasn't unsafe and I wasn't intentionally infecting anyone with AIDS and I wasn't careless and nobody got infected because of me.  I promise.  You won't find that.

She is crazy.

What Laurie does is run around telling everyone these huge lies about everyone.  She just thinks that everything is her business.  Everything but what IS her business.  She certainly isn't telling everyone about her own HIV.  She won't let the police test her.  She certainly won't get genotyped.  Why is that?  If I were her and knew I had nothing to do with anything like this then I would be saying, "Test me right now."  You don't see that in her restraining order.  For someone with such a big fat mouth you don't see her volunteering that kind of information, nor do you see her fat assed brother.  What I find quite interesting is all this posturing with her mouth.  Put up your blood, hair and fingerprints.  Put up your DNA.

It's easy to throw all this shit at everyone else, but when it comes to being really honest about what you are like, I have nothing to hide.  If I infected someone I would want them to get tested and treated.  They could live a happy and healthy life.  I just know I haven't.  You on the other hand, Laurie, aren't as sure.  My DNA is ready to be compared to anyone.  If you think Kevin Bond has infected you, get genotyped!  My DNA is on file.  I know I didn't.  I want you to get tested right now.  I want you to get help.

If you got infected and you don't know who did it and you were in Palm Springs however, it was probably Laurie....and you too should get tested and genotyped.

I'm tired of all this fear.  People live with HIV now.  We need to stop whomever is giving it to them.

Think Different: Apple Computers, Thanks For The Inspiration, Guys and Gals

Apple Computers does something that I very much embrace with this project...they ask you to "think different".  That's a concept that helps keep you alive when you are electronically harassed.  You have to learn how to change your EEG's.  Thinking different is the key to survival when you are like we are.  It's a concept that grew this company into the innovative powerhouse that is Apple Computers.  They are the easiest and most simple computer in the world to use.  I am always impressed with their innovation and their love for our community.  I am also impressed with their generosity of human spirit.

Right now I am in the middle of this project and wanted to see if they have any suggestions that might help us with transferring some analog tapes of audio to the videos that we have of Laurie's exploits with the gay men taken prisoner by the police at the headquarters while they are being tortured inside of the police department.  We have her voice on audio recordings while she is talking to these innocent men and the videos from the police department while they are in custody.  We need to take the videos and put the audio into a digital format to combine the two into a real time performance of what it is like when the men are being talked to by the woman that it torturing them at the police department.  This way you can see the men's reactions to her while they are being booked and what the police do while they are booking them.  You can actually see the men responding to what she is telling them to do.  It is simply awful when you hear the way she is treating them.  It is the equivalent of a slave master screaming at them while being enslaved.  It is the first time that the public will have an idea of what it is like to hear what it is like inside of our heads at the voice of "Lisa".

I am sure that Apple Computers will be the first to say that this is something that nobody has ever seen before.  I wanted them to have the chance to look at these videos and hear the recorded audio of the woman that tortures us while in police custody.  We also have audio of her talking to implanted police officers too.  You can actually hear her talking to police officers on these videos.  What she tells them to do to us and see their reactions while they slam us into walls and take us down to the floor and draw our blood illegally.  It is straight out of a horror film.  These recordings are made 100% legally.  The police have no expectation of privacy while they are working.  They have signed an agreement not to use these devices while working for the City of Palm Springs.  This is 100% legal and I want Apple to be in on this project.

To stop this maniacal monster we have to "think different" and we have the video and audio to do that.  So, folks at Apple, do you want to help the LGBTQ community stop her with us?  I would love to have your input and innovation.

We have volunteers waiting to put these videos together with the audio.  There are lots of tapes and video. Zack Joseph, G-Eazy's little brother and others have volunteered their time to help us.  They need the hardware and knowledge. The more we can put together for the case the better.  A simple webinar and training session could easily get these guys and gals up to speed and we can get this done.  

We can send you a sample of what we are talking about if you would like.  I am sure you will find her to be as horrible or worse than you could ever imagine.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

As a special favor, I'd like the Apple guys and gals to gently suggest to Jeffrey to work out this situation with my mom and dad.  He knows the issue that is pressing on me right now.  You know what Steve Jobs would tell him to do...In the memory of Mr. Jobs, gently remind Jeffrey that the time to get involved in advocacy work is always Right Now!  Isn't it?


Why? The Humiliation Suffered By The Victims Of This Crime Is So Unnecessary

If there is anyone that should be humiliated by this crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California, it should not be the victims.  We have suffered long enough! I know what this feels like and I know that I'm, by far, not the only one.  One thing that I am very careful to recognize is that I am not alone in my humiliation at the hands of Laurie and Brian.  I am not ashamed of what happened to me and I want those of you that this has happened to, to understand that I went through this experience knowing that there were others that would benefit from my experience having done so.  I needed to join you so that I could bring to you what I have to offer.  I know that some of you have the same to bring to us.

Every one of us has a story.  Every one of us has the gift of experience that can help someone else.  We all know that this was horrible for someone else.  Joining together to defeat this demon is the only way that we can keep it from ever happening again.  I think that one of the biggest tragedies in the human experience is hiding from your past and not helping someone else understanding it.  People can learn from the past of another.  I know that there has been fear about the repercussions of telling your story because there was nowhere else to turn.  That's been the big problem hasn't it?  When I learned that the police was where they all tell you to go and that the police weren't helping but hurting I knew of another place...that's what I can do to help all of you.  That's my gift.  The federal government and my connections with it are tremendously helpful.  I'm not just saying that, I mean it.  I know literally an office of prosecutors and judges that won't tolerate what we have learned.  They know my reputation and they trust me.  Nothing that Laurie says or does will go uninvestigated like it does here.  Nothing that the police do here will be taken for granted like it does down at the Larson Justice Center.  Nothing there will go unnoticed either.  You see what my friends know is that something is horribly wrong here and it is glaringly unjust.

This system is looking hopelessly broken and one sided.  Too many instances of bad justice.  Too many arrests without convictions.  Too many infections by one woman of gay men.  Too many electronic harassment victims in one community with a department full of implanted police officers.  Too much evidence in one woman's apartment.  Too much money missing.  Too many fake id's.  Too much stalking.  Too many pictures of federal employees.  Too much phone mumbo jumbo with Verizon.  Too many videos of questionable content that went unnoticed.  Too much crime to go unreported for too damn long.

What I bring to the table of former USDOJ colleagues is a lifetime of experience with this woman who seems to have spent a lifetime of crime without punishment.  This is something that they will look at and think is terrorism.  I have the connections and you all have the experiences.  Now what I need you to do is grow as human beings again into the confident young men you once were.  I need you to be the people you are deep down inside.  The boys that grew into men who had decades stolen from you because of what she did.  I know you are in there.  I know you still are good.  I need you to dream still and I know it isn't easy.  I want you to aspire and I want you to think of life without Laurie and Brian again.  Think for a while of happiness.  What will it be like in a world where Laurie doesn't know what you are thinking.  Where you can be you and nobody knows what you are doing.  I want you to be the men that you can be for this project so that our community can be proud for America.  Can you do this for me?  We need to start your healing process early so that when the time comes, you can be credible.  You can be clear.  You can be heard and America will love you like you deserve.  You can do this and I know it will happen.  It's all about growing up without Laurie keeping you down.  I know it's hard, but you are still in there.  Believe that Christopher and I will be there for you when the time comes.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Angels In Jail: How Many, Like Me, Were Jailed For Being Raped?

You know she talks to us when she puts us in jail, don't you?  Oh yeah. Chief Reyes, I want you to know something.  When Laurie has us arrested, she takes credit for it, then she starts in on how we are going to do what she tells us to from now on.  Oh yeah.  We're either going to behave or we're going to end up in prison.  It's what it's like being gay and raped in Palm Springs.  I know what your next question is.  Why don't you tell us about it?  I'm going to show you why and I think you know the answer already.

Sure it is really easy for the Police Chief Bryan Reyes to tell everyone that he can't do anything about this crime unless these men come forward and tell him that is what this girl is doing to them but let's face it, he's not really being all that honest now is he?  He's the first person to tell me that "he was going to catch these rapists" when I complained to his department and then years later, he's the same guy that told me that there was "nothing that his department could do for me."  Don't believe him when he says this shit everyone.  It isn't just a matter of coming forward and telling the truth.  From day one when I complained about my rape, this police department began a campaign of hate against me that was nothing short of humiliation and degradation. 

Those of us that have been through this program of humiliation are always told one thing, "You will respect my family", though most of us have no idea who her ridiculous family is.  Respecting someone for raping you and giving you HIV isn't going to happen no matter how many times they put you in jail.  To me this always sounded like organized crime.  It still does.  To this day Laurie is constantly referring to people that are NOT her family as "her family".  Her brother is constantly being referred to as her "father" or her "sister".  She is living this life of confusion.  She refers to her mother as "her sister" and half of the time she calls every single gay man's family hers.  We don't ever share that same opinion.  My sister is not her sister.  They are nothing alike.  Laurie likes to draw these ridiculous conclusions about ALL SISTERS BEING ALIKE.  Obviously not all sisters of gay men are the same.  They are just as different as everyone else is.  Laurie wants to find some sister of a gay man that shares the same viewpoints as she does.  She hasn't found her yet.  She won't find her with any of my friends.

In the Palm Springs jail, there is some kind of cell phone relay station right on top of the jail cells and the reception there is so incredible for her that it sounds like she is in the room with you.  The acoustics there allow her to pound on your head all night long.  It's one of the worst places for a sadist like her to be allowed to cackle at you while you are in custody.  You can't imagine what it is like to have your rapist throw you in jail then mock you all night long after she's done this while the cops sit there and keep you hostage.  It is a sexual sadist's dream.  For a hate crime criminal like Laurie it has to be the paramount of her sexual fantasies and the PSPD has handed this to her like a lollipop for a child for nearly three decades.  We are literally treated like lambs to the slaughterhouse.  When you see the videos with the audio from Laurie's own mouth, you will understand that this is her favorite way of torturing a man.  It would be like a KKK member putting a black man in a cage and shitting on him.  (My most sincere apologies to all)  When you hear the language you will understand what it is like.  "N" word and all.

It began when I went to the hospital the second time and told them about my rape and nobody showed up at the emergency room to take my report.  This was the second visit to the emergency room for my MRI. Had anyone showed up they could have had a copy of the MRI and they would have seen the injuries to my skull instead of the call to the E.R. that was placed by Missy Pissy that fucked everything up.  Instead of getting a police report taken then and there with my bloody clothing it was almost a month before a police officer came to my home.  Later the police would tell the City Council that I'd waited "too long" to report the rape to be credible.  This isn't even the truth.  I'd reported it to the hospital five days after the rape which isn't uncommon in the case of date rape drugs and skull injuries.

The second incident was the night that I called for a dispatch of an officer to come to my home to report the rape.  This whole incident is on record because I was wearing a wire.  The officer was abusive and horrible.  He was so overwhelming and lied the entire time that I had to contact the ACLU who wrote a letter on my behalf.  He literally accused me of harassing my rapist and contacting him.  I want to be certain to let you know that I did not accuse Laurie or Brian of this rape.  I accused the two people that both Laurie and Brian told me were responsible.   The home owner, Steven Frey and Peter DiMartino.  You can see by text messages that I've received later that this was a situation that someone wanted me to believe existed.  I have the texts showing that someone was trying to make me believe that the two were "involved with each other".    At any rate the officer that took the report made the entire situation seem "sexual" and I was reporting a violent rape in which my skull was smashed to pieces.  He told me that I'd reported to the E.R. being in a car accident, which was completely untrue.

The very next night the police began a campaign of illegal arrests.  I was arrested by the same officer that took the rape report.  He took me to jail almost naked wearing a towel.  It is on police video, we have the video from the night that I was arrested that was in possession of Laurie.  Someone from the police headquarters sent this video to Laurie.  There were no charges filed.  I was drug tested and nothing was found.  Nobody pressed charges and I was kept overnight and released without any charges....nobody took me home and I had to walk home wearing paper clothing in October.  Before I got home I was arrested a second time for burglary...while I tried to stop and get the mail for a sick friend in the hospital on the way home and put his landlord's mail in his house setting off the alarm!  I went to jail for that.

Two arrests one day after reporting my own rape.

Over the next seven months I would be arrested five more times...all for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or trespassing.  None of the times that I was arrested was I ever found to be under the influence of anything.  I was tested every single time and never was there any kind of substance in me or on me.  It was all because Laurie was mad because I reported the rape that we now have video and photographs allegedly showing her involvement in.  There is a postcard showing my face being punched out too.  There is a news story with the police saying that "Kevin Bond has mental issues" and "that there is no rape investigation".  These are direct quotes from this police department.

There are other videos too.  One of the videos is a humiliating video from my 40th birthday when Laurie had me arrested.  I am in jail on my 40th Birthday while my parents are waiting for me in Twentynine Palms to come home for my birthday party.  Instead, I am in jail for nothing.  I test negative for drugs.  There is no warrant for my arrest.  There is no reason for me to be in custody.  Yet I am there for three days in PSPD custody before I am transported to Indio for another two days of custody there. There is no reason for me to be in jail.  Not one single reason.  No warrant.  No drugs.  Just Laurie is pissed off.  She just wanted me in jail.  Here's the worst part.  Laurie has just spent three days with me in Los Angeles calling it a "pay per view" event where the gang stalkers there are following me around...and I am without any money while they follow me everywhere until my friend Sean gives me $20 to get me back to Palm Springs so that she can have me arrested.

Obviously, I wasn't using any drugs while I was there since she gets me arrested when I get back.  Once I am in police custody...after two days, on day three, they remove me from my cell and decide that they are going to humiliate me.  They take me from my cell before transporting me to Indio, and stand me in front of what seemed like the entire office of officers, and put this hood over my face, like Hannibal Lecter.  It was humiliating to say the least.  Hot and humiliating I stood there like some kind of terrorist in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  I knew it was because Laurie was saying I had HIV and I was gay.  We now have the video that Laurie calls, "The Beekeeper", and her audio to the police officers that are implanted with her screaming at them to make me "their bitch" where she is telling them my HIV status and my sex preferences to humiliate is raw and it is horrible.  Remember, this is the girl suspected of placing tainted HIV blood up my rectum after smashing my skull to pieces.  Here she is again humiliating me.

Allegedly this video is about twenty five minutes long.  It felt like an hour.  Then I am transported with this hood on.  They said it was a training video, but if it was for training, why was I still in this hood in the van for transportation?  I was humiliated and said nothing.  Remember, I've said and done absolutely nothing.  My parents had to come and pick me up an hour and a half away.  For nothing.  She just loves doing this to my family.

Now those are the arrests, what I'm not telling you about are the 15-20 other times that the police contacted me over the next 18 months from the time that I reported the rape until I left the area for good.  None of them were positive experiences.  I had a gun pointed at my face.  I was threatened not to contact them about the subject of our investigation as an informant even though there was a restraining order and a death threat from him with a warrant or the Chief of Police would "seek criminal charges".  I was stopped.  Police entered my homes and searched my rooms at two different locations.  They stopped and searched me at several different locations.  They field tested me at different times.  They patted me down and felt my penis at other times.  This was a complete humiliation by the police department and now we have the transcripts of all of the times that this was done under the direction of Laurie telling them what to do.  Mostly it is a humiliation tactic where she is lying to them and telling them to stop me and do illegal things for absolutely no reasonable thing.  They have no probably cause, they just do it for no reason at all.  This is a complete shakedown of a rape victim for reporting the rape.

I wasn't allowed to talk to a district attorney.  I was told I wouldn't be allowed to talk to a district attorney unless DNA was found.  When it was found I still didn't get to talk to a district attorney.  I was never allowed to see my initial report given to Officer Fieux.  The police never went to the crime scene where the rape took place.  Nothing ever happened for me that should have.  It was a complete bullshit investigation from the very start.  It is my understanding that Laurie told Bryan Anderson that Steven wasn't a drug dealer at all.  I'm the person that was practically lived with him and I sold drugs for him.  I knew the whole operation.  In her restraining order she claims not to know anything about me or my friends post high school.  How could any of this be?  None of this makes any sense until you realize that she then says that Bryan Anderson was her four year boyfriend after high school...he is my police contact.  He is also the person that told me to report the rape.   Now I don't know about you, but...if he and she are the two people that are using this system, perhaps they are the two people that need to be questioned about it.

What I've also found out about these arrests is that while I am in custody, Laurie and her brother are robbing my home.  Yes, the police are holding me in their jail cells for nothing, because I am never on drugs, but they are keeping me there so that their two little friends, who have keys made to my home, can rob me.  This is one of the reasons that they took me to jail naked.  You see if they take you to jail naked for no charge overnight, then your home is unlocked and your wallet and keys are there, with no way to protect them.  Thank you Kelly Fieux.  Basically the police just let the rapists, rob us.

If that's not bad enough, I have a boyfriend whom is also a police informant that has also been raped by Laurie and her brother.  He's also been filmed and probably photographed.  There is video from the police department in Laurie's possession from the PSPD of his blood being forced from him.  From what I've heard, it's the worst video of all of the videos that she has.  He is very clear about not taking his blood.  The blood draw is super illegal and his take down to the floor is violent and unnecessary.  

Then comes his arrest and removal to a police department out of the area so that he isn't booked into the Palm Springs jail where he can contact his PSPD police contact.  He is taken all the way to Banning so that he won't be notice and is put on the television news where he is called a "homeless man" and is charged with a "strong armed robbery" for an alleged bike theft.  The only eye witness to this crime?  A woman on the phone calling herself, "Molly Bondhus".  Um, Molly Bond, is my cat.  Yes, folks, my cat is named Molly Bond and the phone call came from Laurie...who wasn't there, she was all the way here in Joshua Tree...the hus means Molly Bond's hus-band....Kevin's husband.

So Chief Reyes, before you go bitching about why you can't do anything about this crime if people won't report it to you, frankly it's because of what you do to people that do!  If you report it to you and your officers, you fucking put them through HELL!  What you've done to me and my family is nothing short of terrorize us with your department's gestapo police tactics and send Laurie after me and my friends because of reporting it.  Nobody wants to report crimes to you because you aren't trustworthy!  My rape was solved.  You had the DNA of the suspects then it disappeared.  You said I was right on the money until you realized it was your home girl Laurie and her brother....then it was all a lie that I made up.  Then she followed me to Arizona to kill me.  Unfortunately, we found more evidence of your officers acting like Nazi's than you could ever imagine.  Now, since you don't want to arrest her, we're going to go around you.  Apparently you didn't get the memo.  We wanted to help you stop her.

She is a menace to society.  You can't work on our community by working with her.  You can't tell us to report this crime to you then sick her on us like some kind of Adolf Hitler and her gestapo police.  We won't tolerate it.  Now it is time to go to the news and show them what you do to people that report intentional infections and rapes of gay men to you.   I am sorry but I deserve to have a life just like you do.

What until you see the "Drug Dealer and His Boyfriend" video....I think you may change your mind about what happened at Steven Frey's home.

This Guy Is Superbly Talented!!! The Patience He Has To Record This Is Amazing! Austin Jones You Are Super Talented!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Am Being Lied To By Members Of My Family Anderhole, Are You Going To Ask Them Why Or Do I Have To Find Another Cop?

Now, let me ask Lisa Damiani another question.  My police contact is Sgt. Bryan Anderson, whom I think is an Anderhole.  I also have a San Diego police officer named Ken Davenport and his friend out here that are working.  Why is it that I know that my family has told me a series of lies in this case and I can't get them to question my family about these lies if they are working with me on this case?

My mom says, "There isn't a bank account and there never was one? I swear to God there never was one."

My dad says, "My tool belt was never stolen" and it was.

My sister says, 'There never was a bank account and I didn't steal your money"  "You don't have a penny to your name."

All of these are lies.

How can these people be working on this case and I'm wearing a wire working on this investigation, hopefully for the govt too, and they won't go and question these witnesses about this missing money?  Aren't they suppose to be working with me?  If they aren't working with me shouldn't their supervisors be called?  Shouldn't we be calling their Chiefs and telling them that they aren't doing their jobs?  They also have specific knowledge that these answers are lies and that this evidence was planted at this location and that this money was stolen.  If they know this why isn't this money being returned to me and being ordered returned.  That is the proper procedure for an informant's money in an investigative sting isn't it?

So if this is a sting, why isn't Bryan stinging someone for it?

I'm concerned that the U.S. Attorney isn't being clued in properly that this informant is being treated inhumanely, because I can't go begging my parents for money that was stolen in a sting operation because my cop is a fucking idiot.  You know the PSPD has had problems returning informant's monies before with the Nichols' Family and it did have something to do with Laurie.

I want this cleared up.  I am off my antidepressant medication and I have a sister that is controlling the fuck out of me again.

Do we need the FBI out here visiting Jeffrey?   I think we might need someone to babysit him because his diapers are wet.

Lisa Damiani: Still No Money and No Meds: Making Me Beg My Parents

Dear Lisa Damiani,

Still no money and still having to beg my parents for a dime that they won't give me.  Apparently Jeffrey has complete control over this situation.  He is controlling every single thing about the return of this money to my account.  My police contact refuses to get this money back to me in favor of Jeffrey Katzenberg's plan.  My sister won't talk to my police contact and get this money to him even though the two are friends and could easily make this exchange.  I offered to accept her apology and not make a big deal out of this nearly two weeks ago, but apparently that was not acceptable to Jeffrey.  Now this situation has caused me to not be able to get my medications again, something that Jeffrey and Marilyn were aware of two or three days ago. 

I am no longer willing to accept an apology but I want this money back.  I think that a call to the police chief in Palm Springs will be helpful for Bryan Anderson who refuses to talk to my parents about this situation with this money and my sister.  My father will be leaving the state soon and my sister will be happy not to talk to him until he gets back leaving me with nothing.  I can't live on nothing.

Jeffrey and Marilyn refuse to do anything to stop treating me this way.  I have begged and begged them to stop, they won't.  I don't know what my sister has to do with this situation, if anything, but it would seem to me that if she does that Jeffrey is controlling her opinion.  I need a court to either convince her to make a better decision or to have someone show her that this money should be returned to me immediately.

I have had enough of this game of keep away.  It is my money and I can show exactly where it came from.  I have all of the paycheck stubs and all of the Social Security Disability Checks that will show that I made this money unlike the other two people on that account.  Jeffrey has no right to any of this money and has never had any right to hold on to it.  I find his involvement to be an intentional infliction of emotional distress coupled with elderly abuse of my mother and father.  This situation is something that I have witnessed involving other members of my family as well.  I am very concerned that someone is trying to hurt them.

Jeffrey has, from what I understand, a history of abuse with elderly members of his own family, allegedly.

The Laziest Police Department In The Country: The Palm Springs Police Department

This department couldn't find a criminal if they walked in to the chief and turned himself in.  I swear to GOD they are the laziest department in the fucking country.  Now if you told them you were a homosexual, you would be in handcuffs in less than three seconds.  That's about the only way that you can get arrested in Palm Springs.  When you see the kind of shit these police officers pull when it comes to gay men inside of their own police headquarters, you will understand that this is the most homophobic and hateful department in the entire world.

They hate the gays.  We are living in a city where the fag haters wear badges and the top brass hates us so much that they actually help the drug dealers and the millionaires to turn us in.  It is the most hateful department you have ever seen.  I am so embarrassed that I've ever worked for Bryan Anderson that I can't believe that I actually worked for the cop that can't tell the truth about his own ex-girlfriend being the girl that terrorized our entire community.  He actually dated the biggest slut in the entire community and the girl that is suspected of giving all of these electronic harassment victims HIV.

Alternate Blog Header: This Was Going To Be Used Today But We All Know Jeff Is An Asshole

I was going to go with this blog header today realizing that Jeffrey knew that I would be out of antidepressants and he knew that it would lead to me being very angry with him.  He looks forward to these kinds of days.  He's what we call a sadist.  He loves to see what I have planned and torture me with it making up excuses to his wife and everyone about how he didn't think this would happen after weeks of me trying my best to keep him out of the limelight.  What Jeffrey is doing is paying me back for the loss of his S.A.G. Membership.  His wife should be losing hers very soon as she sat and watched him do this too this entire time.  She didn't make one single effort to get this money back to me or make one effort to tell my family the truth about her husband's role in stealing this money.

She wouldn't let my boyfriend do it either.

The problem with the Katzenbergs is that they are greedy bastards trying desperately to hold on to the money that they made while they got involved with torturing me for fun.  Now they know that they aren't in a situation to get away with it, they want to make me pay for telling all of you about it.  This is called extortion.  They stole my money and now they want to use that stolen money to strangle me financially.  I told them that I would forgive them if they gave it back, but apparently Jeffrey isn't going to because he's a bitter piece of garbage.  That was a few weeks ago and now it still isn't returned.  He wants me to be suffering sickness and HIV related diseases.

I thought it would be more important to talk about the DHS 8 today, instead.  Another group of men that Jeffrey heard from and ignored.  These are great guys that tried to help us out with our investigation but Jeffrey told them basically that he didn't like them either.  He's an asshole to them, but we tried to get them some help ourselves.  I'm sure if Jeff gets his way, he'd do something to them to.  At any rate if you'd like to get them some help, please talk to Martin or Christopher and we can let you know how you can avoid Jeffrey and Marilyn and get them the supplies they need.

Jeffrey Fucking With My Medications Again Making Me Beg For Money

Once again Jeffrey Katzenberg is trying to force me to beg for money from my parents by not returning the funds that were stolen from my bank account.  He is refusing to do so because he thinks he is in control of this money.  He thinks that he is teaching me some kind of lesson about keeping my money in a savings account that other people can get to.  This is now in its fourth month of stealing $30,000.  Today I am out of my antidepressant medication that needs to be refilled.  I am suppose to take this every day as prescribed by my doctor.  If I don't take this medication I get severely depressed and angry.  He knows this very well.  My sister also takes this medication and she knows what happens when she doesn't take it.  So both parties are aware of what it is like when I don't take this medication.

Neither should be keeping it from me is what I am saying.

I have no money for gas to pick it up and no money to pay for the co-pay for my insurance that will be running out tomorrow when I can't pay the $145 bill for the Medicare charges that I can't pay because of the money that he has stolen from me.  Jeffrey just loves stealing this money and making me beg for it.  He thinks this makes him a big man.  How do you feel about it?  Why don't you give him and his wife a call and let them know just how much you think he's a great man for doing this!  Let him know just how wonderful he is!