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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's Christopher's Birthday...Brian's Putting On His Camo-See Through-Tights and Lori's Hot Doggin It!!!

The other day I told Lori and Brian to leave me alone.  Since then Lori and Brian have been using so much meth that they decided to put on a show.  This is Christopher's birthday and if you've been paying attention, you know, this is usually when Lori is at her jealous craziest.  Up until a few years ago, it was "Lori's favorite thing" to put one of us in jail on our birthday.  Records at the PSPD will show that, over the years, she did this many times.  How often is it that you get arrested on your birthday?  In Palm Springs, if you are one of these victims, it happens with much regularity.  Lori is America's biggest party pooper.  Literally...she poops at parties or whenever she breaks into someone's home to rob it.  Wonder how many times this has been reported to the police?

The world is still waiting to see the infamous "Hot Dog Video" which depicts Lori telling Christopher that "he is no longer working as an informant for Bryan Anderson, but for her now...," while she diddles herself with a few hot dogs.  That's right...half a package of Oscar Meyer's were being utilized as a stimulus while she talked shit about me, my sister and my family.  Lori gets some kind of sexual charge out of talking shit about my family and honestly thought it would "turn Christopher on".  Um, he's a priest and nothing could be less attractive than Lori weenie-ing it while her brother struts his peanut in front of the camera wearing the same kind of see through tights you see above.  The only problem is Junior's choice of shoes.  What to wear when stuffing your junk into a pair of camo tights?  Certainly the answer is combat boots, but Lori  couldn't steal those from her girlfriend Lissa, whom we all call "Sniff sniff, drip drip" for her nasal use of meth.  Yes, Lissa wears combat boots!

One thing that we all need to be aware of is the nice side of mean...which is Lissa.  She may be acting all nicey nice, but she's just as likely to throw me in jail on the way home tonight as Lori is.  Neither can be trusted.  Two sides of the same coin exist in that flop house that they are living in.  Six people living in one house full of meth and disease.  If you hear her it sounds kind of like a Halloween witch screeching ALL DAY AND NIGHT!  Lori spends most of her days and nights trying to make up some kind of multi purpose lie that will explain why she's never worked, why she filed a restraining order for a place she didn't work at, why there are pictures of her doing some girl on girl things, why there are children in compromising pictures, why she has a butt load of all my belongings dating back to 1987...and on and on.  She's like this dual personality disorder freak that thinks she can talk herself out of anything.  Mostly our inept police department believes anything she says.

So while Lori keep stabbing herself with syringes and telling everyone about everyone else's drug problems, I would like to add that I am completely sober and so are all of my friends.  Not a single one of us uses crystal methamphetamine.  Not one. Meanwhile Lori and her five friends are using more meth than a trailer park full of hillbillies.  Lori hasn't slept in months, bathed in weeks and she has multiple infectious diseases.  If Lori thinks that she can scream her way out of this, she's got another thing coming.  I don't listen to howling bitches all night long.

We've got more proof than a Jack Daniel's bottle...and it's all pointing at Lori LaFond.

Monday, April 16, 2018

I'm A Gay Man Being Stalked By A Female: I Don't Love You, Lori, Leave Me Alone!!!

What do you see above?  I've literally seen messages left on my car and had my window busted out not to mention the bullet that came through the driver side of my car one night.  Do you see something funny or do you see a massive problem about to happen.  I see the latter and it isn't funny to me.

Since I was in high school (first day before first class) Lori LaFond attacked me.  She marched up to me and screamed about me being a "flaming faggot" and it felt like a violent attack.  It would happen a few more times at school followed by her drug customers trying to beat me up for drugs.  Even then Lori was tattling on people that bought drugs from her.  Mostly weed as I recall.  I paid it no attention but made a mental note never to be anywhere this female could get me isolated so her friends could hurt me.

Lori would cause many more problems before she graduated then enlisted the help of another friend to keep on harassing me after she was gone.  James Jones was his name and he and I had been friendly up until then.  I never understood what his problem was, but I've been told that Lori was behind that too.

Once I went to college I got some disturbing letters talking about how some girl I once kissed at a party was now having fantasies about running her car through a garage door because she imagined that I was standing there.  Um, this girl at the party and I were friends...long after that kiss.  I'm sure that Lori was the person behind these letters...then one of her friends that was trying to beat me up, showed up at my college apartment when I wasn't home.  Odd and not comfortable at the time.  Things kept happening too.  My car license plate was stolen with the reg sticker on it.  My plates were personalized "KEV BOND".  I reported the plate stolen and thought someone was playing a joke on me.    My truck was stolen and joy ridden in until someone crashed it all in one night.  My school books were inside, "Early Childhood Development" was one of the classes that I was taking for my teaching credential.  I've heard that these books ended up in Lori's possession even though she did not live in Riverside where I went to school.

Other things stick out too, like a mysterious case of one of my best friend's thinking that he was "working for the police" but he really wasn't.  The whole thing reminded me that this guy did not live far from Lori's brother growing up.  Oddly enough, he hasn't ever really explained that whole situation to me, but he didn't really have to.

At the time I didn't connect the dots.  Then my high school reunions started to happen and something odd seemed to permeate all of them.  Someone was forcing all of my friends to call and pressure me into going to these.   I've heard that Lori was behind all of that pressure too.  Someone kept stealing my high school reunion picture out of the mail, two times.  I've still never seen it.  The second time I tried to get it, someone forwarded the mail and someone else got it.  This meant that someone knew it was coming and stole it from an address from which I was writing about being stalked.  I did not attend the other reunions, I felt uneasy about it.  Like this whole thing had some kind of high school feel to it...creepy and weird.  I've heard that Lori, who was not in my class, has showed up to them though, looking for trouble.  Luring me to some place where she could humiliate me in front of my friends was, no doubt, her plan.

All the while I never talked about this girl...but someone mentioned her to me.  It was at my brother in law's funeral that Bryan Anderson mentioned the name Lori LaFond, which prompted me to think what I always do, "What in the universe would Bryan have to do with Lori?"  Two horribly different people indeed.  I said nothing about Lori to him.  I just kept thinking that he must have been slumming or something.  Hey, some guys look for sex with these kinds of girls, but I didn't think Bryan was like that.  Still don't.  I literally wrote this the second time he mentioned her name and I said nothing about her.  You see, I have nothing to say about this person because I've always known her to be a trouble maker.  I have no time for that.

When Jonathan mentioned that Lisa was Lori LaFond, it all made sense.  Lori has been following me just like she did many many years ago in high school.  Ewwwww!  The thing is that she isn't in love with me, she just loves to try to kill me.  You see that picture above, it's violence mixed with an emotion that the perpetrator can not convey.  That's forcing this car owner to take notice or else.  Just like when I was raped the second time in Palm Springs, 20 years later, and had my head bashed into little tiny pieces.  This, I feel, is a crime of extreme violence and passion, only committed by someone that knew me.  I don't have enemies...I only know of one person that has ever been this kind of person towards me...Lori LaFond.

Even that "workplace violence" restraining order points to Lori being Lisa.  Nobody was around me when I made a call to who I thought was the police.  The message I left was done in private and in my car alone.  What Lori then includes in her restraining order was a complete fabrication of the message I left, but how did she know I left it?  She says that her sister was gotten ahold of.  Her sister?  I didn't even know she had one.  I think I was told that Lori was an only child.  Never the less, the restraining order says that I called her sister, who I didn't know existed, and talked to her.  You can see from my perspective, I knew it was a lie, so whether you believe me or not doesn't matter.  I know it was a lie.  This means that Lisa, who listens to everything I say and do, is Lori LaFond.  She even had my best friend stop by the local library to confront me, but he doesn't ask enough questions when it comes to "How do you know where he is and why did you want me to say my wife said he was at the library?"

True I'd seen his wife earlier, but I never mentioned working at the library.  Why did Lori tell my friend to lie about how he knew I was there?

What story is Lori telling him?  That she works for the police, well that is nullified by the restraining order because she apparently worked for the City of LaQuinta as an exec secretary for the mayor.  That's not the police.  There is no mention of working for the police only a reference to dating Bryan Anderson for four years.  Other than that she doesn't know a single police officer at all. that what she tells all of you out there?

The truth is that this woman has been trying to jail or kill me since I was a kid.  She's obsessed with it.  She tried to put my father in jail.  She sold drugs to my brother in law and then he was shot and killed.  She interferes with my sister's relationships.  She tries to befriend my nieces' friends on facebook.  It's like this person has a thing for my family and I have to stop her.  When I try to stop her she turns it into something else like I am bothering her.  She's the one that keeps following me and forcing my friends to meet her.  I've never mentioned her name to a single person that is friendly with her.  Not one.

Literally she broke into my father's truck, stole his tool belt and other items, then, to make herself look like she was honest, she had someone return the tool belt, without his tools in it, in an effort to make her look friendly. No way.  Lori forgets that other items were stolen from that truck so returning it to my father is like admitting she had something to do with that break in and probably others at my parent's home.

She's told police my car license plate number, my VIN number to my car, my arrest record (no convictions btw), my addresses, my CDL number, my social security number and all kinds of information about me.  On my side, all I did was try to eliminate her as a suspect by asking online if anyone knew where I could find her and that I'd heard she was a lesbian now.  I'm a gay man, "lesbian" isn't offensive to me at all.  Lori, not one day later, already knew what was posted and went ballistic.  Just like Lisa does.  I don't know how she could possibly have talked to Bryan Anderson so many times about me then make the statement, "I don't know anything about him since high school".   That's a quote.  She's even contacted my sister since high school about me and told her I was using drugs.  How in the fuck is this girl acting like she didn't know anything about me.  She had her cousin follow and wait for me at my work.

All this shit and she still didn't mention that her own uncle was the person that, in self defense, shot and killed my brother in law.  It was a big enough event in her life to force Bryan Anderson to give her a ride out to where we live so she could see the scene of the murder, but not big enough for her to mention in a "workplace violence" restraining order?  She's a butt faced liar.

Then there is my missing bank account.  Anybody else ever had their money stolen by Lori LaFond?  I'll just bet there are some out there that have.

My whole point is this.  I have been followed by this woman and her brother for almost all of my life.  The attempts to kill me are a fact.  The HIV virus can be genotyped and you will find out that the same person that attacked me in 2007 was the same person that gave me HIV in 1987.  My skull didn't break itself.  The ensuing arrests are the police department's attempts to jail me to shut me up.  No convictions, just night after night in their holding cell.  The funny thing is that I never even accused Lori or Brian of this crime, it was all of the people on this system that knew it.  They were the ones that knew Lori and Brian were responsible.  Lori acts like it was me.  It wasn't.

Once and for all I want to say that I HAVE TO WRITE THIS...If something should happen to me, I want people looking directly at Lori and Brian LaFond.  It's the only way that I can keep them away from me.  I haven't ever informed on any drug dealer ever...this is the only case and it involved my own rape and the rape of Christopher Monti.  I have to tell everyone that if something happens to me, look directly at Lori and Brian LaFond.  Look into it.  Do more than Chief Bryan Reyes.  You need to know how she was involved in my father being accused of molesting a student.  You need to look into the death of my brother in law from an instigation point of view.  You need to look into my shooting in San Diego.  You need to look at and reexamine my clothing from the rape and skull smashing.  If something happens to me, I want Lori and Brian put under the microscope by someone other than the PSPD.

I am begging for this to stop.  I don't want to live here where she is. I want to be anywhere else.  These are not the words of a gay man obsessed with some girl, these are the words of a gay man that has been put through enough.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Game 1...Warriors Again: My Tom Gordon Scored 27 Points And Looked Unbeatable

Okay so, dealing with Lori all day today, I screwed up and missed GSW vs. SA Spurs.  I know, I don't usually miss a chance to watch "my Tom Gordon", Klay Thompson.  The reference is to a Stephen King novel and it is meant as a compliment.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is probably the book that I can identify most with this situation.  Alone, in the woods, lost and someone or something is following her.  To keep her safe, she thinks of her favorite sport's star, a Boston Red Sox pitcher named Tom Gordon, who makes his way into her heart and mind while she tries to get home.

Congrats to Klay and all the guys and their wives/moms.  The GSW crew is one of the finest group of guys around and their wives are such terrific people.

Don't let down in intensity on your defense, Klay.  In this situation you guys have to defend from 1st to 4th...all game long!  That what I got from the replay.  This team can't beat you, but there are others that are really hungry.

To Your Face She Lies, Behind Her Back She Holds A Great Big Knife (Or Bottle)

Most people have an expression about having someone stick a knife in their back, with Lori, there are pictures that let you know just how she really is.

What we all need to prepare for is the "nice innocent" routine that Missy Pissy and Leah Fauntleroy are gearing Lori LaFond up for.  A showdown with me, perhaps, but what I am most concerned about is the bullshit two faced lying she does all the time.  There are literally photographs with Lori holding a bottle over someone's head like she is about to knock them out.  Photobombing the picture is one thing, but it's the look on her face and the photographer that I'm concerned about.  Who would take such a photograph?  Probably the same person that would take pictures of my rape with a man's fist in my face, then put it on a post card to humiliate me.  This is the kind of smoke and mirrors performance that Lori needs to be sat down and questioned about.  I've already reported the crimes committed against me and there is no shortage of evidence that it happened.  Whether it is a bullet hole in my car door inches away from where I sat or the broken skull that was never seen because someone called the hospital.

The truth about Lori can be found with people that were enslaved by her.  I've told you my story of 40 years of torture, now others need to tell you theirs.  Lori thinks she can stop all of them from coming out with her threats and violence, but that is primarily where this problem began.  No police support and fear of being hurt without any recourse.  I spoke up about it because I loved Christopher and I didn't want him to suffer the same experience.  He was raped and beaten...and mentally tortured.  I know lots of other guys that were treated this way too.  Do they have the courage to stop her now?  Who knows.

I do know one thing.  If Jonathan Mendenhal is alive, he's got an incredible story to tell all of you with his friend Barbara.  Lori won't be so "angelic" after you hear what they have to say.  Am I right Barbara?

I'm prepared for her "Miss Innocent" routine now...I've got all the metaphorical ammunition I need to peacefully have this woman committed to the Bureau of Prisons or a mental hospital.  There is no other way.  The law was clearly broken and I have the proof.

Showing Lori Is Lisa Is Far Better Than Hearing Her Scream About It! If This Is Her Talent, Put Her On Stage

For a very long time, Lori has screamed inside the heads of gay men that didn't know who she really was, but rather the concoction of the person that she pretended to be.  I call her "Lisa" because she'd told so many people that she went to high school with me and there is a Lisa that lives right next door to her mother that actually did.  This Lisa is a beautiful friend of mine that went through some very tough times.  There is speculation that Lori and Brian may have done something to her...but Lori needed to know someone to blame, so she used her name.

Some men called her "Jessica".  That one is really popular.  Now tell me, if enough gay men called the police on Jessica and nobody ever found her, doesn't that mean that Lori could be Jessica too?  I say, find those men and show them the picture of Lori and ask them if she is Jessica...they'll all say yes.  I know she was pretending to be Jessica in real life too because I saw her at a gay men's resort and knew it was Lori LaFond, only fatter.

Some people know her as "Victoria" or "Vick"...those people were suppose to be her "friends".  You see when you have a real life radio show going on inside your head, the DJ can be pretty much anyone she wants to call herself.  Lori picks out names that she thinks can be converted to boys names..."Jess" or "Vick" for example.  This is her altar ego.  A gay man that goes out raping gay men..."Jess" or "Vick" likes to accompany her brother out on Saturday nights to find someone to implant, infect and fuck with for years.  For years it was a friend of mine or someone I knew.  Lori has a fetish for "Breaking and Entering" Gay's a mock up of a rape.  Not real, but Lori thought it was.  

Now that Jonathan Mendenhall has passed, it is up to me to tell all of you that he told me Lori LaFond was this person.  She's responsible for many horrible things in our area...especially infecting and implanting.  She's a monster.  I know because I've been like this since I was 19, I am 50 years old now.  Lori is 50 too, but almost 51.  It has to be a woman of a certain age that committed this crime so that lets out 20 year olds, 30 year olds and 40 year olds...the time frame makes it that way.  Once again, Lori is included in that age range of 50 and above.

I've been telling you all about this woman for years's time to start showing people what she is really like.  There are thousands of hours of tapes and video.  There are photographs and kiddie porn movies.  There are so many things that are going to come out that Lori wants to put up a front like she couldn't possibly be this person...but where is she?  Why is it that everything she does is exactly the way Lisa does it?  It wasn't Lisa that followed me to Sedona, Arizona, it was Lori LaFond.

You see, no matter what this woman wanna be says, she isn't a "nice girl", she's a sociopath that wants to get away with something like she has her whole damn life.

Tonight Was Special...Thanks Beyonce and Shawn Carter...Awe Inspiring!!!

Oh man, Beyonce was in town, could you feel it?  I sure did!!!  (Love those fringy boots!!!)

I don't want to get all mushy and gushy, but this woman flat out entertained the folks at Coachellafest with something that we've never quite seen before!  It was Beyonce at her finest!  Destiny's Child performed, Solange performed and Jay -Z took the stage too!

For a long time now, I've been a huge fan, but I always knew that Tina Turner was who this woman reminded me of.  Now, it's all Beyonce.  She's grown into such a huge performer that the stage literally looked perfect with her on it.  The crowd loved you, the live stream was HD quality and boy did she sing her heart out.

Lori doesn't want you to know that Beyonce knows about this project and so does Jay-Z.  She has a little more background that Lori would like you to know too.  It's no secret that I've been hoping to talk to Jay and Bey for awhile about a lot of that she's here, we want to extend our hearts and hugs to all of you that put this show together to remind us that Lori shouldn't keep us from seeing and experiencing our lives.  This was the perfect example!  I love Kelly and Michelle ladies worked it out.  Love those country boys too!!!

Found this picture just now, good friends are hard to find...this family is one I admire:

Friday, April 13, 2018

Throwing A Temper Tantrum To Get Jeffrey's Attention

She just can't survive without someone to torture, isn't that a problem that we all have?  I didn't think so either.  How in the world does Lori LaFond get away with these kinds of statements year after year without any kind of interference from anyone?  The whole point of this blog was to help each other, but everyone keeps hearing her targeting my family for more bad things...and nobody is doing anything.

She's been screaming and yelling now for almost a solid month while her friend Christian says and does whatever she tells him to.  The funny thing is that Missy Pissy, the girl that "would never put up with this from Lori", is now living in the same home and doing nothing about it.  Wouldn't you after stealing my bank account?  I mean, after years of sitting and observing Jeffrey Katzenberg for Lori, now she is advising Lori how to get to him.  Not a good idea for someone that is already in hot water for coming out here and helping Lori to steal from me.

The tantrums last all day and night and Lori and Christian continue to think that it will somehow make me mad so that I'll say something about Jeffrey and he can then complain about it.  Wait a second though...isn't this the same guy that allegedly rescued my account and kept it safe for me?  How is this madness suppose to help her?  Who knows?  Tweeker logic, go figure.

In the meantime, I'm still working like I did for the last 9 years waiting for someone in Jeffrey's came to do something besides sit and's time for him to get done with this monster.

Every other word out of her mouth is "motherfucker", "son of a bitch", "asshole" and it is super aggressive.  She says that is "her style".  Locked into a battle with her brother, as usual, the pair are, once again, entangled with my friends that are over being treated like slaves.  Jonathan and Anthony are done with this kind of treatment.  I am tired of being experimented upon and Christopher is, no doubt, feeling the same way.  Lori is under some kind of impression that we are "her property", like slaves.  Um, nobody treats me like they own me and gets away with it.  This constant arguing between the siblings is all because the two of them used too many drugs and made too many enemies.

I will remind everyone that I am seeking a peaceful and non violent solution to what Lori and Brian are doing.  Commit no illegal act because of what you read here.  We need both of them alive and well for prosecution...that's the only way to have justice.

Please be careful not to commit any crimes.

Killed More Boners Than Buffy Slayed Vampires: Lori's Voice, The Cure For A Stiff Penis

...but it's still better than having to meet her in person doing the "hot dog" dance!!!

Screeching, screaming, freaking out, acting like a child throwing a tantrum...Lori has finally hit the wall of meth.  "She can't take it any more," she screams, but, I've endured this just as long as she has.  What Lori is complaining about now is that she can't find someone that she can manipulate into keeping her from getting into more trouble.  Of course, she isn't going to shut her damn mouth, that's "all she has!"  This is the same girl that called herself the "Queen of Mean".  I think that before you put yourself on a throne that high, you might want to check to see who is more important than she is.  Drug dealers don't usually sit at the top of the food chain.

Lately she's been on this thing saying that my family is somehow her property.  Like she owns us after all these years of creating problems and getting away with it.  The thing is that if my sister, mother and father knew the truth, Lori wouldn't last a minute out of jail.  She's opened her mouth too big once too often and acted like she could pretend to be someone else if questioned in person.  This little sociopath isn't equipped to handle a police interrogation with the evidence so she argues on this system, inside my head, and prances around like some kind of professional business person angel the rest of the time.

My brother in law told me she was a drug dealer and that is the way it is.  Ask Jonathan Mendenhall if she sells methamphetamine with her brother.  He'll tell you the same.

Stop killing boners Lori, like the one you have for me and my family.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lori's Theme Song For Her Famously Funny Life

See, I told you Lori wouldn't look prettier as a blond.  Actually without all the makeup that she steals from Wallgreens, you'd think she could smooth out that complexion better.  If you do see her, look closer...have her roll up those sleeves!

Once again, Lori has embarked on a campaign of telling me things like, "she's going to kill me" or that "I should be afraid of her".  Here's the thing everyone, I fear nobody.  I'm certainly not afraid of someone that hasn't slept in months and eats like a mouse.  Her brother Brian isn't to be feared either.  Lori likes to hold him up as some kind of hit man for the mafia, but there isn't a mafia here that would have him.  You have to realize that Brian LaFond is pushing sixty in panties and lace.  Now, I'm not saying that a guy in panties isn't someone that should be feared, I know RuPaul, but Brian is no supermodel of the world.

In short, what Lori is doing is similar to what all meth addicts do; self destruct.  Lori has so many lies out there that one single billboard with her picture on it in Palm Springs would clear up so much for the gay community that has heard her pretend to be Jessica, Victoria, Vicky, Lisa and all other characters...only they've seen her, they know that face.  Nobody ever forgets that face.  It's timeless.  Like Freddy Kruger.

She can't really do a public facebook page because she knows that my team will send it out to all of the victims that they know for identification as the girl that they reported to the police after their home was broken in to.  It's really kind of odd that once Lori has robbed you, she likes to tell you that she did it.  She loves the humiliation.  The problem was that none of these men ever really knew her name.  That part of the case seems to be solved by a certain "workplace violence" restraining order.  All the elements of that crime are signatures of the urban legend that turns gay men into the police then uses the justice system to have them imprisoned illegally.

Lori is freaking out because my story makes sense, but hers is ever changing to fit whatever lie she told last.  One of us is telling the truth.  Who do you believe?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Visible Stars For The HRC and Lori LaFond

It finally dawned on me that there is a whole realm of celebrities that could help benefit the victims of electronic harassment from the exposure of Lori LaFond's system of microwave torture.   These are the kinds of celebrities that help to fund AIDS education, work with human rights groups like Amnesty International and the Human Rights Campaign.  I've already been lucky enough to have the ACLU write a letter on my behalf for the poor treatment I received at a rape interview.  There is power in knowing and hearing Lori use this system to torture gay men.  

It is no secret that it was always my desire to get the ear of Hollywood on this crime.  When you consider the time, effort and money raised by some of these incredible people, you start to understand that you don't work with groups like this unless you really care about the gay community and the citizens of the world. One of the most important aspects of these organizations is their commitment to equal treatment of every person under the law.  Human experimentation is one of the cornerstones of what these organizations will not allow.  Every person has basic human rights and working with celebrities that help these organizations to expose these situations is exactly what I've been looking for.

The list of people is endless.  Above, I forgot to mention the Golden State Warriors from the San Francisco area of California and their wives, Twenty-one Pilots, Panic! at the Disco and others that we really look to for help in this situation.  There are so many people like Colton Haynes and Britney Spears that have worked with people like P!nk and the HRC.  HRC in Palm Springs has, no doubt, heard about the police and Lori LaFond's relationship with remote neural monitoring.  Up until now there wasn't a name to go with the hateful girl that implants, infects and harasses gay men with the police.  Thanks to Jonathan Mendenhall, we now know the name of that girl.

Now it is time for us to contact these celebrities with what we know about Lori and her brother to work with HRC and A.I. and other organizations to help the victims of this crime of thirty plus years.  How celebrities choose to do this is up to them, but I am aware that there are many that have now heard the screams and threats of Lori LaFond and her "family".  (Not her real family, her "crime family")  This is an organized crime of grown ups that "play with people's lives" for fun.  Well, infections of HIV and child pornography are not "fun".  They are serious crimes that must be dealt with around the Palm Springs Police Department.  If they won't protect our community, these celebrities and organizations will.

Thanks to all of our friends out there!!!

Kevin and Christopher.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Direction Of Transmission: Refrigerated Blood, Movies and Needles, Her Intent Was Clear

We can all expect Lori LaFond to lie.  If you don't know that by now, you aren't paying good enough attention.   She's created more red herrings than a seafood restaurant and they all stink.  First of all, the only things that I know about her is that she is homophobic, hateful, loud mouthed, a liar and has very violent tendencies.  This I know from high school.  What I've learned about Lisa, is a whole lot more.  The two have a lot in common...too much!

There is a great deal riding on the investigation into the rape where I was at my friend's house asleep and woke up with someone's blood in my rear end and my skull smashed to pieces.  Female blood in a gay man's butt.  I know it sounds awful, and it is, but what we can learn from that experience is a million times more valuable.

What I believe we can find out with biological genetic investigation is the path of infection from the rapist to me.  In other words, it will show that I was infected by a woman in 1987, and in 2007, the same woman tried to re-infect me again.   This would also show a pattern of stalking that lasts over twenty years.

What this will clear up for me is how, in the world, I got infected with HIV in the first place as I'd never had sex or used a needle in my life.  Literally, I got sick my second year of college and had to come home to recover from the conversion process.  I had no idea that people could get HIV without having sex or needles, but somehow I'd contracted the virus.  This made me sexless for many years.  I had a girlfriend but there was no sex between us.

The genetics of my virus will show that the same woman that infected me while I was drugged and asleep, tried to do it again, twenty years later, thus proving two rapes by the same woman.

The blood found inside of me was female, refrigerated and put there to infect me.  There is no other explanation.  The fact that my skull was bashed in was also a sign that this was a gay bashing that was meant to kill me.  It almost did.  Pictures were taken of the rape too.  I've seen two that are of me but morphed to look odd and like they are suppose to be funny.  There is nothing funny about publishing pictures from a rape, but there are clues to be found.

Troubling Statements From A Big Mouth Liar

Legendarily, Lori LaFond has a great big filthy mouth.  She's rude and inappropriate almost all the time.  The girls that are sort of friendly with her here, don't really like going out to bars or dinner with her because she is likely to shout out something rude and completely inappropriate.  My friend Barbara has thrown her out of their establishment more times than the trash...nobody knows what she is going to say next, but it is probably threatening.

Lori is under the impression that she is good at "convincing" people of things that are not true.  Let's face it, she did that with the City of La Quinta's attorney and others when she tried that "workplace violence" restraining order and she didn't even work there.  Anyone can lie, but most of us know that breaking the law isn't worth the bullshit.  Most of us have an "off switch" that says, it isn't a good idea to lie, especially under oath.  Lisa, whom Jonathan Mendenhall told me was Lori LaFond, is just the same.  She lies to police and the Larson Justice Center secretaries all the time.  Is it smart?  No, but when you are living in a fantasy world where you are the Queen of Mean, you thing that you can't be touched.  For nearly thirty years gay men complained about her, but nobody knew her real name.  According to Jonathan, it is Lori LaFond.

I can tell you that there is no way that Jonathan could have ever known that I knew this girl or that the only past I have with her is horrible.  Jonathan and I never talked about my childhood or growing up.  He was from Michigan and I was from California.  The information about this girl would be impossible for him to have known because I never spoke about her ever.  Bryan Anderson knows that too.

Jonathan knows the story about my family and what Lori did to us, from her side only.  I've never told him.  For him to know what Lori did to us, is simply because Lori has a huge mouth and she was flapping it to a friend of mine.

If parents are looking to Lori for respect, look elsewhere, parents get the least amount of respect from her than anyone.  She makes up so many sexual fantasies about our parents that it is sickening.  I've already told you about her accusations that she forced upon some kid to make about my father when I was 10 or 11 years old.  They were sexual accusations, filthy, and there was plenty of manufactured evidence.  My father was eventually acquitted, this enraged Lori and she became someone that attacked me regularly almost from the day the verdict came out.  You've read the emails from her.

These are two emails sent to me in 2013 from Lori LaFond.  The second one is listed first and the first one is second.  You can see how she calls herself Laurie in the first one, then "not Laurie" in the second.  That's how stupid she is.  You can click on these to read them, but what you will see is someone that knows me from way back in the seventh grade talking about my father's case.  Only someone from back then would know that stuff.  Nothing in the transcripts would be in there from me because I was a minor witness.  They don't let those out.  Lori LaFond, the accuser's neighbor, had a box of transcripts from my father's trial, now how did she get those.

These two emails have been shown to my sister and father.

The person that writes them admits to being "hired" to harass me.  Clearly we are looking at someone from my past that has a history of making false accusations.  Lori LaFond is the only person that I know that does this.  Boy does she hate gay people too.

Lori's contingency plan is to deny every and anything to make herself look like some kind of victim, but this email clearly shows you who the victim is.  She is bold and she talks about all of my friends.   She is no victim of anything, she's the pursuer.  She tried to have another boy accuse my father after this too.  She called neighbors and tried to complete what she did the first time.  He is a friend of mine and will tell you everything.  Lori is not respectful of anyone or any parent.

What Lori has told Jonathan about what she has done to me and my family is completely from her.  I've never mentioned her name to him.  She is completely capable of trying to fake his death and seek ransom for it.  If you look at the planning that went into my father's prosecution, you will learn about the mind of this sociopath.  She never stopped pursuing me or the members of my family.  What Jonathan knew is important because he learned it from her own mouth and writings.

Then there is this "other" Lori LaFond.  You know, the one that works for the City of La Quinta back when the restraining order was illegally issued.  The one that files documents that say she "doesn't know anything about me since high school".  Isn't that the kind of complete denial that Lisa would make?  When you find out that the woman that did work there, Lori LaFond, is a member of Lori's family but not really her, you start to get the picture that the Lori LaFond that I went to school with is the same as Lisa.  She pretends to work places that she doesn't.  She uses people like they are disposable.  She lies.  She impersonates.  She isn't the same as the person that worked there.

This is the girl that filed the restraining order against me, but here she is in Sedona, Arizona the same dates that I planned my vacation:

The City of La Quinta employee, Lori LaFond, was at work when this picture was taken, but the Lori LaFond that FILED that restraining order is right here!  She can't be in two places at once...see how this looks.  I refuse to publish the restraining order because I am tired of all the lies that the above listed "petitioner" tells people in that application.  Posting it gives her a chance to make up more lies.

Then there are more stories about a "boyfriend" that wasn't her boyfriend who just happened to be my police informant contact.

There are stories about this microchipping that she doesn't  even know about and implies that I am crazy.  Well, her "boyfriend", as Lori calls him, knows all about the truth and he knows that she is lying!!!  Bryan, who is also chipped, knows what Lori has told him about me over the years and it wasn't "high school stuff".  He even went to the jail cell after my first arrest because she told him I was there.  I know this.  Bryan asked me about Lori two times in my life.  Neither time did I ever talk about her.

You see this girl's game playing isn't something that I'm not aware of.  In high school she once accused me of driving a car that she pushed a kid in front of.  It wasn't me in the car, but she swore it was.  Even the driver of that car, the general's son, told her that it was him and she still believed it was some kind of cover up.  I wasn't there.  She's literally demented.  She literally pushed a kid in front of a moving car because she thought I was driving it.  This is the type of thing that Lori does.  Afterwards, she didn't want me to find out that she'd accused me and begged everyone not to tell.

She's contacted my sister and told her not to tell me.  She's contacted boyfriends and girlfriends and told them not to tell me.  She's contacted parents and did the same.  You see, she likes to use this system to make up stories about me with some truth so that it sells the lie.  "Not knowing anything about me since high school," is exactly the kind of denial that you can expect from her.  I guarantee you, she will put on a show like you've never seen before.

When you see where I got my HIV infection from, then you know what she is capable of.

What people need to understand is that I've already told you what Lisa is like:
1.) She says she works for the police - lie
2.) She pretends to work places that she doesn't - lie
3.) She pretends to be police officers and others on the phone/computer - lie
4.) She spends all night and day on the rnm system but doesn't work - lie
5.) She says she has "friends" that work at the courthouse - lie
6.) She says that she's never met any of my friends - lie
7.) She tells police that I use to be her boyfriend - lie
8.) She tells police that I'm a drug addict - lie
9.) She calls police and tells them stories about these victims - lies

When interviewing Lori LaFond, someone needs to make certain that they confirm things like Tax returns, fake id's and thumbprints, talk to the victims that filed complaints about "Jessica" or "Lisa" or "Sara" or "Victoria".  They never knew her real name, but they would never forget her face.  You have to dig to get to the truth.  There is no 50 year old woman that has never had a job that can explain how she earns a living.  It's not possible.

The problem with most of the claims that Lori manufactures is that she is able to log in to police officer emails or spoof their phone numbers to make it look like she is someone that she isn't.  People need to understand that Lori and Brian LaFond need to be interviewed and fingerprinted so that we can gain a better understanding of the type of criminal lifestyle that they have led.  The fingerprints need to be checked against the DMV database for false id's that have been issued.  Establishing identities for both Lori and Brian LaFond locks them both into one single story.  That's what an interview process is for.  Phoning it in is not an option.  Text messages can be sent from anyone.  Emails can be easily logged into or made up at their home.

Catfishing facebook profiles is a television show for God's sake.  This kind of manipulation of the system can only come from being a suspect in the crime that I have described.  This is a mind reading crime...the criminals know what their victims are thinking.  Use your brains people.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Chief Told Me I Could Say What I Wanted About His Police Department, So I Told 150,000 People!!!

It took some time and dedicated viewers, but this blog is 166 hits away from reaching 150,000 views.  Yes, that's a lot for a blog that's never been advertised on television or in print.  What this represents is a concern for the victims of the crime of electronic harassment.

If you think about it, it's reaching way more people than there are victims in Palm Springs, California.  I'm aware that the number, so far, is like 650, not counting police officers.  That's a lot of people!

I am really proud that you take an interest in this project...I won't let you down.

I Wasn't Surprised: This Has Been Going On For Thirty Years In Palm Springs, California

Those of you that follow politics and crime in the Palm Springs area, know a few things.  The first is that our police department is autonomous.  There is no internal affairs department to hear citizen complaints.  I guess one of the reasons that Chief Bryan Reyes told me that I could say whatever I wanted about his department, was because if I complained about it, the complaint would go straight to him for determination.  What if my complaint was about the Chief himself?  He reviews his own complaints?  That's not a good situation for anyone to have that much power.  It has been a problem in the past too.

The other thing you likely know about are the rumored gay biases that the police department has with the LGBTQ community.  That stems from a long standing relationship with Lori LaFond and her brother...and the clothing optional gay resorts that use to be packed with they are empty.  They use to contribute a lot of money to the City of Palm Springs because of their business, but since cops started stopping people on the street for no apparent reason...and, in my case, holding a loaded weapon inches from my nose...the gay community has shrunk.    We are the flock of sheep that were weeded out by the police and Lori.  Check and see...the arrests in Warm Sands have dropped significantly in the last 8 years.  It isn't because Bryan Reyes is doing such a great job, it's because the gays left and Lori followed me.

My friends still ended up getting arrested though.

I wasn't surprised at all that the PSPD's attitude towards my rape was biased.  They think that I'm some kind of promiscuous prostitute because of Lori.  I take care of my health.  That was obvious from the reports I left for them.

I knew that once the detective assigned to my case based it solely on DNA and that it took almost five critical months to submit the clothing for testing that "gay male rape" is a very low priority for this department.  Do women have to wait this long to have DNA testing done?  I doubt it.  Do women get referred to a district attorney automatically?  I wasn't, in fact this detective that waited five months to submit my bloody clothing, told me that without any DNA, I wasn't allowed to talk to a D.A..

That's illegal.

The writing was on the wall.  Gay men, especially the electronically harassed, provided way too much information over thirty years that helped the police up their arrest record.  This community was spied upon, infected, implanted, arrested and discarded, just like the Chief did to my rape investigation.  The police also said that I had "mental issues" on television.  If you had to go through what I've had to, with a postcard from the rape, you might just have some problems too.  I've over come and I've been evaluated.  The police should never treat a rape victim this way.  Do they ever say that a female rape victim has "mental issues".  For that matter, how many times does a suspect that allegedly steals a bicycle, end up on the television news.  They said he was "homeless".  Who knows.

It would appear that this case of implantation and rape has been part of the police department for thirty years.  Rape victims reluctantly supplying the information that led to police arrests.  That's not legal.  These men were raped and then went about their lives providing information without their consent or privacy.  Only gay male victims. (There are a few women, but they represent a very tiny percentage)  The police used the information that was stolen from our minds through Lori to effect arrests without any probable cause except Lori's word.  Um, I don't know if any of them know this but Lori is an habitual liar.  Sociopath.  She could only have this information for the police because there was so many victims.  You all know how she hates gay it isn't like these were her friends.

We were intentionally diseased and blackmailed for it.  Jail and criminal records later, there are none of us left.

It was a holocaust.  Nobody talked about it.  If they did, they were arrested and jailed or beaten nearly to death like me.  You see, if the police are working with Lori all these years, then they are working against us.  

Those of us that were implanted have been shown what the police will do if we step out of line.  If we report any of the crimes that Lori and Brian are involved with, one of these implanted cops runs around and stops justice from happening.  People don't report this crime because the police are part of it.  I'd like to see Chief Bryan Reyes say that his police department doesn't have a single clue about electronic harassment  and that none of his cops is using these wireless devices.  Say it Chief.  The fact is that you can't turn in a criminal to the police if the police are the criminals and like I said, they are all powerful in Palm Springs, California.  They rule with an iron fist.

There exists a "Don't tell the police, you'll end up paying for it and they never do anything anyway" attitude exists.  I can't really blame people for that either.  The day after I reported my rape, I was arrested by the officer that took my rape report, then again on my way home.  Twice I was arrested the day after I reported the rape like Bryan Anderson told me to.  Was this the response that Lori had to what Bryan told me to do?  Showing him that she would have me arrested for him thinking that Lori and her brother might be involved?  Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but in Palm Springs, your thoughts can get you into big trouble with the police.

I stopped answering my phone and going in to the police station in Palm Springs because every time I did so, I was harassed.  When I had a restraining order against Steven Frey, with a death threat and a warrant...they told me not to say anything about Steven Frey again or they would bring criminal charges.  I told them I was Bryan's informant on the case but they did nothing.

The Missing DNA Report and The Premeditation of the Rape

It's no secret that after my rape, I knew that the police would cover it up in Palm Springs.  I knew it and I told them so in emails.  I could tell from the rape interview with Officer Kelly Fieux that there was something not right about the way he took my report.  It was caustic, harsh, imposing and uncomfortable.  I want you all to understand something too.  I reported this rape a month after the assault but I'd reported it at the hospital three days after I surmised the situation.  The admitting doctor at the emergency room called the PSPD as soon as I was triaged, as a matter of policy.  No police officer ever came.  In the time it took for my second MRI, which you have all seen, and wait for the results, no police officer came.  I gave them my home address and figured they would send someone by.

A month went by and nobody contacted me, but my sister talked to Bryan Anderson and he told me to call and report this rape and an officer would stop by and take the report.  I did that following the advice of the Palm Springs Police.   The interview was like a search of my apartment.  Three or four officers were present and it seemed like they were searching my apartment.  It wasn't the scene of the rape, it was my home.  The crime scene was about a mile or two away only blocks from the police department.

I told the officer that I'd been drugged and I knew there to be GHB in that home where I was raped.  I told him that the person in that home was selling meth and GHB.  They did nothing.  Steven was later convicted of drug dealing after he moved away from the PSPD location.

At no point was I thinking that a woman was involved in my rape.  So the claim that I'd blamed Lori for it so she was defending herself is a lie.

You have to understand.  Lori and Brian have rules for remote neural monitoring and being on the website that shows victim's thinking.  So when the pair set off to commit this crime, they were thinking about it and talking.  Lori's rule to everyone is that "you must always pay attention to Lori and her thinking".  So when the rape occurred, everyone that is on this system knew it was Lori and Brian, but the siblings blamed it on Peter DiMartino and Steven Frey.  They told me that these two people were responsible for the rape.  Lori was pretending to be Steven's sister and Brian was pretending to be Peter DiMartino.

Lori knew all about my skull injuries after the MRI's too.  Though the hospital was defrauded by someone into not admitting me...I have no idea how they got away with not reading the MRI's...somehow, Lori was looking at them and she was impressed.  So many hairline was extremely painful.  The police should note that they too did not respond to the rape reported at the Emergency room.  If they didn't respond after the doctor called them, what makes the police think that someone didn't do the same to the hospital?  Lori and Brian know too much personal information about me so one of them probably called and pretended to be a doctor or nurse....either way, the doctor showed me an X-ray that wasn't mine and shooed me away.  I didn't have any x-rays taken, only MRI's and I never saw the damage I would eventually see years later.  One thing is for sure, I sure knew my head was bashed hurt like nothing else.

At any rate, I knew I couldn't have been raped by Steven Frey for one very important reason.  His back.  For months Steven had complained about severe back pain.  He could barely walk.  There is no way that he could have hurt me by setting up his back pain months in advance.  It was no act either.  In a month or two he would be admitted to the same hospital for third stage syphilis.  Let me tell you something.  Steven did not have sex.  He just didn't.  Not with me.  Not with other people.  He was being raped in that home like I was...he even built a wall inside to keep Lori and Brian out.

The problem wasn't so much reporting the rape as it was people on this system that knew Lori and Brian were guilty of it.  They knew what was used in the rape too.  Refrigerated blood collected over time for the purpose of intentional infection and death.  The problem is that refrigerated blood kills lots of the virus and it submits the victim to exposure to the dead virus so our bodies create antibodies for a virus that we are not in contact with.  The blood on my jeans looked old and coagulated when it came out of me.  DNA reports would show that the rapists put that there and these operators knew it.   I never once accused Lori and Brian, I accused Peter and Steven knowing that Lori had been harassing them and because that is who Lori and Brian told me committed the rape.  This was one factor in becoming an informant for the police.  If I could have Steven arrested he could work with Bryan on this crime.

On the other hand, I can remember when Lori and Brian got their hands on this DNA report from the Riverside lab.  I was living in Hesperia and it was early evening.  End of June beginning of July.  Obviously Lori and Brian were fighting for their innocence as if I'd accused them because they knew the contents of that first report.  You see I didn't have to accuse Lori and Brian of the rape, the witnesses on this system knew it was them and now the blood work showed it.  It wasn't me pointing a finger at them, it was the evidence.  That meant the evidence had to disappear.

The rape was premeditated and not exactly meant to be me.  Lori and Brian wanted drugs and I slept over at Steven's that night, so there were two of us.  Here is how the crime was premeditated.

Earlier in the evening, I was at Steven's home and Jackson Velin came by asking us if we would drive someone to the Ontario airport the next day.  The person, I didn't know, but was a neighbor of his.  Someone's ex boyfriend.  I, stupidly said yes, then asked Steven if he would do it because he knew the guy. Big mistake.  Getting one of us out of the house allowed them to come over when I was knocked out and steal whatever they could find.  The house was trashed again later...and I heard about it via text.

So my point is that it was arranged to get one of us out of the house.  It also gave Steven an alibi, unless he raped me before the trip to the airport.  Remember, he was in severe pain.  I should have taken the guy myself or said no.

Steven isn't capable of rape.  I know him.  I know what he is like.  There is no way.  Remember, he built a wall inside of his home to keep someone from getting in like they had been.  I helped him build that wall.

One thing that should be mentioned was the constant harassment in that home.  The voices in my head thing was fairly new.  I knew nothing about it.  Once I was at Steven's it got much worse.  The female voice told me that she was Steven's sister, the male voice told me that he'd been raping Steven in that home with a plunger for years.   Literally, Steven said nothing about this crime, but I could tell he was going through it all the time too.  His affect was slow.  He got angry for no reason.  One night he got so mad that he marched out of his home with his drug safe and stomped over to the LaPalme complex where Lori lived, in the apartment bearing the name "Fry".  Now I don't know about you, but I do know the difference between reality and fantasy...I found out half of the information I found because of what was said in my head.

The story that Brian told me about Steven Frey should now make sense to Bryan Anderson.  You see Brian LaFond pretended that Steven was some kind of "protected drug dealer" and that Brian LaFond was like a master to Steven's slave.  When I saw Bryan Anderson it was after a night of sheer torture and I asked him, "Would you be using one drug dealer to turn in others?"  His answer was, "No."   That's when I knew that the story about Steven being some kind of protected drug dealing sex slave were untrue.  With these siblings it's always something violent and sexual.  The stories are always violent and sex slave oriented too.

Nevertheless, I still knew that the police weren't going to investigate.  I gave them a picture postcard of my face being hit sent to my home in the mail...and they still didn't get a clue.  Do you know your face?  I do.  I know I didn't pose for any picture like this, but sure enough someone was using my rape as advertising for a gallery show.  This was sent out to people that knew that the siblings were involved in my rape and that kind of bravado shows that they knew they would get away with it too.

Instead it would be years later, after the police chief assured me that he was "going to get these guys" and that I was "right on the money" about the crime, that he would tell me over the phone a complete lie about what he knew.  This was said in front of Anthony Dabiere, a witness and another victim.  I'm not lying.  That day I was taken downstairs at the police department, sat in front of a bunch of lockers, at a metal table and seat and I looked through a Department of Justice report that had tons of other DNA on it.  I saw "sperm" too.  How could something so easy turn into such a mess?  That's Palm Springs, for ya.

Again, I didn't spend time reading that report.  I knew I was raped and that the DNA had to be there because of the STD's I got.  I did not get a copy of it either, but Lori did.

So, up until that phone call from the Chief of Police, I was still under the impression that I'd been raped by two men.  I knew it wasn't Peter and Steven because they didn't know each other...someone wanted me to believe that they were together.  I have the texts that show it too.

Under the belief that this was about to get a whole lot worse, I planned a trip to Sedona.  Then, as we all know, Lori and Brian LaFond were there.  For whatever reason, they were there on my vacation just after the rape case was dropped by the Chief of Police.  

Then when I got back, Lori LaFond, filed a "workplace violence restraining order" against me.  You can clearly see that this brother and sister are following me and harassing me.  Mostly about this blog.  To this day only Lori LaFond has tried to take this blog down.  Why?

The word "lesbian" offended her so much that she concocted some fantasy story about her co-workers committing violence against her if they thought she was gay.  Um, doesn't that smack of homophobia.  I had no idea where she was working so I certainly wasn't any kind of threat of going there.  Lori actually believes that if your co-workers think or know you are gay, that you could be subjected to violence in the workplace.  Um, that sounds like someone that would hurt a gay person if they found out that someone was homosexual, not the other way around.  Certainly it is not illegal to imply that someone is gay.  Look at the tabloids, they do it every day. 

The problem then becomes the City of LaQuinta's, do they provide an unsafe workplace for the LGBTQ community.  They are part of that restraining order too.  It is biased and it isn't funny to think that the City of La Quinta would file a restraining order against a police informant and rape victim.

The word "faggot" doesn't offend Lori, she's called me that on many occasions to many other people.  So, now, she's thinking that the word "lesbian" is cause for violence if it is implied that I'd heard that she was from Jonathan Mendenhall.  Lesbian tends to be a whole lot less offensive than "flaming faggot".  Also, it would seem odd that Lori LaFond would be reading this blog and immediately respond to the word "lesbian".  She looks really good to be Lisa.  I don't have another single friend that I know from high school that reads my blog.  I don't know of anyone but my team that reads it either.  It seems queer to me that as soon as I tried to eliminate Lori LaFond as a suspect, she went balls out to stop me.  The only other living person that has ever mentioned her to me was Bryan Anderson.  Before that my brother in law told me that she was the person selling him drugs in Palm Springs.

A lifelong fascination with me and my family, it would seem.  I have  my reasons for suspecting these two.  I do.  They are everywhere they shouldn't be if they weren't involved.  I don't know about other corroborative evidence that would show that Lori has my belongings in her possession, but that restraining order is a complete denial of knowing anything about me since high school.  I doubt that it will be hard to find people that will disagree with that.

Crime is always about the past.  It's understanding what went into causing the problems that I've had.  There was a lot of times that I knew this would be like this.  It's really difficult to work on something when your detractor is seeing your every move.  You have to put it together in pieces with strong evidence.  It doesn't help to have a Police Chief that would lie like Bryan Reyes.  He completely flip flopped.