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This is a camera of my studio room in my home. When I am away it keeps Laurie and Brian out of my house...and when I am home it keeps them from sexually assaulting me. This is for Christopher and his family to know that I'm safe.

Today's theme:
I've been spending a lot of time hearing Laurie trying to turn me into her again. The flip side of that is that she wants to be more like me. First of all let's look at the facts here. I'm the person with the physical injuries. I'm the person that has police reports. I'm the one that contested her "remove this blog" from the internet restraining order in federal court. I'm still the guy that went on television twice showing my face and my real name. I'm the person that advocates for anyone that knows her to get tested for HIV and I'm the one that has told everyone to take these new classes of HIV meds to keep themselves and others safe. I'm the one that writes a crime fighting blog for the victims of this crime and I'm the person that has been arrested without convictions more times than anyone. It is ridiculous for any of you to believe this girl to be the victim. She uses the internet and phone calls to convince you. The only in person performances are ambushes where you get very little say. She shows pictures and tells stories, but you can't ever prove what she does or whom she is. Ask Bryan Anderson of the PSPD if you don't believe me. I am his police informant.
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Laurie Wants To Know If They Have An Extradition Treaty and A Place In The Valley For Her To Live? I Smell Something Fishy....Hmmm...

I heard that once Laurie moved here that the residents started catching lots of crabs.  Any correlation?  I think so.  Now there's a strange smell of cheese in the air.  Wonder what that's from...ah, I remember high school.

SDPD Stalling For Jeffrey

Two officers from the SDPD are now stalling for Jeffrey Katzenberg at his request.  Doing everything he asks instead of what the law requires that they do.  I have begged them to do their job and inform my parents about this crime and they flatly refused.  Both should be reprimanded for their poor choices and neither is acting in a professional manner.  Neither is showing the professional qualities of peace officers and are starting to act under the color of the law.

Day after day they sit and watch while Jeffrey tortures me using his girlfriend Missy and Laurie, whose home Jeffrey has paid for.  The threats to my family are a daily occurrence right in front of both of them.  They have already allowed one of the suspects in my shooting and Christopher's rape to get within inches of my family at a memorial service and neither has done a single thing to have her stopped or to warn my family.  This is reminiscent of Bryan Anderson's poor assed efforts to hurt my family too.  Once again, Jeffrey's money is outweighing the scales of justice and is putting my life in danger.  Both Jonathan and Barbara have stated that they are in fear for my life and the lives of my family and both have a ton of experience in that regard.

The way these police departments are treating police informants is unprofessional and dangerous.

So Why Is Jeffrey Katzenberg Acting Like Jeffy Dahmer?

I have a question for all of you that are friendly with Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Why don't you give him a call and ask him why he is acting more like Jeffy Dahmer from "The Ringer" than himself?  Give him a call.  No man can act this stupid for this long without a reason.  He's really lost it.

So What Is Bessie Smith's Problem With My Sister?

For as far back as I can remember my sister had a friend that she use to have over all the time.  Most boys with an older sister know what this is like.  We all know them as the girl that was always around.  The one that your sister took on summer trips, hung out with all the time, did stuff with, got into trouble with and basically treated you like a troublesome little brother whenever they wanted to be mean.  Kid stuff.

For my family that was Bessie Smith.

She was always around.  She was always with my sister even into college.  She lived with my sister and other friends from our home town and basically when I went to college down the freeway, it was the same situation.  Bessie was always around.  She was best friends with my sister for as long as I can remember.  She was also best friends with my sister's husband too.  His family and his friends.

Then Bessie disappeared.  I never saw her again.  She just wasn't around any longer.  I never saw her with my sister.  I never heard about her again. I didn't know about her and I didn't come around here any more.  She just ceased to exist.  Unlike other friends of my sister, of which there were many, Bessie dropped off the face of the Earth.  I never thought of her any longer and I didn't think anything of it.  She was just gone.  Never to be seen again.  That's what I thought.

Thirty years later I would find out that she was never away.  She was closer than anyone knew.  She knew way more than any of us thought.  How close she kept with my sister, I don't know.  I do know one thing.  I never heard from her.  I don't think my parents ever heard from her either.  I doubt my family ever thinks about her.  Awfully odd for a girl that's engaged and living in Yucca Valley with her finance.   I wonder why that is?  Actually I don't wonder at all.

I know why that is.  It's because of what she's done and failed to do for a family that helped raise her and a jealous friend that doesn't allow Bessie to have any other friends other than her.  That friend is Missy.  The most jealous friend a girl could ever have.  When Missy the stripper found out that her lesbian co-conspirator, Laurie, was best friends with my sister, it was on like Donkey Kong.  Missy saw an opportunity that she couldn't pass up.  How could Missy the stripper pass up an opportunity to ruin Bessie's friendship with my sister and fuck with Laurie's #1 most hated person, me at the same time?  No way was that going to happen.  Missy the stripper had two targets in her sight that would make her lesbian partner Laurie wet with excitement.  Missy and Laurie then went to work.

Fucking with both my sister and me became a lifetime commitment for Missy.  If she can fuck with both of us, Laurie would love her forever.  That's what this is all about.  How can Missy the stripper whore fuck with my family the most.  Because of that need to hurt Bessie and me, she targets my sister, her husband, their kids and my family.  Missy and Laurie forever and ever.  It's no secret that Bessie brought Missy here under the bullshit lie that the pair would help my family fight against Laurie, but what has transpired is the exact opposite.  It has been Laurie and Missy's life long dream to hurt my family and Jeffrey is making that dream come to life.  Every single day he gives Missy another chance to hurt a member of my family.  Every single day he sits Missy's fat ass in front of the microphone and she tries to do something else to hurt me.  Missy had the terrific idea of ruining my sister's second marriage too.   Another dangerous situation that might get my own sister killed.  It almost worked again.

Texting her little fingers off, Laurie created another situation via phone that made my sister look bad, right in front of Jeffrey's face.  He just watched as the pair plotted another dangerous situation.  A situation that ended in a divorce.  That made Missy orgasm and Laurie squirt with happiness.  The pair has done this once before.  My brother in law paid the price for that pairing the last time.

So what is Bessie's problem with my sister?  Why does she insist on ruining my family?  What does she get out of this?  Why is her fiance so intent on helping Missy to do this?  He isn't a very nice guy is he?  He's just a little girl of a boy that likes to play with drugs and Missy like she is some kind of school girl on crack with her slam book playing "Mean Girls" at 50 plus years old.  Get over it aren't pretty any more and the girls are all younger, prettier and so much smarter than you are now.  The 1980's ended and Gwen Stefani's brother still hates your ass.  Don't try to do it to me just because Gwen became famous and nobody knows who you are still. Why don't we all take advice from Gwen Stefani's brother Todd, who has experience with Missy.  He's a handsome likable guy that everyone loves...I'll just bet that this is what he would have to say about the fallen Playboy dummy:

Jeffrey Is Using Missy To Try To Make Me Mad, But I'm Having A Pink Rainbow Heart Day Instead!

Before any of you say it, I hate this word too, but...

A cunting she will go, a cunting she will go...

She's doing it again.  In order for his girlfriend to make me look bad, she takes to the airwaves and tries her hardest to piss me off.  Missy.  The pain in the ass that everyone can't stand.  Yesterday she told her mother that "she is the victim".  Missy is not anyone's victim.  She apparently is going around telling people that "I am Kevin's latest victim".   Let me tell you something.  If she wasn't doing this, then I wouldn't even know that Missy existed.  Mr. and Mrs. Long Beach, you do understand that I don't know your daughter, right?  The only way I know about her is BECAUSE OF THIS SYSTEM.  How can she be a victim of mine if the only way I know about her is through my own head?  I ask you now, how in the world does that make her any kind of victim?

She's lying to you again!

It's A Rainbow Sloth Day!

Rather than do what people what me to do, which is bitch and complain about how horrible people have treated this project and the victims of this crime, I've decided that today is a Rainbow Sloth Day.  This is a day, much like a Rainbow Unicorn Day, where I refuse to do what the "God Who Decides What Will Happen To Kevin and His Family" wants me to do and I tell you what I am going to do instead.  Instead of telling you what the truth is, I'm going to let you know why I am frustrated about the situation is.

First of all, I am dying to work.  I haven't owed my parents a dime in years.  I don't like having a debt to anyone.  For the first time in ten years or more, I owe someone money and I hate it.  I've never liked that feeling.  I don't like it now. Three weeks before Christmas, I like it even less.

For months now I've been playing, can I work, can't I work with Social Security Disability knowing that if I don't have it, I have to find a way to pay for my more than $4,000 a month HIV meds for the HIV that I got from the same girl that is stalking me right this very minute.  I didn't have sex with her.  I didn't use drugs with her.  She knocked me out, when I was 19 years old, and intentionally infected me with it before my life began.   Why?  Who knows.  She had been stalking me since I was 10 or 11 years old and this was the first chance she got to end my life.  She thinks that will make her feel better.  It wasn't the first time she tried to hurt me, it was like the hundredth or thousandth, but this time she wanted me dead.  Never the less, I have to find a way to work at a job or keep my insurance and work.  Seems easy?  Look at my skull (click on the pictures to the right of this page).  Do you think that brain works very well?  It doesn't.  It aches day and night.   

Same girl, smashed my head. Twenty years later.  Got away with it again.

Since then it's been, I get a job, she calls the job and gets me fired.  I get another job, make a success out of it, she calls, lies and gets me fired.  I get another job, she calls, lies, and gets me fired.  In other words, You have a guy here that has never had a problem in the world getting any job he's interviewed for (I've gotten every sing one), I've always made a success of it and then comes the harassment.  I can't even work at a job now without her going crazy...she goes absolutely nuts.  She's employed another friend to help her.  There is video of other drug addicts coming inside and beating up people at my work for Laurie.  This has gotten dangerous.  So working has to be done in a certain way.  I can't work around kids or she will start telling people shit like I am a child molester; not true, I'm actually a credentialed teacher.  I can't work in public.  I can't work anywhere except with the police...and there was a job available in my own case.  Guess what, her friend took that job away too.

So here I am on a Rainbow Sloth Day...literally dying to work!!!  

I'm stuck in this position of being held hostage by the police, by my boyfriend, by my friends, by my family, by every single person that I tried and succeeded in helping.  They just forgot.  They forgot the person that helped them.  They decided that they were more important than the whole.  One person left for Laurie to torture and kill.  My story isn't any different today than it was when I was 11 years old.  A mean bigoted hateful little girl going around threatening everyone not to tell on her and a group of adults acting like children pretending to know what is best for me by lying to everyone else.  It's torture.  It is absolute terrorism.  Mental, emotional, biological terrorism.  Ten years of terrorism following twenty years of terrorism.  It's hate on top of hate.  I bled to make this case work.  I gave up so much of my life to save other people and then they turned their backs on me.  One by one they all turned dirty.

The reason they all do this is money.  When money comes along and helps them, they listen to the money and not to anything else.  They don't care about any of their friends any more.  Their boyfriends don't matter.  Their dead friends don't matter.  Their families don't matter.  All that matters is money.  Money, money, money.  The cops only care about money.  The parents only care about money.  My friends only care about money.  Only one man has this kind of money to do this.  Ten years of terrorism and there is only one way this could have happened with the case that I had ready for prosecution.  MONEY.  There is no lower form of hatefulness than exploitation of victims of crime. These victims have totally forgotten the other victims.  Their lives were spared by a gazillionaire who now holds them up as trophies for his showcase of "people he helped" as if that makes him some kind of hero.  He doesn't realize that sacrificing the family that got hurt the most was the only way that he was able to acquire them.

This year the bagillionaire acquire three really impressive trophies for his mantle piece of humiliation of Kevin.  Kevin's Boyfriend.  Kevin's Two Best Friends.  Three important people now sit on his mantle piece as a way to show all of you how terrific he is.  Are you impressed?  He and his wife managed to buy my three best friends and turn them into his lapdogs.  A priest, a cop and a best friend, what a fucking accomplishment.   Do you think that makes me look bad or do you think he looks like a tiny man trying to look powerful?  I am ashamed of them.  As you can imagine, I am highly disappointed in all three.  I held them up as people that "would never work against me" and, of course, money proved me wrong.

These are three trophies that Laurie could never have earned on her own, but Jeffrey could.  So he bought them.  He kept promising them and promising them that he wouldn't do what he did, then he did it anyway and looked at them like, "So what? I guess I lied."  By then it was too late.  All three sunk like stones to the bottom of the friend ocean.  Lost forever.  Just another casualty in the war with the family that I helped way more than I should.

I should never have helped these people.  The lesson I've learned.  NEVER help a family with money.  NEVER.  They don't need it and what they will do with it isn't what you will think.  They have no gratitude.  They think that you should respect them for absolutely no reason at all.  Yesterday's biggest revelation, "Jeffrey doesn't think that I appreciate him enough.  None of you do either."   I am supposed to respect and appreciate a man that ruined ten years of my life, moved in with my boyfriend and took my two best friends and humiliated me with them.  If I don't then what?  Sounds a whole lot like extortion doesn't it.  "Do what I tell you to do or I'll do something else to you!"  Guess what?  I don't roll that way!  That's the way Laurie does things.  I don't back down to bullies.  You bully me, I punch you in the face!   ( Metaphorically speaking)

I want all three of these men to look my father in the face, with Bryan Anderson, and tell him what the truth is.  Tell him that they don't know anything.  Better yet, do it with Mrs. Mendenhall there.  Let's see just how far you four are willing to go for Jeffrey now.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yesterday's Blog Header: Planting Evidence...

It's Official: Jeffrey Has Canceled Christmas For My Family Again!!!! Thanks Missy You Fucking Bitch!!!

It's official.  As of today, Christmas for my family was canceled by Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  The Jews stole Christmas and a job that I could have had, taking away any opportunity that I could have had to make my family happy this year at Christmas.  He is officially the worst human being I know.

Erasing Mistakes From The Past

Everyone thinks that I am becoming very anti-Katzenberg right now.  I want you to know something.  I spent almost nine years believing what most of you did.  I believed that when this man and his wife came here touting that they were here to "help me and my family" like I helped them, that they were telling the truth.  Nine full years went by and all that happened was a whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of burglary and torture of myself.  I'm trying to tell any of my friends that are left not to trust Jeffrey Katzenberg, his wife or his son.  They can't be trusted with the victims of this crime.  They lied to so many people in law enforcement and the victims' parents that there isn't any way that I could ever endorse you or anyone working with them.

I've tried very hard to understand this man's position, but he is unwilling to explain it to anyone.  He has a son that is a victim of this crime that refuses to speak publicly about it.  He has never come out and talked about this crime with anyone.  He lied to me and told people that he would help me, but he spent nine full years or longer doing nothing but lying.  There has never been one dollar or one minute spent helping my family or this project to help the victims of this crime.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on this project without any support from anyone.

There isn't anything less impressive in this investigation than the last ten years.  Later today I will post a picture of where this family is committing this crime from so that you too can take a look at the privileged lair of the few victims that have been elevated to a position of luxury and safety while 650 others are sacrificed.  Now this home is readying for another Christmas party where the elite with wine and dine with their wealthy boss whom will lavish them with gifts to say thank you for all of your hard work keeping Kevin, Anthony and Jonathan from being successful.  That's the message that we all should be ashamed of.  Nobody should be proud of this team.  They aren't the kind of people that want to help the victims more than help themselves.  They don't care about their friends or boyfriends any longer...all they do is nothing but sit around and make excuses about why they can't do anything for anyone but themselves.  If I were Robert Baker, I would remember something.  Didn't your boyfriend commit to stopping this crime?  Why did he take my boyfriend there instead of you?   Why aren't we the two people working with Benjamin?  This is all done to hurt you and me.  It is a psychological game being played to hurt us by Jeffrey himself.  Think about what this has cost us.  Ten more years of our lives with no results at all.

I'm sorry bro, but you and I are being used by Benjamin's family.

Laurie and Missy Want To Plant Evidence Again...Jeffrey's All For It!

Here's the thing about having as much meth at she has.  Laurie has this thing about enforcing "doing what she says to do".  If you don't do exactly what she tells you to do or what she wants you do to do, she likes to use that mountainous meth stash that she bought from Steven Frey to plant evidence to stop her relatives and others from coming forward and telling on her.  It's been a source of constant fear all the time for my family since Jeffrey got here.

I know of at least two members of her family that had evidence planted in their cars that were then arrested but had no idea that the meth was there.  Both Alicia and Brian Matz are friends of my family and have heard Laurie go on and on about members of my family for years.  She doesn't like either of them and I personally warned them both about her being under investigation for meth sales and other crimes.  Once that was done both were arrested for having meth in their automobiles that neither knew about.  Both went to jail for it and I know in my heart that neither was involved for what they were arrested for.  Who is going to believe anyone with a meth conviction when they say, "The drugs aren't mine?"   This morning I heard Laurie admit to doing both.  She not only planted the drugs in their cars but she also called the police on both.  She alerted the front gate at the Marine Corps Base in one instance and had the police waiting at Brian's home in the second instance.

I know that Laurie did this because she's done this many times in the past.  These are what I've called, in the past, her "entrapment drugs".  These are the same drugs that Anthony was arrested for.  These are the drugs that Steven Frey was last arrested for.  Now she knows that there is a way to plant these drugs in cars at my parents home with the help of Missy and Jeffrey whom have allowed access to that home on many occasions where things like iPods, wedding rings, keys, clothing, my father's tool belt and other items have been stolen.  This is one of those situations that Jeffrey has let happen without having any action from the police.  He has actually let these test runs occur.  Test after test, Laurie has gotten away with robbing that home with her own brother when my family is away.   Now Laurie is wanting to use my former drug habit as an excuse for drugs being found in any car there.

I don't use drugs.  I haven't for a very long time.  Jeffrey is willing to let my former addiction stand as some kind of excuse so that when she plants this evidence that I will take some kind of fall for it.  This post is to let you all know that I have nothing like this in my life.  I don't have drugs.  I don't sell or buy them.  I would never have them around me.  If they are found in my car or any member of my family they are the result of Brian and Laurie LaFXXX planting them there with the help of Jeffrey Katzenberg and his team of misfits.

This post is posted for any attorney to use as I am an informant for the police that has been working on this case for many years for the Palm Springs Police Department and it can be used in the defense of any member of my family that should face any drug charge where drugs are found at the scene.  None of my family uses any drugs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rich Man/Poor Man Part 2: Just When You Thought Jeffrey Wouldn't Sink Any Lower...Happy Hanukkah!

The Jews that Stole Christmas are back!  Jeffrey Grinchenberg, obviously not happy that my Social Security benefits were extended and my health insurance restored for a few more months...was upset that his plan to ruin my Christmas for my family and Christopher went awry.  His plan to make me miserable for his girlfriend's pleasure didn't quite work out so he decided to return to his plan to leave Missy in charge again to make me miserable in his home at the microphone again.  Why not?  Missy's been ruining my life for decades with Laurie and giving these two bitches victories over my family is everything that they live for...him too.

Now he and his wife Marilyn have decide that paying for Laurie and Missy is the nicest thing that they can do for these two terrorists.

In addition to humiliating me and my family, they've humiliated the police and my boyfriend and best friends too.  It's a complete humiliation that Jeffrey's planning because he didn't get his way by taking away my medical insurance, job and HIV medication for the holidays.  That would really have made the Katzenberg's happy this year.  They've been trying very hard.

There was rumor of a job working for the San Diego Police, but I am certain that he will buy that away from me too.  Jeffrey has some kind of need to hurt me again.  His money has this way of buying my misery.  He and his son now want to do whatever they can to hurt my family in whatever way they can.  They are determined to hurt me however they can this Christmas now that they have decided that Missy is their best friend in the universe.  Funny how a step monster can confuse an entire family.

Happy Hanukkah Jeffrey, don't choke on a bagel, bitch.  If you trust this man, you are a complete idiot.  There is not one single reason in this universe for a victim of this crime to believe that he is anything but an enemy to the victims of electronic harassment.  He and his wife are operators of this system and enemies of the true victims of this crime.

Missy's Parents: Threats From Long Beach?

Get it?  Ma and Pa Ingalls?  They're both the parent's of Missy.  Missy Sue Anderson and Missy Gilbert?  Okay so I'm reaching here, but you get the point.

Let me make this perfectly clear to the parent's of Missy the Leech. Your daughter and her "friend" Laurie, have been playing another game again with Jeffrey.  It's a passive aggressive game of, "If you don't help Missy to stay in that home where Kevin's investigation is going on, Missy's father is going to have you arrested Jeffrey" which is something that Missy says she's against, but the bitch is still here mom and dad!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Long Beach Missy,

Your daughter needs a psych hospital.  She needs to get psychological help for her massive psychological problems.  She isn't a well person.  She has been asked to leave by every single person in this investigation and she refuses to move her fat ass out of this home because she loves to antagonize me.  I am in severe danger here because you refuse to take her somewhere where she can get help for her problems that are now starting to involve your family.  I don't know what she has told you about this investigation but she has been threatening people again...and now I am concerned that she is making bigger mistakes by using the two of you.  I know she can be a handful, but I don't need her here helping Laurie point a gun at members of my family so that your daughter can feel better.  She is a very sick girl that needs lots of help.

Jeffrey is not her father.  Marilyn is not her mother.  Just because her big Christmas payday is around the corner, doesn't mean that other family's have to pay for her way.  She has ruined yet another Christmas for my family that has two new born children.  I would like to spend at least one Christmas this decade without your horrid daughter trying to help Laurie from stealing things from my family.  She's already managed to help Laurie steal everything my parents have worked to give me from this last decade and a half.  They work far too hard for their money for your daughter to keep giving her access to my home when I am not there.  Jeffrey is not helping me to be safe and your daughter is rude to my boyfriend and his mother.  She is a rude little girl that has absolutely no manners what so ever.  She's not welcome here any longer.

I will have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and you as well if any part of this investigation shows up in anything that you two do as a result of her trying to conduct her own investigation based on what she has done here.

Missy is a troubled 50 plus year old woman with problems that nobody here can fix.  Money has been too good to her and she has stolen every single opportunity I've had to make something happen for the victims of this crime.  Please take her home and get her some help before she hurts herself even more or someone else.  My family deserves better than your daughter's rage.

A Sitting Duck Is Working Harder Than You Know

I absolutely love that Missy and Laurie go around telling people that "Kevin is lazy" or "Kevin doesn't do anything" after years and years of them both being jealous that I'm the ONLY one of these victims that managed to have a career with REAL income at jobs with REAL prestige.  If not for the efforts of BOTH of these women I would be very gainfully employed and working for one or both of these police departments and probably making money doing it.  But there Missy's big fat ass sits.  She's the one that has NEVER been able to maintain any kind of employment.  She'll say it's because of Laurie, but the truth is that she's lazy.  She doesn't want to work.  She doesn't have any kind of past income so she can't really go on disability to pay for her HIV insurance and she's horribly jealous about what I have paid in to that she doesn't get.  So, rather than Missy shut her big fat mouth about my ability to do what she couldn't, she joins Laurie.

The reason that I haven't been able to be effective is because ALL of my friends know whom Laurie is.  Missy has done everything she can to keep me away from the other informant, who just happens to be my own boyfriend, because he knows Laurie's real name and real identity.  Jonathan, Anthony and many others do too.  Rather than help this investigation, Jeffrey decided to hide all of them and gag their families for Missy's sake.  That tells me one thing.  Missy is involved deeply in this crime.  If Missy has a reason for not allowing these people to come forward then she doesn't want Laurie's identity to be known to me and my family...that tells me there is guilt.  That's the reason.  This is an obstruction using the police and threatening an informant.  Christopher can't do this either.  His choice to do what he is doing for Jeffrey is made without all of the information he needs to make a rational decision and under the duress of watching Laurie trying to hurt my family without the ability to help me...or else!  This technique is ridiculous and it is meant to be punitive.  I am being punished for doing the job that the police and I committed to. Christopher committed to that job too.  He is failing at that commitment.  Christopher has a video that he is keeping from my parents that they need to see.  Jonathan also has that video.  I want them to see it.

This technique of holding things over my head while these two women passive aggressively threaten members of my family is something that nobody should have to live through.  It is a program of torture that I have lived with for nine full years.  It is endorsed by Jeffrey and his wife and neither has done anything to help alleviate the situation.  If it isn't endorsed by Jeffrey then why does it still exist?  My life is hard enough.  I didn't need someone to come to my home town and pretend to be my friend in order to let someone in this investigation to hurt me.  He posed as a father/friend/police confidant in order to gain my trust.  With the information he was provided he picked and chose what he wanted to give to the police and none of it was a full and complete disclosure.  Only pieces were given when he felt it would be a positive experience for Missy.  Never did he consider what he was doing to my family.  Now he's trying harder than ever to convince all of you that he has no obligation to anyone.  That's not what I agreed to.  I agreed to help the police.  He said he was "police affiliated", that isn't what he does.  He lies to the police and lies to these families and it is not what I agreed to do.  I am not a guinea pig for an investigation led by a sociopath on the inside, Missy, and one on the outside, Laurie.  This isn't about stopping this crime for them.  It is about keeping it going.  That's not what I am doing here.  I want it stopped today!

Missy wants to make me destitute.  Is there any victim in the history of this crime that doesn't understand that concept?  How many of these gay men in Palm Springs ever walked away from this crime wealthier, employed better, happier, in better relationships than when they first encountered Missy, Bessie and Laurie?  NONE!  Not one single man in 650 has ever walked away from the Triad of Pussy in better shape than when they walked into this Buzz Saw of Beaver.  This is a situation where "Man Hate" has grown to the point where it doesn't matter who you are, if you have a penis, they want to cut it off!  "Every man has done them wrong" since they are men.  If it wasn't for men, they would have been much better women.  That's a concept that not one single woman that has strength or confidence believes.  I know.  I know confident women.  These three think that in order to build their lives they have to destroy men.  They don't have to know you, they just have to "put you in your place".  It is MUCH WORSE IF THEY DO KNOW YOU HOWEVER!!!   What Jeffrey doesn't seem to realize is that he is simply just another man that they are doing this to...another relationship they are destroying...another family they are exploiting.  They've done it a million times and the Katzenberg's are just willing participants, the easiest ones.

These three women think of men as "sitting ducks".  I think of myself as a "forced" sitting duck.  A person that Jeffrey has set in the water as a decoy for their hate without the options that most people have, but damn it, underneath the water, I'm paddling faster, harder, and smoother than any fucking duck out there.  I'm not the duck he thinks I am.  I'll dive under the water.  I'll splash and make noise.  I'll warn the other ducks.  I'll make damn sure that if you are a duck and you think that Jeffrey is your friend, think again.  This guy is just using you.  He wants you to look as gullible as he and his family were.  It makes him feel better if you can be taken in as easily as he was.  We're gay men.  Tits and ass with a nose wrinkle and a giggle from an 80's Playboy model isn't impressive to us.  She's no Colton Ford.  Missy is washed up emotionally and financially without her sugar daddy and she's clawed in to his finances as far as she can go...and it's Christmas.  Let's face it.  A Golddigger at Christmas?!?!  That's like Champagne at New Year's Eve.  She's not going to give up her "good thang" without a fight....come on Marilyn.  Can't you fight for your own son for once?

What we are fighting here is a combination of wealth gone wrong vs. good vs. evil vs. a plan to take a person's life away from him.  Jeffrey's wealth and reputation are used as a huge weapon against me.  I dare say that the police would have acted much differently if it was not for his money.  I think it is absolutely sick thinking that a parent, regardless of his financial status or celebrity, would allow this situation to exist from his own home.  It is clearly a situation of wealth dictating police policy and procedure.  What I disagree with is almost everything.  Despite a mountain of overwhelming evidence against the suspect, Jeffrey is trying to rehabilitate a criminal and using me, the advocate, as some kind or archaic whipping boy for his own personal intentions.  I've taken the punishment from him and his wife for nearly a decade while he played masochist to all of my dreams and aspirations.  I've survived.  I've barely survived and so has Christopher Monti.  We both barely survived so well that he had to take one of us under his wing, and he chose Christopher as a way to punish me.  That's why Christopher is there.  It's a punishment to me and it is meant to be punitive.  It is meant to be cruel and heartless.  That's the truth no matter what he says.  Yes, he may be free to leave, but that would leave me here alone and unprotected, not that I'm that well protected as it is.

The police won't make a move without Jeffrey's okay.  We all know that means that Missy has to give her approval and that means a self sacrifice.  I can hear just about everyone that knows her laughing as loud as they can all the way from Long Beach saying these exact words, "You expect Missy to do something selfLESS.  DO YOU KNOW MISSY AT ALL??? THAT'S NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!!!"   It's a stupid concept that could never, would never and will never happen.

I will be dead in my grave before Missy will even acknowledge that nothing that she has ever done has been for anyone but herself.

There has never been anyone worse at helping someone else with nothing in it for her than Missy.  Even Laurie isn't as bad at that as Missy is.  She calls it "survival" but it's not survival, it's called sadisim.  She is a sadist.  She likes hurting people.  She likes getting involved in other people's problems and making them worse.  She likes causing the problems.  She likes exacerbating the problems.  She likes being the problem.  She likes giggling, wiggling, nose wrinkling, hair flipping, laughing at, back know those things that junior high school girls do when they think that they're prettier than everyone else and can get away with it?  That girl grew up to be Missy.  A bully with a body.  She knows when to be a lady, but there are those moments when SHE comes out.  YOU ALL KNOW WHO I MEAN!  The BI-POLAR BEAR!!!!  She'll eat your face while trying to tear out your heart.  Especially with someone that is a friend of someone else.  Missy gets off on hurting someone else's friends.   She likes the friends to watch while she does it too.  Then she giggles, hair flips and says, " I really like that?"  To wit, most people want to slap her egotistical face.  The answer Missy is YES, you REALLY ARE LIKE THAT! You are the girl that no guy wants to know...and since you are a lesbian, that's just fine with you.  You aren't saving girls from bad are just hating men for yourself.

Find the flaw Missy, find the flaw.  Missy has the ability to "find the flaw" in everyone.  If she can't find it, she'll pick one tiny thing and "make it the flaw".  She is now dealing with me.  Far from flawless, but not the kind of guy she's use to dealing with.  A staunch pro-woman gay man that loves virtually everyone and finds the silver lining about just about everything.  I love the oddballs of society.  Beauty is so esoteric to me.  Celebrity just means that people know who you are.  I'm not nearly as impressed by who she knows but what she's done to them.  The problem that I have with Missy is that she has this horrible need to magnify everything I do...and I don't do much.  I'm pretty easy to like.  Most people want me around so she made it so nobody would be there.  Most people love talking to me, so she made it so nobody would with Jeffrey's help.  Mother's love me, so none of them could contact me without Missy's permission.  You see, I'm that impossible guy that doesn't want to have sex with women that women love being around.  I consider them all the time.  I'm thoughtful.  I'm sincere.  I know all kinds of self made women.  I've studied them.  Worked with them.  Admired them and befriended them.  I'm the guy Missy couldn't find a reason to hate, so she had to eliminate me. Missy just doesn't like that I'm not hate-able enough for her to convince everyone.

Pointing out my "drug use".  Honey I haven't used drugs in nine years...and really people, I wasn't using them in almost twelve...when I was...I wasn't what Missy is like when she drinks or snorts either.  I'm just a live and let live.  Missy is live and let live for herself, just nobody else.  That's called a Missocrite.  It's like a hypocrite, but with a giggle and hair flip.  Find the flaw with that Missy.  You see I lived by the "if you have nothing good to say" policy for so long that it let the Missy's of the world spread gossip about me.  NO MORE.  I've taken all the hits from my family.  Went to rehab, sober. Did all the work.  Just because of people like Missy.  It was easier than fighting against it.  So I took it again.  No more.  You see turning me into the villain was once the easiest thing to do, but now it's become a tad bit more difficult for the Triad of Pussy.  The evidence points to them.  When the evidence points to the problem, then the police should pursue the criminals.

The police are under Jeffrey's thumb...I think that's obvious too.  This is the same situation that Laurie had in Palm Springs.  Now Missy has become the NEW Lisa.  If the police aren't doing their job because a woman's problems are keeping them from doing it, then that woman behind the microphone is the NEW Lisa.  Right Missy?

Any of you out there that have been told not to report what you have been told about the crimes committed against me or Christopher Monti in San Diego are now being asked to report this crime to the police officers that are here from San Diego.  If you were told not to report the crime we need to know whom told you this and why.  I also want any evidence you might have presented to them.  This includes parents too.  I am very interested in the videos that were made of the introductions to Laurie as well.  These need to be produced.  I would like both Barbara and Jonathan to provide this testimony as quickly and safely as it can be done.  Jeffrey has no right to keep this information from coming forward.  If you have felt intimidated or harassed by Missy, Jeffrey or anyone to keep this information from being made known to the police please feel free to let them know now.  My life is in extreme danger.

60 In Less Than 30: See What Happen When You Think Positive!!!

Now that's what I call efficient!

My man.  Woke up this morning to find that K.T. dropped 60 points on the Indiana Pacers in less than 30 minutes of play. A new NBA record!  I do believe that my advice to him was this.  "Stop thinking about the missed shot.  Think about how it felt to make the last shot you made, every time you shoot." That was two nights ago.  Two nights ago I said that...last night, he did this!

Congrats K.T., really proud of your effort last night and know that the next time you think that you haven't played well you will remember the night you scored 60 in 30, right?  I know you will.  Thanks for everything bud!


Monday, December 5, 2016

Seeking Second Opinion From Family Medical Group of Cadillac Michigan and Dr. Alicia Elmore and Staff

To Whomever This Concerns:

This post can be considered my written permission and authorized signature seeking a second opinion and authorizing permission for the medical staff including Dr. Alicia Elmore M.D. at the Family Medical Group of Cadillac, Michigan to seek the the medical files at the Desert Regional Memorial Hospital Radiology Department and all other medical files pertaining to my hospital visits.  Waiving any and all HIPAA laws these medical records can be copied and delivered to the above medical staff upon their request for review.

In question are the injuries sustained and subject of two MRI's in late September, early October 2007 and two previous MRI's showing lung infections due to a bacterial pneumonia on previous occasions.  I would request that any and all medical files on hand be copied and delivered to Dr. Elmore upon request for review by this doctor and her co-staff.  The emergency room files from those visits would also be requested from all visits from this patient, Kevin L. Bond on every occasion that he has visited.

Additionally, I would request that the MRI information that Jonathan Mendenhall has in his possession be copied and forwarded to Dr. Elmore for review.  I would request that Dr. Elmore's findings be immediately sent to the disability review being conducted by the personnel at the Social Security Office in Yucca Valley, California and that Dr. Elmore speak personally to the person in charge of that investigation.  A written receipt of that conversation between the investigator and Dr. Elmore would be preferred.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kevin L. Bond
(Electronic Signature)

A Slight Reprieve: Thanks To The REAL God

As Laurie was doing her "where's your faith gotten you now" routine, God stepped in again and issued me a slight reprieve!  Go figure.  Once again, as things happen for me, there has been a small Kevin miracle that has nothing to do with Jeffrey or his wife.  My health insurance has been extended again and so has my disability insurance.  I am, again, fine, for now.

Just when Missy, Jeffrey and Laurie were circling my dead body lying in the desert, like vultures in the sky, God said, "not today Satan", and the light shone on the victims of this crime again.  Now I am fine to fight this crime for a few more months without having to worry about what's next.  I have a lot of work to do but it looks like I will be able to work part time for the police department and have my disability re-established with a second opinion due to my crushed skull.  Thank the LORD in Heaven above for the people that actually do care about the victims of this crime.

To say that I am not disabled with a debilitating smashed skull that leaves me with blinding headaches and less than average energy, for which I am receiving treatment, is ridiculous.  I am still the person that has been hospitalized twice for two weeks with a bacterial pneumonia that recurs because of infections that have happened because of this crime.  Both of these injuries have left me disabled for many years and I have to stay on disability to receive medical treatment for these conditions.  I love working on this project when I am able.  I want to continue to work for the police when I am able.  To have my disability discontinued and have to look for full time work would be almost impossible for me to do.  I certainly can't do both.

I want to thank God and everyone that has prayed for me.  This was a miraculous day for the victims of this crime.  Good triumphed over evil again. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

I'd Tell Her To Get Off My Ass, But If She Was Back There I'd Be Afraid She'd Have A Coke Bottle And You Know What The Police Let Her Get Away With Then...

If you only knew how much Christian and Laurie were pushing me to be angry with other people right now you would understand my anger with other people.  It's always a precarious balancing act between how much emotion I can let you all know I am feeling and what I am willing to say.  I can say that this is a very difficult time for me.  It is one of about nine times that I can count where everything is fucked up.  Nothing is going right and I know what lies ahead.  It isn't a good time for the victims of this crime and it is a terrible time for me to be helping anyone.  Unfortunately that is the exact opposite of what I am feeling.

I want to be working for the police.  I want to be working with them and exposing this crime with law enforcement instead of watching others do a less than satisfactory job playing at investigation knowing that I am much better at this than they are.  You don't hire a plumber to paint your home, you hire a house painter, you know what I mean?  It's just one more situation where the expert is not being used and the pretenders are.  I've been so frustrated with investigating this crime because I'm the one that worked so hard at putting Laurie in the negative position that she is in.  She knows that if I were in charge and allowed to work this case the way I can, she would never be able to survive it.  If I were allowed to communicate with my team the way I should be allowed to, we'd be way past finished instead of watching other people die.  It's not satisfying, at all, to know that people that should be saved aren't going to be because someone is worried about his "image".   It's not acceptable to me.

I've always maintained that I don't want to be the guy that says that I didn't do my best from the moment that I learned whom Lisa was.  Once I found out whom she was, it wasn't a surprise that I knew her and that she was the person that made the most sense.  Nobody that I know from high school will be surprised either.  Almost everyone I know will say, "That doesn't surprise me at all!"   She's not without her controversy her whole life and I'm sure there are hundreds more stories that I haven't even heard about from that time period.  Like I've said, I don't know her very well.  I wasn't a friend and I wasn't someone that had much to do with her.  My very limited dealings with her were not pleasant, they were bully situations.  I was bullied by her and abused by her.  I had no idea how many times my friends were approached by her to bully me and I've heard this trend continued my whole life. 

Now I hear that there are sexually oriented videos of her doing this to both Christopher and Anthony available where she is soliciting them for sex then telling them horrible things about me and my family.  Sounds eerily familiar.  I would love for the police department to see these and compare them to the restraining order then arrest warrant that exists and see that what is on the record does not match up with what she has sworn to.  It is exactly what I know is the most crazy thing of all.  I am being stalked by someone that has some kind of sexual thing for my friends and boyfriend.   It isn't something that she wants people to know about.  It is so embarrassing to me.  I want people to know that she is following me and that I have nothing to do with it.  It has been interfering with my informant work and she even claims to work for the police in one or both of the videos.  It is precisely what the restraining order application denies.  I needed this information years ago but nobody came forward.

The police need to know why their informants are being intimidated.  These videos show whom is behind it.

I Finally Found A Perfect Lesbian Boyfriend For Laurie...And She Can Tell Everyone He's A Friend of Mine!!!

Finally, Laurie can have a boyfriend named "Jonathan" that actually will sleep with her.  She can marry him and he won't be able to keep his hand off of her, like she tells everyone.  This is the first time that a "Jonathan" has ever touched her.  She won't have to slip him a viagra or puncture his testicle with a dirty needle or anything!

Finally Laurie has a man that she's always wanted!  One without a penis.  She can even turn him into Missy for those long lonely nights when she need the comfort only a woman can give her between her legs...which is every night for Laurie!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I Have Laurie and Missy All Over My Ass Again, But I've Got Some Advice For Myself And You...

Life is too short to worry about what everyone else didn't do for you when they should have.  That's their problem down the line.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't hold them responsible for their involvement, but you will fall by the wayside if you don't handle your own problems as they come up.  If you allow what these little bitches do to you to ruin your pace, you won't be able to finish the race.  The problem that I've found with the problems that life hands you during the course of this crime is that they overwhelm the victims.  Yes, there is so much more that could have been done, but now that your problems are here, there is only one solution now that you face them alone.  Deal with them.  They aren't going to help you... they are responsible.  Deal with the problems then go after them.

You can't allow anyone to tell you that this problem that you are having is solely yours.  It has been encountered by hundreds of other men.  The people that sought to destroy you have thrived while you failed.  That sucks.  There is a better life after this one.  In the mean time you have to survive.  You can't waste your precious time hating these idiots for being the kind of people that do nothing more than rooting for the bad guy.  You have to live in difficult circumstances.  That's your path.

Run the race with the shoes you have, since you can't run it with the shoes they stole.  It's your legs that you run with anyway...not your shoes.

Win with your body...not with the adornments that they take from you.  They have help...those are known as accomplices.  Remember, accomplices to a crime are criminals.  You are not a criminal.

If you want to be like my friend Colton Ford here, you've got to have a dream...and follow it to your heart's content.  Still think you are one of the coolest guys!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Birthday To The World's Biggest Dick!

Don't you think that the world's biggest dick should have the biggest dick birthday cake?

Hope he chokes on it!!!  Just relax your throat Jeffrey, it'll slide down easier!!!

Maybe you didn't know but today is Jeffrey Katzenberg's's sort of like celebrating the birth of Adolf Hitler or Fidel Castro, I know, but we should always remember the great dictators with the least amount of respect possible so that we don't recreate the same mistakes ever again!!!  Unfortunately I'm told that there's another one out there...a twin.  Yikes.  Two of them?  Can you imagine.  It's like having two Laurie's!

Jeffrey, as you know, has decided, as he grows older, like Benjamin Button, to act more like a child than a mature adult.  Admitting less to his mistakes than he ever has with his "trophy lesbian wife" (hint: Jeffrey they're supposed to get prettier when you upgrade Jeff, not uglier and less heterosexual, but that's another issue)  Never trophy up to a drug addicted home wrecking bipolar lesbian for God's sake!

Now that Missy is his new wife and in total control of Hollywood we can expect to see more role for bitchy self centered lesbians with bad attitudes towards men.  She's come up with some marvelous ideas: "Brokeass Mountains", "Going Down On The Valleys of Dolls", "Breaking Up The Stepford Wives", "The Return of Zena Warrior Princess" (Starring the aging Missy, of course), "Bipolar Bear" (Missy's Life Story: The story of a bipolar lesbian that stalks men and eats them like the cold bitch she is), "How To Be A Gold Digger" (a comedy about how you can tell how stupid a man is by reading through his wallet), "Ridding Myself of Marilyn" a documentary about how Missy got rid of Jeffrey's first wife and kids to become the woman of the house,  "Breaking Bessie" a how to movie about how to manipulate a straight woman into being your pawn...and a slew of movies about how to make men your slave with just a giggle and a hair flip.

For his birthday Missy has decided that Jeffrey should comb his hair behind his ears for that "younger man" look.  She's looking forward to giving dirty looks at the Laker Girls sitting in Marilyn's old seat at Staples Center where she will sneer at all of those girls that are so much prettier than she is.  If they even look at Jeffrey she will have them fired immediately for inappropriateness.  She has decided that his children will only be allowed to call him once a year...if they go through her only.  They are also only allowed to call her "mother" to satisfy the womb that she never used.  Poor Missy was never blessed with a child because God knew that frigid isn't the correct temperature for a fetus to grow in.  Besides, the thorny insides of a bitter lesbian is no place for a child.  Not to mention "mother's milk" shouldn't contain cocaine metabolite and HIV.

I've heard that Fabletics isn't as thrilled with Missy as they use to be.  Maybe Kate Hudson has heard that Missy thinks she isn't that smart.  I'm kind of concerned since I'm the person that suggested that Kate was a brilliant person for this project to be working with.  That was my idea, not Missy's.  I can understand that Kate might not be that thrilled with someone like Missy that thinks Kate isn't the "kind of person" that knows what working out really is...and what fashionistas really want.  I couldn't disagree more with Missy.  Kate is one of the most brilliant people and loving LGBTQ celebrities on the planet, but Missy is kind of known in Palm Springs as the second biggest bullies ever in the lesbian community.  Too bad Jeffrey didn't tell Ms. Hudson the truth.  Maybe Kate should ask Britney Spears what she thinks of Missy and Jeffrey.  That might just set the record straight.  It was my idea to work with Kate in the first place.  I wouldn't be sending any swag Jeffrey's way ever again if I were Kate...your gear belongs on the bodies of loving and kind girls and boys!!!

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!  It's really far too late for you to understand the kind of pain you've caused my family...maybe God will forgive you after Christopher, I won't.

Not So Mean Mr. Green! He's The Nicest Guy I Know!

I'm mad at   Dang it.  Last night I was talking to my friend Draymond Green after a double overtime loss to the Houston Rockets and I told him one thing.  "You played a great game D."   This morning I woke up and said some pretty nasty things about him.  I'm tired of people saying stuff about this guy.  He's nice darn it.  He plays harder than anyone.  He's the smalled BIG MAN in the league but he plays with more heart than anyone.  He's bigger and takes on the biggest guys in the world with a smaller body..and usually wins.   They knock him because his heart is bigger so they say he's mean.  Bullshit!

Draymond plays harder than anyone.  He just won this country a gold medal in the Olympics, he's a World Champion, he's a terrific guy and he embodies what it takes to play with the heart of a Warrior.  A Golden State Warrior.  Too bad there aren't more people in this world that don't play with this kind of passion and love for the game of life!!!!

Mama Ru knows you are one nice fella!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Does Jeffrey Katzenberg Have A Cocaine Problem? Is It In His Son's Home?

There is a rumor, and I'm hearing this for the second or third time now, that the reason Jeffrey has been acting so strangely is that there is a "cocaine problem" in the home that he is living in, in Joshua Tree.  A coke dealer and a coke whore both living there are under investigation...what is Jeffrey doing now?


A Question Of Faith? Put It In God Not People

I've learned many valuable lessons in the last week that I've learned many times over my life as well.  Let's just say that this time I thought that I was clearer with all of my friends that this time it would be much different when it went the way it inevitably would.  I put my faith in my friends...and, as Jeffrey, Missy and Laurie wanted it to, it was the wrong decision.  Not a surprise.  This time, there will be a cost.

The first thing that I want to caution all of you about is this.  There is a huge difference between, faith in people and faith in God.   My faith in God is unflappable, can not and will not change.  I'm alive because of my faith in God.  He never leaves me and I will never let that change no matter what Jeffrey decides for my life next.  My faith is all I have now, because Jeffrey took all of my friends away from me.  It was part of his, "no friends for Kevin" policy; enforced by his Butch lesbian Coke head girlfriend Missy and his Marshmallow Wife Marilyn.  My weak assed friends don't have enough spinal chord to do anything that he tells them not to do, so I am stuck fending off a killer on my own while they watch.

We all know that as homosexuals living in the Coachella Valley that you can not have faith in the police department.  There is no justice for gay men.  We are the targets of hate and if you are the likely victim of electronic harassment or a friend of one of these men, you are going to be victimized by one of these cops, the judicial system, the evil Triad of Pussy or Jeffrey Katzenberg.  It's just the way it is.  Having faith that the system will work for you without me helping you is worthless.  It is rigged against you and without me there isn't a chance in Hell it is going to get better.  I had the San Diego Police Department working with me, but Jeffrey managed to steal them away from my case now too.  Thanks best friend, you really did a job on me too.  My mom and dad will be so proud of you and your brother.  I knew you would sell me out just like Bryan Fucking Anderson.

You can't have faith in people either.  I have a priest for a boyfriend.  I wrote this blog from the beginning to help keep in communication with him because of Laurie's need to forward phone calls and steal U.S. Mail.  Do you know that he hasn't called, written, emailed, Skyped, texted or communicated with me one single time in 9 years.  Not once.  His mother knows about this crime.  His family knows about this crime.  His brothers know about it.  His sister knows about it.  They all know about it.  Not one single member of their family had the decency to tell my family about the girl that I saved their son from.  Not one single person.  Why?  Jeffrey told them not to.  Jeffrey fucking Katzenberg told them not to.  After 35 years of being stalked by a woman that has put my father in jail, stalking my sister and myself, involving herself in my brother in law's death, shooting at me, bludgeoning me, infecting me with HIV while knocking me out, raping me, stealing everything I owned, orphaning my two nieces, robbing my homes, talking to everyone I know, stalking me out of state on several occasions....on and on...Jeffrey convinced my own boyfriend not to talk to me after I saved his life.  How does that happen?  He's a priest!   What kind of boyfriend does that?  I know what you are thinking.  Is he even your boyfriend?  Who knows after this long.  I thought he was the most decent person I'd known, but does a decent person do this to another person, boyfriend or not?  I can't say yes without looking like a fool.  You know what?  I'm still not his first priority.

If you can't put your faith in a priest, who in the Hell can you put your faith in?  God.  Christopher has taught me one more important life lesson.  Man is fallible.  Missy got exactly what she wanted.  She wanted to destroy another relationship for Laurie and herself because she's a dried up old lesbian spinster bipolar coke head.  Her own girlfriend dumped her when she went gold digging for Jeffrey's family and she left the little girl she helped to raise.  Yep, Missy actually helped to raise a little girl but when the opportunity arose to meet a millionaire (with a "B") Missy dumped the little girl and never went back.  That's who Missy is.  A whore.  Jeffrey thinks that's sweet.  I think she's a heartless soulless bitch that breaks people's hearts.  She doesn't deserve love, she deserves a jail cell with a really mean woman that teaches her not to speak and butt her nose in where it doesn't belong.  I hope she teaches her that every single day of her life for twenty five to life, because that is what this coke head deserves.  If the federal government has the death penalty, this girl deserves it in spades.

Then there is Bessie.  Sweet little Bessie.  The girl my family raised.  Bessie whose mom and dad think she's finally met the man of her dreams.  They don't know what she's done to my sister and me.  She sat and watched Laurie for twenty years hurting my family over and over again....and did nothing.  Then she started helping her.  Over and over she watched while Laurie did everything she could to try to kill me then put me in jail.  Faith in Bessie?  I put as much faith in Bessie as I put in a pair of dirty underwear.  She's as useless as a dirty Kleenex.  She's a fool that was negligent and she purposefully brought Missy here to make money off of the torture of my family.  She saw an opportunity to help Missy help herself to my family and make money doing it.  When she met Jeffrey's co-conspirator, she hooked into a millionaire coked up lawyer that she got engaged to.  Now she and Christopher are living in the same place.  Funny how he has more conversations with her than he does with me.  I guess it is more important to communicate with someone that hurt my family than my family themselves.  Bessie wasn't raised to be a fucking bitch, she just turned into one.  Now she sees herself as some kind of victim.  She's not.  She's a millionaire's girlfriend...the same millionaire that played rich man/poor man with my life for the last ten years.  He thinks he's some kind of expert lawyer representing his fiancĂ©e client.

Missy, the cunt, is still sitting her fat ass inside of Jeffrey's son's home eating bon bon's snorting cocaine and telling everyone what to do.  That's not a professional investigation, it's a joke.   I can't believe that Jeffrey would actually permits a coke dealing lawyer and a coke addict to live in his own son's home...allegedly...with two cops sitting right there.  How pathetic.