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I've been doing a lot of thinking about what it would take to get all of us together so that we could make a powerful force against Laurie and her brother. Not much. Communication and trust is what most of us need. There is so much that needs to be said. There are so many of us that can say it too. We need to trust each other and believe in each other again. Person to person we are stronger than any group I've ever known. We know more and feel more than any group of victimized people. We can do it. We just need to believe that what I know is possible is. Believe in the power of positive group influences.

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Taking Credit For Things He Hasn't Done, And Using My Family As Bait, Jeffrey Is Lying To Everyone

Joe Magienello from "Sabotage"

For those of you out there that are keeping score, I want you to know that Jeffrey is still trying to sabotage this project.  Now my father, who knows nothing about the Internet, is talking about my "worthless blogging".  My father knows nothing about blogs or tweets or anything has been on me about my blogging and about how what I do means nothing.

It has to be my sister that has told him about this.  There is no other person that would do this.  There isn't any other connection to this than her.  Now that I've cleaned and prepared his house that has sold.  Jeffrey and my sister are acting like the house sold because of them.  That isn't true.  This blog sold that home for them.  I put on this blog that the home was for sale and it sold to someone that is a friend of this blog because of this very blog and one of my friendships made right here.  It had nothing to do with Jeffrey and my sister.  My friend Barbara and her family member bought that home because of this blog and OUR friendship and believe me Jeffrey was NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!  He wanted that home to be for sale for as long as it could be.  He wanted my mom and dad to be in financial trouble for as long as I was.

He stole my money with the help of a family member and wanted my mom and dad to suffer as long as they could.  The home sold and now he wants to look like some kind of financial hero.  He isn't.  My sister wants to look like her work with Jeffrey made that happen.  She wouldn't even know Jeffrey if it wasn't for me and the money that he has of mine wouldn't be in his hands if it wasn't for someone handing it to him.  Someone is lying to my parents.  Now I'm not allowed to say it is my sister because she freaks out and says she didn't steal it, but the truth is that it is missing and nobody will admit that it is gone.  I know I saved it and she isn't willing to fess up to it even being in existence.  I can't abide by letting that much money going missing.  She might let something like that go, but I will find it and have it prosecuted.

This blog is important to the LGBTQ community whether my father and sister like it or not. Perhaps they don't like our community, but I love us.  SO if they want it offline, then you can imagine what I am up against.  I want to move out of 29 Palms to get away from them.  Won't someone help me so I can get my money back and prosecute whomever stole it from me?  Please help me!

Thanks.  I want our community to know who stole our me that you care!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Casinos and AIDS Projects: The Harassment Continues

Isn't it amazing where Laurie's terrorism has been going these days?  The Desert AIDS Project, the Indian Casino in Twentynine Palms and anywhere I seem to go.  Without a stitch of help from Jeffrey Katzenberg and his lazy assed wife, Marilyn, Laurie and her brother are calling and harassing me any and everywhere I go, again.  With the help of one of my family members, Laurie has managed to force her way into my life again.  Just like she always does.

For example.  Every month I have to turn in a travel subsidy for my trips to Palm Springs to the Desert AIDS Project.  This is for the treatments that I have to get for the HIV that Laurie gave me, allegedly.  This affords me $40 in gas cards.  Now Laurie watches for when I turn these in.  So she now forwards my mail so that when these are sent to me, her brother gets my mail sent to her father's address and he picks up my gas cards for "free gas" for Laurie and Brian.  Isn't that cute.  Laurie has, once again, used the victims of her own disease to create money for her own gain.  Without any help at all from this local team to stop her, Laurie has used another victim to steal money again.  Tee hee hee...isn't she cute?  I can't work.  I can't have my saving's account money back. I can't get any support from  my sister.  But I can still be used.

Isn't this hilarious?  No.  It's not.  It's just more fucking Jeffrey Lazy Fucking Katzenberg focusing this torture on me and my family.  He isn't doing anything but sitting around promising everyone that he will help, but watching Laurie torture me and my family.  It's just laziness.  It is apathy for the victims of this crime.  He couldn't care less about me or the advocacy work that I do for the REAL victims of this crime.  All he cares about is forcing his lazy assed agenda on everyone else.  Why shouldn't he, he's rich.  Poor diseased HIV patients mean nothing to him.  We don't mean anything but a tax write off for him and his wife's AIDS Foundation.  We're just another Elton John Academy Award's Party for them...we aren't people.  We're tax write offs.

I'm so angry with this man.  He has taken every single positive aspect of my life and turned it into a shit pile of nothingness.  My work is so important for people that have nothing and mean so much to their own families.  Not all of us are Benjamin Katzenberg.  Not all of us have everything our hearts desire.  Some of us are highly educated men that have had their lives destroyed by this fucking bitch Laurie and our families aren't being told the truth.  Jeffrey doesn't want them to know what we told him without prejudice.  Why should he be told the truth and not them?  The answer is simple, he shouldn't have been.  We picked the wrong father.  He wasn't right to tell the truth to.  We didn't know what Hollywood knew.  He's a tyrant without a heart.  What he wants for our community is not what our community needs.  We need a champion, not a movie producer.  Jeffrey has no courage.  He a wimp.

He can't stand up to Laurie because he is a nut-less wonder.  Both he and his brother were born without testicles.  

The courage that it takes to remove this problem is simple.  He lacks judgment and he lacks the enthusiasm it takes.  He only has enthusiasm to steal from someone that does.  That's called cowardice.  He stole this money from me behind my back, like a coward.  He's never done anything but lie about it too.  Now he has this agenda of keeping me like some kind of toy to play with.  It will not stand with me.  I don't get played with in this kind of situation.   I fight back harder and stronger than anyone that you've ever seen.  I don't back down to people like Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  I see them as hypocrites that our community can not stand for.  They are keeping our community hostage.  This will never work.  I will take back what is mine and when I do, I won't be silent about how it was taken from me.  When all is said and done, this entire situation of ignorance and silence will be exposed for the laziness and inexcusable silence that caused it.  Jeffrey is guilty of being a lousy father and a poor example of humanitarianism.  He should never show his face in Hollywood again.

Leave It To Jeffrey To Fuck It Up Again...

Oops, Jeffrey made another mess again...what a fucking surprise.  Um, not really.  Once again Jeffrey Katzenberg has allowed Laurie to do something not so surprising while "helping me".  Yes, folks, she managed to steal $40 in gas travel subsidies from the Desert AIDS Project from me because she saw me sending it in this month.  Once again, Jeffrey did nothing to stop her or notify the police that she's done this.  Instead, he just sat there on his fat ass, while holding on to my $30,000 and did nothing.  In other words, he kept me poor, while Laurie stole more from me.  He just loves this idea of making me more poor than ever.  Oh, then he had my sister call my parents, with me sitting there, and had her offer them financial support, not me mind you, because their house hasn't sold yet.  This is about the biggest slap in the face that he could deliver.

This is how Jeffrey "supports" me.  Isn't he wonderful at it?

About two weeks ago, I applied for and was pretty sure I got a job at a hardware supply store in my shit hole town.  I interviewed really well and all was good.  Guess what?  Jeffrey stuck his big fat fucking nose into it and, well...guess who didn't get the job.  Now I have to hear my sister pressuring me to get another job while Jeffrey holds on to my savings account again...isn't he sweet?  He's an absolute Adolf Hitler.  I was actually planning on taking that job and using it to help that manager with a huge project that I am working on in San Diego.  It would have been a huge feather in the cap of the person that would have hired me.  Sort of a, "you don't know what a good decision it was to hire me" situation.  Like an "undercover boss" kind of thing, but since Jeffrey's big fat mouth got involved, I'm not going to do a fucking thing like that.  If you don't want to hire me, I'm not about to contract with you.  Good faith is good faith...if you don't hire me, one of the outspoken victims of this crime, then I'm not about to hire you on a project to help your family either.  Forget it.  I'm highly disappointed in this decision.  People are so fickle.

You see terrorism is such a bullshit thing.  I went in and interviewed and did a great job.  I went in and earnestly wanted to work.  I would have loved it, but instead, some random person decided to torpedo my need to work because of their own agenda.  To me that is bullshit.  I needed the job...and now I feel like someone stabbed me in the back.  If someone wants to stab me in the back and someone doesn't believe in the goodness and earnestness of my family, don't expect any favors from me in the future.  I won't be there for you.  I won't be understanding and I won't be concerned.  Jeffrey has made lots of people look bad in this situation promising to help me himself.  You know what this guy has done for me?  Dirt shit nothing....not one fucking thing.  He's stolen $30,000, that's what he's done.  Not one thing has this man done.  He's lied to almost every single friend of mine that he can find and he won't let any of them tell the truth.  He's an asshole.

For this job opportunity that disappeared, so did a huge contract that would have landed this small town building supply chain owner a lot of money for her family.  I don't contract with a manager that can't call me back or that doesn't respect me enough to say something about it to me personally.   This isn't professional, it's disrespectful.  I was hoping and praying for a job.  Jeffrey destroys everything he touches.  He's an asshole's asshole.  He never does the right thing.  In the future there won't be any room for this manager in our complex in S.D. good faith means not a good vibe for me.  It's sad too because I thought that there was a really good feeling there.  Jeffrey ruins all kinds of good things.  That's who he is.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Have You Ever Noticed How Persnickety Laurie Is With Her Holier Than Thou 1920's Moral Judgment Of You?

You'd think she was wearing a nun's habit and a self imposed chastity belt!  Have you ever noticed how Laurie's rules of behavior are for everyone else are while a needle is sticking into her own arm?  You are supposed to do as she says and not tell anyone what she is doing.  Bullshit!  This girl is so full of shit I can't stand her.  Why everyone is so secretive about her activity I will never understand.  We need to do a much better job of telling everyone what she is doing with her brother every single day.  She blabs to everyone about what everyone else is up to all day and night.  Most of it is lies and the rest of it is bullshit.  I want people to see the real her.  I want them to hear the real her G-Eazy!  I want them to see her introduction to Christopher Monti and her use of Oscar Meyer hot dogs at that introduction.  She's a filthy rotten liar and she needs to be shown as that filthy rotten liar for once in her life to everyone.

I am so tired of hearing all about her "high and mighty-ness"!  Pushing off her "I can do this to Kevin's Family and get away with it bullshit is as old as sixth grade with me.  Isn't there a diary somewhere that shows that she's done this before that we aren't using?  I am really wondering what it is that we are trying to prove here people?  We need to show a history of her trying to hurt my family guys.  She is literally trying to accomplish something with us that she wasn't able to do a long time ago and I don't like it.  I want the people, like Bessie Smith, that have seen this happen before, to be responsible to this situation...they want absolution, they need to step up for what they have failed to do.  This is time to show that Laurie is the person that has been doing this.  NOW is the time.  Putting me through a daily nit picking session isn't helping me to resolve a lifetime of being punished by her weird need to hurt my family. Frankly I've paid my dues.

I'm over this.  This situation is getting old.  I'm like the only member of my family that has never been free of Laurie my whole life and I've had nothing to do with her ever.  I've never had a thing to do with her family or her.  Not one single thing.  Ever.  I am ready to get rid of her nits....

Finished: This One Is Finished

This is sitting in direct sunlight you are getting a kind of haze on it.  The reality is that this piece turned out really beautiful too!  This is another piece of burl wood that I did for an artist friend and it is gorgeous.    The parts that look a bit milky are where the lacquer hit the sunlight and they kind of look the picture isn't great but the table top is beautiful.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Selling Home: Laurie Thinks She's Pulled A Fast One

Laurie is acting like she found someone to pretend to buy the home that my parents are selling.  It has now put them in a bind now that they are in the final days of closing and they are worried that the house may fall out of escrow.  In the closing days, Laurie likes to stress everyone out.  Now she is acting like she has something to do with it!  I know what this bitch is like.  She's a fucking little whore that always has her big fat nose in the middle of everyone's business.  If she doesn't shut her big fat mouth soon, she's going to have to deal with the local sheriff on her drug dealing across the street from their department.  Her brother's stolen car parked right in side the garage with it's stolen license plate on it from the neighbors that live next door.

This shit is getting old Laurie.  You don't have anything to do with my parents and you can get off of their case.  You don't have any reason to hate them or anyone else in my family.  Just because you are an ugly bitch that smells, it has nothing to do with us.  Blame the drugs honey, that's what ruined your life.  It wasn't us!!!

We all know you'll say that about me, but let's face it...that's what this whole story is about, you lying about me!  I didn't give you HIV...but you...

Working On Another Piece Of Wood For My Friend: Before and Mostly After!

This is another piece of burl wood that I am working on today.  Yes, I have a new hobby that I am working on!  Hey, when you don't have your boyfriend working with you, you have to find things to do.  I actually would really like working with Christopher on things like this in the future because this is what we like.  

Same person that I did the table for (she loved it, btw!) had another piece of burl and wanted me to do a desk top for her.  This piece has been sitting around for a long time and I wanted the chance to see what I could do with it.  It is really turning out nice!

The top pic is how I got it today...the second pic is how it sands down.  It takes some time to work it into a really beautiful piece of wood to work with...but once it is there, it turns out great!

Tomorrow you will see the finished product!

Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Super Witch!

Obsessed much Laurie?

Everything from my health insurance, to my car payments, to my SSDI, to my family's house selling, to my employment, to my saving's account to whatever else she can get her mouth on...Laurie can't seem to get her bitch on!

I don't know about you all, but have you ever heard of someone that can't seem to do anything for herself but spends all day long trying to stick her nose up your ass?  I've never met anyone so concerned with smelling my butt.  Whatever her problem is, I don't need it.  I've been working to get my own life together and all Ms. Thing and her brother can think about is stealing my gas cards sent to me from the Desert AIDS Project from my mailbox from last March.  If these cards are in the possession of Laurie's mother with my name on them, she should find a way to get them to my parents.  This is another one of those things where Brian and Laurie sit around all day and try to steal from me.  They have nothing better to do than try to steal from the victims of this crime.  They make AIDS patients then steal their $40 travel subsidies from them every month by forwarding their mail.  If this money or these cards are being sent to a mailbox that Laurie's family has, I want them given to my family or taken to my home.

This whole scheme where my illness is used to pay for their family to have gas is ridiculous.  I want this taken care of.  Soon.  I am tired of providing these two misfits with any benefits while Laurie sits around all day long and steals from my family.  This whole situation has gotten past the point of reality.  Everything everyone has to say, Laurie thinks that she has control over.  She thinks that she can tell people what to say and do and that they will actually do it.  I don't believe it for a second, but it's like a child constantly telling you get tired of it.  I'm not interested in a fifty year old tweeker scam artist trying to get by on my life.  She needs to find someone else's family to take care of her.  Maybe some old folk's home where they can feed and bathe her.  I'm not about to be the person that provides for her for the rest of her life.  She's a leech that won't go away.

With all of the money that she and her brother have stolen over the years, you'd think that she would have more than what she has, but she's spent so much on absolutely nothing, that she has just that, nothing.  My family isn't going to provide her with anything else.  She better move on.

Finished Product: Burl Wood Table For A Friend!

I finished this table this morning and will be delivering it in a few minutes!  I'm really excited about it!  It turned out really great!  The base and top are all sealed with just a natural lacquer and Mother Nature did the rest!  This is the kind of stuff that I'm really interested in.  Of course, Laurie and her brother Brian want to steal this now, but I'm excited about showing it to the artist that it was made for.

The table about coffee table sized and it looks even better in person!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

More Table: Almost Finished!

This is the "almost" finished product!  It's really beautiful.  The table base has now been sealed with a satin wood sealer and is darker now, but the whole table s almost finished.  If you had seen this piece a few days ago laying under a tree you would have died laughing at what it looks like now!  This is a complete restoration of a beautiful piece of redwood burl.  It is so pretty that I wish I could keep it for myself!

When it was given to me to restore, it was dry, dirty, covered in cobwebs and frankly looked like it was ready for the fireplace.  It was scarred by saw blades and was not cut with much care.  It was sanded and salvaged for a local artist and I hope that she really loves it!  She's a nice old lady that hired me to do some odd jobs and frankly I'm a tad bit worried that I put too much work into it for her...LOL!  I know she will love it!

I will take a final picture of it for Christopher and his family and my friends in San Diego.  I know that most of you know that I love thinking like an artist...I love all kinds of odd tables and functional artwork!  This is one example of my first attempts!

When you see the last pictures tomorrow, you will really see the beauty that is this kind of art!

Working For A Friend: Burl Wood Table Making, Fun and Beautiful!!!

Since it has been hard finding work in the area, I have a lady that wanted me to make a table for her.  So I took a piece of burl wood that she's had for thirty years and did my thing to it.  I should have taken before pictures, but two coats of finish on it and it's pretty much looking like "a Kevin".  It's gorgeous!  Mother Nature is one of the best artists in the world to work with!!!  This table is so pretty now and I'm not even finished with it yet!!! I'll photograph the final product for you!!!

Click for larger!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

If You Hire An Employee and He Steals From Someone, Aren't You Ultimately Responsible?

I wasn't poor until Dave came into my life.  He sat inside my team.  Lied to everyone about being engaged.  Helped the suspect in our investigation stay supplied with drugs and money the entire time that we were investigating her and then he scammed the informant's family out of my own saving's account.  Now, I don't know, but if you were the person that hired this guy and paid him, then wouldn't you be responsible for his actions, ultimately?  Believe me, he was asked to fire him and have him removed countless times, Jeffrey refused to have him removed.  

Now that nearly $30,000 is missing and my entire family is going through financial hard times, isn't Jeffrey ultimately responsible for not giving this stolen money back?  I think so, especially since Jeffrey knows all about how it was done, how it was planned to be done, the money was given to him by my family member and now he's got this laundry list of things that I have to do that keeps me from completing my investigation of this crime and puts my life in constant danger.  What in the Hell do I have to do to prove that this is an obstruction to a police investigation and to my informant work that is completely intentional and that the rest of what Jeffrey is doing is an intentional infliction of emotional and mental stress.  Punitive to say the very least.

Why isn't Jeffrey willing to put Laurie and Brian in jail?  He certainly has enough evidence, which includes his own child's rape and HIV infection and DNA evidence of a robbery at his own home.  He has this thing about torturing me and my family apparently.  I don't get his agenda and for some reason he isn't telling anyone.  He just sits around and strangles us financially.  What I want to know is what he thinks he is doing holding on to my money that I earned while his employees stole it?  I've been told that he's afraid of them telling on Laurie...huh?  The whole time that I've been investigating this crime that was the criteria for them using this system with he is unwilling to use it for the purpose it was agreed upon...that is a breach. 

Jeffrey, it is rumored, has a long standing problem with taking other people's money.  I've heard this with other people in the Hollywood community.  Why he would choose an HIV/AIDS advocate to do this with is way beyond me?  I don't understand why he would hire two drug addicts to work inside the middle of a police investigation in the first place.  One, had a long standing relationship with Laurie and this crime and was well known to have had a big role in the derailing of my Emergency  Room visits and MRI's...that could have caused me to die.   The other guy has a long standing problem with drugs and why would Jeffrey have either one of them inside this investigation?  Who knows?  That's a bad choice that lasted for nine does that happen?

When the focus changes from having the suspect investigated to harassing the informant then this happens.  This has been going on for way too long.  Why hire two employees to keep the suspect in money?  There is no doubt that both Missy and David are both drug addicts and that they have been buying drugs from Laurie for a long time.  Both have been involved with drugs for a long time...I know that Steven Frey will confirm Missy's involvement and that countless numbers of Palm Springs' people will confirm David's, so...why would Jeffrey want to keep Laurie in business when all we are trying to do is shut Laurie down?  My family is in danger he's stealing money?

We need answers to these questions Jeffrey...and I want my money back Mr. Billionaire!  This might not seem like a lot of money to you...but you sure are acting like it is!!!

It's Time For A Second Opinion To Be Rendered Dr. Elmore: Jonathan Has The Number To Call

Dr. Alicia Elmore,

I am giving my permission for you to call my N.P. at the D.A.P, Matt Moran to give him your evaluation of the MRI results that are in the possession of you family for Kevin L. Bond.  These are given to you as a second opinion for your evaluation as to the extent of my injuries on the dates of the MRI's for consideration as to my disability.  Today, I received a call from someone from the San Diego SSDI looking for information.  Jonathan has the number.  It is important that they receive a call from you or Laurie will have someone call and pretend to be you.  (619) 278 1456 was the number that I received the call from.  She is looking for information about the extent of my disability.  Some of it has to do with the HIV and bacterial pneumonia that I have had two times since being infected.  Both times the infections put me in the hospital.

Since then I was raped and beaten. The results are the MRI's that you have seen and evaluated.  Matt Moran referred me to a neurologist for further evaluation but I could not afford to go to the appointment because of the theft of money from my saving's account.  Jeffrey and Marilyn would not let me have any of the money from my account to keep the appointment referral.  This is now a huge issue with disability since it would have established that I have further disabilities since the initial determination with the pneumonia.  Jeffrey's refusal to get this information into the correct hands in a timely manner has cut off my SSDI benefits now for a very long time.  This is such a disaster.  I need someone to look at these MRI results and tell SSDI the truth about the extent of the injuries.  If there are any medical professionals out there that can render these kinds of disability claims I need them to be done immediately.  Jeffrey won't allow them to be made in earnest.  I can't survive without them.

Cutting off my SSDI was part of the plan that Jeffrey, Missy, David and Bessie came up with a long time ago and it takes away my ability to get HIV meds.   Jeffrey is relentless in not allowing me medical coverage through other insurances either.  There is now way that I can continue to earn a living with his tyrannical way of keeping me from being employed and not allowing me to make any kind of living for myself.  His game of "going for broke" and Rich Man/Poor Man is deadly.  He clearly has a homicidal agenda or I would, at the very least, be employed by now.

I am not asking for some kind of illegal finding.  I simply want the SSDI to know the true extent of my injuries.  If there is anyone out there that calls this number and lies, then you will be considered an accessory to an attempted murder, which is what this is.  There is already a DNA report that shows both Laurie and Brian's DNA and there is no reason to get involved.  Why put yourself on a telephone call that is recorded and monitored when you don't have to?  Do not get involved in this game.  Only someone with the ability to talk to SSDI and make a true finding should even fathom to do this.  I have the right to these benefits and worked very hard to earn them.  Jeffrey has no right to keep them from me.  Laura Duffy should understand that I am seeking a first and second opinion right away on this MRI as they have never been evaluated because of Missy, Jeffrey's former employee!

This situation is ridiculous.  Jonathan's sister is qualified to make this kind of finding and so are her colleagues.  This should be done and it needs to be done for other victims that have similar injuries too.  Barbara went through the same kind of situation at that same hospital and we need to have doctors held responsible for not looking at these MRI's properly.  No more mistakes can be made!! 

If anyone is found to contact this agency without my expressed permission...they will be prosecuted as an accessory to an attempted murder....maybe two if you count the shooting of a federal officer in San Diego in this case?  Who wants to make the call for Laurie and Brian now?  Is it worth it???

Kevin Bond

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

For Those Of You That Are Wondering, Yes, The DMV In Palm Springs Does Have Cameras Outside On The Days That Laurie Gets Her Fake Id's: Here They Are

I took these pictures today knowing that there are many fake id's that have been made for both Brian and Laurie LaTweeker when they were living here in Palm Springs.  FYI there are cameras inside at every single station.  It is almost certain that they used this DMV to collect all of these id's over the years.  I took these for the informant work for the PSPD and for no other reason.  I want to be certain that it is clear that I wanted them to supplement the identifications that were found to be in possession of Laurie and Brian L. and for no other reason.

I am an informant.

Monday, April 17, 2017

To Bradley Cooper's Friends: I've Heard Your Prayers...Yes, This Is A Real Thing!

People in our area already know that Lady Gaga and Brad Cooper are out in the desert filming "A Star is Born" while Stephanie is performing at Coachellafest.  While he is in the area, Brad stopped by one of our several locations to check in and wanted us to know that he has a friend that is from our area that wanted to know about this crime.  We were given a name and we checked our database.  Low and behold, we wanted to let him know that his name does, indeed, appear on the EHPCPS database of victims, which means that you ARE a victim of Laurie's.  This does not mean that you have HIV, but it does mean that you were implanted by Laurie and/or Brian LaTweeker in our area.  Lucky you.

I've been told that you know Jonathan and myself, which means, obviously, that you are a cool guy!  I was not given your name but I am sure that if we have met that you know that I'm a nice guy that really wants to help you.  If you are interested in talking some more about your experience with this crime, we would love to have you genotyped and hear more about your story.  We also have free lawyers available to talk to you and your friends, if you have some that you think also may be implanted.  We always know a few more guys that were.  Brad was happy to know that we could help you and we wanted to assure you that Laurie and Brian were not given your name again, so if you haven't heard from them in a while, you probably won't be hearing from them again.  She lost most of her chip id numbers to us.

Talk with Bradley or Stephanie and they can get you in touch with some of my people and we can get you together with one of our team members to interview you and a lawyer.  If you want to be genotyped and you are  HIV positive, we can see if you can be added to the victims that can be positively tied to Laurie's HIV virus.  If so and you haven't had sex or used needles with her, you can probably assume that you will be included in the rape cases that include intentional infections of HIV.

I am happy to help you, whomever you are...I'm sure we are friends.


I'm Literally Living In Hell: Completely Avoidable Situation Was Made Possible By Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

For those of you that don't listen, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, I am living in absolute Hell.  Jeffrey Katzenberg has created a situation out here in the desert with Laurie that is beyond unbearable.  It is worse than ever before and I am completely unprotected.  My entire family has been used.  My entire life is turned upside down.  I have absolutely not one single friend in the entire universe helping me and this is completely his fault.  Jeffrey did everything he could do to destroy my life and paid people to do it.  I think what is most annoying was his continuing belief that this would "be good for me".  He is completely wrong.  What it has done is ruin everything about what I love about people.  He is a complete asshole and he needs a jail cell for doing this.

Currently I am living in a home where there is nothing.  I mean literally there is nothing.  No television, no Internet, no furniture, no dishes, no anything.  In an attempt to force me to do things to make me look like some kind of grinder monkey, he enlisted the help of my parents whom have ridden my ass constantly about getting a job in a situation where his own friends keep me from getting one.  Yes, he literally has forced me to apply for jobs that he knows that I won't get just to frustrate me.  I apply and interview just so his friends can call and keep me from getting the job.  I've been told that even he gets involved in telling prospective employers not to hire me or that I won't be around this area long enough to employ.  What I really appreciate is his complete lack of concern for my HIV situation.  

I have had this disease now for thirty years and Jeffrey decided that he wanted to "make me poor" so that he could "show people what Laurie does to these victims"...apparently.  This would mean that he wanted to show people how Laurie tortures that really necessary?  Is that something that any of you would sign up for?  I know I didn't.  Many of you are wondering why I would even have a boyfriend that would be around Jeffrey and watch while this happens, guess what?  I don't.  I've been thinking about this for a very long time too.  I don't want a boyfriend that would allow this to happen.  I wanted someone that wouldn't and for well over a three years that's what Christopher has apparently done.  That, you are correct, is not the kind of boyfriend that I am looking for.  I deserve someone that thinks that isn't the correct thing.

I've often wondered what Christopher would feel like if the situation were reversed?  I doubt he would have been as understanding as I was.  I'm over it completely now.  I needed someone that would stand up for me, not lay down and take it.  He once promised to protect me, but that promise went away with money.  Jeffrey's money does everything for everyone.  He buys them all off.  He has more money than people have morals.  Apparently more money than his wife has brains too.  I told that woman to stay out of my relationship with Christopher and I was extremely clear about it.  She did nothing but get right in the middle of it.  What I did not want was her advice.  She has brainwashed Christopher into some kind of Jeffrey puppy dog that does whatever he is told, like her.

I was told that Christopher came out here to help me, but that quickly turned into leverage against me.  Jeffrey and Marilyn have used that leverage for years now and I don't like anyone thinking that I wouldn't do this job because of him.  I learned a long time ago with Steven Frey that no man is worth giving away my own value.  I am more valuable than what Christopher treats me like.  He treats me like shit.  Let's face it girls, nobody would want him as their boyfriend.  He hasn't stood up for himself and the illegal jail sentence he served.  He hasn't spoken up about his own rape even though he knows that his rapist is the same as mine.  He hasn't spoken up about Jonathan Mendehall.  He hasn't done a single thing.  His mom hasn't either.  They've all just let my family fall victim to Laurie and her brother, Brian again....forty years of torture and the best this In-Law family did was silence.  That isn't whom I want to be associated with, would you?

I've tried to be kind about this in the past, but let's face it.  I love Christopher, but he doesn't love me.  Love does not do this.  Love does not listen to Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  Love does something different.  This isn't love...this is someone that I loved that didn't love me back.  I can deal with that, but don't ever let him tell you that he loves me, it isn't true.  I saved almost $30,000 for our relationship and Christopher sat and watched while three of Jeffrey's employees stole that money and made my mom and sister look like fools.  Is that something that I want for my relationship, absolutely not.  I'm not looking for that and if I said I could overlook that, I would be lying, big time.  He also managed to save his nephews and his own mother from Laurie but did nothing for me or mine.  He just sat and listened to Jeffrey and Marilyn tell him that they just wanted to torture me...while he watched.  That's not love, that's something else.

Now he watches, apparently, while I am living in Hell.  It is completely humiliating.  I am sure that Jeffrey loves every single solitary minute of the humiliation.  He just loves watching and listening to my parents yelling at me and the frustration of being poor.  He had to watch while everything I said and did was scrutinized.  He had to sit and think about every word I've said and everything I did.  For all that...he got a puppy.  It's just ridiculous how much Jeffrey changed his mind about Christopher.  He absolutely couldn't stand him when he first got here, even let him go to jail.  Now they are the closest of friends...and I'm nothing.   I'm the guy that made you all know who he was and I'm the guy that he couldn't do a thing for.  It's ridiculous.  The money donated for this project is all under Christopher's control...I can't touch it.  I can' use it for what it was intended and all my bills are late, unpaid or in collections.  Christopher can do whatever he, nothing.  I've heard this before with Steven Frey though too.  Always "the other boyfriend" gets to do whatever and I'm fucked.

One thing is for certain, I've been destroyed.  When I came here I was doing fine.  Saving money.  Medical insurance.  Savings account.  My own home.  Car.  Insurance.  I even got an apartment for Christopher and Anthony to use if they needed it in Cathedral City for a year.  Now, I have nothing.  Jeffrey is so proud.  He did it!!! He got exactly what he wanted.  He ruined everything for me.  How many of you Hollywood stars are out there nodding your heads right now?  I've heard.  I've heard he likes to steal money too.  Lots of it.  In the end he thinks I'm going to sign some kind of paper that is going to absolve him of this theft, he's not going to have that signature.  Ruin my friendships and relationship with Christopher and he thinks I'm going to sign a contract...FUCK YOU JEFFREY...YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT FROM ME!  IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN...I MEAN NEVER!!!

Today, I wanted to find out about the job that I applied for last Wednesday.  Thanks to Josh Dun's family, I had an interview that I was certain went really well.  I am sure that I got the job.  It's Monday, not a single call.  Nothing.  I am certain that Jeffrey and his friends had something to do with it.  You see, not only am I not allowed to have my money back, I am not allowed to have a job either.   Jeffrey, you see, wants a complete destruction of my life.  Everything.  He wants me dead.  I think that's really what he's about...killing me in front of Christopher.  He wants to kill me in front of someone that I loved.  That would give him the Hitler Erection of all time.  Actually, what I was told is that he wasn't happy with Josh Dun and his family for helping me out.  He was mad and then punished them by having someone call this person that worked there and interviewed me to keep me from getting that job that I really needed.  Guess that is what he is like.  So, no job.  I appreciated the help.  What I don't appreciate is Jeffrey's constant stalking and interruption.

He can't leave me alone.  He is completely obsessed with my unhappiness.  He and his wife are so negative and so mean that neither one of them has any kind of gratitude for any of the work I've done.  All they want to do is take away from the victims of this crime.  It's sad.  You would think that they would want to help these victims but they would rather spend their time fighting with the Mendenhall family or trying to steal from mine.  This is what billionaires do in their spare time.  Train drug dealers how to steal.

A Reasonable Response: Does Anything These Parents Have Done Or Failed To Do Seem Reasonable?

There are two types of responses in this world, reasonable and unreasonable.  In any given situation you respond one way or the other.   Justifying your response is what courts do all the time and juries decide if there is doubt or reasonable doubt.  Does taking out a pistol and shooting a spider seem like a reasonable way to dispose of the spider?  Of course it isn't.  The damage caused by firing a gun indoors could have tremendous ramifications.  The ricochet bullet could kill someone.  There could be someone on the other side of the wall.   You could actually get rid of the spider with much less collateral damage to the building and danger to other people's lives.  Certainly shooting the spider with a bullet is not the most reasonable way of getting rid of it.  The cost far outweighs the benefit.   This is the world of Jeffrey Katzenberg where the cost doesn't matter as long as he gets what he wants.  He can afford the collateral damage, but he just has to get his way.  This is how he is.  This is how he acts.  He'd shoot a spider off a wall and spend thousands of dollars to repair the wall...because he can.  Is that reasonable?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

DO NOT INVEST: Mendenhall Scam!!!

If there are any of you out there that have been involved in the properties that have been suggested in the La Jolla area via Jonathan Mendenhall's family that has been suggested has something to do with me, FORGET IT!!!  It is a scam!  There isn't anything I can tell you that is more serious than DO NOT INVEST A PENNY IN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM ME PERSONALLY.  None of you needs to have anything to do with Alice Mendenhall or Jonathan's family.  They aren't honest people!  What I do know is this:

Tomorrow I am being thrown out of my home and Jeffrey promised everyone that he and Christopher had "a plan" for me to move.  That was a fucking lie.  Now I am having to move out and because of my family member, I have no place to live.  In other words, my own family member also known as the "bitch", has decided to join Laurie in having me thrown out of my home and into the streets for the second time in her life.  This isn't her first attempt to do this, it is actually her second time.  The last time she was going to "pack all of my things in a trash bag and throw me out in the middle of Palm Springs" to live.  This is how that particular person treats me.  She always has.  Now she has decided to ruin my relationship with Christopher and have me thrown out into the streets again after years of helping her family survive.  She is a living nightmare.  I don't want anything to do with her and if you have anything to say to her in the future you can let her know that stealing $30,000 is the reason for this.  I will never listen to her voice again without hearing her tell me what a loser I am after this was taken from me.  I can't stand her any longer.  If she reads this and decides to try to hurt me again, she can expect that "elderly abuse" and indictments will follow for everyone involved on that bank account...I will never allow anyone to steal money from me again and tell me that I'm a loser.

Now I am put in the position to live my life again without a single dime because of Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg's continued relationship with Marie Monti and Alice Mendenhall....all of whom have taken advantage of me and decided that I am not worth helping.  This situation is based on greed and on Jonathan and Anthony's decision to stop being my friends and to seek their own fortune without remembering what it was like.  Being thrown out of my home and waiting for my sister to start in with her "you're such a loser" speech is what's next.  If I have to look at her face again looking down her nose at me, I am going to vomit.

Now I am in the position to tell all of my friends that the properties in the San Diego area was a scam for Jonathan and Anthony ONLY.  It had nothing to do with me.  I was never offered any such property and was never a part of anything like that.  If you were thought of that way because of me, PLEASE DO NOT GET INVOLVED.  IT IS NOT WORTH IT.   TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE AND TELL THEM TO FORGET IT.  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT I WOULD BE INVOLVED WITH, WITH PEOPLE THAT TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THEY HAVE TREATED ME.     Whatever my family member did to me has ruined this entire project, she is responsible for all of the damage that has been caused.  Her greed with Jeffrey is what has ruined everything in my life and she continues to try to make herself look innocent.  She can try that for now, it may work for a while, but in the long run, prosecution for the crime of taking my bank account will fall on every single person whose name appeared on that account.  I will have no mercy any longer.  This family member is going to prison for her theft.

My relationship with Christopher is over, officially.  He refused to do anything that I asked of him and his mother.  They did nothing but listen to Jeffrey and Marilyn while they conspired to ruin my life using my own family members.  When he was asked to do something to help me, he flatly refused.  His family has used me for years now for their safety.  They refuse to help me in any way.  The problem with the Monti's appears to be one of greed as well.  Nobody in their family has anything like a heart beating in their chest.  Christopher has been begged to stop this.  I have cried for the very last time.  I have begged him to stop living with Jeffrey and I have begged him to help me.  He refuses.  He won't help the victims of this crime and he won't help any of you.  What he will do is sit around with Jeffrey and destroy my life day after day.  I was better off living with a drug dealer than believing in him.  If there are any of you out there that think he has anything to do with being a kind person, check out what he's done for me.  The word "nothing" comes to mind.  He's done absolutely nothing.

Just in case any of you were wondering.  I provided Jonathan and Anthony with a place to live when I wasn't even living in Cathedral City, California.  When I knew that they could be thrown out into the street.  I made both Anthony and Christopher a set of keys and called Christopher's mother and told her that I had a place he could stay to keep this from happening.  I paid for that apartment for a full year.  Do you think that either of them could do anything like that for me now that they are in a much better position?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  They didn't do one fucking thing. Instead they listened to Marilyn the fucking bitch Katzenberg telling everyone that she wouldn't let this happen again.  She is such a fucking cunt!  I hate to tell all of you this but she is not the kind of person that most of you think she is.  She is a conniving, conspiring, jealous piece of shit.  She lies to all of my friends and buys them off one by one with all of her promises of not letting this happen.  I hope in the future that the legal system beats her down to the level of a simple criminal like she really is.  She is nobody to be listened to.  She knew this would happen, saw her husband planning it, helped him do it, destroyed my relationship with Christopher and didn't give a fuck about anything but herself.  What I want now is complete justice!   

Now I have to move and listen to "the bitch" again telling me about how "great she is" and how "awful I am" again for the millionth time in my life.  You don't know how much I want something horrible to happen to her.  Don't expect me to do it though.  I wouldn't give her the satisfaction.  I want her arrested, convicted and thrown in prison for as long as the legal system can possibly let her rot!  I want her to have everything happen to her that has happened to me in prison.  She doesn't care that I got raped, beaten, infected, jailed many times, shot at or anything...all she cares about is herself.  Now it is her turn for nobody to hear her cries for help when someone is doing the same thing to her.  I am sick and tired of her holier than you attitude.   She isn't the person that I am and she is determined to make me look like I am some kind of drugged out loser again.  This time I have had enough!  I want her arrested, jailed, convicted and imprisoned.  She would do the same to me.

Jeffrey has gone too far!  His life of luxury is over as far as I am concerned because I will tell everyone that he did this to me.  I will scream it forever and ever.  He refuses to stop acting like an asshole for fun and I refuse to let him.  We are done here with his team and his family.  If you live with Benjamin Katzenberg and you think you are working with me, forget it.   I won't work for any police department or federal agency until my money is returned in full.  I want every god damned penny.  I told you that if this didn't happen that I wouldn't do this for any of you and I won't.  We are done here.  Christopher and I are done.  He listened to the wrong family member and that bitch and I are completely finished.  She is the person that has ruined my life and I fully intend to use the legal system to do the same to her. No violence.  No screaming.  No yelling.  No fighting.  I am over this.  I am over her for the rest of my life.  She has controlled me for the last time!

The bottom line is this.  I have been used again.  By everyone.  Nobody on this team did anything to help me and now Laurie got exactly what Jeffrey wanted her to have.  My own family member helped her get it.  Nothing in the universe could make me more angry than that.  This is what I tried to keep from happening for ten years and Jeffrey caused it to happen on purpose.  His billionaire attitude of "I can't do anything" is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.  He certainly didn't have any problem stealing my money or looking up my father's bank account.

The last time this happened, my family member threatened to have my cat euthanized because I couldn't live with her.  Now I have C.J. and Christopher is putting me in the same position for that bitch to say it again.  I can't fucking stand him.   You see what most of you don't know that think that you know this family member of mine is that she is one fucking mean bitch.  She doesn't love me at all.  She doesn't love anyone but herself.  All she cares about is money and her own family, of which, I am not a member.  She is rude, mean, greedy and unforgiving.  She will never be a part of my life ever again.  I won't speak to her ever again and if any of you ever do, you will do it without my blessing.  I have nothing to say to her.  She is not someone that has ever cared about me.  She is selfish and awful to me and says things like, "that faggot this" and "that fag" that.  I don't like it.  I don't like her.  I don't want any of you to think that you can talk her into being a nice person because she isn't a nice person.  If you ever have contact with her it will be behind my back and I will consider it a betrayal.  Do not ever speak to her again.

I know what I am about to be put through with her.  I've been through it many many times.  She is a rude hateful, holier than you, type and I'm about to go through this all again.  I hate the way she treats me and I hate the way she treats my mother.

My friends have left me.  My boyfriend isn't.  My lawyer is doing a shit job.  You all have left me out in the cold.  The police should be charged in this crime with the way they have treated me as an informant and they should be jailed for the way that they have ignored what Jeffrey has done with my money.  This is unjust but I will still live without any of them. I will survive without any of their help because they are all going straight to Hell for what they've done to our community.   I hope that when you all see how little they did to help these victims that you all hold them responsible for what they failed to do for any of them.  It is time that these rich motherfuckers pay for their use of this system.  Fuck them.

Coachella Fest Goes Gaga for Joanne/Stephanie Germanotta Comes to Palm Springs, California and Blows Up The Desert!!!

"The Cure" is Lady Gaga's new single debuted at Coachellafest last night and it is special!!!

Most of you out there that don't know where I live, it is about an hour from Palm Springs, but it is just on the other side of a mountain range, the Joshua Tree National Park, from Coachellafest.  In fact, I am just on the other side of the mountain from where Lady Gaga blew away the Coachellafest crowd last night with a huge entry into the Coachella Hall of Fame.   From what I've read, she knocked it out!!!  This is not an easy venue to blow is a two weekend, three-day in a row....all day/night festival.  This means tired concert goers, but it means you gotta bring it in the final performance of the day!  When you headline Coachella, you have a huge job!

I just wanted to let Bey and Gaga know that this shows what friendship is all about. When a friend can't do something, another friend fills in and does the job without a flaw.  Anyone that doesn't think that Steph isn't a team player, think again...she's here working on a movie and playing Coachellafest...working!!!

One more weekend to go.  Go see Lady Gaga - Radiohead - Kendrick Lamar next weekend still available!!!

Playoff Time: You Know...Golden State Warriors!!!

Portland Trailblazers vs. Golden State Warriors today for Easter and Christopher's Birthday, nothing could be better!  Just a minute to wish Klay, Steph and all the guys and their wives the best of luck during the playoffs!  Mrs. Durant, I hope you get what you've waiting for this entire time...Champion Kevin Durant!!!

The guys and theirs wives have been so wonderful this year that I just wanted to take Step 1 of the playoffs to wish them the best of luck.   Whatever we believe we can achieve our body responds to...our mind allows success every day, our hearts allow it when we let it!  Allow success to happen!  Do everything!

Win with the heart of a Warrior!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Who Wins In A Criminal Catch 22 Investigation? The Billionaire or the Advocate

What is it called when the choice to do something right ends up bad either way?  It's a paradox or a catch 22.    When the choice to do something good ends up costing you either way, what is the point of doing it at all?  That one is an easy one to field.  The cost of not doing anything at all could cost you more than you ever dreamed under certain's called negligence, gross negligence or criminal negligence.

In the case of a criminal investigation where you have an advocate like myself and a billionaire like Jeffrey Katzenberg, both vying for the right to expose this crime, is it advantageous for him to bury me and take the case on himself or is it better to take his lumps for what he has done to me and let me do the case my way?  This is his great conundrum.   Of course, I have my opinion.  In terms of what I think, it is highly suggested that he stop doing what he is doing immediately because of the length of time he has already wasted not helping the victims, while I was doing all of this for them, versus what he will get out of it by bringing this case himself.  Now I don't understand why he would want to do what he is doing, but realize that at every single chance he's had to work with me, he's balked.  He's only taken advantage when he could use this system to hurt me personally, what he's had permission to do from my team's home base here, was never fully taken advantage of.  I'm not certain they can even use it without my being involved.  There is no way I would ever sign off on their investigation under the circumstances.  I can't ensure that they weren't doing things behind my back that I wouldn't have authorized.  The trust was broken when the decision was made, "not to help Kevin's family".   At that point, a decision to use this system wrongly, even in part, is questionable without my knowing what was done in the meantime.

If you take the time to read the diaries that I wrote during the period of living around Steven Frey and being his friend, you know that they are filled with messages that were for Laurie and her brother.  They clearly outline what I planned to do.  I was very clear with Laurie and her brother that if they were going to continue to cause problems for me, which I called "overkill", that I would eventually involve my friends at the federal level of law enforcement.  I told them both that what they were doing was wrong and highly illegal.  I told them both that they knew very well that I was well connected with the federal law system and they should not continue to harass me.  My connections to the Southern District of California, Laurie had convinced herself, were severed when I resigned my position with the court.  Laurie tells everyone that I was fired for drugs.  That isn't the truth.

The truth is simple.  I was being followed, which is also in my diaries.  I was being harassed so much that eventually I began writing about it.  I wrote about it so much that Brian and Laurie knew it was obvious.  I even thought about reporting it to the court.  At that point I was shot at.  It was the shooting that led to my resignation with some other circumstances that were brought on by counseling mandated by my boss whom required that I see a counselor for the depression for the shooting.  What ensued was Laurie telling my boss that I was using drugs and that caused even more problems.  What Laurie and Brian did was recorded and there is a lot of conjecture about how far my boss went to find out information about me.  They never did have evidence of drug use...and I did not get fired.  I resigned because of the safety of the court.  Being followed by strangers toting guns and shooting at me was dangerous for my colleagues and with the rumors that Laurie was spreading there was no way they would think that I was telling the truth.  They would have believed that I was using drugs.  My boss would have chalked it up to drug induced paranoia or something he could use to fire he eventually forced many senior courtroom deputies to do.  This is something else we will be dealing with at the courthouse soon.

So the outline for my plan was simple.  Even the playing field and have Laurie and Brian stand on ground with even footing.  Once a truer picture could be gained, I knew that my reputation and honesty would work with the evidence that I'd been creating all along with these diaries.  Now there is a ton of supporting evidence for this crime with my team.

What to do though?  Jeffrey has embarked on a campaign of "Don't Help Kevin" for many years.  Now he is in a position of having to explain that he didn't help me and literally did things to keep me from succeeding in order to do his own investigation.  My opinion is that you don't ever sacrifice a lamb to save the flock.  You save them all.  The work that I did created this team.  It created this investigation.  It created the informants and it created the opportunities for the operators on my team as well as the material witness/victims that we can use for the government's case.  I've also been in contact with my friends at the U.S. Attorney's Office throughout this crime.  A bit here and a bit there, just to let them know that I was involved in something big here.  I maintained those connections to keep this case alive.

I have no problem marrying the two investigations as long as I am made aware of the circumstances of both.  I won't sign off on any of my work without a full accounting though.  I can't put my name on something I don't believe in.  I also don't believe in hurting my family or staving off other victims.  This is a serious crime that deserves serious attention.  One problem between Jeffrey and myself should not prevent justice for all.  I haven't understood his logic this whole time.  My opinion was always this, "If I helped him, he would help me."  That never happened.  I did more for him and his wife than almost any parents.  I did lots for my other friends' parents too.  This is a crime of silence that needs to be broken.  I don't believe in secret keeping in a crime of mind reading.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  If the criminals know what I am thinking then shouldn't the public know that they do?  It is important for everyone to understand that they rely on this silence to continue this crime.  If the criminals are reading our minds how do we stop them?  I think it has to do with talking about it and telling people that they do this.  The more people understand, the more prepared they can be.

This is not a catch 22, it is a win-win.  Now Jeffrey can over think this one too.  It's a simple answer.  You do the right thing to get the right result.  Money is not the issue.