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This is a camera of my studio room in my home. When I am away it keeps Laurie and Brian out of my house...and when I am home it keeps them from sexually assaulting me. This is for Christopher and his family to know that I'm safe.

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The gloves are off and it's time to start fighting again for those people that Jeffrey has forgotten. For the mothers and fathers of the people that would fight for us but can't because of his "only Missy" policy. I can't believe that any man, especially a Jew, would ever watch the extermination of an entire community of people right before his own eyes and not see the similarities between Nazi, Germany and present day Palm Springs, California. We are under siege. The scale may be smaller, but the significance to the world is even greater. The battlefield for control over our minds is right under his nose and he refuses, along very sexist and discriminating lines, to fight the war with gay men. Only a woman can fight this cause with him. It's absolutely sexist and he's the biggest bigot of all. There is no reason at all why this particular woman is qualified to do anything more than swing around on a greasy pole. I'm the one that did this work with a team that is comprised of victims with hearts and expertise. Courage and conviction. Wrongful convictions by the police and a desire to help them understand and make it better. Missy is nothing to us. She is the epitome of Laurie's fantasies. A bubble headed man hating raunchy gold digging opportunist that threw my family under rush hour traffic to sit and give him a lap dance of lies.

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Beaver and Buttmunch: Two Lesbians Back To Turning Their Fifty Year Old Tricks

They're Baaaaack..."Beaver" Missy and "Buttmunch" Laurie!  Two man hating lesbians that can't decide on whether to get a room or get on with their lives!

Once again, Missy has decided to perform her wifely duties on Laurie's vagina. Not in person, mind you, but by throwing her some more of my friends' information so that Laurie can sit around an masterbate to it.  Jeffrey, Missy described, "stupid man", has fulfilled his role as "idiot", once again, and participated in using my life to feed the walrus.  Most straight men that are into lesbians like watching them have sex together, but Jeffrey seems to like watching them torture me.  It's like masochism for wimpy men.  Two women without father figures that use wealthy men to fulfill their sexual fantasies by stealing from him with their lack of intelligence and his need for a mommy figure that will listen to him.  It's so sickening.  I've never seen a man so needing a shoulder to whimper on and a man to prove he can beat up.  It's like watching three wimps take on some kind of nice guy that wouldn't have hurt them in the first place.  You know the guy that none of the three of them ever could have been in person?

I don't know how one of the wealthiest men in the world becomes so needy for a woman's attention and a need to fix her, but from where I am sitting, it is something that I've never known.  It's Pygmalion meets the Manson Family.  This Cinderella has a body count and his own son is one of the bodies.  What does it take for a father to completely deny his own son?  I guess a pair of tits and a sob story a mile long.  

Once again this pair of lesbian man haters have swindled their way into another man's family and bank account tot he point where another city is in danger.  A whole new crop of citizens faces the wrath of Laurie and Brian LaTweeker because Missy said so.  Here we are again, right in the middle of Laurie's Fantasy come true.  Now she has all of the pieces she ever wanted, served up by tits and ass, with her financial backer watching and laughing along with her.  In the meantime his wife is serving milk and cookies to my own boyfriend and two best friends...whom are watching and doing nothing about it.  This is macabre theatre at humanities' lowest example.  Jeffrey has managed to buy off intellect without spending a dime.  The cheapest man in civilization has managed to take my life and turn it into the cheapest and most undesirable help wanted sign on the internet.  He could possibly be the worst father ever.

Isolating me here in this shit town where the worst of the worst can do their worst to hurt me is what Laurie has always loved.  Now I'm stuck here because Jeffrey is entertained by it.  It's the most heinous of crimes being played out for his little girlfriend's pleasure. To what end?  My death?  Her conviction?  His conviction?  In the end you will all learn about the actions that Jeffrey took to hurt me and my family.  You will be bewildered by the steps he took to make my life a miserable wreck for 9 full years while he made a worthless pole dancer a princess.  I think that what he is doing with a terrorist's assistant is appalling, especially in a town made up of military that is fighting a war on terrorism now for well over a decade.  Right in front of them is a man and two women terrorizing the children of military officers for over thirty years...and he's helping them do it.  This man isn't a national treasure, he's an absolute trainwreck to our military and everything they stand for.  Right outside the front gates of the largest USMC base in the entire world sits a man and a woman that are helping a terrorist terrorize a group of kids that have fathers that ran the base where Laurie once was kicked off of.  Now she wants her revenge...and Jeffrey is giving it to her with Missy's help.  Jeffrey should be in so much trouble for this!!!

Arming A Terrorist: Jeffrey Is Handing Over My Friends Like Bullets For Laurie's Guns

What I think is so obvious today is the handing over of metaphorical ammunition from Jeffrey to Laurie to use against me in her upcoming war against my family.  Isn't the person that supplies ammunition to the terrorist just as guilty of terrorism as the terrorist herself?  I can't believe the level this man has sunk to.  He has literally hidden evidence, bribed witnesses, gagged my friends and now he is seeking out my friends to keep them from talking about Laurie by binding them to him.  In the mean time his "personal secretary", the brainless and ever stupid, Missy, has taken to the job of jiggling and giggling her way into their lives by acting like some kind of friend of mine.  She wants to give Laurie every bit of information about my high school friends that Laurie could never get on her own.

This is all being done right in front of police officers, my boyfriend, my friends and a whole lot of others that are watching Miss Priss, sitting her fat cellulite ass down and handing this information to Laurie like blood for a vampire to suck on.  

I've spent decades sacrificing my own personal relationships with my friends so that their own families would survive.  Missy and Jeffrey are now handing Laurie all of the information that she's ever wanted to hurt them and me.  I would never have done this to them and, in fact, made a tremendous effort to NOT DO THIS.  It has been of great personal sacrifice that I did not go around these people for the purpose of saving them from this horrid beast of a girl.  They all know her to be awful, but now she is in a position to use her "Little Miss Perfect" routine against me and my family again.  I won't ever forgive Jeffrey for it.  He is the last person in the universe that should ever have tried this tactic with me.

Now I get to live through the endless barrage of friends calling my parents and singing the praises of the woman that bashed my skull into little tiny pieces and that gave me HIV when I was 19 years old...can you imagine how comfortable that makes me feel?  If any of my friends think that I am exaggerating about how dangerous this woman has become, take a look at the MRI's and understand that she has been found to be the woman that infected my friends with HIV intentionally for the last thirty years without sex or needles; just a knock out drug and a cup of blood up their rear ends.  One strand of DNA linked to all of us.  She can get to any or all of you with a simple introduction at a high school reunion or at a party or just about anywhere through a friend like Missy.  A butcher with a can't ever be sure when it will happen.

You Don't Need The Mask Laurie, We Know What's Underneath

Thought I do realize that a mask would probably improve the problems that she is having because of meth with her skin, there is no need for Laurie to think that it is necessary to hide her identity.  We know what evil lurks.  It's been there all the time.  Nobody is ever surprised by what comes out of that filthy mouth of yours and even Laurie knows that people tell her not to open it when she comes around.  It must be something to have people look at you, roll their eyes, then race to keep her from speaking to people at any kind of function.

Instead, Laurie has another monster working with Jeffrey who believes it is important to do all of Laurie's bidding with the work that I've sacrificed my entire life for.  Keeping my high school friends safe from Laurie was one of, if not the, most important things I've ever done.  I've tried very hard to keep Laurie away from their families, their friends, their kids, their finances, their information and their lives.   It was one of the largest and most painful sacrifices that I've ever had to make.  Jeffrey has sought to find each and every one of those people on behalf of Missy so that she can interview them for Laurie.  What I want to let all of you know is that this was one of the most important things that I told him never to do.  He's allowing that blonde fucking fake to do whatever she wants with military officers' kids and school administrators' kids that Laurie wants to exact her revenge upon.  One thing that I have been very clear on is the need for Jeffrey and Missy to leave.  Neither one of these individuals has any intention to help my friends.  They are both trying to hurt my friends by putting them in the cage with Laurie's obsession: a butcher with a smile.  Missy is ready to carve each and every one of them up so that Laurie and Brian can eat them alive.  I know...she's been doing that to me for decades.

Missy approved of a plan to have my high school mates talk with Jeffrey at the high school reunion so that she could pass that information along to Laurie, not so that he would talk to my parents....which is the biggest lie of all!!!  Incidentally, he hasn't considered that option yet.  Now why would Jeffrey want to talk to all of my high school friends and not me?  Why is it that he want to do all of this background checking on my friends so that he can what? Throw me a party?  No thank you.  This man is a terrorist.  He wants to cause problems with my life and theirs.  What he is doing is providing Missy with people that she can feed to Laurie to keep her plan of hurting me alive.  She's been doing it for decades and now she thinks she's got more people and friends of mine to do it with.  Has Jeffrey ever made any effort at all to help me?  Not a single one.  Every single day we careen further and further towards a "finale" that has blood and death written all over it.  I think what he is doing is deplorable to say the least.  It is torturous and dangerous.  Bryan Anderson is going along with a plan that puts military officers and their kids in danger as well as school administrators kids in danger.  This is a well thought out plan that both Missy and Laurie have been working on for 8 1/2 years.

Jeffrey has decided to stock up on my friends in order to feed the beast hoping that it will quell Laurie's thirst for Missy.  What a sacrifice he's made right?  Wrong.  This man has defined himself as nothing more than a pompous fool.  He's directed every single move in a direction to tear apart the fabric of what I've kept secret from Laurie for all of these years.  Everything that I refused to let her know about my friends, Missy is trying to hand over to her on a silver platter.  Missy even approved of the list of friends that could be talked to at the reunion hand delivered to her by Laurie.  Isn't it convenient that the man that doesn't want to be known to my family is the same one that wants to meet and interview all of my friends?  He doesn't want me to do it...he wants Missy to do it.  I want my team doing this job, not that fake blonde whore that is handing this information over like frozen fish to a walrus.  I won't tolerate him unraveling what it took years of my sacrificing to build.  This kind of backstabbing comes with a huge price Jeffrey.

The last time Missy did this, she insisted on throwing a "party for Mrs. Monti".  Why would a woman whose personal mantra was "don't get involved with Kevin or his family" want to throw a party for Christopher and his mother?  It is simple.  Christopher wouldn't give Laurie any information about his family.  So Laurie, using her girl friend spy, inside of my investigation, employed her to do this.  Missy insisted on having all of the Monti's involved that way she could pass on the information about Christopher's family to Laurie so that Laurie could begin blackmailing all of them.  You see Missy is a fucking liar.  She gets involved up to her tits when it comes to hurting me.   All she ever wants to do is have another person in my family die or get hurt.  She is a co-conspirator whose life is not in any sort of danger, she does this for attention and money.  Her need to entertain Laurie is all done under the guise of "protecting her own family" which could easily be achieved by a conversation between Missy and them, but she is bound to secrecy by the police investigation.  In the meantime, she's decided on a path of death and destruction without any fear of being hurt.  She's a liar.  She wants everyone to succumb to her will while acting like she has some kind of risk involved.  She voluntarily helps Laurie without any need to. It has become her life's agenda.  Now she's enlisted Jeffrey and his family to help her.  This situation has become a game of keep away from my family.  It is dangerous and it is threatening.  I found a perfect way to inform my family and Jeffrey has, once again, found a way to stop it from happening.  It is the only time he ever gets involved.  

People wonder why I don't do the things that I use to do.  It is quite simple.  When I do what I do, Jeffrey does everything he can to obstruct my search for justice.  He lies, he promises, he bribes, he employes, he hides evidence then he uses Missy as an excuse for not doing what he was suppose to do.  What you are seeing here is the killing of a police informant that has become inconvenient for him.  It is his own fault that this situation has become this way.  He made the decision to break bad, he must live with that decision.  What he does in the dark is so fucking wrong that he can't explain it to most of you so he hides and acts like, "Would I ever do something like that?"  The answer is yes, he would.  Out of your view, he would do it.  He has for years.  Ask him if his girlfriend runs his life.  His decisions are all made by her.  With her approval only.

Hold Up There, These People Didn't William Tell On You, It's A Perceived Slight You Wormy Apple!!!

Shady lady that Missy.  The things some people do to act innocent and maintain there "innocent" mission.  I'm constantly surprised by the level of deceit and surprise people show when they think that they are "getting one over on someone intelligent" and they are found out.  I look at them as if they are so pitiful.  It's rude, first of all, to think that intelligent people don't know that they are being used or the butt of a joke even when they don't know it.  When they do, it's just shameful.  What Missy thinks she's pulling over my eyes is not really happening here.  I have to tell you that if not for the stubbornness of one ignorant man, nobody would be in the position that they are in.  Ignorance needs tolerance to survive.  Missy found herself a big pile of fertilizer to grow in and she's been rooted there for almost a decade.  She could literally lie to his face and he's say, "...but it's Missy and it's just the 100th lie and that's not that many is it?"

A perceived slight is what Laurie's delusional thoughts are based upon.  If only.  If only she had been popular.  If only she'd been the homecoming queen.  If only people thought she was funny.  If only people knew the real her.  If only Kevin had noticed her.  If only all of his friends thought she was pretty.  If only she was an athlete.  If only the girls liked her more.  If only the boys had sex with her more.  If only high school was the way she told everyone it was.  If only the boys had beaten everyone up for her the way she told them to.  BUT IT WASN'T THAT WAY!  Laurie's life is one great big "perceived slight" that never happened.  NOBODY WAS MEAN TO HER.  NOBODY CALLED HER NAMES.  NOBODY MISTREATED HER.  NOBODY THOUGHT OF BEATING HER UP.  NOBODY DID ANYTHING TO HER.  Laurie was simply a victim of her own outcasting.  She was rude.  She was violent.  She was overly sexual.  She was lewd.  She was hateful.  She was a bully.  She still is.  She has a hate for authority and school children.  She has a belief that teachers and school administrators should be punished for disciplining her the way that they barely did.  She believes that if it weren't for them that she would have become a movie star or some kind of celebrity.  She's so full of that kind of bullshit that she honestly believes that people deserve to die for what they didn't do to her.  This is the situation that breeds here in the desert.  I think she needs heavy counseling.  She's too dangerous for anyone to be near.  She's waltzed her way into so many high school reunions trying to find stalking information that she can use against these people that she's almost the high school anti mascot.

I've never heard of someone this Hellbent on some kind of revenge that has no basis in reality.  There is no reason for her to say or do any of the things that she is doing.  She simply needs attention that she thinks she use to get in high school.  She didn't get it then either.  I don't know when she thinks this period of supremacy was, but it wasn't then either.  She was creepy then and she's even more creepy now that she remembers it that way.  That she's enlisted the help of some Hollywood producer to find these people and create more havoc is even worse than before.  Now it's turned into some kind of "Revenge of the Slut" slasher movie.  I'm not impressed at all.  This has so much filth involved in it that I can't be bothered any longer.  It's wrong to treat someone like me this way.  I've never been the person that did anything to this girl.  I've never been the problem she wanted me to be.   I won't become that person now either.  She's dangerous and she needs a tremendous amount of law enforcement help.

Friday, October 21, 2016

40% Of Domestic Violence Cases Are Suffered By Men: Where Is The Justice?

What a wonderful thing has happened for women on this level, in some cases.  There are actually people out there that are recognizing the signs of abuse in women at the office place, in public and elsewhere and are standing up for them and I applaud their efforts.  Women, for too long, have suffered in silence, but there is a flip side to domestic violence and rape and this video clearly shows that.  This is what Laurie thrives on in public.  This is who she is.  She ambushes and attacks men over the telephone and in public and too few of you are willing to take a stand against her.  She is a violent attacker of men.

A person is a person, No matter who you are, if someone is being abused, you have the obligation to stop it.  You can't stop something for a woman and not do the same for a man.  There are women out there that use their gender to their advantage.  This kind of woman can do it with her body or with her mouth to diminish men.  Missy does it with kindness and giggles and Laurie does it with violence and lies.  Either way, neither is doing women or men any kind of service.  Nobody wins when a woman or a man is manipulating abuse this way.

Repetition Of The Same Old Behavior: At Some Point Charlie Brown Needs To Kick Something Else or Have Someone Else Hold The Ball

Bitch, bitch, bitch...but you don't ever see Lucy do anything but give five cent Psychology advice...that isn't usually worth that much.  It's amazing how little you can learn from girls that act like little girls all their lives.  How petty they can be.   One thing that I've noticed about the faster maturing sex is how quickly they learn to manipulate small things into something else.  For boys, things just aren't that complicated.  For little girls, the world is different.

Boys just want to kick the ball.  Lucy just wants to pull that ball away.  Two completely different responses to one situation.  One wants to kick it to see what he can do, the other wants to take that from him to see what it will do to him.  To you and me, funny, but fifty years later with Laurie, not so funny.  Laurie is the eternal Lucy Van Pelt.  Bitching about everything that Charlie Brown does and thinking that everything revolves around her.  He can't win. Good Grief.

Lucy, on the other hand, is never satisfied.  She is always after the boy that isn't the least bit interested in her.  The piano player that has way too much to do than to worry about her flirtatious advances on his piano...Schroeder can do no wrong in Lucy's eyes, but he could care less about what she has to say.  He's thinking about Lucy as a pest.  So she takes her frustrations out on Charlie Brown whom is never quite as perfect as Schroeder.

At some point Charlie is just going to have to find a new person to hold that ball or simply kick Lucy so she will stop pulling it away.  We've seen what happens when she does what she want a million times and it's lost its attractiveness and humor.  Nobody loves Lucy...they all feel sorry for Charlie Brown but there are some of us that wonder if he's ever just going to have Snoopy hold the ball for him?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Places My Mind Goes: Hanalei Bay, Hawaii (Simply The Most Gorgeous Place, For Me, On Earth)

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii
One place that I've always held a very special place in my heart for is this beautiful bay on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Not far from Princeville, is the magical land of Hanalei.  You know the song.  "Puff the Magic Dragon"?  Well, then you know he lived by the sea, and he froliced in the autumn mist in a land called Hanalei...and this is it!!!  The shape of the bay is supposed to be the shape of that magic dragon!  The song is about this magical place despite what people will tell is a magical place where the people are friendly and the views are breathtaking.  It's a simple way of life in Hanalei full of coffee shops, surf shops, schools and home to one of the most beautiful homes that I've ever seen.  No, it's not a mansion, it's a place where the fresh water from the mountain (that you can't see in this picture because it it is behind the bay) meets the clear salt water of the Pacific Ocean....all right next to the front door of an ocean front home that has a view like no other.

It's my perfect home.  I use to go there in my mind whenever Laurie and Brian would try to make me feel bad with their hateful words and memories, I can recall walking along the white sandy beach by myself...thinking about all of these people following me.  Looking around for the first time in decades and seeing nobody.  Thinking, "I've finally found peace."  This was the first place in the world where Laurie couldn't find me and where nature provided me refuge from her constant barrage of negativity.  This island was a magical place...a place where a man could disappear from his problems and find inner peace.  I was a wreck when I got here, but by the time I got back to San Diego, I was renewed.  I had made the commitment to myself to do something special for my nieces and my sister that my brother in law couldn't do.

I will always be grateful to the beautiful people of Hawaii, Pierce Brosnan (whom I briefly met there at the Hanalei Coffee Co.), and the feeling of aloha that I came away with.  I ended up exploring the entire island but nowhere was as special as the dragon's bay at Hanalei where people just seem different and the waves are as beautiful as anywhere in the entire world.  Crystal clear waters, beautiful fragrant tradewinds, green beautiful mountains, white sandy beaches and the most peaceful home I've ever seen.  Nobody will ever take away that experience that changed my life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Laurie Is Facebook Stalking People Again!!!

Everyone should be warned.  Laurie is having Christian fish for information about people that live around my parents and people that know the Rossi family that are friends of mine here in the area that I live.  Why?  I don't know.  I think that she's got some kind of weird idea that I am having some kind of high school yearbook relationship with all of them still...I haven't seen most of these people in years and years.  Laurie likes to dig through my yearbooks and read what some of my good friends write then read into what they say.  Now she has this weird thing about their younger sisters...I don't know why.

Now she's into some of my friend's younger sisters.  Mike and Tina's sisters are being sought after for some reason...this is sick.  They are my good friend's siblings.  I don't understand what Laurie is looking for, but she's got some kind of weird sister thing.  Both of those girls are close with my family and are both way too smart to answer questions about my nieces or my mom and dad for her.  Facebook is Laurie's favorite stalking tool.

Laurie is probably pretending to be someone from my high school class that doesn't have a page or someone that she has a picture of that she's stolen a picture of...she's not to be trusted.

At What Price Are Laurie and Brian Willing To Pay For Fame?

I think that Laurie's confused and contrary position is one that she has found herself in all her life.   Not pretty enough to be the "prettiest girl in school" but acting like she was.  Not smart enough to act smart.   Not popular enough to be famous.

So when the opportunity came along for her to make money being anonymous it caused a huge clash with her tremendous need for popularity.  How could she possibly get wealthy and stay anonymous doing it?  You can't really be a popular criminal and stay out of jail unless, as she thinks, you are some kind of "gangster".  Which you hear a lot about when you talk about the history of this crime.  There is a lot of talk about "organized crime" when you hear Laurie and Brian talk about this crime and how they need "respect for their family" and "family" in general.  They aren't exactly the Genovese or Gambino families.  They aren't the Gotti's, they aren't Italian or Mexican "familia"....they aren't that at all.  They are small time rip off artists in a crime that requires anonymity, but they desire fame.  The fame monster grew inside of them like their desire to be rich.

Electronic harassment is a coward's crime.  The criminals are simply cowardly individuals that think of themselves a demigods that sit at a computer all day long and dictate to others how to live their lives.  Remember, these are people that are just sitting there.  They aren't exactly doing anything themselves.  They are trying to find out information and evoke some kind of a response from their target...basically, they are bullies.  Spies that think that it is pleasurable to take something from someone else that they can get by watching what they are thinking.  Laurie's "super hero power", as she will tell you, is the incredibly unimportant power to "piss someone off".  Isn't that amazing?  That's right up there with the ability to sneeze or to make someone cry.   I think of what Laurie does as vital to society as the ability to lick a stamp, which nobody does anymore or the ability to turn on a television with your fingers, which can be done with a remote.  In other words, what Laurie can do with her super power is what a child can do when it cries...only they don't mean to and it is innocent.  What Laurie does is intentional and something most mature individuals wouldn't find attractive.

Fame has become something so different in today's world.  I've seen reality television from it's inception to the surreality television of today.  I've seen the internet take the anonymous to celebrenety.  I've watch famous to infamous.  Criminals to Celebrinals...and the world from the inside of homes turned into television and movie studios.  Almost anyone can have some kind of measure of celebrity and that has taken a toll on celebrities themselves.  Those people with fame, which is just a normal human being that a lot of people know have now become more accessible to more people.  Those people that the girl in Kansas never could have contacted except by mail to a celebrity's "fan mail opener" is now able to post a message on a celebrity's page.  Contact is made...more easy.  Celebrities came to Earth and non celebrities people were more equal.  They really always were.

The problem is that the "already known" are being overwhelmed by the "nobody knews until now" there is disparity.  This too should balance out and people will need to be more responsible and more careful with what they say to ANYONE.  More respectful and more kind.  Let's hope that things that people say to celebrities of now like "I'll kill you" and "You are a faggot" will give way to other thing because they are illegal or hateful and not as anonymous.  On the other hand, celebrities will also learn that they too have to learn to be less "prissy" about the kinds of things that they deal with too, "don't you just hate it when your Dom is not served at the right temp...", (and most of us are like, yeah, that's a quality problem there...(note sarcasm)

I'm just trying to say here that there is a price for privacy that many of these internet celebrities and facebook people are not yet ready for that celebrities of the past already know exists and are still adjusting to today.  I am in the interesting and unenviable position of knowing the worst of both.  I am a very well know reality star of celebrities, that nobody else knows (and doesn't get paid) whose private life is an open book every second of the day.  There isn't really any of my life that hasn't been known to at least fifty people, mostly unknown, for thirty years.  Two of those people want to kill me.  I spent most of my life trying to win over people that were lied to about me with my actions and personality.  I didn't know I was doing this for most of my life and now I just do this to help other victims and their parents explain what is happening to them.  Here's the part that most people freak out about.  I really don't know what privacy is like.  I'm afraid of it.  You see without "no privacy" I would probably be dead.  If not for the members of my friends that are on my team keeping an eye on me, I would probably be dead by now.  They kept Laurie from killing me and they kept the evidence of her crimes against me.  You see, my lack of privacy, kept me alive and gave me the evidence.  For my part, I wrote diaries about my experience from my side of this horror, so I don't look stupid either.  I knew it was happening, but I didn't know how to explain it.  By far, the worst thing for me would be for privacy to happen now.  You see, I'm weird.  What celebrities clamor for, I beg for my life to keep for now...I need my lack of privacy until Laurie is arrested.

I liken my experience to the 1998 movie "The Truman Show".  "We accept the reality of the world which we are presented", is the Ed Davis line that is actually quite true until you know what is being presented isn't the reality that is being presented to everyone else.  I use to say, "I don't want to live in my America, I want to live in yours." People think that it's odd when I say that because they act like I can do the same things that they can do but I have factors.  I even have a movie producer on the other end of the screen making the choices for me.  It's a whole lot different when you are on the side of the camera that points at your thinking.  You know that there is something that changes the outcome and you know that if you had what everyone else had you would have better control of the outcome.  Maybe it wouldn't be what you wanted, but you would feel as if you had a better shake than if someone was making a call behind your back with something negative to say all the time.  All in all, I've done pretty well.  In the end, Jim Carrey, Truman, makes the choice that I know I would have made too...and you see it here in the film's final scene, this is where I am at now.  With all the people on the set and all of the money that the Truman Show's producers have spent and all the world adoring the loveable character Truman...he sails to the edge of his false life:

You see, the price of fame is only one of the costs that you pay in life.  There is a cost for love.  A cost for happiness.  A cost for truthfulness.  A cost for lying.  A cost for family.  A cost for love.  A cost for friends.  A cost for living.  A cost for basically everything and I guess that it's just how you prioritize where those costs all fall as to what steps you take at the edge of the set of your own Truman Show.   When you get to the edge of your ocean you have to decide where are my priorities?  What is more important to me?  Is the balancing game played best here with this one or that one or all of them?  In the end I think happiness is one of the best ones, but peacefulness has to be up there too.  I think that humanity and contributions are important to me now more than they use to be.   I've never thought fame to be all that important.  It has always been my belief that I had something special inside me that I could do however and if that came with what I did then it would lead to the other things.  I am, however, not the least bit phased by a lack of privacy.  I've known nothing but that my whole life.  That is life for me.  I'm more afraid that my life will mean nothing.  That I've had all these horrible things happen and nobody will know that Laurie did this.

I want people to promise that if I sail to the edge of my set and walk up the stairs and leave through the door...on my own or with a bullet in my head from Laurie or her brother, that someone will tell my story.  Someone should know what this is really like.  Truman was fictional, but Kevin was real.  It really happened this way.  It really did.  The police didn't want you to know. Jeffrey didn't want you to know.  Christopher wasn't allowed to tell you.   My parents weren't told, but I wanted you to know it from me.  It was true.  There once was a kid named Kevin and he was from the Bathtub.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Last 8 Years Of My 34 Years Of Child Abuse At The Hands Of Jeffrey Katzenberg

Stop Abusing Me Already Jeffrey!!!

It was bad enough being abused by Laurie all through Junior High School, through High School, then College, through my adulthood...but now, here after all this time...I can't believe that I have a grown man helping my childhood abuser abusing me even worse than before.  This is the worst that the abuse has been, mentally and emotionally in the 34 years of the entire ordeal.  Using Christopher and two of my very best friends as human shields to keep him torturing me and my family on a daily basis for his own entertainment with his wife and more friends watching is unbearable.

Over and over, this man continues to promise to do this, then take it away like it is some kind of candy or carrot and all the while blaming me for not doing something right.  I have never seen a worse case of a man torturing another human being emotionally and putting another human being in a situation where he has to fend for his life daily in fear that something will happen to his loved ones if he doesn't perform up to the unbelievable standard that are set for him.  Jeffrey has become a masochist of unbelievable proportions under Missy's tutelage.  I have become a slave to his constant promises to deliver the message to my parents that this crime is to be solved finally after all these years.  The mental abuse contained in this message and constant torture from Laurie, Missy and Christian is unbearable.  I can see why some of these victims commit suicide because of this police department and this criminal.  Jeffrey has become one of the worst offenders.

He's promised then taken away that promise to talk to my family ten times or more...ask Jonathan Mendenhall and is mental cruelty to a man that has already been abused by this crime in a million other ways.  Now he uses Christopher as a emotional keep me from being too upset with him.  A golden carrot dangled in front of an already starved donkey.   Why would a man do this to another man in front of his own wife and kids?  Ask him, he's the masochist?

Georgia? Biloxi? Stolen Car?

Before you read all of the nasty ugly things that pussy Jeffrey Katzenberg did again, does anyone know what the Hell Laurie is talking about now?

Biloxi, Mississippi?
Stolen car in her garage?

I have no idea what stupid bitch is talking about now but her drug rage is building again.  I'm ending this day at 6:30 pm to sleep.  I can't take one more minute of Jeffrey's girlfriend trying to piss me off so that she can "save her family".  It's just so much tits and ass now that I can't stand it any more.

Jeffrey's Handing Laurie Over The Controls Again For Missy and Bessie!!! THIS IS A CRIME EVERYONE!!!

Today earmarks another milestone in Jeffrey's terrorism of my life.  He has, once again, handed over the remote control of my future to Laurie and her brother to play with again and I won't let him do it without all of you knowing about it.  THIS IS A CRIME PEOPLE.   He has traded my safety and the safety of my friends and family for two women and one pussy man for the last time.  

SInce March of 2016, he's been telling everyone not to help me while I went through so much shit with Social Security Disability and my health insurance that now, October of 2016, he's taken the time to force me to do something that I do not want to do.  He knows that the situation that he is putting me in is RIPE for Laurie to make the same kinds of accusations she did against my father 36 years ago and Laurie is licking her fat diseased lips waiting for the chance to do it.  She's already started asking about who works where and who is in charge so that the phone calls can begin.  That started today!!!

This is exactly the dream that Bessie, Missy and Laurie cooked up way back when I was shot at many years ago while I was working for the U.S. Department of Justice when I spoke to a friend about a certain job "having value" instead of what she wanted to be doing for a living.  That phrase has also been mentioned again...and again.  This isn't what I've wanted to be doing.  I wanted to be working with the police full time on this investigation and I am furious with Bryan Anderson and two police officers from San Diego for allowing this situation to carene out of control with this horrible asshole of a man and his equally horrible wife.

You can't imagine the psychological toll this has on me.  While the rest of my family has been able to put that part of our past behind them and move on, I've had to live with the person who caused that situation to happen, threatening me in emails and other places just waiting for her chance to take another shot at this kind of lie.  I've already reported Laurie for child pornography that I've seen to the PSPD and she has her revenge plotted right now....and Jeffrey is sitting and watching that unfold.  He is the world's most sadistic asswiping garbage father I've ever known.  I doubt he would put his own son in the same position as I am in.  He knows what I am talking about too.

There is so much to not like about what Missy and Bessie, whom also was involved in that situation 30 plus years ago.  Missy's calculated move to bring another witness from that case to this investigation to help Laurie complete this fantasy is witness by transcripts from my father's case more that 35 years ago.  Missy has used this witness over and over and over again.  There are handwritten notes about this in Laurie's own handwriting.  Missy has calculated this move for decades and now she is helping Laurie with Jeffrey's help to execute that plan.  If someone does not step in, Laurie will try for the third time to have someone charged in this area with a crime that never even happened.  This time I have to be the one suffering from this.  This is a punitive action by Jeffrey to punish me again.  He is doing this and it is beyond mental cruelty, it is crippling me to the point of literal pain inside.

This man is not helping me.  He and his family are torturing me with my past for Laurie and her brother.  This isn't the way to investigate a crime it is a way for the police to punish another informant.  Where are you Bryan Anderson??? Why aren't you doing your fucking job???

Federal Investigation of Missy's Parents Complicity With Terrorism: Bad Parenting The Worst Co -Conspirator?

Little did Missy's father know that what he was showing his baby girl was far more stimulating to her future as a man-hating woman and future Playboy Playmate,  than he could ever have imagined!  The worst Playboy Playmate criminal since the Barbie Twins!!!

I was going to caption this photo, "You mean women can use their bodies, instead of their minds, to get money from men Daddy," Missy  thought to her father, but somehow, I just think it wasn't good enough.

Listen parents of Missy from Long Beach, California.  Your daughter has now involved YOU in this crime to the point where the two of you are going to be investigated for "complicity" with an ongoing act of terrorism.  She and Jeffrey have obviously made some kind of "pact" with you to keep her out of trouble while the two of them torture me and my family to death out here in the desert.  Now that may sound like some other kind of promise to you from Jeffrey, but the fact of the matter is that I'm going to have the feds so far up your asses that you won't be able to cough without thinking of your beautiful daughter.  She's still not complying with the rules of this investigation that now encompasses the two of you.

We are now concerned that certain conversations between you and Jeffrey and your daughter might be the subject of obstruction of justice charges involving our police investigation and you should know that Missy is using your family as her "excuse" to hurt mine.  Her excuse is, "Jeffy Weffy, if you help Kevin's family, I'll get in trouble with Laurie and she'll be mean to me and my family...." which is Cheesecake talk for...please don't tell my family all of the horrible things that I've done to Kevin.  I want you to know once and for all she was asked to leave for good.  She refuses and continues to work next to Jeffrey unabashedly helping him torture me.  This isn't acceptable.  Any compliance on your part to obstruct a police investigation with Jeffrey will be informed upon and charged.   Jeffrey has indicated to people that he has made some kind of "agreement" with you to keep your daughter out of trouble...that isn't possible.  If it results in the death or damage to my family and you haven't disclosed this to my police officers, you will be charged.

I want your daughter out of my life forever.  She refuses to leave in favor of hurting me and helping Laurie.  If she doesn't stop, she will be arrested.  I am an informant, consider yourselves better informed that Jeffrey and Missy and will let you be.

Listen bitch, you made all the blood money you are entitled get the fuck out of this investigation:

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Warts And All: Maybe It's Where You Put Your Hands All Day Laurie?

While the mystery still baffles Laurie, most of us know where she is putting her hands all day.  Especially the right hand!!!  I think she thought she was going to grow hair on her palms, this was a surprise!

Human hear about it all the time these days on the television.  In its most extreme it can cause cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.  80 -90 % of people with HPV will see the symptoms of these "genital warts" go away over time, but some are very easily spread through sexual contact.  Women can spread this virus to their hands through masterbation.   This, obviously would be more common with women than men if the male did not have HPV on his penis.

There is a vaccine for people under the age of 26.  Gardasil and Cervarix are available treatments for these people.

This is only one of the reasons that I am talking about the warts that have to be considered with Laurie while encountering her past though.  You see a sociopath is going to paint the most unlikely rosey past that she can.  It isn't true.   In fact I challenge any law enforcement officer to find any kind of actual proof of real schooling or work or taxes or social security or anything that she doesn't submit to you herself.  Do your research and find out for yourself what you can using conventional means to learn about the real Laurie...using her real birthdate and her real name...all of it.  You will find that there isn't a stitch of truth to any of her stories.  If you want the real truth I'd suggest starting with the USMC in Twentynine Palms.

I guess the moral of this post is:
If you don't want warts, don't sleep with a frog!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Warning For Parents For Today's Postings

Today's blog posts are harsh and they are my opinions.  I'm fed up.  I've been pushed around for too long and I'm mad.  I've had to listen to a drug addicted rapist yelling and screaming at me now for over a decade and I'm concerned that it has become commonplace for people that are suppose to think it isn't okay.  It is not okay for a rape victim to be berated, on any basis, by his or her rapist.  No victim of a violent crime or sexual crime should have to be subjected to his rapist spending every single day listening to that person recounting all of the horrible things that they have done to them over the years and gotten away with.  The police shouldn't let her or him get away with that.  It isn't acceptable.

This has gone on too long and I don't want anyone to think that it is okay to let it go on this long for any reason.  Now that I've written this, she will get worse.  She will challenge this trying to piss me off in a precedent that has been acceptable for too many years.  This is not acceptable Palm Springs Police.  This is not what you put a rape victim through.  You find a way to stop her from doing this.  That is your job.

Why Is It So Hard For Me To Swallow Missy and Bessie?

Some of you will read today's postings about Missy and Bessie and will take away this, "Boy, he's awfully hard on those two girls" feeling".  I'm going to grant you that I'm not very forgiving when it comes to the two of them.  They are very hard for me to swallow and to be honest, I don't know how most of the other victims of this crime feel about them other than I know that Steven knew about them and didn't seem too fond.

First things first.  I know Bessie.  I've known her since I was a kid.  I grew up with her.  She's one of my sister's best friends and she's known my family since forever ago.  She's not just "kind of" my sister's friend, she's very close.  Like sleep over and go on vacations close...that kind.   She was there when my father got charged with a crime because of stuff caused by Laurie, she knew I was a victim of this crime a few years after I was already implanted then she was implanted.  She knew I was being stalked by Laurie and her brother after Riverside and then in San Diego. She knew about my shooting and the stalking there.  She knew about my rape and Laurie stalking me there.  She knew basically everything about my brother in law being tormented by Laurie...on and on.  Her friend, Missy, may know my sister, may not, but knew Bessie and told Bessie not to get involved with me or my family but never hesitated to tell Laurie things about me.   The two of them sort of used me and my family as a way of keeping themselves protected.

I find that to be particularly offensive after my brother in laws shooting and killing where Laurie's uncle was involved in the crime.  The theory I am working on, and apparently there is evidence of, is that Laurie provoked the situation using text messages and phone calls with information that she gleaned from conversations that my sister had with me and her uncle in San Diego and elsewhere.  Laurie cooked up some Lucielle Ball story and lit a fuse that ended in a death.  After that...I was shot at in San Diego by Laurie's brother at Laurie's command, allegedly.  Apparently causing one death leads to more blood lust.  At this point, I am a bit more annoyed that "don't get involved" is now turning into hunting my family.  That near killing turned into resigning my career to fight this crime.

Moving to Palm Springs and becoming an informant got me stalked and raped.  More "don't get involved's" from Missy.   Broken skull and xrays and cover up...more "don't get involved's"...but Missy kept getting involved.  You see she didn't want Bessie to get involved in a positive way, just Missy in a negative way.  That's where I have no sympathy for either.  You see friends don't tell enemies how to hunt other people or other friends or other friend's brothers.

This then turned into coming here and taking over the team sent here that was to protect me...then they became the team to protect the two girls that put me in danger and now I am still being hunted.  You see I don't like working for thirty years to protect my life to have it stolen by two women that took my good thing away from me. I worked my ass off to survive, they survived by my working my ass off.  You see.  I kept a job until they came here to help Laurie take this one too.  Now I have nothing and Jeffrey has helped them do this too.

I can't swallow my pride for my entire family and my brother in law, his family, his orphaned daughters, his wife/my sister and everyone else that lost because Jeffrey wants to make heroes out of two women that didn't want "to get involved".  Getting involved now isn't heroic...its just down right opportunistic.  It's dancing on his grave, right in front of my face.

I'm not the "Big Bad Gay Man" that hates women.  My senior seminar thesis paper is in women's studies and was published.  It was a study on women's rights and traced the development of the Muller v. Oregon 208 U.S. 412 (1908) case that decided sex discrimination in the workplace.   It is the benchmark case that is considered to be the driving force for the women's civil rights movement.  My paper was published and I am a staunch believer in women's rights.  I am a firm believer in equal rights and I've worked for some of the brightest women on the federal bench in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, San Diego.  I know that nobody that I know thinks that I have any problem that deal with women, women in the workplace, lesbians, transgendered people or minorities.  You can't live with your entire life being recorded on a disc; your every thought on computer memory and not be confident that you are in no way prejudiced or bigoted.  I'm simply not wired that way.  I believe in the goodness of everyone, though now, I am shaken to the core.

I do not trust Jeffrey Katzenberg and I do not trust his wife Marilyn.  I know that many of you do.  People do things in private that they would never do in the public eye.  The choices that people make when they think you won't find out about it are far different than the ones you know about.  I don't think of Jeffrey as a humanitarian.  I think of him much differently than you do.  I am a really honest and terrific person.  He cut me off from justice, my friends, my boyfriend, from love, sympathy, hope and all opportunity.  He's nothing like he pretends to be when his mind is set on ruining you, he ruins you.

The Homo-caust: How Many Will Die During The Stall Period Of Missy's Stranglehold Over My Investigation?

Before any of you out there start getting angry at me for posting any picture of the Holocaust victims in Germany, remember one very important thing.  It isn't just the Jews that lay claim to the horrible atrocities of this mass killing of their people, it's the gays as well.  What takes the Jewish community two generations to rebuild to the numbers that were once Jewish Germany and Poland, it takes ten generations of gays to rebuild to the numbers of gay men and women that were killed during the Holocaust!  It is ten times more of a tragedy for our community to rebuild our numbers when something like this happens, but equally as heartbreaking on a human scale of sadness and despair.

Knowing that in 2010 that my team had all of the information that we needed to expose Laurie and Brian for the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California, it is my intention to explain why, now, in October of 2016, we still haven't used this evidence to have these criminals brought to justice.  Their names are Missy, Bessie, Jeffrey and Laurie.  Quite simply, in favor of finding a way to heroize two women that did nothing, gay men and fathers, have been left to die at the hands of the complicated diseases that occur when Laurie infects these men with HIV and a cocktail of STDs that, without early detection, overwhelms their systems and kills them.  We call this the "Missy Period".  The period where nobody did anything with this investigation while Missy and Bessie stalled and tried everything they could to keep us from exposing the truth.   It is my understanding that the deaths that occur during this period of time when these men could have been saved can be considered as accomplices in their wrongful deaths.  I tried many times to explain this to Jeffrey but in favor of "when he was ready" he decided that I wasn't the person to help him expose this crime.  Those were his words.

There have been several intentional infections and several deaths over this period of time and those could have been completely avoided had this woman and her brother been placed under arrest.  But for the "plan" of Missy and the obstructions that she purposefully caused on behalf of her voracious appetite for wealth and fame, these men might still be alive.  The plan was made, without my knowledge, to stall this evidence until such time that Missy and Bessie could be made to look heroic in place of people, like myself, that have suffered greatly at the hands of these women.

I do not appreciate anyone that thinks that I don't understand the significance of what I am calling the HOMO-caust of the gay male population of the LGBTQ community of Palm Spring, California, but it is my assertion that what Missy and Jeffrey's plan is, is nothing short of a continuation to allow these men to die from the diseases planted in their bodies illegally during their rapes.  These men are known to Missy and Jeffrey and no effort has been made to contact any of them with the information that they need to keep themselves healthy and alive.  They are witnesses to this crime and they deserve to be treated better.  Furthering Laurie's conspiracy to infect these men with a deadly disease or several then allow them to wither into death is exacerbated by a plan that does nothing more than stall until that eventuality becomes reality.  I am not someone that likes germ warfare used in silence.  This is a plague that has been dropped on our community and it being spread without any kind of advertisement or warning as to how it was injected or how to prevent it's untimely causes of death.  This is irresponsible crime fighting at its worst.

The "Missy Period" must end.  The day she got here until the day she leaves will mark the crimes she should be further charged with in terms of assisting Laurie to commit these horrible crimes of intentional infections and stalking.  Murders and death.  Her intentional obstructions had a cause and effect that resulted in a negligent loss of life or health and that is a crime... the longer she remains the longer the loss of these men and women will be on her blood money.

David Voigts: USNA Graduate Walking Across Country For Targeted Individuals!!! Go David!!!

Blood Money: The Finance of Torturing A Police Informant

There is something that I don't talk about very much because I didn't think it was important and didn't really come into play for me, the victims' advocate, in this crime.  It's a good thing too, because there isn't any financial benefit for a police informant in a crime like this.  It's called blood money.  It's a filthy fact of this crime that money will cause people that say they are decent to become greedy, filthy, dehumanized pigs, even at the cost of their own community.

When I first contacted my friends' families, one thing I needed to get across to them was what I knew Laurie and her brother would do to try to convince them that she had something to do with this project.  The first thing was easy, "money".  I informed them that any correspondence from me would, "never ask for any kind of money from them."  Look folks, I'm not that kind of person.  What I sought to do was inform them about this girl and this crime.  I know Laurie and she thinks that my friends' parents are her "friends' parents" and if she sees me doing something, she thinks that she has some kind of right to do it.  If I'm contacting them, she will do the same.  Missy is like that too.  At some point both Missy and Laurie contacted my friends' parents and lied.

I wouldn't have wanted either of them to talk to these families.  They are my friends.  They are my friends' parents.  They are not to speak to two girls that never did anything but hurt the two of us.  I didn't want Missy to contact these parents for one simple reason, she's Laurie's girlfriend and she's complicit with Laurie's desires to never have this crime solved by my team.  Consequently she lies about me constantly.  I never approved of her talking to any of these parents.  She had no right to talk to any of them and Jeffrey had no right to approve of that either.   Mrs. Mendenhall, Mrs. Monti and any other parents were not to be contacted by anyone other than myself or Benjamin.  They were not to be told any lies by Missy or his father.  They were lied to.

Neither girl works for the police.  Neither girl works for me.  Neither girl is worthy of working for the police. Both girls are under investigation by the police informants.  You know what is even more salacious is that Missy, herself, is the person that insists that "nobody gets involved with my investigation" but here she was, involving herself up to her tits, again.  Missy didn't want to help Christopher when he went to jail, just talk to his mother so she wouldn't help me.   Interesting how the line gets blurred when she wants something for herself isn't it?  The reason is simply this, when she can hurt me, Missy is all for it.  When she can cause my family to get damaged, she is 100% behind any idea that helps Laurie to come after my family.  Jeffrey has adopted that plan wholeheartedly.  When this became the "plan", Jeffrey ceased being someone that was working for this team.

You see, I never wanted money from anyone and I made that abundantly clear.  Missy and Bessie, on the other hand, were more than willing to make money from the torture of a police informant for as long as they could stretch out this crime while prolonging this surveillance here in the desert.  8 1/2 years later they are still trying to have me killed with their friends Jeffrey and Laurie.  Not one of the four can point to a single thing that they have done to try to stop Laurie from robbing, plotting, selling drugs or conspiring to hurt me or my family.  They have done nothing more than obstruct justice when evidence was clearly available that a crime was committed against me in Palm Springs, California.  Instead, Missy insisted that any evidence of a crime against me be ignored and forgotten until she could "do something" herself.  You will notice that for 8 1/2 years she still hasn't done a single solitary thing.  Not one single advancement has been made to stop Laurie from committing this crime and people have died because of it.  Why did they die?  Negligence and money.  Blood fucking money.

Missy and Bessie have had their hands out for so long now that their arms are getting tired and wheel barrows are being used to deliver the money they are making to the bank.  What is worse it how much they have done to help Laurie continue to hurt my finances and my health insurance so that I will become the next victim dead.  This is the continuation of a thirty year plan to allow Laurie's AIDS virus to kill me.  Jeffrey is allowing this to happen every single day with lies to these same parents about relief that he is now characterizing as some kind of request from me for money.  So let me say this here. Fuck your fucking money Jeffrey.  I never knew who you were and I wouldn't take a dime of you blood money so keep it all for Missy and Bessie.  They can use it to pay for their lawyers.    Forget finding all of your stolen family belongings.  Forget all the help I've given your son.  Forget all of the information about your stolen fucking movie and forget all of the projects that you planned to make money off of.  If you think that thirty years of my life aren't worth the time and effort that I put in for your god damn son because I didn't want him to live this fucking life that I've had then fuck you and your wife.  You have no right to treat me like I'm some kind of gold digging bimbo prostitute that would tell anyone "not to help someone" because I need a face lift or a boob job because I'm getting old.  Fuck you Missy and fuck you Bessie.

I've done this job to absolute poverty and I am proud to have done it for my dead friends that Missy and Bessie are partially responsible for.  I think it is a shame that two women that did nothing but point out where we were and allow Laurie to hunt us like dogs are now trying to pass themselves off like two angels that always had some kind of hearts of gold with good intentions.  Look at yourselves ladies.  The law required you to do many many things that you didn't do over the years...and now you are angels?  You are as transparent as Laurie is.

Missy and Bessie act like they are Pilot "Sully" that landed some kind of doomed plane when all they really did was watch me land it, put on some kind of airline flight attendant outfits without bras, swim out to the wing, push me off the wing and grab the microphone and act like they did something heroic.  You bitches never did anything but terrorize our LGBTQ community and now your are ruining Jeffrey's family with your bullshit act of angeling.

Friday, October 14, 2016

My Simple Exit Strategy For MY Team: Jeffrey Free Strategy

Don't you know
Talkin' bout a revolution
Sounds like a whisper

Poor people gonna rise up
Get what's theirs
Poor people gonna rise up
Take their share

-Tracy Chapman "Talkin Bout a Revolution"

After another month of promises and lies from the Katzenberg camp of deception, I want to lay out a simple exit strategy that my team can bank on.  It is this simple.

I know a U.S. Attorney and his U.S. Federal Defender wife that we can contact and see as soon as possible.  If Mrs. Mendenhall and Jonathan want to contact me when they are ready, we can call them and have them meet us at the USAO in San Diego and have them call up U.S. Attorney, Laura Duffy and her Major Crimes head.  Mario Conte, Federal Defenders, can also be contacted and we can bring all of the team members together to show them the website and videos of what we have involving cause stalking and the case of terrorism involving the court in the Southern District of California.

If possible we should include Bryan Anderson and the two officers from the SDPD along with Bonnie Dumanis from the San Diego District Attorney's Office and the Chief of the SDPD.  

In a post script to this, since Bryan Anderson has seen fit to not talk to my family and not do what I've asked him to do for 8 years, I don't need him to be involved in this exit strategy either.  I did this as a courtesy to his department.  If he isn't involved it won't break my heart since he abandoned me out in this God forsaken town with that horrible movie producer for this long while he did nothing but help Laurie stalk my family and put all of us in danger over and over again.  Jeffrey has never intended to talk with me or my family; not even one time.  Every time he's been asked to do anything for me he's balked, but every time he's needed a legal reason not do have helped, he's used me and my informant work as a crutch.  I don't see how he can have the benefit of one without the other?  He's an asshole that uses me and my family as a target for his hatred of the gay community.

What we can easily accomplish there is either the need for a U.S. Grand Jury or indictments for the individuals that we know are involved in the organized crime of electronic harassment and in the attempted shooting of a federal officer among other things.   We have enough information to begin a formal investigation including search warrants for many of the federal investigative offices that will look for drugs, computers, phone, medical and other records that are involved in this crime and that we have found along the way.

We no longer have a need for Jeffrey Katzenberg and his long and winded attempts to force us into an impoverished situation where we are made to deal with two women that may or may not be complicit in the intentional obstruction of this investigation and the negligent homicides of several other people that could otherwise have been saved without their involvement and their "don't get involved" policy.  I am afraid that this policy is now being used to snuff out members of my own family after eight long years of obstructing members of this coalition that would otherwise have offered to inform members of my family of the truth and help for myself.  This situation has begun to get increasingly dangerous for my family and Jeffrey has become allegedly more and more unstable with his legal judgment.  This has me fearing more and more for my life and Christopher's than ever.

Do you know that I haven't had one single personal phone call in over five months from anyone outside of my own family?  I haven't had one single email in almost a year.  Jeffrey has, with Missy, single handedly cut off all of my friends from speaking to me now for almost 8 full years.  I have hundreds of friends but none of them will talk to me any longer because Jeffrey won't let anyone communicate with me.  He's got such a strangle hold on my friendships that I can't breathe any longer.  Granted, I'm not trying to contact anyone either, but he's not letting any of my local team talk to me at all.  It is forbidden by Missy and her "father figure".  Why?  The reason is simple...Laurie wouldn't like it.  Jeffrey does whatever Laurie would do to hurt me because he is a closet masochist.  He's never once considered what he's done to my life.

Simply ask Jeffrey one question.  How many of Kevin's friends are living with him these days?  Ask him.  I can't talk to ANY of them.  But he's living with them?  Does that make any sense to any of you?

To keep Jeffrey from turning Laurie in, Missy has turned Jeffrey Katzenberg into the new "Lisa".  Without the drugs, he's single handedly managed to steal away all of my friends, my boyfriend, all the evidence, quiet all of the people that would stop this crime and all of the police and protect Missy and Bessie.  At the same time he's done everything he can to put my family in tremendous danger and close proximity to Laurie at every single chance he's gotten.  He's a regular piece of shit.