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It is time to end Jeffrey Katzenberg's reign of terror on me and my friends. He's lied, stolen, jailed and done every single thing he can possibly to to hurt my informant team with regards to this crime. Using his son as a front, this family has joined up with America's biggest domestic terrorist. He has continued to do as he pleased without any regard for what the consequences are for any of us. In the alternative he's been paying a drug dealer and her friends to steal from my family at will. This has gone on for far too long. Won't someone bring an end to his terrorist regime? There is a tip link for you to do that today!!!

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about tis crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thinking Like A Mind Criminal Investigator and Still Maintaining My Own Life

I realized today just how much I have to try to balance my mind and my mind that works on this crime like a computer.  I thinks one of the hardest things for people to understand is that I, at any time, can be having up to three separate conversations at the same time.  I know that it is difficult to grasp how that feels when the conversations are not limited to the people in the room with you.

Imagine, for a second, what it is like when you are watching television, music is playing at the same level, you are talking with someone in front of you and then the phone rings and you have to answer it.  That is what my life is like every single minute of every single day.  Most of the time I have to remember not to  make it look like I am talking to myself.  I'll bet there are a few police officers out there that know what I am talking about too.

There, in fact, are so many things firing off in my mind all at once that sometimes I sleep just to have the conversation limited just to whatever Lori and Christian are trying to bother me with.  There really isn't any way to tell you what it is like to hear inside your mind, but I can assure you that in the future you will be able to test that out.  The technology is available in stereo speakers that, when pointed directly at you, send the music to your head and bypass your ears.

My head is a conduit for fights between Lori and Missy, Lori and Brian, Christian and Lori and Lori and David.  You know how when you hear someone in a fight with someone else and it makes you feel tense?  That's the feeing that Lori wants you to have from the second you wake up until the second you sleep.  The, when you do sleep, she starts to guide your dreams with these nonsensical stories about her sexual fantasies and fetishes.  I'm disgusted by most of the things, but her resounding dream is one where someone has anal sex with me or makes me feel left out like she does.  It's weird how unwanted she tries to make other people feel.  If she could kick a person when he is down, she'd do it a hundred times to make herself feel better.

Famous Convicted Murderers That Weren't At The Scenes Of The Crime

Since Lori and Brian LaFond and their friends are so enamored of "not being at the scene of the crime" when a murder is committed, I will submit to you that there are lots of masterminds and terrorists that are convicted of murder all the time.  In fact some are the most infamous in history.  Here you have Charles Manson and Osama Bin Laden.  Neither was at the scene of the crime that was committed but both were convicted as murder or terrorist in a court of law.

Lori never has to be at the scene of her crimes because she harasses people from a distance and that isn't what the law takes into consideration.  Lori likes to put all the ammunition together and load the weapon...metaphorically, but she doesn't bear responsibility when someone pulls the trigger that she gave them.   It's ridiculous to think that someone who infects her victims with HIV and implants them with a chip thinks she can't be caught.  What the victims have inside them is evidence that can easily be proved to be linked to Lori and Brian LaFond.  It can't be removed and even after death it can be found.

When Lori gets into this, "I'm superior routine", I'd like to remind her that there are already lots of dead bodies that can tell the tale.  Get ready for some more insight from me, I'm feeling like working the next few days on this.

In the meantime, some of you can listen to last night's forced dreaming.  She was talking to my brain while I was asleep again but the sickness inside her is clear.  I'm not responding back, I'm simply asleep.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Coming Soon: How Arresting Me Would Mean The End Of Chief Reyes' Career...This Works For Most of the Victims Too

In the next few posts I am going to explain to all of you, the victims and their families, how being a victim of this crime is a whole lot like this picture now.  Oh, they'd love to go after that cat, but they can't.  Chief Reyes probably thinks that I'm never going to get through, but if he or one of his other officers puts me in jail, I'll answer to Lori's restraining order because there is a warrant.  Remember police I have the right to confront and cross examine Lori LaFond.  You don't know what kind of goodies I'll have in store for her in the courtroom.

Once Lori breaks, she'll be happy to turn you all over to the district attorney.

So please show some restraint when she asks you to arrest me for her now...I've already been through enough.  I'm completely sober no matter what Lori says to any of you.  Check my record, have I ever been tested positive for drugs?  Out where we live is no better.  She has somebody arrest me here, I will insist on taking that warrant issued off of that restraining order to trial.  It is my right.

I Want Everyone To Congratulate Our Graduates On Our Team! Yes They Have Earned Their College Degree...They Are Now Full Fledged Private Investigators

If you know me, you know that I am a stickler for a college degree when a person can earn one.  Some situations don't allow for that easily.  This is one of them.  So it is with extra pleasure that I can announce that my team now has three college graduates to join all of the others as they have earned their degrees and graduated.

Leah (on my team), Benjamin and Martin have all earned their degrees and are now full Private Investigators, licensed and everything.

So today I want all of you that know our graduates to give them your Congratulations on earning a degree while working on this project.  Everyone should have the chance at a higher education, these team members now join all the rest of us with their degrees and expertise.

Matching Wits With YOUR Mind Criminal: Crimes of the Mind Require A Higher Intelligence To Solve

There was a point where I was sitting in the back of a police car and thinking that there was no way I could keep bad things from happening to myself if Lori LaFond and her friends knew what I was thinking.  That is such a head start and Lori is so aggressive that she would put me in jail no matter what the consequences were.   It is a feeling of helplessness, which, to a sociopath sadist, is the absolute wrong way to think.  A crime of intellectual property theft stolen directly from your thoughts is difficult to outsmart, at first, then it becomes an advantage.  Let me explain how this works.

Tonight, with this post, I want to try to explain to you how you can unlock your mind's potential to solve this crime.  It's really just a matter of how you look at it.  Remember too that emotions are not something that a computer can decipher, necessarily.  Let's use Lori as an example.

Lori has been stalking me with this system since 1987.  She wears a thinking cap, which is basically transferring her EEG's to me.  So when I am thinking something, she is able to read it, but I am able to feel how she feels about it because of her transfer of emotional thoughts.  Lori is always angry.  So immediately when those thoughts are felt by Lori, I feel them.  It can be a source of great frustration, anger or aggressiveness.  I've learned to mentally picture putting those artificial thoughts away in my brain to an area that isn't going to react to them.  A locker or a box is something that I visualize in my head and direct Lori's transmissions to.  Literally, I think of a box and allow those words and feelings that she has to go there.  I firmly believe that to unlock the potential of your brain you have to think of how much you are really using and send these thoughts to a place where YOUR BRAIN WON'T USE THEM AS YOUR OWN.

For example, when Lori reads her name on this blog, it makes her angry.  Her anger is then felt by Lori and transferred to me via thinking cap, like this:

One thing that Lori doesn't realize is that putting her EEG's into a computer while she is talking, transfers her EEG's to me.  This is hard to deal with when you are a peaceful person like I am.  All of a sudden, I was feeling the anger and hostility that she was feeling.  My brain has no choice but to let it in...that's part of the torture.  What you do with it once it has been transferred is up to you and your brain.  I know what she is saying and how she is feeling is artificial, it doesn't originate in my I send it to her box over in the corner of my mind and consciously think, "What can I learn about Lori from what she is saying and feeling."  Then I go from there.  Lori thinks that the thinking cap transfers my EEG's to her, but it doesn't appear to be that way at all...the thinking cap is about a computer learning her EEG pattern.  

So, after 30 years, I finally know where her hostility comes from or at least when she is feeling hostile.  That feeling for Lori is constant.  She likes conflict and she loves confrontation, both make her think she is "doing something" to you.  Usually with Lori it has to do with a word or person that irritates you.  She'll say it then watch as your brain processes it.  I don't allow that processing  to happen if I box it away and don't listen to it like an actual conversation.  It's like a television in another room.  You hear that it is on, but you aren't paying attention to what is being said, like Lori going on and on about how she is going to hurt me for doing this.  Right at this very moment she is still trying to "piss me off"  by using anything from the past that once made me mad.  I've boxed those feelings away when it comes to her.

So once you learn how to control the artificial thoughts coming from someone else, you can get to the real task at hand....going after the person that is forcing you to think them.  Remember, this is science, not a theory.  Your body is controlled by your mind, not hers...but the EEG transfer to your brain from her can cause you to feel stress and anger, two useless emotions in this crime.  The less an operator can make you react to them, the better you are at catching them.  They want you to react.  Your job is to react in a way that is not what she wants, but what you are focused on what she is doing.

I once had a teacher that said that I was "stupid".  I told the story about how it was a friend of my father that was teaching the math class I was in and that when he said that I was planning on transferring to another class.   What Lori heard was "Kevin doesn't like being told he's stupid,"  and from that day forward "stupid" is a word that Lori tries to upset me with.  It doesn't work though because I am conscious of what she is doing.  It's not that I don't like being called "stupid" it was about respect.

Lori likes to pick out a word, a phrase or a person that you don't particularly like and rub them on your mind over and over again.  It's like someone that can't let something go.  Lori is notoriously jealous and angry, she still hasn't let go of high school.

Hospitals have been monitoring brain wave activity for decades.  This system is not much different.  Using an electroencephalogram on the program she uses to read your thoughts, she can see when your brain is "paying attention to what she is telling you or trying to make you feel."  It looks like this:

Like a seismograph with an earthquake, the more severe the quake, the more intense the brain waves look.  If it is something disturbing or elated, the graph will go off the charts with squiggly lines.  Lori is never a hundred percent sure what is upsetting your or causing such a change, but it isn't always what she is doing.  You could be at a supermarket with her screaming at you and you see a puppy for sale.  You go and look at the puppy and your brainwaves go crazy, some of you have even felt this in your own bodies when you get goosebumps or the hair on your neck stands up.  That is an electrical stimulation that can be read through your EEG's to make the EEG reading look like something is going on.  Lori lives for your mind going off the chart.

By the way, this is how doctors can determine the amount of damage to a person in a coma.  If they don't respond to sensations, then there is a good chance that even though you are alive, you may be brain dead.  You all know that situation when it comes to ending another person's life, but with no brain function what kind of life would a person have?   Forget the ethical dilemmas, this is a hard decision to make when you realize that machines can help you breathe and eat, which are two major functions of physical survival.  That's when people decide to pull the plug or hope for a miracle.  They have happened by the way.

Back to our story.

Lori is so drugged up all the time and she is so aggressive that she hasn't learned how to anticipate things like normal people and she doesn't care.  As long as the end result is jail or death, she's happy to help that happen.  She is way too aggressive to be successful.  There is cutting edge, bleeding edge and knife in the chest.  Lori is a "knife in the chest" kind of gal.  Her solutions to problems aren't "normal" they are "homicidal";  she tells people, "I'll make you disappear..."   That is what a homicidal person thinks.  What a normal person thinks is that I will avoid you at all costs.  One eliminates a human being, one stops interacting with someone.  Two different things.

Killing someone is not an acceptable option.  First it is illegal.  Second it isn't humane.  Third it establishes a situation where a peaceful person is at the mercy of a violent one.  She calls it "survival of the fittest", I call it premeditated murder.  Even giving her victims HIV without them knowing it has happened is premeditated with a future expiration date for the target.  She doesn't have to shoot them with a gun, she's planted a bomb inside them.  Only when her anger raises higher than the people around her can stop her does she do something like she did the morning I was nearly beaten to death while sleeping.  The result was this:

You see a sadist sociopath like Lori can't control her need to hurt someone physically.  She's been like this with me since high school, but moreover it is important to note that her rage controls her thinking.  For her it is sexual, for the victim it can mean death.  For Lori death or "disappeared" is the best option, but the other option is imprisonment.  This removes a victim from her life, someone that is causing her a "major problem" or a "minor problem".

Lori has gotten out of control so many times like this that she has developed a system at the hospital to keep a victim of a bashing from getting medical attention.  She will make calls to emergency rooms and radiology by finding out who the doctor on call is in the emergency room then acting like them to have things like MRI's sent someplace other than the emergency room where the victim is waiting in severe pain.  I think that there is a serious issue with someone that beats people so badly that she has to have a system at the hospital to ensure that the police won't find out.  The victim is then left helpless to care for themselves.  You can see above that my nose is broken, my teeth are knocked loose and that the side of my skull is completely obliterated.  I should have been hospitalized according to the MRI's but wasn't, why?  What does Lori do at the hospital to keep bashing victims from being admitted.  I know my skull was smashed, you know that the hospital is completely fucking up too.  How do you convince them to admit you when Lori has some way of telling them to show you a bogus xray instead of the MRI that they ordered.  I didn't see the MRI's until years later.

So now we have a female that gets so enraged that she goes to a victim's home and beats them nearly to death.   This isn't any different than any other serial rapist or murderer.  There is no off switch.  You can't control them.  I've only known one woman in my entire life to be that way...she knows who she is too, with witnesses.

Some victims will ask, "How does she know who I am thinking about when I don't tell her with my mind by thinking their name?"  That's simple.  When a person sees another person or associates a word, phrase or action with them, it comes first from the brain.  There is think "talking" and think "subconscious talking".  Unconsciously, if you are thinking about what a person says to you, you may think their name or associate the advice with them.  An EEG tells her computer who you are thinking about if they have edited the EEG to recognize that person.  A picture then can be added to associate that person with your EEG and it pops a scanned picture of that person into their computer screen.

This is one of the reasons that Lori steals family pictures and has them.  She likes to not have to work too hard to figure out who I am thinking of.  So if Lori wants her program to work better, she needs to associate your thought to the person you are thinking about.  She even puts her own picture on your EEG's when you think about her.   She is often heard to say, "You're not even thinking about me."  How does she know that?  It's because on your screen, her picture isn't popping up.  I think about Christopher, so he's on my screen most of the time.  Lori likes to say, "He isn't even thinking about you."  How would she know?  Well she can look at his screen and if she has a picture of the person that he is thinking of, it will show who he is thinking about.

Of course, if he was thinking about me, she would never say because that would mean I would think of him and her picture would never come up.  It is vital to Lori to have her picture on your screen.  Lori's own picture comes up when she thinks of herself, so if the picture scanned into the computer of Lori matches the picture that Lori has when it comes up, doesn't that mean we are both thinking of the same person.  Also if it is her thinking that brings up her own picture and I match that picture to hers with my thinking, then I have mentally identified the suspect.  This is a match set up by the woman herself.  Her narcissistic need to see people thinking about her is done in by the picture she's scanned in of herself.  Nobody's picture of herself is seen more than Lori sees herself on her own thinking screen.  She's a narcissist.  

Police officers you need to remember how you call Lori.  You have to think about her and she magically appears.  It is because once you are on this system, you aren't going to be off if you are a cop.  She's a drug dealer for God's sake, knowing when a police officer is thinking about her is vital to the survival of her career.  If your are clocking out for the day, I've heard, that Lori is suppose to take you off the system, but she doesn't.  You might think of her and her picture pops up on your thinking screen.  So if Bryan Anderson tells his officers not to listen to Lori ever again, the cops on the system all pop up with pictures of Lori on their screens.  Then she has to talk to all of them so that they don't investigate her.

Let me guess, Lori must show cops pictures of nudity during their implantation.  This is a sexual response from an officer and those EEG's can be identified too.  God only knows what picture she's using for "sex thought" but you can bet it's probably not what the officer is thinking.  In that case she likes to relate the picture to her sexuality so when it shows up on her screen, you appear to be thinking about, I'm guessing here, lesbian's in bondage?  The cop might be thinking blow job, but the picture on the screen is two lesbians going at it in leather.  That way she thinks her sexuality is matching theirs...

Don't ever imagine that people are all that different.  Blowjob is in a guy's thinking...and like it or not guys, that can be thought of while you are at work or at home or wherever.

It is vital then that Lori has people to edit what an EEG means and to put that into the computer.

Many of the gay male victims are told not to have sex with someone as soon as they have a sexual thought.  Lori will chime in with, "Don't you dare give that person a blowjob, do you know where that's been?"  She's literally looking at a screen of the victim's thinking and if she doesn't know who the other person is, she'll put in a different picture of a question mark until she can get her brother to pull a picture off that was posted.  She may know a screen name, but she needs a picture for accuracy.

She has to know everything about everybody.  When I worked for the federal court, she had people taking pictures of people all the time. If she knows when it was taken and the date, she can figure out who I was talking to in that picture.  Then the person's picture is added to my database for when I think of them.  If she can't get the picture through stalking, then she will go to social media sites like facebook or or twitter or Instagram.   It is simple EEG recognition.  So that's the main reason that Lori likes to steal pictures from victims of their families.  She uses them to complete her database of people that a person thinks of.  The other reason is for baby pictures because of some weird pedophilia thing.

What the victim is actually experiencing isn't just the reading of his mind, it's Lori trying to force herself into the man's thinking so that her picture will show up on his screen.  It's a very visual thing.  Lori likes all of the victims thinking about her, always.  The more pictures of herself that she sees on screen, the more popular she is.  If the victims of this crime are thinking about me and she sees more of my picture on their screens than hers, then I look like some kind of competition for her.  She sees it that way.  This is one of the reasons why I was raped. Steven was thinking more and more about me and less and less about her.  This was her drug dealer and if he's not thinking about her and what she can do to him all the time, she's not happy.  Then you throw in my picture, the guy that she's hated since I was in the sixth grade, it is enraging!!! Then the sociopath sadist takes over and either Steven was going to have the thoughts beat out him or I was going to have the thoughts beat out of me.

It isn't a competition for the victim at all.  We have to focus on things like finding a job, avoiding the police and living life.  Lori doesn't like that at all.  You are going to pay attention to her or she is going to find a way to hurt you, if she hasn't with HIV in the first place.

Is everyone following?  Good.  I need everyone to understand that this is rudimentary computer stuff.  It's simple picture recognition related to thoughts.  You think it, it pops up on the screen.  That's how the police call her, by thinking about her.  A cellphone can be traced.  She can't afford to give them a cell number when she screws one of them she uses this system of picture recognition to contact an officer if her picture pops up.

Lori sees this as a popularity contest to see if she can have her picture up more often than mine.  I really am just not thinking about her.  Then she tells Christian to say something to her on my microphone so her picture then pops up on my screen.  The competition is all in her mind.  I am looking forward to seeing the pictures she's taken of my friends, post-high-school.  In her restraining order she makes a point of saying that.  If Lori is in receipt of pictures of my friends post high school, then the point she was making was reverse psychology.  She actually does know a lot about the people I knew since high school and has actually edited them into this system.  Therefore the reason I was being stalked to closely was so that she could get everyone in my life on this system.  The more people following me, the more likely the picture would get to her of who I was visiting in Los Angeles or New York.

I'll just bet that police officer were asked to be photographed at implantation so she had the ability to scan them into the system so that when one cop was going to talk to another cop, she knew who it was.

Lori is also so vain that she takes thousands of pictures of herself trying to find one that makes her look prettier than she is.  Think about it, if she finds a good picture of herself, she wants all the screens that are following the victims to have a more appealing picture of Lori than what we really think.  "See, look at all the people thinking about me, Missy," I can hear Lori saying it now.  It's not a true depiction of what they are thinking about her until she reads or has someone read it to her.  She could edit her own picture to be Ted Bundy when they are thinking about how she really is, but that wouldn't please her.  There would be Ted Bundy's all over the screens.  The thoughts that the victims have are not sexual about Lori...they're gay.  They are thinking about men so why does she have anything other than what they are thinking about on screen.  She probably has a picture of a woman having anal sex with a man...but that's not at all what the gay man is thinking.  This keeps her too sexually involved with us.

The entire system on Lori's end is guiled to her proclivities and making her happy.  It's not accuracy she is looking for, it's sexual praise.  She's not going to get that from me, I'll tell you.  This whole system rested on the victims NOT KNOWING who she was.  So when her picture keeps coming up when they think about her, she's telling all the operators that she's the bitch the victim hates.  It doesn't matter what her name is that she is using, if the victim is being harassed and they think of "Jessica", "Sara", "Victoria" or "Lisa", she's edited it to be her every time.

Believe me, I was edited to look like some kind of horrible criminal while I was working for the U.S. Department of Justice, simply because Lori's hated me for years.  So anyone looking at the editing is going to see my picture and read her lies and think the worst.  The thing is though that what she edited didn't match up to the live transcript. 
You can get more people to stalk him in a gang if they think he's a bad person.  The other problem that Lori has with that whole plan is that I was going to work at a very serious job everyday, I was working out and running at the beach daily and I wasn't molesting any kid or any other lie like she would have made up. So I'm guessing that she told people that I was out infecting them with HIV.  First of all people when I online dated, I said I had HIV.  I never had risky sex with anyone before that or after.  Once I was in Palm Springs I took med that keep me from being infectious.  So Lori, the girl with HIV isn't taking any meds or anything is realistically editing me to look like her.

Here's the other thing too.  Back when I was online, she knew my screenname and password.  She could change my profile at will to say whatever she wanted so if it was ever changed to HIV negative, it was her, not me.  I doubt that is the case, but I never lied.  Operators on this system have implanted a person without their knowledge for a reason, it isn't to tell people that they are nice.  They do it to ruin their lives with the personal information they gain.  It's nothing like what Lori and Brian pretend it is.  It's that simple.

Here's another thing.  If a drug addict is looking for meth, that can be edited too.  So if you are a drug dealer, you now know who you can sell to.  She also knows when to make them Jones.  Meth then becomes the weapon of choice for Lori who knows she couldn't go two hours without another hit.  She hates people that recover from drug addiction...they no longer play her game.  So now you have Lori with the police being monitored for Lori's drug dealing or Jessica's or Sara's or Lisa' whenever that might come up, she goes into research mode. "Which faggot said that," Lori says?   Then she targets the gay rape victim for punishment.  "I heard you had something to say about me," Lori will ask them.  The guy usually ends up in jail.  Remember I got arrested something like six or seven times but never convicted because it was after I reported the rape.  Lori knew everyone knew it was her and her brother that did it, so she just assumed that when I reported it, it would come back to her.  My punishment began the next night and I was arrested twice in 24 hours.  I'd never been arrested in my life.  As soon as I reported the rape I was arrested the next night.

All of this stuff is so geared towards the making of an urban legend.  Think about all the things that she can do with who she knows through you, then multiply that times 650 gay men.  Automatically the legend grows and it grows tremendously with the arrest of Robert Downey Jr.  You just know Lori love doing that one!

With this in mind, let's see if you can better match wits with Lori, Brian and their friends.  Now that you know what you are thinking and how it appears to them.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Funny Thing About Remote Crimes: They Can Also Be Solved Remotely

"I was nowhere near the crime when it happened," Lori LaFond says, but does that mean she wasn't involved?  Not necessarily.

Part of the fun in working on an intellectual property crime that is done using remote neural monitoring, has to do with how you investigate it.   Normal means aren't good enough when you are dealing with a criminal that reads your mind and knows your every move.  Also in our case, the criminals that have been arrested are actually the victims of this type of intelligence gathering crime.  Essentially the victims of rape, in our case, mostly gay men were implanted with a recording device and given a time bomb in their bloodstream.  This means that the victim has only so much time to solve it before they die, if they aren't treated.  With the police working on the side of the remote neural operator, how do you solve the mystery of the criminal that isn't there?

To fight a "mind crime" you have to use a "mind solution".  The first, thing you have to do is understand the technology and it's whole capability.  Once you know how it is done, you have to understand your criminal behind the keyboard.  How do they think? What do they do with the information they steal?  What can we learn about them from an individual and a group?  The most important thing is that a crime of intelligence requires a solution of intelligence.  You literally have to think outside the box that you put the box in.  You have to think, without thinking.  It sounds difficult, but really it's a matter of cat and mouse.

I can let you know that one aspect of this crime has to do with how Lori acts.  She's overly aggressive and does not hesitate to take the information she has an immediately go into "I've done this before" mode.  She has no "off" or "proceed with caution" switch.  It's always "go for it" and "see what happens later."   Her immediate goal is jail for anyone that speaks out against this crime.   

Assume you are sitting at home, online banking.  Lori, after reading your mind from a location far away, can learn your pin number, account numbers, addresses, phone numbers and so forth.  She could easily pretend to be you and order another ATM card and have her brother go to the address where the real account owner lives.  With that card stolen out of the mail she can steal money from your accounts.  However, there is a lot you can do to protect yourself.

First, whenever you open a bank account I recommend Lifelocking your accounts.  It's safe, inexpensive and they give you lots of help in finding whoever stole your money and they guarantee that you will recuperate it if the money was proven stolen.

Any online account can be hijacked with this system of mind reading including the PSPD's email system.  Lori, if she knows your email address and your password, can log into your account and pretend to be you or anyone.  I've devised a way of creating a username and a password that I don't know that I use for my online accounts.  It is as easy as cutting and pasting.    The trick is that if I don't know the username or password, but I do know the website, I can literally cut and paste a username that I've randomly typed and saved as well as my password.  I can get into my account without knowing the password and account.  You can save these to a USB disc and use them on any computer by opening up eHarmony file and swiping the username, "copying and pasting" it into the right places.

Lori never met anyone that did this without her knowing.  I'm the only person that thought about if I don't know it, she can't steal it, but there is a small catch.  You can never use a cell phone to recover a lost password.  Lori can too easily steal those texts by spoofing your phone to one she owns.  So NEVER use a cell phone as a password recovery.  Use a secondary email instead.  One that you do this same thing with.  Cut and paste.  Anything over a cellphone that allows number portability is not allowed.  You have to check with your provider to make certain that your cell phone number is not portable.  Boost mobile and others do not allow portability on their month to month cell service.

But what if they ask you something like "what is your favorite teacher's name?" or "What was your first pet's name?"  There is no way Lori wouldn't know those if you used the real answers.  This is a computer, not a truth finder.  Your password questions used to recover your accounts can be randomly typed, cut and pasted too, but you have to write the question down and paste the answer to your password files.  The easiest way is to do this.

Open up a notepad file " save as"...eHarmony...then make up a random username by typing keys that you don't remember the order this

eHarmony User name: akshdfh alskdjhfka 8enf

Do the same for your password:

eHarmony password: aierbgvi8y984bakdk

Click save, then open eHarmony and set up your account by copying the user name then the password (usually twice to confirm)

When it then asks you to give an email account to recover passwords use your email account if Lori doesn't know the password.  Trust me if you've used it for a long time you need to change your email password to randomly selected 

old password was:  ChristophersHot
is now saved and changed to:  a;lsdhf94n(
usually they want you to confirm the new password so paste it again.  

Once your email is choose the email option, never ever every choose the cellphone option. Like I said, no cell phone option is ever safe for password recovery.  I hope to work with Apple iPhones to come up with a way to thumb print recognize all passwords.

The most important thing of all is to remember, "If I don't know my password or username, Lori doesn't. If I don't give her a way to recover it, she can't."  I haven't known a single password for my computer accounts in 20 years.  Lori had to send her cousins to my home to steal my password disc in order to steal an account.  The only account I've had stolen was when this happened and it was ""  I haven't used it in years.  The trick is this too.  You may get an email from, but that doesn't mean Britney sent it.  Anyone can be Britney Spears in an email or a text...they just make an account with her name on it.  Never trust an email with a name attached to it.  The only solid place to find a sender's true identity is through the IP Address.  This can be circumvented using multiple servers all over the world, but Lori hasn't figured that out yet.  Even those can be found though if you work with the right people.  FBI Cybercrimes can retrace these emails all over the globe.  Lori isn't that sophisticated.  Others could be in the future.

Lori can be anyone she wants to pretend to be in an e-universe, but it takes an IP Address and a device to do it.  In person, she's not good.  Online she's kind of a baby.  Once you've dealt with her idiosyncrasies, you can pretty much tell an email is from her...after all "the proof is in the puddin"  "as they say".  These last two are what we call forensic linguistics and every person has them...Lori's are always painful to the reader or demeaning or humiliting.

It's really a matter of looking deeper than Lori is.  She thinks that she can't commit a crime if she wasn't there, but in an e-universe, you don't have to be.

More on this tomorrow. 

What I want you to know from all of this is that Lori and Brian with their friends have been stealing accounts and passwords for years and years.  This kind of information is being stolen, not from behind your back while she looks over your shoulder, it's being stolen directly from your mind.  You don't even know you are doing it.

I can do a lot more than that too.  Lori likes to forward mail and send mail from remote places.  The U.S. Postal service is one way she steals information about a victim's family.  If she knows any of their addresses, she can forward the mail from that address to an address near her then have her brother or someone else pick up the mail.  I will explain to you how this works in the coming days.

Right now we are working on a sub plan in this Lori says, "A little bird told me".  Ever wonder how Lori keeps showing up where you are even though you didn't tell anyone?  That's simple, she watches you in the days leading up to a class reunion and plans her activity accordingly.  She walks up and says, "Look who's here, a little bird told me you would be."  Then she acts like a total bitch and berates everyone there until she gets thrown out.  Lori's shown up to two memorials for two of my best friends' fathers and there isn't really any reason for her to have been there.  She knew I would be going and she made sure she was there.  Meanwhile her friends pretend to be her on the system.  You see, if they are bothering me while I can see her, then she couldn't be behind it, right?  Wrong.  This is a crime where the operators pretend to be her at her command...there are two other girls living in that home btw.  She has them there for couldn't have been me, it must have been one of them.

Lori LaFond was also working in La Quinta at the same time she was in Arizona with her can she be in two places at once?  I can prove she was in Sedona with pictures and witnesses...that's all I need.  It's the City of La Quinta's problem explaining why the person/employee by the same name was earning a paycheck at the same time.  She can't be in two places at once and the one that gave the information for the restraining order is the person that was in Sedona.  Just ask Jonathan and Anthony.

Lori LaFond Made Fun Of Me When I Said This Was Possible...Obviously, It Is

This technology has been around for a lot longer than now, but this is how some people are using the microchips that Lori LaFond, and her lawyer, mocked me for saying that this was going on illegally in Palm Springs, California.  Lori, a military brat, was able to get ahold of this technology by stealing it, allegedly, from the Twentynine Palms Marince Corp Air Ground Combat Center, in the early to mid 80's.  As is usually the case, something is developed by the military for use in combat or training and it eventually makes its way into the public in one form or another.

In the case of military jets that fly faster than the speed of sound, these were used to communicate to pilots and crew.  So "faster than the speed of sound" is limited to sound waves traveling through traditional means to the ear.  Microwaves, however, travel faster than that.  Stealing this technology allowed for the illegal implantation of gay men, women and the police in our area since 1987 or maybe earlier, after Lori graduated from high school in 1985.  What most people don't know is that the illegal implantation of kids in the Sunfair Heights area, near the Marine Corp base, was going on even earlier than that.  Lori missed a lot of school spying on the kids there from home or her brother's house.  In those days, you had to listen on a LAN line.

Now, years later, and many lives later, the chips are now being broadcast as the "next best thing" in terms of keeping your identity safe...what a joke.  These chips don't do anything like that.  What they do is  store information and allow access in places where people volunteer.  Depending upon where the information goes also destroys a person's identity by sharing too much.  If the information that the chip transmits are EEG's, like in a hospital, to a translation program owned by the military, these chips can give away information much easier than it could be obtained through other means.  There is also the fact that most of these experimental victims don't even know they are implanted.  

On the video you will see that volunteer workers are being microchipped, but what they aren't telling you is that these can be very harmful to the body and that if the people reading the information want to use it to stalk you, they can!  

I, just watched the movie, "Gringo", which is about an American traveling to Mexico that is kidnapped.  There is a scene in the movie where the star, Harry, is captured by a mercenary who is going to bring him home.  In order to keep track of him the Mercenary implants an RFID tracking chip inside his body.  Yes, they are literally used to track a human being.  So I'm not sure if anyone has thought about that restraining order that Lori had for me, but the entire crime is now resting on people coming forward with their horror stories about being implanted.

The other thing that they don't tell you about is that the person operating the chip is able to talk to you without using sound waves...just like a jet pilot.  It is three way communication too.  They can hear you speak, they can read your thoughts if you don't speak and they can talk to you without anyone knowing that you hear them.  I know it sounds odd, but the manufacturers of these microchips are not telling you anything that you need to know.

I am 100% sure that we can destroy the misleading information that is out there by telling our stories about what happens when these chips fall into the wrong hands.  There need to be stiff sentences for anyone that misuses them.  I'm hoping we can keep people from volunteering to do this at their work or home.  They are not safe.

The implants that you will see in this video are being voluntarily placed between the thumb and forefinger.  Our implants were put some place closer to the skull so that EEG's can be read on the scalp.  That's partly how I know this came from the military.  Reading EEG's on the scalp of a pilot allows the ground to know what the pilot is going to do faster than the speed of sound waves through the air.  Think about it.  If you were flying a multimillion dollar jet for the military faster than people on the ground could hear you, you would want them to know what you were thinking as fast as possible.  This was developed for military to save personnel and expensive airplanes.  When it was discovered that they could use them to spy on the enemy by capturing them and returning them to combat, it became clear that the chips could also be used to do the same to our troops.  Human rights groups therefore found them to be the military scrapped this program for spying, but not for submarines and pilots.

Stealing this technology from her father's work, allowed Lori to have access to what kids in school thought about her.  The chips can also be used like a permanent cell phone to listen in to what a person is hearing in a room.  So an unknowing victim could be used as a human spy microphone and in some cases a video camera.  Using a person's eyes as the camera lens.  This is all old technology, but its current attempt to become more public needs to be controlled.  I would love to testify in front of Congress about this before they are used widely.  Nobody need this kind of information from their personal lives in the hands of a homicidal maniac.

If anyone wonders how Lori LaFond knows so much about so many people that she's never met or been friends with, this is why.  The information is simply monitored like some white van on the street in front of a house that law enforcement is looking at.  Little Miss Know It All, wouldn't know a thing without these human drones...I call them rape victims...people....that are used unwittingly as microphones and recording devices.

The only problem is that a computer is used to listen in and as you know, they record everything on a disc.  There are millions of transcripts of police officers talking to Lori and Lori screaming at victims with her brother, Brian.

We have a great story here, but it needs to be told publicly like I do it.

Monday, July 16, 2018

OMG!!!! It's Lori LaFond's 51st Birthday: Here's Hoping Someone Throws a Taco Blocko On Her

Parents lock up your kids.  Boyfriends don't go outside.  Rae Fernandez, don't answer your phone.  Nick Andre, wait for the signal because....

It's Lori's 51st Big Girl Birthday.  That's "fifty" not "fifteen"...Class of 1985, TPHS!!!

To our favorite carpet munchausen by proxy girl here's hoping you get to finally clean Missy's rug!  This way you can say that someone else did it and you aren't a lesbian.

Get it?  Carpet a lesbian that is in the someone else is the lesbian and not Lori.  Come on guys that one is hilarious!!!

Anastasia Beaverlodgin and Anastasia Beaverdamin: My Life As Fag Being Unwillingly Hagged

In the world of fag hags, there are the Anastasia Beaverhausen's, the Miny Cohn's and then there are the other kind.  It's a world that I've never been a part of simply because I didn't really want a hag of my own.  The read on this phenomenon is that they are really heterosexual women that primarily hang out with gay men.  The problem usually arises when their lives become totally pathetic and they stop seeing heterosexual men and start solely being around gay men.  The line, for them, becomes blurred between what is real and what is impossible.

For lack of a better way of explaining this...a round peg does not fit in a square hole.  The two don't fit.  Most of the time the fag hag starts to involve herself way more than the gay man wants.  He'll start going over to friend's homes and there she is.  She'll start talking to the boyfriend of the gay man and decide that he's not good enough for her bestie.  In the worst case scenario, the fag hag starts to think that she too is a gay man and that there is little difference sexually between having sex with a man and having sex with a woman.  In the very worst case scenario the fag hag begins to think about anal sex and she has an anal sex area that is exactly the same as a man.  Um, no it isn't.  It's completely a different's about a man and a woman's body and sexuality.  A woman is not a man and vice versa.

So how did I get so lucky to have two lesbians become my unwanted fag hags?  It's a weird combination of self protection for one and utter obsession with all things gay for the other.  One is out and proud of being a lesbian the other is closeted, in love with the first lesbian, but uses me to find her all things gay...including women and men.  I like to call Missy Pissy, Anastasia Beaverdamin' and Lori LaFond, Anastasia Beaverlodgin', because of the huge size of her vagina.  A whole family of beavers could live in that one...she could dam up the Colorado River.  Missy is Beaverdamin because nobody can cut off a beaver faster than Missy Pissy.  For our purposes, I'm just going to say Missy and Lori.

My "relationship" with these two fag hags is different.  All the intrusiveness is there, but it's done from a distance.  There is one girl, Missy, that uses me to keep the other from getting in to her business.  I'm the kind of gay man that has lots of gay friends of all varieties.  I love lesbians, gay men, trans and whatever flavor the rainbow sends me...but I am sexually attracted to men only.  Masculine men.  It's just me.  Using remote neural monitoring, Lori has involved herself in every aspect of my life (my sister's too through me).  Lori is closeted with a weird anal sex she thinks that all gay men would do that for her if she could just follow me around long enough to find one that is willing.   Missy, on the other hand, is more likely to use me and my experiences to scrape Lori off on to me.  You see, as a closeted lesbian, Lori doesn't go to gay clubs or anything that would look lesbian.  Lori will go to a gay men's clothing optional resort so she can say she's striking a blow for "women's rights" but she's really just there to fuck with gay men.  If she were really there for "women's equality" why doesn't she take her clothes off and sunbathe.  It's because her attraction to gay men serves a monitary purpose as well as a sadistic one.

Missy would rather scrape her off on me, so that she can have her own lesbian relationships without Lori getting involved, which she does anyway.  Lori's theory, if they all don't sample me sexually, how can they know if I'm not the right person for them.  Literally she offers herself up as a smörgåsbord of sexual favors to gay men and women, but if she does this with a gay man, that still closets her lesbianism, but it isn't doing a thing for getting her laid.  The one group of people Lori isn't interested in, at all, is heterosexual men, unless it's Bryan Anderson who is a cop.  He's willing to co-sign her bullshit facade.  So any female is optional as long as it is closeted and any gay man is okay for Lori as long as he is controllable.  That's where the remote neural monitoring assists both women.  Missy can watch me and tell Lori all about the people that I've been talking to all day and that will send Ms. "I know everything about him" into a frenzy of research and stalking which allows Missy to party and have lesbian friends.

Believe me, if Missy strays one tiny bit from her routine with "acceptable" friends for her, Lori is on her like some kind of wife beating woman. She keeps track of Missy like she is her wife.   Where is she, how long is she gone, why didn't she call me...all these kinds of obsessive thoughts go through Lori's mind and phone.  Lori's the type of person that will call you a thousand times when you go to the store to make sure you aren't abandoning her.  It's how she keeps control.  Of course, she always knows what Missy is doing and saying because she too is remote neurally monitored.

I'm the person that they both use.  I'm the guy that Lori loves to mistreat and Missy uses that as a shield for her own activity.  This is why Missy is here.  She wants Lori to leave her alone so if Missy can make enough of Lori's violent fantasies come true, she won't bother her.  So Missy uses me and  my sister to keep Lori at bay, but the only problem is that Lori is homicidal about me and my family.  She loves to cause pain and death is her ultimate orgasm.  That's why my brother in law was killed by Lori's uncle and that's why someone took a shot at me in San Diego.  It's Lori's blood lust for killing someone that Missy is relying upon to keep her and her family safe.  It's not legal and it is like double extortion.  Pawning Lori's psychoses off on me is Missy's way of dumping her own problems with her.

So it is no wonder that when the heat turned up in Palm Springs after Lori and Brian robbed Steven Frey, they all came out here to fag hag me.  The two Beaversomethings, their support crew, their drugs and their computers.  The contacting of my sister became more often, and then her husband started getting phone calls or texts and eventually David, Missy and Bessie took a trip to see her and rob me.  You have to understand, Lori needs constant upkeep.  She constantly needs maintenance for her sexual drive which is mostly fueled by sadistic behavior like tying someone up, biting them, beating them over the head, intentionally infecting them and then implanting them so that they become players in her own world.  The more victims that there are, the more people Missy can shield herself with.  Still illegal.

Missy's biggest two mantras were, "Don't tell Kevin about anything" and "keep Lori happy" but you don't see Missy making her happy sexually or through anything but spending time around her.  If someone talked to me, that would ruin her permanent shield and, of course, that would put Missy in danger from her past experiences with Lori...some illegal.

Lori is constantly saying, "Make me feel better" to all of the slaves she still owns in her home.  That spells danger for me and my family.  The only thing that makes her feel better are drugs, stolen items, death, contacting someone or anything that makes me feel pain.  Since this started with me at 19, you can imagine what my life has been like with a girl that constantly needs me to be in pain.  Before that, she got her sadist rush, out of outing me in high school and trying to have people beat me up.

The only way I can describe what this is like is waking up in a high speed chase every single day of my life.  Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long...with talking for about fifteen years straight.  If that isn't an obsession, then there is no such thing.  Basically, I've become a human dating and terror machine for Lori LaFond and Missy.  Even tonight as I type this and think of friends from the past Lori is blaming her brother saying, "Why don't I know this person, Junior?"  Like every single person that I know, her brother should have photographed and cataloged for her.  While I was in San Diego, that's what my diaries are talking about...who is stalking me?  Why?  Well, it was Lori LaFond trying to "get to know", which is the same as stalking, the people that were close to me.

If Lori's brother missed one single person, he would get a tongue lashing from Lori and more instructions to find out who these people were and to be move invasive than he'd been.  Breaking into my apartments one by one and stealing things like my 10 year high school reunion photograph or Viagra pills.  Yes, Lori takes those too.  Any little tid bit of my life that would connect her to she could pretend to other people that somehow we were friends, we never were.  I'll let Christopher tell you how that goes.

So I've got serial killers following me...and they are lesbians that want to harm me.  I know that sounds odd, but remember, I was infected with HIV by an unknown woman.  The woman is unknown, not because I forgot who she was, but because I've never had sex with or used needles with a woman.  It was an intentional infection.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Executive Decision: No Christopher, No Blog...No More

No Christopher, no more blog.  There is no reason to write any longer.

As long as Missy Pissy is here with David, there is no sense in writing this blog any longer.  Jeffrey's girlfriend has ruined everything for everyone.

This blog was about love, Jeffrey is about hate.  I love my community and Jeffrey hates it.  He took everything that was good about this project and shit all over it.  His need to help Lori LaFond hurt my family cost me everything.  He's even got my own family lying to me.  There was never any help from Bryan Anderson or any of these families thanks to his full time girlfriend, Missy Pissy also known as "the cunt".

This experience was not worth it.  I miss my friend Gerry, Jeffrey has been an asshole since you've been gone.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

That Was A Disaster: In A Car With My Mom Listening to Lori Harp On The Money She, David and Missy Pissy Stole

Spending two hours in a car alone with my mom and Christian, Lori and Missy Pissy antagonizing me is just like this picture above.  My mom is trying to talk to me and all I hear is Lori, Christian and Missy Pissy talking about how proud they are of stealing my bank account from my  mom, sister and me.

Someone keeps telling me that David was behind the whole thing and that Jeffrey is still waiting for him to tell his father the truth.  How in the world can this money be stolen for two years and nobody has reported it to the police.  In fact, this money was taken in a scam that my own sister participated in with her friend Bessie Smith.  I am tire of this.  I have nothing that I worked my ass off for because of Jeffrey's inability to act responsibly in this situation.  Instead of turning them in for the theft of monies, he allegedly kept it.  Who would do that?

I have no Christopher, I have no friends, I have no bank account that I worked 8 years for and all Jeffrey can say is that he's still waiting for dipshit David to tell his father the truth?  Is that worth $30,000?  Not in my book.  I want that money to hire an attorney and to move out of this fucking desert.  Jeff says he doesn't dictate what my life should be like, but he refuses to give back the money his employees stole almost two years ago.  I don't want to move to another home with my family.  I want to leave this desert for good.  There is no reason for me to stay.  I don't have one good reason to live here.

I hate the desert more than I ever thought I would, thanks to Jeffrey's employees that he refuses to be responsible for.

While You Are Reading This Post: Mom And Me

I was blessed with the most patient and tolerant mom in the world.  She's so helpful to others and she's really been put through a lifetime of misery because of Lori LaFond.  Though the direct result of Lori's attempt to put my father in jail, kill my brother in law and kill me, was specific to my sister, dad and me, it was my mom that had to live through all of it without anyone but God to guide her.

Can you imagine having your husband accused of having sex with a male student.  When you see the evidence that Lori manufactured, you'll understand what a special person my mom really is.  Yet, now that we all know that it was Lori and Brian behind all of that situation, nobody understands my need to tell my mom the whole truth.  She's lived most of her life now with the specter of that case hanging over her head.

My sister has to live with thinking that it was because of her friendship with Lori's uncle, that her husband was killed.  That and crystal meth.  Well, Lori supplied the crystal meth and Brian's spying on me in San Diego caused the confrontation that led to the shooting and killing of my brother in law.  My sister was left to raise their two girls all by herself, while Lori gloated and now plots against the two of them.  

Then there are the attempts on my life that nobody understands thanks in large part to the PSPD that does no good for anyone.  My parents have seen the MRI's, they know that I was made positive in 1987 and I had no sex.  They don't understand that the rapist sent pictures of me from the rape on postcards to people.  The police aren't just ridiculous, they are definitely involved in this cover up.

All the while I've had a mom that wasn't really touched directly by Lori until David and Missy plotted with Bessie Smith to make my mom look incompetent and have my sister put her name on my account so she could remove the money.  It cost my mom a lot of memory.  The situation was traumatic to her mind.  She's a shell of the person that she use to be and she didn't deserve it.  It was hard watching her lie to me and even harder knowing that Lori had hurt her again.  There isn't an apology in the universe that will ever return my mom to normal.

So some of you are angry that I'm upset about the Mendenhall's not correcting that death notice or the Monti's not correcting that "hate" letter, but the truth is that if any of them had done that, it would probably have saved my mom the divisiveness of that horrible plan to take this money without my permission.  The whole plot was to make my mom look incompetent because of memory loss.  I guess they thought that she couldn't be in control of her accounts at the bank.  They needed my sister to put her name on the account, but the problem was that my name was already on it.  There didn't need to be another name on MY was already there.  You see the plot was to defraud my sister of this money by telling her how dangerous it could be with my mom's memory loss.  In reality David, Missy and Bessie knew that they could steal this money from my sister, but not me or my mom.  You see, if they had some card with a PIN number, Lori would have stolen it herself.  Unfortunately that bank doesn't allow it.

The money was stolen from me and my mom is in complete denial and my sister used her memory loss against her.  It's sad the lengths that Lori and her friends would go to do something that horrible.  The cost was my mom's could completely have been avoided if people knew how to tell the truth.  Nobody knows how much damage comes from keeping Lori's secret.  My mom isn't the same but I love her the most.  Lori knows that and went right after her.  Just like she always does.

Today while you are reading this automatic post, I will be with my mom.  I love spending time with her.  I love knowing what she went through and who she still is.  Know that while you are reading this that Lori and Christian will be trying their best to scream and yell at me so I will lose control.  It's what they continue to do to me and my family.  Just the tiniest bit of effort could have changed this situation.  None was made.  People save themselves but they don't go back for the wounded.

I blame Bessie Smith for not being a good enough friend to our family when one tiny word could have changed everything for us.  The theft from my mom is unforgivable.  I refuse to believe that she thought I could live through another HUGE disappointment.  She also told my sister to lie to me too.  I think that shows what kind of person she really is.