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This is a camera of my studio room in my home. When I am away it keeps Laurie and Brian out of my house...and when I am home it keeps them from sexually assaulting me. This is for Christopher and his family to know that I'm safe.

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Missy Pissy's trying to run another scam. I'm not surprised. She's spun. Using meth like a mad woman out of control. She's got this theory that if she could just be more like me she'd be much better off. There's just one catch. I'm the best. Nobody's better at being Kevin, than Kevin. There is no substitute for this man typing right here. I've been doing this job for so long now that I can't help but be good at it. If you want to catch a criminal at this game, you come to me. If you want to see what I can do, you work with me.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving Day: I Hate This

Phase 1 of "Missy's Total Destruction of My Life" has begun.  My niece, her little boy and husband are moving today and I'm sad.  I've lived with them since before she was married and it's sad.  Now she has two little kids and they are moving into their new home and I'm left here in this house that I can't possibly afford, nine days from the end of the world.  That's really where I am at.  My stomach is in knots.  I'm not breathing well.  Still coughing up blood and stuff, thinking ulcer or something fun.  Laurie still doing her, "Everything is going my way" dance and why wouldn't she.  She's had more victories than the Dallas Cowboys this season and Jeffrey is content with taking her to the Super Bowl with Missy wearing her Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader stripper outfit (apparently fat asses are in this year).

I haven't seen a man helping out two lifeless bitches so much since the local coroner got the bodies of a two girl car that morbid?  Sort of funny.  I just can't think of a man helping out two more dead beats.  I was going to do a thing about them being cold and their ovaries then a whole thing about their childless wombs...but it goes without saying; Missy and Laurie...nothing productive or reproductive there.

It goes without saying that this has been a disappointing start to the new year.  When you enter into a joke contract with Missy for another "three weeks of 'wouldn't it be funny if'" and then you buy her an expensive car as the punch line, you kind of know it isn't going to be the "best year of your life" if you are an electronic harassment advocate.  When you see that happen you know one thing.  Board up your windows, up your life insurance, sign your will, go to church often...hide, don't go out at night....and just pray that Missy doesn't run out of meth.  Bitch is not a nice person when she is out of meth.  One thing is for certain...she still is living with Jeffrey's family so how badly is he trying to fix this situation...not very badly is he?  He's done everything he can to keep Laurie from getting mad...what the fuck??????

Laurie was born mad.  She's been mad since birth.  She hasn't had one happy moment in her entire life.  She couldn't be happy if Missy was sitting on her face.  She was born to kill...she is a sociopath with homicidal tendencies.  She likes to kill.  She's fascinated with killing.  She likes to destroy happiness wherever she finds it.  She's thrilled with what she is doing this very second to my family and Jeffrey is spoon feeding my family to her.  Every single day he feeds her more and more of my life that I spent years keeping from her.  I deliberately kept parts of my life out of hers to stay safe, now all of that is right here where her high school fantasies have never left.  Ask anyone that she's talked to about me while she was wearing my high school ring around her neck that she stole from me or my Letterman's jacket or my basketball jersey or any other clothing of mine.  She's obsessed with killing me.  She's even said, "he's giving me permission to kill him".  I can't believe that a man so obsessed with security, like Jeffrey, does not see this as a very serious situation.  He's obviously blinded by his own weird relationship with Missy.

Maybe He Should Say He Works For The City of La Quinta Too Laurie...Is Deputy Fiebig Available???

Laurie has one speed...stupid.  She starts off in low stupid then, after a few needles and looking at Missy Pissy's naked Playboy pictures, she shifts into four balled stupid, and at the end of the day, she's in two wheel drive stupid.  Stupid.  I've never really met any girl that has so much stupid without "stupid" worked into her name.  Like "Stupid Laurie" or "Laurie Stupid" or "Hey Stupid Laurie".

Convincing Jeffrey and Missy that "filing a restraining order" to stop me from writing this blog, is her main concern today.  Does that remind you all of the last person that did that?  Her name was Lori Lafond.  Who, by the way, last night said it was her speaking to me on this system and said she filed that restraining order.  She's the girl that filed that La Quinta restraining order and you can see her picture on the right hand side of the page.  Now that's what Laurie said her name was last night on this system...I'm just telling all of you that.  I can't see her, but that's who she said she was.  Now that same girl is telling Jeffrey and Missy to do the same thing, because if Jeffrey does it, she won't be the "only person" that did something that stupid.  Isn't that smart?  No, Laurie, that wouldn't be smart, it would be stupid.  Just like when you did it.  You know it was your biggest mistake and you just love company in your stupidity, which is how stupid Jeffrey's plan with Missy has been this entire time.  Do you see how dumb that is now Jeffrey?  You do realize that now right Marilyn?  It is the single most complete piece of evidence, so far, that shows that Missy and Laurie use the legal system and lying to put innocent men in jail.  That would mean you took part in that, in front of do understand that right?

Missy thinks that if Jeffrey let Laurie do this the first time and didn't say anything that he and Marilyn would be willing to break the law again and do it for themselves.  You see they knew Laurie lied on the first restraining order and then Jeffrey didn't do his job to inform police about what he knew about the illegalities of the procedures Laurie took to have it forced through, so he must be "down" with that kind of "criminal activity".  Thus, "a criminal daddy".  Just what the girls were looking for their whole lives...a "sugar daddy" with money and a criminal attitude. (That they didn't have to have sex with)  Stupid.  You see, I was under the impression that Jeffrey and Marilyn were two of America's brightest Democratic humanitarian heroes.  I fully supported what they stood for.  They have their own AIDS Foundation.  Marilyn is well loved and is a teacher for God's sake.    There was no reason not to speak highly of them, and boy did I.  I watched Jeffrey's innovation interviews and learned about what he did as a business man and told people that they could trust him.  Meanwhile, as I've found out, he was using the sharpest knives he could find to stab me in the back.  While his wife handed them to him.  That's why I'm not happy.  I'm not willing to let my reputation co-sign any more of my friendships away to their belief system  Don't trust them.  I've lost all of my friends and boyfriend to them.  Do not trust them.  If you want to sue me for saying that, go ahead.

I think I have the right to change my mind after seeing my rapists outside my front door on my home surveillance tape when Jeffrey told my team not to call the police, don't I?  When my apartment keys were stolen from my parent's home, I think I can safely say that he orchestrated the break ins planned for my boyfriend and Anthony in Cathedral City where I paid for a place for them to be safe, can't I?  I think I have the right to call him out for working with the girl that erased my broken skull then stole my MRI discs from the hospital and took them to her home when I went to the E.R. , don't I?  This guy isn't who I thought he was, so I'm pissed off.  I'm not going to hurt him physically, I wouldn't get near him.  I'm not going to hurt his income by saying that he's the biggest dick in Hollywood, everyone knows that.  Sasha Baron Cohen himself has called him a "dictator" on national television and he didn't get sued.  I have the right to tell my community, this guy isn't good.  Don't trust him.  I've heard it's been said before.  As far as an AIDS Foundation, how can you support something that is founded by a man that isn't willing to stop the intentional infection of HIV when he works with a woman that clearly has supported it.  Missy is involved.  There is no doubt...Laurie gives it, Missy covers it up.  His son has it.  Cut and dried.  Did he say anything about it?  Nope.  That's clear.

You see this whole policy of "we don't like you fighting back" so we're going to put you in jail is what this crime is about.  For Jeffrey and Marilyn to join in, wouldn't surprise me at all.  For them to starve my family and keep me impoverished isn't surprising me either.  It's all the same.  Jeffrey is doing this just like Laurie and Missy always will find them guilty in the end.  They've made no good faith effort and there isn't anyone with no greater need than myself.  By doing this now it is punitive.  They will go to jail for this and Missy working there, they will get jail time for it.  I've asked them not to do this, but Jeffrey thinks there is no way to prove it, but there are.  You see what is really going on here is extortion.  It's a whole lot of muscle flexing from a man that thinks that power comes from money, but money isn't fathering.  It's really about being a decent man.  If people offered to help me financially and Jeffrey intercepted that donation, then he is going to have more's a game of strangulation.  If he doesn't like me saying that, then maybe he should go a few weeks without eating...

All I wanted was to focus on these girls and what they have done to our community.  I wanted to stop the police from arresting innocent men and furthering their careers by doing so.  I wanted to stop the intentional infections of the gay community with AIDS, HEP C and staph infections.  I wanted to stop electronic harassment and human experimentation in Palm Springs.    You see my intentions are a lifetime of experience of being hurt by these women.  Their relentless focus on my family and my life is a dream for Laurie; making it come true has been my worst fear.  All the work I did to keep that from happening my whole life, Jeffrey destroyed with Bessie, David and Missy.  I purposefully kept these people away from my friends.  Now they are all marked.  All of them.  Every one Laurie couldn't find, she's found.  My family knows nothing because of Missy's policy of "don't tell them anything" but my friends do...curious isn't it?

This whole situation wreaks...of stupidity.  I'm starved for intelligence, been that way for a very long time.  Haven't seen a gay person in years.  Haven't seen a friend in so long wouldn't know if they were a friend...that's always fun.  You see someone you know and you have to think, "Did she get to this one yet or not?"  Then you wince when you say, "Hello," hoping that they aren't under the influence of Laurie.  "Are they gonna take a swing at me or aren't they..."  You just never know.  Friends for years turn into enemies in a second.  You live your life always wondering, "What was that for?"  You just never know what's going to happen next, but one thing is for certain, it's going to be painful and it's not going to be good.  But I will be fine, I'm always fine.

File your lawsuit Jeffrey...I'll be waiting for it.

Talking On Someone Else's Behalf: Filing A Restraining Order For Jeffrey

Someone, not famous, me, once said, "You can write 'The Bible' from Leo Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' if you take it OUT OF CONTEXT".  It all depends on just how far you want to take it out of context.  You can use this word from page 17 and this word from page 2 and this "J" from page 1 and so forth and after about 50 years of tedious work, you could probably write an entire Old Testament from the words and letters written by Mr. Tolstoy all taken out of context.  He wrote them, but are they really what he meant?  Of course not, he wrote War and Peace, not the Old Testament.  This is what the "workplace restraining order" that the City of La Quinta's employee wrote when she wrote that piece of garbage restraining order that isn't even representing the person that works there.  How could it be true?  If the woman that works there isn't the woman that signed it, then how could it be the truth?  It has to be fiction and fiction isn't what the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is sworn to when the petitioner signs it.   Talk about a lie, that's a sworn court document...if that's a lie, then how could anything in it be considered the truth including the woman that filed it?  It's garbage...

Enter the latest threatened scam from Missy and Laurie who think that by threatening me and harassing me from Jeffrey's home will result in some kind of character assassination or defamation lawsuit from the Katzenberg family regarding this work that I've done for years and years.  Part of what the Blue Widow team does, outside of threatening the men that they have infected, implanted and stalked, is find ways of using the legal system to put them in jail.  It's a manipulation.  Now, Missy is advising Jeffrey that she should harass me to the point where he should complain about me to the police so that he can look like some kind of victim after pretending to be some kind of parent that sought out my help with the police advising him.  This is ridiculous.  He got my permission to do this kind of informant work with me with one proviso: This kind of work CAN ONLY BE DONE for the prosecution of "Lisa", the subject our investigation tied to the Steven Frey investigation.  He can not use this system with me for any type of prosecution against me and that was clearly expressed.  What he has done is the exact opposite.  He's now used it to harass me with it and take information to stall this investigation without using it to arrest this suspect.  There is evidence that will show that the suspects have been at my home and robbed my family without any police involvement.

Now Missy and Laurie think that the extra three weeks plus of harassment have pissed me off to the point that I have been threatening his family, not true.  What I have done is told them to expect me to be filing lawsuits against them for this crime.  If they feel threatened, they have their own deception to blame.  They went rogue when they hired Missy to work with them despite all kinds of efforts to keep them from doing so.  My team in Palm Springs has plenty of experience with Missy and so did members here.  None of them wanted Missy involved nor did they trust Bessie Smith. Jeffrey and his friend David did not listen and hired them anyway.  This allowed two of Laurie's three friends in to ruin this investigation.  That began a chain of harassment that has ended with my family being the target of hate and deception for nearly a decade culminating in what Missy and Laurie are now advising Marilyn and Jeffrey to file as a lawsuit.  I'm all for it.  

If they do, I'm ready.  I will have the opportunity to discover all kinds of records and things that Jeffrey and Marilyn will never have thought of.  It might just keep them out of my life forever.  Restrain them, restrain Missy and everyone that works with them.  That means no more local more friends living with me or Christopher.  It will also start a chain reaction in the Hollywood community that won't work well with Jeffrey and Marilyn's careers.  He thinks that I can't afford an attorney or something, but I'm already lawyered up.  The problem that Jeffrey and Marilyn's short term plan has is it's cold and ungrateful similarity to another "workplace violence restraining order" filed by another woman that was in Sedona, Arizona, just like Missy was...another Katzenberg employee.  

(Phone records to be obtained, with text messages from Laurie and Missy to be retrieved...two drug addicts on vacation don't really miss a chance for an exchange of meth now do they girls?  A Katzenberg employee buying drugs from the suspect in another state, scandalous. Let's be honest here...Missy was there for many reasons, but protecting me, was not one of them.)

So now what you are seeing is something else that Missy and Jeffrey are trying.  A restraining order and a newly leased vehicle, both with a three year time period.  Certainly doesn't look like Missy has any plans on leaving does it Marilyn?  You see this isn't something that Missy thinks is going to end any time soon.  That has me greatly concerned for the safety of my family.  If you don't see the signs then you aren't driving safely.  I see the signs and I am buckled up for safety.  What I am hearing from Laurie and Missy is that they think that Jeffrey is the "perfect person to be a personal assistant for".  Benjamin is no longer anyone to be concerned about.  He's lost his effectiveness.  That saddens me.  His father apparently told him to allow his rapists to run his life.  That's a really sad thing.  He asked me for help, now I'm not certain what the best thing to do is.  When a friend asks for help and a father does something like this, what do you do?

There is no sign for that is there?  I've felt like this before by my own parents.  I've been told not to do things for my friends before too but I didn't listen and I still think that I was right.  I fought and they are better for it.  They, however did not reciprocate.  This is a situation that continues to haunt me.  Poor parenting versus what I know as an adult victim of this crime versus what I know these girls are capable of doing: murder.  There isn't room for error.  The choices that you make now have consequences tonight, tomorrow, this week, so you have to make careful choices.  Benjamin has become a pawn with his silence.  I didn't think that could happen.  His mom's silence and apathy made her useless to all of us.  Also not a good thing for the victims.   You don't tell a victim of rape to let his rapists run his life and make decisions for him, where is that in parenting?

Missy and Laurie have tried to make me look like I'm some kind of person that "made this all up".  This is an old way of "blaming the victim".  Blame the victim, support the rapist.  This is the reason that we all suffer.  For any person to think that it is better to support silence is to support Laurie's rape and ravage scheme.  This is at the heart of what is wrong.  You can't keep using the legal system to throw innocent victims in a jail cell because you don't like them telling the truth.  Jeffrey or any parent thinking it is better to diminish the injuries that I've suffered since I was 19 years old is an old form of homophobia.  I was GIVEN HIV.  It was intentional.  I know that there isn't any difference between HIV victims once you have the disease.  We're all in the same boat, but there is a difference in the way you feel about how you get it when it is a crime.  I WAS GIVEN THIS DISEASE ON PURPOSE!  It wasn't through carelessness, or an accident, or promiscuity or drug use.  I went to sleep and woke up with HIV.  There is no commercial on television for that.  There is no warning on the news for that.  That is why I am advocating.  The police aren't telling you this is happening.  This is avoidable.  It is a crime!!!  They should be telling people about it!!! 

This was exacerbated when, after years of thinking that I was given this disease and finally becoming HIV undetectable, I was raped again by the same girl, and she exposed me to Hep C, another deadly, and, at the time, incurable disease.  Once again, I was testing positive for another deadly disease after being raped by the same girl...AGAIN.  This time with evidence and the police let her get away with it.  This is ridiculous.  Same person, same crime.  Again.  She took my life away from me twice not to mention she nearly killed me by beating my skull to pieces, but that all disappeared too.  This is too much for a person to have to handle.  As it worked out, I was only exposed to Hep C because of the way Laurie delivered the virus anally...and exposed it to air for too long, but she sure tried.  I would have been exposed to HIV again as well but I took an antiviral at the time and that stopped the re-exposure.  The attempts were Hep C, HIV re-exposure and beating my head in...three attempts in one rape...and nobody gave a shit, least of all the police.  Yeah, I'm mad.  Wouldn't you be?

You can't avoid something that you don't know is happening at an alarming rate!  In Palm Springs, if you are gay, over time, this WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!  This IS A REALITY! I'm trying to do something that nobody else is doing and for Jeffrey to be harassing me then filing a lawsuit with his wife to protect his precious reputation and his wonderful movie career is nothing short of villainous.  I won't stand for it.  I would rather have a lawsuit.  Maybe then it will get some attention with HIS NAME ON IT!  At least then he will have to answer for what he knows instead of hiding like a little girl playing "mean girls" with Missy in some "burn book" in Joshua Tree.  This is a serious crime. I have friends that are dead because of this.  I have a serious responsibility to other parents.  He is NOT THE ONLY ONE.  He thinks, I guess, for some reason, that he is the ONLY FATHER, that has been hurt by Missy.  Welcome to the club Jeffrey.  You are one of hundreds, you don't get special treatment because of what you do.  Wake up.  Your kid needed your help not your apathy.

So all this night after night, Missy and Laurie for nine years.  The "alternate plan" was to make me so mad at Jeffrey and Marilyn that they would take away my ability to advocate for the victims of this crime on this blog.  That is my First Amendment Right. That's pretty awful for a man and a woman in the business of movie making isn't it?  This is a guy that feels no responsibility for the Batman shooting in Colorado when the kid goes into the movie theater and kills everyone.  I don't disagree.  I don't think he does have a responsibility for that.  He can't just switch sides though.  He can't play fast and loose when it is his turn to sit in the hot seat.  When the pressure is on, he can't seek to legislate his own form of the right to free speech when he is the guy that is behind the ugliness.  You see the ugly side of Free Speech is that it sometime points at you.  I have every right to say what I say.  The way Jeffrey misused my permission to create a harassment situation for my family is illegal.  He's done it with the intent of helping a criminal suspect.  He did not have my permission to do this and if he acts like he didn't do this, he would be lying.  There are too many parents that know that he is doing this too.  I don't think that they will all support his lies...if he has tried to convince them to do this, it would be a crime.

All Jeffrey and Marilyn had to do was parent.  They did not have to get involved.  They could have helped me or not.  They did not have to interfere in my investigation, a police investigation with papers to that effect.  It's official.  They could have helped or not.  When they involved themselves in a negative way and took from my investigation and hindered justice, then they committed a crime.  There is no way that I will be convinced that this did not happen.  You can not know what this system is capable of, mind reading, and not know what I was thinking and what they were asked to do.  They could either help or not, but hinder was not allowed.  That was where we split our relationship off.  There was no way I would have consented to anything illegal or anything that would have been under the color of the law.  My informant work has been completely without benefit to me. Check the record.  I've had not one single benefit afforded to me or my family.  I've had no reason to lie and no reason to do anything more than advocate for the victims of this crime.  I want no money from the victims's families and especially the Katzenbergs.  I am not seeking any kind of financial gain from the victims of this crime.  The problem is that Jeffrey's decision have kept me from seeking financial gain for myself...on my own and for my family.  He is obstructing my opportunities and is keeping me from others that would support what I do. He has no right to do that.  I am not the person that he should be mad at.  He's working with her right now.

Laurie and Missy are angry that ONE VICTIM has finally found a way to speak out about what they do and THEY NEED A MAN AGAIN, to stop it from happening.  They hate men all the time, but they think they've found one that is STUPID ENOUGH to support them.  It's repulsive.  There's all this support for women these days and I'm the first guy in the universe to support that movement.  I absolutely love empowered women, but not these two.  I have an astonishing record with women's studies and women's rights.  Wrote a published paper about it, you should read it sometime girls you might learn something about "stupid men".  Where in the world is the support for men that support women?  You see women like this hurt women.  They do no good for anyone.  They are the kinds of people that do no good for anyone.  If you don't need a man to be a successful woman, then that's a good start, but don't start looking for one to help you when you don't have the financing or muscles to enforce your drug dealing business.  You aren't powerful women, you are powerless whores.  You are everything that truly powerful women do not embody.  Powerful women do not hate men.  Powerful women focus on themselves as successful people.  They are fulfilled in all areas of their lives, they don't focus on hurting men to look powerful.  It shows weakness.  It says I'm weak.   The women that I know are powerful share their power with love and happiness and look powerful because of their positive attitudes towards other women and men.  Families are not always important, but for many that is also a big positive.  For the women that families aren't as important, they focus on other positive aspects.  None of them are negative like the two of you.

What I am seeing here is a man that thought he could use me for furthering his career using my ideas.  This system is good for stealing intellectual property.  What would have been wrong with sharing multimillion dollar ideas with me Jeffrey and Marilyn?  Why did you have to steal them?  It certainly isn't worth the lives of the LGBTQ community and your precious reputations, most of all your son's future.  It's just another way that our community has lost.  Once again these two women have found what they were looking for.  A filthy rich subsidizer with no conscience, a "stupid man" that can be manipulated with tits and ass, a wife that doesn't care, a son that can be stomped into submission and a system that can be used to steal tremendous ideas from a creative community.  It couldn't get uglier if you wrote it in a book, like "War and Peace" or "The Old Testament", I guess it just depends on what context you put it in. 

1:30 am And Jeffrey's Bitch Is Still Threatening Me!!!

Missy Pissy is still being a bitch.  Jeffrey is still sicking his little blonde dog on me all night long and it is one thirty in the morning.  I haven't been able to sleep in weeks.  This is getting worse and worse.  Now Jeffrey is threatening me night and day with his wife.  This is getting old.

Laurie is now telling me that she is going to anonymously tell the police that she is going to warn the police that I'm being disrespectful to Jeffrey's family.  Oooooh, I'm scared.  You know something Jeff, do it!  I can hardly wait to see you in court!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Am I Really Like That? Yes Bitch, You Really Are!

Jeffrey promised Missy he would always be her friend...Missy Pissy.

Now that she's all but ruined my life for the umpteenth time with her friend, Bessie Smith, I want revenge.  I'm going to get it too.  Since Marilyn Katzenberg doesn't know how to handle a bitch, I'm going to have to handle a bitch for her.  First of all, Meth Barbie, you aren't going to get everything that you think you deserve.  Right now, I want Jonathan's family's attorney to start working on whatever they can to begin proceedings against Jeffrey Katzenberg, I'm officially through with his ass.  I won't ever trust him or his wife ever again.  This is the end of all of his bullshit.  He's done all the damage he is going to do with this bank account bullshit, the lying, the up and down bullshit and this informant misconduct bullshit.  It's time to get litigious and it is time to start stopping him with the law.

I've had it with his undying devotion to Little Missy Pissy.  Her constant lying about what her intentions are and her need to constantly have everything that I have in my life are over.  I don't want another instance of her spying on my life and handing it over to Laurie.  Her, Little Miss Innocent routine ended the day she made my smashed skull injury look like a "no result".  She's a monster.  She's a monster with a hatred for men that drives her with the spirit of an NBA golddigger wife.  I don't need that kind of ambition driving my family into the poor house while Jeffrey's boner for lesbianism grows in his pants.  I have no more need for his unfulfilled promises and lies.  His wife has sluffed this bleached bimbo off on me for the last time.   If she can't handle this whore then the law will.  There are enough witnesses to her threats from the past and witnesses to make her treacherousness stick forever.

I don't need some Barbie with an attitude following me around any longer.

Bitches get stitches in a courtroom too, the legal kind.  It's time that Jailhouse Barbie gets a new Dream Home in Chowchilla State Prison.

Delivering The Death of My Father...Laurie's Forty Year Dream!

For those of you that have watched your father's die, I just want you to know that I am watching mine do that right now.  I can see the color drifting, I can see the energy going, I can see the magic fading and I can see it fading every day.  I can see it happening because of Jeffrey strangling us.  I can see what this entire situation is doing. It's been Laurie's dream since she was a little girl.  Ask everyone.  She's been trying so hard for as long as I can remember to take my father away from my family.

Now she has Jeffrey and all of my friends helping her do it.  Fucking cunt Missy.  I can't stand that fucking bitch.  I wish her own father would die...did I just write that?  I guess that's how much I hate thinking that someone would do that to me and my dad that hasn't ever hurt someone.  I could never do that to someone else's father.  Bessie Smith is to blame for Missy being in my father's life...she should have to feel this pain.

What I am really not understanding is how little this means to the rest of you that I've helped, especially that thing I call a boyfriend.  You have done so little for us.  You should really have your whole family look at what you've failed to do. Years of nothing.  I hope you are proud think that Jeffrey is someone to look up to.  You missed out on an opportunity to know a REAL father.  That man you keep apologizing to is a fucking pussy.

Today's Blog Postings: Missy's Doormat

The Making Of A Drug Dealer: Selling Drugs For The Palm Springs Police Department

You want to know how the Palm Springs Police Department buys new cars for their police force?  How they upgrade their systems?  How they are able to buy stuff for their department?  They make drug dealers out of homosexual rape victims using billionaire movie makers and Laurie/Missy.  It's really quite simple.

You take one violent rape, two very violent girls with HIV, one sadistic brother, a police department full of implanted dirty cops with career goals and a community of gay men....let rapes go unsolved...shake well...protect it with a billionaire contributor and you have the makings of a perfect conspiracy that allows one rich assed family to be protected for life, while the entire gay community gets fed into the prison system and the AIDS machine to die without a single word being said against it.  Add in a few other parents with kids that think of only themselves...erase a few of their criminal records, and what you end up with is an entire community based in fear and loathing of a girl, remote neural monitoring and disease.  The cops have the worst reputation in the entire country for hating the LGBTQ community and our AIDS numbers are staggering.

When you combine that with a billionaire that hides all the witnesses and evidence then stalks two police informants until he can put them both in prison, you have the recipe for a crime against humanity with the benefit going to the movie producer for millions and millions of dollars in revenue for intellectual property that he can steal right out of the mind of yours truly.  If he can kill me or my family before any of you find out about it, then he gets it all, he thinks.   It won't happen though...because my intellectual property remains my family's property even after my death.  My AIDS virus will be tested for the DNA of the woman that infected me and it will be tested against the woman that said she worked for the City of LaQuinta and dated Bryan Fucking Anderson....and there will be a complete investigation as to whom worked for Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg in this area from 2008 until now.  What I am telling you is this.  Jeffrey is trying to make my situation for my parents so desperate that I will have to become the newest drug dealer in Laurie and Missy's organization.  It AIN'T gonna happen.  Talk to Steven Frey, Ricky, Mikey...and Jonathan.  We've all been put in this position by Missy and Laurie, but now Jeffrey is giving away bank account numbers of my family so that Laurie can steal away their life savings. Thank you Bryan Fucking Anderson.  How do you know that isn't true Bryan?  Can you trust him?

Laurie and Missy stole thousands of dollars from him before they met Jeffrey, why haven't they been prosecuted for that?  Why haven't they been prosecuted for the theft of property from his home?  I'll tell you  why, because Jeffrey has become a criminal enterprise with this system.  He is a crime boss now.  He won't stop helping the criminals and he is satisfied with stealing from me.  He is enamored with being an internet mob boss...he loves to extort families by using this system as much as Laurie does.  If he didn't then why would he warn everyone else's family but mine?  Ask him that one police department!!!!  He's a bully.  His wife is a terrorist.  An ungrateful family that learned of this technology because of the work I did and because of the kindness of my team.  Then they turned on us...they are dirty lying bullshit artists that love nothing more than stealing from the middle class and hurting honest hard working people. They should be prosecuted for what they have handed to Laurie and her brother.  What they did for Missy is a huge crime.

You finally did it Marilyn, you've finally told everyone who you really are the bitch everyone knew you were.  The lying ungrateful mother of Benjamin!!!

This is HOW the Palm Springs Police Department has MADE drug dealers in the gay community there for decades.  You see Laurie and Missy have supplied hundreds of thousands of dollars of meth and needles to the gay community for years and years.  They've also supplied rapes, AIDS and other things too that people like Chief Reyes have turned their heads on and arrested us for because there is no way out for these people.  They can't breathe any longer.  There is no hope for these men that they have done this to.  They can't work.  They can't get insurance.  They can't live normal lives and if they try, Missy and Laurie take everything from them and NOW they have a billionaire and his wife helping them do it.  It is a complete holocaust of the gay community built on a sinister relationship between a contributor to the police department and the police chief...that has been around for decades.  This whole sham is something that is allowed because there is no internal affairs department and no internal review of the conduct of a police chief that says, "there is nothing more our department can do for" a victim of rape that is savagely beaten a block from police headquarters.  You know who I can have testify to all of this...the drug dealers themselves...the people that Laurie and Missy did this to.  You think they aren't credible?  They all have the AIDS virus from Laurie, chips with numbers that relate to Laurie' log book, police officer conversations about them, stolen police files, conversations between Laurie and the police.  We have them all.  The one thing we have the most of, is a bunch of promoted cops that lie to the public when it comes to the truth about their involvement with this technology.

I want you all to know that I am sickened to see what this department did to me, you don't know the severity of my injuries but what Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg have done to my family, a family that has been tortured for forty years by Laurie and Missy, is the worst infraction of all.  These two parents should receive the worst penalties the law allows.

"Who's The One That ALWAYS Gets What She Wants," Missy Pissy to Laurie With Jeffrey and His Wife Listening This Afternoon

Why am I getting this horrible feeling like Jeffrey is being held hostage by Missy telling him that she won't leave unless he pays her more money?  Now I don't know his living situation but I am getting the image of some blonde freaky ex stripper stalking around one of those luxury trailers with a pistol in her hand acting like she's some kind of spurned know, like out of some kind of pulp fiction movie.  It's like a Quentin Tarrantino movie, but inside is Jeffrey, a victim of his own Tarrantino-ing...and he's cried wolf so many times that this time he can't even get his own security team to get involved.

Missy's outside of his trailer stomping around, makeup disheveled, perfectly curled hair, no longer curled, fat ass cheek hanging out, ripped up Fabletic sweatshirt dress that she "isn't gonna live in" any longer...and she's pissed.  Gone are the sweet, "Jeffreeeeeeeeeeey's" now they are just "Je-FF's!"  She's the girl that's gonna be a star, one way or another...and if she's not gonna fit the bill, the bills are gonna fit her.  Where's the money you promised her in her dreams Jeffrey?  Where is her bank account that never promised Jeff?  Where are all those promises that you never promised?

You see one thing that Missy Pissy won't be at the end of that one that lost the last fifteen times she tried it.  The broke ass bitch that never wins.  This time, she's gonna be Gwen Stefani.  Um, yeah, bitch, no your not.

You aren't getting another may get some bracelets...but this time the locket, is spelled differently. Lock - it.

Friday, January 20, 2017

I Feel Like This Kitten..."Just Keep Letting Jeffrey Hit Me Until He Gets Tired"

He keeps putting me deeper and deeper into the woods and there was already no chance of finding my way home.  I don't know what Jeffrey expects me to do, but one thing is for certain, if he thinks that he is going to use me for nine years then destroy my family at the end of it without me saying a word about it, he's crazier than Missy and Laurie combined.  It's not going to happen.

As long as I have the strength in my fingers and a coherent thought in my head, I will never forget the horrible things that Jeffrey has done to me.  Missy and Jeffrey have taken all of my energy for this project and stuck it so far in the middle of nowhere that there isn't anyone willing to come and find me.  I don't know what more I can do to tell you I need help. He keeps slugging me and slugging me with these two women, day after day.  First Missy in the morning then Laurie all night long.  It's endless all from his son's home.  They all sit there and watch while Missy tells Jeffrey not to do anything but punish my family and look up bank accounts for Missy to help Laurie to steal money from.

This situation is ridiculous.  Laurie is robbing everyone blind and Jeffrey is helping her.  I can't believe that nobody has the nerve to step in and stop this evil man.

Yesterday's Blog Header: Can't Erase Murder Attempts

Welcome To Palm Springs Mr. and Mrs. Obama Hosted By James Costos and Michael Smith...Wish These Two Guys Knew More About Electronic Harassment and OUR Community In Turmoil

Welcome to President and Mrs. Obama to Palm Springs!!!  Apparently they are coming for the nice rainy weather...yikes!!!  These two gentlemen are James Costos and Michael Smith.  James is the American Ambassador to Spain, though I don't know for how long that lasts after a newly inaugurated President is in office.  The pair own a beautiful home in Rancho Mirage that the President and First Lady will be resting in for a bit of time post White House wanna see?  Here it is:

Pretty nice huh?

James and Michael are exactly the kinds of guys that need to know about what has happened in our community for one reason...they know the Obamas for God's sake.  So, if any of you out there know either or both of them, you may want to let them know, "Hey guys, you know our community is in the middle of a huge crisis right now here in Palm Springs and Jeffrey Katzenberg is living with one of the worst offenders of this crime!  Yes, her name is Missy...and she works with Laurie and Brian LaTweeker"  She's the girl that implants and infects the gay community with the AIDS virus and RFID implants.

I know what you are thinking, "Didn't Jeffrey work on the Obama Campaign?"  The answer is yes, he did, but the power of Missy canceled all of that out.  We could no more get a message to Mr. Obama or his wife than Oprah Winfrey....Jeffrey wouldn't allow it, but now that we have family living with the Obama's here in the desert, we can simply go around Jeffrey and tell the President, the truth about who he is living with and what he is doing to our community with Missy and a "family".

It's really sad too since he and President Obama are really good friends.  Missy basically could have helped Hillary win the election if Jeffrey had opened his big fat mouth like we asked him to, but, she would have cost Jeff and Marilyn too much money in taxes.  Trump was better for Jeffrey's he never told President Obama or Hillary Clinton the name of the terrorists or what we were doing out here with this project.  If you can't tell the President about domestic terrorism, who can you tell right?  He is, afterall, his very good friend.  So was Hillary, right Jeff?  She could have been the First Female President of the United States....there went that lifetime achievement dream.  Dream killer Katzenberg strikes again...she didn't earn it I guess, just like me.

Worked her whole life to become the President...sort of like the life I'm living...when Jeffrey says no...he means NO!!!  I guess that's then end of the dream when you own Hollywood.

The One Thing I Absolutely Know About Criminal Cases: A Warning For The Katzenberg Family

Over the years, during the time I was a Courtroom Deputy Clerk for the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, San Diego, I learned one thing to be true: The truth has a certain rhythm to it.  Question, answer, question, answer, question, answer...there is a rhythm and a cadence to it.  It is simply the truth.  You can't mistake it. A truthful answer makes sense, like flipping a light switch and the light turning on.  When you turn on a light switch and the light doesn't come on, then it's false, a lie.  It sounds that way to a trained ear.  You can tell a lie easily when you are trained to do that.  It's like a drug sniffing dog.  You know it.

There is one simple rule when it comes to police investigations and grand juries, don't lie.  Once you have submitted a lie, then everything that comes after is questionable.  If you would lie about this, what else would you lie about is the next inevitable question.  There is absolutely no way that it isn't the next question and invalidating you in front of a judge or a jury is all that needs to happen for your validity to go out the window.  If you lose your credibility, you are worthless inside of a courtroom.  Once you have lost your credibility, you have lost your value.  Whom you associate with and what you do for them can also lead to lies that will take you far down this path to.  You see the lane next to lying in a courtroom, is lying before you get there.

The whole problem with electronic harassment and investigating this crime is the secrecy that surrounds it and the ensuing and enveloping silence that comes with it.  It's like an oil spill of sorts, you know it's happened, it's everywhere, but nobody really wants to take responsibility for it.  So this person blames that person and before you know it, it becomes, if we all just shut our mouths, none of us gets the full blame.  But the birds die, the fish die, the people that live in the area suffer, the environment suffers, oil prices go up and everyone pays for it but those that are responsible for the mess they made.  Those people sit somewhere laughing at what they got away with while the rest of us have to figure out how to live with what happened here.  They're the ones that sit around telling everyone what a horrible thing it was, but secretly they had their hand in it making money the whole time.

You see, it's wonderful making a ton of movie money, but when that money affords you the luxury of anonymity and the kind of wealth you can have to pull the wool over everyone's can get away with pretty much anything you want.  You can buy up friends, turn friends into enemies, you can turn a ragamuffin into a princess and a prince into a can do just about anything you want to when your are a rich person.  Now, you can even watch them at home while you do it.  You can do it from your own living room.  With the flick of a switch and a login and a password you can watch all kinds of poor gay infected men in Palm Springs have sex, struggle, lie, cheat, steal, hell, you can even watch them take their last breath in the hospital before they die...yes, you too can pay for the privilege of watching what it is like to see what a person thinks before they die with their family members all around crying their eyes out.  Isn't that something?  What does a man think when he lets go of the life that Laurie, Missy and Brian stole from him Jeffrey?  That must be interesting stuff for a movie producer to know or his wife, a mother of three.  Good thing that won't be your son in that hospital room huh Marilyn?  Hate to see that pay per view event on that computer screen with all those celebrities coming in the room to see Benjamin's last few days....wonder what Missy and Laurie could get for that?

You see this was never really just about me, this was about keeping this system together for these girls and Jeffrey.  What could he do with something like this being the person that he's become?  What could he take from my mind knowing that I'm sheer brilliance in the desert?  Keeping me poor and desperate is a great way for him to steal whatever he can get his greedy little man paws on.  I'm sure Missy's thought of that and there is already a great deal of my intellectual property on hand.  Billions of dollars of income for decades of work that I've already thought of.   He has no reason to save me...why?  He has what he wants, if he could just steal it and run away.  He's tested the market and knows it's true.  I'm a success.  This is Missy's Dream, she won't be so bold, but she's always wanted what's beautiful mind.

I'm a gem.  I know what it takes to be a successful creator.  I've proven that time and again. I just won't be able to find her way out of her biggest mess.  I probably could find a way, but I'm not really in to selling out my community with my creativity and I'm surely not going to become the guy that did that to my friends. This isn't about what I can do for someone like Jeffrey.  Hollywood trusted him with so much responsibility and it has obviously trusted the wrong man.  There will be much speculation in the future as to what would have been the best course of action for me to have taken, but I relied on a few paths that weren't really road tested.  I have terrific friends without a ton of experience.  They are smart though.  Their strength wasn't in timeliness.  That's been a big problem for me and, at times, for them too.  My experience is better served somewhere else...I've got skills and experience that isn't well served in solitude.  My connections are really far away from this place.  So I have to share them here on the Internet.  I think that isolation was probably Jeffrey's greatest success.

So here we all are again.  Knowing one thing isn't going to happen that should.  Something is going to happen again that shouldn't.  That one man stood for nothing good and one man stood for good and nothing came from it.  Two women that did nothing but take took more than they should have, one woman let them have it and did nothing and two boys that grew into men learned a valuable lesson from each other.  If you stay silent about a woman that hurts you, you lose.  No matter whether you tell your parents about it or not, if YOU don't say something, sooner or later, you lose.  You hurt a whole lot of people by keeping YOUR MOUTH SHUT.  Now all of YOUR friends are HURT BECAUSE OF YOU.  It doesn't feel very good does it Benjamin?  Now all of the people that I let down all of these years, you let down again for me and you.  This is twice the victory for these girls and I have you and your family to thank for it.

Instead of keeping quiet though, I said something.  I said everything.  I said it louder and stronger and suffered for every single word.  You didn't.  You enjoyed all the fruits of my friendships.  All the support your father's money could buy for you from the blood that I shed for thirty years.  He bought you up every single friendship I ever made and surrounded you with my support system and you couldn't do anything with it.  I find that hard to believe.  With that kind of support and the knowledge about this system I could have done much better than this.  Especially where my family was concerned.  There is absolutely no way that these people would have allowed your father to do this to my family if his plan was to hurt them this way.  So someone lied to them.  Remember what I said above to all of you...ONE LIE Jeffrey and the rest of your truths become questionable.  Think about what that means. Now think about how what you told all of them will sound when you do nothing at my father's funeral.

So When A Cop Asks You To Be An Informant, Missy Says, "Go Teach Him A Lesson?"

Now we all know the time frame of my rape, by now.  Laurie and Brian were acting like they were going to come over to Steven's home while I was there and hurt someone.  It got so bad one night, that I was taken, by a friend from Steve's house to my parent's time share, shaken, to where they were staying.  The next morning my mom and dad, without telling me took me to Officer Bryan Anderson's home.  I didn't know that is where they were taking me.  I was happy to have a chance to ask him questions about what was going on with Steven Frey.  He did some checking.  Told a story about Laurie,which was really a story from MY PAST ABOUT ME, and I thought it was odd.  I said nothing to him about it.  I never talk about Laurie, but I thought, for the second time in my life, "Why does he keep bringing up Laurie.  I can't stand that girl.  She's a fucking bitch.  Why would you even know her Bryan?  She's like the total opposite of you?"  It started making sense then that she was just like the girl's voice that I was hearing all the time in my head...JUST LIKE HER.  Hateful, gay hating, bigot, foul mouthed, knew personal shit about me, rumor mongering...just like Lisa!

Still I said nothing.

Clearly Bryan knew stuff about Steven being a drug dealer too.  He asked me if I would become an informant for him.  He wanted to set up a sting regarding him going out of town and having him come into town after resupplying himself.  I told him I knew about where he got his supply and who he got it from and when he would go.  I knew all of it.  I'd been around a long time.  It would have been simple.  This must have greatly concerned Laurie, Brian and of course, Missy.  I told Bryan that I needed to think about it.  It isn't my style to turn in anyone for drug dealing.  My initial feeling inside was, "No, I won't turn in a friend for drug dealing" and Laurie, Missy and Brian knew it.  So knowing this, you would think that the trio would have been happy.  I wasn't inclined to do the job.  I didn't want to turn in my friend even though he was keeping a lot of secrets from me regarding this technology.  

I left knowing that I'd been given the opportunity, but thinking Laurie was likely the girl behind the voice.  The wheels were turning in my head and I wrote about it in my journals.  There are entries in my diaries.

Unfortunately we are not dealing with three normal drug dealers in Laurie, Missy and Brian.  Instead of realizing that I had made a smart choice for them.  They told Steven about the conversation immediately.  The next time I saw him he confronted me and said, "Word on the street is that you are an informant." Out of the blue.  I told him the truth.  I'd been asked but said no.  Clearly Laurie had already blown my confidentiality.  So there was no reason to lie.  Once the seed of confidentiality is planted in a dealer's mind, you might as well fess up.  Missy, it is rumored, then told Laurie and Brian that this would be a good time to "teach Steven and me a lesson" and two weeks later, one of us was badly raped and beaten inside of Steven's home. That person was me.  The mark, I am told, was one of Missy's former neighbors living down the street in the Cove...whom had to go to the airport the morning of the rape.  He got Steven out of the house so that I was left alone.  It could have just as easily been me.  Apparently Steven had cut off Laurie and Brian and Missy at the time and this was what they wanted.  Nobody cuts off Laurie and Missy.  

Steven had been raped in that home several times when this happened.

The word is when you cut off Missy, she goes straight up white gurl thug on you...Long Beach LBC gang sign thug.  Whatever.  She's sent people to my home here at night and to my parents home too.  No police. Nothing.  She's also been in Sedona, Arizona for the stalking too.  I invited my team, not Missy.

Druggie bitch likes to play gangsta bitch...I'm not into it.  I've seen the real thing.  She's just not quite what I know to be valid in that world.  I know the real girls of Alcatraz and they don't whine and giggle like her.  They handle their shit and don't go around begging rich men for help.  This is a pretender.  She has the bandanna but she's more of a band-aid.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Night That There Was Nowhere Else To Go, So I Took A Stand

There is one thing you know when you are "the one".  The one that Missy, Laurie and Brian are hunting.  The one they want to put in jail.  The one that they think of as "the problem".  I, of course, am always "the problem" because I'm me.  There was a period in my life while I was living with Steven Frey where I was thought of as their "drug dealer's boyfriend" and "the problem".  Now I don't quite know why that was because I never really told Steven how to run his business with drugs.  If he wanted to sell them drugs, I didn't know who they were or what they wanted.  They'd call and he'd deliver if he wanted to.  I had nothing to do with it.  Boy they sure acted like I was the problem though.  They kind of made me their problem I guess.  I wrote about it a lot in my diary.

After a period of time it was obvious that Steven was going through it with the voices that he and I were both hearing.  He was obviously tired of hearing them complain about me and I was obviously tired of hearing them complaining about me being there and to be honest, I just enjoyed spending time with him.  It was nice just sitting around his house.  We were both kind of quiet with each other.  We'd work on stuff kind of silently.  I would write, he'd work on his stuff and we did boyfriend stuff.  It was quaint.  Not sexual.  Not druggie.  Just nice.  I enjoyed his company.  He enjoyed mine.  It was just them.  All the time them.  They didn't have anything better to do than fuck with us.  So they did.  I had my own place.  So most of the time I'd come over for a while then I'd go home after a while to sleep.  Sometimes, I'd stay over.  No sex though.  We weren't sexual.  He wasn't and after a while neither of us was.

It was really just kind of a friendship.  The voices were too much though for both of us.  He would tell me that eventually I would get tired this situation because he was "toxic" and I thought it was odd because we were friends.  He'd lost a good life.  I'd lost a good life and we were both working on putting it back together.  I found a good job at a five star resort and was getting ready for a big management position and he was learning a concrete job and things looked good so "toxic" seemed odd.  He was right though.  Laurie, Missy and Brian had done this before.  They knew they would ruin our was inevitable.  So when he started to get closed off and he started to close the door in my face...there was one night I went to see him and he wouldn't let me come in...I think I'd walked by for the umpteenth time to figure out what was wrong.  He was closed off.  Laurie had threatened him.  I was tired.  There was no place left to go.  So I laid down in the back of his truck.  

Like I said when you are the "one" that Missy and the others want to go to jail, you know it.  You can feel it.  I wasn't interested in drugs.  I hadn't been using for a long time, I just missed my friend.  I hadn't seen him in a while.  I wanted to talk.  But he had shut himself down.  He was closed off.  He was toxic.  He knew what Laurie would be like if I came in to talk to him.  She would call the cops again on his behalf and for a drug dealer...that's not cool.  It happened many times.  The police did that for her lots of times...too many to count.  So I laid down in the back of his truck, sober, frustrated, knowing that I was being hunted.  Soon Ken and Rafe showed up to remove me from the truck because they were at Laurie's apartments next door.  It was then I realize that this was the night I would be arrested again, but for what?  I wasn't high, but the cops in Palm Springs don't give a shit.  You can be arrested for just about anything there.  It was sad, two of my friends taking me out of my boyfriends yard to be arrested for Laurie and they hate her too.

I was either going to walk the five or so miles home to get arrested or sleep in the desert to get arrested, but then I thought fuck it.  The police department is right there.  I'll save those fuckers the time.  I walked over to the police department and at about 12 o'clock at night I just stood there.  I figured if they wanted to arrest me for nothing they could just do it there.  Sure enough two of Laurie's cops were there in a flash.  They field tested me and I told them.  I just was there so I didn't get arrested.  There wasn't anywhere else to be.  They looked perplexed.  I wasn't on anything.  I was sad.  I just stood there for the rest of the night.  I just stood.  All night long I stood there.  While Missy told Barbara not to come and talk to me.  While Bessie said not to come and help me.  I stood all night long because I could not take one more bullshit minute of being completely without understanding how doing nothing wrong could mean so much to people.  It's like now.  I do nothing wrong, but I get punished for it everyday by some dick that thinks that helping people is bad or worse than a girl that tells people to not get involved.  How could "don't get involved" land her here with a car and a house?  I guess she got involved.  I think she was always involved.  What she meant was don't stop me.

Don't stop me from committing a crime.  Don't get involved means "don't stop me" to a criminal.  Don't get involved to an advocate is something that an advocate hears from someone that doesn't care...

Don't get involved to a friend of the family is something that you say when you aren't a friend of the family any longer.  You can't say that when you are a friend.  A friend is already involved aren't they?  There are only so many ways to take a stand against this kind of person, you either say stop saying "don't get involved", because by saying it, you've involved yourself already or ask them why not?

How in the world could Missy have even known not to get involved at that time?  There was no blog or any way of knowing this was going on.  It certainly wasn't well known to anyone but these she obviously gave that advice or threat knowing something illegal was going on.  In that case it is a crime.  At any rate, what we now know is this, she's here and she's got another person keeping himself and others that I care about from getting involved.  I don't like him for that.  I don't think that is unreasonable do you?

If something like this was happening to his son, and it is, and I told people not to get involved and his son had to explain this on his own, he might feel differently.  Fortunately for him, he had me.  Now he wants to take my hard work and the work of others and make it seem like he's been the one with all this ingenuity.  It wasn't his project or his insight that did anything.  We did it all and we suffered greatly for it.  Missy never went to jail for her silence.  We did.  I sat in jail cells so many times that I thought that my life had done a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn.  I'd never been in a jail cell before returning to Palm Springs.  Never.  Laurie acts like I'm some kind of career criminal now, but I'd never been in jail in my life.  Check it. Not once until Laurie started in.  Then it all starts.  Come to think of it not one arrest has to do with drugs.  Just nothing after nothing.  All the jail cells I was in have to do with nothing.  Just threat after threat.

So one night I took a stand.  Then I did it again.  I got so tired of being arrested that I just stood there.  I feel like that now.  I feel like going and standing in front of Jeffrey's son's home with a sign that says, I'm done.  Stop this now.  The pressure is tremendous.  He just won't stop.  Every day is more and more and more and more.  He thinks he's so helpful to the girl that threw us out of more homes than anyone.  She never batted an eye.  She tallied up more missed Prop 36 classes so we could be arrested, more strike 1's, more warrants for Laurie...I mean Missy kept tallies on us.  That's not helpful is it?  She could have messed up but she didn't.  She was accurate.  She told on us.  She made up  salacious sex stories. She fed us to Laurie like prime rib and now Jeff wants to help her family.  My dad was on trial for two and a half years.  I got shot at.  I was beaten.  This man has no scale...he doesn't know the first thing about balance.  You don't help this person before you help the wounded battle soldier Jeff...prioritize.

You don't send her family to Vegas on a jet plane...fuck are you fucking mad?

One Day Out Of The Hospital And Guess Who Jeffrey Is Paying Attention To? Well, Her Name Isn't Kevin...It Ryhmes With Pissy

I swear to God this bitch could literally shit on his food and Jeffrey would think, "Isn't that cute Marilyn, she's showing me affection by shitting on my food."

Okay, folks this has gone on long enough.  I'm going to have to spell this out for all of you that have any doubt at all.  Jeffrey is having an affair.  Period.  It isn't a sexual affair, but it is an affair none the less.  Sex isn't the only way that a man leaves his family.  He's emotionally unavailable to his son and wife and doesn't apparently listen to anyone any longer.   He's bought her a home close to his and he's spending his nights with her.  He's doing what she says for her family.  He's protecting her family. He's doing everything that a man having an affair would do for a woman that is having an affair with her would be doing.  It's a said situation.  This is what he's been doing for a very long time.  I am sorry that I have to listen to this every single day.  It's not something that I want to listen to, but I am forced to hear every day of my life.  Missy is forcing me to have to live her affair every single day.  It's sickening me.  She is a slut.  She's the most irresponsible whore I've ever known.  A brutal awful negligent cash seeking slut.  He's completely lost his mind.  Nobody in his right mind would ever listen to some slutty non talented waste of a human being like her.  She's a lying whore.

The problems that she has caused Marilyn and the gay community are nothing compared to the homes and families that she has helped to wreck in her lifetime and she deserves the hatred that everyone can heap upon her.  Nobody should respect a woman that has such little respect for a family that did nothing to deserve the manipulation that she showed up with and the plan that she literally stalked this family with.  It is obvious that she planned to do this to this family for years and years.  What she has done is nothing short of a sin!  I hope that her own family has the same kind of disgust for this horrible woman that I do.  She literally has alienated every single member of Jeffrey's family and earned the disgust of every single member of his once respectable family.

What she is trying to pull off here is financial and for the sole purpose of getting herself into some kind of position to make some play for a dream that could never come true.  She is a true sociopath.  Nothing will stand in her way to become some kind of damsel in distress that has been made to look like she was some kind of victim. Her calculated and cold method of using men as an excuse to steal and discard like garbage is legendary.  Her hatred of gay men is also tragic.  The way she has helped Laurie in the past is also not without noting.  She has used the system of remote neural monitoring to throw innocent men in jail as a punishment to keep herself in the pursuit of financial success as if men owed her something.  She's a nurse without any kind of Hippocratic oath.  She feels nothing for anyone.  She has no tears.  She cries for nobody.  She is cold inside and out.  What she's allowed herself to feel is nothing...but darkness.

Jeffrey is too stupid to feel the paid of our community over the game she is playing with his mind.  He honestly considers her some kind of poor lost soul.  Poor little Missy.  She's a butcher....a killer's best friend.  Boo hoo hoo.  I'm just so sad for her.  I couldn't care less if she got hit by a bus.