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Lori still can't believe that I'm working despite her full press effort to keep all prospective employers from contacting me. I went with a complete blitz of everyone that I was interested in working for in the local area and got extremely lucky to meet up with an owner at one of the establishments. I actually got two job offers in one day!!! Lori managed to forward my parent's phone so I didn't get one job offer, but I did follow up, and got the job anyway! I just finished my third day and I love working there. A good fit and good people work there. Fun and hey, it's money right? Not exactly where I wanted to be living, but at least I like the people I'm working with. That's a plus.
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Working On Finding Some New Friends Now

In light of some recent developments, it has come to my attention that I need to scrap my old investigation and begin anew.  I'm looking for some new people to work with on this and will take some time to do this.  Don't worry.  This time I will be much more careful.  I'm working now and I have to watch my own back.  Sorry to all that believed in my old team.  Problems occurred and I had no more say in what was going on.

I'm no longer able to speak to any of the people that I was working with before and feel that they may have been involved with some criminal enterprises.  I'm not going to compromise my integrity for the sake of their own private concerns.  The public safety comes before them.  I will continue to work for the people.

Sorry about the mistakes I've made in working with the wrong people.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

If This Is True, Lori and Brian Should Be Good Through The Next Ice Age, Missy Pissy Will Be There To Greet Them

I use to take all the shit in the world upon my shoulders and never complained about a single thing when it came to this torture.  I knew that Lori and Brian were just waiting for their chance to tell people that I was whining and being self serving about my aches and pains when it came to this.  The truth is that I knew I had it worse than most people did when it came to Lori and Brian, I've known them longer and been through far more.  Only Lori's own family has been through worse than me and even then, I doubt that it's anything but equal in terms of what we both know to be true about her.  You can  only know evil so well...then it's just evil.

She thinks that she is the greatest "convincer" of all time.  She is so convincing.  I guess that means she either thinks she is the greatest actress or the greatest extortionist or decide.   She's doing it some way, I'm just not quite sure how?  One thing is for sure, she's not fooling me in the least.  I've seen better actresses.  She has nothing on me or my family.  She isn't really as impressive as you would think she is on the microphone either.  When you actually do get a look at her for the first time, she is less impressive than you ever thought she would be.  She usually has her fat assed brother with her who thinks he's impressive, but he isn't muscular or athletic...he's not a bad ass.  He's kind of a priss.   He's mostly a drag queen that likes to wear girls stuff, but wants you to think he's a biker in real life.  Now we all know that there are tough drag queens out there, I don't want any of you going out there and getting your ass kicked by Detox, because bitch is strong.  What I am telling you here is that Brian is 100% pussy.  He is only there to look tough, his sister owns him and she's a cream puff.

What Lori always does is try to find someone to hurt me for drugs.  A mercenary, drug addict, hit man that is not very smart that will do the "job" for meth, not money, and not say anything about it.  If someone was smart, they would have set her up already, but somehow, Jeffrey didn't ever get the clue.  Central casting would have been fine here Jeff, I guess you were waiting for the real thing to happen.  Look people if you wait long enough for her problems to be caused again, something will happen.  She is constantly looking for a sucker to complain about me.  Usually someone that doesn't really know what she is really like.  All anyone ever has to do is talk to her mom...then you will know what she is really like.

My friend Kelly Brandon knew that Lori was a psychopath long before she pushed some kid in front of a moving vehicle...Kelly's vehicle.  I didn't listen to her, but boy was she right.  Even then Lori told everyone that I was driving that car and I was nowhere near that house or party.  That's how psycho Lori really is about me...ask around...ask Doug Cobalis.

Searching For A Killer, Looking For Drugs, Advertising For Terror...Lori Just Learned About The Dark Web and Is Anyone Worried?

This should be interesting.  Lori and Brian just learned about from a documentary that I was watching about someone that was learning about the Dark Web.  You know the part of the internet that you can't find on traditional browsers...and it mentioned  Now she is fascinated by what you could find on that website.  Forget that you can download from Google (I don't recommend doing that by the way, browsing from this site could land you looking at some sites that aren't really all that legal.)  I'm simply suggesting that if someone is looking at Lori and Brian, they need to know that Lori has now learned about it.  I wouldn't trust this site for any kind of searching.

There is kiddie snuff films, cannibalism, drug selling, hit men for hire, torture films and all kinds of interesting stuff for Lori to get in to.  I'm certain that she would love to advertise her mind reading service to the world on here.  She always has wanted to sell out the U.S.A. to the rest of the world.  I just think that now that she's heard of this that it is my responsibility to let everyone know that she knows about it.

Someone should tell the U.S. Attorney.  Keep an eye on that IP Address...she's going to go bonkers.

Again, do not download this browser, even though you have a right too.  It's just not a good idea to browse the dark web in this day and age of homeland security.  Besides, looking for a hitman isn't really good when the police come knocking on your door.  Just sayin.

Have You Seen Lori's Burglar Get Up? It's A Skull Smasher!

Lori just swears that if she continues to come after me all day and night she will get someone else to talk to her or give her money to go away.  I have no idea where she gets that idea from, but it isn't going to make me very happy if someone caves in and does this for her.  She's got this in her head that constantly nagging at me makes her look like she is some kind of masculine thug drug dealing forcing someone to give her money to be quiet, but what it really is doing is showing everyone what kind of bully she is when she isn't in public.  I hope you all are taping this.

This is the kind of act she puts on for the victims of this crime and now, all of the parents that I told before Jeffrey got involved.  It is a ridiculous notion to think that this girl trades her, "I'm so innocent routine, in for her 'I'm a part time lesbian act' or her 'I'm a butch masculine thug bitch' crusade" when she gets home.   What she really is, is an immature girl that has never grown up.  Anyone that knew her back in high school, for real, knows that she was always this way.  She is and was, violent. She was full of lies and shit then and she is now.  If you had any dealings with her in the past, that were linked, let's say, to the incident where she pushed the kid in front of the car, you know what I am saying is true.  There were lots of kids there, and they all saw what happened.  In fact, she lied about that for a week or so too, until everyone told on her again and she was found out.

There were lots of times that this psycho bitch got in nobody really believes her.  In fact, even now, she has to tell people, that she's changed a great deal since high school just to get them to talk to her...if they even remember her.  The ones that did know her, won't talk to her.  Some of them she is still trying to get in touch with to see if they will try to threaten me...Doug?  He's a friend of mine now...I'm sure he has some stories to tell.   Doesn't he Lori?

What is so ridiculous is the aggressive way she has gone about attacking me with police, my boyfriends and others, that know she did this, then turning around and saying that I'm harassing her with some restraining order.  It's simply a way for a stalker to get attention.  Maybe they haven't said anything yet, but for her to continue down this road is stupid.  My own sister has been contacted by Lori over the years about me...that's how sick she is.

Monday, August 14, 2017

To The Asshole That Keeps Pulling The Pillow Out From Under My Dreams...I'll Get My Shot, I Won't Miss

I've heard for the very last time that, "Jeffrey won't let me," speech.  I'm over his lazy fuck ass.  I'm a patient man and I know that I will get a shot at justice in the future.  I've made my breaks in the past.  I will get a break in the future.  When I do, I hope this man and his family don't expect anything from me but 100% pure prosecution and nothing less.  I will not have any sympathy for their son.  Nothing.  He has done nothing but cause problems for me.  Christopher has also done nothing but cause problems for me.

Every single time that the two of them could have done something to help this investigation, they have hidden evidence or caused the evidence to be suppressed so that nobody would know about it.  The two of them have purposefully obstructed justice and targeted my family for Jeffrey Katzenberg for no other reason than to protect his money.  This is what Christian and Lori are telling me and from the lack of action from any of the parents of the victims, it would appear to be true.

When I get the chance to present what has happened there will be no holding back.  I have received nothing but lies and negativity from all of the parents in this case because of their insensitive way of keeping me feeling like they didn't appreciate what I have done for their sons.  I presented all of the evidence that I had for them online for them so that they could protect themselves from Lori and Missy.  They had everything they needed that I was presented with right away.  Instead of doing the same for me they intentionally did nothing in return.  They simply allowed Lori and Jeffrey to use me to beat up on for seven full years without any type of help.  This intentional infliction of emotional distress along with the theft of my savings account is far too much for me to have had to deal with while I tried to help their sons.

Christopher, Anthony, Jonathan, Benjamin, Martin and others purposefully intended to use me as bait to keep Lori happy with someone to torture while they pursued their own lives and agendas.  They never helped me with anything but knew that Lori was stalking me and my family the whole time.  They knew she would try to kill me, but never did anything to protect me.  This isn't legal.

Robert Baker: The Hospital Test...Have You Taken This One? I Did Today...And It Made Me Think That I'm Sick Of This Shit

Here is the true test of what it is like now that Jeffrey has been fucking with all of my friendships and I wanted Benjamin's on the side boyfriend, Robert Baker, to take this test with me.  I say on the side because that's what it's like being in a relationship with anyone that Jeffrey doesn't approve of and the other that he does.  We're the two that he doesn't approve of, of course.

Let's first assume that the person that Jeffrey does approve of, say Benjamin, his son, falls extremely sick and has to go to the emergency room.  His parents are on some jet somewhere and can't be contacted.  His brother and sister can't be reached.  Who would Benjamin make his first phone call to, to come to the hospital to meet with him.  In other words, who is his go to?  Now when you are in a relationship with a person, you'd like to think that it would be you, right?  Of course you would.  In Benjamin's case, it might be Martin, though because they are BFF's forever since birth or something...but who would be #2? Robert?  So where do you think Robert would fall?  Unfortunately, I don't think #2.  That position would probably be Christopher now...and that makes me wonder.

You see if I administer the "hospital test" to Christopher 8 years ago, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be the first person that he would call to be there.  No doubt whatsoever.  I'm the person that he would trust to call his mom, sister and probably his brothers.  I'm someone he loved and trusted.  Now, after years and years of working tirelessly on this project for his mother and him, who do you think he would call if something would happen?  It isn't me.  It would be Benjamin.  After that, Jonathan, even though he is dead.  Maybe Anthony next or Martin...and I don't even make the fucking list.  I've worked my ass off for nearly a decade to save his life from Lori and I don't rate a phone call. 

Consequently, if my life were in danger, he wouldn't call the police.  He wouldn't help me move.  He wouldn't help me fix a flat tire.  He wouldn't visit me in jail.  He wouldn't email me.  Nothing.

When Jonathan was in the hospital, he called me.  When Steven Frey was in the hospital almost dying, he called me and we weren't even speaking at all anymore because I'M THE FRIEND THAT IS MOST RESPONSIBLE IN ALL OF PALM SPRINGS...I'M THE ADULT THAT PEOPLE TRUST AND I'M THE ONE THAT KNOWS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF FAMILY!  I'M THE ONE THEY TRUST TO GO TO THEIR HOME AND FEED THEIR PETS AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR BILLS.  I'M THE ONE!

You see since Jeffrey entered their lives, I'm no longer significant to any of them.  I'm nothing.  I've been reduced to a loser that has nothing to offer any of them.  Benjamin has made himself available to all of them except me.  Benjamin has forced himself into their lives replacing me and making me the object of their problems.  He was the person that came to me for help and ruined this project for me.  Now he knows Christopher better than me and he is a better friend to him that I am.  His mother knows Jeffrey and Marilyn instead of my parents and I'm the person that she made promise to watch out for her son.  I did my job while Jeffrey's assistants put him in jail.  I'm the person that found the flaws in that arrest and I'm still the person that is treated like the loser.  I think that what Jeffrey has done to my life is something of a smear campaign in the hopes of elevating his son to something more than a friend stealing bitch.  He's an asshole that doesn't deserve any credit for doing anything to help any of the victims of this crime.  He's been involved in hurting one police informant to the point of having the suspects jailed and then released to hurt my family, intentionally for the last seven years. 

Benjamin Katzenberg isn't a friend, he's an opportunist that will do anything to help one person, himself.

This Is What A Close Call Is...I'm In The Truck, My Friend Is Coming to Tell Me About Lori and Jeffrey Is The Tire...You Make The Call

...and after that Anthony ran back into the cave and was never heard from again.  Neither was Christopher, Jonathan, Bret, Reggie, Karen, Kenny, Bryan, Benjamin, Ken, Leah, my team, my reunion friends, Scott, my friends from the court and just about everyone that I've known from my whole life...that Katzenberg tire would have killed me or them if it had been there a second later and it is moving awfully fast.  It's quite a warning and it does come with quite a massive force behind it.  It's hard to believe that it was there by accident without having something to do with me being there waiting for this information about Lori.  You know, when it has the Katzenberg name on it and my friends have already run in to's already weird enough.  Then you throw in Jeffrey telling them not to talk to me too or someone like Missy or David with pictures of Jeffrey with them, it's kind of convincing that they shouldn't.

What I don't like is all of the secrecy that I have to live with.  I'm not going to live a lie any longer.  People are constantly living this life telling everyone that they would never let something happen like they see on television where someone didn't do something about something that was so obvious.  This, to me, is obvious to all of my friends or should be.  I'm not someone that has ever lied to them. Then along comes Lori, whom many of them know is not trust worthy on any level and Jeffrey whom none of them know, and all of a sudden years of my credibility is washed away because some psycho bitch and a Hollywood producer say so?  I'm not really all that convinced that a producer is honest to begin with.  Check around, I think they are just after used car salesmen in the honesty columns for most people.  They lie more than almost anyone.  Fortune tellers, used car salesmen and movie producers are usually right after Lori in the "tells the most lies of all time" column.  

Money isn't a measuring stick either.

I feel like I've worked really hard at being a good friend and was sold out in one five minute conversation with a millionaire and a drug dealer. What does that say about you?  If you are one of those people that agreed to keep silent, you sure aren't a very good judge of character if you've been a friend of mine for years are you?  I've never lied to you no matter who you are...I know that because I don't lie.  I can say that with confidence, I know that neither of them can.  That's how certain I am of that statement.  Can you?  Are you telling the truth when you say it if you haven't told me about the girl that wrote you letters about me, called you or emailed you and you didn't tell me?  I don't think so...I think of that as a lie...I think a secret kept about that from a person like me is a lie...if you know me, you know that I would think that too?  Don't you?  Of course you do.

My friends all know what kind of person that I am.  They know that I would want to know if someone was doing something like that so that you and I could figure that out together, not so that you and that liar could keep a secret from me.  Doing it that way would mean that the two of you are friends.  Doing it the way I would want it, would mean that we were friends.  My friends know how I am...

I didn't spend the kind of time that I have with anyone for them to sell me out.  Here is one thing that everyone that thinks I am their friend should will not be around when the dust clears if you didn't stand by me while I was going through this.  I mean it.  So far that means Mark're in.  The rest of you, where'd you go?  Bret at least are friendly.  Karen, you are always in.  What I particularly don't like are people that have verbally or contractually taken Lori's side, we all know how that is.   I'm not impressed with the kind of lies that have been told and the lack of respect it took to believe them.

So many people think that I'll be the kind of person that will forgive all kinds of indiscretions and cold shoulders that were extended.  I'm not very thrilled at the prospect of forgiving people that have made excuses for basic principles of friendship that I think should have been dealt with in a conversation.  "Some girl called me and told me some weird story about you..."  "Kevin, some girl keeps writing me these horrible letters..."  "Kevin, why does some girl keep telling me you are using drugs"

You see I'm not happy with anyone that I've been friends with thinking that I'm so easy going that I can be brushed aside at that drop of a phone call.  I've worked really hard to stay alive and I had to avoid all of my friends to keep them safe.  I think my story will explain to all of them why?  My excuse is a good one.  When you see the devastation caused to my friends and my family, staying away from you was a good thing.  But most of you didn't know that.  What's your excuse?

How many close calls did I miss that could have saved my life from this horror?  I could have been out of this a long time ago, like you.  I'm so sad all the time now that I kind of drift through my's like I'm on a drug or something, but I'm not.  I'm awake, but just kind of half alive.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Worked...He Worked Out? Does This Seem Fair? Another Reason To Be Completely Over It

So, while I am busting my ass to try to work on this case and try to find a job so that I can have a life again, do you know what I am finding out?  I am finding out that Christopher and Benjamin are on their third week of testosterone training at the gym.  Yes, it would seem that while I am still trying to figure out how to earn a living, the two best buddies, are "getting ripped" on Jeffrey's dime.  Yep, good old Jeffrey has decided while he is ruining my life by having David and Missy team up with Lori and Brian to call the federal court and keep me from working there for a decent wage, that he will have Christopher and his son as workout partners!  Isn't that cozy?

What I think is so nifty about all of that is that I was the one that was "bringing in to focus" getting into shape for this project about two years ago until my gym membership ran out this past March.  Of course Jeffrey had stolen my savings account by then so I couldn't renew I stopped going...and I have gotten out of shape again...and I'm horrible again.  Now, he's got his son and Christopher working out like madmen and doing absolutely nothing to rectify the situation that Lori caused for me in San Diego with the Clerk of Court, in Jeffrey's name.

You see, Jeffrey is now "keeping Christopher busy" so he has no time to think of moving so that I could have other opportunities to work, he has to be "working out" which is far more important that moving like we were supposedly going to be looking in to...or at least that is something that Lori's people were pissed off about.  Christopher is basically, too busy to think of doing anything but something for himself.  I don't know, maybe this whole thing about moving to the San Diego area is just not meant to be...I'm cool with that too.  I just want my fucking money back so I can move away from these god damn people that I use to know and say goodbye forever.

I don't need this any more.  Jeffrey bought them all...and it is obvious to me that he chose Christopher to be his new faggot.

Fuck off can die for all I care.

Lisa Damiani: I Want My Money Back From Jeffrey

Dear Lisa,

I am finally working, thank God.  I did apply again at the Southern District, to file papers, but I'm blackballed by Lori and Jeffrey for some odd reason.  My friend, John Morrill, is, apparently, not talking to me any, apparently Jeffrey Katzenberg's employees called the Clerk and told him that Jeffrey was "investigating me"?  That infuriates me, since you and I both worked at keeping me employable at that Clerk's Office for a situation just like this.  John's email's to me were, cold, from the start.  I'm certain that he's talked to Lori just like the previous clerk, Sam.  This time, I think Jeffrey gave the order to keep me away from San Diego, California and he meant it.  For some reason, he wants me here and close to Lori, but far away from Christopher.  He's what is known as a sadist.

I am working though.  Minimum wage but it is work.  Jeffrey, still, apparently, has $27,700 of my savings account that he thinks he has some kind of power over.  I'm furious with him.  I want it back so that I can put it in a savings account, Lifelock it, and never let my sister touch it again.  This is a nightmare.  I will never be in a situation like this again.  I'm basically over this whole thing.  Nobody seems to be interested in what happened to me.  Rape, shooting, bludgeoning, police cover up, Jeffrey stalking me in Arizona...all this shit, means nothing to anyone.  I'm the person that did all this work and I'm the one that everyone has forgotten.  Christopher and I are done.  I can't have someone this negative in my life.  Nobody treats me this poorly and is in a relationship with me.  His mother has no respect for what I did for them.  She would literally let a hate letter stand in evidence than tell me the truth.  Jonathan Mendenhall is alive, but his family would let me believe he is dead before they would tell me the truth too.  This is all because Jeffrey told them to do this...obstructing my investigation...and this allowed a warrant to be issued for my arrest because of Lori's bogus restraining order.

I don't have friends any longer.  I have back stabbing liars that I don't trust any longer.  I just want them to know that I am really hurt by what they have done and that they have left me out here with these criminals to suffer for Jeffrey's entertainment.  I'm suffering from an intentional infliction of emotional distress from all of them...they don't have any idea how awful this has become.


Please get my savings account back...

The Silent Treatment Is Abusive and I'm Over It For Good: This Whole Bullshit Game of Jeffrey Tells Everyone Not To Talk To Me Is Over

Only one friend of mine turned down Jeffrey Katzenberg's offer to stop being my friend and stop talking to me while he fucked with me for the last 8 years.  That was Mark Finley.  When he was told not to be friendly with me any longer, he looked at Missy Pissy and thought, "No, Barbara told me you would be like this and I think that is fucked up, I won't treat Kevin like that."  That is what a real friend is like, not like Christopher, Jonathan or Anthony...a real friend doesn't just walk out on you because some fucking rich asshole tells them it's a good idea.

I was thinking tonight about what kind of person Christopher (and his mother) are to have let this situation go on this way for this long...and you know something?  It's too long for me to ignore any longer.  It's too big of a RED FLAG!  I know better than to carry this torch any longer.  I'm not doing this any longer.  I've carried this kind of relationship on for too long and you know something, if the mother and the son are like this, then I'm not hanging out with the right family for me.

That's not to say that they are even involved in the first place.  For all I know Christian, Lori, Brian, Missy Pissy and David could have been lying to me the whole time.  I just believed that Jonathan was telling me the truth when he wrote in that ASS-trology report and something he wrote to me once when we were all friends at his house.  It was stupid to believe all of that.  Mark actually taught and told me something about Christopher a long time ago and I should have believed him apparently since I haven't heard anything from him in seven or eight years.  That's just abusive and strange.  If I find out that he was actually here living this close to my family and didn't ever say anything, I think that is probably the cruelest thing of all.

You know he and Benjamin haven't done shit in years in this investigation but sit around and work out all day long while Robert Baker (Benjamin's boyfriend and I) had to work and spent a decade being alone.  While we were working all they did was hang out and work out... and we're suppose to be perfect for them when Jeffrey decides to let us talk?  They're going to be like Greek gods and we're going to be out of shape old guys that aren't even attractive to them by Jeff's own design.  I'm horribly out of shape and Lori tortures me night and day.  Benjamin and Christopher haven't heard a peep out of her for years now.  They get sleep, protein shakes, whatever they want.  Me, I get four children at 7am under four years old every day, I work at 5:30 am full time, I can't afford to go to they gym, I live with my parents and I can't go anywhere or do anything.  I don't even have a cellphone.  Fuck, Jeffrey even stole my saving's account from me.  This fuck literally is making me look bad and LOOK BAD!  I'm sure that Robert knows the same feeling.

What I'm saying is that I would rather be with someone that WANTS TO BE WITH ME, not with someone else.  I'm not interested in someone that wants to spend his time with Benjamin and his fucking father.  I'm over this entire situation now.  I'm an adult.  I'm tired of hearing how Christopher, "wants to be with me, but he just can't figure it out...", bullshit.  I'm over it.  Another summer came and went and he isn't getting the hint.  I don't want to be with someone like you.  Is that clear?  I want to be with someone like me.  Someone that wants to be with someone they are interested in...someone that says that they love someone and is with that person, not someone else.  I want to do things with that person, not someone else.  I don't want someone else's father controlling my boyfriend.  I want someone that makes me laugh and spends time with me, not Jeffrey.  I'm past this entire thing.  I've given 100%, 100% of the time and Christopher gave 0%, 100% of the time.  I'm exhausted.

This isn't the person for me.  So if there is anyone interested in someone that is not like Christopher, let me know.  I could use the help.

Trashed, Cashed, Smashed....and Still Threatening Everyone: Lori Is Still On The Loose!!!!

If Lori was bragging to all of you about how good she was at keeping me from getting a job, you can tell her to suck my application...I got a job, alright, but rather than spend time gloating about it, I thought I would be the bigger man and just spend the last three days working my ass off and leaving her alone.  You some class about the situation.  Little Miss Big Mouth has decided to go on the rampage again.  She's been staying up all day and night, yelling at everyone and threatening them because I have a job now, like they had anything to do with it.

I took in my resume, I met the owner, I interviewed twice and I got the job, it had nothing to do with anyone else but me.  She loves to take that from me, but the truth of the matter is that when the job offer came, she forwarded my parent's phone so I wouldn't get the message.  I called up the next day and accepted the offer that I thought they were going to extend anyway without knowing they had done that...good guess huh?   The next day that message mysteriously showed up on my parent's voicemail from the day before, but not on their caller id.  Can't happen.

Ever since, she's been on a tear...using drugs and screaming at me.  I took a few days off the blog to let her see that I didn't have to gloat about working again, but she got worse.  She didn't get better, she got worse.  You don't see Jeffrey punishing her either.  You just hear her getting worse and worse.  It's as if her plan didn't work and now they are punishing me.  I'd also like to point out that my money is still not being returned to me that is still missing from my saving's account Bessie Smith.  I don't know how you can take that from my sister and set up all these criteria now when you know I will LifeLock all of my monies the second I get them.  I'd like to pay off my car.

I'm just tired of these excuses.  One thing at a time is bullshit.  That money is mine, so why isn't it returned to me.  I want to work out and live my own life now.  If you people aren't going to help me, the least you could do is let me live my own life.  I deserve my own phone and my own apartment.  Ten years without my own boyfriend is like going through elementary school all the way through to my junior year of high school since I last saw him.  That's way too long.  I lost all of my 40's....I'm not willing to lose any more of my life.  I want happiness with someone...this is ridiculous.

You can't possibly keep me roped into this situation and expect me to stay.  Bessie Smith you don't have much more time dear...the money or jail!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"What About Us" - Pink: Yeah, What About Us? Such An Awesome Song From Mrs. Hart....I Feel Like Dancing!!!

Does anybody feel like dancing?  When you hear this one, you will.  I love it when Alicia just goes for it and says it with some movement...Willow's mommy knows how to make me feel good!

A Message From Britney's Bitch: Don't Rush The Stage Bitches...Appreciate Britney From The Audience Unless Approved!

Okay everyone, this isn't a good thing.  The only reason that anyone should be rushing up on to a Britney Spears' stage is to be tackled by her amazingly hot dancer guys and girls...and that guy had better be me...or Colton Haynes...or both of us.

Everyone else needs to wait for permission, we've been in line the longest!

Not cool.  Britney doesn't need this kind of attention...let's all give her some love!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Lengths That She Would Go To: Lori Is No Different, Um, But Maybe A Different Entrance...

This is the kind of desperation that leads to stupid mistakes.  Don't be surprised if you see Lori making one or more of these in the future?  The lengths that she will go to are simply the types of things that people don't normally do; nobody said that Lori was normal.   She's far from it.  She's a "soap opera" waiting to happen.   Her solutions to problems don't come from a real world, they come from a television screen.  The reason that nobody ever catches her at them comes from a combination of false id's, bad acting on the telephone, phone call forwarding and a general lack of understanding between the players that she is pitting against each other.  That is one of the things that this blog clears the air.  I'm not trying to hurt anyone.  I'm trying to inform you, to keep you safe.

There is no length that she won't go to, to try to make you believe that she's someone different than who she really is.  She's not a good person.  She's really a difficult person to know unless she's burned you a few times.  You learn about who Lori is by how badly she's burned you in the past, not by what you see her acting like in front of you, although that behavior is telling too.  She's always giving out a phone number so that you can call and verify her story.  All you are ever doing is calling a phone number that is forwarded to a phone that she or someone she has bribed answers and gives a story that she can attest to.  It's never real, always bizarre and, after a reasonable person thinks about it, they always come up with something like, "What was I thinking about.  Of course she was lying."  Nobody goes around telling people that they work for some "special forces" police group that is "so secret" that the police don't talk about it, but she can.  That's just stupid.

I've worked with FBI, DEA, BLM, ATF, US Marshals, US Attorneys and federal judges and none of them would ever do anything but laugh at the stuff she says.  She's so blabber mouth about her "secret society" to the general public that you just know she's lying.  Federal investigative agencies aren't like that.  Agents that work for these place generally aren't secret about working there.  If you are a U.S. Marshal, they'll tell you.  If you work for the DEA, that's what they tell you.  Lori acts like everything they do is under cover. 

For months now I've been hearing Lori, Brian and David telling me about how they were going to keep me from being employed.  They've stalked me, watched where I filled out applications, called behind my back after interviews, talked to managers after job offers and lied about's been hard.  So what I did was this.  I am in the fortunate position to have a terrific resume.  I have had a really long work history because I've been working since I was 14.  I have good schooling and my professional resume looks, well, professional.  

I have posted my resume on here before and it is my medium range resume.  It's professional and it is what I like to use most.  I don't go high range resume unless I am applying to a federal judge or something like the U.S. Attorney.  Those types of jobs you use special paper, special ink, maybe embossed.  I don't go total Elle Woods with Channel 5, but she's right about one thing, it should have "something special about it" and it should make you look unique.  I don't usually miss with my resumes.  Both of my nieces and their husbands have been employed with resumes that I've written.  Many co-workers have used my method.  Many friends have asked me over the years.  Many times I'm flattered by the way that they ask.  Quite simply put, I know how to make a person look good on paper...that gets you in the door.

In my case, I wasn't having any luck out here with Lori bad mouthing me.  She would know where I was looking online and in the newspapers or wherever family members would tell me to go and apply.  If a friend had a relative, they'd send me there and I would interview great, but Lori would mess that up as soon as I would leave, then bombard them with phone calls until it looks like I'm the problem, not her.  Employers need to understand, I have nothing going with this girl.  She's not some flaky ex-girlfriend.  She's a psycho girl that is stalking me since high school that I've never spoken to, in my life.  She's never been a friend...she's not ever been wronged by me.  I've never had anything to do with her or her family.  It's just now that I'm finding out what she's done, this is how I'm defending myself.  When I've gone to the police, she's done lots of things to pretend to be "the victim".  The victim, doesn't have a shrine of pictures over thirty years in her home of the person she's been following.  The victim, is the guy in the picture that was shot at and who was beaten in his sleep at a friend's home.  I'm an advocate for victims, some of which are women too.

You can always tell the victim of stalking because the stalker doesn't want them to be away from them.  I would LOVE to be away from her.  Nothing would make me happier.  You don't see her leaving see her following me.  I want nothing to do with her, at all.  Wait until you read her diaries as opposed to mine.  You will never see her name mentioned until a cop mentions her to me, but you will see my name mentioned almost every day for twenty years.  I never have a single thought about her.  I almost forgot about her completely.  I think that's why she just had to force her way back into my a rapist, entering, breaking and taking.

So after three or so months of being hired then not hired, I did something different.  I picked a job that I wanted at several different places.  Let's say "bartending" or "cashiering", I'm using these as an example for others being bothered by Lori, and I went proactive.  I prepared a short cover letter about myself and my resume.  I picked a day.  I went out with both in my hands and many copies and hit every place I wanted to work at that had a cashiering position or a bar-tending position inside, whether I knew they were hiring or not.  This way Lori wouldn't know where I applied and if she did, she'd have to call every place I went to, to bad mouth me.  I could also pass places by and act like I applied there and apply somewhere else.  So she thought I applied at Bar A, when I really applied at Bar B....and so forth.

Usually the mistake most people make with Lori is they don't blanket an area.  I did.  Guess what.  I got lucky at one place and met the General Manger who interviewed me on the spot, set up a second interview and hired me, but I also got a job offer from a second place today too.  So it works.  Lori spent all night long trying to figure out how she was going to ruin this for me, but I called the place and followed up.  It is always important to make sure she hasn't played "personal assistant" for you.  Let them know you are interested and stay that way.

The blanket the area approach does something really allows managers to call you....but Lori will forward your phone.  So whenever possible use a phone number that she doesn't know on your resume...your contact phone is your life line.  She should be put in jail for what she has done.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Best Western: What Did Lori Try To Do This Time?

So, let's see who she contacted this time?  I've been through two interviews that went extremely well.  Yesterday with the owner of the hotel went well enough to be referred to the manager today, who referred me back to the owner again.  Looks pretty good, but you know Lori.  She will have told people that she's called over to the hotel with someone that she wants hired there, no doubt.  What I've found out so far is that she's been suggesting her sister Jacqueline...and the police know about it.

The last two jobs that I've had, she's talked shit about me and been suggesting that her sister come and take the positions that I've been offered instead.  That's what I've been told.  This isn't very smart, on either person's part.  Now I doubt that her sister needs that job, but since they don't share the same last name, she thinks this is smart, it isn't.  It's stalking and very illegal since the tactics being used are lying about me to the managers and owners of the places that I've applied and been hired at.  I don't like being harassed by Lori and her family.  I have police officers and investigators checking into the places that Lori has been calling and saying offending things about me.  The Court Clerk in San Diego is another person that she has been contacting and I'm very upset about that as well.  This kind of stalking is very illegal and should land her in court.

I want everyone to know that I take this very personally and I am fearing for my life from this family that seems to be following me around everywhere I go.

I was already told by Jonathan Mendenhall, before he died that Lori LaFxxx was the person that was stalking me for years and years with her brother Brian.  Now I am saying it again...he was the person that identified her to me, I don't know how he could possibly have known her name without it being her.  Jonathan and I didn't know each other in high school, so I don't know how he knew that I even knew anyone with that name?  When he told me her name, I was shocked!  In fact, I do know someone with that name and she is the person that verbally assaulted me in high school with homophobic remarks and violent speech!  Since Jonathan's death, I've had to live with that on my chest!

Barking, England To Palm Spring, California...If You're Gay, They Don't Care Like If You Are Straight...Watch This!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

"I Have To Go To Jail To Get My Money Back," David Says

According to Jeffrey's employee and son of two of his best friends, "Kevin has to go to jail in order for him to get his money back from Jeffrey!"  This is the latest hoop that Jeffrey has set up for me to get the money that was stolen from my saving's account.  The absolute nerve of Jeffrey fucking Katzenberg to have used this drug addict that has already stolen two jobs from me and chickenhawked little boys that have appeared in kiddie porn movies to think that I would have to work to get the money that I have already earned... back from him...bullshit.

You know something, this whole time Jeffrey has been keeping this money from me like it is some kind of prize money and I've been putting up with it, but the bottom line is that it is stolen and it has been keeping me from medical access to doctors and clinics that I need to see and be seen at.  I haven't had a cell phone in months.  I haven't been able to make car payments and to be honest with you I don't like the whole idea that someone else took it from me and acted like it wasn't mine in the first place.  This isn't something that Jeffrey should have done.  It should be prosecuted.

I've been patient but now his shithead drug addict is telling people that he is trying to put me in jail?  Fuck him and fuck Jeffrey.  I've been in jail.  This kid is the son of two of his friends and I've been put in the firing line of two psychopaths because Jeffrey can't bear to think of his friends' son going to jail...too fucking bad.  He's a god damn crook.  He tried to steal this money from me and if I don't get it back, I'm going to find his parents and I'm going to let them know just how unimpressed I am with their uncanny ability to deal with their son's problem and rub him off on my family.  Deal with his drug problem and quit making it mine.   Your shithead son is out here ruining my sober life.  My father doesn't deserve this from him.  My sister already lost her husband to his friend Lori and drugs and she sure as Hell doesn't need him here.  I don't fucking need his lying ass around here either.  I want my fucking money back.  He acts like you had something to do with hiding it too mom and dad....I doubt that is true.  I want you to know what a piece of shit David is.  He needs to go to jail, not sit around smoking meth all day long.

Your problem son is in real trouble.  Now he's running around with two people that kill people.  Do you think you might want to get him out of here?  

Trust me, I would before he steals from my family again.  You might want to strongly suggest to Jeffrey to get my money back to me too, it is MINE...if he doesn't get it to me before this girl tries to hurt me, he is going to seriously wish he had.

Still Looking For Work In This Jerk Water Town...Lori Still Keeping Me Unemployed

You know they tell you in AA that when you clean up your life and you stop using drugs and you take responsibility for your own actions that all these miracles start to happen...that's fucking bullshit!  You know what's happened for me?  Not one fucking good thing at all.  Since I got sober, everything that I had, went to shit.  I'm just sober enough now to watch it through a sober man's eyes.  I'm watching my life being ruined because two sober people are helping addicts...two of AA's strongest supporters are actually making miracles happen for two addicts and ruining my life.  It's the most sickening thing I've ever seen.  There is more lying going on in my life now than there ever was with drugs in it.  It may be the exception to the rule, but this bullshit is fucked up.

First of all, I've already had two jobs lined up in this town that were taken from me.  One was at the local Builder's Supply.  I went, interviewed great, got the job and someone called and told them that "Kevin is moving out of town". A woman.  So I didn't get that job.  It was mine to have and they ended up hiring someone else.  This greatly concerned me because I wasn't moving anywhere.  I interviewed for the position because I needed the work.  When I went to the interview I went with the intention of getting the job.  I've never interviewed for a job that I haven't gotten.  I ended up waiting and waiting for a call that never came.  I was humiliated.  A college graduate that can't get a job at a Builder's Supply?  Not very cool of whomever it was that called and lied.  Lori.  Definitely Lori.

Next, I went to the Travelodge in Yucca Valley and applied for a position over in the town about twenty five miles away.  I got a call to interview at about 8pm for a 9pm interview.  I got ready and went.  I got that job too.  Because I had a family obligation the next morning I couldn't start at 5:30am the next day so I asked if I could wait until the following morning to begin.  No problem.  By 6 pm the next day I got a call from the manager saying that he couldn't get a hold of any of my references and that I would have to wait until Monday to start.  Monday came and no call.  They never called again.  Lori again.

Then there is the District Court...who knows what hateful thing has happened there.

So now I've become completely undesirable.  Sober, but undesirable.  That's the miracle of sobriety.  Ten or eleven years of sobriety mind you.  I've been working my whole life so that a team of Jeffrey's drug addicts can keep me from working.  Isn't that amazing.  He refuses to let me have my saving's account money back or solve this crime but me working?  Out of the fucking question.  He can't work!  No way!  I want to remind all of you readers that the ONLY person that has actually had a job this entire investigation was me!  I'm the ONLY one that actually had a job this whole time.  I worked overnights at the Holiday Inn Express making minimum wage for eight years saving every single penny I could so that David could steal it from me and now he's the asshole that keeps fucking taking my jobs away when I get them.  He's the chickenhawk that supplies Lori's brother with little boys to molest...too.  That's his job in the organization.  That's what he does for a living when he isn't bailing these two out of jail in Arizona.  He acts like he's done something so amazing, but what he really is, is a criminal.  A thief.  A chicken hawk that provides boys for predators.  Now he thinks of himself as some kind of hero?  That's not heroic.

There is no opportunity here.  There is no hope here.  Even if I should get a job here, which is highly unlikely given that Lori has made up her mind that it is the most incredible thing to follow me around and keep that from happening, she would still call and make everything there miserable.  She's already done this before.  You see, my successes are her failures.  She sees my entire life as a competition against hers.  I've never understood that.  It has something to do with what she did to me with this technology.  You see when she implanted me with this chip, it was suppose to give her the ability to ruin my life.  If she doesn't, is means she's a failure.  Anything less than that means she's failed.  So that's why she runs off her big fat mouth all the time about horrible things about me.  She has nothing good to say about me because it is her life's work to tell people that she's used this technology to ruin my life.  It's like advertising for her.   Anyone that says otherwise is lying.  

You see I have nothing to do with her.  I don't know her.

She's spent her whole life tattling on me and now I know the reason.  It's because it is advertising for her remote neural terrorism.  It's like "this is what you can do to a popular" person if you know what they are thinking.  Isn't that impressive?  Not really.  You should see what you can do to a really evil bitch once you know what she's done to a popular person after all these years.  Now that's impressive.  All I need is for Jeffrey to get the fuck out of my way.  You see I have the right to expose this crime because of the steps that she has taken to humiliate me to sell this system.  It's not nearly as impressive as how I found out that it was her.

I hate living here.  It's true.  I never wanted to live this freaky high school nightmare.  It's the last thing I wanted.  I hated high school.  I hated almost every second of it.  Most of my friends would be surprised to know that.  I absolutely hated it.  I never wanted to return to this town and mostly because of the terror that Lori created here.

Yes, this is the worst case scenario for me.  That someone is forcing me to live it, makes me very angry.  There is no miracle with sobriety.  That's all bullshit.

You Broke Up With Me - Walker Hayes (That Is One Dumb Girl) Great Song!!!

The Accusations of a Teen Sex Addict: Lori's Lifetime Obsession With Adults Being Accused of Molestation: A History From Someone That Knows

So forget about the anger I have stored up with the parent that won't pull me out of this nightmare and that simply took my escape route from me after years of planning.  I want you to really know what it is like to be the kid at the beginning of all this teen sex addict's hatred and angst that grew up to be the most hated female stalker in American history.

First, as most of you know by now, when this started, I never met Lori.  I'd never seen her and I'd never known her family.  I lived in 29 Palms and had no idea who she was. My father was a popular high school basketball coach and my sister was a high school freshman star athlete and I was in the fifth or sixth grade...basically, life was fairly beautiful.  My family was normal.  I had no idea that living across the street from Lori's aunt would become the nightmare that it eventually did.  

I've heard it began with a woman named "Candy" whom came to the pool that my father managed in the summer and my sister lifeguarded at.  She had a thing for my dad, as did most women because he was also a high school weight lifting coach and is pretty much one of the most handsome guys around back then.  I would put his picture on here, but Lori goes crazy.  I will do that at some point for all of you and you will see what I mean.  Handsome, handsome.  

This "Candy" woman was kind of obnoxious and was always coming around until she was too obnoxious and was told to leave us alone by my sister and mother...end of story!  You know the type, dumb bitch...out of her league.  What I would later find out is that Lori was kind of trying to see what kind of problems she could cause even then and was friendly with this girl...not attractive, but the beginning of a problem situation.  That's when the real bad problems was the next year that my dad got arrested.

In the sixth grade, I still lived next door to my fifth grade teacher and his wife, my favorite and across the street from Lori's aunt, whom we'd lived next to all my life and were close with.  I was at my friend's house and my mom came and picked me up and told me that my dad was arrested at my friend Mary's house....she wanted to know if my dad, of all people had ever molested me?  I was like dumbfounded.  NO!!! Ewww.  My dad never did anything like that...he was like the opposite of that.  Somehow a student of his had accused him of molesting him and he'd been arrested.  I'd seen this kid at our house one time and he'd gone to a basketball game with us and he seemed normal but all of a sudden he was accusing my dad of something?  Weird.  First of all kids went to games with us all the time...not unusual.  Second this kid was no different than any other kid.  I sat with him the whole time and that was that.  Thought it was strange.

My dad stopped being a basketball coach, it took until summer of my eighth grade year until the trial was over and my father was acquitted completely and it would end...two and a half years and a lot of money but the kid made the whole thing up.  Why?  I wouldn't understand until right after the trial on my first day of high school, looking back.

In the meantime I would start junior high school...on my first day, I would meet her.  The bitch that would ruin the next forty years of my life.  Lori.  Seventh grade science class.  Teacher's aide.  Acting like she was the science teacher's wife.  Following him around and ordering the kids around and way too sexually suggestive.  It took less than a week and she was removed from the class.  They called us into the office one by one to ask us about her behavior.  Lori blamed me, but I was only one of thirty kids that said something.  Remember, I was already going through my father's thing...the last thing I was going to see was a teacher getting accused of something irresponsible.

What I've heard is that Lori was trying to cause a "teacher was molesting me" situation with him.  I don't doubt it either.  He's a well respected administrator still in the area.  I've heard Lori was calling his wife at home and still wants to "get to know him".  So there's the third situation where Lori tried to ruin a family and she's not even out of the eighth grade yet.  Oh yeah, it was about this time she started trying to have my friends "beat me up" all the time.  My friend Doug, was told to beat me up on a regular basis.  A lifelong friend was now making my already miserable life more miserable than ever.  It wasn't pleasant...but it was a theme that continues even today.

Once my father was acquitted in the summer of 1982, I went to high school and started on my first day.  Knowing now that it was Lori that put this kid up to accusing my father, it is clear that she was upset that he didn't get convicted, so it is clear that my first fifteen steps on to that campus were met with, "Kevin Bond you are a flaming faggot and everyone knows it," from Lori's big fat mouth!!!  She must have waited all summer long to deliver that message.   All I could say was, "Who was that," to my friend that stood next to me.  Honestly, I had no idea who this little big mouthed monster was that marched up to me and said this was.  Clearly, she was angry with my father or me or both, but I wasn't interested in it.  I didn't know her and didn't want to.  I spend the next three years not knowing her at all.

She tried this tactic once at a party, several more times at school and several more times with boys she sold drugs to, but the theme was clear, she was violent and there was something wrong with her.  I knew it was more than a bullying thing with her, she had killing on her mind.  You can feel the difference in that kind of hate.  If you don't know it, you have to experience it.  Once denied the opportunity to ruin my father, she wanted a death in my family.  That was the ONLY thing that would suffice.  Someone must have made her a bet.

So then there were other problems for Lori.

There was the General's son who she pushed one of her friend's in front of his moving car.  She tried to say that I was driving that car, but even he said it was him.  The broken leg guy and all of his friends confessed that Lori was obsessed with me and kept telling everyone that she wouldn't leave me alone and that most of her problems stemmed from her trying to hurt me and my family.  

Then there is something else...the Vice Principal's garage burned down...suspiciously footprints led right back to Lori's house after she and he had a problem at the high school where the teacher's lounge had been broken into and ransacked.  Lori never got in trouble for that one, but someone told me it was her and her brother that did that.  Hmmm.  When she got told on, she went to his house and burned his garage down, is what I was told...

Then something else happened.

Now, because Lori will go and find these people, I won't mention their names, but I will say that they lived in the Sunfair area.  Once again there were two families.  Both families I have been friends with since kindergarten.  Both moms and dads were best friends with each other.  They both have sons and a daughter that I am extremely friendly with.  Now you know Lori just loves accusing adults of having sex with kids...allegedly, she had something to do with the father of one kid accusing the father of the other kid having sex with one and vice versa....of course it was all a lie, but is was all over the newspapers here.  It was so embarrassing for them and I could totally relate to the whole thing.  Every single time I would see it in the newspapers, all I could think of is, "Oh my God there is no way this is true it's Lori."  I felt so badly for the fathers and these guys...they are like the nicest guys in the world, but once again Lori manufactures evidence and ruins two more families' reputations in a small town.  So if you are keeping track, that is five times and she isn't even out of high school yet...if you count the running over of the kid...that's at least eight more lives....she's up to thirteen lives...and still counting.

Some of these kids never come back to school again.  They just never hear from them again.  She causes so much damage to their lives they never come back to school again.  Lori is a wrecking crew.

Then you have Coach Fabian down in Palm Springs, California.  The student aide that accuses him of molestation.  You think that happened because Lori was right there perfecting her craft or simply because he is a friend of Bryan Anderson's, a friend of my father and sister, someone her brother probably knew from high school and someone that knew the Katzenbergs and lived near her drug customer David?  It's ridiculous.   False accusation and coercion like this ruins families forever.  It takes their finances and destroys their reputations for life.  This little girl puts people through a gauntlet of emotional trials and tribulations for their lives.  Nobody should be living on the edge of freedom when they walk safely down the middle of society's laws.  This isn't what people live like. I should have to fear going to the market because Lori's made up some story about me.

I can't leave my home without fearing that she's made up some story about me.  Oh, and just in case you are wondering, yes, she's even sent cops to this home from another area to have me arrested before too.  It's the truth.  I once set off the alarm at this house and she sent a police officer to this house and he threw me on top of his police car with my father here and my arm barred behind my back.  He wasn't even from this area.  Another time, my car broke down and two other cops gave me a ride home from another police department.  Lori is all over this place.  They come from everywhere.  I could be arrested at any time for anything.  This is the truth.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Start Getting WAY More Aggressive With Lori and Her Brother By Defending Me!

This is the way this goes every single time.  Lori wants attention so she starts focusing on me and my family and causing problems.  She did it again today.  I can't leave the house and this group of people that is suppose to be helping me is completely ignoring the fact that I can't survive without income.  Where is the help going to come from Marilyn?  It has to start now! Not next month, right now!

Lori and Brian have begun this small town smear campaign again and I won't put up with one more conversation about me because you won't pay attention to her.  You don't have to talk to her or pay attention to her, you have to be more aggressive in your pursuit of her incarceration.  This can't continue this way.  I'm telling you, Christopher has already been put in jail for a year and a half for nothing and if he isn't going to speak out about it, he is going to have a major problem with my family when it comes to this issue.  You know it and so do I.  Where is his head?

Right now this problem is starting to take shape again.  She's calling the casino and lying again and as soon as I got there, fucking Lori threatened me again so I walked straight out the door.  I can't live with this constant need that she has to piss Jeffrey off.  I won't be used in this manner.  Every single minute of the day is spent with her thinking about  how she can strike up a conversation with the man that she wants to extort money from.   That isn't going to work for me.  I want my money back.  You need to find a way to make that happen.  It is mine and I want it.

I have the right to survive.  You need to make that happen.