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Monday, September 24, 2018

Christopher, If You Are Reading This, Be Glad, I Locked Myself Out Of The Blog This A.M.

...but thank God in Heaven I was able to have it come up again.

If I don't have a blog, I lose my voice.

This had nothing to do with Lori, it was my own stupid fault.  I never log out of my blog and this was a first.

I'm not the brightest or the best, just the most grateful.

Playing Both Ends Against The Middle: Jeffrey Is Going To Get Burned, This Time I Mean It!!!

You see this picture, this is what it is like when you are the string holding up the candle with Jeffrey Katzenberg barking out orders and telling everyone what to do.

On the one end of the candle, you have the victims and their parents.  Marilyn and Jeffrey continue to lie to them and act as if their presence here is meant to be some kind of help to me.  That's a fucking lie.  The theft of my money shows you the lengths that this husband and wife will go to steal a movie project that was already pitched to DreamWorks.  Jeffrey just wanted to rewrite the ending so that he and his two drug dealers, Missy Pussy and David, with the help of their lousy assed friend Bessie Smith, could be some kind of heroes.  There is no heroism in torturing me while they come up with another plan to hurt me or my family.  The lies told to my sister about this money amount to extortion.  That's all it was.  You have to give us Kevin's money or Jeffrey won't help him.  That's the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard.  He stole this money by making my mother look incompetent then telling her she should put her name on all of the bank accounts she had.  My name was already on that fucking account.  There was no need to do anything like that.  He just wanted to steal from me.

I've heard he has a reputation for doing things like this.  I'm going to find an attorney and I'm going to tear his heart out.

So all the lies that Missy and Jeffrey have told to the parents of my friends, you need to wake up.  This is Hollywood.  Jeffrey will stop at nothing to get this story and make it his.  This story is all mine.  The idea.  The true crime.  All of it is mine.  I came up with the concept and I'm not about to let him make my life story meaningless by letting two drug addicts tell it from their lopsided side.  It's fucking bullshit what this man has done.  He's ruined so many friendships and all he can say for it is nothing.  Not one of you parents should believe him or his wife.  He's gone crazy and there is nothing she can do to stop him. So that's one end of the candle.

The other end is Missy Pussy's family and David the Chickenhawk's family.  Now there is a rumor that David's sister Madison found drugs in Jeffrey's home in Palm Springs, California.  My team knows all about it.   Jeffrey's plan is to help Missy Pussy and David go inside Lori's home, someplace we have already been for decades with Jonathan and Barbara, so that they can become some kind of heroes.  Missy Pussy is of course telling Lori that she, "Wouldn't do that."  If you know Missy that's the time to worry.  Lori and Brian are handing over free meth to David and Missy while they plan with Jeffrey to turn them in?  Crazy.  Nobody ever accused Lori of being smart and you know Brian, any dick in the room is something for him to spank to later.  How stupid are these drug dealers.  They're handing over their supply to two fucking lackeys that are going to turn them in?  They aren't working with you Lori to work with Jeffrey, they're screwing you so that Jeffrey will reward them. Are you fucking stupid?  You must be stupid Lori.  Letting Missy and David into your home is just about like letting the police sit there...only they aren't police, they are two people that robbed my family and now they are about to screw you.

So Missy Pussy's family and David's family are quite aware that this is what Jeffrey is doing for THEIR KIDS, while my friends were illegally jailed, one was made to look dead and the other informant is way over on the east coast without a clue as to who was behind ruining his life here in California.  It wasn't Lori, it was Jeffrey.  He did this to Christopher on purpose.  He literally took out a police informant and warned everyone not to say anything.  I know that feeling all too well.  I will never let Missy or David or Bessie get away with what they did to my family for Jeffrey.  Extortion is a crime and he's guilty of it.

The fact of the matter is that the money was stolen so that Lori would think that David and Missy were on her side.  The plan was to use Bessie Smith to get the money.  How did she even know an account existed?  I never told her.  I certainly made it a point not to talk about it, so how did Jeff know about this account and the money contained in it.  He knew because of this system being misused by his son at the home that they live in and stalk me from.  There was never any intention of helping me, it was all about making David and Missy look like they were devious.  It was Jeffrey that came up with this one on his own.  The reason?  It's because my team already was successful doing this.  He's just following my path.

Missy Pussy and David are in this for the money.  They want to steal this project by committing crimes against my family and telling everyone that they did it to get inside of Lori's drug house.  

So the drugs that Missy Pussy and David allegedly put into Jeffrey's home were for what?  Where did they go?  I'm guessing his security person hid them or dumped them out.  That's a fucking crime.  I tainted those batches for a god damn reason and Jeffrey decided it wasn't smart enough.  What was he going to do?  Run a GHB ring from his home?  He's a liar if he says he didn't know where the drugs came from too.  He knows that I colored those batches with a suggestion to Lori and Brian on purpose.  There is no way he could think it was from anyone but them.  Nobody on this planet dyes their GHB.  It was my idea to suggest that to Lori and it worked like a charm.  I'm insulted by his callous attitude that me and my friends aren't worth helping. I'm insulted that he thinks that Missy Pussy and David are better to solve this than the people it happened to.  He just turned 650 rape victims into dirt and he thinks that's cute.  Fuck you Jeffrey.  I hope somewhere Christopher is just as mad at you as I am.  It's illegal to do this to police informants and you aren't as big as you think you are little man.  I'm a thousand times the person you will ever be.  I'm not impressed by your lies and I'm even less impressed with your wife.

So now it is a race to the lawyer.  If I was Jonathan and Anthony I'd talk to Peter and get a good lawyer and get there FIRST!  If Jeffrey takes David and Missy to Los Angeles, he's going to find a way, legally to take the evidence that Jonathan spent years and years suffering for away.  He will do it and there will be nothing you can do to stop him.  You need to get on record as the people that reported this crime Jonathan.  You need to do it very quickly.  Missy and David are going to try to screw all of out of our lives again and I'm not going to be quiet about it.

Fuck Jeff, Benjamin, Martin and this whole team out here.  Jeffrey and Marilyn completely control them.   They bought their educations so that they could become licensed here in California as Private Investigators and now Jeffrey has eliminated the police informants too.  Even though we're the ones that did all the work while he made his new company worth a billion dollars.  Did you see him spending a dime on any of us?  Missy and David are still getting paid.  Believe it.

David and Missy are going to stay there until they use every drop of free meth that Lori can supply them, then they're going to leave her and try their hand at heroism.  Fuck them.  I'll tear them apart.  Neither of them will ever be able to benefit from the proceeds of this crime.  For that matter it is equally as important for there to be charges brought against Jeffrey, Benjamin and Marilyn Katzenberg.  These three are literally bar-b-cue-ing me to death out here while Missy parties.

The last thing I ever wanted or needed was another father in this crime that felt sorry for the criminals.  It's such a slap in the faces of all the families that have lost kids.  It's sad to think that someone like David or Missy could ever think of exploiting the victims of this crime any more than they already have!!! For Jeffrey to help them do it is a's's a god damn crime spree!!!

"Too Little, Too Late," Jeffrey Katzenberg Tells Molly Ringwald. I've Got A Message For Molly!!!

Dear Molly,

I want to apologize for the insensitive remarks made by Jeffrey Katzenberg about the harassment that you and so many others have received at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.  Indeed you were lucky not to have had to share a cab with such an obvious male predator.  Money makes bad men do crazy things.  One such person that has absolutely no place in a conversation like this is Jeffrey Katzenberg himself.

Ask his own son about his rape and see what Jeffrey's advice was to him?  You'll find out that when it comes to sexual misconduct, Jeffrey leads the pack of Hollywood elite that picks and chooses who the public should or should not believe.  I should know, he's been doing that to me for nearly a decade by befriending Lori LaFond and Missy Erickson.  Two women responsible for the rape, intentional infection and cover up of more than 650 rapes.  In support of Molly, it doesn't matter if it was yesterday or twenty years later, sexual misconduct isn't legal.  It's humiliating and you deserved better from a man like Jeffrey that supports rapists by silencing their victims.

I've loved your movies since I was a kid and continue to watch you on Riverdale happy in knowing that Jeffrey and his family can't ruin your career they way he's trying to ruin my life.

I hope that some day you will be able to look at Jeffrey and tell him what you think of his need to support female rapists over men.  There should be no difference, but he sees it much differently.  His own kid can't report his own rape because Jeffrey won't let him.  What a fucking hypocrite.

Love and best wishes,

If There Is Anyone Out There That Knows An Attorney Let Me Know...I'm Ready To Fight Jeffrey For Every One Of Us!!!

It's time to drop the act.  It's time for people to find out what kind of people the Katzenberg Family really are.  They need to be held accountable for every single word that came out of Lori's mouth since Jeffrey decided to steal my family's money to keep me close enough to a serial killer for her to strike.  This is something she's mentioned a thousand times....and he still thinks his little girlfriend will save the day.  She can't even save the straw she sniffs meth with and Jeffrey believes that she's going to save the world?  He's nuts.  You can't torture someone in the hopes that your own plan will come true.  It's a simple case of I pitched a story that he got wind of and he wanted it all for himself.  That's all this is.

Before he stole this money of mine I had the ability to hire an attorney that I know could get to the bottom of this delay.  Now he thinks he has our hands tied while Lori and Missy Pussy torture me into some kind of submission.  The idea for this movie is 100% mine.  He can't have it. No matter what his girlfriend Missy says.  The nerve he has to send Bessie Smith into my sister's own home to steal this money under the guise of his "protection" is a farce.

Now more than ever Anthony, Jonathan, Christopher and I need an attorney.  This whole situation is being complicated by a man that steals money from victims and their families.  We need one now more than you could ever imagine.  I want Jeffrey charged and I want him convicted, my friendship with his son isn't something I value more than Christopher or my own family.  There is no excuse for this overgrown baby to do what he is doing.  8 worthless years of lying to the parents of my friends has to come to an end.  Someone needs an injunction to stop him immediately.  He needs to be investigated for drug dealing meth and GHB.  His chief of security also needs to be looked at for his role in the covering up of drug dealing at Jeffrey's home in Palm Springs.  This is outrageous behavior from a man that just found a way to get 1 billion dollars in funding for his new company  It's short for wonder company and if his dealings with aggravated stalking aren't good enough reason to boycott their company, I will give them reasons why.  He isn't a nice person.  He's a manipulative piece of shit.

My life has been a living hell because of him and his need to hurt my family.  The family of a police informant.  He went to my widowed sister to defraud her out of my own attorney funding.  Now he's stoking the fires of torture again hoping that a proven serial killer will do her job and put me in the ground.  He's an asshole's asshole.

It is my intention to have the famiies of David, Missy and Jeffrey sued for everything that they did to extort money from my family in order to keep my life in danger.  This was completely intentional.  Their families made an agreement with Jeffrey not to do anything until David and Missy got to.  That's the most fucked up thing I have ever heard of.   The lives of 650 people put on constant hold while Jeffrey, dealing drugs out of his own rental home,  did this to me.  He has literally watched while David and Missy spearheaded all the attempts to hurt me more.  Jeffrey's need to elevate David and Missy is sick.  It is a slap in the face to everyone that has ever been raped.  These two caused more rapes to happen than anyone else.  They aren't remorseful.  They don't give a shit and you can tell simply by seeing what they did to steal my money from my sister.  There is a special place in Hell for Jeffrey Katzenberg...I am going to send him there.

Since Missy and Jeffrey with David's help and a whole lot of bullshit from Bessie Smith, decided to ruin the lives of the two police informants in the case, Jeffrey came up with an alternative.  Remember the first three people I had on my team?  Leah, Benjamin and Martin?  Jeffrey had this bright idea that he would pay for them to go to college online, then pay for them to become licensed private investigators, so that we would no longer be necessary.  The three of them took all the time they needed to complete their education and Jeffrey paid for everything.  You see once he ruined our lives he had to have a way to legally investigate Lori and Brian.  He literally stole every single penny I had.  Put Christopher in jail.  Advised Jonathan and Anthony to do nothing...and now his plan is to use my former team as a way to prosecute this case with Missy, David and Bessie.  FUCK YOU JEFFREY!!! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TORTURE ME AND GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF IT.  YOU ARE A GOD DAMN THIEF.


End your relationships with Benjamin, Martin and Leah...they are no longer working with me.

Lakers Blazing Trails...Pride Night

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers, Thursday, October 4, 2018 will be their first Pride night for the LGBTQ community.  I have to say that there is nothing more impressive than an NBA team with the heart and sense to reach out to the LGBTQ community and honor them with a night of professional basketball.  Let's hope that LeBron and company all support this decision too!!!

Way to go Lakers.

Oh The Lies That We Believed Along The Way

Don't worry Jeff, I hate you too.  Maybe hate is too strong of a word for what I truly feel about a man that would intentionally ruin the lives of rape victims in the hopes that he and his girlfriend, former live in lover, Missy Pussy, would be able to hold hands and act like they did something amazing.  Nothing amazing about stealing from an elderly woman, just the fact that David, Missy and Bessie did it to keep me near a serial killer so that she could get another shot off.  Hoping to kill me like they did Jonathan and the rest of my friends.

I'm looking for a lawyer that will tear Jeffrey in half.  Just like his lying split personality does to everyone that listened to and believed in him.  His time on this Earth as a free man is short.  I want him arrested for conspiring to commit a terrorist act against a police informant.  He met with my own sister...that is aggravated stalking.  He forced us to give him money so that he could keep me here near Lori who has tried to kill me on more than one occasion.  He's nuts.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Being Benjamin's Friend Is Like Living In A Garbage Can

This is the garbage can where Jeffrey threw all of our lives into.
His plan, diabolical.  His method, criminal.  His desire to ruin the lives of at least five people has been executed.  What in the world do you all think of a man that would ruin the lives of five people to save one drug addicted stripper?  She's as horrible as Lori has ever been.  She's a manipulative slut that nobody should have trusted.  She's the most incredibly insensitive home wrecker in the valley with a reputation for destroying men and their families.

Now that I've just been put through another situation that was approved by Jeffrey, I want you all to understand something.  He's not here to help.  He's not here to save the day.  He's here to get me killed and throw my life into the garbage just like he did to Christopher, Anthony, Jonathan and Martin.  This man is the most horrific resurrection of Lori's hopes and dreams that could have ever befallen us.  Three whole days of torture including Lori's ever present threats to my family.  He ruined my life and my relationship ON PURPOSE to save someone that he use to "tit compliment" every single morning.  He's such a louse.

What Jeffrey wants is for you to say, "Jeffrey would never be like this."  The truth is that he wants me to write something so scathing that he will claim that there is nothing he can do to stop her.  That's the biggest lie of all.  He didn't want to stop Lori, he wanted to please Missy.

Rather than take the time to tell you all about what he's done, I want you to know one very important thing.  I don't believe him.  I don't believe in him.  I know that he is trying to get me killed.

That's all I'm willing to say for now.  He had better be careful now because I'm about to do something he can't reverse.  He's a terrorist with some kind of weird stripper love.  Missy Pussy must be taken down.

"I'll hold him, you hit him," this is his ultimate plan to ruin my life.  He holds me hostage with the money he stole so that Lori and her friends can take every single shot at me they want.  For eight years now this man has continued to support this kind of activity because he is a massive ego maniac.  His love for a stripper is not uncommon among married men in his career.  They all do something seedy.  He deserves the gas chamber for what he's done to all of us.

Being a friend of his sons is like living in a constant garbage can.  I no longer feel sorry for him or anyone that lives in that home with them.  They support the rapist by ruining the lives of those who stood up to her.  Something that Jeffrey doesn't have the testicles to do.  He's a wuss.  He's a pussy.  He's in love with some stripper and he needs to learn a lesson about justice.

I guess free lap dances for life from a 50 plus stripper does something for this married man.  What a joke you are Jeffrey.  I'm going to make sure everyone finds out about what you did to us.  Faggot hater.

Aggravated Stalking: Here's What California Has To Say About It

“Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking.”

Can you spot the stalker in this picture?  I can.  This picture was taken while I was on vacation in Sedona, Arizona.  There she is...Little Miss follows people. This picture along with witness testimony proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Lori LaFond was stalking me to Arizona.  She met with and threatened two of  my friends on this vacation.  These are people that she says, just a month or two later, that "she doesn't know."  I'm here to tell you she was following me on this vacation...and her lies about where she works and what she does is a complete fabrication of the truth.

My mother set up my vacation and it was a last minute change that put me in Sedona with Anthony and Jonathan.  Lori and her brother were the most insane they'd ever been on this trip.  I could have ended so much worse if it wasn't for Jonathan and Anthony. 

I'm reminded of what it is like to know that someone has tried to kill you in the past, then you actually see photographic proof of her being there.

The other people in this picture are friends of mine.  There is no way to tell what Lori did to get herself inside of this group of girls, but I can assure you that the rest of Lori's time in Sedona was spent using drugs (nice long sleeves there Lori).  She would later post this picture on one of the girl's facebook pages then start writing from her high school obsession that "she looked so great with her brown hair."  Why would someone go to someone else's facebook page and talk Lori?  This guy is a friend of mine and I am certain he didn't compliment her.  He thinks she is a psychopath too.

By the time I arrived, by myself, in Sedona, Arizona, I'd already lost Anthony because he waited in Phoenix for Jonathan.  Lori was there and chortling about how terrific she was and how "alone" I was.  It was a prelude to a conspiracy.  What transpired during that week was horrendous.  What went on after the trip was even worse.  That was almost ten years ago now.  So many horrible things have happened in the meantime.  This whole problem was based on a lack of understanding of what was planned on this trip.  Half of me wishes that I'd not asked anyone along with me and the other half is glad I did.

The money for this trip came out of the bank account that my sister told me "didn't exist" and that my mom swears to God, she "didn't steal from".  I remember the entire account just like it was yesterday.  My mother took out this money...out of that account.  Lori knew it and so did all the people that stole it from me.  I'm telling you, this entire last ten years was completely avoidable, but not without someone telling the truth.  That never happened.  Why?

So Who Is In Yakima, Washington That Lori Is Talking About?

So, who is in Yakima, Washington?  If you are reading this, understand that one of the world's most infamous terrorists, Lori LaFond is talking about you.  I don't have anyone that I know of in that area. I know that Christopher has family in the Pacific Northwest, but they aren't in that area as far as I know.

This has been a real terrible morning for the Princess of Pouting, but I'm sure that our local team is doing everything they can to stop her.  I sincerely hope you know that I was just using sarcasm.  We all know that Jeffrey doesn't do anything without Missy Pussy's permission.

This little problem with Lori has now elevated to another level of terror.  Interstate.

Sideshow Chris and Lori: Missy Pussy Is Pushing Lori Towards Me AGAIN!!!

Oh the screaming and yelling today is epic.  Christian has had another melt down while working with Missy Pussy and Lori LaFond.  All three using every bit of their lying to try to get me to be upset, but I have far too much patience to even bother with them.

I'm so over the entire group of these people out here.  It's like fighting a war between a Hollywood producer that's greedy and a girl that likes to rape for her entertainment.  This sideshow isn't as entertaining as they think.  I'm so brow beaten and hen pecked that I don't care any longer.

Someone needs to do their job as a private investigator and stop acting like a baby.

Lori's On The Rampage Again!!!

Pissing people off and kissing their asses afterwards...Lori's life long menstrual cycle is proving to be too much for Jeffrey to handle.  He's such a wuss.

He hears a sob story from a woman and turns into a gigantic pussy every single time.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Has Anyone Seen Clark Kent? I Need Superman!!!

Better than the bat signal...the right person knows what this means.

You can always Skype or email me at the numbers above.  Lori can't break into either one of them.

Lois Lane

To The Members Of This System In Los Angeles, Don't Follow My Friends!!!

I know it's hard to tell the difference but look closely, no staph infections so you know this isn't Lori but an incredible look alike.  

I have been listening to Lori for many years now.  What I am hearing right now is some kind of problem with her brother.  She's gone after him over and over again on the microphone so we all need to get one thing clear.  He is an asshole.  She is a manipulative sociopath homicidal maniac...helping either one of them is not a good idea.  Would you help Osama Bin Ladin after the World Trade Center disaster?  I don't think that you would be in the best of company or in the safest of margins.  Regardless of what you are doing for her or what she is forcing you to do, what she's done in the past is all that matters now.  She's a domestic terrorist with a higher body count than any mass shooting.  In fact, if you add up all the mass shootings in America, you won't have a number higher than Lori's body count.  This is a crime.  Moving in with her to live or help her with anything is ridiculous.  How could you possibly do anything but try to help her get away with it?  That's all she's concerned with is getting away with it and going after anyone that spoke out.  SAD!!!

I think that Lori has groomed so many people over the years that the five most gullible with the least amount of family support are now the only survivors left because they don't have any perspective.   There are very few serial killers that have a victim toll as high as 650.  Almost none are women.  Lori has always been crazy.  In fact if you went around to the people that know her in this town and told them what she's done, they'll probably all tell you that it's possible...she's kinda psycho.  I've known it forever.  Every time there was some kind of interaction that she always initiated it was sexually based and violent.  She's basically nuts.

Now Lori has all things in one to focus on.  She hates her brother the cross dressing gay man that has a lesbian past.  Now she is going after my friends from RuPaul's Drag Race thinking that she has a whole new group of gay men to attack if she can just call on her minions in Los Angeles to look for them.

She can hate on gay men, drag queens and all of us.  How smart this whole idea of allowing Missy and Lori more homosexuals to harass.  I know this system is being manipulated in the wrong someone who hasn't done anything still.  I want my money and a lawyer. 

RuPaul's Drag Racers Threatened? Lori's Plan To Drag Her System To Los Angeles!!!

Since my team has had a huge Jewish road block for 8 or so years, the LGBTQ community at large is in trouble.  Simply because he's, "Not ready yet," after nearly a decade, Jeffrey has put all of us in a position with his stolen iPhones and his stolen Rolodex.  Lori has decided that it is time to threaten celebrities again.  Namely our friends at RuPaul's Drag Race.

All morning long and all day yesterday her cross-dressing brother has been focusing on putting the photographs of all the drag race alum on to this remote neural system.  That way if anyone thinks about one of them their picture will show up on the screen.  Lori's fascination with men that dress up as women is lengthy.  She, herself, dresses as a man as often as she can.  Now she's trying to take a bite out of my friends that have workshops and homes in Los Angeles.  Some of them have kids and I'm not the person to let her do this.

It is my job to let RuPaul know that Lori has stalked me with people before in Los Angeles, not far from where these gentlemen work.  I know that it's my fault for appreciating the work that you do but they also represent the gay community and love.  Since this is the exact opposite of those treacherous lesbians that live with her and at Jeffrey's home, it needs to be said.  Don't go anywhere alone and make sure that if you are being followed that you call someone immediately.  I'm not joking.  The last thing I want to hear about is someone from that production getting hurt.

I also want RuPaul to know that I am sorry for this inconvenience.  Jeffrey is far too slow to help anyone in this situation and is only thinking of himself as usual.  He doesn't put any time or effort into this project.  He sits around and waits for his two drug addicts to sober up.  It's ridiculous how much we've had to endure while the Homocaust continues.  He's not doing what needed to be done so I'm reporting him again.  Something needs to be done about little miss know-it-all.

This all stems from a thought that I had the other day about how the stars from this show could really help us out if they put the word out.  It would take moments.  That triggered Lori to rekindle her hatred for her brother and target some of my favorites.  They know who they are.  @?  Be very careful, those bitches down there are horrid.

So I will be spending my time without the drag racers for a while.  They are the nicest guys and they remind me that I'm still gay.  Now that I've been banished to the middle of nowhere without any friends, this is just another way that Missy and Jeffrey do things.  They think they're cute.  Do you think so?  Let Jeffrey and his wife know.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Eye Candy: Mom Always Said Wait Til The End For Desert, I Disagree With Mom (Just On This)

Serving Stephen Amell REALNESS!!! See He Does Have A Twin!!!

Putting Body Doubles Out Of Work...

Butt, Then There Was This...

This Is What It's Like When You Know Who Lisa Is and Her Addict Friends Come For You!!!

"Don't you say ANYTHING about my family doing this to you," Lori LaFond, just now!!!

When Missy Pussy, Lori LaFond and Bessie Smith found out that I knew Lori was behind all this torture, this is what it was like here in 29 Palms.  I'm not joking.  Add three or four more hill climbers and you know the position that I am in here sticking my neck out for all of you.  Black widow and her lesbian mafia.  It's ridiculous for all of us to have to be attacked this way without help!

I've told you all before what it is like when they swarm into your area.  They come like tigers trying to destroy the one person that speaks out against it.  Stealing the information from your mind like common criminals.  All in the name of drugs and theft.  For Lori this has become sexual.  Hating gay men is nothing new to her.  I've been aware of how she talks about gay people and gay men, in particular, since I was about 11 years old.  Long before I ever thought about sexuality, Lori was grinding out a plan to make my father look like he was a child molester of boys.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a double edged sword too.  It speaks poorly of teachers, it speaks poorly of the accuser's made up story, but it foreshadowed the rest of Lori and Brian's lives. 

Above, I described a warrantless search and I'm sure some of you are saying, "Yes, but Lori isn't a law enforcement officer," but my response is that's the point.  The information that she steals from us is passed on to the police who, in turn, do not investigate, they arrest.  I've seen cops sitting outside of homes waiting to arrest someone.  How in the universe did Lori have any idea what was going on inside that home?  She couldn't.  Her brother is not there.  Most of the time it is just two men inside a home that she doesn't like.  She follows them and reports on locations that she should have no idea about.  Even the "workplace violence" restraining order I got was served to my sister's home and my parent's home to the door of my trailer.  This proves that Lori LaFond knew where I was and that makes the "opportunity" to rob our homes possible.  It shows prior knowledge.

In order to show this crime we have to prove that the information that the police used to effect the arrest was given to them, illegally and that they relied on that information for the arrests.  In that case, the police used fruit of the poisoned vine.  Nothing after that matters.   If we can show that the police officers were implanted with these devices by Lori, we can then show a conspiracy to commit this crime between police and a known drug dealer and suspected child pornographer.  We have the witnesses, we need the hard evidence too.  The mere implantation of most of these officers will show a compliance with an illegal form of communication for police officers against the City of Palm Springs policy.

So the case is a really simple one.  Find the chips using the log that Lori left behind and start the case with the City of Palm Springs.  It's really quite easy in it's inception because the chips are sub-dermal, can't be removed without finding them, minor surgery and they give off a radio signal that is easily read by a hand held scanner.  I'm sure there are officers that want Lori gone, so I'm providing them with the way to do it.  Help us. 

As for the misandrist quality of this crime, it is obvious that the overwhelming victims of rape were gay men.  Equally interesting are the number of arrests and where they are located as we put together the places where victims were arrested and what for?  The problem is that there are 650 victims of this crime and many police officers from the past and currently.  The police officers are still able to be sued for their actions.  There is a growing concern that since they covered up my rape case that they would do even more if they were under investigation.  I'm not worried about anything like that.  Now it is just more harassment at the hands of the police if it does.  I am rock solid on my end of this investigation.  I know that it can and will succeed.

Lori and her lesbian gang of mean girls has got to come to an end.  I think of it as a highly functional organized hate crime against gay men and their families.  The expenses that we've incurred along with the lives that we were left with because the police refused to help, are the subject of damages.  There are many.

Isolation and subsequent destruction are two major elements of this crime and it is like the tenth or eleventh time that my family has been put in the cross-hairs.  There has never been a thirty plus year aggravated stalking case ever.  Deaths and attempted murders combined with false accusations, arrests and lies.  This is all going to come down on Lori and her friends.  Why would you ever believe such a horrible human being?

Gay Dating App Used In Oklahoma To Rob Gay Victims: Nothing New For Lori LaFond

She tells us that, "We deserve it!"

Before we get into how many times Lori and Brian have used a gay dating app to set up a robbery or a rape, is not limited to the number of times she has used the app to create chaos.  The kinds of measures that Lori has taken by reading the minds of innocent gay men, using their screennames and passwords to log on to their accounts and put men in dangerous positions may never be fully accounted for.  I know that she has been doing this for as long at the site has been up.  It's free and free is what these criminals use most often.

Misandry in this country can be understood as the inevitable wave of equality pushes towards the shore for women.  Like every oppressor before them, men are now being held responsible for centuries of inequality.  It is to be expected, but what needs to be looked at now is the swing too far to the other side. The object of hatred by some of the victims that now hold all of the male species responsible for the oppression of their sisters.  Charged with family raising and career having, women have been stretched to their limits with unequal pay for the same work and less time to do it in.

The quote that I used the other day from Stephen Biko was that "the biggest weapon that oppressors have is the mind of the oppressed."  I took courses in this in college and learned the female perspective historically on this type of surge.  It's necessary and at the same time may go too far.  The pendulum has swung too far in one direction and now it naturally has to swing back.   The best thing that could ever happen would be for the pendulum to stop, but that's where we continue to have problems.

When you look at the number of men being held accountable for their actions, it has become almost assured that the man is not being treated as if he were innocent until proven guilty.  That has a chilling effect on other areas of society.  Look at the Emmy Award song this year about "we did it."  I realize that it was tongue in cheek because we have a very long way to go before that song doesn't make sense any longer.  The fact that it does make sense to us now is a sign of the times.  It has lasting effects when media and entertainment focus on social issues...that's what they are suppose to do.

Realize too that there are waves of change behind women that includes women too.  Black oppression, LGBTQ oppression and religious oppression as well as immigrant oppression all have big waves growing bigger and bigger as women finally speak out about what they know to be true, but there are other women out there that see this as an opportunity.  Remember that this is America and we need to do a better job of handling this situation within the confines of the law before it gets to the media's slaughterhouse.  Since when is a rape investigation or sexual harassment on television before charges are filed.  I think that we can cut down on the impact of a true claim and a false claim simply by investigating these crimes in an investigation not in the court of public opinion.  The charges are hurtful and damaging but we should not put the guilt assumption "horse" before the provable cart.

If every single man that has HIV is accused of spreading the disease then we have re-produced the culture of fear that pervaded the now treatable disease.  However, if the flip side is that we don't look at people that we can prove spread the disease, never met the rapist and show hand written notes to that effect, we have an obligation to speak the truth.  Even when that truth is that it is a woman that is doing it.  My fear is that we've become so overly sensitive to women in this horrible situation that people will feel sorry for Lori, that's just Lori joining in with a group of women that she doesn't belong with for cover.  She belongs on the other side with the people that commit this crime.  The fact that she's a woman shouldn't be considered.  It's all about the science and the witnesses.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

I Think It's Brave - Someone Posted This At My Work

" I think it's brave that you get up in the morning even if your soul is weary and your bones ache for a rest,

I think it's brave that you keep in living even if you don't know how to anymore,

I think it's brave you push away the waves rolling in every day and you decide to fight,

I know some days you feel like giving up but I think it's brave you never do."

This was posted in our workroom and I saw it.  It reminds me of all of our friends out there schlepping it to make a buck.  Gettin it up everyday, washing it and putting it at work with a smile.  I know you are all out there.  I know what it's like.  There isn't anything about work that I don't really like.  I just want to be able to do something I love.  I had that once.  I miss it.  I won't ever let it go again.

Keeping "Score" Between Boyfriends, Lori's Become A Real Tallywhacker!

Ah the game of keeping score.  Lori is one of those, though when it comes to keeping track of her "girls" she's a bit different for herself.  For example both Missy and Leah can't go to the supermarket without 50 phone calls and texts asking about when they are going to be back and can they do something for her.  It's about control.  I doubt that Leah and Missy are even allowed to leave.  I know that I've seen Christian out of that home, but only once.

In the world of relationships, I've learned that one of the worst things that a person can do, is keep score.  I only know this from a guy's perspective, my own.  What I have learned, over the years, is that someone that "keeps score" is trying to control you and thinks that this is a way to see how someone really feels about you.  Dumb.  How a person feels about you isn't directly related to how many times you take out the garbage, ask for a kiss or buy a gift.  Guys are guys.  Some are sensitive and do thoughtful things and others are the opposite.  It isn't always a great indicator of how they feel.  I've been told that women are more apt to think about these kinds of actions in a different way.  I like to err on the side of caution here and I'm thoughtful.

I think it is far more important that whomever I am in a relationship with supports what I want to do, for me.  That doesn't mean that it's all about me, though, I do the same back for him.  A relationship is a team.  Compromise is required.  I was always looking for someone that I could be proud of, not just someone that was proud of me.  I'm a confident guy, so when I do something it's usually something that makes my partner proud of me as a matter of course.  I'm more impressed by someone that is working on something that he loves that I support.  Guys are like that.  It's something that women should take into consideration.  For example, let's say I'm really into home improvement and prefer tiling myself instead of hiring someone.  Let's say he is into cars or building an off road car, not home improvement.  That's cool with me.  I'd help wherever I could, show interest and even go off roading with him.  For me, I've done that stuff all my life, but I can be excited for him.  It's his thing.  If you are interested show interest.  Guys love to show you what they've been working on.

It isn't about how many times he came into look at the tile work I'm doing.  It's about knowing that he'll appreciate it already and showing him the same courtesy.  These are the things that make people compatible.  Staying in touch and being involved even when it might not be the same thing for you.  You do things to lift people up if they need it.  The right person will see what you do, express interest and let you know it the way you like.  That takes care of itself.  The effort in relationships is to identify what it is that is important to the other person and support, knowing that they already support you in what you do.  It's work.  Sometimes it isn't for you.  Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and give in and sometimes not.  Knowing where the issue is prioritized for the other person is key.  If it's no big deal to you but a big deal to him, you go with his thing.  Same in reverse.  It's how the good relationships work.

If you are lucky enough to find someone that shares a passion for something that you do like, bonus.  Not every relationship that is successful has two people, exactly alike in interests and tastes.  You work that shit out.   It's important because the feeling you have of love requires it.  I work at relationships when they are worth it.  You just know the difference.

Lori spends the majority of her time trying to find any way to start a fight and force you to do what she wants you to do.  There is no position further from the way I motivate myself to do anything.  Nobody needs to tell me what I am going to do for them that I don't want to do for them.  I'm not someone that likes to cater to someone I don't like, though I've done that before, it wasn't a good result.  It's a part of who I am and I don't put it on someone else that way either.

Constantly trying to poke holes in everything between two people, Lori has never met a couple that she didn't try to break apart.  Seriously.  There isn't a relationship in her life that she hasn't tried to ruin then asks the question, "Why don't they love me?"  There is a good chance she tried this with her sisters, brothers and mom/dad.  I wonder what she must have been like at her own home if, at 12 years old, she was framing my dad for molesting a student?  What kind of child wouldn't have focused on her own family's relationships first then branched out into the community around her.  In our case, we lived across the street from her aunt for many yeas.  Once Lori got in enough trouble with her immediate family she branched out to her aunt's neighbors.

Lori spreads through a community like a virus.  It's predatory the way she goes after a person's life then expects the victim, in ruins, to fall in love with her.  There is no chance in hell that she "ruined a relationship with my boyfriend so now I'm in love with her for doing it" ever happens.  For me, I have the whole dead brother in law thing that I'd have to get over and a whole lot more.  There isn't a feeling of fondness when I see her, so I avoid having to.  If I never had to see her again, I would be thrilled.  Unfortunately she knows where I am every second of the day so she is an ambush planner.  Terrific, huh?  Not so much.  Since Lori likes to "pop in", make a scene, then run home to see what I thought about it, it makes for some very uncomfortable feelings.  

Jonathan taught me not to do anything like think about her in my usual, "Oh, she's just a mental patient, she needs help and love" sort of way.  Lori always misreads those thoughts to be some kind of "sexual connotation".  What I'm really thinking is that she's such a mess, I hate being around her.  In fact, the only times I've had to see her is when I had to attend funeral services for two of my friends' fathers.  These were life long friends whose dearly departed were like extra dads to me.  You know all the cake and ice cream parties and stuff?  Lori was never there.  I don't think a single friend of mine would have ever known her.  She wasn't really part of our close friendships, though as the years have gone on, she's sought to make it appear that way.  In the end, they'll all take my side of this because that's where they are with me.  I won't have to ask them to do that by the way, I'm just their friend, she isn't.

Lori likes to yearbook stalk my friends by looking at signatures and finding out who I was friends with after she stole all four years of books.  She use to only have one that her brother stole when I lived in San Diego.  The other three were stolen when I moved here.  This is one of the reasons that I feel like I live in some kind of high school slasher movie.  To know what I know and not warn people is crazy.  I've done my best.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

In The Vein of Wigstock 2.Ho (Politically Incorrect, But Relieving of all Street) My Joke:

What Do Lori LaFond and Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh have in common?

They're both famous rapists from the 80's that got away with it because everyone covered it up, thinking they had a future.

Remember, what happens "In Lori, stays In Lori", so she can display it in a rape kit.  Um...and because she doesn't bathe.  Ever.  She's had more dead sperm inside her than a Hillside Strangler victim.  
(True crime joke.)

Lori's taken more bites out of "dead" people than Jeffrey Dahmer.  I say dead but they were really unconscious, like her friend Missy Pussy, not much difference...zzzzzzzzz!

Lori's left more DNA at a crime scene than O.J. taking a paternity test and dropping a glove.

That's my Bianca Del Rio performance for Wigstock 2.Ho!

Willam did an enema on stage!!!  All that's left is to suck a dick up that's never been done with him. Kneel...Patrick Harris, like you have to tell him.

Love you bitches to Hell and back,
Kev ;-)

(For those of you, Lori, that will be offended by this, suck it!  I am a rape victim that is made fun of every single day by my rapist.  This is the first time I can say, with confidence, I'm being politically correct some other time.  Wigstock is about being politically incorrect.  I have the right!!!)

A Family In AIDS Crisis: Lori's Plan To Destroy Families From The Inside Out!!!

I'm not oblivious to the plan that Lori has used before to terrify a father and daughter by using their gay son infected with the AIDS virus.  It's something that she's done in the past with other families.  Jackson Velin's family is one but the Johnson family is another.  Unfortunately for Lori the HIV medications have rendered me unable to transmit the disease any longer.  I take THOSE medications.  Descovy and Tivicay in combination have left me undetectable and unable to be the person that could give this disease to anyone in my family.  That really puts a glitch into her plan of having someone in the family responsible for infecting his own kids or family members.

There are families in danger and there are families that are at the forefront of stopping this from happening.  See this beautiful family above?  Harry and Diana.  Now that is one beautiful family.  In the fight against the disease, this family stood at the forefront long ago and continues to spread the message of love and hope to all those that are infected, are at risk and those living in fear of the disease.  I've been a fan of the Lady Diana Spencer family for decades, as have most of you.  My apologies to Charles and Camila whom I also am very fond of.  Nobody embodies the courage and stick-to-it-ive-ness that it takes to end a world disease more than this one.  

So you have two factions of people in this world.  The current royals, I'm a big fan of the Queen as well, she's so cheeky, are probably the European's best hope for bringing the AIDS crisis to it's knees in the other half of the world.  You see Harry testing himself and talking to others about the disease on behalf of England and especially his incredible mom, Diana.  (Lori loved Diana, because Lori thinks she's some kind of princess.  It's an insult in comparison isn't it?)

While a place, like the Desert AIDS Project, where many of the victims in Palm Springs go for help is something that our buddy Harry would thoroughly support, you have Lori warning people not to go there, or else.  You see, she didn't do all this infecting of gay men to have them taking medication to keep the disease at bay.  Even Peter DiMiartino, who Lori blamed for my rape along with Steven Frey, worked there.  Lori hates the Desert AIDS Project and wouldn't be caught dead there...which probably means she'll end up dead somewhere else, I suppose.  "Only faggots go there," Lori tells people, but that isn't true.  The only requirement for membership is the HIV virus.  If you want top quality care for free, you can go there and get it.  I've seen men and women there, all shapes and sizes, but I don't see any of the six members of Lori's "family", the ones she lives with, attending any kind of medical attention.  Why?

It's simple, Lori would be jealous and would steal their medication.

"They (HIV medications) don't work like they say they do," Lori's unintelligent mouth screamed at me just now.  Um, fuck you Lori, yes they do.  I've been taking these medications for 12 year or more now.  Yes, they have been around that long, and I've been undetectable since then.  In the meantime the CDC and many others have revealed that the disease can neither be spread or transmitted back to the person with the disease.  In other words I can't infect anyone.  It's like being unable to conceive because you don't have the sperm for it.  Only better.

I think it comes from Lori infecting members of her own family from what I've seen and heard.  The genotyping shows that Lori gave this to her brother, then the pair passed it back and forth several times.  Genotyping is like a listing of who transmitted the disease to whom, that's how they found Patient Zero...make sense.  You see it all transmits from one person to every person.  When you trace it back you can find out, genetically who it was.  In our case it came from a woman with a brother that she gave this disease to.  That means that Lori was the first when you compare it to her mother or sister's DNA.  It's that simple.  There is no guess work.  There aren't enough people alive or dead to have it be anyone but Lori.

She tells me, "You can't say that!"  Why?  It's what you love to tell people you do to them when you are harassing them and you say it will make you a celebrity.  Her father told her that she would never be famous, I disagree.  I'm gonna make that bitch a star! Just like she always thought she would be.  I guess that would make her a chocolate star-fish...(It's an Absolutely Fabulous reference to what you call a lesbian that likes anal sex.)  I just watched Wigstock 2.Ho and Bianca/Willam have my dander up!!! You guys were amazing as usual.  I thought of you and Christopher with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, then I realized he likes boys still.  LOL!  You girls were so amazing!  I feel like RuPaul!!!  In case you missed it there was Willam's stage enema, back to the crowd and Bianca hating on just about everyone but me...that's a win!!!