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This is a camera of my studio room in my home. When I am away it keeps Laurie and Brian out of my house...and when I am home it keeps them from sexually assaulting me. This is for Christopher and his family to know that I'm safe.

Today's theme:
Inner peace. Isn't that a terrific concept? I love it. I've been through enough self help books to know that there is one very good common theme. Peace. How you achieve that comes in many different forms. For me, a book called, "A Million Little Pieces" did the trick. It spoke to me on a whole lot of levels and taught me about responsibility for my decisions. I know the book came under fire for some of it's "truthfulness" but James Frey knows the mind and heart of an addict. I loved reading it and could not put it down. I've decided that helping my friends is how I achieve inner peace. My goal, in addition to providing you with information about this crime, is to keep you happy inside. Join me as often as you can to learn some concepts to help you find your INNER PEACE. Every effort helps you to understand what we lost for many years.

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

How Much More Magic IS In That Mike? Probably More...Hey Chan Want To Call Jeff For Me?

You guys are all aware that Magic Mike is in Las Vegas right now aren't you?  I've heard the show is top notch and kicking so much ass that only Britney is hotter!  There's also huge good times going on in the casinos with the slots showing off Channing and Joe and all the guys! I suggested to someone that we take the XXL idea to Broadway a few years ago to the Lionsgate people too...isn't that a swell idea?

Hey Chan, glad to see things are going great bro.  Hope you can give Jeff a call soon and let him know how happy I am to see that all these ideas are doing so well!  Good luck with the Merman stuff too bro...always love a man in a fish tale.  We love you bro!!!

Know Of Any Good Stalking Stuffers?

Those who hunt monsters know one thing; they are everywhere out there.   There have been so many ways that predators have learned to seek out their victims these days that the pool of anonymity has turned into a sea of possibilities.  It use to be the case that victims almost always had something to do with their killers either by their relationships, their proximity to their abductors, their social life, their ties to the community, their comings and goings, simply because you can't kill what you can't get to.    Then came the age of the internet and social media and a whole new age of crime was born.  Not only were the love starved able to meet up with the available, the predators were also able to meet up with their prey.  There didn't have to be much of a connection any longer.  Where you went online was the only connection in a world where anonymity was as easy as lying on a profile from an IP address that was as mobile as a coffee shop on the corner.

You would think in this day and age that a stalker like the Blue Widow would have chosen her targets with much more care and caution, but she didn't.  She did something in this day and age that was so rudimentary that it almost defies intelligence...she picked a person and stuck with him for thirty years.  I am that person.  It would seem that in a world of cyber stalking that nobody has done the most basic thing.  Look for the clues.  I've done that.  I found the killer.  The only problem is that the law enforcement here where I live doesn't want to catch her...they keep setting her free and arresting everyone that knows anything about her.  It's a game of giving her more confidence than closing in on her and the victims pay the price in fear, finance and fraud.  The worst part is the constant harassment suffered by the people that love you the most watching you fight a ghost that appears right in front of your eyes when she wants to mock what she has done in pictures, in the newspapers, on television and anywhere she can.

The one thing that you can't give a serial anything is confidence.  You can't say, "We know who you are, but we can't stop you."  This is the problem that we all face.  The net that is suppose to tighten around the criminal falls onto the victims because of a lack of understanding that a woman can be just as dangerous as any man could ever be, maybe worse.  The gender bias between a man's evil and a woman's is almost more than society will allow, even in the fact of undeniable evidence.  I know of one person that can actually see photos of his son getting raped and not do anything about it.  I don't know of anyone that could do that.  Do you?  I don't think that any person could see photos of this nature that wouldn't spark them to anger even if the pictures weren't of his or her own child, but in this situation there have become so many outside distractions that even that rape pales in comparison to what has and could transpire.  It's a sad testament to what society has become.

The message that is being sent to the Blue Widow isn't the one that should be conveyed.  The message should be, we are moving in on you and you can't breathe without us stopping you.   It's the unfortunate feeling that gay men have had in Palm Springs, California for years while they walked the streets at night in the Warm Sands area.  The comfort that she feels living right next to law enforcement headquarters only illustrates her unusual bravado in this situation.  When she raped me in Palm Springs the last time in 2007, she was merely a block away from police headquarters and could walk to the location of the rape.  The police never dispatched a single officer to the scene.  The confidence she exudes is tantamount to flipping off the police while she drags a bloody trophy home from another's the saddest statement of all.  I've actually heard her telling people that if someone from that department does investigate her, she'll, "simply make a call to get them in trouble".  Have you ever heard of a rapist in charge of a police response like that?  It's sickening.  You know what is sad?  She's already gotten away with it.  She's already done it.

When the evidence in my rape pointed to her, all suspects, hell, even the rape, stopped existing.  My smashed skull, was the result of something paranormal or some kind of dream.  My infections and transfer of STD's...stereotyped as some kind of gay promiscuity thing, though I'm tested every other month.  My bloody clothing, attested to a "night of rough sex" which I would never have consented to.  A report that once yielded two suspects being brought in and tested, disappeared.  My face photographed being punched out from the night of the rape, dismissed.  All on the word of a woman that doesn't exist...a ghost that appears when she needs to lie but disappears when the police are asked about her.  Why does this happen?  A police pension matters more than 600 gay mens' lives.   Bad press would mean would be lost.  It is easier to blame the gays than it is to admit to lying and making mistakes.  It was easier to forget that I'd been raped and send my rapist after me again than it was to stop her once and for all.  Only, I've been fighting this rapist and her brother now for thirty years.  I've done my time in Hell.  

Despite overwhelming, and easy, evidence that would yield a suspect or two, with witnesses to that fact, my case was dropped.  Yes folks, there are witnesses to what happened to me that night.  There is someone that was there when Laurie left, when Brian left and when they got back with items of mine stolen from my body and pictures from the rape.  These were available in 2007.  Instead of anybody coming forward or any police officer looking into the rape, they were also discarded and still are.  You see the simple fact of the matter is this.  It doesn't make economic sense to the PSPD for this crime to be solved.  It doesn't LOOK GOOD for them.  Rather than accepting what has happened, moving forward, becoming better, this department chose to go on the television news and say, "there is no rape investigation" and "Kevin Bond has mental issues"; well, mental issues don't come with photographs and a broken skull.  They don't have witnesses.  They don't file restraining orders.  They don't come with six arrests and no convictions.  They don't come with missing Department of Justice lab reports.

Some police officers probably think that I'll just forget about what happened to me.  The problem that they don't realize is that Laurie won't EVER LET THAT HAPPEN.  She's gloating, thumping her chest, berating me, showing up a funerals where she doesn't belong, stealing from me, getting closer to my family in proximity, following me on vacations...there is no forgetting with her, she wants to be remembered.  I couldn't forget about it anyway.  You are the same police department that put my boyfriend in homes without asking him if he wanted to be there to spy on the residents and when he refused, you put him in jail for doing something he didn't do on the word of Laurie.  You see, this doesn't stop for me, PSPD, because you don't want to investigate it, it doesn't stop because you let her go. Again.  You had her caught and you let her go.  She's killed before, allegedly, and you let her go again.

Now she's, once again, living right across the street from the Morongo Basin Sheriff according to her own family's submission to me as an informant, living her lifetime dream of harassing me to the point of death.  The attempts have been made many times. 1987 - HIV infection by a woman  2003 - Driveby shooting in San Diego  2007 - Rape/Attempted Intentional Infection and Assault With Deadly Weapon  2010 - Stalking With Intent to Sedona, Arizona.  This story never ends.  The problem that we are seeing here is one of obsession by a girl that sees me as "the big problem in her life".  Why?  I don't know.  I think it is because I get a lot more attention than she does.  I've never really known her.  I've never liked or spoken of her.  I don't particularly know her family or any of her friends.  I am a gay man that was successful that did things that made her jealous and she sees my death as her final success.  Unfortunately, the police see my death as the end to a serious problem for them.  That's why I am writing this.  If the PSPD thinks that my death will be an answer to their problems, it will only be the beginning.  My family will know that Bryan Anderson did this with help...

Stalking is simply proved in this case.  Laurie stole everything that I owned.  She has things that she stole from me the very first time that she infected me.  When I am dead, I want my blood to be tested for the HIV virus that infected me and compared to the virus in her blood.  I am telling you now that I've NEVER HAD SEX WITH HER AND HAVE NEVER USED A NEEDLE FOR DRUGS.  Besides, you will see that MY INFECTION CAME FROM HER NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  This had to have been intentional.  I want there to be an autopsy to look for the RFID chip in my skull at both temples until it is found.  When it is found I want it delivered to the U.S. Attorney, Laura Duffy in San Diego and told to her that it was used in the attempt on my life while I worked for the U.S. Justice Department.  She can talk with Jami Ferrara about the circumstances.  You see, unfortunately, my blood and virus, shows whom raped me....and I want her stopped even in the event of my death.    Why the stalking case against her hasn't been brought is mystifying?  Why she is allowed to harass me day and night is torturous and unnecessary?  I don't understand anything that Bryan Anderson is doing and wanted him to stop this long ago...I want him to stop this today!!!  I want out.

My family has paid a HUGE price for the use of guinea pigging this stalker's hate.  Nobody should ever have used the most damaged family of all in this manner.  We've persevered individually and as a family through so much of Laurie's insanity...but I'm the one that has had to deal with her daily hate while the others in my life were able to move on without knowing the price I was paying for them.  I took all of the pain and allowed them to be safe.  I took all of the personal damage to my career, personal life, future and health so that they could have theirs.  Now this investigation's focus is back on my family again...they are pushing Laurie to hurt someone else in my family and I won't allow that to happen without memorializing it right here for you all to see and experience.  While others were taken in and protected my family was waved in front of this monster like a piece of raw meat for her to circle and chew on whenever she pleased.  It's been a horrible experience.  It's been, by far, the worst of the entire thirty years.  All of my suffering and sacrifice means nothing now that this "plan" has been turned back on my family.  Thirty years of bull fighting only to feed the bull and get her back in shape to fight me and my family again.  What a worthless plan that was.   I have a feeling that the only way to end this is in the bull ring once and for all.

My family and I have never lost a fight with Laurie in a courtroom.  Not once.  It was only in the field that she was able to cause us problems.  When the truth was available we always prevailed.  Keeping the truth from coming forward has been "the plan" that has damaged us again.  This is my attempt again to make sure all of you know that the truth isn't just out there, it is photographed, videotaped, emailed, text messaged and Barbara and Jonathan Mendenhall have it.  They have the proof.  Anthony Dabiere has the proof.  Christopher has the proof.  Mrs. Monti has the proof.  Mrs. Mendenhall has the proof.  No matter what anybody says, they have it!  They wanted it to be known a long time ago, but it wasn't "the plan".  Ask them why it wasn't delivered. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016


See, we don't mind all that loud rap music when it says what we like now do we?

Could we please get this fucking election over with?

Another Weekend On The Treadmill

I think I have tried every single angle known to man to get some kind of reaction to this crime to jump start this investigation that was taken out of my hands.  I haven't heard two words from anyone in law enforcement or my friends in so long that I'm wondering if any of them care any longer.  It's so sad to think of the 1200 parents that are being thought of as "not worthy" of knowing of what happened to their gay sons in Palm Springs.  Don't they deserve consideration?  What about their family members?  

I know that justice is slow in a case this size, but when you have the kind of evidence that was destroyed in a case like my own rape, you can only wonder how many other victims of this horrible crime were swept under the big blue carpet of the police department to save the lives of Laurie and Brian LaTweeker.  Two lives that don't amount to anything more than thieves, liars and intentional infection hate crime killers (allegedly).  The specter of doubt should be reigning down on the two of them from their own family and the families of the 600 men and police officers that damn well know that Laurie implanted them with these devices.

The treadmill of justice continues to yield nothing for the victims in the Coachella Valley because of apathy and greed.

Don't Bother Writing

After eight years of living in the desert that is solitary confinement, you will laugh, but I am having one of those days where I wish I could just go away to an island and live by myself for a year without anybody at all.  No phone, no boyfriend, no communication, nobody.  You think I'd go crazy right?  Not so.  I've been living with Laurie screeching the most hateful and hurtful things she can think of all day long now for eight full years....and silence would be a gift.  Anything would be better than what Jeffrey imposed upon me.  Anything.

This has been the worst ten years of this thirty years of torture by a mile.  The absolute worst.  The first twenty were spent in society.  The last ten were in complete isolation with my rapist and her three friends in Hell.  Nothing in the world could be worse than isolation knowing that my friends watched me get tortured and did nothing.  It would be a gift from God to be alone on an island without her there.  I'm so over this entire investigation of torture and experimentation of fear.

Thank you Jeffrey, it wasn't worth it at all.

"He's Not Quite There Yet" or "I Just Can't Put My Finger On It" - The Enslaving of Police Informants By The PSPD

Ah the wheels of capitalism and torture, the two go hand in hand like the fat cat slave master and the treadmill walking slave...notice which one is sitting on his fat ass holding the bag of money (with the boyfriend and the slaves friends in it?)  Using words like patience, hope, faith, money, promises and "when I'm ready, the slave takes step after step on a never ending treadmill while the wealthy capitalist sits in his "back friendly" Recaro chair, smoking his illegal cuban cigar, laughing at the man that is creating all this wealth for him, never getting one step closer to the success he promises.  This institution is as old as indentured servitude and as greedy as Gordon Gekko.  I have such a man in my life right now too.  He feeds off of me like some kind of wealthy plantation owner that throws parties for my friends and houses them like slaves but has me working on the treadmill every day for eight years.  Since he is punishing me anyway, why not give him a reason to.

His excuses for eight years of hard labor with no results are slim.  They border on one thing.  How much money can this guy make for me before someone finds out.  In the meantime he uses my friends like a bag of money promising them and me some kind of new life that I've tried to provide for them with their own families now for almost a decade.  The problem with our land owner is his selfish need to control the lives of people that he neither cares about nor knows.  He wants to "TEACH THEM A VALUABLE LESSON" at my family's expense.  When the lesson is more valuable than a single person's life and it's about money, the lesson has become too expensive to teach.  

The Palm Springs Police Department has been enslaving gay men and others as informants for decades and I can prove it.   Using remote neural monitoring as a way to control their freedom, the PSPD embarked on a campaign of rape, interrogation, surveillance, brutality and crime together with a female and her brother to engage in a war against the gay community.  Enlisting officers that would fail to investigate any further than the word that this woman would give them, none of these officers would dare to question the false information that she gained by threatening their safety and their lives.  Instead of providing their informants with protection from her, the police used her to gag and torture these individuals without any kind of permission and instead the police turned to private "land owners" to help her hurt these slave even further.  They would literally buy up the friends and support given to the slaves and keep them isolated long enough to break the will of those that would question their authority.  These private donors to the police department and "land owners" in the community would then be allowed to follow these slaves and create pathways to allow her into the lives of the slaves and their families.  There would be promises to other families of slaves too.  Promises of protection, promises of help, but only if they would not get involved.  This would last only as long as those families would turn a blind eye to the contempt of the "land owner" whom put on a show for those watching, but put on an act for the slave to dance to.

The dancing is over.

Take a look at the Nichols's family.  Once again the police used a family business to run a sting operation using this family as informants.  They got bust after bust using this family until the police wouldn't protect them.  Then the owners started getting shot at, threatened at their home and threatened with a machete.  When the time came, the police then claimed that they "weren't informants", so why all the busts at the shop?  The police reacted with warrants, an arrest and a seizure of all their family assets.   That was the warning..."Do what we say or you will lose everything and you won't be protected."  The Mike Nichols was jailed for some tiny minor infraction while his home was ripped to shreds by the police.  Used and discarded their business failed.  Their capital seized, this family was destroyed by the PSPD.  I know the feeling.

This time the police used someone else to do the dirty work.

It's sad to think that someone that professes to care about our community would wait so long to help it.  Isn't it?  All for money.  With a fresh batch of slaves that can't work anywhere else but with him, he's had 8 of the most successful years that he and his wife have ever had.  In history. Why would he want to stop a good thing when I have so many more friends that he could indenture into servitude with a contract that simply states, "Don't help Kevin or his family, and you can get and stay employed like you could never be in Palm Springs or anywhere else. Let me be your friend instead."  It's a workforce of zombies and only one step away from Laurie's plan, just short of criminal activity only for her.

If this wasn't his plan, then why would all of my friends and my team be employed, except Jonathan, Anthony and a few others, and not me.  I live closer than anyone. He's supposed to be here protecting me according to what I've been told, but there hasn't been any protection at all, in fact my family has had more break ins since he's been here than ever before in 50 years.  There were some defectors from the Palm Springs team...Christopher and others...but the ones that remained weren't contracted but still followed his law, "don't help Kevin, or else."

Or else what Jeff?  Or else your perfect work force would change?  That's not helping the 600 other victims of this crime.  That's certainly not helping my family that has been victimized over the last 30 years and it isn't helping Christopher's family at all.  What you are doing is known as stacking the deck.  It's not respectable and it isn't what this project and investigation is about.  This is an investigation into a crime.  The crime of electronic harassment by a woman and her brother that raped and infected hundreds of gay men over a thirty year period.  It doesn't have anything to do with your bottom line.  It has nothing to do with your need to make more money than you can ever spend and it has nothing to do with you being a good guy.  Your focus isn't on the problem, it is on creating problems and placating the ones you've already created.

You and Bryan Anderson have created so many problems for me that the real issues surrounding this case keep getting swept under the same blue carpet that the PSPD has been using for years to cover up this crime.  Frankly it doesn't look good for either of you while you two little boys act like children deciding on which side of the sandbox is yours.  I think what most people see isn't what they should.  What they should see is all of the blood underneath the sand box that the two of you keep bringing in to cover up all of the blood spilled by my friends that was spilled to bring you and the public this case.  This is a simple case of posturing.  Who wants to dig up the past to see what everyone knows lies beneath?  You two boys don't play very nice and I'm not going to tell people that you do.  I've worked very very hard to overlook many things that you both have done to me, but I'm not satisfied with the lack of effort that either of you has put forth.  One doesn't do his job as a police officer and the other wants to play like a kid that just moved into the neighborhood looking to make new friends.  I'm not happy with either of you.  This is a professional investigation with serious legal implications.  If you two boys can't get along, I will take you both off the playground and have someone else keep you out of this investigation.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Short Line Between Love and Hate

Have you noticed how often men get the shorter end of stick when it comes to good vs. evil, especially in a case of sexual assault?  Admittedly, there is a reason for that.  You know why?  Men commit rape far more often than women.  Could that have been the reason that my rape case was handled so oddly?  Shouldn't the first criteria for a rape case be, "Did the suspect leave behind any DNA?" If that's the first question and it is blood, shouldn't the second be, "Male or female blood?".  Too often this second answer is assumed, and in our case it is critical.  The gender of the rapist in our case is critical and denotes a much more rare rapist...a female.

Behind the scenes, there was obviously some kind of communication going on between the rapist and the police officers in charge of my investigation.  This is an allegation I make with complete confidence knowing the comments made by the police that said that I was suffering from "mental issues" after Police Chief Bryan Reyes told me, in front of Anthony Dabiere and on the wire, that, "You have been right on the money and we're gonna get these guys."  This came, during a taped interview where the Police Chief asked me if he was being taped, to wit I responded, "probably" and he showed me a copy of the lab report long before he called me months later with another report saying that they had a "no result".  Apparently the first report he showed me, he'd forgotten about.  I didn't.

You see the cover up is long.  It is always the problem that I have with this rape investigation that so much was not done.  It was treated like I lied about something but the report was there and Anthony and I both witnessed what the current chief was like when he walked out.  He wasn't acting like a police officer that wasn't sure that there was a rape and that he wasn't sure whom the suspects was only when the test results weren't Steven Frey's and Peter DiMartino's that there was a problem.  That meant the two people that I was "told" were the suspects weren't could they be.  One IS A WOMAN.   Someone substituted a "no result" report for the report that was initial.  A check from the DOJ lab should show the original report but not the other bogus lab report.  The police covered up something for Laurie and her brother...end of story.

There is a short line between love and hate.  To know pure true love, I contend that one must know pure true hate.  It is the truest form of everything.  To know light, one must understand darkness.  To know justice, one must suffer through injustice.  The truest form of understanding always follows the truest form of the opposite.  It has always been this way for humanity to understand what is, by grasping what is not.  Laurie has always tried the shortest easiest way to success.  She's never understood that that path is the most simple to discover.  Hard work, suffering, failure, education and intelligence have a much higher rate of success with a much more legitimate trail.  Nobody just stumbles into fame and wealth the way Laurie thinks that they do.  What has been proven to work isn't a formula that the LaFreak siblings are willing to or could ever be successful at, so they follow people that are.  Following successful types while they both sit around getting high and jerking off has become their way of life.  They both complain about the small successes of others that they follow, but they don't realize that neither could ever achieve true wealth by stalking these people unless the pair allowed them to succeed.  You see, stalking the poor and keeping them that way only breeds more poverty for their targets and themselves.  How miserable their plan is.

I think that Laurie and Brian thought that stalking the poor would provide them access to the families and parents of their victims.  To counter, I informed these people so that they could be aware of Laurie's intentions.  Laurie then tried to implicate as many of these parents as she could to try to keep them silent.  Mrs. Mendenhall, on paper, looks responsible for a faked death of her son.  Jeffrey, looks, in part, responsible for stalking me here in the desert.  What Laurie doesn't understand is this is in furtherance of what I am doing with this project. You see.  Over thirty years, hundreds of parents have been put in these situations and there hasn't been an informed set of parents to testify against her.  Now there is.  You have to attack Laurie on all levels of family and law enforcement to end this crime.  You have to have examples of all of her extortion and blackmail to stop her from hurting everyone.  The more examples of her evil, the more good I can do.

What I have done is use this most ungodly system of torture to document and record all of the horrible things that Laurie has said and done to me over the years.  I used her system, her voice, her words, her deeds, her orders against her.  I have allowed her to use her own family in a way that will illustrate that she has no love for anyone in this entire universe and will stop at absolutely nothing to hurt anyone and everyone that gets in her way.  You see, drugs and sociopathy are self destructive.  When combined with a system that allows me to manipulate her constant observation of my thinking, clearly superior thinking by the way, I have an advantage over Laurie and the people that she demands follow her every single order.  Laurie believes that only she can stop me.  She believes that she is the only person in this world that can out think me.  That is her biggest flaw.  While I have a huge team, she focuses on me.  I don't need to order anyone to do what is necessary.  All I need to do is keep her busy on absolutely nothing.  Meanwhile her system is failing.  So she can keep talking in circles about things she's always wanted to say and I'll just ignore her and embarrass her until the time comes to reveal the next level of betrayal that I've set up for her.  She's clumsy, tired and she has no plan as to stop anyone but me.  I'm not nearly as important as she thinks I am...or am I?

You Can Use Your Sexuality As Ammunition Against Us Anytime You Want Nick...Just Aim It Over There Would Ya? LOL

In a new magazine article with our bud Nick "Bacon" Jonas, he is doing an interview where he explains his very cool and close relationship with the LGBT community and says to his naysayers that he uses his own sexuality as ammunition against those who think it is detrimental to his career choices.  Nick, who plays a gay UFC fighter on DirectTV's series "Wonderland" has made great strides in developing a character for the LGBT community that we can be proud of...that isn't a stereotype of any recent character that I've seen.  He does, however, remind me of my own boyfriend, Christopher Monti whom is a boxer...and a gay priest, in real life.

Nick and Christopher are friends.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Family Survives With Love From Friends

Christopher and I love you both.
Sending you these angels wings to lift your spirits above all of the negativity to a safe and loving place.
Forever our friends, A.J. and B.P.
Peace and Love,
Kevin and Christopher

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"I Want Him To Be Scared Of Me," Laurie To Me Tonight. Threatening To Rob My Parent's Home Again!!!

Laurie is such a monster!  She's threatening me again.  Because she constantly watches what I am doing she knows that much of my stuff is stored securely at my parent's home.  She thinks she is going to steal one of my father's guns then use it to kill me and my family members.  She told me that she is going to have her brother break into my father's car and steal his tools and sell them.  I just thought I would put that on the blog just in case he follows through with it.

I am tired of her stealing from my family.

Wanna Hear Something Amazing? Twentyone Pilot's Cover of My Chemical Romance's "Cancer"....This Is MUSIC x's 100,000,000

There isn't an HIV patient from the 1980's that is still alive that doesn't know what this song is talking about.  Interesting to come back from the dead.  Wondering if our friends in 21P understand what a song like this means to people that REALLY have been there?  Thanks guys...totally great cover.  What a tremendous job!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Could Today Be A Better Day? I Doubt It!!!

Couldn't be happier today if a leprechaun dropped a pot of gold on a stack of million dollar's worth of $100's on top of the fountain of youth with a card that had the answer to all of the world's problems!!!

...and Britney Spears called and said there was a ticket to her show

Sunday, September 18, 2016

For Those Of Us That Remember What This Is Like...This Is Funny!

Honey, I live temporary disability check to temporary disability check.  Paychecks living with Laurie around and Jeffrey "helping me" are a thing of the past guuuuurl! In fact, if Jeffrey helps me any more, I'm going to have to apply for food stamps and indigent insurance to pay for my HIV meds and my broken skull medications...he's been such a huge help!  Before he got here I had a job, disability and, I don't.  My life with Laurie and Jeffrey has taken what I can only describe as "the usual turn" for the worse!  LOL!

The "temporary" part of the disability check is because my previous disability is, apparently, no longer a disability.  Having HIV is no longer considered a disability even though I've been hospitalized twice from the pneumonia that caused me to miss work for weeks at a time.  Then, of course there is the skull that Laurie smashed into pieces that no hospital would verify, but you can see, because Jeffrey wouldn't let anyone talk about what she did.  So, instead of my broken skull and probable brain injuries that came from being asked to be a police informant, I don't have any insurance or SSDI any longer because a cop and some rich billionaire decided it was "better for Kevin" not to say anything about it.  Thank you PSPD and Jeffrey. I have to wait, every single month, for six months, for Social Security, to make a ruling, to see if I am still able to receive SSDI for the injuries that I have from the bludgeoning I received for becoming a police informant and from the complications of HIV infections that their "clandestine relationship with Laurie" caused 30 years ago...I was granted six months of "temporary payments"....two have already been paid...four to go Jeffrey....tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.....

#7 "Don't Interrupt Others Or Finish Their Sentences"

#7 Don't Interrupt Others Or Finish Their Sentences

Dr. Carlson wrote something in this short passage that makes a whole lot of sense to someone like me.  I am a terrific listener.  I've known how to help people my whole life simply by doing one thing really well...listening.  How many times have you been involved in an argument and you saw the other person just waiting to jump on you with something that they've already thought of saying?  This is because they aren't hearing a word you are saying, they are just wondering what effect what they are about to tell you is going to have on your demeanor.

Dr. Carlson makes a very good point when he talks about this interruption and sentence finishing problem being too much thinking and likens it to having two conversations inside of your own head.  The victims of this crime have enough conversations going on inside of their heads.  They don't need to be thinking for fifteen other people and trying to figure out what they are doing too.  Unfortunately for most of us, there are those out there watching that think they know better or what it better for us.  They have no idea what it is like to do the thinking for fifteen people all at once.  They don't consider the options the way we have to.  They think for themselves and maybe one other person at a time.  I have that problem now.  I can't, for the life of me, figure out what the hell someone else is doing to me and why he keeps forgetting that I am being stalked by a killer...?  He doesn't forget when it comes to anyone else when it comes to the killer, but when it comes to me, I'm like a piece of cheese that a mouse can eat any time.

Thinking about it only makes me susceptible to being eaten.  It takes away from my awareness and caution.  It has been eight long years as bait and many attempts at my life. The mouse has even been in the room with my family on one or two occasions...he did nothing.  I've thought about what that is supposed to mean to me.  I've let it cloud my judgment.  If I let it, it will take up too much of my time.  Then I can't be effective protecting myself and I'm the only one protecting my family.  The cops aren't.

Junior Is Pretending To Be Jeffrey Again, But It Really Isn't Much Different Than The Real Jeffrey, Both Are Immature

If you have been hearing from Jeffrey that he's been "doing better" with me, you can call him today and tell him he's lying again!  What he's been doing is allowing Laurie's brother and friend, Christian, to lie to me and enjoy the benefits of making him look good so I will be in a better mood.  This is just more bullshit talking and Jeffrey strutting to the beat.  Here's the real story.

I was offered safety by two really terrific people.  I could stay somewhere really far from Laurie with the opportunity to be safe, with Christopher, surrounded by my friends and financially I could make things work.  The problem came when Jeffrey decided that he wanted to stick his great big nose into it, again.  The offer was not made to Jeffrey.  He wasn't involved at all.  To this day he hasn't offered me any assistance at all with this case.  My family hasn't been informed by the police or by anyone because of his negligence.  We remain in constant 24 hour a day danger of being Laurie and her brother whom have recently tried more tactics to have our security system compromised at our home.  Laurie's threats of "making my family disappear" are becoming more regular.  Jeffrey insists that nobody talk to me or any member of my family.

So he won't help me, he won't let you help me and he won't let someone else help me, but he wants to watch while someone whom has made good on many attempts to hurt me and my family continues to conspire as recently as five minutes ago.  Additionally, when the offer for safety, to work closely with my team, away from Laurie and her brother was made to me and Christopher was made, Jeffrey intervened until he blew the entire deal for our side.  Now the offer is no longer good for Christopher or myself.  We can't go there.  So he's literally ruined it AGAIN for us. Trying to be someone that he isn't...he's taken away our chance to be together and safe.  Once again, he isn't willing to help or get out of the way, only hinder our investigation and relationship.  If he told you otherwise, he's lying to you.

What you are seeing in this entire investigation is a man that acts like a child.  He does as he pleases at the expense of my family's safety and out of the concern for nobody but himself.  In the past few months my family has been in the same room as the killer and Jeffrey has sat and watched that happen with a police officer or two watching.  He wouldn't let his kid be in that room or any of the team members that live with him, but me or my family, that was perfectly fine, why is that?  He draws some kind of distinction between those whom he has "chosen" and those whom he has "not chosen"...and that is a really hard thing for me to have to handle when there have been offers from kind people to help me to safety.  Jeffrey has denied me safety from a killer.  Again.

This man, despite all of the evidence that he, himself, has tested and proven shows that the person that he suspects is the person that is the criminal living less than a mile from me...he still hangs my family out as a piece of bait that he isn't willing to warn.  He is so selfish and destructive that he isn't even willing to warn the people that have suffered for thirty years.  Instead, he'd rather get through "award season".

Now he wants Christopher to accept more lies about his intent.  Another Christmas.  Another Thanksgiving.  Another summer.  Another decade.  While the perfect team that I assembled, makes him millions of dollars in the film industry that he shares with nobody but his wife.  Selfish.  Self centered.  Mean and worthless to anyone that this crime has happened to.  I can't imagine finding a more willing workforce than victims of this crime that can't work anywhere else but for him.  If they try, Laurie will have them fired, but if they stay with him, he knows their secret and will keep them employed.  What a fucking farce.

In the meantime, Christopher continues to live with this lying ogre even though he destroyed our chances for happiness.  That's also selfish.   Junior is now pretending to be Jeffrey which is like the times when he pretended to be Peter DiMartino, so refreshingly idiotic.  Christian is an asshole, reminding me of his own father's stubbornness and inability to do any good for anyone.  It's all just the same old Palm Springs game.  Nobody helps anyone but themselves.

It's Better Than Not Getting Paid At All Colton (Ask Jeffrey)...This Was Funny Though! LOL

Other than your thirsty blonde wig at the end, not bad buddy!  Very very funny!  Colton Haynes, aka Britney Spears' friend, makes the EHPCPS blog again!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Inglorious Bitch: Soiling The Palm Springs Police Department Posing As A Law Enforcement Family Member For Thirty Years

Inglorious: Disgraceful; not famous

I've spent years wondering just how many people that Laurie told that she "worked for the Palm Springs Police Department"?  I know that she's told almost every victim of this crime that she does and she usually tells them again after she has them arrested.  It is an "urban legend" in the State of California's gay communities that there is a "woman in Palm Springs that tortures gay men that sells drugs and turns them into the police".  It's totally true.  The legend goes that there are a group of men online that invite a gay man to a party where he is drugged and gang raped by HIV positive men that infect him with HIV then this woman that works for the police follows him around and has him arrested.  Not exactly the "man with a hook for a hand" but just as eerie.

Finding out that the urban legend actually has some kind of basis in fact and that a lot of it revolves around me, is a scary proposition.  Many people have heard about the problems that the PSPD has had with the gay community over the years...they come and go.  What I never knew was my connection to this urban legend and I never connected my situation with it even though I lived the legend in my own life.  In actuality I was one of the very first victims and didn't even realize it.  I didn't get arrested because I didn't live there and when I was "infected and chipped" I was only visiting.  Unlike most of the gay men that lived there, I was out of the situation before the legend could strike, but I lived my own version of the story remotely while others were perfecting the system we now expose.

In a way, Laurie and her brother were using the time that I was away from Palm Springs to perfect this system so that when they decided to ruin my life and I came back, it would be difficult for me to figure it out in time.  I would have to deal with totally different circumstances from a distance than local people would deal with near Laurie.  While the locals in Palm Springs would be the subjects of police harassment and arrests, I was the victim of constant stalking and break ins...I never had to deal with the police until the night that I was shot.  When I finally did get back to the Palm Springs area, Laurie and her brother were professionals at sending these victims AT OTHER VICTIMS so I didn't really know what hit me.  All I could tell you is what most of my friends and REAL PEOPLE can tell you:  "There is something wrong with the people here in Palm Springs.  They don't act like people do other places".  I've heard that from so many others.

When Laurie and Brian have you targeted for arrest and or rape, your life becomes a series of "getting blamed", "getting arrested" or "getting cut off from your life" or all three.  The person that you are when you get to Palm Springs, quickly gives way to the person that all of these RNM zombies become...a slave to the circumstance of not knowing what to do about this girl who won't leave you alone.  If you can't find one good friend to believe you, you are dead.  Period.  Most go to jail.  Many go to prison.  Some die.  Almost all get HIV without knowing how.  You come with something and leave with absolutely nothing.  I was lucky, I knew something was wrong before I got here and I had a good friend that I'd known for years on the inside; Jonathan.

Jonathan and I have known each other since as long as I'd been visiting Palm Springs it seems.  I don't remember when I first met him and he always lived in the same place with his boyfriend Jared that I didn't meet until many many years later.  When I did meet Jared, I instantly loved him.  He was beautiful, funny, super intelligent and well educated.  He was always there when I came by, he just never came down stairs.  To this day I don't remember how I met Jonathan, but I've been at his home so many times I can't recall.  Long before I met Anthony unlike one of the emails Laurie sent me from Anthony's account.

When you know someone that long, you know how they are.  You know what they are like with their family. Who is important to them and when they are up or down.  Over the years I knew Jonathan's patterns.  As the years passed I could see his decline in spirit and humor and I didn't like it.  We have an unspoken communication system that I've alluded to many times...he, of course, has known what I've been thinking about for many years.  Once I figured out that he was inside of this organization wanting out, it was easy to put the right pieces into place to stop Laurie and Brian.   He knew when Christopher and I went to the police and became informants and put his plan into action to work with he'd been collecting his own evidence for years.  Working with a woman, named Barbara, in the Cove, that pair worked with Christopher and myself exposing the lie that Laurie did not work for the police in any capacity.  There was no "special forces unit" just an angry little girl that used drugs and lies to get her way any way she could.

What and inglorious bitch she became to the PSPD.  Using their name like a police badge throughout the community telling everyone she could find that she worked like the "police chief at night".   Staining the name of law enforcement and joking that they were fools that did "anything she told them to".  What she must have felt like when she'd have a good man arrested that stood up to her?  I find it irritating to know that men that took a stand against her were silenced for their courage by police officers that were made fun of in a similar manner.  Nobody won in this situation. We all looked like fools.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Once Had A Tin Foil Bedroom

Today's blog is all about "Tin Foil Hat People" and how I once use to scoff about what they must be thinking was happening to them.  I won't lie, I made fun of them just like many of you have or still do.  The thing is, I don't do that any more and it isn't because I got nicer or had some great epiphany about becoming a better person, it is because what was happening to them, started happening to me...and it made sense.  The challenge: how do you go from someone that use to be a non believer/government worker to someone that knows the truth and explains it to other people?

First and foremost, I want to be very clear on this.  What I experience is NOT GOVERNMENT SPONSORED.  It is technology that may have been developed by the government and scrapped, but was picked up by a private citizen and relayed to other people in the private sector.  There isn't a government agency that I know of supporting Laurie's need to spy on gay men.  I worked for the Justice Department of the United States and I know that they don't spy on their employees the way this technology is being used, so how can I explain that what I know is going on isn't something that the government is doing to us?  I guess you just kind of have to know Laurie and her brother.  Neither has the brains to work for the government or the law enforcement community.  They would never get past the security clearances.

What we have here folks is the theft of a database and the use of a program that was developed by the military then put online to spy on the public by a private person.  The database and server have been located and are now being watched very closely in Northern California's south bay area.  Where, I won't be specific about, but let's just say we have it found.  If you are thinking about moving it, you can expect to be charged federally...

I wanted to remind Christopher about the time when he came to the Annex apartment in Cathedral City and the bed was surrounded by, what looked like, tin foil.  Lol.  Really, I kept an apartment in Cat City to work on this crime on the weekends that had a power pole right outside my window.  (That is a really bad thing btw...electrical box poles this close to an E.H. victim creates a lot of electropollution outside and inside) To combat this, I put up panels that Anthony left there and stretched out space blankets around them so that the bed area would be "safer" to sleep in.  It was!  It must have looked like I was absolutely nuts, but I will tell you, you can feel it when you wake up!

Basically, sleeping in that bed was the equivalent of resting in a Jiffy Pop Popcorn pan esthetically, but it is so much better than going it solo with an electrical pole outside of your bedroom.  The difference?  Using a shield or shielding that doesn't involve tin foil...things like silverized nylon, copper, lead or, like I used, space blankets, create a barrier for electropollution to keep as much static from getting to your body.  Scalar energy can literally push away microwave energy from your body and create a much better solution for your body.

Think about your microwave oven.  You know that screen in front of your microwave?  That is the equivalent of a faraday cage keeping the microwaves inside of the oven.  If a victim of this crime could build a cage like this around themselves, then they would not fall victim to this kind of torture.  It's really all about preventing these kinds of radio waves from getting to your RFID chip which hasn't ever completely worked, but you can lessen the severity.  If you could see what my team sees and experiment with what I feel, then you could come up with the ultimate in security for this crime.

Why Those Tin Foil Hat People Weren't So Crazy, Just Wearing The Wrong Fabric

When you live in Palm Springs, California, you will, at some point, run in to someone wearing a tin foil hat because they believe it will stop Laurie, her brother or Christian from talking to them.  It's probably more common here to see FreeNick or Ricky, walking around wearing one of these home made microwave deflectors here than anywhere else...but it is important to note that they aren't as effective as they are commentative.  What they are saying is, "I'm being tortured by someone that won't shut her great big filthy mouth".  What they don't know is that they are attracting and clearing these signals to their brains by using the wrong material.  Tin foil attracts microwaves and isn't effective at deflecting the signals.  You all know this because of rabbit ears used to drag in more surface area for your televisions and radios.

What you need to do is wear something that deflects radio, radiation or microwaves.  Something like a cell phone blocker pushes these signals away from your body.  Scalar waves do this.  Unfortunately we live in a society that uses and loves wireless communication systems.  Wireless internet systems load the airwaves with electricity...that makes it much easier to read the minds of those of us chipped with RFID chips.  This crime is much harder to commit when a victim is not surrounded by electromagnetic electricity in the air.  Lead, copper and space blankets are terrific ways to block electromagnetic energy when properly placed and worn.

There is huge money to be made in the future in clothing and emf deflection protection for the victims of this crime and society.  Trust me, I should know.  Privacy is expensive in today's culture of espionage.

Two Great Ones From My Boys...The Flying Manzano Brothers (aka Boyce Avenue)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Have You Tried The NEW "Truvada Light"? From 300 mg to 25mg Per Day and Just As Effective!!!

For those of you that like the effectiveness of Truvada but don't want all those calories...there's a new Truvada Light that is now on the market!  LOL - That's HIV humor for our friends with the Blue Widow Virus.  Like medicine could have calories that we would want to shed...guess you had to be there!

Truvada (Tenofovir), as most of you know, is the drug that the FDA has approved for the prevention of HIV infections and is used in combination with other protease inhibitors to kill the HIV virus and maintain your health.  The new formulation is even better.  What use to take 300mg per pill now only takes 25mg which is much healthier on the kidneys, liver and your bones.  I call it Truvada Light as a joke, but apparently the new formulation is more effective by producing higher drug levels within the cell but with a smaller dosage.

My nurse practitioner, as many doctors with long term survivors, are now becoming more concerned with the long term health of the patient on these drugs, the same as they use to be concerned about the HIV.   Regular Truvada can cause renal toxicity and give you kidney problems over the years.  This new formulation is made earlier in the production process and has proven to be much more effective in a smaller dose.  Less is better in this case apparently.

Only half the calories girls!!! LOL.  Go out and get yourself a Truvada Colada's the latest thing!

Evidentiary Picture: Laurie Has A Tendency To Steal My Clothes...This Is For Evidence and Christopher

This was me a few years back when I worked at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa as the night auditor before Laurie called to get me fired.  The tie in this particular picture is what we are looking at as evidence...and I like to post pictures for Christopher now and then.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"You & Me" - Marc E. Bassy ft. G-Eazy

Laurie, "Can't See Why...": Bitch It's Because It Isn't ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Maybe the bitch is blind, but everyone that doesn't want a thing to do with Laurie keeps hearing her say, "I can't see why...", followed by the interjection of the criminal that she is.   Look people the reason that a sociopath "can't see why" is because she doesn't think that she's done something wrong.  There is a lot of that going on in this criminal investigation.  My opinion...isn't necessary.

I can't see why?  Who cares what I can see.  It hasn't and isn't a priority on any level.  I am here to cause a distraction for Laurie...that's my job now.  I'm the goat tied to the post waiting for the T-Rex to come along and eat it.  It's part of the job.  You have to look to see...and if you aren't willing to look, you won't.  It's a very easy thing to miss, if you don't want to see it, you won't.

Open your eyes Laurie...maybe then you'll see why.

Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW VLOG: Laurie Wants To Rob My Parent's Home!!!

One thing I know for sure is that Laurie knows where my parents live.  So if they go away, she is definitely in the pool of suspects.  I recorded this tonight to let her know that she better not send that brother of hers anywhere near my folk's house or I'll have the police at her doorstep before Brian gets home!!!

Vaginastroiyka: Laurie's Commie Con: Why Her Communist Agenda Has So Much Pussy In It

Laurie's desire to have Palm Springs, California turn into a city of women controlling men and their lives for the sake of her vaginal pleasures is what is now being called:

Listen up comrades, "Pussy Power", is the mainstay of Laurie's regime of terror.  She wants it so badly that her brother was basically made into a trans woman so that she could have lesbian sex with him, according to Jonathan Mendenhall.  "Stop Stalin and Putin that penis," was heard many times from her tiny apartment where she lived under the assumed name of Sheree Fry!  If you weren't willing to subscribe to her communist belief that EVERY MAN SHOULD BE FORCED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER, then she would send you to Siberia or at least the Larson Justice Center.

This is what we are now referring to as Commie Con, part communist, all con.  Laurie's belief system that to help the world, all men must be castrated and worn on a leash is starting to emerge as more of a way of life than as a simple fantasy.  One look at her two friends, Christian and Brian, and you can see that those that weren't willing to give up the penis, would have to take on more "womanly traits".  Men aren't allowed to have an opinion, especially if it rivaled Laurie's need for vagina...period.  Laurie would also have the choice of who lived or died under her regime.

Laurie was trying to turn our city into Hairy Palm Springs...then just Hairy Palms.

Who Knew The Teacher's Pet Needed To Be Neutered?

With a sexual drive like Laurie's it was obvious to all of us, even the instructor, that "the teacher's pet" needed to be spayed or neutered, depending on whether or not you thought she had the balls.   Years later it became more obvious that neutered would have been the right choice!

Make no mistake here, it WASN'T THE TEACHER, it was the student all those years ago that was overtly showing everyone in the classroom that she was trying as hard as she could to seduce a teacher whom was married and not interested in her advances.  I'm sure that Laurie spent many hours trying to figure out how she could get her claws into this guy whom isn't the problem.  Laurie has always had a "get rich and famous" thing.  Manipulation and control over an entire seventh grade class and their teacher using sex and anger.  The only flaw in her plans was that nobody would have ever believed that it was anyone but the student that would have made up such allegations.  It wouldn't be the first time she ever did this either.  She had a dry run with my father the year before...this was "her turn" to get herself in the newspapers, only she just wasn't pretty enough...actually, she really wasn't believable, because it didn't happen; just like with my father.

Laurie has this need to be accepted in a controversial way.  She wants so badly to be the victim of something "sexual" that she's actually turned herself into someone that commits these kinds of crimes...allegedly.  What nobody realizes, or maybe they do, is the highly manipulative quality of her "innocence".  She's no innocent victim of any crime...she's a woman that sees her "feminine" as a weapon.  The bull dyke that cried wolf, or in her case, "defenseless woman".  There isn't a single bone in Laurie's body that has ever been the victim of a crime, unless she committed it against herself to make her look sympathetic.  The problem is that nobody looks further than her own made up story.  When you look at whom would be jealous of whom here...let's face it.  I'm the successful one in life, she's a pretender.  She doesn't have the looks, the friends, the education, the fraternity, the philanthropy or taxes to back up anything that she says.  She lives like a thief and she will be caught like she lives like one.

I don't have to be "nice to this poor defenseless woman" because she is a person.  A person whom has committed unspeakable acts of terrorism against me and my family.  If Osama Bin Laden or Timothy McVeigh was a woman, would anyone have felt more sympathy for them or less for the people that they ordered killed?   Of course you wouldn't...some people would even feel the opposite.  How could a woman leave so many children without their mothers?  How could a woman do this to other women that have children?  The real reason is this...Laurie doesn't have any female friends that really know what she is like and men are instantly turned off by her the second they hear her speak.

In this day and age, society is shocked to hear of a male rapist, but not nearly ready enough to believe that a woman and a date rape drug could do the same.  Society is in for a shock.  One thing that constantly amazes me is the sheer number of gay male victims that were intentionally infected with HIV.  If the same number of women had been infected it would have been a huge red flag...but gay men?  It is just their promiscuous lifestyle people will say.  I think that is abhorrent.  I was infected before I'd ever experienced sex and I've never used any needles, but when that occurred many people were still trying to understand how the virus was spread and under what conditions.  In those days they didn't test for the virus, they tested for the antibodies created by the exposure to the virus.  Now we have the ability to test for the presence of the virus almost instantly and we can tell if one virus is being spread by one person to many or many are spreading their own virus to many or few.

This case is about a woman's blood being intentionally used to spread HIV infections to many many men and women, then those people are tracked like livestock to see the progression of her disease...only the woman that did this intentional infection would have a reason to test so many subjects, don't you think?  The experimentative quality of this crime is tremendous, yet both Jonathan and I saw many examples of Laurie doing stuff to men and women, "just to see what would happen to them?"   There were so many dirty needles full of so many cleaning products, blood, filth and unknown substances, that it is really hard to tell just how much damage Laurie intended to cause...though we are certain it was to maim and kill many.  This is one of the reasons that we are so concerned about her drug supply to sell right now.  God only knows what horrible things she's put in her supply...antifreeze?

All one has to do is see what Laurie and Brian did to Jonathan's testicle and my skull to understand that the pair has a death wish for the pair of us and our friends.  Laurie has always way overreacted to situations that don't go her way.  When the teacher in the seventh grade had her thrown out as his teacher's aide, Laurie vowed to pay each and every one of the student in that class back...she's tried and failed.

Who knew that all of these years later, Laurie would still have a vendetta for all of the failures she had way back then.  Laurie doesn't carry a grudge, she sticks it in every orifice of her body until she gets "grudge pregnant", then when her anger reaches a boiling point, she has that anger baby in the form of violence and rage.  It's like she carries around a huge grudge penis between her legs and when she gets angry enough, she uses it to rape people with it.  Her semen is the tainted blood that flows from her veins...with HIV and every STD she could contract.  It is a sexual revenge with a body count.