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Why would two billionaires bail out two child molesters that raped their own son and gave him HIV? These two robbed their home and stole their car. They shit on their living room floor and wrote on their walls. They put bug spray in their food and in their bedding and yet, Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail them out of jail in Arizona. What in the hell do Laurie and Brian have on them? There is no way in this entire universe that they did all of this for these two fucking country hillbillies that implant and infect innocent men and women just because some blond bimbo fell in love with Jeffrey's money and Jeffrey fell in love with her tits. There is something very strange about Jeffrey Katzenberg. He quit his DreamWorks Animation job...his dream job, then he was all about China, then he went he's all about some stupid online old television streaming media site that is frankly not so new...he's like going backwards in time. What is he doing? At any rate this guy has lost touch with reality and now he's working with criminals and acting like he's lost his mind. I don't believe I've ever seen a faster fall from grace...or one that was so well deserved.

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm Warning The Rest Of My Friends Jeffrey's Black Hole Of Friendhips

There is a really odd phenomenon that goes on with Jeffrey Katzenberg, my friends, after speaking with him, all seem to disappear or stop being friendly.  He seems to convince them that being an asshole to me is the best thing for me.  I want to assure you, if you are one of them, it is the worst thing for our friendship or our relationship in the future as would any normal friendship would be.  If he is telling you that in the future it will get better, it won't.  I'm not that forgiving.  I'm not that understanding and he's not that benevolent.  He's on a crusade to ruin my life and friendships with all of my friends for Laurie.

It's not some kind of game where he's going to do something magnificent for me and my family at the end and we're all going to laugh, like Kenny Davenport thinks or Karen Luckman thinks, we aren't.  He's going to try to ruin our friendships.  He isn't an honest man so the best thing that we can do now is to try to work together to stop him.  He hasn't been honest with any of us so far has he?  Who has he been helping?  

So far when we have done what he's wanted has he ever really come through for any of us?  Not really.  Not one hundred percent.   We've put in one hundred percent but he and his wife have done nothing but promise...and promises aren't paying the bills.  All I see is him cozying up to my friends and lying to all of them.  Stop it.  Don't believe him.  He's nobody special.  His son lied to me and did nothing he promised.  He thinks it's safer for me to live near a maniac that tried to kill me.  He stole thousands of dollars from me. He won't even let me have a job or insurance.  This is a billionaire and I can't even have a dime of my own money.

Don't believe him or his wife ever again if you are my friend.  Don't believe who works for him either.  They all lie.  If you hear his name run.

The Domino Effect Of Attempted Murder Of A Federal Agent...

If Tracy Johnson can work for the court why can't I John Morrill?  There's a real problem going on right now with me and I'm kind of pissed off at someone that I use to consider a friend of mine.  A really close friend.  You know I once was a really competent and dedicated employee of the Justice Department that resigned my position because I got shot at and thought it unsafe to continue under the circumstances that presented itself...electronic surveillance.  Then I learned that I could easily be taken off the system and not be under surveillance and I was not recognized under the system like Tracy, who works in the courts just fine, but John Morrill, doesn't think that I'm capable, so he didn't hire me...and now, I'm not a friend of his any longer.  It would seem odd to me that I worked for 14 years to solve a crime that really impacted the federal court and is paramount to the infrastructure of domestic terrorism in this country yet a District Court Clerk wouldn't even interview that's loyalty to a friend and patriot isn't it?  Fuck you're a real dick.

You know what else really pisses me off.  I'm really good at what I do.  I work really hard at that job.  I'm totally dedicated to it.  I doubt that anyone in the country would have sacrificed their whole career to have done what I did to find out how this works and give up what I did to do it.  I've been shot at, raped, beaten, infected, stalked, arrested seven times, no convictions, followed to Arizona...and homeless.  Now I can't even get a job because a rich billionaire follows me around and tells people not to be my friend or talk to me. Hell, my own boyfriend won't talk to me anymore because of money.

You know what I think is really crazy?  All this stems from an attempted murder by a girl that's stalked me since I was 9 years old.  Really.  When she couldn't take my success in San Diego she sent her brother to shoot at me.  Then all this stuff happened and I learned about the crime.  I came back home and this same girl got a friend of hers to work for the billionaire and when she got arrested in Arizona, the billionaire got the girl bailed out and here she is again keeping me from working for the court that I resigned from the first time...ruining my dreams again.

I can't work.  I can't get a job here.  I don't have anything because I did the most patriotic thing I could.  This billionaire won't let me leave.  He keeps telling everyone he wants me next to the girl trying to kill me.  Why?  Why won't someone take me away from her?  What is wrong with all of you????  I can't have a job because I was trying to save lives?  I can't work doing what I do best because I was stopping a terrorist?  Did I do the job too well by being honest?

I can tell you one thing, I will never forgive my friend for making me feel like I wasn't qualified to work there.   I honestly feel like the world's biggest loser now.  Man do I feel like killing myself.  There really isn't anything left to live for.  Thank you Jeffrey Katzenberg.  You are the world's most selfish fucking jerk.

At Least There Is One Parent That Is Grateful!

Today I found out that the job I applied for at the federal court, Jeffrey Katzenberg called and told my potential employer and told him not to employ me.  This was a job that I was highly qualified for and that I wanted more than anything in the universe.  It was a job that I resigned from because of this crime but now wanted back because it can be managed now and because I love it so much.  Instead of a triumphant return, now Jeffrey has ruined it for me.  As usual, Jeffrey has done something else to my life...ruined it.  Jeffrey has the unmitigated gall to call up a friend of mine on the telephone, when I needed a job worse than I have ever needed one in my entire life and tell him not to hire me.

He is the single most vindictive man that has ever lived.  He is a drug dealing snot nosed child pornography making Hollywood drop out...that supports two local child molesters as a hobby.  I hope that he rots in hell with his wife for the rest of his life.

I have now officially ended my friendship with the person that runs the court that I applied to.  Knowing that he fully knew how qualified I am for that position and how much I care about what I do, he didn't even bother to interview me or even act like we were friends.  Clearly Jeffrey had nothing good to say about me.  Now I've wished him well and asked him never to speak to me again.  He and his wife are no longer welcome in my life.  I am also letting him know that I will be pursuing a law suit against the former Clerk of Court and the current Clerk of Court for communicating with Jeffrey about my position because of this technology which is no different than what Laurie did with Sam Hamrick.  Neither John nor Sam had the right to do what they did to me and Jeffrey is a fucking asshole to have denied me a fair right to employment.  I am highly qualified and should have been at least interviewed but Jeffrey saw to it that it wouldn't happen.  John is a dick for acting like we weren't even friends.

Benjamin Katzenberg and I Are Officially No Longer Friends!

I can not and will not stay friends with someone whose father and mother are trying desperately to hurt my life so badly.  Benjamin Katzenberg came to me for help and asked me for guidance and I did everything that I could for him.  He did absolutely nothing that he promised that he would do in return.  Nothing that we agreed to was met on his end and in fact he stabbed me in the back and did the exact opposite.  For many years I tried to understand that his father and mother are in a different kind of position with his security and his position but in the end, he's just an immature kid that doesn't possess any of the kinds of standards that he has achieved on paper.

He isn't the kind of Eagle Scout that he's earned.  I know Eagle Scouts, he's nothing like any of them.  He lies, he doesn't keep promises, he doesn't live up to the standards and he doesn't fight for others.  What he does do is what his father does...he uses people.  He doesn't seem to do what he promises.  Following in his father's footsteps isn't going to be hard for him.  He's already come a long way.  Now that he's ruined the story that I carefully put together of my own life, I'm sure that he's got his own way of stealing what I've done to make it his.  He's a little bitch with a heart of stone just like his father and mother.

Fuck off you little selfish brat.

What Jeffrey Doesn't Want The Neurologist To See From The E.R. Visit The Nights After My Rape...Missy Put A Stop To This Crushed Skull!!!

My brain was stretched to the absolute limits of my skull in the days after the bludgeoning of my head with a Coke bottle in my sleep.  You can see very few places where my brain isn't at the absolute limit of the skull's capacity.  This is extremely abnormal.  The pressure on my head at this point was excruciating and take a look at my you see how it is now broken?  I've never broken my nose, and what once was straight is now pretty much bent to the side as if I'd been punched in the face or hit on top of the can see from the front of my face that there is a huge crack right down the front of my forehead.  Once call from Missy Pissy, Jeffrey's personal assistant, to the radiology lab, and none of this was even diagnosed by the doctor on duty.  They never even looked at the MRI.  It was dismissed and someone showed me an xray of a healthy skull in the emergency room.  I was sent home with my head just about to split open...literally.  In a few more days, it would.

This is like one of those "when you see it, it will shock you" pictures. MRI's have to be looked at closely by untrained eyes, but professionals should never have missed my kind of injuries.  Look "deeper" into the skull area of my MRI image.  See the surface of the skull and look where the arrows are.  When you see the ground of my skull, you will see what really looks like a surface that was like cement hit by a sledge hammer with pieces and fragments from the top of my skull all the way down to lines on the side of my head.  Look close at first then you will see the fractures.  It's very painful!

Frontal view from the first visit to the E.R. you see the split down my forehead then the broken nose and my teeth dislodged.  One of my teeth would later fall out and Laurie would end up with it in her apartment which was recovered after she abandoned it in LaPalme.  Very sick.  You can see here that I still had them on Sept 9 2007 but by the time I am arrested in October, the tooth is missing in my mug shot, but Laurie has it after that.

A few days later my brain is so swollen that it has now pushed the broken pieces of my skull to the point where they have split my skull to make room for my expanding brain.  It hurts so badly now that I have to go back to the E.R. because my head is exploding.  Missy Pissy is ready again to call the E.R. to tell them that nothing is wrong with me and  Laurie is ready to call the police and tell them not to send a police officer to take my rape report and bloody clothing that was brought to the hospital when I told them about the sexual assault.  By now my memory of the events was clear enough and I'd heard enough from Laurie and Brian to know that it was in fact a rape in Steven's home.

You can see from this picture that my head was literally splitting open.  The picture above shows that my brain was literally about to come out of my ear canals.  Look to the left and right on the sides of my head.  I can remember barely being able to hear out of one ear at the time and not knowing why.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I Want You To Get An Idea Of What Jeffrey Bailed Out Of Sedona And Hid From The Police

(The picture above is from the true crime of the Johnny Gosch case and is demonstrative)

What you see above is an evidence picture from a case of a missing child, but if you didn't know that, you might think something else.

Let's for a second take you back seven or so years ago when Jeffrey Katzenberg sent two of his employees to follow me to Sedona, Arizona to help the subjects of my police investigation harass me while on vacation.  During that trip in the home where the subjects were harassing me from his employees were engaged in illicit drug use, there was GHB manufacturing going on, at some point someone purchased ammunition for a handgun that wasn't registered and ropes/a chainsaw and other ominous things were purchased and were inside the vacation rental.  Also inside the rental were a father and two young boys 13 and 15 years old who were summoned to the home so that they could pick up some money owed to the father by one of the subjects.

The boys were told not to speak to any of the suspects and were closely watched by their father until at some point one of the suspects drugged every single person in that home with some kind of tranquilizer that left everyone but Jeffrey's employee and two of the suspects awake.  The father was out cold and unfortunately the two boys were left helpless.  The female walked over to the father and just before he passed out she said to him, "David, I'm gonna hurt your boys!"  Paralyzed, he could do nothing.

He would be knocked unconscious and memoryless but Jeffrey's employee would see the entire thing. Do nothing and do nothing to help the boys.

The boys were taken to the bedroom or were already there and were tied up and gagged to begin with and the torture started with a photo like what you see above.  It was likely filmed while the brother and sister were in their usual costumes. They've done this many times before.  One of my friends and I have reported this to the PSPD police chief in the past but he'd done nothing about it.  The films were reported and he didn't do anything.  While the picture above was the beginning, it wasn't the only picture and they got worse and worse as the camera rolled....until it was finally over for the can imagine the horror.  Jeffrey's employee never did a thing to stop the siblings.  His chief of security did nothing.  His son and wife, nothing.  Not one single thing was done to help this father, these boys or anyone in the home...not one thing.  Jeffrey's own son was once a victim of the brother and sister and was HIV positive afterwards....the anger that the Katzenbergs must have felt must have turned to apathy or revenge of a different sort.

Once awake the pictures were found and shown to the father after he awoke and he was furious.  He went immediately to the police and reported the siblings to the authorities and they came over to the rental home and arrested the sibling for the production of child pornography.  You think...good!  Justice!  Not so.  You see, although they arrested the pair, they didn't arrest Jeffrey's complicit employee who sat through it all and did nothing.  In fact, the charges for all the drugs and fire arms and everything in the home slid right off of him.  He, in fact, bailed out the female under a fake name a few days later using Jeffrey's money.  An exorbitant amount of money in cash and knew full well that she would never return to court again.  She would forfeit the bail and remain a fugitive for the next seven and a half years under Jeffrey's managed care as would her brother who did the same.  Living just minutes from Jeffrey's home here in the desert, just minutes from my family.  Close enough to strike at any minute.  You see to Jeffrey it is far more important to watch these rapists and child pornographers try to hurt me than to get justice for those boys that were hurt in Sedona by his own employees.  He doesn't care about them...he just wants drama.

I'm not that guy.  I want to get this case to the U.S. Attorney and after that I really don't care what happens to me.  Once I get to tell my story, if Laurie kills me, then so be it.  I just want one chance to tell the truth the way it really is to save someone the honest way without Jeffrey fucking it up and making himself look like he's someone he isn't.  He's a lying piece of garbage that buys himself an image.  He's garbage.  I hate him for everything that he's done.  I've spent my entire life fighting this horrible crime and he thinks that he can just walk in and destroy thirty years of my life by buying away what I've achieved with my own reputation.  It's not going to happen.  I just want five minutes with the  U.S. Attorney and I can convince her that Jeffrey Katzenberg is a lying piece of shit.

Would It Be Easier For All Of You If Jeff's Pants Actually Did Catch On Fire?

If there is anyone out there that still believes that Jeffrey Katzenberg is an honest man...would you mind moving to the back of the auditorium so that the intelligent people can get a seat up front where they can see.  Thank you.  You clearly don't have eyes.

There is one theory of mine that I am not quite sure of right now but I do know it was discussed a while back.  I just want it to be crystal clear to everyone that if this scenario plays out, I'm gonna be extraordinary pissed off at a whole bunch of people when I approach the government about prosecuting this crime.  I'm going to be extra angry at some parents too.  

It was some time ago that I discovered that someone was running around with a fake id for Christopher Monti.  I knew this from some research that I'd done at the Larson Justice Center.  I told lots of people that Christopher was my boyfriend and, as usual, Brian La Tweeker likes to have id's made so that he can show people that he is that person...what he really is doing is getting a fake id of a person that he's raped so that he can get tickets or arrested and use that fake id to get a remote neural monitoring victim an ambush warrant that they are not aware of.  The reason I knew that there was a fake id was that the id had a false birthdate on it of 7/6/67 which is the date that all of the LaTweeker fake id's have.  The signature was also fucked up and though it was the same CDL, the mailing address was Gerre Ring's home...the place where lots of the fake id's were sent.

So I figured that when Christopher was raped in San Diego and his wallet was stolen, that the first ticket he got in Hemet, wasn't his, that whomever got it was the person that stole it because he didn't drive there.  

The second ticket was from the person that got the fake id and the person that raped him with the 7/6/67 birthdate in a truck that was borrowed for throwing out a cigarette.

When we were in Sedona, Arizona there was a lot of talk about Brian using an id that bore Christopher's name.

My theory is this.  I know that Brian had an id with Christopher's name on it and it is likely the one that he had made with the 7/6/67 birthdate on it.  If, when he was arrested in Sedona, he used it as his real name, then Jeffrey knew that his "assistant" bailed out my boyfriend's name but not my boyfriend in the flesh.  He also knew that the charges against my boyfriend's id were child porn manufacturing and manufacturing drugs...horrible things.  His assistant, Missy Pissy, damn well knew that he wasn't Christopher Monti, whom she would later live with and swore that he was.  Marilyn Katzenberg and Benjamin Katzenberg also knew that this wasn't Christopher Monti.

Now the real Christopher Monti lives with Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The problem is this.  when the REAL Christopher Monti was illegally sent to jail by Laurie whom was a fugitive bailed out by Jeffrey's assistant, David, Jeffrey watched and didn't even attempt to bail him out or call our police contact.  He just let him go to jail for a year and a half knowing that Arizona would also have a warrant for his arrest for the child porn manufacturing and drug manufacturing if he got out and they looked solely at his California Driver's License.  The license number is the same.  So if he was ever driving in Arizona, got stopped, he'd immediately go to jail.  Nice of Jeffrey huh?  Fucking asshole.

This isn't the only thing that Jeffrey has pulled against me or Christopher.  There was that workplace violence restraining order that Laurie filed for the City of La Quinta when Jeffrey knew damn well that she'd been arrested in Sedona, a few months earlier while his own two assistants were there harassing me to show him what this technology was like.  How in the hell is he going to support a restraining order for someone when his own people were there harassing me with the woman that filed the complaint?  I mean here he is sending people to follow and harass a police informant with the girl that says I'm harassing her?  Huh?

He's really a liar at heart.  He's not here to help me, I have a warrant for my arrest and all I did was go on vacation.  All I wanted to do was get my head examined today.  I saved money in a savings account and he stole it from me and called it "keeping it safe"  from Laurie, but his own people are the same people that were working with Laurie in they live with her.  How does that make sense?  

Wndrco: Where You Go When You Can't Be A Member of SAG-AFTRA

When the CEO of the new WndrCo helps to bail out criminals from the State of Arizona with his employees from California, Missy Pissy and David the Dickhead, he should "wonder" what the future of his new company will be when the U.S. Attorney finds out that he played a huge role in letting go two very dangerous criminals.  Not only that, his employee, Missy Pissy, let one of them out, twice!!!  Of course the money, CASH, was put up, allegedly, from Jeffrey's account...the rumor is that 10% was $50,000 so the bond was $500,000, and the defendant didn't even use his real name.  The second time he was arrested, he didn't use his real name either, when his "personal assistant" bailed him out for the second time...another whopping bail.  Neither time did this guy give his real name.  He was arrested with his sister who was charged with making child pornography and drug manufacturing.  Another of Jeffrey's employees, David, bailed out the sister, who didn't give her real name either.

David would later stockpile lots of the date rape drug GHB in one of Jeffrey's homes in Palm Springs with his sister Maddison, before Jeffrey managed to cover it up with David's father, allegedly.  

Here's the thing, the brother and sister that were arrested and are now seven and a half year fugitives have been in constant contact with Jeffrey and his wife, but Jeffrey refuses to turn them in even though he knows they are fugitives and Missy and David are living with them.  He's even paid police officers not to arrest them.

Wouldn't you want to start a new company knowing that this is the guy getting ready to lead you into the future?

No fucking way.

He bails out child molesters and rapists...and, here's the kicker, the people he bailed out, raped his own son and infected him with HIV!  This is not a lie

Don't break that promise you made to Missy and David to help me Jeffrey and by all means, you just hang on to that money you stole from me like an asshole...because I'm going to sue the shit out of you for what you are doing.

Dear S.A.G.-AFTRA Members Please Vote No On Proposition "Marilyn"

Vote No On Prop. Marilyn
For far too long the Katzenberg Family has been doing and saying some things that they have gotten away with than other people wouldn't.  What I want to call your attention to is something that the papers aren't reporting but that they should be.  Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg have been involved in a crime where they posed as people that were working with me, a police informant for law enforcement, with special permission from me wearing a wire for certain purposes and expressed permissions, but they broke that permission and used it to spy on me and my family.  Instead of helping the members of law enforcement, they actually had the nerve to help the criminal organization that we were suppose to be looking into, allegedly.  They actually hired three members of a drug dealing organization and paid them.

The members are suspected in many crimes from intentional infection of HIV of over 650 gay men, including the Katzenberg's own son.  They burglarized the Katzenberg's own home and robbed the home of some previously unreleased movies from some of the biggest studios that went unreported by Jeffrey Katzenberg that could have cost the studios millions of dollars in revenue.  The organized crime ring went to Arizona and followed me on a trip to Sedona where members of Jeffrey's own staff were involved in bailing out members of this organization arrested for child pornography and manufacturing drugs.  There were firearms and even the Katzenberg's stolen vehicle was found in the State of Arizona.  Three arrests in all were made, but the employees lied under oath while monies from the Katzenberg's own funds were put up to post bail for the alleged criminals under known false names.  Jeffrey, in essence helped to free fugitives under false names then helped to return them to California where he never returned them to the State of Arizona.  Marilyn also knew of their whereabouts and did not turn them in.

This kind of behavior is unfathomable.  I wanted their help in a simple case of investigation of their son's rape.  What they engaged in was something completely different.  Since then money from my own saving's account went missing and is allegedly in the  hands of Jeffrey Katzenberg in the amount of $27,000 or more.  Marilyn is allegedly aware of this and won't get it back to me.  I can't see doctors or receive treatment for injuries from a rape that occurred because of this organization that they aligned themselves with.  Jeffrey's wife has done nothing to help any of the victims of this crime and will not allow my own boyfriend to speak to me.  Jeffrey forbids him to talk to or help me in any way.

Marilyn is not who she appears to be.  For the second time, I've missed an important neurology appointment because I can't get my money back from Jeffrey to pay my own deductible and Jeffrey won't let me have it because he doesn't want me to be well.  

This family does not represent the SAG-AFTRA community well.  They think that money buys them the ability to hurt whomever they want.  This is outrageous behavior.  Vote NO on Proposition Marilyn.  It's time that Hollywood find someone else to produce quality films.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Two Bullets, One Gun and One Gun In Sedona, Arizona To Be Tested...

One bullet went through the window of Barbara's home and lodged into her wall. Funny thing, the sureties on the bond that released Brian from his first arrest in Tuscon, Arizona both had id's that were located at that same residence, Barbara's home.  What are the odds?

Another bullet, in San Diego, came through my car window, lodged in my car door and almost hit me in the head.  This was at 1:30 in the morning.  At 3:30 in the morning Laurie was on the phone telling people about it from Palm Springs before I'd even told a single person.

Now both Laurie and Brian were arrested in Sedona, Arizona after taking a picture with a small handgun held to the head of Jonathan Mendenhall.  Ammunition was found in that rental home and the gun, not registered, was taken in to custody.  It was supposed to be, as Laurie explained, "used as a movie prop in a porn movie being filmed by Jeffrey Katzenberg."  Of course you don't use a real gun and real ammunition or real drugs in a porn movie and you don't manufacture child pornography as was charged in the complaint that they never returned to face charges on.   The gun remained as evidence, but we need to test the bullets that were saved in both my shooting in San Diego and in Palm Springs to see if the bullets match the gun that was left behind in Sedona.

You see that gun may prove to be way more important than anyone knows. 

I would also like to remind everyone that there is still an unsolved murder that was on the border of Yucca Valley and the Joshua Tree National Monument border that was never solved.  I know for a fact that the murder victim was with Lisa in the days leading up to that murder.  I also know that she absolutely hated this person.  Perhaps Mikey could lend some information about this missing person.  I know that he was shot execution style and this is the preferred method of Laurie's terror!

Do You Know Where Missy Pissy, David The Dickhead, Laurie and Brian La Tweeker Are? Submit A Tip!!!

Click on picture to submit a tip to Arizona State Trooper

If you have any information pertaining to the cases concerning the arrests made in March of 2010 when Laurie and Brian La Tweeker were arrested and you want to turn in their cut off ankle bracelets or give their true names or locations or perhaps tell the state trooper more information about the lies that Missy Pissy or David told the courts, you should just click on the picture above and tell the Arizona State Trooper.

It's really easy and you could get a reward for it.  What Missy and David have done is really illegal, lying under oath.  So if you want to turn them in and have a case number, go ahead and give the State Trooper all the information you have.  Tattle on Laurie and Brian all you want to.  Have fun!

It's really simple just click on Web Tips...then click on the left hand side "silent witness" link then scroll down until you see the "wanted/fugitive" pull down and enter the information.  The information is available from the DHS 8 or Barbara or just about anyone on the Kevin line.  If Jeffrey tries to stop you tell him to "fuck off".  You can also call the hotlines below, easy fosheezy:

I Think Jeffrey Is Missing The Point Or Maybe It Just Turns Him On

There is something inherently wrong with the approach that is currently being employed by this Katzenberg Family and their approach to fighting this crime.  We all know that "helping the criminals" didn't work, not that it ever could have.  My main concern is that this was clearly a crime of someone implanting innocent people with RFID chips and infecting them intention ally with HIV virus.  Their son and his best friend were two of the victims so it wasn't hard for Marilyn and Jeffrey to understand. One of those two was already and operator of this system.  So he could easily show them this technology.  With that he could explain how this all worked.  Piece of cake right?  Not so...

It would seem, once again, that there are two types of people that this technology touches, those that are appalled by it and those that are intrigued by it to the point of obsession.  I have no desire to know what other people are thinking, it just isn't something that I would want to know.  I like finding out for myself what people are like and I think I know enough about people that I like to figure it out.  It's the other people that aren't really good at figuring people out that are intrigued by it.  The ones that seek an advantage over others by knowing what others think that scare me.  I see no point in manipulating someone else's thinking.  It usually comes to light anyways.  The person that knows what the other person is thinking usually blows mentioning something that they shouldn't know or doing something out of character.

So this was clearly a crime of spying on people and hurting them.  What Jeffrey became intrigued with was "hurting people" and "how Laurie hurt people".  It's not something that any of us wanted him to be like.  She's the most hurtful person in the universe when you first encounter her if you let her be.  She's a school girl that says hurtful things to people you love behind your back, tells them secrets you don't want them to know and tattles on you.  Then she does things that get you arrested illegally.  Then she steals money from your accounts.  The funny thing is that when she did it to Jeffrey, he didn't like it.  I thought he wanted to see what it was like, or didn't he?  Maybe she didn't steal it, maybe he just gave it to her to bail her brother out then.

So when the Katzenbergs go to Arizona to watch the Kevin/Anthony/Jonathon Show and Jeffrey has his popcorn out waiting to watch David and Missy, his protoge's fuck with us, and Laurie and Brian get in trouble, Missy and David do what these drug addicts always do...they steal money to bail Laurie and Brian out.  But wait a minute...they allegedly stole it from Jeffrey, that's not what Jeffrey wanted to see, he wanted to see them steal it from the three of us.  You see to Jeffrey, that would have been funny, but when it was his money, it wasn't.  Then that bail money made him look bad for bailing out a child porn producer or two.  Then his two protoge's lied under oath and stole more money from his father and his son, which made his wife and kid look bad.  But that was what Laurie and Brian always do.  Literally, Jeffrey was getting what he paid for...a real live version of what Missy, David, Laurie and Brian do.  They steal you blind and make you look like a criminal.  Now Jeffrey, Marilyn and Benjamin look like assholes and criminally negligent simply because Jeffrey wanted to be an asshole like Missy told him to be.

You see things have a way of coming full circle when it comes to being an asshole, afterall, assholes are circular are they not?  What Jeffrey intended to do was entertain himself, but now he, himself, has become the entertainment.   He now has to explain how he and his wife have engaged in activity that set free his own son's rapist and set free the girl suspected of infecting over 650 gay men with the founders of an AIDS Foundation, this could appear to be very sticky for the pair.  I proposed, a very long time ago that Jeffrey and Marilyn work with me, but the pair balked, laughed, and scoffed at the idea while sitting around the table with Missy Pissy, David the Chicken Hawk and Bessie Wetsy who stabbed them all in the back.  I guess the asshole has come full circle now.  My offer was to take the ton of evidence that we had, as professionals, and use my connections with the United States Attorneys Office and work together to expose the problems encountered with the Palm Springs Police Department, the Larson Justice Center Commissioners, the Riverside District Attorney's Office, the Desert Regional Memorial Hospital and the City of La Quinta as well as some problems experienced with the then Clerk of Court for the Southern District of California.  Now, I won't even bother.  I'll do it myself.  I no longer have an interest in working with people that would rather keep this all a secret when I offered to work with my friends that are professionals.  I don't work with hacks.

Which Type Are You?

I know that I sleep well at night.  I hear her voice and have to live through all of the hateful things that Jeffrey, Missy and Laurie will come up with while I sleep, but at least I know that if two boys were being molested and videotaped while I was aware, I would have fucking well done something about it.  There is no excuse great enough to let anyone get away with hurting a child.  I don't care what you have to do, if you know that someone has hurt a child in this way, or anyone really, you have to do everything you can to help them.  There is no excuse good enough to ignore the crime. Certainly drug dealing isn't an excuse.  Certainly, I'm too rich to get involved isn't an excuse.  Certainly, I'm not strong enough isn't an excuse.  I'm a firm believer that if you don't get involved, if something like this happens to you, then nobody should come to your assistance either,  We all have to look out for each other or everyone loses.

Takers want you to get involved when something happens to them.   I did that for the Katzenberg family.  When their home was robbed, I got involved to the point of driving to San Diego and getting a receipt for a locker in Palm Springs that held their stolen belongings.  I found their stolen vehicle in the LaPalme parking lot and videotaped it and put it on this blog for them.  I found out who was logging into their home computer and was downloading unreleased movies and told Jeffrey at his DreamWorks Animation office.  He changed his password and protected the films, but he never said a word to me.  In fact, he never said a word to me about any of this.  Because he is a taker.  He takes. He expects the world to do everything for him.  It's because he's rich. When his home was robbed he was mad that the operators of this system didn't call the police.  When my home was robbed and he watched, he sat and told people not to call the police.  He's a taker, not a giver.

What was stolen from my home provided Brian and Laurie the keys to my car so that they could plant drugs in my car in Sedona, Arizona.  That was where Brian was caught in the Katzenberg's stolen vehicle with all the drugs he was going to plant in my car.  So Jeffrey refused to call the police when Brian stole the keys to my car, then drove the car he "stole" from the Katzenbergs to Arizona, planted drugs in the car with David, Jeffrey's employee, and then Brian went in that car and the key he stole from my home to plant drugs on me in Scottsdale before Brian was arrested.  You see the problems that Jeffrey has with his plans to send Missy and David to Arizona are bigger than he thinks.  His car was used by the accused child molester.  The car was reported stolen but I found it years earlier.  Jeffrey knew that Brian was driving it to Arizona.  His employee David filled the car with drugs before Brian left the night to follow us.  Brian had the key to my car with him.  So what pert of that plan didn't involve Jeffrey?

Now forgive me everyone but why would Jeffrey then send his "personal assistant" Missy and Laurie to bail Brian out, under an assumed name, after being arrested in their stolen vehicle, if he wasn't involved?  Missy, Laurie and Brian told Jonathan that he bailed them out and that he shouldn't think that Benjamin or his mother was in that area to help us, the police informants.  Apparently that was true according to Jeffrey's advice to his own security chief that was, "don't get involved".

Let's get this picture straight folks.  I took my friends on a friendly vacation after being told by the Chief of Police that he wasn't going to help me with my rape case because a second DNA report now appeared and there weren't any suspects after a first report generated a whole bunch of information about two suspects and some eerie conclusions.  I wanted to get away and relax.  It was completely innocent.  Laurie followed us.  Jeffrey sent his two goons to help Laurie torture us and his wife and kid to keep an eye on the two of them.  Missy and David were there to cause chaos for Jonathan, Anthony and myself, police informant and my employees.  That is a crime.  He had no right to destroy this trip for us by doing this and it backfired on him when his freaks got in trouble for all kinds of laws that they broke, like they always do when they are making drugs and porn.  It was  business as usual for David, Missy, Brian and Laurie, crime, crime and more crime....but this time they didn't have the PSPD to help them out, just Jeffrey's money.  This is the only time that this taker became a giver and it was for Missy and the other criminals.

You know it is amazing to think of how much Jeffrey has given to hurt me. He really has to make an effort to do this.  What must it take for him to get up every single day and say, "I wonder what I can do to fuck with Kevin's life some more?"  Like I haven't been put through enough.  I've been victimized by Laurie and her brother since I was 9 years old Jeffrey...I am 49 years old now. That's 40 years and you let this fucking bitch out of jail for seven more years to live down the street again from me.  Who in the hell are you?  You don't think that you are a sadist?  That's not cruel Jeffrey, it's inhumane to do what you've done.  It's unthinkable.  It's Hitlerlike.  You could possibly be the most cruel and inhumane person of this century.  If there was any chance that you thought I would water down this story, you've lost it.  People need to know who you've become. They need to know that you exist in this persona that isn't real.  This image of 'humanitarian" is a falsehood that you've made that people trust, it isn't something that anyone should believe in.  You're an asshole for sure, but what you really are isn't anything close to that.  There isn't a word horrible enough to describe the kind of suffering you like to inflict.  Worse than Laurie?  Depends on what you are looking for.  Laurie likes to infect people with a deadly disease.  You like to take their lives away from them and watch.  Not much difference.

You're both small people that most people wouldn't have noticed.  I can see why you've become such assholes.  Nobody should have noticed you. It's too bad someone did.

Bail Money For Idiots: Boy Can Jeffrey Pick The Winners

Boy is Jeffrey's Chief of Security a dip shit of epic proportions.  I've heard he's like the best in the business, but he's got to be one of the dumbest people I've ever heard of.  When you are in charge of security, you have an obligation to the people that employ you, but you also have an obligation to the public.  It goes hand in hand.  Most of these jokers have police experience or federal police experience and have been in the courtroom.  These guys have brains, they aren't stupid.  So when I asked Benjamin Katzenberg to come to Arizona to monitor this situation for safety...I thought that if something went wrong we'd be covered...not so.

You have to understand, Benjamin had my permission to use this system to "help us put the suspects in this crime, Laurie and Brian, in jail".  That was the permission.  So what could have been better when the two put themselves there?  Nothing could have worked better to our advantage than the two idiots doing what they were suspected of, drug manufacturing and child porn making, in, of all places, Arizona.  It was a horrible thing to happen, but in the best place of all.  The State that would kick their ass.  Enter Jeffrey Katzenberg and his big fat mouthed assistants/drug addicts David and Missy Pissy.  They couldn't have stepped off the plane faster and run over to the drug house rental before snorting a line.  These two idiots were supposed to be there to help Benjamin and his mother keep an eye out for my team, instead they began their party week.

Missy Pissy then ended up having to bail out Brian when he tried to follow Jonathan and myself to North Scottsdale and ended up in Tuscon wasted, in the Katzenberg's stolen car, full of drugs, wearing panties and carrying knock out barbiturates to fill my car up and call the police on me and Jonathan.  When that didn't work, Missy and Laurie came up and bailed him out with Jeffrey's cash.  Hold on...Jeffrey's cash?  Yes...fifty thousand large in cash for a $500,000 bail!!!  Under a fake name, probably Christopher Monti's...and he is given an ankle monitor and says he'll be living at Jonathan's father's house.  He immediately cuts that off and assumes another name once he gets back to Sedona, but the girls tell Jonathan, "If you think that Benjamin is going to help you, think again, his father is the person that just bailed Brian out, so forget it!"  Doesn't look good for Jeffrey since Brian was trying to stick drugs in my car to have me arrested as the police informant,

Not being one to stay out of trouble, Brian and Laurie get arrested again after knocking out the whole rental house except for David and photograph and molest, allegedly two boys that they have had problems with in Palm Springs before and have been reported for.  So now Brian has violated his first bail and needs to be returned to Pima County Jail, but Missy, who is his surety on the first bond doesn't say anything and neither does Jeffrey's security guy.  Stupid move.  He should have called the police at Pima County Jail or told the court as the law requires so that the police would have picked him up after being released...but he didn't do that.  This is illegal.  Remember, Laurie is the girl that infected Benjamin Katzenberg with the HIV virus, now the security chief is allowing her to get out of jail.  Some security right?  So now the bail posted in the first arrest can't be returned to Jeffrey because  the defendant has jumped bail and didn't return and the $500,000 is now due, all of it...via Missy Pissy.  If the security guy had gone with Missy and David into the court and said, these two defendants are not giving their true names...the court wouldn't have given them bail and they would have remained, saving Jeffrey another $90,000 in bail cash or more.  Now that money is forfeited along with whatever the entire bail amount is.

Seven years these defendants have been freed because of the mistakes of one stupid security chief.  One person that should have known better than to allow two rapists to go free that he damn well knew photographed and sexually assaulted two kids in Sedona, Arizona.  He knew it.  He did nothing because he is paid for by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife.  They don't care.

Missy Pissy should never and could never legally swear to knowing Brian LaTweeker as two different people under two different names.  She's now committed bail fraud for both defendants as neither is the correct name for either of the defendants.  This is a bait and switch used by the siblings for many years.  A major felony used in an organized crime of drug dealing and manufacturing of drugs and child pornography.  The bails that were set were very high.  Given that the defendants were from out of state, and that Brian was already arrested previously that week, one mention of that arrest from Jeffrey's Chief of Security would have likely kept him in jail as a "Flight Risk".  There is no way in hell that an order from Jeffrey, "not to get involved" wasn't something that caused the release of these two dangerous criminals.  It is my opinion that the release was planned and paid for by Mr. Katzenberg because of his odd relationship with Missy who seemed to have a control over his life for the last seven years and still does.  There is some kind of thing that she does to him.  He's never done anything that has caused her to be responsible for the lies that she has told, not one single thing.  Instead he's followed a path of "don't help Kevin and his family" or "put him in jail".  That has been consistent all the way through since Jeffrey arrived on the scene.

In no investigation that I've ever seen has it been smarter to support the drug dealers and child porn manufacturers than law enforcement.  Never.  Do you realize that he's spent millions of dollars supporting Laurie and Brian's freedom and he's in the hole to me over $27,000.  He and his wife have not spent a single dime on helping the victims of this crime.  Not one single penny as have any of the parents of this crime.  Instead of helping the true victims of this crime, these wealthy parents have opted to allow Laurie and Brian to torture as many of the people that help to keep an eye out for me as possible.  Jeffrey doesn't believe in helping the innocent victims of this torture, he wants nothing more than to see us parish.  He's purchased police officers that won't enforce warrants.  He's purchased witnesses that won't speak.  He's purchased the other informant not to talk.  He's literally purchased my own family member's silence, but he won't purchase me.  I'm not for sale.

If I have to, I will make certain that his chief of security is held responsible for the lack of concern for the public safety and the crimes that Laurie, Brian, Missy and David have committed since Brian's release.  I am certain that there have been many.  There are two kinds of people in this world that can get things done, Rich people and connected people.  Jeffrey is rich and he can keep Laurie out of jail for a while, but I'm connected and I can put her there as well as Jeff.  You see I'm not afraid of Jeffrey Katzenberg, he hates me because he worked with that blond fucking whore Missy for too long.  She's such a lying scam artist.  You can clearly see that her tits are the only thing she has going for her...brains aren't her strong point.  You don't bail out one man under two names in the same week and not draw attention to yourself.  Come on honey...strippers don't have that kind of money, but your boss did.

Jeffrey has it out for me.  Let's face it folks, he wants this project to be his.  It's not. It isn't Marilyn's.  It's not Missy Pissy's.  It's not his son's.  It isn't Jonathan's.  It's not Christopher's.  It's mine.  I worked the hardest on it and I'm the one that exposed this crime to the world.  Not any of the above.  He's a jealous little man that is trying to create some third generation of Hulu and sell it to the world like it's some kind of new product and calling it Wonderco.   Blah, blah, blah.  He's not relevant any longer.  He's old and isn't welcome in Hollywood that's why he's venturing on to the net.  Nobody wants to work with a thief that got kicked out of the union.  His wife isn't going to be there much longer either the way she's going.  I can see why.  He's not nice to anyone.  I've found him millions of dollars of things that were stolen from his home.  To thank me he bailed out the burglars.  Isn't that nice?   His security chief literally helped to bail out the burglars that stole his wife's car and shit on his living room floor.  This is his Chief of Security.  Want him in your home?

It's not easy thinking that this guy would rather work with drug addicts and child pornographers with no education than someone like me that worked for the U.S. Department of Justice and about fifteen federal judges, but that's Jeffrey fucking Katzenberg, he likes to sleaze around in the gutter.  He's a pig.  This is the absolute wrong guy to work with on a criminal investigation.  He's a liar.  Dirty.  Low down. Scumbag. Hollywood producer.   He got kicked out of Hollywood because they needed more room for the rats.  I know that he literally sent Brian and Laurie over to Sedona with the thought of planting drugs on my friends...let me clarify...the idea was Laurie's to go, but once they were there, he was all for the planting of drugs on us once we got there.  Why else was he telling his wife and kid not to get involved.  Why even be there?  Clearly they were only there to bail out Missy and David.

You know what I thought was sad.  I want you Hollywood types to hear this now.  Marilyn Katzenberg, the woman you all know and love is sitting in her room watching Laurie and Brian photographing and filming two innocent little boys, 13 and 15 years old, getting raped after being drugged.  I know that she couldn't break in and stop this, but she did have a security guy there.  He did nothing.  She also knows that Laurie and Brian intentionally spread HIV to kids.  Once the deed was done and her "friend" David did nothing to stop it.  The police were notified.  Don't you think that the Marilyn that you know would have gone to the police station and talked to the father and the boys and comforted them?  Don't you?  I would have thought that.  She did nothing.  Didn't say anything.  Didn't do any kind of mothering.  Didn't offer any type of solace.  Nothing.  Her kid has been raped and infected by the same duo and you know she would have wanted someone to have stopped that...but in return, she did nothing.  How many mothers have ever been in that position to help?  This woman couldn't and wouldn't do anything.  She does it to me every day now for seven and a half years.  She does nothing.

Two boys, angry and scared.  Not unlike her own child.  She was sent there to protect them. Security Chief there.  Not one damn thing was done.  Instead, the two people she did bring, bailed the rapists out of jail.  Nice huh?  Jeffrey wanted to work with the drug dealers and the child pornographers, not the law enforcement officers or me.
The continuing theme that I've seen from Jeffrey is this..."put Kevin in jail...for anything".  "Make him poor", "make him beg", "show him I'm more powerful and in control of his family", "show him I'm boss" and frankly, I'm not going to buy that load of shit from someone that I don't respect.  I don't like rich people because of their sense of entitlement.  Is it really an accomplishment to be proud of that he has so much money he can let two notorious rapists out of jail?  Wow Jeff, you really are impressive!

You see, what you do with your massive amount of money might be more impressive to me than the stupid things that I've seen you do with it.  Buying off cops and buying off my friends and buying off witnesses...none of that shit is impressing me Jeff.  Everyone knows that money can do that.  My friends tend to be weak.  It's not a secret.  That's historic.  Like I've said before, I'll find a higher class of friends by not giving in to your bullshit simply by not catering to your style of bullying by starvation and hatred of our community.  Support the rapists, blame the victims.  Marilyn and Jeffrey have been doing this for years.  I'm not proud that Christopher has joined them, but this isn't a surprise either.  Money is a powerful draw for some.  You get to a point with people where you see what is and is not important. 

Laurie would love for me to get into a discussion about how that plays out in my relationship with Christopher, but that isn't where I'm at.  That's another game Jeffrey and Marilyn are playing.  Like two little girls passing notes in class Jeffrey has become a hateful little girl.  What I am is patriotic.  I believe in following the law.  I have to.  Jeffrey wants to put me in jail, if I don't he will.  I once said that there are only three ways to deal with Jeffrey...the first isn't an option, the second is to put him in jail and the third is to expose him for who he really is.  You see to someone like Jeff, reputation is everything.  Nobody will want to work with someone that supports a child pornographer or a rapists.  You all remember how he spoke so highly of Missy don't you?  Remember, she bailed out Laurie and Brian in March of 2010, when did Jeffrey tell you she was so terrific?  Wasn't it after that?  Bailing out child pornographers isn't exactly a "great person now is it"?  Incidentally, Missy is now living with the fugitives that she bailed out...doing drugs daily and probably has a warrant out for herself.  Jeffrey's Ho Rehab didn't work.

So a decade of my life was wasted on Jeffrey and Marilyn's Ho Rescue Service.  Unfortunately the cost was to the general public.  Our friend Shawn Parrish, was killed because of that.  That's a tragedy.  One man that I know of was implanted, maybe infected and was thrown in jail.  Another woman was arrested going on to the marine corps base.  Two others may have been implanted.  One father died.  And the cost was higher than any progress made by any of the team.  In fact the Palm Springs team has made no progress at all.  The Joshua Tree team has made no progress. I've been on television a while back but since it has been very hard to get anything done, thanks to the Katzenbergs.  In essence the release of the fugitives did nothing more than stall everything that we needed done because of Jeffrey's Ho Rehab that failed.

Jeffrey continues to have this false believe that he will get something for nothing from me.  That's not going to happen.  He believes that the money he stole from me is some kind of reward that he's going to give me...that's also not a reward.  I will never allow someone that befriended a pedophile to work with me.  Never.  That approach is filthy.  It is so sickening to me as a person that I barely think that I could speak to Marilyn Katzenberg knowing what her own son must have been thinking.

Seven and a half years Jeffrey has used Laurie torturing me with her hateful voice and constant threats of violence towards me and my family.  Every single day he does nothing to stop her or put her in jail as his sadistic hate filled life becomes more complete.  It's like he finally has someone tied up in his Hollywood office that he can beat on every time someone makes him mad. Hes a shit head with a huge Napoleon complex that probably should have had the shit beaten out of him a few more times than he did.  This man needs to have someone arrest him and take all his money away.

I'm that guy.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

HITLER For A New Generation: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Did this man fund a terrorist organization that targeted gay men and funded a child pornography operation?  Did his personal assistant Melissa pay a bail bond to release two alleged child pornographers to get out of jail in Sedona, Arizona after salacious pictures were found in a home where the boys were both bound and gagged.  Did he then help to hide the criminals in California right down the street and keep them secreted for seven years without telling the authorities while stealing monies from the victims of rape?

Is he the new Adolph Hitler?

The answer is cloudy right now, but one thing is for sure, this guy is one of the most evil and unconscious men in the universe.  Quite honestly I can't stand to look at his ugly face.  What he has done to my life and my family is unforgivable.  He has taken at least ten years of my life and thrown it in the garbage while allowing a woman and her brother to terrorize me day and night.  He sacrificed my last ten years and wouldn't let me have medical insurance, a job or any kind of contact with any of my friends.  He wouldn't allow me to have any kind of assistance from anyone who had evidence of the crimes against me.  He literally allowed crimes to be committed against me and told people not to tell the police.  He is a sociopathic maniac that is so self absorbed that he is literally trying to keep me from having any kind of future.

Jeffrey Katzenberg should be held responsible for the release of both Laurie and Brian from Sedona, Arizona under the most suspicious of circumstances.

Once again Jeffrey cost me another job.  I applied for another job somewhere and because Jeffrey stalled again for his girlfriend Missy Fucking Lesbo Pissy, I didn't get the god damned job that I was highly qualified for, because Jeffrey couldn't pull his stupid self absorbed head out of his glorified Hollywood ass long enough to see that I needed that job to get out of this god forsaken desert.  Instead, I get to live down the street from the girl that has raped me twice and tried to kill me over five times, because Jeffrey and his lovely wife bailed her out of jail.  Jeffrey, you see, is a sadist that is hellbent on keeping me right next to this horrific bitch from hell.  I don't know what his damn problem is, but, he seems to enjoy stealing my money and trapping me in this kindergarten from hell where I have to babysit four children under four years old every single day of the week all day long not getting paid.  I have no job, no life, no friends and Laurie yelling at me all day long while Jeffrey and his fucking wife sit around and count their money all day long doing absolutely nothing for seven years while a fugitive threatens me from down the street.

How much money did Jeffrey pay to get Brian and Laurie out of jail?  A hundred thousand in cash?  That's ten cash!!!  That's a whole lot of bail money down in cash if that is ten know what that means...almost a million dollars in bail in total...only Jeffrey Katzenberg can come up with that kind of money in cash.  Who in the universe would bail out the woman that gave their son HIV?  Who in the universe would bail out the woman that gave 650 gay men HIV? Who in the universe would bail out someone that traveled to Sedona from California to stalk a police informant that was there on vacation with a gun?  I mean this guy isn't a very smart man, he's a lunatic.  It's no wonder that he doesn't want me to get a job, he doesn't want me to live.

Did Jeffrey Katzenberg's Assistant Buy Two Child Rapists Way Out Of Jail? Sounds Like It!

Allegedly a 15 year old and 13 year old boy whom had previously filed a complaint with the Palm Springs Police against Brian and Laurie for taking lewd picture with them in the vicinity were the subjects of further abuse when they showed up in Sedona, Arizona.  The boys, allegedly, former residents of the LaPalme complex in Palm Springs, California, with their parents were once photographed in a pool while Laurie paraded herself around topless with a wet t-shirt, shorts, and nothing else while her brother took pictures of her.  Apparently these boys had been harassed on many occasions by Laurie and Brian but the police, as usual, failed them again.

Lured by Laurie and Brian to the rental home in Arizona, the father and two boys were, once again, knocked unconscious when Laurie and Brian donned their usual porn costumes and proceeded to either videotape or photograph the boys tied up and gagged in various states of undress.  Apparently the pictures were so graphic that the police charged the pair with manufacturing child pornography, allegedly.  In the home was found a copious amount of drugs, paraphernalia, credit card receipts, ammunition, a hand gun and other items.  The whole thing was brought to the attention of the police by the father of the boys who was enraged at the siblings when he awoke.

The pair were charged and arraigned, but the surprising thing was whom bailed them out.  I personally asked  Benjamin Katzenberg to come along on the trip for safety reasons.  He brought his mother allegedly, but oddly enough Jeffrey allegedly sent Laurie's best friend Missy and David, two of her drug addict friends, why?  Apparently to get them out of trouble if they got in to any.  Both David and Missy posted a HUGE amount of cash for bail and got Laurie and Brian release under the most salacious of charges.  Does Jeffrey Katzenberg really release child pornographers or molesters.  His own son was infected by Laurie and Brian yet his personal assistant lied in court and said that Laurie was someone else and put up thousands of dollars to have her released never to return.  Jeffrey and Marilyn, knowing this, have committed a huge crime, allegedly and now they have done nothing to help police return these suspects to jail.

David and Missy then went on to try to steal $27,000 from me and Jeffrey still has it.  SO he will put up bail money for suspected child molesters but he would steal money from me?  I can't even get a fucking job.  His fucking lessie girlfriend keeps helping Laurie do any and everything to hurt me and Marilyn hasn't done a fucking thing about it.  What is wrong with these two parents?  They need to be arrested for their role in this crime immediately.