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Boy did I make Lori mad today...all I had to do was talk about how much I love Christopher to someone from my work! It was like a shockwave delivered to the heart of my stalker. Lori must have some kind of weird thoughts going through her pin head tonight because she is twirling around like Linda Blair's head on a possession victim. What kind of lesbian is in love with a gay man to the point where she freaks out when he talks about his own boyfriend? Lori has some issues with reality and not knowing what it is. I know that Christopher must just cringe when she starts hearing that I don't have any kind of feelings for this high school loser! She's using yearbooks from Junior High School and high school to make up fantasies about some life she never had. I'm considering locking myself in my home again and not coming out. Total Single White Lesbian Female material. Calm down Lori, you've been dumped before...
Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Handsome Thought For The Day: Ryan Phillippe Getting A New Tattoo!!!


You can have all the WeHo underwear models that you want...for me, nothing sexier than Ryan (or Christopher) shirtless, in a tattoo chair, getting some ink!

Nice Abs too!!!

Sexual Sadism and Lori: Why Is Everyone So Much Less Important Than She Is To Herself?

It would seem odd to the lay person that someone that doesn't know you would take such an obsessive interest in your life.  Most people that have heard of this crime of "cause stalking" and "electronic harassment" generally throw out the idea because they have a "normal attitude" towards other people.   Often you hear these people say, "Who would have the kind of time to put into something like this?"  I think for me the oddness comes in when you consider how "little" she feels for others, but how important they become in her mind.

Literally, I can't talk to a female without Lori wondering about the size of her breasts or why I am nice to her and not Lori, herself.  Now, for most of you, it is obvious why I would never want to be near this girl or know her.  She's been trying to put family members of mine in the grave or jail since she was in the 6th or 7th grade.  When you read the restraining order that she put before the court, you see that she tells people that she knows nothing about me since high school.  The truth is that she didn't know anything about me then either.  She knew who I was and that was about it.

What I am finding out now is that she actually took the time to try to find out where I was living and what I was doing even then.  Somehow I knew, call it instinct, that she was doing this though.  I purposefully did not go places or see people that I knew she would be around.  Thus I was able to avoid many circumstances where Lori had set up an ambush for me.  For a kid, this is hard to deal with.  As an adult, I've learned to reason and still it seems odd that a person that knows who is doing this to them would still try to come after me.  The attacks have become more personal and the line between what she wouldn't say and what she says now is completely gone.

There is a huge sexual overtone to everything that she does.  The more testosterone that she takes and the more meth that she uses, the more sexually aggressive she gets.

Literally, I can't masturbate without her having her friend Christian talk constantly about her.  I am not feeling it at all.  Lori isn't someone that I would ever think of sexually or personally.  I don't like her.  I don't want her to come around me.  I don't want to see her and I want her to stop talking to my friends.  She flatly refuses.  As if she is forcing her way into my life like an unwanted rapist.

There seems to be no limit line as to what she will do or try any longer because she has no ability to reason how guilty she looks.  She simply "forgets about it" and continues to harass me day and night like some kind of obsessed Glen Close character.  The problem is that I have a boyfriend that I love and I have no sexual desires for anyone else.  I'm not that sexual, but Lori believes that every person is constantly looking for sex.  That's simply not the way I am.  I am not using drugs nor do I have any desire for anyone other than Christopher on a romantic level.  This makes her extremely mad.  For some reason she thinks of me as "sexual property" because of all the years that she has stalked me and denied it to everyone. 

I have never been attracted to this person.  I'm not even trying to be mean, I'm simply not attracted to her on any level.  She does absolutely nothing for me in any way.  Her personality is shit.  Her attitude is shit.  Her appearance is not appealing.  She's a woman and I'm gay.  I'm simply not interested in her at all.

This seems to turn her on.  This is what Lisa is all about.  The less you find her attractive the more she wants you dead.  I'm not going to let any of you ever believe that I ever did anything to this girl.  This blog is simply my way of saving Christopher and myself from her lifetime of hate.

I've heard that these "rape videos" are packaged as "Kevin's Friends"...and that is the reason why I can't stay silent.  I don't want another friend of mine, tied up, raped and infected because Glen Close is following me around looking to hurt them.

If anyone tries to stop me from doing this they have committed a crime.  They can't silence a witness from telling his story.  My story is too closely linked to my friends.  Jonathan is in the same position that I am and we both have an obligation to tell the truth.

Peace On Earth: Merry Christmas, Christopher and Family!!! Jonathan and Family

Reading Minds: Making Lori's Excuses Less Convenient

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every single time you had a problem, you could walk out the door to a store where you could buy an excuse that would "work" to get you out of a jam?  A "convenience store" of excuses.  That's what it is like when you investigate Lori and Brian for the crime of human experimentation that involves remote neural monitoring.

What we need to learn how to do is make her excuses "less convenient" while still showing her that she is not going to get away with it.  Lori is always coming up with another excuse as to why the evidence looks like it does, but the truth is that it is becoming harder and harder for her to say, "I'm not like that."  When her ass is on a box cover of a "real life" rape porn, how can she do that?  With Lori it is simply a matter of blaming someone else that "forced her to".  That's such bullshit!!!

Her fantasies played out in poisoned cereal boxes and porn movies about raping gay men and infecting them with HIV aren't something that she was "forced" to do.  This is a fantasy role play that isn't a fantasy.  It's sexual for a sociopath sexual sadist to create situations where the fantasy comes to life.  Getting away with it is what the police allowed her to do.  That's another fantasy where she controls a department of mainly men to form a gestapo police unit that she called "the new gay mafia".  Mafia is exactly what it was like.  Lori doesn't understand that the "Irish" or "Italian" mafia isn't a group of people against the Irish or Italians.  She fails to understand that the term means the group is mainly made up of "Irish" or "Italians".  She thought a "gay mafia" meant police and her friends against the gay community.

Oddly enough she was right about one thing.  These groups do tend to terrorize their own communities first.  "Irish" against Irish.  "Italian" versus Italian.  In our case a lesbian, trans brother and homophobic police against the gay community.  Thus, "the new gay mafia" was our own community's members against part.  The muscle was provided by the police, the district attorneys office and two commissioners that literally snuffed out gay men for almost thirty years.

You see if you can terrorize your own community first, then the legend grows.  When the Irish or the Italian communities, or dare I say German community fears a sect of that community, then the legend grows.  In our case, we've known about Lori and Brian for decades and the fear based living in Palm Springs has taken an economic, personal and life toll on our people.  In our case it will take decades to return our numbers to where they should have been.  The loss of lives, in the meantime, can not go unpunished.  Those men that are now deceased had families that we need to enlighten and deliver justice to.  Despite what Chief Reyes thinks, this is NOT an isolated number...this is hundreds of people that have been poisoned, financially extorted and stolen from and they have moved elsewhere for others to take advantage of.  Ask Marilyn Katzenberg if having a gay son as a victim almost cost her life?

It isn't something that I am unaware of either.  My brother in law is dead because of this crime and I will prove it.

When Is A Serial Killer A Cereal Killer? When She Uses Cereal Over And Over To Kill People (Or Make Them Sick!)

So by now you know about the "urban legend" quality of Lori's alleged killing spree, but what you don't know, could kill you!

I always suspected that Lori was slowly poisoning Steven Frey.  There was a feeling I would get AND there was something about the way he looked sometimes.  Steven was not the kind of person that used drugs and didn't eat healthy.  In fact, he was a good cook and always balanced his meals with vegetables and other stuff.  Still, there would be days when I would visit him and he looked like he was sick from poisoning.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but something was wrong.

One thing that I want people to know about our "urban legend" is how she uses other urban legends in her terror.  Halloween candy with razor blades in an apple?  Arsenic in a sugar bowl used day after day so that a victim slowly poisons himself?  Pieces or shards of glass in a birthday cake served to a child? Now I want to call your attention to another serious situation allegedly involving Mrs. Katzenberg's burglarized home.  Apparently there was more to the burglary than just stealing and shitting on her new carpet. the cereal?  Not something new for Lori...something that we've seen before in this case.  A morning breakfast with ant poison or rat poison in it.  A real Cereal Serial absolutely not funny is that?

(Bride of )Chucky Charms is what we like to call Lori when she starts to poison a parent's cereal bowl with evidence that she thought that this would be funny.  NOT funny for any of us to think that Mrs. Katzenberg would go into her robbed home and eat rat poison.  There is allegedly evidence that will show that Lori intended for her to eat this concoction and die from the poisoning.

If any of you out there thinks that this is funny, think again, it isn't!

Killing off parents has become Lori's latest planning.  We should find out from her REAL mother if she ever tried to poison her own family members.  Remember, we can tell from DNA of the HIV virus that she gave her HIV to her brother...and this is the family member that she cares about the most!

Think about it folks.  These kind of serial killers that poison, tend to do this to family members is a proven fact.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Dark Web and Lori: Her Search For Underworld Popularity Through Perverted Videos

The dark web.  A myth or a reality?

I like to think of the dark web as something that the CIA or FBI thought up to catch criminal activity.  That keeps my curiosity from ever going any farther than reading about what it is suppose to contain.  If more people did this, less people would have horrible images left on their computers.  Unfortunately, Lori and Brian's secret fantasies live on the dark web.  Child porn, snuff videos, terrorism and general mayhem.

Why someone would go to a place where they know that law enforcement would look for them, I have no idea.  Why a drug dealer would do something like this is absolutely stupid.

I've read very little about the dark web but I will spend some time learning about it over the next few days without actually visiting it.  Lots can be learned from "the black market" without actually ever having to go there.  I want to be clear, I would never visit a place without everyone knowing that I am a police informant that needs to know what this is all about and what is there.  I've heard that our rape videos were going to be posted there and now I am curious as to how many other people have been raped and put online.

Sex trafficking of minors and videos that contain them, makes me ill.  Thinking that there is someplace online that someone could post a video of a woman infecting gay men with the AIDS virus, is unfathomable.  Why the FBI doesn't go there, I don't know.  I'm sure they do.  These people in cybercrimes are very smart and I give them a lot of credit for researching things that can be found there.  I would be lying if I said that I wasn't mildly curious in my job as a true crime novelist and informant to know just how sick the dark web can get.  I know you can buy firearms there and ammunition, drugs, and whatever kind of illegal porn you could think up.  Would I go there without authority to do so? Never.

I'm not willing to ever take the chance to be thought of as someone that would frequent such a place without authority of law enforcement.

Under Cover Videos: The Lid Is Off The Box Now!!!

She's offensive and we all know it.  That's part of the "Legend of Lori".  Most of you haven't had the pleasure of hearing just how disgusting and sexually deprived she really is though.  I don't usually pull any punches on this blog and I'm not about to start tonight!

Apparently Lori and her brother were actually doing something that they said they were going to do...make porn from the rape scenes that were real.  The not so funny part is how far this scheme was going.  In an exclusive tonight, I am getting information about the "porn box covers" that Lori and Brian were manufacturing to market these rape films online!

Just how many there are, is unknown.  I know that they feature all the people that Lori wanted to humiliate the most.  What we know from the past is that at least my rape was photographed.  We know that because of the morphed photo taken during the rape that was used by the pair to advertise an art show called "Perspectives".  The postcard was mailed to the home that I was living in just two months or so after the rape and report was given.  I saw it and immediately reported it to the police that failed to do anything about it.

Lori, apparently told them, "It's not him it's someone else in the photo."  Then she went online to try to create red herring about the person in the photo whom I found out was seriously named "Emmanuel Poe".  When you go online and you see who she uploaded and called "Emmanuel Poe", you will see that the guy in the picture looks nothing like me.  He's bald and not attractive, which is just another way that Lori tries to make the victims feel.  She is constantly trying to humiliate the victims of her sexual assaults by going online and lying about them.  If she doesn't know me, then how is she so sure that I wasn't raped?  She seems to tell a lot of people that it didn't happen.  She must have been there and seen it for herself is all I have to say...and that means she's a rapist.  Allegedly.

Now what I am telling you is part of my diary collection from that time.  Both Lori and her brother have a penchant for telling the victims that they are going to use their naked rape films as some kind of way to make money.  Porn films and photographs that the pair intended to sell, "on the black market" (now she says "the dark web") are intimated to the victims to exist.  The pair takes great pleasure in telling the victims that there is nothing that they can do about them.  At first, I thought this was a joke, but guess what?  It wasn't, apparently.

There is new evidence, allegedly, showing Lori, dressed as a man (scary huh) and her brother in nylons over their faces that are a parody of the "breaking and entering" videos that are sold legitimately.  For those of you that don't know, there is a series of gay porn videos out there that pretend that there is a victim and a rapist.  Of course they aren't real.  There isn't any way a camera and lighting would be there if these were authentic.  They are part of some kind of "rape fantasy" thing that some people, straight and gay, are in to.  I am not one of those people.  

Lori's parody of these films is called "Under Cover Videos" where she partly acts like she is a police law enforcement spy that turns into a man and breaks into a home to rape an unsuspecting man (and some women?) while they are knocked unconscious.  In this case the videos are REAL.  There is no set up, no lighting, no sound and the victims is completely without consent or knowledge.  They are, in fact, being raped on film then infected with blood that Lori stored in her fridge to use as some kind of female ejaculate.  I should know, I had this in my own rear end when I reported the rape to the police that covered up the crime for her.

The videos range in age of victims from minors to adults.  It's a macabre reminder of what can happen when a sociopath and her brother are left without any kind of legal consequences for too many years.  I should know.  I've been the constant victim of her humiliation for a long time now.

Look at the "Perspectives" post card and understand that this is an advertisement for her own fantasy...and her brothers where men are used for violence...then humiliated publicly if they report the crime.  I have never been impressed with Chief Reyes...he's an asshole that couldn't find his butthole with his finger.

His detective work is lazy and his concern for the victims of male rape is non existent.  If only his own child had been one of these victims perhaps he would have done something.  He thinks that it's not possible for that to happen, like gay men are the only degenerates that could put themselves in this position.  As if we deserved it.  I can tell you that I'm as good a person as any kid of his.  I'm educated, smart, good looking and deserving and I did nothing more than go to sleep at a friend's house. 

I wouldn't want his kid to suffer something this horrible, but he doesn't, obviously feel the same about my father's son.

He's under some kind of disbelief that I am a loser.  I'm here to show him that I'm nothing compared to a police chief with a bad attitude towards gay men that are raped and intentionally infected with AIDS virus.  Violence is violence...and this happened right down the street from his office.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Sasscrotch's Digital Footprints: Tracking The Illusive "Lisa" Is As Easy As Following Tracks In The Snow

There was a time when people had to fear the messages and threats sent from their spoofed phone numbers by Lori switching victims' numbers to her home phone, then switching them back.  What looks like a threat from a known phone number, is actually just Lori USING someone to make them look guilty of a crime.  Enter Lifelock...again!

One of the greatest things that I have discovered in this crime investigation is how to prove that YOU didn't send that email or text message without the police assuming it was YOU and taking YOU to jail for it.  It's called Lifelock!!!

Your phone, your phone numbers, your emails, your social media...can all be safeguarded by Lifelock.  Let me give you a great example of how Lori used phone spoofing text messages to ambush Steven Frey!

Steven was my boyfriend until Lori got involved.  She caused the two of us so many problems by stalking us with RFID chips and remote neural monitoring that it became impossible to be friends, at that time.

Once I'd become a police informant, Lori went ballistic.  She would send messages by stealing Steven's phone number and pretending that she was him.  When Christopher and I did the informant work, a message came from Steven's phone, with my mom witnessing it, that said, "U r a deadman!"  I knew that Steven wouldn't send that, but it is a huge threat to the informants in the case against him.

I had to get a restraining order and had to go to the sheriff who then prepared a warrant for his terrorist threat.  There was no way that Steven could deny that he had sent the message.  My phone clearly showed that it came from his phone number, BUT IT DIDN'T SHOW HIS PHONE, THE HARDWARE.  The police don't usually delve into the mechanics of a threat and without any protection Steven was convicted of sending a message that Lori sent on his behalf.  I tried to divert this conviction but Lori managed to keep that from happening.

My concern then began, "What is going to happen if Lori starts using my phone to send messages to her that look like threats?"  A real concern.  I don't know her number or anything but with the PSPD, nobody cares!   I decided to Lifelock my phone number and email accounts so that I would have a defense just in case Lori decided to pretend to be me.  This is one way that a victim of this crime can protect himself.  Lifelock can do things that the police refuse to do.  If I am faced with a bullshit message that says something from my number that I didn't send, they can go in and find out what hardware it was sent from, not just the number.  These are digital footprints left by Lori and Brian...they have been used for years to frame victims and make them look criminal.

Don't get stuck in a situation where Lori tries to make you look violent or drug addicted, fight back by using a system that fights for you.  Save your identity and reputation by doing something smart.  Lifelock your assets and use every single tool available.  Lori can't beat them...and she can't beat you!!!

Lori can lie for herself, but she can't steal your phone number without someone being able to check into it.  Don't let the police think that you've done something illegal, when they show you a message you didn't send, you simply tell them, I have Lifelock and I didn't send that message.  I'll have them look into it.  Guaranteed, the police aren't going to want to arrest someone if you didn't send it and it is Lori.  They never do.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Warning: If There Should Be Any Kind of Violence Against Me...Look At Lori and Brian Immediately!!!

She's begging her brother to commit an act of violence against me again!

I've already been shot at.  I've already been beaten with my skull crushed in.  I've already been knocked out and intentionally infected with a deadly disease and I've already been followed out of state so that she could do it all again.

I have the proof.

If something should happen to me, all of you should immediately look at Lori and Brian.  No exceptions!

The last five times she went this crazy, she struck...don't make that mistake again.

Listening To Others, Blaming Me: Too Much Meth Lori, You Are Hallucinating Again!!!

The verbal abuse is worse than ever before!  She's losing her mind and her body at the same time.  She tells everyone that she can, "Convince people that she isn't the person that threatens everyone," by threatening all of the people that know its her.  This is abuse.  I am being verbally and physically abused every single minute that Lori is on the microphone and she is ALWAYS ON THE MICROPHONE!  Have her send you a picture of her in Los Angeles or La Quinta with today's newspaper headline on it.  She can't, she's not there.  She's on the microphone and she is constantly using it to bash me over the head with words of hate!

I wish she would try this shit with Bryan Reyes sometime and see how he likes being treated like some kind of animal in a cage.  Lori is out of control... she can't be stopped with reasoning and a light touch.  This is a hardened lifetime criminal that thinks that a phone call makes her innocent.

Lori needs to be stopped right now.  A facebook post that is back dated from her computer's time clock is NOT PROOF that she is someone else or somewhere else.  This is a cyber crime that shows you the manipulation that she is capable of.  We all have been threatened by this freak before and I'm not impressed.  Scream away Lori, you are screaming yourself into a jail cell!!!

As she spies on other victims and sees what they are up to, Lori confuses them with me, then she starts lashing out at me as if I'm the person that has done her warped system of torture wrong.  I haven't done anything by sleep and work today, but now I find myself in the position to defend myself against her vicious verbal attacks that are recorded to that you all can hear them.  You won't believe how one woman on drugs can sound.  She's taking too much testosterone and too much syringed up meth to reason with.  She's a loose canon that the PSPD can not afford to shoot off.  If something happens to me, Bryan Reyes' role is clearly defined in letting her go.

This isn't the way to handle something peacefully, legally or humanely.  She's catatonic with hate right now.

The Compromised City of Palm Springs, California Email System: How Safe Are The Citizens of Palm Springs When The City Can't Keep Lori Out Of Their Own Emails?

When is the Chief of Police, not the Chief of Police?

Answer: When Lori uses her Verizon Droid phone to log in to the City of Palm Springs email server from a remote location and pretends to be him.  She's pretended to be City Council members, detectives, police officers and all kinds of city officials.  This isn't just limited to those police officers that are implanted, it involves the entire police department and the use of a single cell phone that could easily be traced back to the person that imitates law enforcement and city officials.  Who has done this before?  I know of one City of La Quinta employees that worked there but wasn't the same person that filed a restraining order against me.

Not every Tom Smith is the same Tom Smith.  So when Tom Smith works at the City of La Quinta and I'm talking about a different Tom Smith, the employee isn't the same person.  The City of La Quinta made a huge mistake by representing an employee with the same name as the Lori that we're looking for.  The assumption is that the suspect USED this name knowing that this employee worked there.  Our suspect has NEVER had a job.  She isn't the same Tom Smith...and this just shows what Lori does when she impersonates a city a police officer, the Chief of Police or the city council.

Lori has a huge problem pretending to be people that she isn't.  I've seen her pretend to be my friends' parents, a friend of my friends' parents, my friends and others.  She thinks that she's anonymous when she does this.  It isn't legal and it can cause HUGE problems for city officials that are not securing their server and maintaining it's security.  This person can ask for police information, as the Chief, and have it sent straight to her own home.  This is what happened with my initial report from the Riverside Department of Justice Lab.   I knew long before the report was mentioned to me by Chief Reyes, who showed me the first report, then forgot that he'd done that.  I knew the contents long before he took me down stairs and showed me the REAL report that had lot of information about the two rapists.

The problem is that when you give Lori enough time to falsify some other document, she tends to force her opinion on to the police with blackmail and other means.

The Chief of Police needs to know that we have this report because Lori pretended to be you or Rae Fernandez, requesting it.  Why Rae?  Lori can pretend to be a female on the phone more easily than a man's voice.

I knew the police were lying to me...and I'm going to prove it!  Why would any Chief of Police take this kind of risk for a girl that has experimented hundreds of times on gay men in the community?  I can't believe the level of corruption that exists in that department.  It's not just a one time thing either.  It is a relentless pursuit of ending the lives of gay men in the Palm Springs community.  The aggression shown by the rapists that do this is Ted Bundy level.  There are bite marks on the victims.  There are broken bones.  There are more than enough victims to be outraged by.  The problem is the autonomy of this department.  Nobody can touch the Palm Springs Police...bullshit.

I know the federal government has plenty of tools to touch Chief Reyes with.  Lori can't control them all.  I was the wrong victim to treat like dirt...and they should know it by now.

For Christopher: I Do Believe, Merry Christmas!

Lori's Blaming Other People Again For Her OWN Behavior!!!

Who hasn't Lori blamed in the last few months for her horrific behavior?

She blames her brother, her friend Missy, someone else she's never met...etc., etc., etc.,

Let me tell you all something.  Nobody has more experience with Typhoon Lori than me.  It's her.  She's the one.  She's behind it.  She's the person that everyone is tired of being threatened by.  She's the psycho.  She's the one that acts like a child.  She's the one that blames her "family".  She's the one!!!

There is no need for everyone to panic, she's just acting like she always inncent virgin that "would never do these things." (Insert vomiting here)

For a little girl that says she doesn't know anybody, she sure does act like she knows everything again.  People, she isn't near me.  She wouldn't be allowed near me without the police being called.  I would never go in the vicinity of where she is and don't know where she is.  If I heard she was somewhere, I'd go the opposite direction.  I want absolutely nothing to do with her.  I never have and never will.

She's dangerous.  She's physically assaulted me before and I can prove it with my own blood.  There is no other way to say it other than there is a criminal and a victim.  I've got the injuries and the police reports and the medical files to show which one I am.  I work full time.  I have an accounting of every single penny I've ever made.  I've never missed a tax return and I have nothing to hide.  Lori, on the other hand has nothing but fear for the lies she's told about me and everyone else.  If she's afraid for her life, she need not fear it for me.  I wouldn't want to have anything to do with her.  I have no violent feelings at all toward her.  I want justice for my boyfriend and my friends.  If she's the criminal, then what she fears is the law.  Not me.

I have the right to protect the people that I employed while working as a police informant and the people that I love.  That must scare Lori because she has had contact with almost all of them.  She can claim that when I tell you this, she gets afraid, but would an innocent person feel that way?  No!  An innocent person would not.  The problem is that she's done what she's done and there is nothing she can do to convince these people that she hasn't.  Even my own sister has been contacted in the past and Lori thinks she can control her too.  There isn't any way that Lori isn't involved heavily in this crime.  There is too much evidence and too many lies on her part.  I won't give her the satisfaction of saying anything else.

She's suspicious on the most lenient end of this investigation...and on the other end she is as guilty as anybody could be.

She shows up where she shouldn't be.  She leaves things behind that she shouldn't have.  She talks way more than she should.  She changes her story every minute of the day.  She has no income that can be verified through the federal OR state government.  She's lying to all of you and she's caught.  She thinks that she can posture and flex and scream, but the simple fact is that I'm the calm person.  I'm the one that figured her out.  I'm the one that has the friends that know her for a LONG time and she's not able to fix any of that.

Threats of violence and whining and crying aren't doing anything but making her look more guilty.  Who would spend this kind of time on something that she wasn't guilty of?

Ape-like Aggression: Steroids, Meth and Sexual Sadism. Lori's Going Crazy Again!!!

The fake text messages have begun again.  The lying to my employers has begun again. The bullshitting everyone has begun again.  It's Christmas!  This is how Lori and Brian get every year at this time and, without exception, Lori is on the rampage again!!!  Just like our friend here in the picture above...aggression is forming and she's pointing it at me and my family again!

I knew that she would be this way because she has surrounded herself with people that have no way of controlling her horrible behavior when she is on steroids and meth.  When you couple this with a lifelong obsession with my family, you know the direction that she is heading in.  I do, anyway.  I've seen this behavior for at least ten straight years and it is a fear based jealousy of what she doesn't have and what she thinks she deserves.  She is trying to "show people" that she still has some measure of control over my life.  She doesn't.

Calling my work and trying to get employees disciplined in a manner that will get them fired is what she is all about.  Nobody where I work deserves to be victimized by her hatred.  She's done this so many times to so many police officers, victims and family members of victims that she thinks that this is a viable way to behave.  She's wrong.  While her housemate drug addicts continue to allow her to make these kinds of glaring mistakes they are forgetting the problems that she's caused in the past.  The kinds of crimes that she is suspected of being involved with do not need support from her "friends".  Accomplices to attempted murders are easy to charge.

Aggression to me is like a weak person trying to look strong.  I'm not impressed by her weak assed attempts to show strength through her mouth.  Nobody is.  When she continues to disrupt other peoples' lives by saying, "See, you shouldn't have hired Kevin or I'll cause problems...", is a huge crime.  She's already done this with my former friend, Clerk of Court, John Morrill.  She threatened and made bullshit lies about who she was in order to keep me from working where I belong.  What she is trying now is to take what I have managed to save for myself in the form of employment.  She's such a tremendous shit head for even thinking that she could try this again.

I'm not going to walk on eggshells for this freak bitch.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Cold Case Files: Chief Bryan Reyes Won't Be There Forever!!!

With all the evidence that the Palm Springs Police Department refused to look in to, there has become a great interest for my story!  From the time I reported my rape until right now, there is a rapist on the loose and there is DNA evidence to prove it.

There has been interest by some television programs for answers as to how my skull got smashed and how I saw a DNA report from the Riverside Lab about two suspects in that rape that the PSPD refused to look for.  In essence, there is that television news broadcast that was filmed during the alleged investigation...where the cops claimed that I had "mental issues".   The interest in this story has become quite interesting once these producers found out that all of my friends were subsequently jailed under suspicious circumstances involving a girl that gives HIV to the gay community without any justice for the victims.

Once again, I'd like to let Chief Reyes know that I am not a fan of his.  His lack of understanding of what a victim goes through when Lori is targeting them is astoundingly inept.  His own officers know this person and committed a crime by using these wireless devices inside of his department.  There are former cops that are willing to talk about it and there are lots of gay men that want to see the criminals put through the justice system for real.

You won't be there forever Chief Reyes and we aren't going to die any longer!

I seek a peaceful, non violent, legal solution to the crime of human experimentation in the Palm Springs area that has lasted over thirty years now!  It's time to put the criminals in jail and let the victims live their lives.

Texting Turns 25 Years Old...Lori's Been Using Them To Hate People For That Long!

This isn't a hate text from Lori.  Lori's are worse, much worse!

"I want him dead by my birthday"
"U r a deadman"
"Have fun ransacking my house last night..."
"Now I know why there's a bullethole in ur cardoor...too bad they missed"

This is a sample of some of the messages that Lori has either spoofed or sent to her brother over the years concerning me.  Sometimes she sends them from her Verizon Droid and sometimes she uses another phone with a stolen phone number so it looks like it is from another sender.

What can be learned from looking for the text messages sent from Lori's phones?  Lots is what Jonathan Mendenhall would tell you.  Others that have received these texts are also not fooled.  I'm absolutely certain that there are tons of criminal threats that have been made over SMS over the years but it is a matter of looking for them.  One night and a few days before and after, that I am interested in, are the messages between her brother and her in the days surrounding my shooting.  I've heard that she even sent one to her own mother about it.  How Lori would know anything about it, I don't know.

She lies to everyone about everything in her life, especially me.

When the shooting occurred, the last person on Earth that I was thinking about was Lori.  In fact, I never thought about her.  That was part of the problem.  She forces people to think about her in an effort to hurt them.  I wasn't a good choice for that.

Years and years of transcripts will show that Lori never crossed my mind and if it wasn't for her constantly using Christian Johnson to bring up her name, I'd probably not think about her at all.  She forces him to talk about her so that she can see what I am thinking about her.  She doesn't like what she sees so then she feels threatened?  That's not legal.  She tells people all the time, "I know what he's thinking."   That's the most odd circumstance outside of her having tons of pictures of me sent to her from San Diego, California when I was nowhere near her.

All day and night she is bitching and moaning that I am telling you all about this, but this is what an informant and a victims of a crime has the right to do.  It is my right to tell you who committed these crimes against me even if the police won't do their jobs.

You don't know how awful this horrible little monster has become, but I do.  This is how I survive.  If she doesn't like it, she tries to threaten police action.  Not impressed at all.  I have emails that show that she sent threats to me and my family under the surname of Laurie Johnson.  Only Lori would know the information contained in that email.  She says, in it, that she is following the stories of Anthony Dabiere, Jonathan Mendenhall and Christopher Monti.  She also admits to being paid to harass me by two men that own an apartment complex in Palm Springs.  This isn't true.  Those men are likely more victims of this crime.

Lori has been stalking me for decades and I am her poster child for this crime.  I am not her possession, but when I took control from her, she lost her gem.

I am Christopher's boyfriend and Lori is nobody to me.

Lori's Tweeker Christmas: You Are All Invited To Spend The Holidays With Lori, Bring Your Wallets and Purses!

It's already been a holiday season from Hell with Lori!  As usual, you all have what she wants and if she wants something, she'll simply take it!  Those are her exact words.  We've managed to put a HUGE dent into Lori's plans this year.  

Christmas has always been Lori's favorite time of the year...TO STEAL and PUT VICTIMS IN JAIL!  We all know this don't we?  Her favorite saying is, "Let's see what my family sent me for Christmas this year," as she steals cards out of the mail and hopes for cash to be placed inside.  The other thing she likes to do is to wait for the day after Christmas to start stealing whatever a victim has received for Christmas.  She's the Grinch, basically and she thinks that this is how the families of the victims should pay tribute to her.  You can't imagine all of the Christmas presents she has stolen from me over the years.  It would be easier to list the ones that she didn't steal than the ones she did.

Several iPods, video cameras, clothing...basically she's stolen everything I owned one year and acted like she was given these things by her boyfriend.  I AM NOT HER BOYFRIEND.  Gold bracelet and other expensive items always top her list.  If she can, she will log into your iTunes account as soon as you set it up.  One of her most favorite things, of course, is the laptop computer or cell phone.  She's looking hard for one of these this year!

Vape kits for smoking e-juice have quickly risen to the top of her agenda too.  Needles for using drugs and of course, money!!!

Lori throws her poorly attended Christmas Party ever year and when nobody shows she begins to Grinch out!

I just wanted to invite all of you to join me and Lifelock and show Lori that Christmas is about giving....a jail cell for her and her brother!  Stay away Lori, you aren't even religious!!!

How many times has her real sister, mother and family seen victims' property that Lori tries to pass off as something that "her boyfriend" gave her?  I can't imagine that anyone in her family would believe that what she has isn't stolen.  Everything she owns is stolen...she just loves to use the story of the item from the victim as her own.

My "one of a kind" gold bracelet, is actually "two of a kind".  It was made out of my mom and dad's high school class rings.  I am going to get it back.  It was stolen off of my arm during my rape and I want it back!  Lori wears it like an armband on her skinny tweeker arm because it is a man's bracelet that we have the mold for.  Yes, folks, my father designed the bracelet for himself and me.  This is the same man she tried to put in prison for molesting a student.  Now she has the gall to wear it like it is some kind of medal to her achievements against my family.  

This bitch isn't going to have a good Christmas this year because she doesn't deserve one!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Somebody's Been Calling My Phone From Desert Hot Springs

Check this out, I've got a new phone number that I haven't given out to anyone, yet I have a new app that identifies callers and all of the calls I have are from Desert Hot Springs:

(760) 660-3743 - Adam Gordon, Desert Hot Springs
(760) 660-4305 - Desert Hot Springs
(760) 660-9005 - Rosalinda Barra, Desert Hot Springs

Lori is threatening to "kill Jonathan Mendenhall" again I'm always concerned.  Besides, how do you kill someone that is already deceased?

Him & I: Papiculo and Ashley! This Video Is SO Incredible! Happiness Just Makes For Good Videos and Music, Doesn't It!

This is what love looks like!

I told you this song is incredible!

Boy Do I Miss The Obamas: What If You Threw A Party And Nobody Showed UP?

This reminds me of Lori's "Oscar" and "Christmas" Parties...nobody came!

On the left the crowd from the Obama White House for the annual "lighting of the tree".  On the right, more of a tree stump for Trump!

Can you tell the difference between the two Presidents? I think even Lori knows the answer to this one.

She's Been Talking In My Sleep Again: Targeting Christopher Monti With Subliminal Sleep Transmissions

One of the most annoying things for the victims of this crime, not me, is the "dream sequencing" of hateful images from Lori's mouth to my REM Sleep.  What some of you don't know, but we can show you, is that when a person is electronically harassed, you can't prevent the person on the terror end of the microphone from talking while you sleep.  They can actually guide your dream.  It's kind of a trip when it happens to you because it feels so unnatural but it looks more clear than a regular dream.  It's a phenomenon known as directed dreaming.  Literally someone else is directing the dream that you have.

It's quite simple in actuality to understand.  You are asleep and brain monitoring from the perpetrators will show them when you are dreaming.  At that point, Lori picks up the microphone and starts talking about someone or something that she wants you to think about subliminally.  I am certain that there are police officers that have experienced this with Lori at the microphone.

For a gay man, like me, it is really easy to know when this happens.  She always adds a "girl" to the dream.  One thing that is not natural in my dreaming is dreaming of women.  It just doesn't happen.  In Lori's dreaming, there is always a period of sex, followed by frustration and a woman showing up.  I want you all to ask any gay friend of yours if they "dream in gay" or "straight"?  They will all tell you that gay dreams happen, straight dreams don't.

Lesbians dream of women.  Gay men dream of men.   Straight guys dream of women.  Straight women dream of men.  On a natural level, where you are dreaming for yourself, why would your sexuality change?  It doesn't.  Not only that, but your sexual behavior doesn't change either.  Though a pedophile might dream of children, a straight non pedophile man would never.  It's not in their realm of sexuality or control.  When Lori dreams for you, it's all about her.

Today's dream sequencing by Lori was all about Christopher.  This has me concerned.  One, it means that Christopher is a target for her right now and that has ended him up in jail before.  The other is that she thinks that she can control our relationship with lies.  That's a concept that I don't buy in to.  She'll say things like "you love Christopher but he hates you".   The entire time she is always adding a woman into it, plus the voice used to conger these dreams is female, something else your brain works out while you are sleeping.  Literally she is narrating a dream in your sleep.  The dreams are usually horrible.

Sexually speaking, she loves to frustrate a gay man or, like now, embarrass me by saying something happens during the sexual part of the dream.  This is going to get graphic here so stay adults for me.

For instance, if two gay men are engaging in anal sex, she will tell you that you are "the bottom" and that you have defecated during the act.  This is suppose to humiliate you and to entertain my team while they are listening.  You have to get over this if you are a victim of this crime.  This isn't something that YOU have to be ashamed of.  You need to understand that Lori is playing out her sexual fantasies of sado masochistic behavior inside of your mind.  It's a mind fuck, no pun.

Lori is so jealous of Christopher and me that she literally wants to end our relationship inside of my dreams.  She's done this hundreds of times.  It has me thinking that Christopher must love me more than anyone else ever has.   Why Lori has an interest in who I love, I still can't figure out.  I'm not a lesbian.  I'm not a woman.  I'm not a heterosexual nothing that she has, interests me.  She isn't "the other woman" in my relationship because there isn't a woman in my relationship.

Christopher knows how I feel because I write it here for him to see.  This is for him.

"I know that you are frustrated with Lori.  We are fine!  There isn't anything on this Earth that she can say while I sleep or while I'm awake to keep me from being in love with you.  You don't have to worry.  You can sleep tight knowing that I love you very much.  I don't like her.  I never have.  We were never friends or in any kind of a relationship.  You know people that can confirm this for you from my childhood.  There is no need to be concerned.   I've been writing this blog for you since the beginning because I knew she would try this.  She's done this to so many others but most guys don't know how to find a way to communicate without her getting involved.  This is for you.  This is why she wanted this blog offline with that restraining order, because she believes that if she can't have me, nobody will.  Don't let her get away with that.  I am not her property and neither are you!  All my love, Kevin"

Other nasty dreams probably for police, are anal sex dreams that they would never have had in their lives.  Lori is a big fan of boobs.  Obsessed to the infinite degree with them.  I can only imagine that she has had this kind of dreaming with Rae Fernandez a billion times.  I want people to understand, you know when she is doing this.  It's artificial in the way it feels and the way it is when you wake up.

This is a form of torture and it isn't something that bothers me.

Tell your stories to Anthony Dabiere if you have some...I'm sure the DHS 8 have lots of them.

In my dreams she's even got one story about Steven Frey where she and her brother pretended that I killed him and now they are going to put me in prison for it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I couldn't kill a person to begin with.  It's a sin and I'm in love with a priest.  Second, Steven and I are friends.   I think good ones.  We've spoken and all is in the past with us.

The lies that Lori perpetuates are just that.  Lies. She shouldn't know anything about Christopher and myself so if she is telling you anything about us, then she is obviously the person that is committing this crime.  The same thing goes for Jonathan, Anthony, the Katzenbergs and Martin.  My friends are not fair game for her hatred.  She's used her own family so many times to hurt people that they need to know that we aren't looking at them.  Just Lori and Brian.

Don't Judge A Letter By It's Cover...It May Be From Lori!

It's a lost art form.  Hand written or even computer typed postal letter writing has gone by the wayside in a world full of electronic gadgets.  Very few people actually sit down and write letters any longer.  If they do, it's probably a sympathy or birthday card, but mostly, the art of letter writing, sticking a stamp on it and mailing it, just isn't done that often.

In a world of electronic harassment, a written letter from someone, is something much different.   It's true, that when I wanted to reach out to the families of my friends that had been raped and implanted, I turned to the U.S. Mail.  I couldn't call these parents because Lori and Brian would forward their phones.  Reaching the person that you are actually trying to get, near impossible.  The mail seemed to be a much more sure thing.  Even then, I had to let these parents know that I wasn't after anything.  No money, no personal information, nothing.  I also told them that Lori would probably be contacting them too.  I warned all of them that I would never ever seek that kind of support, because victims of a crime don't need to be re-victimized by an advocate.

Lori followed suit as usual.

Do you ever really know who is sending you a letter?

Checking the return address label doesn't ensure that what is enclosed is from the sticker on the envelope and we all know it.  We, the electronically harassed, know something that a lot of you don't.  You need only spend a month or so online to get to know Lori's writing style.  It isn't hard to figure out.  It is, in general, self serving and always hateful towards someone like me.  Lori's letters are infamous.  If you've received one, you should keep it and let my team have it forensically examined.  You can learn a lot from an envelope, a return address seal, a postal stamp (ink or paper), the letter inside and so much more.

I don't know what she's been trying to pull off lately, but it usually involves her innocence and my "craziness".  She's a liar.  Everyone should be on high alert for Lori's mailings these days because she thinks that by pretending to be the parent of one or more of my friends, she can make it look like we aren't friends or a boyfriend.  Lori has a lot to learn about committing this kind of crime.  It's harassment and it is stalking, but it is done through the U.S. Postal service and that makes it a federal crime.  She has probably been trying to make herself look like an angel again, but remember, "she doesn't know any of my friends" as she has sworn to in court documents.  She's a liar again.  Most of us suffer from HIV that was likely delivered from her own bloodstream.  She may, "not know us", but her blood sure does.

Letter writing isn't some place where a person would inform another person about an investigation by the police.  Do you honestly thing that anyone associated with a police investigation would "mail you a letter"?  It's all a red herring.  It's all bullshit.

She's bullshitting everyone she can right now because she knows that her own life is on the line in an investigation into her involvement with domestic terrorism and the gay community of Palm Springs, California.  I encourage a peaceful and non-violent solution to this crime...Lori chooses aggression and machismo.  She's very violent and very ambivalent to the law.  Her knowledge of crime solving is limited to extortion, blackmail and out and out threats.  This isn't the way to conduct yourself if you are not guilty, in fact, I believe it shows a consciousness of guilt.

We're all wondering if Jonathan Mendenhall is dead, right?  Well, the problem arises out of a lot of red herrings.  There is so much contradictory information in our investigation that the question has to be asked.  Why?  I am responsible for his safety because he works for me as an informant.  I employed him in that capacity so his sudden death from a "massive coronary" (Lori's favorite method of death) has been used way too many times.  I know of at least four or five people that she says are dead that aren't.  Steven Frey's parents, Rafe, Jonathan, Patrick Sturgeon and many others that are as alive as you are reading this.

What you all need to know is that a letter is evidence, not just a letter.  Keep them held tight...they could provide the final nail in our peaceful investigation.

If Jonathan is alive, he isn't working for Lori.  Neither are Christopher or Anthony.  They would never partake of such kinds of terrorism.  This is how Lori is trying to pull them into silence again and it isn't necessary.