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Trying to bully me into saying something that he can prosecute, Jeffrey is way out on a limb here that I think he's about to cut off himself. The problem that Jeffrey has with me right now is that I simply don't care enough about his Ace in the Hole, Christopher. Your bargaining power has lost his appeal to me. You see, I liked the man part of Christopher. Not the lap dog you've created for your family to pet. I'm not interested in a mouse Jeffrey. I'd rather get a hamster than have some kind of wheel running coward as a boyfriend. I'm not interested in him or his coward mother any longer. Terrorism for New Yorkers is far more important to most of them than it is to these two. These two have forgotten what the people there remember every September 11. These two are not the kind of Brooklynites that I'm looking to befriend any longer. I like families that know better than to turn their backs on good effort instead of money. I hate truly does separate the good from the evil doesn't it?
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Laurie Pregnant With Missy's Baby?

Sisters are doing it for themselves!!!

Equal rights for lesbians!!!

Somehow, I don't think that there is much truth to this rumor though.  As much as we all think that Missy might wear the pants in this family, there is little doubt that she has a penis.  To use one of Laurie's old Steven Frey quotes, "Word on the street is," that Laurie's trying to fake another pregnancy...not the first time and she's doing it because of some restraining order comments that she's made about Bryan Anderson being her boyfriend or married to him and having kids with him or having children or being married or something.  She none the less wants to have some kind of bullshit photographic proof that this is somehow true. 

I doubt that her mother has ever met her offspring.  I doubt that she's ever introduced them to her brother either.  Maybe, he's baby daddy?  Who knows?  According to Jonathan Mendenhall and other witnesses there is a chance (Kendrick Davis).  I wouldn't want Laurie to say I made this up, so I have to name names.  You don't know those names do you Laurie?  You might want to check with Bryan Anderson before you answer Laurie, he knows you do.

I guess you must have lied again on that restraining order Laurie because you know these two guys too and I know them since high school...but one of them you saw in Sedona just before you filed it, didn't you?

Now that you and Missy are together, you want to be mommies?  I think that's cute, but really?  Are you two fit to be mothers?  She abandoned the last kid she cared for and you, um, well, you couldn't keep a pot plant alive.  My advice, don't try it,'ve already botched a fake death, now you want to try a fake birth?  Until you get one right you shouldn't try another.  You should try for a real life, yours.  Try being the real you for once...just go out in the yard and lay down.  Be the piece of shit you really are.

Yesterday's Blog Header: You Can't Fix Stupid

We all know Laurie's legendary mouth and that it never shuts up, but did you know the amount of stupid that flows from it?  You'd be surprised how much idiocy comes from the Niagra Falls of Unintelligent.  Basically what you get from Laurie is what you get from a girl that never stops using meth coupled with a high school drop out that never really dropped in.  She wasn't really there mentally or physically.  I'm not really sure how you describe a girl that went to school simply to try to cause a scene, but she wasn't there for learning.  She was there for other purposes.  It would probably be wrong to say that she was there solely for sex, because I wouldn't have noticed, but I would bet that was the reason.  Probably to explore the blackmail options and the ways she could find to get rich quick.

Causing problems for others what her biggest thing.

Now that you know her "big secret", which isn't, you should know that she just loves to brag about how she did it to her tweeker friends looking for anyone that will find it funny.  Do you?  You wouldn't if you saw the shit she pulled.

Laurie's Alleged "Safety Net": Double Dipping With The Gal Pals

Not to stereotype or anything but you know lesbians, two minutes after meeting, as they say, they're moving in together. (Except Jane, now I'm  gonna get punched.)  So, could it be true?  Has Laurie finally landed the big fish? Oops, shouldn't use a fish reference when speaking of girls that love girls, note to self.  Has Laurie finally made her "love connection"?  I'm not sure if this one passes the bullshit test, but we'll float this one out there and see if it smells like Laurie on a windy day.  (No water at her house for six weeks, no soap for a lifetime.  pee-eww!)

Besides putting together her new set of "maternity pictures" ("You know women are having babies much later in life these days," Laurie has been explaining to people. So you know we're getting ready to see some baby bump photos again.  Empty womb syndrome.  "She's had children," according to what I've been told she's mentioned to La Quinta City Attorney M.Katherine Jensen from Rutan & Tucker.  BTW, for all the PSPD cops that think that she and Bryan Anderson have children together, not true.  Bryan's kids are all his with his wife, none of them are his and Laurie's.  That rumor is not true.  He and Laurie have never co mingled in the sexual department...she isn't estranged from those kids, she's never had any.), what is Laurie up to now?

Apparently she's shacking up with the two loves of her life.  Brian, her brother/home health care patient/part time gynecologist and Missy Pissy, her pole dancing stripper neighbor from Cathedral City that she's been in love with from the first time she saw her.   It's a dream come true.  It's basically everything Laurie's ever dreamed of.  All she needs now is a unicorn and a tree that grows meth and money with syringes.  Oh the dreams of a meth user.  If there could only be a magic pizza delivery service with free pizza and a penis growing machine for her brother, everything would be perfect. ( I'm leaving out things about children because I'm still looking for endorsements.)

Let's talk about this "safety net" thing.  Here's the deal.  My family is not rich.  Laurie has this thing with Missy about my family.  I don't know where she gets it from and God only knows where it's going to lead but for some reason she's obsessed with us.  Stealing from us, attacking us, killing's been her life long dream.  I don't have any idea why, but it's her obsession.  None of us have ever had anything to do with her. Ever.  We've never been mean to her.  We've never known her.  Nothing.  She picked a family and that's what she's done.  Seriously.

So she got it in her head again that we were somehow rich.  Now my father was a school teacher.  My mom was a business woman with a small business that we haven't owned in twenty five years and my sister is a kindergarten teacher.  I worked for the federal government for a while and did other stuff.  Not rich.  She got it in her head that we were so she stalked us.  For decades.  At some point we were going to inherit a water company owned by my grandfather and she went ape shit.  When that didn't work out for Laurie she stuck around.  When I saved money for Christopher and myself working on this project, she and Missy planned on stealing it.  $30,000 or so was saved and Missy Pissy stole it acting like she was protecting me from Laurie with Jeffrey's help...then they bought a car.  Then he got rid of Missy Pissy.  Apparently.  Now Missy's moved in with Laurie and Laurie thinks that the money should be her's because she planned so hard to steal it with Missy...thus, "her safety net".  HUH?!?!?!  What the fuck?

This is what Laurie's meth logic is like.  She honestly believes that my already stolen savings account should be stolen again for her "safety net".  Like she's some kind of deserving benefactor of her devious planning.  Her meth logic is "I planned for it, shouldn't I get the stolen money?"  This is how she thinks.  She thinks she can sweet talk Marilyn and Jeffrey into giving it to Missy for her.  HUH!?!?!?!?  Well, Missy is still around, so there you go.  This pair of lesbians need to have their heads examined if they think that double dip is going to work because their ain't no way on the Isle of Lesbos that's gonna happen.  Not in the world of the Energizer Bunny with extra batteries for their vibrators is that dream gonna come true. 
If wishes were fishes it would smell like Laurie and Missy's bedroom last night, because that was the Deadliest Wish I've ever hear of.  These two have more spun ducky woo woo going on in their meth pipe than I've ever heard of.  You think that you're going to buy a new car with my stolen savings account for one girl, then get caught, move in with the second girl, then have the nerve to ask for the money again?  Come on's time to put down the crack pipe and get a real grip.  That's a pipe dream ladies.  Even Junior the gynecologist, aka Dr. Smallcock, knows that it's not gonna happen.

As usual, Laurie has tried to use my family as some kind of bank account for her method of stealing and keeping her alive.  We have no obligation to this girl.  She has cost us so much over forty years that you can't imagine the gall she has to even come near us and act like she's done nothing wrong.  Besides the numerous arrests that I've suffered, there is the death, the shooting, the career, the court case with my father, the many accusations, the rumors, the indignations, the humiliation, and all kinds of horrible horrible things and now she thinks she's going get on a microphone and tell everyone that because she planned for it, my savings account is going to be her "safety net"?  Fuck you bitch!  "I can see that might be a little offensive," she just said.  Fuck you again bitch.

She and Missy don't just have some nerve, they have no sense in their heads.  You can't simply mock someone like me to this point.  I'm not the kind of person that you can sit on the other end of a telephone line and say these things to and get away with it.  I won't threaten you online and I won't do anything illegal.  I'm not a stupid man.  I became a police informant to have you arrested peacefully and without violence. Legally and sane.  You can continue to mock me all you want.  Sticks and stones.  One day you will cross the line and I will be standing there will all the metaphorical ammunition I need to blow you both away into a prison cell for the rest of your man hating lives.  You see girls I know what you are both looking for here and it's just not gonna happen for you.  Neither of you is going to go near my sister again.

As we speak I am asking my attorney to prepare something.  It's called a permanent order of restraint.  It can be prepared because of some pictures that were taken by Laurie a long time ago with her brother.  These pictures were taken at Steven Frey's home.  I'm sure that Laurie remembers them.  Jonathan had them and they have been seen.  One of them was used on a postcard, ring a bell, Laurie?  Because of these pictures and what they depict, and order can be drawn up to keep Laurie and Missy away from my family permanently.  I wouldn't try to stop it either, or you could end up answering questions sooner than you'd like Laurie and Brian.  M. Katherine Jensen, might also like to see them as well, Ms. Thang.  So if I were you, girls, I would start thinking of a different "safety net".  The one that you were both trying to rely on, has huge holes in it.  Big deep ones that put you both in a place that neither of you is prepared to land.  Understand Brian?

You see these kinds of orders don't need a civil hearing.  These kinds of orders are based on actions that are being investigated on a criminal level and keep you from going near families that are protected.  It also prevents you from contacting others to contact my family dearest.  If you continue to pursue Facebook and other friends of ours, you will be arrested.  In other words, stop immediately.  Stop texting as my family.  Stop asking about my family.  Stop looking into my family and stop acting like my family dearest.  You have got no more safety net.  Both of you girls need to find a new hobby and it better not involve us.  It's been far too long.

This kind of stalking that you are doing is finished.  If you have a problem with the way this is being handled call Lisa Damiani, she can tell you how it really is.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dear Parents Of The Dumbest Woman In History

You have got to be kidding me right?

You left her here again?

Okay, either you two parents are the worst parents in the history of having children or you have decided that your psychopath daughter is such a basket case that you would rather see her on the 11:00 news after seeing her kill and entire family than deal with the problem before it happens, right?  What in the world is your problem?

Listen Mr. and Mrs. Long Beach, it isn't enough that your freakishly weird sicko daughter has a thing for married men and living with their wives and children, but you seriously don't think that it is odd that she is teaching them to scam money from my bank accounts and buying cars with it?  What in the Hell is wrong with you people?  Now you are actually buying the story that this is some kind of legitimate excuse for a defense that stealing money from my family and keeping it from me is "protecting me and my family" from a different sociopath?  HUH!?!?!  Are you fucking crazy?

I can see where she gets it from.

Listen.  I realize that having a daughter that thinks she is the queen of deception is difficult, but do you realize the position that she is putting your family in?  You do understand that the only reason she stole this money from a police informant was so that another sociopath could have her sociopath brother could take another chance at killing him right?  This isn't a case of protecting my sister and family, it's an admission to a plan to have my family murdered from your daughter to you!  She's a nut job!  She's literally admitting to you that she's talked an entire family into believing that she's doing my family some kind of good by stealing money from us and keeping it from us.  Is that the kind of thing that a sane person does?  She used my sister's best friend to convince her to steal my savings account to give it to Jeffrey and keep it from me so I can't leave this area.  I can't even get any money from it.

He won't even let me access it from my sister.  Your daughter told my sister to pretend it doesn't even exist.  $30,000 just disappeared and your daughter bought a new car with it.  Is that what you call protecting my family?  NO!  She's a nut job!  She hasn't told my sister what she did with the money either but she did tell her not to give me any of it...why?  You two parents should have your heads examined.

You know better than to leave her here...she's got Marilyn so snowed that she's practically worthless.  I can't even pay for my Medicare bills and your daughter is driving a new car???  I had $30,000 in savings and I can't buy a fucking Coke.  This isn't helping and I want your daughter arrested.  She thinks using my sister to do this is genius...I think it shows her manipulative lifestyle to a T.  You parents raised a fucking monster.  If you won't get her out of my life...I will have you charged with negligence.

Ask yourselves this.  Now that I know about this whole ordeal, why won't Jeffrey return my money to me?  I earned every single penny on my own. Six years of a part time overnight job and I saved every single paycheck...all mine and your daughter wanted it.  Why can't I have it back? Ask him and his wife?  If they tell you it is anything but mine they are lying and they have not one single right to it.  It's not my sister's or my parent's, it is all mine...nobody gave them permission to take it, did they Missy?

The reason I feel this way is this.  The Katzenberg family, over time, has managed to, directly or indirectly, funnel more money into Laurie and Brian's coffers than any other source than any other family.  This is an outrage!  The last thing on Earth that I would have expected it that Jeffrey's son would have allowed his father to have taken this hard earned money from me and put it in a position to be stolen from him and handed to Laurie again.  I will not ever let him get away with taking this money from my account after what I had to go to save it.  I worked very hard to make this money and saved it working overnights for years.  For my sister to have removed it without my permission was one thing, but to have gone along with some scheme cooked up by Bessie Smith after I warned her to stay away from me, is quite another.  I told her to stay away from my family...and she did this with malice and forethought.  She took this money to hurt me again and so did Jeffrey.  I want it back NOW!

Looks Like He Saw A Geraghost! I Don't Think Jeffrey Should Think Of Mark For Missy Pissy!

See this handsome guy?  He's Mark Geragos, head of the Geragos & Geragos Law Firm that has represented Mike and Mindy Nichols in their law suit versus Rae Fernandez and others at the PSPD in their quest against officers that mistreated them as informants.  The problems that I see in their case seem to be echoed in the problems that I am now experiencing here with Missy Pissy, Laurie and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Monies go missing from an informant and Laurie and Missy Pissy seem to know about the case, but nobody at the PSPD seems to know about it.   Hmmm?  Could it be that these two girls have something to do with it?

Actually it wasn't Mark up there that dealt with the case, but one of his partners, Ben Meisalas, whom I've left messages for before.  In the past I was pretty discreet about letting you all know what I've done, but what the Hell, I might as well let you know that when this case broke, I was pretty certain that Laurie was contacting me pretending to be Mindy Nichols.  I have emails from the same email IP Address as other emails from Sharon Mendenhall and Anthony Dabiere that were "suspicious" so when "Mindy" got ahold of me, I kind of figured that Laurie was behind this as well. Oh she was so helpful.  She told me all about the case.  Rae Fernandez and Matt Beard and Rae's husband, Gerry Fernandez involved in police misconduct with informants, reminded me of myself and Christopher.  She knew so much about the case...even the stuff that the papers were getting wrong, like the name of the Nichols' mother's name.

Once I figured that Rae was involved and I knew about her relationship with electronic harassment and Laurie, I decided that Mr. Meisalas might want to ask Officer Fernandez a few questions about Laurie and what she did for the Palm Springs Police Department.  I don't know how that went, but I'm sure that Officer Fernandez has got to have some sort of answer since we know that Jonathan Mendenhall has seen many conversations between the two.   Many of my team members have seen the pair talking to one another, haven't they Laurie.  Even your mother knows how close you two "sister friends" were...right Laurie?  I figure that Mr. Meisalas might want to know that Officer Fernandez might even have this kind of relationship with their finances too and that you and Missy Pissy might have pulled the same kind of financial scam on them that you did with Jeffrey and me.  Who knows?

When money goes missing and I don't know where it is, I start to question where it goes.  That's the job of the informant.  I know Laurie and Missy...and when there is money missing, it usually ends up in one or both of their purses.  Right gals?

When Am I Ever Going To Be Old Enough To Deal With It On My Own???

I'm 49 years old and my older sister still thinks I can't make decisions on my own. You know half the time I get mad about it and the other half I just let it go.  Recently, especially with this investigation, I am upset because other people have taken advantage of the fact that they know that she's this way.  The one thing that would have helped is Bryan Anderson.  He damn well knows that I know what I am doing.  The fucked factor is Bessie Smith, she knows that my sister is bossy.  The disinformation that Bessie gives takes away the advantage that Bryan has.  In the scam of my finances, Bessie was able to take away my savings account so that I couldn't use it any longer.  This was of great advantage for a tyrant like Jeffrey who wanted to use this against my family by making it look like I was some kind of vagrant living off of my family when all the while, I'd planned and saved so that when this time came, I had money to live off of.  Since he took the money and I couldn't use it, he made me look bad.

Making my sister look like the bad guy was suppose to cause problems between my mom, dad, sister and me for Laurie and Jeffrey's amusement.  The fights would be legendary.  Unfortunately for all of them, I won't even entertain the thought.  There is no way that I'm going to get into this.  When I asked about my money my sister said there was "none".  That could have been World War 3, but instead, I decided no war at all.  I wanted Laurie and Jeffrey to know one thing.  I won't wage a war inside my family over money.  I will wage a war in the courtroom for scamming my family out of our finances, mostly mine, and trying to put us in a financial disaster without any permission of mine.  This is called the intentional infliction of emotional distress and it is highly illegal.  It is punitive beyond.  Telling my sister to lie about this money is intentional and meant to cause a fight.  This is punishable by law.  My attorney is aware of it.  Not letting me have access to my own money is also punitive...and I will seek damages for the loss of my medical insurance and access to medical care.  This could cause catastrophic damage to my health as a person with a disability and with HIV.  These kinds of things can have tremendous repercussions for two people that run a huge AIDS Foundation like Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  This could cause them to lose their foundation and cause them severe damage in the future.  I hope they realize the position that they have put themselves in.  That was their choice.  Right Marilyn???

Jeffrey has made some severe choices for what he thinks is important in this case.  Taking risks with my health and with my family's home and finances is a stupid thing for a girl that has done nothing but help run a drug dealing business for years.  Some of the things that she has done have resulted in the deaths of gay men.  He thinks that she is wonderful.  I know that she is not.  Giggles and tits are not alibis, but he thinks she is wonderful.  I know different.  Smiling and slashing wrists are not defense-able.  She has a horrible past and is a horrible person.  I, on the other hand, have a sparkling background with people and Jeffrey wants to dirty it up.  I won't be a party to his exceptional ability to make me look bad.  I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not for his favorable opinion.  He's playing dirty and I'm not a dirty guy.

Looking into my finances was one thing.  Taking them so I wouldn't stand a chance of surviving is another.  Pretending that it was for my family's own good is another. Not telling my sister that we could use them right now is going too damn far.  Now I live with a daily onslaught of "we need the money and you have to get a job."  Look people, I love working.  I have a severe disability that I can't even get a doctor to look at because of this man.  Look at my crushed fucking skull.  You can attribute this bad call from the hospital to Missy Pissy...she called the hospital E.R. twice to bullshit them into believing it wasn't a terrible injury.  Now he wants her to be excused for it. Jeffrey is crazy.  He took away my disability and doesn't want anyone to help me.  Now he wants my Medicare gone.  No neurologist to see me and won't let anyone help me with medical insurance.  He won't even tell my sister to free up money from my own savings that he stole so I can pay for my own insurance payment so I can see a doctor and his wife won't even tell my sister to do it.  These are AIDS advocates???? Who in the fuck called these two people Humanitarians?

This is absolutely bullshit.

My sister thinks that I'm not responsible enough to handle my own finances?  But she tells my mother that I should be handling my own finances?  Then she takes my money and gives it to Jeffrey to dole out to her when she wants it?  It's crazy.  I want my money.  Either I am old enough to deal with my saving account that I saved like she tells my mom and dad or I am not.  The fact is that she is playing around with Jeffrey at his request.  This is madness.

Jeffrey vs. His Sister Won't Turn Into Kevin vs. His Sister: I Won't Become Jeffrey Katzenberg

First of all, Jeffrey, my sister isn't being told all of the information about what you have advised her to do.  Second, if Bryan Anderson, Christopher Monti and Ken Davenport don't give her all of the information along with your wife, they will all be in very big trouble.  Third, my attorney will be advising her about what you, Missy and Bessie are doing and what she is doing and I will never get into a fight with her about the money that you advised her to remove and lie about.

There isn't really any excuse for you to use about removing my finances from the bank that they were in except that you didn't want me to be able to use them for myself and for my family.  My sister may not understand that, but I do.  Missy and Bessie did not really explain why they had these monies removed from that bank thoroughly, but if she thinks about it, why wouldn't she allow me to use my own funds?  Why couldn't I access my own funds when I needed them the most?  I needed them for four months so that my own parents wouldn't get mad at me.  I had plenty of money to use, instead they've had to help me out and that put them in a very bad place with their own money and their own finances.  Why, when I have plenty of money to use wouldn't you let me access it?

This isn't helping my family is it Jeff?  This is your way of hurting my family without letting my sister know that she is doing this.  You've single handedly hurt my family without telling her a single thing about it.  You have taken this money to hurt me personally.  You did it punitively and with malice.  You don't want me to have it because I plan to move and you want me here so that I won't do the job elsewhere.  You want to hurt me or have another member of my family hurt.  I don't know why exactly what your wife has planned, but I need to get out of here.  I need medical attention and I need you and your wife to leave me alone permanently.

What you are trying to do is make my sister some kind of friend of yours.  She shouldn't be.  Bessie and Missy are not friends.  They knew about issues surrounding her husband's death prior to his death and said nothing about it.  Now they want her to be friendly about it so she won't have them prosecuted.  It isn't going to work.  I am not that person. Now that they have stolen money using her, I am beyond letting that happen.  My sister may have been scammed, but it isn't her fault and I'm not mad at her.  I won't get into a money fight with her until she knows the truth.  Everyone deserves that much respect.  My attorney will explain that to her nicely.  She'll understand and you'll look foolish.  You bought Missy a car with my stolen money.  My sister won't like that.

Just because you and your sister don't like each other doesn't mean you are going to cause a problem between me and mine.  Grow up Jeffrey.  I won't let you come between me and my big sister again.  There will come a day of judgment Jeffrey, today is not yours.  It will come though.  I hope it stings.

Now THAT'S A Humanitarian: Girl Has Love On The Brain!!!

Finally someone that doesn't get on my damn nerves!  Rihanna.  I don't know if you all have seen how much philanthropy this woman has done this past few years but damn girl, you have got to be the busiest woman on this planet!  Time in Africa, building oncology hospitals in Barbados and doing all kinds of good things with have deserved a humanitarian award like no other.  This is what we call a responsible adult woman!

Love on the brain and in her heart, this child of God works for a living and works it out for other people.  I am proud of you Rihanna.  You deserve some applause for your work off the stage.  This time the world should take notice.  Finally another artist that understands that money can do good if your heart is big enough!!!

Nocturnal Admissions: Laurie Likes To Talk On Tape

I have told her and told her not to talk to me.  She knows that I'm a police informant against her and she knows that when she talks to me that the conversations are recorded.  She just can't stop herself from threatening me and my family.  Most of the time that big fat mouth of hers just keeps on flapping.  Every time Laurie talks I tell her, stop talking to me, but that mouth of hers never stops.  She loves to threaten people.  Over and over again it's always some other lie that she wants to perpetuate or some kind of plan that she has to sell her drugs but she doesn't realize that the law doesn't care.  It's not what the reality is, it is what she is trying to make me believe the truth is that is the problem.  Whatever the threat the law is very clear.  If she is putting me, my family or my loved ones in a situation to fear for our lives or our safety, she has committed a crime.  She does it all the time.  She does it on tape and she has done it voluntarily to a police informant that is more than willing to turn those recordings over to the police.

Laurie thinks that she can say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, to whomever she wants and get away with it, but that isn't what the law says.  She doesn't realize that as a police informant I have a lot of space to reply to her when she does this.  If she won't leave me alone, I have the right to ask her all kinds of questions about her drug dealing and plans and boy does she love to answer them.   Laurie loves to talk.  She loves to threaten people and talk about it.  She mostly loves to tell you about what she has done to you and gotten away with.  She thinks she's cute.  One thing that I've learned about working in this position is how much power she thinks she has in getting away with the crimes that she commits.  The more she gets away with, the more powerful she thinks she is.  To show people how strong she is, she just loves telling you that she got away with it.  I can't tell you how many times she's admitted to the crimes that she's committed.

Bravado and machismo are two of her biggest faults.  She loves to thump her chest and act like some kind of jungle ape.  I think of her as some kind of primal chimpanzee.  She really has no off button when it comes to the oration of her conquests.  She use to love telling people about when her brother shot at me in San Diego and that if they didn't do the work she wanted them to do, he would do the same thing to them.  I think that Steven Frey may have heard about this.   I know that Jonathan Mendenhall and others heard about this drive by shooting.   Steven once told me that "Peter DiMartino" was a hit man for the mafia that was going to kill his parents if he didn't do what he told him to do.  This is something that Laurie reveled in.  She loves thinking that her brother is some kind of mercenary for hire.  A hired gun.

We're still looking for the silver pick up truck with the flap in the back of the cab of the shell where he use to hide so he could take a pot shot at a passing car.  You remember the Chicago shootings a while back where the shooter would hide in the trunk of the car and shoot from the trunk?  Brian loved this idea so he built himself a "shooter's window" out of the back of a silver pick up in San Diego.  That way the driver could pass the target but the shooter could take a shot at the target once the vehicle passed.  There is some kind of a window in the side of the shell that he can look through and shoot out of.   It is a full sized truck like a Chevy or a Ford with a cab on the back.

Laurie use to brag to people that her brother was responsible for that shooting.  Allegedly she saved the shell from that shooting and we have it somewhere.  The bullet lodged in the door frame of my red Honda Civic and missed my head by about five inches.  It was a single shot in the early morning hours of July 2003.  Right by my apartment complex in downtown San Diego.  One of the only drive by shooting in San Diego downtown in years.  It just doesn't happen very often in that area, but Laurie was quick to spread the word, of course she would later add, without me telling her anything, that it somehow was "drug related".  That wasn't true.  In fact, most of my problems were drug related...HER DRUG PROBLEM, NOT MINE!

Laurie's problems with drugs have always been my problems and everyone else's.  Now she thinks that I'm going to solve them for her.  I've got news for her.  I'm not interested.  I haven't been into the drug scene in way over ten years and I'm sober for the rest of my life.  I have no problem with people that use or sell drugs.  I just chose not to do that for me.  What other people do in their lives is their business.  I'm more of a live and let live kind of person.  I just don't think it fits where I am and what I do in my life.  Remember, I am an informant against the woman that has been stalking me for years, not against drug addicts or drug dealers.  The truth is that this woman is an enemy to police and drug dealers alike.  What she does puts everyone in danger.  The illegal arrests stem from illegal information provided to police that they can't use and the police don't want.  Neither drug dealer nor police officer needs this kind of information.  Nobody needs to be put in this situation.

Pitting both sides against each other in an unfair war isn't safe for anyone.

Laurie is a drug dealer that steals drugs.  She loves to turn and burn other drug dealers.  She'll act like a friend then burn them to the police.  Nobody wins in that situation and she has a terrible reputation all over California.  She and her brother have a nasty reputation for stealing drugs and burning cops too.  Playing both sides against the middle where only she wins, isn't smart.  Nobody loves a hypocrite.  Drug dealers and cops have a clear cut side.  They know the risks. If you sell drugs, you know you could be arrested.  Cops don't like drugs and they are law enforcement.  Good guy vs. bad guy.  Simple.  Laurie screws with that relationship.  Stealing from drug dealers and lying to cops.  Not a good idea.

So now Laurie is talking on tape and audio recordings thinking that her big fat mouth can do what it has always done.  Threaten, intimidate, harass and bother me, but it's different now.  What she says can hurt her.  Yes, Laurie, I can say that.  I can say whatever I want to say when I am thinking to myself and talking to my friends on this line because I have provided the correct information to them for using this system in this investigation.  It can not ever be used for a prosecution of myself of any type.  I am an informant and the tactics that I use are protected.  It is only for use in the prosecution of the woman that is harassing with with remote neural monitoring and her friends.  I have to employ some tactics that aren't my favorite to get the information that I need.  It is a commonly used practice by informants and not something that I would use in my everyday life but, it has to be done.  You, Laure, are a very unique kind of suspect.  A sociopath that likes to manipulate people.  Sometimes I have to say and do things that show what kind of person that you are.  This blog is that kind of tool and so is this recording.  You think you have me pigeon holed into some kind of conversational bs that will make me look bad, but the truth is that who I am is not always reflected on these tapes.  I am using my informant status to gain advantage over your manipulative nature as a criminal.  You think you are smarter than me, but if I wasn't an informant, I'd be doing this differently.  I don't have to using this tactic.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chief Bryan Reyes: You Need To Have A Talk With Jeffrey Katzenberg Tonight, Missy Must Leave Tonight!!!

It has come to my attention that Jeffrey's girlfriend has been doing double time running drugs for Laurie to operators in Palm Springs on her off time when not working at Jeffrey's son's home.  This is not something that should be done.  You can't run an investigation for the police AND run methamphetamine for the girl that is under investigation for the crime being investigated.  This is not professional.  Missy Pissy is constantly causing problems.  I can't have her here any longer and Jeffrey can't control her.  There is nothing more that can be done with her.  Half the time she's making more problems than can be investigated.

We can't solve the problems when she is making more...and she is always making more.

Jeffrey refuses to get rid of her putting my entire team in danger and none of them deserve the danger she is putting them in.  She won't leave and she won't get out of that home.  Sabotaging our investigation isn't worth risking the lives of other people.  She must be removed from that home.

We will need to request the text messages from David's phone numbers for the last 8 years to see the contacts between Laurie and Brian.  We need to know how many times David purchased drugs from Laurie and Brian over the years and how many times Missy distributed them in Palm Springs for her.

Missy Being Asked To Steal The Victim Database From Martin For Laurie...Will Jeffrey Order It Stolen?

You all know that we have a fairly completed list of all of the victims names and RFID chip numbers that correspond with the victims of Laurie and Brian LaTweeker's victims over the years.  This was done with the help of Jonathan Mendenhall's discovery with Barbara and Martin's tireless efforts to put into the database that I wanted him to put together for ease of identifying the victims of this crime.  It is really an effort for Martin who spent time and energy putting together one of the finest pieces of evidence that there is.  A fairly complete listing of all of the victims in the Palm Springs area that have been implanted and infected by Laurie and Brian LaTweeker from Laurie and Brian's own handwriting samples.

This gives a complete listing, or telephone book of victims.  It is the most complete list of victims, including police officers, in the entire universe.  It's even better than Laurie had on her own.  It is something that Missy and Laurie are dying to get their hands on.  You can imagine that scatterbrained Laurie and her stupid brother can't ever find the right pizza box that they wrote this information down on after they raped a victims and wrote it down on a pepperoni and cheese pizza delivery.  There were painstaking efforts made to put pictures with as many of the names and chip numbers as possible so that names could be matched up with victims.  The database is invaluable to investigators.  This is something that we can't explain in terms of importance.

Laurie's list looked something like Nazi German death camps when it was found complete with swastikas, ours is computerized and complete.  Missy would love to steal it for Laurie and get like a pound of meth for it.  I could just see Martin putting years of work in on it then having Jeffrey taking it from him and handing it to Missy as a present for Laurie.  No fucking way is he going to give away the gay community like that.  He's an asshole.  Martin work for years on this database which was my brainchild and his inspiration.  The information came from Tracy, Barbara and Jonathan.  All of us worked together on that project but Martin put the sweat and tears into it.  It should go to a prosecutor for the information it contains.  If it fell into Laurie's hands it would be disastrous.  Missy, Bessie and Laurie should never see it.  The numbers and names that it contains could spell disaster for the gay community of Palm Springs.

It's Daily, It's All Day Long, It's Missy and Laurie...He Loves Every Minute of It And Christopher Won't Stop It!!!

I know that you all don't really understand what this is like, but imagine knowing that you planned for something bad to happen.  You spent time putting everything together to keep it from happening.  You stocked up.  You fortified the walls.  You put away food. You put away money.  You told people it was going to happen.  You provided so that it wouldn't then the people you trusted to keep if from happening, made it happen right in front of you.  They took everything that you did to keep yourself safe so now you get to watch while everything around you falls apart the way it shouldn't have because you planned.  This is what it is like with Jeffrey telling everyone that he wouldn't do something like this to me and my family, but doing it instead.  He's a fucking liar.  He and his wife are liars.

Every day all day long is a mental whipping worse than the day before.  It starts when you wake up, then you see your family and they whip you for a while, then you come home to have his blonde freak girlfriend whip you some more while she drives around in a car that she bought scamming money that you saved from a job you worked for six years.  After that you hear Laurie telling everyone how they should give her the money that Jeffrey stole.  Then you realize that none of the bills that you could have paid easily aren't going to get paid because some billionaire can't own up to taking what you worked your ass off for while your ex boyfriend sits and watches it happen.  It is a daily mind fuck.  They involved your family, they took everything they could and now they want you not to say anything about it.  They want you to comply.  Fuck you Jeffrey.  I won't be silent about what you and your son did.  You stole from me.  You took something that could have kept me alive and you did it just to be a spiteful mean little bitch.

Nobody in Hollywood likes you because they know you are this kind of a person.  They've all heard the rumors.  Now I know why.  You are beastly little bitch of a man.  You are hated because you are a thief. Nobody should like you.  You hurt people for fun.  You teach lessons to people that don't sign up for your class.  Nobody wants you to teach them something that they don't want to know from a man that has no ethics.  I don't respect you.  You have nothing that I want to learn.   You're trying to teach me about money by stealing mine????  I worked hard for that money and you're telling me that stealing it from me is a lesson?  Guess what, I have a lesson for you and your son, it's called the legal system.  They put people in jail for stealing money and you go to jail for it.

If "Too Far" Was A Place, Jeffrey Passed It Three Months Ago

There's a big difference between a joke and cruelty.  This is no joke.  What I've had to endure lately is beyond the scope of any kind of prank or punchline, it's just downright cruelty to another human being.  There isn't any explanation for it.  There isn't any kind of way to put it on a scale and say well, you did this to me so this is how I counter balanced it.  This is simply a case of cruelty.  How cruel can one person be to another person that did nothing to him.  That is what this is.  It's about what can I do to help you while you fuck me over in the worst way possible?

There are people in this world that want to hurt you.  That is something that I've known since I was nine years old.  There are people in this world that don't give a shit about you and would see you die.  I've known that one since about nineteen.  I've never known that there are some people out there that simply want to destroy everything that is good about you for a laugh until now.  Not only do they want to destroy you, they want to hurt your entire family because you are a good person.  They want your entire family to suffer because you are a great person to know and you relate to people better than they do.  Jeffrey Katzenberg, is the single most cruel man that I've ever known.  He is literally the most hatefilled man on this planet.  I will never understand why he went so far for so long for such a small reason.  Nothing actually.  He literally took something I worked on my whole life and turned it into nothing.  Just because he thought it was funny.  He thinks he's cute.  I think he's the least likely person to go to Heaven.  I think his wife is the second least likely.

For all the good they think that their money has done, you should see the evil it's been doing in the dark.  What you don't see is what their money is doing outside of Hollywood. The people that they associate with when the cameras aren't on and the things they do when they aren't being photographed aren't the kinds of people that movie stars should be associated with.  Bessie Smith, Missy Pissy, David Douchebag and Laurie LaTweeker?  There aren't the kinds of people that society throws away, they burn them in a trash heap.  What Jeffrey is doing without any of you knowing is torturing people.  He's like that CEO that goes home and puts on adult baby clothes and pretends to be a toddler all weekend so that he can be pampered, then puts his business suit on Monday morning and returns to being an asshole the rest of the week.  Only when Jeffrey goes home he puts on his harness, his leather chaps, his mask and whip and start plotting whatever evil thing comes to his mind next.  He's a masochist, a sadist and a hateful assed father.  He isn't nice.  For those of you that think he is, you are the ones that are fooled.  You are the ones that make up the lies that keep you working, but the rest of us know that he's nothing like what you tell people he is.

Jeffrey thinks he's getting away with something here...I'm telling all of you he's trying to pit my sister against me.  That fucking shit is only going to end with pitting me against his son in a court of law.  After that it's going to be the U.S. Attorney versus Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  DO NOT EVER TRY to put me against my sister you fucking little man.  Just because your sister hates you, does not mean that my sister is going to hate me.  I do not want to argue with my sister over money.  I don't want to argue with her over anything,  She will bulldoze me and act like she has nothing to do with it and I know that in the long run it will make her feel bad.  I have no need for this.  My life is complicated enough without adding to her sorrow.  She's had enough pain in her life thanks to Missy, Bessie and Laurie, adding to that with Jeffrey, Kenny, Bryan Anderson and others, is not my goal.  If they want to see how far they can push a family that has already gone through hell, they can do it from the other side of the courtroom.  As defendants.  When you are trusted as friends to stop something instead of add to it, and all you do is add to the pain with your ignorance, you deserve to go to jail.  You have done nothing but make this experience worse for me and my family and I, personally, have no way of expressing to you how disappointed I am and how angry I am that my brother in laws death means so little to you all.  You know what happened and this is how you treated my sister and me again.  He trusted let him down.

As for Christopher, what can you say?  He's as small a man as his father could be disappointed in.  He's nothing like the man he use to boast about.  He's nothing like that guy.  Tiny, puny, unimportant to others, I don't believe his father was anything like that, but his son is.  Unimportant, a non-factor.   What I knew he was capable of, money took away.  Sad, really...but when people realize the Katzenberg dream, the dreams of other people die...and that's what happened at DreamWorks Animation.  Jeffrey killed his own company...his dreams came true, so he killed everyone else's. He wanted China...fuck his American workers...fuck all the people he told he would never leave....China or nothing.  His partners said, "Not now."  So he took his $400 million ball and left the playground.  Fuck all those jobs and families, Jeffrey didn't get his way...(insert lip pout here!!!)  Jeffrey is a baby...if he doesn't get his way he pouts.  He's not getting his way with me so he bought all my friends up.  Guess they weren't friends.  Think that bothers me?  Nope.  You see if you can be bought by a baby, you can be sold by him too.  He'll sell them out too.  Think I'll feel bad? Nope.

I don't really care about people without hearts and feelings.  I'm not Gordon Gekko.  Greed might be good for Jeffrey, but it is bad for the justice system he's going to face for being such a hard ass with me.  I did nothing wrong Jeff.  I tried to help you.  I tried to be kind to your kid.  I did nothing but find your stolen belongings and stolen movies and I told you about them.  You couldn't be's a shame people like you are so bitter.

The Bank of America Scam and Missy Pissy

After Missy Pissy and Jeffrey Katzenberg set up the robbery at my parent's home, they were able to obtain a bank book or check book of my sister's.  The scam was simple.  Jeffrey wouldn't allow anyone to call the police while he allowed Laurie and Brian to come to my parent's home and rob whatever they could find from the cars parked outside of our home while we were all at a family function.  Using me as a lookout, knowing that if I am somewhere, I can account for what members of my family are present and accounted for, Jeffrey and Missy gave free reign for Laurie and Brian to come to my parent's home, where we all meet, so that they can rob us.  Jeffrey tells Missy and everyone there, including police officers, not to call the cops.  Nice of him, isn't it?  Wedding rings, bank books, Monster jackets, my iPod,  tool belts and all kinds of things have gone missing over the years...without anyone calling the police, thanks to Missy and Jeffrey.  (Incidentally, Jeffrey was furious when nobody called the police when his home was robbed...I subsequently found his stolen items for him without a word of thanks.)

At any rate, once the items were stolen, Brian and Laurie had access to my sister's bank account at the above bank.  Telling you now is a moot point, since they already have it.  Not telling you would be stupid since Bryan Anderson and Ken Davenport should have already been keeping an eye out for us.  So as you can see, Jeffrey provided absolutely no support for my family while the home was robbed.  This happened before at the home I am currently living, when Christian Johnson and Brian came by and robbed one of our cars on camera...Missy Pissy told them that Jeffrey would "not call the police on them".  Christopher Monti did not do a thing.

Once Laurie had my sister's bank account numbers, Laurie and Missy came up with a plan so that they "could both get paid".  Knowing that I'd saved a whole lot of money by stowing away a paycheck a month for six years, Laurie wanted to steal it from a bank where she couldn't get to it.  My idiot sister thinks she controls everything in my life.  Bessie, being a long time "pretend" friend to my family was then approached by David and Missy to steal this money from me.  Bessie went to my sister and told her that Laurie wanted to steal this money.  How in the world my idiot sister was talked into it, she took the money from my savings account and was told to put it into the bank where Laurie knew the account numbers....that way Laurie could actually steal it from there.  It's the old "move it to where Laurie could steal it" scam.  Stupid fucking sister.

Why in the world would you move money from a bank where she couldn't get it, to a bank where three people you barely know want you to?  Jeffrey says it was to "protect my family", if so, then why did my sister tell me there was no bank account?  Why can't I get my money?  Why is it all gone?  What the fuck is he trying to pull?  If Jeffrey could have had Laurie and Brian arrested for burglarizing my home with police, why protect us from stealing money from the bank?  This isn't protecting us, it's stealing from us.  This has nothing to do with helping my family, it has to do with Missy and Laurie and Bessie stealing.  They are not interested in doing anything more than showing Jeffrey that he's a stupid fucking idiot.  I would never have let this happen, but my sister is an idiot control freak that think she knows everything all the time.  She's always thinking she knows what's best for everyone and Bessie took advantage of that.  My sister thinks she can bully me into not saying anything or bulldoze me into believing that I didn't save all this money, but I have an attorney that will prove her wrong.  I won't get into this with my sister because that is what Laurie and Jeffrey want to see.  I won't even bring it up again.  What I will do is take her to court for it and I will get the truth.

Jeffrey has overstepped his boundaries with this one and I am going to make sure that he never ever fucks with me again.

If my money goes into this bank and does not come back to me, paid in full...I am going to have Jeffrey, his wife and son charged in a conspiracy.  I want every single dime of the money that was taken from my account returned to me.  I do not want it deposited into an account with my sister's name on it.  I do not want it deposited into the Bank of America where Laurie can get her hands on it.  I want it deposited into an account that I have LifeLocked at my convenience so that nobody besides me has an opportunity to steal it again.  If Jeffrey has anything else to do with this money besides returning it to me, Bessie Smith and her friends will do serious jail time.

Declaring Their Love For Each Other: Missy Pissy and Laurie

Make no mistake about it, Missy Pissy is hanging around still for one reason.  She wants money.  The money that is still in limbo at Jeffrey's home.  You see she thinks that the $35,000 in cash that she has at Jeffrey's home is hers, despite the $30,000 that she stole from me to buy her new car.  By scammer law, the money she scammed from my bank account is hers, so she doesn't owe me a thing...wrong!  You see, Jeffrey paid cash for that car, my cash, and now that it can be traced back to the scam and things that Jeffrey and Missy said, the money is due back to my sister and me.  Problem, Missy is a greedy bitch.  She thinks that the money stored at Jeffrey's home is still hers, you know, she gets the car and the cash.  Bullshit!  She doesn't get either.

After Valentines Day, Missy, in a showing of her usual, undying love for Laurie, dropped of her Valentine's Day gift from her father...some roses that he sent her, to Laurie.  This way Laurie can feel the loyalty that she still has from Missy.  Drug dealers united in stealing money from Jeffrey.  Then she proceeded to her other job, making Jeffrey feel bad for her.  She then proceeded to sit her fat ass down at Jeffrey's home and whine about not having the money in the safe that she "earned" after spending the money she scammed from me on a new car.  Missy has this idea that when she steals money that she deserves both.  Fuck you Missy.  What she is doing here is playing people.  Jeffrey is so lovesick that he actually entertains this bullshit for months at a time.  While my family suffers.  This scam is so old that Missy's tits have fallen another inch during this period.  How in the fuck does this man sleep in the same house as his wife.  Where I'm from when you buy a blonde bimbo a car and you aren't married to her, you are having an affair.  Period.  This isn't funny.  It isn't a joke.  It's a sad statement about a man that thinks he's untouchable.  Do you think your are untouchable Jeffrey?

Police Chief Reyes needs to understand something here.  I am pissed off.  I can't believe the audacity that this man has showed.  The symbolic gesture of buying a car for the woman that helped the girl get away with raping me, is unbelievably callous.  It is such a fucking slap in the face that I want Jeffrey to immediately explain why it is that he continues to try to hurt me and my family.  What he has in his arsenal of people there are witnesses that could explain this crime and he won't let any of them talk.  He's forced them into a position of silence.  Nine years of torture for silence.  What in God's name is he doing?  All for Missy the girl without a single shred of decency and loyalty to Laurie, the fucking drug dealing piece of garbage that infects people with HIV and shits on Jeffrey's floor?  That is some piece of cheesecake Jeffrey is swallowing up there.

You see, the money is mine and the cash paid for the car, well, that's Jeffrey's problem.  He either has a new car or he has to sell it.  Missy has no inclination to sell the car because she's a lazy bitch.  I have no need for a new car because I need the money to move and, of course, Missy thinks she's going to make off with the money and the car both.  Not going to happen.  She keeps telling Jeff about all of her money he's going to give in.  Ain't going to happen.  Why?  If Jeffrey hands her that cash, he's guaranteed a trip to prison along with his son and his wife and probably members of his is Bessie and David.  You see this scam is what I like to call the "Nichols' Family Scam" that Missy Pissy learned from Laurie.  This is where you take the money from a police informant's family so they can't leave the area, then you torture them because they can't move.  Missy learned this from Laurie only this time, instead of Laurie taking the money from the Nichols Family, Missy took it from me.

I want to move from this desert this month.  I can't though because Missy Pissy has now stolen my savings to do that.  Now this greedy ho, wants my money and the new car.  She won't leave because by some "scammer law" she thinks that she has the right to steal the money and get the car.  Jeffrey is so stupid that he'll sit around until he actually believes it.  Now, Jeffrey knows that Laurie pretended to be Mindy Nichols when she wrote to me on several occasions.  He knows that Laurie is involved in the Nichols' case.  What Laurie and Brian have to do with that case is unknown, but we do know one thing, Laurie is deeply involved with one Rae Fernandez and there is a great deal of money missing.  The case involved PSPD informants, methamphetamine, and all kinds of missing money and "informants"...smells like Laurie LaTweeker to me.  In fact, I found out about the case from Laurie's email to me.  Think I'm fooled?  No way.

I've already contacted Ben Meisalas from the Geragos & Geragos Law Firm representing the Nichols Family and will love having Lisa Damiani do the same today when it comes to Laurie LaTweeker and Missy Pissy only this time we will drop Jeffrey Katzenberg's name into the equation.  We aren't above letting them know that Jeffrey is also working with another informant that has been used by the PSPD in our case that hasn't come forward about Rae Fernandez and that Jeffrey wasn't letting him do that.  There is a serious problem with what Jeffrey is doing in obstructing justice for the Nichols' Family and for me, he's too involved in the same type of scam.  Taking monies from informant's families to keep them in danger.  I don't know what his interest is in this situation, but he has no right to put my family in danger.  Christopher Monti had an obligation to let the Geragos law firm know what he knew about Rae Fernandez but Jeffrey had no right to stop him.  Now that Christopher knows about how monies are stolen from informant's families, it is important that he tell the Chief of Police.  These kinds of issues are clear with the law.  Honest informants stay alive and keep each other alive.

Missy Pissy thinks she can simply wait out her money and kill everyone with disease and starvation, but Jeffrey is just being negligent while things like medical insurance and social security disability are turned off.  His negligence is punitive since it was his decision to hide evidence of Laurie's guilt and Missy's involvement.  It's a shame when parents decide to hurt other peoples' children because of an affair of the heart.

I don't want to live here any longer Chief Reyes.  It is too dangerous having these three women coming after my family night and day with their bullshit stories having Jeffrey help them with lies.  He is so full of his Hollywood drama and desire to help them that it has become a major issue.  He's now taken my own rape and turned it into some kind of "little nothing" that happened.  Look at my fucking skull.  It is debilitating and I can't even see a neurologist because of the way he's taken away my medical insurance.  Others have offered me medical insurance and he and his wife won't let me sign the policy.  Jeffrey won't let me have medical insurance now.  What in the world is going through his fucking mind.  Yes, it is true, there was medical insurance offered to me, but Jeffrey said I wasn't allowed to have it because it would make Missy mad.  How in the fuck is Missy determining my medical insurance.  Missy has her medical insurance...why can't I have mine?  It's because Missy and Laurie want me to get sick and die.  Chief Reyes this is what these two bitches do to men that they don't like, they infect them, beat them to a pulp, reinfect them, then watch them die.

This is what Jeffrey is enforcing...taking money from me only enforced Missy's thug drug dealer policy. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lisa Damiani: Maybe You Should Talk To My Sister

Dear Lisa,

Perhaps this situation with Jeffrey and my money is best served with a conversation between you and my sister.  I think he has put her in a situation that is full of lies.  He needs to be set straight and she needs to be told the truth about it.  She is living in a fantasy where she thinks that she is somehow in control of my finances.  That isn't the case.  I want this money returned to me and this bullshit about not being there or no bank account isn't going to continue.  I want it returned to me, pronto.

I don't like Jeffrey acting like he has control over me or my family any longer.

I want this situation resolved and I want him prosecuted for this theft.


Bimboozled: Why Jeffrey Katzenberg Is Lying To The Police And All Of Us


For years I begged my best friend's father to help me with this case.  I'd been brutally raped and someone at the police department had fucked it up badly.  My skull had been crushed and my DNA testing had been fucked with.  The hospital results had been fucked with twice and my skull was smashed to pieces.  To this day, I can't go without a migraine that lasts from morning until night.  Nobody, except my doctor, has ever confirmed the rape.

It's been since 2007 and the rapist and her brother have been following me around the desert trying to hurt me again because there are test results that show what really happened that morning.  There are MRI results that show that the hospital fucked up.  There are witnesses that know that Missy Pissy is the person that called into the hospital and fucked with the MRI results, twice to make it look like my skull was not smashed so I could not get medical care.  It was basically a white washing of my entire rape case.  Two MRI's and nothing ever happened.

Now Missy Pissy and Bessie Smith have shown up here in the middle of my own police investigation to do it again.  To stop me from investigating the crime committed against me.  In the interim, I took a lousy part time job away from the person that I loved so that I could make money and save what I could to begin a new life with him.  Over six years I saved over $28,000.  Not bad for a part time job working the worst shifts overnights.  I did as much as I could.  I put away every second check of the month and tried not to let Laurie know how much was in the account.  It was my intention to use that money to move away from here with Christopher to live somewhere else.

All the while I kept begging Jeffrey to help me.  He never did.  There were break ins at my parent's home, my home and on a trip to Sedona, Arizona, I was followed by Missy Pissy, Laurie La Tweeker and Brian while I paid for a vacation for myself, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall.  My team of informants working on this case.  It was a nightmare to end all nightmares.  I wanted my guys to know how much I  appreciated them.  Laurie has been known to have said, "They're going but they won't be coming back."  It almost happened.  Nobody helped us.  It was a fiasco.  What went on there is still hidden because Jeffrey has all but hidden the witnesses and told them not to talk to me.  Both Jonathan and Anthony were not available to fight a restraining order against Laurie when it went to court with M. Katherine Jensen, Esq of Rutan & Tucker that would have proven Laurie was stalking me at the time.  Thanks to Missy Pissy and Jeffrey she got away with it again.

Jonathan Mendenhall then DIED in December of 2010 on Christmas Day according to obituaries placed in the newspapers in Cadillac, Michigan and in Arizona.  Emails from Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan's step mom and father confirmed that.

This last year, when no work was getting done on this case, my disability had become so bad that I ended up not working in March and I left my job.  At that point I had money in the bank and I would be okay.  

Missy, David, Jeffrey and Bessie then began planning to scam that money from my sister.  I don't know how they managed to do this or how my sister thinks that I wouldn't know about it, but I know how much I was saving.  To think that I wouldn't know how much I saved is ridiculous.  I put that money away for years.  It is stupid of her or anyone to think I wouldn't know.  I never even touched it.  I would get the check and hand the money to my mom to keep.  Both my mother and my sister acted like it never even existed when I asked them about it.

When Christmas rolled around I needed money and I asked about money.  Nobody seemed to know anything about it.  Mom, dad and sister all acted like it was gone.  Gone and never existed.  I was dumbfounded.  Still am.  Somehow Jeffrey has managed to talk my family out of my money.  Missy, Bessie and Dave scammed this money out of my bank account and took it.  Then Missy bought a car with my money...and is now driving a brand new convertible car with her bimboozled money.  How in the fuck am I supposed to trust this fucking bitch?

Jeffrey has never helped me do anything on this case.  He has now taken my rape case and the cases of all of these gay men and made a joke out of it.  This is personal.  This is not a joke to me.  Nobody believes that we have suffered a serious injury here and the three girls most responsible for this happening are with medical insurance, financing, food, shelter, wearing nice clothes or have more drugs than they've ever had in their life.  What the fuck justice is that?  This isn't what this was about.  He has done nothing but give the Man Hating Women every single solitary thing that they have ever wanted.  He is the single most stupid male in this whole thing.  Why in the world would he side with the criminals that robbed his home and raped his kid and infected him????  He is absolutely the worst father and married to the worst mother I've ever seen.  They are housing criminals and running a criminal network.  This has got to be stopped.  He thinks that this is funny. This is a masochist.  He is literally believing that money buys him the right to teach people lessons about how you can treat other people when you are rich.  This is right up Laurie's alley.  I can't imagine a worse situation for the victims of this crime.  He is hateful, immature and a complete psychopath.  Nobody should allow him access to the database of victims.

If this man is not stopped now, he will turn into another Adolph Hitler!!!