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Lori and Brian are going back to "old school" terrorism, for the ninth or tenth time now. Threatening my family, threatening other families and basically trying to convince everyone that nothing in this world can touch the two of them. They have help too, but what we are dealing with is meth addicts. These are the worst that this category has to offer too. They are the lying, stealing, cheating, do anything they can to keep them in drugs kind of meth addicts. They've proven themselves to be nothing short of the worst criminals that Palm Springs had to offer. Missy, David, Lori, Brian, Christian and Leah are all part and parcel of what happened in Palm Springs. Elite dirt bags are still dirt bags.
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Do Something That Makes You Look NOT GUILTY Jeffrey...

Do something to help me believe that you aren't guilty Jeffrey...

Every single time I look at what has transpired, I keep getting the same message, Jeffrey is guilty of helping Missy Pissy to hurt my family.  This "promise" to Missy's parents is a death sentence for my family.  This man has, at every single turn, helped his former "personal assistant"/employee, do whatever she could do to make Lori happy including returning a stolen tool belt covered with disease to my father in exchange for my bank account.  

The man has a son that Lori's infected, a wife that she tried to poison and a home that she shit on the floor in, but do you see him doing anything that looks fatherly?  Nothing.  He's more content to let these two lesbians take swipe after swipe at my family members which includes a trip to my parent's home where kid's car seats were in the car that Lori coughed, wheezed, spit on and infected with disease.  On that trip she stole my iPod, which meant, once again, that she was in contact with my things.  This guy is a total germ phobe and he knows better than to let this happen, but when it comes to MY FAMILY, nobody can get involved.  This is a simple case of rich man not helping the poor man.

Where is his participation in stopping this crime.  Where is the one shred of help that he or his wife have ever given to me.  Not one single thing points to his innocence but everything points to a clandestine relationship between Lori's live in lesbian girlfriend and him.  He sent her to Sedona to stalk me.  He's allowed her to help Lori steal from my parent's home.  He's allowed Missy to do whatever she damn well wanted, but have you ever seen him do anything to help me?  Nothing.  There isn't one damn thing that he can point to that was helpful.

What I want to know is just how long this promise to Missy's parents and David's parents is going to last.  Until my father is dead?  My sister?  One of our kids?

You need to do something to help me Jeffrey because I can't explain any of your actions thus far ten years into this.  Maybe you can tell my boyfriend that you won't let talk to me or anyone else.

With that money you helped to steal, I would have hired a lawyer to sue the hospital and the police department already.  I wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for your interference.

It's simply stifiling how much help Jeffrey has given to David and Missy who continue to do nothing more than plot and plan another disaster for my mom, dad, sister, nieces and grand kids.  I already know I'm a marked man because I'm not afraid to tell the truth.  What kind of father and husband ignores his own wife's poisoning and son's intentional HIV infection in order to help a stripper continue to deal drugs with her lesbian lover?  I can tell you first hand that this man has done nothing to make me think that he isn't guilty of conspiring with these people.  It's not a good idea to continue to fuck with me because I can put him on a witness stand as soon as I fight this warrant and take it to trial.  Don't think Lori won't pull him in too.  You'd think a billionaire would make better decisions, but his wife and kid are still scratching their heads wondering if he loves Missy Pissy more than them.

What I really love is how much Bessie Smith thought of the safety of my brother in law's kids and grandkids when she returned a tool belt to my sister that Lori stole from my father, covered in disease...then told him to lie to me about it.  What a fucking piece of garbage she is.  Then she had the nerve to steal my saving's account and have my mom and sister lie to me...what kind of help are you giving Bessie?

I am feeling very threatened by Jeffrey Katzenberg.  I am afraid for my life because of him.  Every single day he keeps helping Missy and David to do more horrible things to my family.  So far every single one of them has lied to me...why?  My mom and sister lied about my bank account.  My father lied about his tool belt being stolen.  They are all lying.  I'm so scared I can't breathe any longer.

This IS A Cry For Help: Strength in Numbers

I began this project a long time ago in the hopes that I would be able to save our community from the ravages of a sociopath and her brother.  There were so many rumors and so much red tape that doing it alone was daunting, but I persevered because someone has to do more than allow one woman to walk all over a city, a police department and the justice system.

Knowing that I've spent a lifetime being stalked and followed by a mad woman isn't very settling.  It is important to note that when I began this task it came long after being raped, beaten, shot at and long before I even uttered the names of Lori and Brian.  Lori and Brian knew that if I kept going it would bring unwanted attention to how they act, what they've done and what they like to do to other people.  Terror is their business and we are their unwilling victims.  Up until I did this, every single victims was able to be used as a weapon against other victims.  I should know, I've been in enough situations to see how it works.

Someone was behind all of the horrible things that happened.  You can't have a shooting without a shooter.  You can't have a broken skull without someone breaking it in your sleep.  You can't have all of your belongings stolen without someone stealing them.  So many horrible things happened in a row because someone was behind it.  I only know of one person in my life that would do something this horrible and think she could get away with it.  That person is Lori.

She has always hated gay men.  Always.  She's screamed it at the top of her lungs in high school so many times that this was her reputation.  When she could sneak out of her home to come to town, everyone was in danger.  She pushed a kid in front of a moving vehicle.  Set homes on fire.  Broke into the high school.  Threw rocks through the windows of friends' homes.  She had my father accused of an unthinkable crime.  It would appear that every single time anyone stood up to her, she would make something up to get that kid or his parents in trouble.  Lori is an habitual liar.  She has no past that isn't a red herring that is created in her mind and set up on the internet.  She never went to college but she's stolen enough diplomas to "white out" and insert her name on to have a doctorate in bullshit.

What she has done summarily is make up a life out of the life that I've lived and others have lived.  She uses their experiences, jobs, education and families to tell stories about herself manufactured from other people's lives.  There is truth to them, but not with her in it.  She's never been able to make a life for herself because she is obsessed with the internet and knowing what other people think.

She steals high school yearbooks so that she can read about who I am friends with back then.  She honestly believes that if someone signed my yearbook, then that is a person she has to get to know.  Those kids and I haven't been in touch in almost thirty years, but she still maintains all of my yearbooks in that home that she squats in.  She even quotes to people that signed them what they wrote to me.

I am much more than a high school yearbook.  I am a grown man that is fed up with this horrible liar following me around and trying to kill another family member of mine or another pet of ours.  She needs to be stopped and this is a cry for help.

Please help me.  Please.  I can't take another minute of her constantly dreaming up another way to kill someone I love.  I deserve to be helped and I deserve to be credited with stopping her horrible plan to hurt people.

Does This Mean These Women Aren't Terrorists?

Here's her brother's type of glamor the feathers Brian...

All victims of bad photos, but it doesn't mean that they aren't someone else off camera.  
These women above are the victims of bad glamor shots that aren't really doing them any good.

Lori suggested today that all she needed was a "good glamor shot" and nobody would suspect her.  Huh?  This is so anti woman I can't believe it.  Lori honestly believes that people would think differently about her if just one photo looked good.  Unfortunately you simply can't make a skunk into a panther, or in Lori's case, a cougar.

Life is more than a glamor shot.  It's more than putting yourself in a picture with my friends and acting like they are hers.  Lori has been obsessed with putting herself near my friends and loved ones under the assumption that I can't do anything about it.  She's wrong.  I can do a lot more than she thinks.

My point is a simple one.  There is a crazed female following my friends around and infecting them with HIV.   She tells everyone that she and I were friends in high school, but that is a lie.  She's used things like my class ring, basketball uniform and letterman's jacket to convince them, but all of those items were stolen from me.  I would never have let her have them...but she uses them to fake people out.

If you know anything it is that I love my boyfriend.  How could I possibly even think of Lori when I am completely in love with him.  She is a roadblock not an obsession.  If you loved someone and someone else was in the way that has nothing to do with the two of you, wouldn't you do everything legal to get her away from him or her?  I did nothing but that.  I was asked to protect Christopher by his own mother and I did that.  I told her the first time we talked that a girl was following us around and I was right.

Lori thinks that she can convince people that we are some kind of former friends.  Anyone that went to high school with us knows one thing, I WAS NOT HER FRIEND.  THAT NEVER CHANGED.  I forgot about her and went on with my life even though she tried to give me AIDS and followed me for years.  I still managed to forget about her until she just "couldn't take it any more" and sent her brother to shoot at me while I lived in San Diego.  That is what I know...what she will tell you is a lie.   Do you really expect her to admit to it?  I know one thing for certain...I'm the one with the injuries and they didn't happen without someone doing it.  She has admitted to being behind this to Jonathan and I know he's seen more than he's said.

Everyone that sets up a "murder for hire" isn't at the crime scene, that's why they HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT.  Lori's excuse that she wasn't in San Diego, is no excuse at all.  If she set the wheels in motion, once again, she is guilty of the attempted murder.   Filing a restraining order was another smoke screen to play the victim.  Ask the PSPD officers that Lori contacted, they'll all tell you that they turned her down to be the cop that took her bullshit story.

Is Lori Holding Your Family Hostage? How Can Separating All Of Us Be "Better" Than "Coming Together To Fight Her"?

It's not your traditional home invasion, but she's done those too...

The warning signs are all there.  She was diagnosed as a child with lots of mental problems and lots of reasons not to have her around other kids.  She was thrown off the military base and lived a long way away from the other children in our school.  The kids that did live near her have suffered the consequences of a life near Lori.  Now it has become even more apparent that her sociopath ideology includes killing people to get them out of her way.  She's on drugs and she has a clean record of hate against anyone homosexual or anyone that speaks out against her.  I can't believe it is taking so long for these families to say something/do something about Lori the Nightmare.

In the picture above you see what it is like to be held at gunpoint, but what you don't understand is the danger that Lori represents.  She isn't dangerous because she is smart, she is dangerous because she isn't.   She sees no consequences for her actions and thinks she can create enough smoke to keep people from thinking that she was behind it.  It's not true.  She's a sociopath liar and everything that she does is to manipulate someone or something to create terror.

I've been told that her father use to half joke with her about "how many guns she stole and how many bodies there were"?  I don't know if that is true, but I can tell you that the warning signs for a hugely terrorist act are all there.  Today was no exception.

I refuse to go to my sister's home for even a few hours leaving my parent's home without protection.  That has always proven to be a dangerous situation for the people that aren't there.  She's been known to use her diseases as a weapon of death and hospitalization.  I should know, I've been there twice before.  Why is her DNA where it should not be?  Why is she still able to think that she can hurt the children in my family because she's stolen keys to their home or a combination to a door lock?  The reason is simple, she thinks that she can extort silence so that she can kill again with her diseases.  It's a sad situation exacerbated by people refusing to stop a terrorist while she conspires again and again to kill for silence.  I don't buy into that shit, do you?

On the air, she tells people how much she just loves to "fuck with families".  It's her "favorite thing" to do.  What she is really doing is telling everyone that she can do it without anyone being able to stop her.  She's been getting away with it for so long that she actually got over confident and made too many mistakes.  I would be lying if I said I didn't know she was going to do everything that she's done so far.  What I can tell you is that I know death follows her.  I have the dead family member to prove it too.  I've also been shot at and beaten nearly to death.  The police were notified of the shooting and the rape but, once again, Lori is falling through the cracks.  Why?

There has been a policy of keeping my friends and I separated for about 8 years which is probably the dumbest idea that there could possibly be.  There is no harm in any of us being together, that's what always kept us safe.  Instead, the policy of "hands off" has put my family and hers in the cross-hairs of her terrorist threats.  That's right, her family and mine are being tormented and tortured.   The warning signs of this kind of behavior have been there since she was at least ten or eleven years old.  She's the kind of person that likes to plant evidence and call for trouble.  It started with drug dealing in high school with friends of mine who would buy weed from her, then summarily she would call their parents to tell them that they were smoking it. 

This precedent allowed her to get kids into trouble.  Lots of kids.  I saw it first hand with my own sister once when she called her and told her I had a small bag.  I saw it again with my friend Tom Shiley.  I saw it again with my friend Kevin.  She literally grew up using this system of selling drugs and calling the parents which graduated to the police when she got older.  She use to trade drugs for violence too.  It was her way of bullying from a distance.  You see if you can get someone else to do it for you, then, Lori believes, she isn't responsible even though she set the wheels in motion.

It's been this way my whole life.

Lori has some kind of socipath high school thing.  I never wanted to be in high school because of her and the fact is that many kids left high school because of her constant threats and violence.  She didn't grow out of it.  As is usually the case, when unpunished, she got worse.  Her brother got worse.  The feelings of invincibility grew inside the two of them to the point where they started making mistakes but they thought, with the police department's help and a few fake phone calls, she could bullshit her way out of it.  It isn't the way the world works with families coming together to stop her.  

For some reason, today, Lori is talking a lot about her mother, who I do not know.  I do know that her mom is in danger if Lori is doing this much talking.  I know when Lori threatens my family, that we are in this same position.  Her constant threats and thinking that she can control all of us with her "acting" isn't something that either family would believe, only you.  For example, she thinks that the solution to her problems of restraining orders and DNA is to simply have some professional "glamor shots" taken of herself.  That is the sociopath that we deal with.   I ask you this, is that the way a normal person would handle the situation?  Of course it isn't. What does a terrorist look like?  Well they look like kids with guns at school.  Why can't they look like a 50 year old woman with glamor shots?

I don't know about you, but this photo above wouldn't let me think that this woman was some kind of perfect person either...but Lori thinks that she can hide from her past with a photograph.  Is that her best meth thinking?  It must be, because there are thousands of pictures of her trying to look different every single time.  It doesn't fool me and it shouldn't fool you either.

In the picture above with the family being held hostage, you need to understand that what Lori does is point the gun at someone else, then extort the friends of that family.

Lately, and for some time now, Lori has had a thing for the children of my deceased brother in law and their kids.  She is fascinated at the promise of "doing something to one or all of them".  She's the kind of person that would love to poison them the way she allegedly tried to poison Mrs. Katzenberg with ant spray in her food.  That's the problem that I keep having.  Why let her get away with that in favor of watching her do more?  It isn't safe.

I know she's poisoned me before.  I know it because I was knocked unconscious about five or six times while I was investigating this crime in Palm Springs.  We need to get that knock out drug and we need to hold her responsible for it's use.  We know what it is, but we aren't doing anything to take it from her.

To bolster the fact that this crime is committed by a woman we need to show that the HIV epidemic suffered in the Palm Springs area, at least with my friends, all came from Lori or a woman.  You see, once you've established that a female is infecting gay males with HIV (women too) then the possibility that it is Lori can be explored.  A simple DNA test would clear her, but she's intent on finding a fake negative test result so that nobody will suspect her.

Lori doesn't realize that DNA testing by court order isn't done over the computer.  She can't just email a fake result and have everyone believe her.  The fact is that a DNA test could exonerate her, but that isn't what she is willing to do.  Only under her conditions and only if she can secure blood that won't match her DNA.  That's not going to happen here.

Apparently we need to establish that the rapist, in part, is female.  Only then can a warrant be secured to take her blood legally and have it tested.  While they are at it, they should test for all the other diseases that these victims suffer.  HIV, syphilis, tb, hep c and other treacherous diseases come at the same time that these men and women are infected.  This represents a clear and present danger to the community.  The use of her blood in other products shows that she INTENDS TO HURT PEOPLE WITH HER DISEASES...IT DOESN'T GET THERE BY ACCIDENT.  You can't fill a shampoo bottle with tainted blood and expect anyone to believe that it got there by accident.

Lori, unfortunately, has learned the extent of what her diseases cause.  How it works and how long it takes.  It is up to us to teach the public how to avoid this and how to make sure that it doesn't happen again.  Someone with active tuberculosis should not be around people in the grocery store, bars or anywhere else.  I should know, I lived in a complex where people suffering from that disease lived just feet from my front door.  These patients were never allowed to go outside or have contact with anyone while they were quarantine.  This situation is dire.   It is protecting the public to do your job as a citizen.  I've already given my test results, post rape, to the police but they, as usual, blew it.

Where is the concern for our children.  Our community.  Just because she hasn't struck in a year doesn't mean that she isn't preparing to do it again.  Do not use drugs that you get from Lori and Brian.  You can get really really sick from them.  You could lose your life.  This message is so important but the police and my team are not getting that message across.  It is even more important not to touch anything that Lori has handled.  You can't even be in proximity of someone with active tuberculosis without being in grave danger.

With active TB Lori allegedly climbed inside of my family's cars and took things. These are cars with baby seats in them.  Does Jeffrey realize how fucking dangerous that is?

After what Lori has done in the past to my family, it comes as no surprise that she would take the time to breathe all over these kids car seats and my own family's cars.  That's sick.  At one point, she even returned a stolen tool belt to my father as a way of legitimizing the theft of my finances from the bank.  This tool belt could have been loaded with staph bacteria and other things.  Was this Missy's way of trying to hurt my father for Lori?

Disease extortion is what I like to call it.  I've been a victim of this kind of terrorism since I was 19.  Lori has tried everything to reinfect me because she knows what happened in higher doses of her tainted blood.  The meth keeps her going but now she is taking so much rub in testosterone that she is becoming roid rage prone.  I hear it every single night.  I'm hearing it right now.  She's a bully.

No glamor shot is going to fix that.

Keeping Lori away from my family isn't easy with all of my friends' mouths shut.  In fact it is creating an atmosphere of terrorism that only they can stop.  The continued policy of "let Lori do whatever she wants" isn't one that I believe any psychologist would recommend.  Instead we have a sexual masochist sociopath that lies to everyone about who she is and what she does for a living.  If anyone bothered to look at the "workplace violence" restraining order, they will see just how crazy she is.  All lies.  Her "perfect angel" routine isn't fooling me.

Lori is under the impression that our families LOVE her.  Um, that's not the truth at all.  They are being controlled into believing that this approach is smart.  It isn't.  Lori is a dangerous person because she isn't intelligent.  We are intelligent and we aren't showing it.  I seem to be the only person with the kind of balls to say the truth without fear because I care.

Lori tells people that I'm "obsessed with her" that isn't the truth at all.  I am obsessed with living.  I am obsessed with stopping this girl from hurting my friends and their families.  It is my responsibility as the person that knows her to do more to effect this change.  If I didn't what do you think that the press would do with me if they caught her and I'd done nothing?  I am charged with the most daunting task of all.  I have to take on the girl who has lied her whole life all by myself because of Jeffrey.  He needs to do what I've done and stand up for his son.

This is the double edged sword that I have to yield.  I spent years and years avoiding the friends of mine from high school because I didn't want them to be put in danger.  I wasn't being reclusive, I was being protective.  Now those same friends need to return the favor because they need to know what kind of damage Lori has caused.

What I am is a good friend to people.  I took my time and planned the "outing of Lisa" by using her strengths.  The internet.  The phone system.  The court filings.  The clandestine calls to the police.  I knew full well that she would use what she has seen work a thousand times...but if it worked a thousand times, then she got away with it a thousand times; it doesn't make it right.  Instead of playing into her court, I played on her insecurities.  Her lack of beauty.  Her homophobic ideas about gay men and lesbians.  I used everything that I knew would draw her into the open like a police informant should do.  It worked too.  It was only when my witnesses were silenced that it went awry.  This has to stop before she, like this kid that killed all those students in Florida, strikes again.

You all think that you would stop a terrorist plot if you could, but you haven't.  Why not?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Welcome To the Beatdown: This One Is For You Willam Belli

Willam, click on this link and laugh your ass off

This one is for my buddy Willam know who he is.

Truer Words Have Never Been Written

Nuff said.

The Most Dangerous Thing: Lori's Lack of Intelligence

She can tape her boobs together, wear a dress for the first time in her existence, cover her entire body (including track marks) with make up and tell everyone that she's been sober her whole life, but the fact remains that not everyone is as stupid as Lori thinks they are.

What Lori doesn't know is the most dangerous thing of all.  Explaining it to her does no good for anyone because if they don't tell her what she wants to hear, it's like she's never heard it before.  Lori is the classic sociopath.  She's the girl that tries to use words that she hears to make herself sound intelligent, but has no idea if she has used them in the right context.  What she doesn't want to admit or succumb to is that she is 100% caught.  Her lies have finally caught up with her.  She now is looking for a loophole in a statute that does not exist.

Her solution to stop me, have Commissioner Best issue another warrant for my arrest.  Um, that won't work.  Is there anyone out there that is willing to explain this to her again?  I've run out of patience with her.  She doesn't understand that the judge under investigation broke the law in favor of her, because of her and without any justification.  He can't even claim that he didn't know what the case was about.  You, as a judge, can't make a ruling based on not knowing the issues from both sides and he never heard mine, but he did see it in writing.  He is screwed.  Now she wants him to issue another warrant on her behalf??? She' is by far the most dumb individual that I've ever heard of.

Stupid can't get to where you want to go any longer with me.  I've got you in a trap that you created.  I used your strength to make my case stronger.  Now you have no more power.

Statutory Problems For Lori and Commissioner Best

Once you stop laughing, understand that this is about the level of understanding that Lori has about "statutory" anything.  When an adult has sex with ANYONE under the age of 18 (which does mean 17 and 364 days too), by statute, you've committed a rape; that's what the law says.  You see, by statute, anyone under the age of 18 can not consent to sex.  That's the law.  There is no discussion about it.  If you are an adult having sex with anyone under 18 years of age, you are committing STATUTORY RAPE. 

Rape is not the ONLY statute, by far not.

There are other rules of procedure that are statutory.  Like when I removed the "workplace violence" restraining order to federal court, on time, with proof, notifying her lawyer, that case was taken off the calendar, by law, in Commissioner Best's courtroom.

You see Lori was using the "technique" that she's used a hundred times before or more.  She doesn't like someone, so she creates a problem for them, has them arrested, then uses the courtrooms of Commissioner Best and Cribbs to punish the victims.  This time, I turned that system on it's head by allowing myself, an informant, to see how this system worked by letting Lori do all the damage she could while the case was safely stayed in federal court (with notice!).   What I mean by all of that "with notice" stuff is that everyone, including her lawyer for the City of La Quinta, was well aware that the case was in federal court.  Lori did as she pleased, calling police, calling the Commissioner's chambers and letting him know what this case was about.

What the result is, is a road map to her terror.  Both the Commissioner and Lori went above and beyond the law by making a ruling on a federal case.  It can't be done.  After the restraining order was granted at an off calendar hearing, I was denied my due process.

For years before the restraining order I talked about Lori's clandestine relationship with police, the judge's chambers and the Commissioner's practices.  Two reasons.  The first is to inform the public about the illegal practices of Commissioner Best and Cribbs.  The second was so that I would never have to appear before them ever again.  You see, I am an informant for the police and I was testing these chambers to see which one would try to have me arrested first.  Lori chose Commissioner Best.  He must be her favorite.

Sure enough, Commissioner Best, with all the information Lori provided to the court, signed a warrant (misdemeanor) for my arrest.  This is a huge conflict of interest.  How convenient it is for the Commissioner that I was looking in to, to sign an arrest warrant to punish me in his courtroom again.  This is the same commissioner that sentenced me to a drug diversion class for a charged burglary with no drugs.  That is also illegal.  I served the entire sentence, took the class and completed the probation but this man is trying to save his career by treating the informant as a criminal.  Not legal.

By statute what Lori and the Commissioner have done is show all of us how this crime is committed.  Phone calls to the Commissioner's chambers, calls to the City of La Quinta's attorney all misrepresenting who she is.  The Commissioner had all the tools available, if he was not involved, to find Lori and have her charged.  He didn't.  He, instead, took the path of crime to punish me.

All of this is moot for the initial dismissal of the warrant but chargeable, by statute, for the ruling on a federal case and exacerbating it with a bogus warrant that seeks to stop me from being an informant in the case against the Commissioner.

The punitive nature of denying me due process for the girl that calls his chambers pretending to be an officer of the law is paramount.  This is the same girl that claims she is the same "Lori" working for the City of La Quinta.  She, in fact, is not.  If I was given the chance to have that hearing, properly noticed, I would have had Anthony Dabiere, Christopher Monti and Jonathan Mendenhall appear and tell the court what Lori has been doing to try to hurt me for decades and most immediately when she, like Jodi Arias, stalked me to Arizona on vacation.

This Commissioner ruled on "the papers" which does not allow him to say he didn't know he was a part of this investigation and it doesn't matter anyway because the case was not his to rule on at that time.  Remember folks, that blog that Lori says was "workplace violence" talked about her being the person that pretends to work for the police, the "special forces" calls to chambers, the "Steven Frey" thing caller and so much more about what the Commissioner does once he has these cases intentionally flagged for sentencing.  Gay male victims of this crime are traditionally sentenced to much harsher sentences than their other male and female counterparts.  It is a fact.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Here's One For Lori...Remember What It's Called in Prison!!!

Yeah, My Boy Can Dunk...So What! Nice Job Klay...Aggressive and "In Your Face!"

Police Should Worry, Lori's In A Trap She Can't Escape...For Real Though!

There is something that Chief Reyes should know, but he won't think anything about it.  Your "friend" Lori, has a problem at the Larson Justice Center with her name all over it.  There is statutory law that will get her hanging Commissioner in a ton of trouble and what he did afterwards is the kind of thing that "informant law" is all about.

We all know that Lori has been all over my ass for years since the Sedona, Arizona fiasco, but what she did afterwards was the kind of thing that is even more senseless.

You'll all remember that in March of 2010, my mom and I were looking to book a vacation for me and my friends.  We had a time share with Diamond Resorts and I was looking to thank Jonathan and Anthony for the work that they had done for me as an informant.  My first thought was the Kathy Griffin show at the McCallum, but, at the time, I had vacation money to spend and travel out of the area was a priority.   None of us needed any more time with Lori around.  

My friends were not working but they were working for me.  Since I couldn't pay them for informant work, I wanted to repay them in kindness.  We thought San Francisco first, but the resorts up there weren't available so my mom suggested the Sedona Summit.  It's a beautiful place and not far from Jonathan's dad, whom I thought could help Jonathan since he'd been so down lately.  Make no mistake about it, this was booked months before and Lori knew all about it.

Just before we went, Chief Reyes, after three very long years and one trip to the police station to view another DNA report, called me on the phone and told me something completely different about the DNA test results from my bloody clothing.  He told me that there was, "Only your blood on the clothes and that there was nothing more that his department could do for me.  Say anything you want about our police department."  I was furious and said, "She's only going to get worse now."

So the trip to Arizona was completely planned by my mother.  She made all of the arrangements for the Sedona Summit and I told Anthony and Jonathan about it.  Jonathan seemed apprehensive but I was going no matter what.  I didn't tell anyone about the trip except my co-workers, but when you are hooked into this system, Lori knows all about it.

Little did I know that in the week or so before the trip, Lori was conspiring to go to Sedona and do something sinister again.  She'd been the suspect in the first DNA report, but somehow, now, she was off that hook and back in the dangerous mode of killer.  She found some of MY friends that were heading to Arizona and tagged along until they got to Sedona.  She'd made arrangements for her brother to meet her there when Jonathan came over separately.  I didn't know why Jonathan was coming separately.  He had no money for gas for his vehicle and I was going over in my car, plenty of room.  His car would have been like $400 in gas just to go over and back.  Mine was like $60 for the trip...weird, I thought.

Jonathan will have to tell you what was going on there.

You all know that Lori and Brian were met there by Missy and David and others.  All kinds of problems started there, but my friends that drove Lori weren't at that home any longer.  I have a picture of all of them there in Sedona from the exact time that I was there.  I know this because one of my friends in that picture was only out west during that time.  What Lori did to them is still unknown but she got rid of them somehow and they left.   There were drugs, partying, and allegedly some kind of abduction kit stuff purchased.  All very sinister.  Lori and Brian trashed their rental home while plotting to "take out" Anthony, Jonathan and myself.  It was a disaster.

I didn't know that Lori was there, by the way, but I could tell something was wrong when separately both Anthony and Jonathan would leave and go somewhere.  I didn't go.  I would find out later that Lori, as usual, was summoning their presence in that drug rental.

When we got back, I never saw Anthony again and Jonathan only twice.

Whatever happened there must have scared Lori because immediately she began telling my friends here to confront me.  Then she filed a "workplace violence" restraining order.

This is where police need to worry.

I'm a former courtroom deputy clerk for the Southern District of California and I am a paralegal trained at U.C. San Diego so I know my shit.  Once she filed this restraining order, I knew that it had lots of First Amendment issues so I quickly removed it to the federal court in Riverside.  This "stays" a state action.  That means that the lower court where Lori filed this application could not make a ruling on anything until they took a look at it.  I know my shit!  I properly noticed Commissioner Best's Chambers with the documentation that told them the case was federally stayed.  This should have automatically taken their hearing "off calendar" until the case was returned to them.

Problem, Lori thinks she knows everything.  Even though I called the clerk in that court and telephonic-ally confirmed that the case was off calendar because of my decision, they went ahead and had the hearing without me.  The court record says that Lori was present at that hearing, but it wouldn't have mattered if she was.   There was nothing she could do until the case was reviewed in Riverside.  Her attorney should have told the court that this ruling wasn't proper.  Remember everyone this wasn't just Lori's restraining order, it was also the City of La Quinta's too.  She, as a bar member had this obligation.  She didn't follow it.  The court then ruled in Lori's favor, but I doubt she was even there.  The record lies and says she was.

There was no restraining order and statutorily the Commissioner broke the law making this ruling.  It's a statute.   There was no restraining order but I didn't bother to fight it knowing what we were working on against her.  Also remember folks, Lori doesn't work there AND I have a photo of her stalking me on vacation.  Then there is Anthony and Jonathan's account of what Lori was doing there.  Jonathan, as it would turn out, would have an obituary placed in the paper for his alleged death on December 25, convenient for Lori and Brian.  Anthony had disappeared.

What the Commissioner did next was, after much cajoling by Lori, probably pretending to be a Riverside District Attorney, issue a misdemeanor arrest warrant based on that illegally issued restraining order for me.   It is interesting, however, that before this there hadn't been enough evidence to even support that kind of warrant.  Now, after suspending my own blog online, and making a different one, I was being harassed again.

This is the same commissioner that all of the victims of this crime have to face and be sentenced by most of the time.  Commissioner Best...he's the worst.

Now, I have the right to take both Lori and the Commissioner to court.  This is a serious crime because I am a police informant that had been stalked to Arizona with my friends.   Issuing a warrant for my arrest only shows how much Lori was willing to lie about to get what she wanted.

Eventually my petition at the federal court was denied which is pretty standard, but it came AFTER the Commissioner had his illegal hearing for Lori.  All illegal and all the subject of a federal complaint against Lori, the City of La Quinta and Commissioner Best...all in one.  Favorable rulings for the girl that was the suspect of my investigation and all completely provable by statute.  Guilty!!!

Lori can't afford to have me arrested now and I can take her to court any time I feel like it.  Just have to let a U.S. Attorney know the facts and they won't be able to hurt me or anyone ever again.  See, I told you I know what I am doing. 

The federal court will uphold that this case was stayed and the Commissioner as well as Lori and the City of La Quinta are in big trouble.  This can cause a review of all of this commissioner's rulings where electronic harassment victims were in his courtroom.  You will see things like my conviction, sentenced to an illegal sentence.  He gave me Prop 36, which is drug diversion, in two cases where I wasn't using drugs and drugs were not involved.  You can't do that.  Anthony's case is also review-able, because of the intentional flagging with Steven Frey.  Christopher and Jonathan have similar circumstances too and all went to jail or appear to be dead online.

Everything is just fine.  I've delivered this case on a silver platter against Lori and her "friends" at the Larson Justice Center, I was just waiting for Jeffrey to get on board.

You see, there is no amount of lying that will get the Commish, Lori or the City out of trouble because I am an informant but mostly because this Commissioner had a reason to issue a warrant for me.  You see, the blog that I suspended talked about his illegal practices and this warrant is a warning to "shut my mouth"; it's punitive.  It's a statute.  The law is clear.  There should have been no hearing in his courtroom and the subsequent actions taken by him are all punitive and provable.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I've Tried...He Just Won't Stop Fucking With My Mom

For those of you that are Jeffrey Katzenberg fans, I want to let you know that I have tried for months not to mention his name on this blog.  I don't want to talk about him because I simply do not like him.  For those of you that aren't his fans, you are in good company.

I will try very hard to keep this short because this man infuriates me.  His lack of concern for kids that have been molested, my friends that were illegally jailed and my family that he has stolen from, are but a few of the reasons that I will never trust him.  He isn't the kind of person that I believe should have been involved in this project.  He has, categorically, from the beginning, tried everything he could to derail this investigation and help the criminals continue to terrorize the Palm Springs area.

He is, in short, the biggest asshole that I've ever heard of.  He doesn't represent anything that I believe in.  He would rather sit back and fund terrorism, or at least co-sponsor it, by telling people to do nothing when they needed to be warned.  His negligence and conniving ways have led to the absolute downfall of my own mother's health.  He's all but ruined my relationship with Christopher because he lies to him constantly.  His wife is no different.

A year after stealing the money from my saving's account he has done absolutely nothing to try to explain it, make it right or return it.  What does a billionaire need with that kind of money?  He doesn't, his drug addicted employees did.

I am planning to turn myself in for a misdemeanor warrant and take the case to trial.  I've had enough of his hiding in the bushes and stealing what is mine.  He's a liar, a thief and an all around bad person.  I asked him to help and he did nothing even after he claimed he didn't want Bessie Smith to steal this money from my mother and me.

I needed to do this earlier but I have to go and do this to stop him from hurting any more gay men or children in our area.  He won't stop.  He won't quit lying to Christopher and endangering his freedom.  He's dangerous to me and my family.  What I am willing to do is fight him in court by forcing Lori to answer to the lies she told.

What needed to happen a long time ago, he flatly decided he would not do.

He simply would not sit down and talk with me.

Fuck you Jeff

I'm Through Living Lori's Lie

It's been over a year since Lori and her friends stole my saving's account for drugs and still Jeffrey has offered not one single explanation for his role in this crime.  Continuously trying to ruin my life has become the theme of his.  I've never met a more cowardly man in my life.  He's lied to everyone.  He's stolen or covered up every single piece of evidence that he could find.  He's lied to all the witnesses that Missy could call for him.  Then, for the second time, he's gone out of his way to help that drug addicted freak.

He flatly refused, with his wife, to help me in any way, shape or form, in favor of the kid that pimped out his son to a pedophile.  This is one of the dumbest men I've ever known.  He has gone out of his way to break the law and use every bit of my love for Christopher to force me to be patient while his girlfriend and he plot to have me arrested...again.

What the world needs to know about Jeffrey is that he abuses his position to force people to break the law.  He won't allow any of the evidence he has about my rape to be known to anyone.  He stole money from my bank account with the help of Missy and David then proceeded to make me look like I didn't even know it existed.  Now I ask you, how many of you don't know that you have a bank account with $27,000 in it?  Could you?

He and his wife engaged in a conspiracy to steal this money and ruined my mom's health in the process.  I've heard that this is what Jeffrey did to his own mother.  If you'll steal from your own mom, you'll steal from just about anyone.  I'm no longer going to live this lie.

Lori has to be brought into a courtroom and put under a microscope.  When that happens you can expect that Jeffrey's involvement with come out and you'll all be surprised at the lengths he went to ruin my life.

I Forgot, It's Winter Olympics Time: Enjoy Gus Kenworthy!!!

Yeah, I know, right???

I hate skiing, but this is okay with me!

To David and Missy's Parents

Dear Parents of Missy and David,

I don't know who you are or why you think you are more important than my mother or father, but I can tell you this.  You aren't.  What you and Jeffrey have entered in to is an illegal agreement to try to save your son and daughter from a crime that they are wholly involved with.  As you sit back and do nothing but listen to Jeffrey's continued lies about this situation I want to tell you the truth.

Your son and daughter are involved up to their necks in a crime that is going to have your families in grave trouble with the law.  I don't know what Jeffrey has told you but it is what he isn't telling you that is the big problem.  He has, for years, done everything in his power to keep people from following the law in favor of your two drug addicted brats, including breaking the law.

Your two kids stole $27,000 from me and I am furious with him.  It was Jeffrey, Missy, David and Bessie that entered into this conspiracy to steal this money and he has yet to make any effort to contact the police about it.  Instead he has opted to using my boyfriend as a human shield to keep me from going to the authorities about it.  What Missy and David have done to my mother is sickening.  She is half the person she was a year and a half ago.  They literally scammed my mother out of this money from an account that she and I shared.  Using Bessie Smith, my sister's friend, they entered into the conspiracy to steal monies from a federally insured institution by abusing my mother and lying to my sister.

This money is money that I earned and put away half a paycheck for, for nearly eight years.  Both Missy and David claim that their drug dealer, Lori, insisted that they do this for her.  As you know by now, this woman is suspected of many hideous crimes in the gay community.  One of the crimes was stalking me, a police informant, out of state to Sedona, Arizona where they again conspired to load my vehicle up with drugs so that they could put me in jail.  As you know, Jeffrey flew them there for that purpose.  If he didn't then why didn't he come forward and tell the authorities about this crime.  Certainly nobody asked either of them to come.  I would never ask two suspects in this crime to follow me on vacation so that they could harass me and my friends which is what they did the entire time while they used drugs.

Both David and Missy are hopelessly addicted to methamphetamine and are using on a daily basis.  David is suspected of helping to author a letter from the other informant's family to me that basically laid out a plan to keep me from helping him before he was arrested.  He was arrested under false circumstances but should never have been in jail.  Missy, on the other hand, is suspected of stalking a police informant after I was nearly beaten to death and re-infected with the virus that causes AIDS.  It is alleged that Missy, set up this whole rape by telling Lori and Brian, her brother, to "go have a talk with me" at my then boyfriend's home.  Missy then further conspired to cover up the rape in various and sundry other ways.  Meeting up with Jeffrey was something that Missy used to keep anyone from finding justice while she got high.

What you need to know is that both continue to try to hurt me and my family.  Months ago, both were involved in trying to keep me from finding employment with my former employer at the U.S. Dept of Justice, something that Jeffrey did nothing to stop or fix. Instead, Jeffrey opted to continue to try to help them by stealing these monies and forcing me to live with my ailing parents and working at a minimum wage job again after I'd already saved $27,000.

What you need to know is that Jeffrey has treated my family like dirt for years now.  Over and over again helping these two to commit crimes against my family without one mention to law enforcement even though he knew what they did.  My family has been the victim of Lori and Brian for decades.  Since 1982, much like Coach Fabian, Lori has lied to authorities about my father, myself, my sister and all kinds of things.  As a result of one of her capers, she got my brother in law killed.  Missy and David's continued attempts to throw me in jail to silence me is a direct result of covering up a murder.

What you parents are doing is keeping justice from happening with your agreement with Jeffrey.  He continues to push and force my family into situation of great stress and peril.  It is punitive, but your part in covering this up and being silent has cost the gay community more lives in the meantime.

I want you to know that Jeffrey was given multiple opportunities to talk with me but balked in favor of you.  I think that is fucked.  I think you are fucked for agreeing to it.  I don't know where you get the idea that your precious children are more important than other families that have been dealing with Lori for years, but you aren't.

When I find out the nature of your agreement with Jeffrey, I will seek to have you prosecuted as well.  This is an obstruction of justice and I am tire of being tortured by their ideas of how to have me thrown in jail illegally.

What David and Missy are involved with is extortion.  They tell everyone not to talk about what Lori and Brian have done to children, gay men and others in our community.  You make me sick.  Other parents with children that commit such crimes have had the dignity and sense to turn their kids in.  There is a responsibility that parents have when they have this information to protect the community at large.  You both have shirked that responsibility and I have been tortured every single day since.

There is no let up.  There is no break. I am harassed, burned, threatened and reminded every single day, every single minute of what they did to me and my family.  I think stealing money from and old lady is the lowest form of person that you could possibly be. 

What your kids are, is addicted to meth and pain.  Missy has used my family for decades to get what she wanted then insisted that Jeffrey "never help Kevin".  That was a hugely bad decision on his part.  I am now forced to make other decisions about how to proceed against him and your kids.  Unfortunately you are also part of this.

I've tried to appeal to you, but you won't live up to your responsibility as parents or citizens and terrorism is highly illegal.  What your two kids are doing is holding an entire community hostage by working with Jeffrey to try to derail justice.  Over and over Jeffrey was asked to stop trying to hurt me and my family but he will not relent.  Already two people went to jail that shouldn't have.  One more person's family is mourning the "death" of their son and the beat continues on and on while they stuff their bodies full of meth in a house that is paid for with questionable funds.  If you are paying for that home, you could be charged with housing a terrorist cell.

What your kids have done to my mother will not be forgotten.