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You know something? If I wanted to be like Lori, I would have you believing that I was a Grammy Award winning black music artist...but I'm not! You see, not every Kevin Bond in the world, is me and not every Lori in the world is her. It's all red herrings and smoke and mirrors when it comes to this obnoxious little big mouth according to Jonathan Mendenhall's conversations with me. He'd probably tell you that himself, if he wasn't dead. Since, I am a police informant and he was working for me, I am left to tell you what he knew about Lori. That's one of those horrible things that Lori just hates about Jonathan...he might me in God's Kingdom, but he told me lots about her.
Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Walking A Mile In My Shoes: The Rumor Mill That Is Lori LaBullshitter

How many people heard this strange girl call them up out of nowhere and tell them, "You know that Kevin's father is a convicted child molester?"  I can only imagine that Lori, who started that whole bullshit case with a lie and a whole case of made up shit, was so pissed off at his complete acquittal, that she called everyone she could find in my 20's, 30's and 40's to spread that one.

The truth, as most of YOU know it, is that when I was about 11 years old, someone accused my father of having sex with one of his students.   Someone made up a whole bunch of lies, wrote cards, stuck Playgirl magazines, and shoved letters of hate in our mailbox and did it without any evidence at all.  The student was male.  The case lasted about three years and there was a trial.  There was a complete acquittal because there were witnesses that could account for every single time that "things" were supposed to have happened.  It was a complete "NOT GUILTY" verdict.  He can't be tried again.

Funny thing, that isn't funny, is that two more sets of parents were accused again of these kinds of crimes in the same neighborhood that Lori lived in about three years later.  Lori, herself, accused one teacher of this.   The accuser in my father's case lived in the same neighborhood that Lori lived in too.  None of these people even lived in the same town that we lived in.  Sunfair Heights is 19.4 miles...but all of the accusers and cases arising out of this town all lived withing a block or two of Lori.   Coincidence?  Not really, Jonathan Mendenhall had evidence of Lori bragging about her "planting evidence" to make my father look like some kind of child molester, way back in 1981.

This was the beginning of Lori's Rumor Mill...but it never stopped there.

Always wanting to come up with something else, she spent years going to high school reunions trying to convince other male students to say something the same about my father.  10 year reunions, 20 year reunions, 30 year reunions...but never found a single person to join in on her lie.  This is because she is a fucking liar.  It has become so bad, that people actually tell her to shut her fucking mouth before she even gets going.

I've heard that she's be taken out of reunions by the police.   I won't attend.  I don't know if the police have ever been called, but I wouldn't be surprised.  She's a total disaster.  Then there is the football coach at Palm Springs High School.  He's another man accused of the same crime.  A friend of ours, same position, same kind of guy, not guilty, but ripped up in the papers...why?

The Rumor Mill that is Lori's big fat mouth...NOT TRUE!

So, now I want to explain something to all of you that is important to me.

You need to understand that what I am telling you on this blog has a lot to do with what I hear from Lori and what she tells Christian to tell me.

I know a lot of you may be very concerned about the recent comments that I've made that compare this situation to the situation with Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  I need to make something clear.

I am, first and foremost, and advocate for the victims of intentional infections of HIV and electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California.  If I go too big, then the message gets lost.  In dealing with the victims in the Palm Springs area, it appears that we have one set of perpetrators, one police department, one courthouse and a gay community.  It sticks to the point.

If I go too big, the message gets lost.

In doing that we found that the victims, 98% gay males, were infected with the HIV virus and most are expected to have been infected by the same female.  Gay men infected by ONE female to the tune of 600 plus a LOT OF MEN!!!

There are so many infected gay men that they had to open a clinic for HIV/AIDS patients here that deals specifically with us.  It was an epidemic.  It still is.  How can one woman infect so many GAY MEN AND HOW can so many gay men experience the phenomenon of "hearing voices"?  These men didn't know each other, but they shared the commonality of hearing one female voice...over the years she changed her name.  In the beginning she was "Sara", then "Victoria", then "Sheree", then "Jessica", then "Lisa"....but everyone knows it is the same girl.  You can tell.  It's her voice.

You see you can change your name, but you can't change that fucking attitude.  Her EEG's never change and when she wears that skullcap, it transfers to the person she's screeching at.  We know it's her...we can see her in our heads.  If you aren't one of these victims, you don't know what we mean.  The police officers that are implanted with these devices know that I'm not lying though because they have seen her this way too.

You can SEE HER!  I don't know how else to explain this to all of you but your brain sees's where you see everything anyway.  It comes through your eyes, but you see in your brain.  You just think your eyes see are really processing everything in your head, then you see it.  It's never more apparent that when you are one of these victims.  It is not like an hallucination, it's's like a clear/see through  movie.   I don't know how else to explain that without showing you myself.

Then there are the lies.

The biggest lie that Lori has to tell is that she is friends with Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  One thing you need to know is this.  Lori tried to have another friend of mine accuse my father of molesting him.  His name was Danny.  Danny was not having anything to do with it.  He's like one of my favorite friends and Lori didn't know that.  I think that Lori probably tried to approach him with a scam...and started her scheming again when she planted notes on stop signs in my neighborhood and started calling our neighbors.  My sister talked to Danny and he wasn't very happy about it.

Danny, who may be implanted by Lori, worked for DreamWorks Animation and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  This gave Lori another idea.  A wealthy man living in Palm Springs is a target to rip off.  So Lori began a campaign of stalking the Katzenberg family.  She has apparently been doing this for a very long time.  There is evidence of this.  The high school football coach is rumored to be one of their former neighbors and friends.

This would tie my family with the Katzenbergs, plus, I am friendly with one of their sons which makes Lori very angry.

I then made this project to save my boyfriend's life and tried to get the attention of movie companies not knowing that my friend's father was Jeffrey Katzenberg.  I pitched it to DreamWorks online not knowing that my best friend's father was the "K" in "SKG".   It was simply luck.

To this day, I will swear on a Bible that it still did not matter to me about who they were because every single parent of a victim is special to me, but none more important than another.  The rumor mill then became that "Jeffrey was helping Lori".  It got so bad that I was told that he was behind lots of the things that "helped Lori get away with stuff."  When you look at this situation, there are many things that could and should have caught this girl up in the law, but she's escaped unscathed.  She's lied her way into freedom for now.

Over the last ten years, it's been frustrating to know that this project, movie or not, hasn't resulted in an arrest for the brother and sister responsible for these infections and implantations knowing that the police had all the evidence they needed.  So I get really frustrated when I am told, by Lori, that "others wanted this project for the film, just without me involved".  Let me be clear again, THERE IS NO FILM PROJECT WITHOUT ME.  IT IS MY PROJECT!  I PITCHED IT.  I WROTE IT! IT'S MINE! THAT'S WHY I PUT IT ONLINE!

That's not the most important thing, however.  The most important things are the victims and their parents.  So in that regard I apologize to Jeffrey and Marilyn who are also those people too.  No parent of a child that is a victim of this crime is not a victim and I need to remember that.  I lose that when I think of how long I've been a victim of Lori's hate.  Just because she's done this to me the longest, does not give me a monopoly on the word, "victim".  It does, however give me the right to say, "What the fuck about me?"

I do feel sorry for myself.  I've lost family members because of Lori and I know it.  I've lost my entire life to her...I tried to live my life around her torture and I did well until she went crazy in 2003.  She was nuts before that, but until my brother in law was shot and killed, allegedly, with a plan that Lori says, "worked", I could handle it.  Once someone died, she went into "ballistic" status about killing from a distance.  Now she's there again.

I can recall another situation where Lori pulled something like this before with Jonathan and Anthony with someone else, now he is dead from the disease of HIV and pneumonia, Shawn Parrish.

Lori tried to force Jonathan to file a restraining order on behalf of Shawn Parrish against another person so that this person would not be around Shawn any longer.  Apparently this man was aware of Lori and was not letting her come near Shawn any longer.  In order to "get him out of the way", Lori tried to have Jonathan file a restraining order against him on Shawn's behalf.  This is how Lori does things.  I tried to warn Jonathan that this isn't done this way.  If Shawn wanted to restrain someone, he had to do it himself.  Shawn had no desire or idea that this was being done.  This was all Lori's idea.  I know because Jonathan told me this.  The restraining order is still on the books at the Larson Justice Center, but Shawn is now dead from the pneumonia that you get when Lori comes into contact with you.  Oddly enough he contracted this after we went to Sedona, Arizona and I warned him about Lori being there.

Not too long afterwards, Shawn came down with the staph related pneumonia that every Blue Widow victims gets and he died....coincidence again?  Not really.

This is how she does things.  She is provoking me  with Jeffrey and Marilyn's name to try to get them to say something about me, to get me to stop talking about her crimes.  I won't do it.  Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg need to understand that the woman that put their son in jail is provoking me.  She's the same woman that broke into Martin's home and introduced herself to Christopher and was, allegedly thrown out by Martin's mom.  This whole plan to speak on Marilyn and Jeffrey's behalf, by Lori, is not funny.  After everything that Lori has done to them, it is offensive to me and to everyone, I just wish Jeffrey and Marilyn would wake up and fight back with me.

You can't fight this girl's terrorism all by yourself when she controls the phone system.  You need the help of friends.  That's what I am trying to build...friendships that last beyond her Rumor Mill.  Look around, I'm doing nothing more than informing the parents and the victims about the girl that terrorized you and I'm asking for nothing in return.

There is no way I won't fight for my lousy life.  It's not enviable, but it is the only one I have.

Back To The Court: Klay Thompson

You blink your eyes and it's NBA basketball season time again...and that means, my friend Klay Thompson is back on the floor!!!  Actually it means that all my friends on the GSW's are back and defending their NBA Championship!!! Nothing better in this universe for me!!!

Usually I've said something before now, but I thought I would take a few days to get going...apparently so did!!!  Never worry...a 1-2 start for this team doesn't mean any problems, it just means adjusting to a new lineup and new NBA teams.

Give the guys about two weeks and they will be in first place and rolling.  I just wanted to let them all know that things are going fine and I will be in touch with my usual advice, but for now...DEFENSE....less than 25 per quarter and movement is the advice.  When you are the champs, the best thing that you can do is feel yourselves into this new league of teams trying to figure you out.  It takes a bit, but you are yourselves.

Nobody will beat you for very long!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Two Very Talented Girls...Willow and Alicia Hart...So Adorable!!!

Okay so "Beautiful Trauma" is the album, but the song is so damn good!  The album is so good I can't get through the first four or five tracks without hitting rewind...but I have heard all of it.  Delicious!!!

Now for my "secret weapon"'s Willow Hart...she's just too cute and adorable to ignore when she tells people, "Just be nice to each other..."  I'm trying hard W.H., you know that it's not easy!

"Don't I Look Like Missy Pissy," Lori Exclaimed?

This may be a difficult topic to discuss in this forum, but, aw, what the heck...Jonathan told me this, so I might as well honor his memory and explain that terrible smell too.

Lori doesn't seem to think that a rub on testosterone, like Androgel, would cause a woman any kind of problems.  Hummm.   I wonder if any of my fans out there that have doctors or physicians for friends could ask them what happens when a woman smears Androgel on her, "parts", for years...

I'm thinking this may be the reason that Jonathan described that horrible, "smell" to me that he use to talk about.  Now men, we all are gentlemen here and you ladies know what I am describing here too...once a month there are some things that can happen with some women that you can use your olfactory sense to discover.  It's not the most pleasant of things for anyone, especially for the woman, but we are all adults.

What I have heard from Jonathan and others, since high school, is that there is something like this that happens with "Lisa" that isn't all that, normal.

I am a police informant and this is simply something that I have to inform the people about this suspect.  There's an "odor" associated with this suspect.  One woman, Barbara, a bar owner, use to assign Lori a "special seat" in the Gentlemen's Club "because of this scent" and other reasons.  The girls at that club have recounted, on several reports of incidents, this foul odor.  I'm simply telling you that testosterone can increase this sort of problem that is naturally occurring during this cycle.

Good hygiene could help prevent this but we know that there are some other factors.

Roid Rage: The Rage Monster Has Returned...Lori's Self Medicating Again

Oh, she just thinks she is soooo beautiful these days with all that weight she lost...due to the methamphetamine she shot up her veins.   What is it about meth users that always think they look so good when the rest of the world says things like "sucked up", "unhealthy", "skin and bones", "tweeker" and let's face it..."you look like Lori".  You aren't fooling anyone.  Nobody is under any illusion that you are healthy in any way shape or form.  Healthy people have a pink glow to them.. black people will tell you that too.  It's true.

Testosterone is a Schedule III controlled substance.  If you are caught bringing it across the Mexican/American border without a prescription, you will be arrested and brought to federal court and charged as a controlled substance.  They have been accepted for medical use, but may have a low physical but high psychological dependence level for people that use them.  Thus we now have Lori...allegedly...the mini Hulk Rage Monster that stalks and beats people over the head in their sleep.  Do you now understand how my head was beaten into tiny pieces while I was sleeping at Steven Frey's home that night?  It is something that I've been trying to relate to all of you for a long time.

Female blood inserted into my rectum that was refrigerated for days or weeks...from a girl that was "on testosterone", with HIV, Hep C, syphilis, tb and the rage to bash my skull in and break my nose!  This is the kind of woman that we are looking for.  A rage monster...out of control.  Have any of you out there heard anyone like this while listening in to my nightly conversations?  Only one girl stands out doesn't she?

I told all of you that she is someone that uses people to get these drugs so where did the testosterone come from...probably Androgel?   I don't take this.  Someone told me that she was stealing meds from people in her family, but there is no indication, other than her own brother, that has HIV exposure.  So where is she getting this stuff that makes her so hairy and undesirable?  Is there someone out there that has any idea where Lori might be getting this illegal substance?

I think I know.

Do you?

High levels of testosterone in the blood, could have been tested for when I was raped.  I don't think I want to let Lori know what those results were.  In female blood in this kind of quantity, you can bet, this person wasn't just hyped up on meth, she was hypersexual because of the testosterone and meth with unusual strength for her size...big enough to break a skull with a bottle.  A mini rage who out there has ever seen Lori get like that?

I know I have!   Many times.  I saw it long before she was on steroids...and boy was she hateful to gays then.  Add meth and roids to the mix and you have an oversexualized predator that nobody is going to be able to stop without being able to move while they are knocked out in bed.

It all fits the pattern Chief just don't want to see it, but I'll bet you've heard it before!

The concern is this.  She's going back in time most of us know she does.  She's trying to recall what she use to do, to control me.  It didn't work the last time, but the last time she broke my skull into pieces and the Chief of Police let her get away with it.  To Lori, that is a success.  To everyone else it is a hate crime.  She'll push and shove and scream and ball up her fists at her housemates until the weakest of them will do something for her.  Until then, she'll call and cajole and threaten everyone in sight.  It's her aggressive nature to try to corner and beat someone up.  She thinks she's the girl in the picture above.  This, by far, is the most Lori like of all the Lori's you will ever see.  This is Lori at her raw core.  She's showing you see it?

I'm telling you, I know her.  I've seen it for decades.  She usually goes after her brother and friends because she's surrounded herself with weak minded drug addicts that fawn at her when she gets like this.  "Keep her happy," Missy says.  NO!  DO NOT DO THIS!  This is the warning for all of you... DENY HER EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!   AT  THIS POINT YOU ARE DEALING WITH A PERSON ON VERY DANGEROUS DRUGS with a low tolerance for this hormone.  She's going to strike out and whoever is in the way, may die!  It's happened before.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

For Those Of You I Do Respect...

Someday, someone will come along and tell you exactly what you need to hear...

There are many of you out there that need two things...hope and opportunity.  You can find both, but when you do, remember how to catch and hold on to them with angel's wings.   Let your hope soar and take you to the opportunity's peak...there is a more beautiful place.  Many people have found does exist for the victims of this crime.

I believe in your peaceful future as beautiful men of God.


I quit trying to gain the respect of a man, I don't have any respect for.

I need some time off for a while.

There is a conspiracy to commit a murder and murder that I am now looking into.  It involves a lot of the same players in this crime.  I have some people that I need to talk to about it...and I will be devoting my time to that project for a while.

I've been threatened out of researching this project and investigating it.  Jeffrey and his wife have paid for Lori and Missy to try to have me harmed again.  I feel threatened to the point of ending this project at the end of this month.  I can no longer live this way.  I am the person that Jeffrey picked to torture for his pleasure...and frankly my family means more to me than this project.  Christopher is an asshole for choosing Jeffrey over me...

Jeffrey Will Offer The Cure For AIDS To "Everyone But Me"...And Christopher Will Take It. Nice Huh? Want To Know How I Know?

For ten fucking years Jeffrey Katzenberg, Benjamin Katzenberg and Marilyn Katzenberg gathered up my witnesses, friends and boyfriend like a bunch of Easter Eggs and collected them like stamps that you would keep in a book.  This is what Lori has tried to do for decades but was unsuccessful until Missy Pissy came along and told him exactly how to do it without ever involving me.   Why not involve me in my own project?  #1: You don't want to make Lori mad  #2 Missy wanted to be the big hero/drug dealer.

Really #2 was what Missy really wanted to be, because as we all know she just really wanted to keep this system of torturing me and my family going for Lori while she snorted her way to oblivion.  As she is doing still.  

Never having a job or a career beyond topless dancing, Missy figured that she would cutesy her way into my project and the rest is what we know to be Jeffrey's Folly.  He was taken in by her fucking stupidity and the rest of these clowns out here didn't have the back bones to stand up to her as usual.

Ten years went by and now, touting what we know to be the "cure for the AIDS virus" Jeffrey is so remarkably unremarkable in his readiness to punch me in the face again.  You see, he's been apparently, advising my friends and "living with Christopher" for a long time now, according to Lori, and he's never once done a single thing for me that he's done for all these other people that allegedly came her to "help me with this project".  Oh they've been getting all kinds of help.  None of them ever worry about Lori poisoning them or stealing from them or shooting them, in fact, if they don't want to hear her voice, they are taken off this system and don't hear her at all...something I' haven't experienced in 13 fucking years...24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year...round the clock every single minute.  Do you think that Christopher does for me what he does for himself?  Not a fucking chance.

In fact, I've been the sole person left to fend off a household full of serial killers and their fucking minions.  You know what is even more sick, Jeffrey hired two of these people to help them come after me...Missy and David.  Paid them.  Gave them computers.  Internet connections.  Televisions.   Anything their hearts desired as long as they did one thing...kept harassing me!  You see, I'm Jeffrey's favorite person to harass.  He, in ten years, has done nothing but hurt me every single chance he's gotten and severely as he could as many times as he could...over and over and over again.

A year ago, Missy and David, along with Bessie, still an employee, stole my bank account my abusing my elderly mother and defrauding my sister out of my own bank account for this very movie project.

So you want to know why I know for a fact that Jeffrey will cure any and all of these people of this disease and will tell me to fuck off....because for the last ten years, that's exactly what he and his son have done.  The disease, the killer, known as Lori.  He left me here, just like Christopher, to fend for myself, myself, for ten years without anyone...and you think this motherfucker is going to help cure me?  He wants me dead.  He wants this project and he wants me dead.

It's so fucking obvious.  His family is so fucking desperate for someone else to save Missy...I hate that whore and sincerely, I hope she rots in Hell for eternity.

So how many of you out there are saying, "Jeffrey wouldn't do that, would he?"  To that I submit this.  The intent of the trip to Sedona, Arizona, at least on behalf of the two employees that are now living with Lori and her brother, was to use Jeffrey's stolen car, allegedly, and pack it full of meth,  send me to Scottsdale where Lori's brother would then use a key to my car (stolen from my parent's home with Jeffrey's okay) to pack it full of drugs and call the police on me.  Certainly, I would have been jailed in Arizona for the rest of my life...courtesy of Jeffrey's employees....only one hitch...Lori's brother couldn't find me before he got arrested.  

In other words, Jeffrey's plan was to get me arrested, illegally in Arizona....a police informant, so that I would never be heard from again.

Now you may think that odd...but check the record.   Christopher, who has now, forgiven Jeffrey and Marilyn, because he's an asshole, was thrown in jail for a year and a half for "stealing a bicycle" that he didn't steal.  Jeffrey allegedly knew about the whole lie that got him jailed, but said nothing.  A year and a half later, Christopher walked out of jail and I figured out that the crime was all one big hoax and rather than report this to the authorities or file a case, Jeffrey convinced him not to talk to me OR do anything about it.  Money talks people...boyfriends come and go...MONEY TALKS!

Rather than do his job as a police informant, he did the opposite and did nothing.  He simply disappeared.  He did the same thing that Jonathan and Anthony did...disappeared.  They all disappeared.  They all talked to Jeffrey and they all went away.  All of them, despite being able to put Lori in jail for stalking me as witnesses, they all decided to let me burn.  That's what they did.  They all sacrificed me for MONEY!



Christopher is loyal to the money honey.   If it wasn't about the money, then why did Jeffrey and his employees, steal all of mine?   You see when I had money, Jeffrey was a whole lot less valuable to my friends...then his friends stole it all and boy did he become the most important man on the them.

A year later, Bessie Smith hasn't answered a single fucking question about what her role was, where the money is or what the fuck she did with it.  Not one single word about it, but she'll be the first in line for an HIV cure and Jeffrey will be the one to give it to will Christopher...Anthony, Jonathan and MIssy...and anyone else that tried to hurt me for Jeff, that's the way it always goes.  Whoever helps him hurt me the most, gets the biggest reward.

In a world of Harvey Weinsteing wearing a robe and showing his weenie to some poor actress who either grabbed it or lost a job, what the fuck kind of movie producer spends ten fucking years gathering up a rape victim's friends and stashing them away so that they can't help him fight the rapist while she tries for the third or forth or fifth or sixth time to kill him again???

What kind of monsters are these fucking movie producers?  Who in the Hell do they think they are?  

One thinks he can fuck anyone he wants in Hollywood and get away with it if the role big enough and the other thinks he can torture his way into stealing the movie project of the century by using a rape victim's rapist and microwave energy to stalk, burn and terrorize him for ten years?  I want to know which is worse Hollywood?  Which man is a bigger monster, the one that pushed himself sexually on women for decades or the man that tortured the AIDS patient with the woman that intentionally gave him AIDS virus and stalked his family since the age of 9?  You tell me?  Which sad motherfucker is worse?

It's time to get an attorney and stop this man and this woman from ruining the rest of my life.   I can't possibly go around for the rest of my life with a bully billionaire trying to impress his lesbian girlfriend that wants to put me in jail.  I won't live this way.  I will fight Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife every single step of the way until the two of them leave me the fuck alone.

If Jeffrey is so Hellbent on putting an innocent man in jail for kicks, then he can put his own son there.  I think it would serve him well to understand one thing...when you try to take me on when I've done nothing but work for the good of my community and all you can do is hurt as much as you can, you've picked the wrong faggot to do this to.

I will never again let this man come near me with any intent of understanding what he and his wife ever thought was a "good idea".  There is no more room for discussion.  The battle lines are now firmly drawn and I don't intend to move any more for him or his wife.

Here's the real question...Missy and David.  No job.  No income.  No parents helping them.  NO WAY to pay her health insurance or car payment for and dad are you paying, for either?  So what I'm asking is this...if they aren't getting help from mommy and daddy, is Jeffrey paying them?  Is Jeffrey literally paying them to sit in a drug house, do drugs all day long while Lori and Brian deal drugs....and they continue to try to hurt me?  Literally this man would be paying them to torture me...that is the literal way this would be, because I am 100% tortured night and day by Lori, Christian, her brother, David and Missy.   Who is footing the bill?  Is it Lori's family?  Who is providing this residence for terrorism?  I want to know who is paying for the roof over the heads of the five people that are literally cooking me with microwaves day and night until all my teeth fall out and my hair falls out?  Who is doing this for them?   I want to know who is paying for this terror...if it is who I think it is, he is going to answer for it.  It is relentless.  There isn't any investigation going on in that is 100% harassment 100% of the time 100% all day and night... there is not one single bit of law enforcement investigation happening there, is there Benjamin?

If this man and his wife are footing the bill to torture me while I have HIV, I am going to make this entire investigation revolve around Jeffrey and Lori until they BOTH go to prison forever and ever.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Lisa's Impact on Falcon Videos and Their Models Over The Years: Tom Chase, Kevin William and Many Others

I have something that I'd like to get off my chest that I've been wanting to tell the owners and models of Falcon adult films for decades.  I know who she is.  You know, the girl who did this to you in Palm Springs...these two very handsome gentlemen above know who I am talking about and they probably have lots of stories to tell you about her.  

The first guy, Kevin Williams, I've known since I met him on the beach in San Diego.  He's one of my most favorite friends that I have.  He's the funniest guy I know.  I feel like I've known him all my life and we've had many adventures together.  He had the misfortune of running into "Lisa" at some point and I'm sure she's had lots to say about me.  She's probably recounted lots of the stories about the times that he and I spent together in San Diego with some of his friends.  Kevin, not his real name, is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet.  He's been in Palm Springs many times and at some point probably had the misfortune of running into "Jessica" or "Sara"...who really is the girl I'm calling "Lisa".   She's probably told him that I went to high school with her.  That much is true, but we weren't friends.  We never were.  She was a hateful little monster that I never spoke to.  She was a bully.  One year older than me that tried desperately to put my father in jail for a crime that he didn't commit.  He was tried and was acquitted.

When I was 19 years old, before I had sex or ever did drugs, she knocked me out and infected me with HIV...allegedly and implanted me with one of these devices...just like I expect that the two men above have.  Devices, I mean.   I don't have any idea about either's HIV status.    Let me be clear.  I DO NOT KNOW THE STATUS OF EITHER OF THESE TWO MEN...BUT I DO SUSPECT THAT THE TWO WERE IMPLANTED WITH RFID CHIPS WHILE LIVING IN PALM SPRINGS!!!

I also know that the other man, another friend of mine, Tom Chase, was also living in Palm Springs.  He was a friend of one of my friends from San Diego, James Romeo.  Tom is one of the nicest guys I ever met from the adult film business, and one of the most handsome.  A true southern gentleman.  He had a boyfriend named Rain.   My information, as a police informant, is that one or both of these men were implanted with these devices while they lived in Palm Springs as well.  I wanted to be certain to tell the Falcon video people that this has touched two of their very biggest stars.  Legends as they call them.

There are more too.

If these men, were intentionally infected with the HIV virus and were tortured while living in the Palm Springs area, we would LOVE to hear their stories and we would LOVE to help them!!!   I have been friendly with MANY Falcon models over the years.  Lots of them.  Rod Barry,  Blake Harper, Colton Ford and many many others!  What I want the people at Falcon to know is that this IS the little witch that shut down the Warm Sands resort area with all of the bullshit phone calls to the police and put the area out of commission.

Intentional infection of the HIV virus and spying on the gay community with RFID devices went on in that area for over thirty years and continues to this day.  I have a plan to get this person's name to the people at Falcon so that the people in the gay porn industry know who she is.  I want them to know who it was that did this in that area.  I know that the models have friends that live there.  The owners and producers have friends that live there and I am the guy that is trying my best to protect our community from her.  I know who she is but if I say it on here she has way too many friends in law enforcement that will do anything they can to protect her.

There is a way for me to get that information to you...I have a plan to help this community now and once I get that information to you, you can contact members of my team or RuPaul to find out more information about this woman and what we are doing to stop this from continuing.

Falcon continues to be a leader in the adult gay film industry and I applaud them for being there during this AIDS crisis.  I am proud to have been associated with you guys in the past and in the future.  What a wonderful group of beautiful gay men you are!!!

One message I want all of these models, owners and producers to know is this: I fully support you.  Lisa and I were never friends, ever!  She has hated me from the time I was 9 years old.  I have suffered from her hatred of my family since I was 9...I am now 49 years old!  She does not work on this project.  She is NOT a police officer, law enforcement or any type of government entity!  I work for the police.  Kevin Williams will tell you that I worked for the Department of Justice and clerked for a federal judge in San Diego.  I'm the real deal, not her.  She is not to be trusted.  If anyone contacts you about me with anything bad to need to contact RuPaul...she will set you straight!!!

In a private message for A. Robinson: The nature of this crime lets "Lisa" know what I am doing all the time.  I have not mentioned anything about you being where you are or who you are with.  If she should contact any of you while you are working, please let me know.  Your privacy is important to me.  She has a tendency to stick her big fat nose into everyone's business especially when it comes to your business and mine.  Your confidentiality is 100% in tact while you are working.   I wanted to contact you earlier but wasn't able to, so I got creative.  Please do me a huge favor and take the information that I've given to you and give it to the two men above.  They need it.  They know her as "Jessica", but you know her real name now.  It is important to them.  The owners of the Warm Sands resorts would probably also benefit from knowing this information from you.  I'm sure you can understand the problems she has caused that area too.

The responsibility of ending this crime fell on me because nobody knew who this person was.  This chose me.  I did not choose it.  I took on the responsibility of fighting for the more than 650 gay men that have been intentionally infected and implanted in the Palm Springs area because I seem to be one of the only people that knows, for certain, who is behind this.  How could I not?

I've worked in the adult film industry and I know the power of Falcon.  I'm friends with so many of the great guys that have worked for you in the past and present.  I wanted to give you the opportunity to join us in the fight for justice for these men.

Just a word to the wise, beware of any woman or man that may call where you are and act like they know you or that they want to interview you or any of your guys while you are here.  She is very conniving.  She is a very sick person.  Nobody where you are has given her any information about you guys, she's been using this technology to spy, as usual.  You can ask Tom Chase what she is like.  She is highly contagious with tb and need not be around any of the people that you are with.  Neither does her brother.

I just want you to know that I respect you guys and will be in touch sooner or later and want your trip to be successful.

I'm Gonna Have To Agree Here With Marshall: Enough Is Enough!!!

When the President of the United States disparages people every single solitary day in favor of other people and Twitters about it to make up for it the next, I feel we've elected the wrong guy.  We did not elect someone Presidential...we've got so many other problems that need our attention in this world besides the NFL and whether or not his free speech definition fits the definition of what he's Twittering about today...

We needed a change, I guess, but was this for the better?   This isn't making America "great again", it's Making America foolish forever. 

This Is For My Friend Lady Gaga Who Loves Horny Toads: No Seriously She Does!

Stefani this is an actual horny toad, but he's not shooting blood out of his eyes, he's laughing at you to make you laugh!!!

Yesterday's Blog Header: Stop Lori: Stop The Intentional Spread of AIDS

I was going to leave this one on for a while but Lori and Brian were screaming and yelling so much tonight that I changed the blog header.  Hopefully, the message I need to get across to some people will still work.  I hope so.

Pink: So, I'm Like In Walmart and I Like Bought This Album Today....and It's Like Crazy Good! So, Go Out And Buy It!

So you all know that we've got this plan to have Alicia Moore play "Lisa" in the movie, "HateLisa".  We want her and I won't make the movie without Alicia in that role.  It won't happen.  Alicia wants to play her and that's that.  She's earned the right.  I love Carey Hart and Christopher and all the victims of this crime that know what Lori really sounds like agree, nobody could play "Lisa" like Alicia...that's the end of the story!!!  Ask any of the guys and girls that have heard Ms. Thang...and they'll tell you.  It's Pink or nobody.

There is something about the way Alicia is that makes every gay man understand that Pink can do the job like no other woman can.  She'll do the job justice and still love us afterwards.  We won't be offended afterwards!  Am I right or what guys?

Now let's get to this new album...

I've only been through two tracks...I know track 4 by heart...and I will tell you this.  It's vintage new and so fucking cool you won't want to miss buying it now.  You'll sing every song on it all summer long.  My suggestion is "Revenge" with Eminem because the song is simply brilliant.  He knows it, she knows it and it's funny but super cool.

The album is loaded I can's a heavy weight contender again that she's touring all 2018!  You know it's a smash hit.  She worked her ass off on it.  Carey's going to be lonely again...and Willow and Jameson will be touring all over the world.  It's the traveling Hart Family.  We are so lucky to have them in our lives!!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

She Thinks This Is Who She Is: I'm No Egg

So she tells everyone she's going to be, "Meaner than ever," does she?  I've got news for Little Miss Big Mouth.  I've got no desire to join in with her attempts to pull me in to her little world of drama and pressure.  I'm not the least bit interested in Lori's constant badgering and game playing when it comes to gas lighting and constant efforts to effect people that I love.   I've seen this so many times in the past it's become old hat to me.  Lori's playing a game of, "Look what I can do," and frankly it reminds me of a whole lot of show boating from a child that needs attention while under observation for a mental disorder.  She's putting on an act in front of a group of people that already know she's a sociopath.  I'm not impressed and neither are any of them.

I don't break like an egg in a vice.  I'm a normal person that reacts like a normal person would.  If she tries to test me, I'll simply call the police and have her arrested.  She isn't going to get to my family or my friends any longer by stealing from them.   If someone decides to help her by threatening me, they can expect to be part of this investigation and be charged right along with her.  It's not a game, stalking.   Stalking is a serious crime that, in this case, is an attempt to threaten a victim of rape and a child witness to a criminal case.  Lori has a lot of problems that she doesn't inform people about.  She gives half-information to people and lies about the rest.  Nobody, in this day and age, should ever engage in helping her.

What I do is simply inform most of you that she has serious problem with her mental and physical health.  I'm not going to ask anyone to do anything more than what the law requires.  If she approaches you to harm me or my family in any way, contact the police about it.  That's all.  I do not want anyone to harm her in any way.  I seek a peaceful and non violent solution to the crime of her stalking me and my family.  Please do not try to harm her in any way.  This isn't what I would want.

Mixed It Up In A Staph Covered Toilet? Whatever They're Selling, It's Not Worth It!

Whatever the crap is that Lori is luring you people up to Yucca Valley to try to get you to harass me with, it isn't any different than the last batch she's had for the last nine years.  Same soap chips in it she's had.  It's just more cut with crap and awful.  It's not any good and it probably is less meth than it was the last time.  It's not worth your time and someone else's money to come up here and stay.

Save your time and money and don't risk getting arrested.

Do yourselves a favor and tell her no.

The police are already watching her and her brother.

Speaking Up: I Admire James Van Der Beek

In support of allegations of powerful people taking advantage of people in not so powerful position, I wanted to be certain to acknowledge the actors and actresses that have recently come out against the sexual harassment with regards to a Hollywood movie mogul.  In particular, I'm impressed with James here.  Men, as well as women, are harassed.  I know that it isn't easy to express these kinds of allegations in a world where your career depends upon the recommendations of a person that can make or break your chosen field.

It's not easy in any arena.

I've been the victim of a rape that no police officer would acknowledge now for ten years with a broken skull and an absolutely disgusting report from the Riverside Department of Justice Lab that went completely ignored.   It is one thing to not be believed.  It is another to be told, on air, in a news report, that you have "mental issues" for coming forward to warn the general public by the police when you have contracted HIV, Hep C, syphilis and tb simply because you are gay that the police think that you are promiscuous and gay.  This kind of stereotype is what the PSPD has relied upon for decades to cover up a serial rapist that is female.  Mental issues don't break skulls into tiny pieces and make your ass bleed.  They aren't that powerful.

Mr. Van der Beek is one of many men that knows one thing that is very true, men get harassed sexually too.  I got harassed by a police department that uses a masochistic female that likes to rape gay men.

I hope you all understand that rape is a violent act against women AND MEN.  Nobody should suffer the loss of their career or identity because of it. 

She's Trying To Harass Me At Work Again! Bully Dyking Me With Intentional Harassment Sending People Into My Work

She's up to her old tricks again with Missy Pissy.  Sending people into my work to harass my co workers and harass me with phone calls and negative comments.  Isn't it funny how two women with nothing going on in their lives have so much to say about people with jobs and income?  I guess when all you have to do is sit around counting your T-cells  and snorting lines, you get bored.

Listen folks who do this spying on other people thing...I don't appreciate you going around and helping a fugitive from justice.  This girl is a fugitive from the State of Arizona and she is a fugitive for a very good reason.  There is no way that anyone should be coming in to my work and harassing minimum wage earning, hard working individuals with kids....single parents....trying to earn a that they can help out a fugitive from justice.  There is a reason that Lori has the problems that she does...

Don't cross the line with me or my employer.  Do not try to find out where I work or bother my co workers.  These are decent, hard working individuals.   They are not part of this investigation and they should never be drawn into this.  I am still a police informant and will do anything I can to protect them and their families.  If anyone where I work gets drawn into this crime for any reason...I will seek to have you prosecuted for it.  These people are off limits!!! Understand that now!

To the individuals that have recently been used by Lori to try to upset me at work, I understand what Lori does.  What does not work with me is trying to upset my co-workers.  You need to understand something.  I have been harassed by Lori since I was 19 years old.  I've already lost a brother in law because of her, allegedly.  I've been shot at and raped.  I have HIV because of this crime and I'm not happy that this continues now at a job that I dearly need and love.  Lori and Missy have caused problems before at another job where there was a fight and there is video tape of this.  I consider the safety of my co-workers to be of the utmost importance.  Any threat to my co-workers will never be tolerated.  Do not test me on this.  I am a police informant working diligently to prove that this and other crimes against the victims of electronic surveillance exist because of stalking.  Don't continue to cause problems where they do not exist.  We will prosecute if necessary.  This is an isolated incident at this point.  I expect it to stop now.

Thank you both for understanding at this point.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trial on AIDS Vaccine Enters Last Months: Is The Cure Here And Will It Be Available For The Blue Widow Victims?

The answers to the questions above might surprise you...because for the first time, I'm going to give you an answer that is very positive....yes!  The trials on the current vaccine are extremely positive right now and they are in the very last stages of's the order for you to take the drug, you go off of your current medications and you get one shot...once a month for three months and the virus does not seem to come back.  Ever.  You don't get reinfected either.  Does that mean it's a cure.  It would seem that way.  Can I call it that.  No.  Not yet.  Is it?  It would seem that way yes.  Is it?  We'll wait for the announcement from the CDC.  Does it piss Lori off?  Of course it does!!!  The girl that loves to be the person that decides who lives and dies by the end of her tainted needles in our community now has another needle that decides who lives and doesn't die and that makes her crazy.  You want to know something else?  We have a definitive list of all the people that she intentionally poked up positive...and with this...essentially...we can "cure them" if it works.  We can make them live.  Now I know that's a bold statement and this is a theory, but isn't it a marvelous thing for the guy that she hates the most to be able to say, " You wanted my friends dead, but I can make them well again, forever?"

One thing I can say is this, "I want to know who she did this to and I want to make you well again."  I want to know everyone that she did this to and I want to find you and make you well.  I know that there are lots of HIV positive people out there that deserve to be healthy and we're all the same once we're infected.  I understand that once you are positive, you and I are the same.  Please understand that.  My task as an advocate for THIS project is to find the electronically harassed in Palm Springs who were intentionally infected with the HIV virus and make them well again.  It is something I never dreamed I could be involved with, but I sure would like to try.  I know that I once went to sleep as a 19 year old boy and woke up as a 19 year old HIV positive man the next day, not knowing how it could have happened.

I know that there are many of you out there.   Someone took your choice away from you.  Someone took your ability to protect yourself from this disease from you.  You simply did not know how you got it and were left to fight the disease regardless.  I know how that feels.

Being a member of the HIV community has been a great experience for me as a human being.  I've learned to be a much better person.  Far more than I would have been.  I have a boyfriend that is also HIV positive and I am certain that he is the right person for me to be with.  I know that because I am HIV positive that I love him...I don't know if I wasn't what I would have been like.  The truth is that being HIV positive made me understand better.  I'd like to think that it wouldn't have mattered.  I don't know.  Now I know that it doesn't.  For certain, I am a better person for knowing that about people.  I'm not above telling the truth about that and myself.  I needed to be more open minded about this disease and about the people that had it.  Let's face it, I was 19 when I was infected.  I didn't know what it was all about.  I can tell you for certain that it doesn't matter why a person gets this disease only that when they have it, they aren't any different than anyone else.  They simply have an autoimmune disease that renders them unable to fight illness if they don't take care of themselves.  This doesn't make them a bad person, it makes them someone that has an illness.  They have the same feelings, the same emotions, the same happy and sadness as everyone else.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't affected by this disease.   It is a very sad thing to learn that you are HIV positive.  I lived my life early in HIV positivity trying to destroy myself thinking that I was going to die.  I did NOT try to destroy others.  I used drugs and thought that I was only hurting myself.  It was the late 80's  and people died.    If you had HIV you died.  That was what happened.  My goal was to graduate from college.  That was it.  I never wanted anyone to get HIV from me.  I lived a very sheltered existence and I was sad.  Drugs were my way of saying, "I don't care."  When I lived, I was surprised.  I stopped using them and got in shape to stay alive...that was a good thing.

I am proud of knowing many men that taught me about HIV and AIDS.  Some of my very best friends died of this disease.  Three in particular.  Don, Jeff and Darin.   All three were terrific people.  All three were the best people I knew.  They all played a significant role in my understanding of what it meant to live with this disease and all three made me understand that you could live with AIDS but die with dignity.  You don't understand how important that can be.  I know.  I saw.  I lived it.  It was impressive.  I hear their voices.  I shed tears.  I smile often.  I think of them.

Now that we all have a chance to live and be happy again I want you all to realize that there isn't a difference between having this disease, but there is a HUGE difference in how we got it.  Someone KNOCKED US OUT and INTENTIONALLY GAVE IT TO US.  SHE CAME IN TO OUR LIVES AND WANTED US TO DIE.  That is not the same.  She has tried for many years to say that we did this to other people and THAT IS NOT TRUE.  SHE WANTS TO TELL PEOPLE THAT WE DID THIS TO OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE SHE IMPLANTED US WITH CHIPS THAT SHE SPIED ON US WITH AFTER SHE INFECTED US...BUT SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW SHE CAN DO THAT WITHOUT TELLING EVERYONE SHE SPIED ON US.  


Many of these men and women have been held sexual hostages, for one reason or another, because Lori decided to recite their entire sexual history to them...whether they disclosed their HIV status to another sexual partner or not.  Here is the thing.  It's not just about disclosure...Lori can convince just about anyone to say anything if she can blackmail them and has the time....stealing money from the other person or threatening them.  You see the victim is only one half of a sexual encounter...the other half has to be considered too.   It's a their word against the victim's word too, so coming forward has always been a problem.

Lori, apparently, keeps lists of sexual partners between people.   I don't know how she could do this without stalking them.  In court documents, using me as an example, she says that she knows "nothing about me since high school" but I've heard from others that shes told them that I'm intentionally infecting others now for years...that's just not the truth.  Long before there was a blog, Lori told everyone I was HIV positive.  She even told my brother in law before he was shot and killed.   I don't know how she could have known?  I didn't tell her and she tells everyone that I don't tell "anyone", so how could that be?

She must know something that nobody else did?  Of course she does...according to my DNA genotyping, she knows alot more!

You see, I want you all to know one thing.  The virus that these victims have is given to them by a female with the disease that DOES NOT seek medical attention.  She has a brother.  She has HEP C, syphilis, tb...and she has had this virus since at least 1987 and it has mutated  many time between her brother and her over 20 years until 2007 when I was last raped.  This is a fact.  We know it is a fact.  That is the truth.

These are the facts and they are undisputed.

I was raped by her in 1987 and again in 2007.  Another fact.

Who else has had this happen?  Steven Frey?  Jonathan Mendenhall?  I know that there are more of you out there.  This new HIV vaccine is going to be very helpful for those of us that come forward and talk about this crime.  I want you all to know a little secret.  We have already applied for it to be used for the victims of this crime because of its effectiveness with this strain of the HIV virus and there is a very HIGH chance that anyone that has the "BLUE WIDOW" strain will be the first in line to be accepted for it's use as a cure if it passes in the last trial.  That means if it is THE CURE, the Blue Widow Victims will be at the front of the line to tell Lori to "fuck off" for good.

Sound like a good idea? 

Tell a friend.