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Ten years of terror brought to me by two waitresses and a Hollywood producer. The mental cruelty that I've been put through only makes me understand one thing...I can't be used as one person then discarded as another. Jeffrey would never even know about this crime if it wasn't for my efforts to save his son. To thank me, he stole $30,000 to help two women with questionable pasts instead of the people that I hired to do the job. He cut everyone I hired loose for some blonde freakshow with a history of ruining families. It's a shame that some people can't see gay men as equals...we already knew the girls didn't.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bitch Consider Yourselves Slapped!!! Lesbian AIDS Mafia, My Ass!!!

Today what you will read about is what we homosexuals like to call a "Bitch Slap"!  I don't like having to deliver these as often as I have recently, but it has come to my attention that some girls just don't know their manners.

Missy Pussy and her lesbian AIDS Mafia have some real logistics problems with the way they've treated all of my superstars.  Now they can't succeed without us.  I know, it's a woman's world and we just exist here, but damn it if I just can't stop supporting my guys and gals alike.

When you always put yourself at the front of the line when everyone else has given their heart and soul, you tend to end up on the wrong side of the velvet rope.  I guess we'll be seeing you bitches after the club.  Sorry, 'bout it.

I love Christopher more than I HateLisa, you should love someone that much too, Jeff.

So What's So Wrong With Men Helping Men?

See, I'm all about equality here.  Today you are going to read how one person's will to force a whole community to cower in front of the stilettos of a washed up dancer, isn't going to work.  He made his own intentions very clear with all of my friends.  "Missy and Bessie" or nothing.  I'll take nothing.  You get nothing when you choose those two anyway.  Two airheads that think that using a woman's gender against men is the way to succeed.  Don't expect my hand to be extended to either of them.

I believe that we are at a point to expose the way this whole Hollywood producer scam was suppose to work and the only way it does was by using the same technique I use with Lori LaFond.  I let him expose himself...and guess what?  He did.

Read today's posts and understand that extortion isn't something that the victims of this crime aren't use to.  We've lived under that umbrella of fear for so long that we've learned how to expose Jeffrey for the homophobic father that he is.

I'm all about men helping men in this situation.  Just like Stephen Biko once said, "The answer for the black community has to come from the black community."  The problem for the gay men in our community must necessarily come from gay men, not two-two bit waitresses looking to climb a social ladder to success on our backs.  We know a homophobe when we see one...and I've seen this one for far too long.

I'll never know why we weren't good enough for Jeffrey and his wife, but I damn sure know I'm good enough for my community.  Regardless of what Hollywood says.

One Man's Collateral Damage, Is Another Man's Son, Even When They're Gay, Jeff

He saved four and let 650 others die instead.  Is that heroic?  I think it's a travesty of justice.  What one Hollywood producer thinks is collateral damage, is what I call the Homocaust of the Century.  There is no way you can measure the amount of beautiful and talented men that have suffered needlessly while Jeffrey Katzenberg makes another Avenger's movie.  Oh he's saved a few people, but mostly he discarded a whole generation of educated, talented and intelligent men, to save one disease ridden stripper.  One woman vs. 650 men...and the bitch won?

I don't know what kind of man has his own AIDS Foundation but allows his girlfriend and her lover to infect as many gay men as possible with the disease.  What, does he have stock in the drug companies that make these life saving drugs?  Probably so.  I can tell you one thing.  He doesn't care.

He doesn't care about rape.  He doesn't care about corruption in the police department.  He doesn't care about innocent men going to jail.  He doesn't care that his own home was burglarized by Lori and Brian LaFond.  All he cares about is his love of his life, Missy Pussy.   That must be some vagina she's sporting there Jeffy.

So while he creates another problem for the victims of this disease and exploits the families of my friends, Jeffrey Katzenberg is still Lori's "father figure".  How sad.

While Marilyn and Jeffrey prepare for another Award Season, the rest of us are still living in the Century of the Bitches.  Four cunts, Missy, Bessie, Leah and Lori LaFond.  The Lesbian AIDS Mafia. Kill em all right girls, either that or throw those men that didn't want you in jail.  I think that you probably should have just gone to the lesbian bar instead.

AIDS Foundation my ass.  You can't even imagine what an AIDS Foundation would think of a man that would support the lover of the girl that infected a city with a police chief behind her.  Lori's the promiscuous one, we have the pictures to prove it.

From what I've heard, it was David that first exposed Jeffrey's son to the world of child molesters.  It was David that handed Lori all the financial information that she would need to steal enough money for a ten year plus supply of crystal meth.  It was David that told Jeffrey how "mean" I was to him and his lovely wife.  It would appear to me that his friendship with David is based on his love affair with Missy Pussy and Bessie Smith, the two members of the Lesbian AIDS Mafia that help Lori infect innocent men with the disease by locating and tattling on their locations.

I've been told that if I won't go along with Missy Pussy becoming some kind of hero that Lori and her friends will destroy me.  If that isn't extortion, I don't know what to call it.

I will remind all of you that genotyping of the AIDS virus was done only with member of the Lesbian Mafia.  That's how you know how Jeffrey planned on helping Bessie Smith and Missy Pussy.  He didn't even go to his own son to get that done.  He'd rather believe that his son was promiscuous than test him to see if Lori infected him too.  I think that is deplorable and wrong.

Bessie Smith and Missy Pussy jumped right to the front of the line in front of everyone else that was infected so that they could act like heroes.  These are the same two girls that defrauded my own family out of my own saving's account.  That's how badly Jeffrey needs the two of them to be "the ones".  Sickening to think that Bessie knew all about what Lori's done to my family and still thought more of herself than anyone else.  How do you tell your father that you love him when he shows nothing but hate and bias towards the women that hurt all of these families?  I don't know, I guess you have to be a billionaire to understand that kind of logic.

This shows the strong arm tactics of this bully man.  "If you don't go along with Missy and Bessie becoming heroes, I will steal your money from you and ruin your family."  Isn't that what your testing of these two whores shows?  I'll remind all of you that just because they have HIV from Lori, a rumored lesbian, doesn't mean they didn't come by it because they didn't have sex with her.  Who knows what Bessie and Missy would do with Lori?  I can't say that they aren't infected because of dirty sex toys or vagina to vagina sex, can you Jeffrey?  I do know one thing, there isn't one single gay man that got this disease from her through sex...and that you can bank on.

You see, no matter what Lori's sexual preferences are, no gay man had sex with her.  We don't have sex with Lori or any woman.  Don't you just hate it when you use your gender against men and it backfires??

I'm fairly certain that Missy and Bessie's infections just came from a night of rough sex with Lori LaFond.  They do have a long history of following each other around and living with her now.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't live with my rapist, but Missy does.  So I guess her test results only show a sexual relationship with the girls from the nightclub.  They certainly don't show that with the boys.

They can't even say they don't have HIV because the girls are all on meds.  So now you can clearly see the extortion intended when they stole that money from me.  Selfish girls out for their own profit.  

A Warning For Steven Frey: Lori's Talking About Killing You

I'm issuing a stern warning to Steven Frey and his family.  Lori Jean LaFond spent all day talking about killing you.  If you are Steven, you already know what I am talking about.  It would be remiss of me not to give a fair amount of warning to one of Lori's favorite people to torture and my friend.

Just in case Steven isn't hearing Lori's voice, he needs to be warned that she's acting like she did just before she and her brother nearly beat me to death in your home.  She's crazier now after ten years of nothing but meth and I want him to be safe.  He is a friend and most important he is one of the best witnesses to Lori's criminal activity of all.

Steven was already framed into a prison sentence after he bought all these drugs from Lori then she robbed his home. So he knows what she is like.  If she is going to act this crazy, I'm just the guy to tell all of you about it.

My Bank Account: Also Known As Stripper Money For Missy Pussy

Say what you want, Missy Pussy ain't worth $30,000.  She's not pretty enough and she's strung out on crystal meth.  Rolling around with the money that she and David stole from my sister with the help of Jeffrey's live in "Girl Friday", Missy thinks she's pulled off some kind of heist.  I've got news for that aging grandmother stripper, you don't know what I can do to someone that steals from me.

I told all of you that this plan to steal my finances from my mom and sister was nothing more than a warning and I'm taking it that way.  I will never put up with the lesbian mafia and their need to "live with Jeffrey".

Whoever it is out there that thinks that Lori and her friends are living with the Katzenbergs needs to get a huge clue.  The don't live with Jeffrey and Marilyn, they just steal for them.  All day and night I have to listen to Lori telling everyone that she's "living with Jeffrey's family".  I think she means David and Missy.  Clearly there is a massive problem with that situation.  Jeffrey is perplexed by Missy's lying and he doesn't know how to give back the money that the trio stole.  Sounds a whole lot like the Nichol's family to me.  Someone does the work that the police are too lazy to do and the informant takes the huge financial hit.

For a fucking stripper?  A fucking waitress and a fucking Chicken Hawk?  I don't know of any situation where committing a felony for justice is legal, but Jeffrey thinks so.

Wallow in your bed bugs Melissa...that's exactly the kind of environment for a washed up stripper.  Roaches, bugs and a lifetime commitment to Lori LaFond and her fantasies.  Perfect for a roach like you.

Whatever story you and your friends told my sister isn't going to last much longer.  Stealing from my mother and father then returning the stolen items doesn't make Lori look innocent.  It makes her look guilty as sin.  I want you three sycophants to know something.  I will never stop finding Bessie Smith.  She's the one that can't keep her hands off my sister and me and I want her charged.

The Police Chief's Secret Balls: Using A Drug Dealer To Terrorize His Own Least Favorite People

"You can say anything you want about our police department...," Chief Bryan Reyes said to me while covering up his drug dealer's rape.  I think I'll take him up on it.

You sir are the most hated police chief in the country.  I want you to know that other police chiefs have seen that DNA report and they all know what a lying piece of shit you and the rest of your cronies are.  Hitler didn't get this much support from the "SS" when he decided to cleanse Germany of the Jews and gays.  You sir are going to go down in history as the most sinister police chief of all time.  How could you possibly think that my friends would ever put up with a lousy bastard like you.

Not only has Lori Jean LaFond set up the Nichol's family to have their own finances stolen while working as police informants, now Lori and her friends have done the same thing again thanks to you and your, "Looking the other way" policy.  Oh I've heard from other victims of rape that know that "You are working on this problem," but we all know that is just another way of saying, "Let's let Lori and her brother rape their way through the gay community with our help."  You aren't a police chief, you are nothing more than Hitler's gestapo.

You do realize that you are using government equipment inside of your officers to commit the worst hate crime in this century don't you?  You do know that those RFID chips in their heads, including yours, are U.S. Military property don't you?  I can cruise past you and your department without ever having to talk to your threatening officers that think they have the community fooled.  You don't fool me, Bryan.  Hate is hate.  I want your fucking job and I want you to be made an example for other police departments.  I've heard from other police chiefs on this matter too.  You are their least favorite guy and I can tell you that when it all comes out, you will look like a savage.

I hope you realize that when they fire your fat ass that Lori and her friends will be watching you and your wife forever.  Of course they'll be watching the kiddie porn movies that they made right down the street from YOUR headquarters.  How interesting it must be to blame the homosexuals for all of the problems in your city when the girl you take orders from is raping little boys on films that you refuse to acknowledge.  What a fucking mess you are Bryan.  How you sleep at night knowing what you did for her is something that everyone should know about.  I want you to suffer for as long as the REAL law can make you.  I've been in prison now for so long that I want you to know how it is to hear Lori Jean LaFond day and night for 13 years.

If there is one man on this planet that I think should go to prison, it's this man right here.  The Police Chief of Palm Springs' heterosexual haven.  Hate all the gay men you want asshole, it was the lesbian mafia that did this to you...not the faggots.  It's a good thing Lori has balls, because you don't have any.  How could you possibly forget that you showed me that DNA report then called me on the phone to lie about it years later?  Are you that stupid?  You must be.  We have the report, Bryan...and we know what you did for this bitch.  You better not lose those jeans and bloody clothing, or the FBI is going to take your precious career and throw it in the garbage with your morality.

Can you believe that you were duped by the high school whore?  A drop out that couldn't do anything but push kids behind moving vehicles and rob the school's computers?  Chief Bryan Reyes is being controlled by a loser, so what does that make him?

I've got you trumped Chief, if it wasn't for Jeffrey Katzenberg, you'd be in prison right now.  You are going to have one Hell of a time with my friends.  They've been assaulted, jailed, imprisoned and forced into lives that reflect a Holocaust Concentration Camp and while you surround yourself with uppity gays that have no clue, the rest of us know your dirty little secrets.  Getting in bed with a whore gives you diseases, you've been more promiscuous with Lori Jean LaFond than any high school fantasy she's ever had.  Hail to the Chief...for now.

This chief has underestimated his girl friend, Lori.  The man thinks she can control every situation with terror and disease?  I think that sounds like Adolf Hitler.  What I am most thrilled about is how he honestly thinks he can tell me I'm right, show me the DNA report then completely turn around and fuck me with everyone listening.  We know what that is when we see it Chief.  You are so full of yourself that you think none of the rest of us matter.  You'll find out what all the other police chiefs found out before ain't shit.

It was an email from the Police Chief himself that invited me to the PSPD headquarters to look at the REAL DNA report and at that time it was enough to interview Steven Frey and Peter DiMartino...then something happened Chief.  What was it?  You found out it was Lori and Brian LaFond again, but unfortunately for you, my skull proves the rape and the STD's confirm it.  The photograph from the rape is in your possession.  You are the lousiest Chief of Police in history if you think I'm going to live with these injuries and not tell everyone what a farce you are.  I'll show the god damned world, asshole.

So if Lori sent me the email from the Chief of Police subject lined, "Your Disrespectful Email to Me," how did you know I was coming with my friend Anthony to see you that morning?  Someone talked to Lori and it must have been the Chief.  There is no other way that could have been accomplished.  The chief and the drug dealer.

YOU SHOWED ME THE REAL DNA REPORT CHIEF, THOSE DON'T DISAPPEAR.  You should also know that two of the victims, Steven Frey and Peter DiMartino are friends of mine to this day.  They know what you told them.  They have been victimized by your department too.  I want you all to know that this man talks out of so many sides of his face that you can't tell if it is Lori or the Chief.

650 victims now under the watchful command of the worst police chief in history.  Nobody could have handed you better evidence of a rape than I did.  Nobody could have had a better DNA report showing it either.  You pushed me the wrong way Bryan Reyes...I'm not one of those silly little faggots that you can push around.  You are a public servant....and you don't serve anyone but yourself.  Nice job pushing out the only cops that did the job there too.  Frank Browning should be imprisoned and so should your entire staff.  I want you to know that these last ten years with your bitch following me around it going to cost you everything.  Thanks for your help.

One thing though, I don't ever want you, Chief Reyes to say it was your department that cracked down on crime these last ten years.  That was all me.  You aren't having the rapes and infections any longer because of ME!!!  It has nothing to do with your abilities, it has to do with my patience.  I've run out of patience for a Police Chief that thinks a rapist should walk free because of the arrests she causes.  There is no doubt crime in Palm Springs is down, I lured her here.  Now we can see your stats, padded as they are.  You can commend your gestapo police department, but remember, there is a price to pay for your soul.  If you even have one after you sold it to Lori Jean LaFond.

By the way, Jeffrey stealing my saving's account by defrauding my own sister and mother isn't going to help you achieve your goals Chief.  Bessie Smith should go to prison for what she did with her friends.  More lesbian mafia.  The extortion of my family that has suffered through the set up shooting of my brother in law, the embarrassment of my father being accused of molestation and then there's my rape and shooting.  You think I'm feeling sorry for the Police Chief that lied to me?  Not one little bit.  I've lived with this complete loser now for all of my life.  It should be Chief Reyes' nightmare for the rest of his.

We all want to know what it was that Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife promised my sister to get $30,000 from my account?  What was it Jeff?  I want to know...and so will my lawyer.  If I have to hear David the Chicken Hawk tell me again how "Kevin is too mean to Jeffrey and Marilyn," I'm going to stuff him down the Chief's throat with Coach Steve Fabian and that false allegation.  You should know Chief, my father is much closer with that man than you or Bryan Anderson.   Both falsely accused by a student because of Lori LaFond's need to say that teachers are having sex with students.  It's her life long fantasy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Big Holes In Lori's Safety Net: When Everyone Knows Everything, I Look Pretty Good!!!

You know when the screens on your windows get old and the "net effect" doesn't do what it is suppose to do any more?  That's a metaphor for Lori LaFond's life of deception and crime.  She's gotten older now and her energy level has significantly relied on meth for so long that I'm wondering if Steven Frey would tell us how much he got from the supplier, so that we can assess where the money came from.  I know Steven didn't steal anything like that, he doesn't steal.  The money given to him from Lori and Brian LaFond, with Missy, came from somewhere.  We think it is from  Jeffrey Katzenberg's son's account, thanks to David or Ken Frank.  I'm not thinking Ken, I'm thinking David, who was once Jeffrey's neighbor living next door.

So if the money came from David's theft, how much was it and how much did you buy for this girl.  You can't be in trouble for this kind of information, he's already been to jail and prison.  What we are interested in is how much meth must there have been to have supplied herself for ten solid years of fifteen needle sticks a day???

As Steven would tell you, Lori is a mess.  He wouldn't even go to her apartment any longer because she would throw herself at him or masturbate in front of him when he was there.  She always looked at him a certain way and it bothered him.  When she was around the corner it was like a concentration camp in his small home.  I actually loved it there.  It was small but it had a huge yard.  Would have been perfect for a dog, but you know Lori, Brian and dogs...they don't live long with them around.  

Here's a picture for you to see the distance between Steven's home and Lori's apartment...under Sheree "Fry".

So that you all can understand the close proximity of the rape.  I was where the yellow push pin is, while Lori and Brian LaFond were living under aliases as Brian Johnson and Sheree "Fry".  Brian's apartment is the white pushpin...and Lori's scum pad is in pink.  You can see where the airport is in this picture on the right, and where the Palm Springs Police Headquarters is in light blue.  They never even went to the rape site...and you can see how close it is to police headquarters...less than a block.

Here is video I shot of the resident's listings at La Palme, which is where the pushpins for "white and pink" are.  Remember, I have a text that is from "Steven's sister" so that you know Lori goes around telling people that is who she is.  Brian Johnson, is a name on an id that Brian LaFond has used in the past.

Here is a video of the car license plate for the 300 ZX that was parked in "Fry's" space at this complex.  Rumor has it that this "sport's car" was something that Lori bragged about.  Here is the whole plate number video taped.

I'm hoping that this will help someone out finding a stolen car.

There is some discrepancy in the apartment number of Brian Johnson.  Let me be IS, IN FACT, where the push pin is for him.  Bottom floor, facing the pool.  The number is either in the 118 block or the 181 block.  After this many years I have dyslexia with apartment numbers.  I do have video or a photograph of the kiosk with his name on it somewhere.  Kendrick, Angel and Jonathan can all verify the locations of Lori and Brian's apartments during this time.

As time has progressed so slowly, Lori's had tons of time to make up red herrings, but the fact of the matter remains, when I got too close to the truth there...the police chief showed up in court and tried to threaten me with an arrest if I pursued my rapist there any further.

I still contend that I proved that after that attack I got several STD's that were unique in their exposure.  It's the sign of a serial.  The test results from many of my blood tests long before and after...every three months...showed that I never got STD's beyond my initial infection in 1987.  I watch out for that stuff.  So beyond the police chief saying that there "was no DNA" in the blood on my jeans beyond my own, I still got exposed to several of the diseases that the rapist stored in the fridge with a bowl.  The police should know that when you have your head smashed in like my head was, you feel it.  I certainly was not being promiscuous and Steven was put in the hospital with severe syphilis.  I obviously hadn't had that in the two years prior with I'm thinking the same rapist raped us both in that house.  Probably the same person that ransacked his home and then "gave all his things to his sister" according to the text I got.  Maybe the person sending that text, "This is Steven's sister..." was just Lori living around the corner.

Sex between Steven and I wasn't really an option.  Lori would threaten to send the cops over if we even thought about it.  You have to remember, Steven had years of this torture prior to my coming around.  He knows what Lori does.  I would just be another one of his boyfriends that she would rape and terrorize.  That's her favorite game of all.  If you don't believe me, find Christopher Monti and ask him.  She met him too and solicited a crime.  It should be reported to the police.  Someone has to get the clue that this person stalks me.  What does a guy do to protect himself?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Learning To Be Meaner Through Each Other's Faults: Lori Want's Me To Call It A LoriPaLissa

This is an illustration of what Lori and "Lissa" are like together.  On the one side you have the most primitive and basic of woman.  No bra, no razors, hair everywhere, free flowing menstrual cycle, occasional hygiene, nit picking and grooming....on the other we have the "image" of the "perfect woman"...drug addicted, co-dependent, friends with an ape, feeling better about herself through the faults of her monkey friend.  It's an "I need you and you need me" type of friendship.  Forget that the monkey wants to club her over the head and drag her off, she's not having it.  She's under control and under the influence.

Ms. Perfect is impressive to her girl-illa, but not to anyone else.  The two have spent so much time trying to fix each other, that they have merged into one person...with one steal Jeffrey Katzenberg's family.

It's quite a struggle between the modern woman and the primal beast.  One day one wins while the other one plots against her doing it the next day.  It's always some kind of manipulation through aggression or passive aggression that unfortunately gets pointed at way to man gay men that they are clearly both better than.  Just ask them.

Both of these females appear to be frustrated.  One could be satiated with a sexual encounter of the lesbian kind but the other could be satisfied with money and fame.  Two needs that are not really needs at all. I'll give you that sex is innate, but only having sex when you have money seems a bit derivative.  One wouldn't have sex with another woman and the one woman she would have sex would never consider having it with her.  It's this circular pattern of risk reward with the two of them.  Lori has the drugs to keep "mama" happy, but mama isn't happy having sex with Lori, that makes Lori not want to give up the drugs.  So it's this Tarzan/Jane thing going on all the time.

One can hold one thing over the other's head, neither getting anywhere fast.  It's the same thing with David and Brian.   Co-dependent on drugs and control, it's a foursome of fuck ups.

Think about it, you know I'm right!

The one thing that all four do agree to is the level of lying to their own families, not that any of their family members believe them.  It's like you want to just ask them, "Do you think that's the answer that 'normal' people give their parents?  Or do you think that was your best choice on meth?"  It's fairly obvious that when it comes to lying, they all co-depend on each other.  Wouldn't it be fun to get all of their parents together for a sit down chat?  I love it.  The dirty truth will come out, who is going to break the bond of co-dependence first.  I have my favorite, who is yours.

Can you imagine the things that some people will do for drugs while others do it for sex.  I think the key here was to pick a drug addict that wanted to have sex with you, instead of the addicts that don't.  Just sayin'.

LaLaPaLissa: That Thing That Happens When Lori and Lissa Live Together!!!

There's this thing that happens with Lori when she realizes the ordinary quality of her personality.  She likes to bump it up a bit.  Usually it takes a lot of meth and girls.  Tonight I want to illustrate the way Melissa and Lori are now that they live together.

You already know that I think they are horribly co-dependent.  It's kind of cheesecake phony YIN meets Ultra selfish wannabe Yang.  Throw in a sex addiction and a frozen addiction...mix well...and you get this blob of femininity that is more bully than dyke and less honest than can you be less honest than a liar?  A lie on top of a lie.

So anyway...if you want to know what life is like with the two of them, it's a constant struggle for power with two powerless women.  One unable to control the other, they battle it out all day long with their roommates and their families.  It's kind of like watching a bad episode of Orange is the New Black, but with two spoiled brats.

So what do you get with a Soup's on, overheated, everything sexual type living with an iceberg with cobwebs on her looks like this:

Or the time that Lori has planned when Melissa takes her home to Long Beach to meet her sister, Jessica and mother...

Of course that is Melissa and her mom in front.  This is how Lori plans to introduce herself, as long as Melissa's dad isn't there...Lori hates him, "He's a man afterall and he's always in the way."

Lori, of course, likes to advise Melissa as to things that she should wear when meeting with Jeffrey Katzenberg.  This little business suit says, "I'm all business, to Lori and Lissa."

Or that time that Lissa and Lori were topless frolicking through the rain forest in Hawaii:

...of course the girls couldn't do anything without Junior being there watching with his sister while Lissa takes another sexy picture.  That's Lori and Brian in the background...

Monday, December 10, 2018

And Still More Threats...

Six people living in Lori's house are doing their level best to try to threaten me.  Missy and Lori think that everything in this universe revolves around them and pussy.  Unfortunately someone else believes them. No room for fags in that world.

He's Threatening Me Again

I can't write.  I'm being threatened by David, Missy and Lori on behalf of Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife.

If I say anything, he will put my family's life in danger.

My mom is in the hospital today, I can't deal with Jeffrey Katzenberg any longer.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

I'm Too Afraid For My Life To Continue....Jeffrey's Girls Are Threatening Me Again.

I would encourage everyone with any kind of knowledge about the theft of my savings account and Jeffrey's involvement to the following websites.  He's been a thief now for far too long.  I won't be writing any longer until I feel safe.

Submit a tip to five or six different agencies.

Remember to be honest and tell every bit of the information that is available.   Jeffrey is trying to get me killed.  I'm afraid for my sister's life.  Someone has to stop him today!!!

Have a lousy Christmas everyone...mine will be.

If you want to save my life, send a fucking tip.  If you want to watch him kill me, don't.  As always, you people decide everyone's fate.

Until then here's Jeffrey's Christmas present:

If You Want To Report Lori And Brian LaFond To The Correct Military Installation Where These Computers Were Stolen From

Click here ===>  Phone Directory

Click on this marine's chest and you will be taken to a directory of where this information should be given.  I would contact the general's office or someone like that.  Have him go back to the 1980's to see who the commanding general was and then have them look into the theft of these computers.  There are many choices you can make from this listing.  Have fun and don't forget to mention the name Lori Jean LaFond.  They know her there...just the same way you know her.

Be sure to mention Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife Marilyn.  They support our troops, just not the gay community.

Let these people know the truth about Lori and Brian LaFond and their "relationship" with Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  Tell them what Jeffrey is or is not doing.  Let anyone that will listen know that this has been like this here for ten years and twenty in Palm Springs.  The Katzenbergs need to be responsible for no more than what they've done.

Is There Anyone Else Out There That Hates Christmas As Much As I Do???

I fucking hate Christmas with a red hot passion.  It's the yearly goal of Lori and her friends to get everyone to this holiday so that she can ruin it for them.  Fuck Christmas...this is some kind of bullshit thing that happens all the time.  I hate how Lori brags about everything that she and Missy have stolen from me over the years.  I hate how she acts like it's "so funny" that my grandmother and Jonathan both died on Christmas Day.  I hate her snotty drug bullshit.  I basically hate the entire holiday season because you know that nothing will get accomplished.  I fucking hate this holiday the most of all.

I don't feel like writing anymore.  It's tedious and it never makes a dent in someone's attitude.

The last ten Christmas' have been horrid.  I hate being around my family at Christmas because Lori spies on everyone.  I hate living in this fucking desert and I hate having to pretend like I like it.

Friday, December 7, 2018

The Hardest Thing: Why Hating Lisa Means That I Love Christopher (And My Friends) More!

You could say that "Lisa" and I have a love/hate relationship, of sorts.  I love my friends and she hates me for it.

If you are new to this blog let me remind you that there once was a girl named "Lisa".  She wasn't a "real" girl, she was a woman on a microphone using some stolen computers that allow a person to talk (or scream mostly) at someone with an RFID chip in their body.  The person is real, "Lisa" is just a character that mimics the person.  In plain language, someone is pretending to be someone she's not.  I don't know of any psychoses that does that.  No this is real.  It was also common among the victims that she made to say, "I hate Lisa", but there were many variations.  "I hate Jessica", "I hate Victoria", "I hate Sara"...all characters played by the same woman on the same system.  Kind of like Tokyo Rose during the war.  Spreading propaganda throughout all the gay men and women that she implanted and infected with the AIDS virus.

From what I have gathered, all the characters played by "Lisa", had the exact same personality, hatred, goals and criminal activity.  So she'd change her name, but not her method of torture.  What I've heard is that Lori LaFond, a girl known for her hatred of gay men, was the girl behind all the characters.  You all know she thinks of herself as some kind of actress.  Not the good kind.  She forgets that no matter who she calls herself, she has the same voice.  She also has the same EEG patterns, which is something that I will talk about later, but basically, I can tell it's the same girl by the way she thinks.  I can feel it.  Her anger is distinct and the way it transmits to me, is the same person no matter what name she's using.

Jonathan Mendenhall, Anthony Dabiere, Bessie Smith, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Christopher Monti, Benjamin Katzenberg and Martin all know that Lori Jean LaFond is Lisa.  I know it too.  I know her voice.  I know her violent hatred of gay men.  I've known who she is for most of my life.  She's a problem causer.  She's a false accuser. She lies to police, judge's secretaries, district attorneys and pretty much everyone.  She lies even when she doesn't have to.  Unfortunately, like lies always do, they get crisscrossed and Lori can't keep her story together.  A bit of info here and a bit there but nobody has ever known the WHOLE TRUTH.

The first blog was for recognition by the gay community.  It was called "HateLisa".  It has recognizability with the gay men and women that were implanted and experimented upon.  On those flyers were the phone numbers of the PSPD and the field office for the F.B.I.   At the time it was to let everyone know that I am here and I know we are all fighting against this woman that spews hate from her mouth and causes false arrests under very suspicious circumstances.

Nothing gets the attention of police and F.B.I. more than the word "Hate".  Remember though, it's "Hate LISA" a character like an evil soap opera villain.  She's not real.  So the REAL "Lisa", the person would complain about these signs being an "eyesore" or misogynistic.  Everybody "Hated J.R. Ewing" on "Dallas" right?  Anyone that would come forward about these flyers or posters would be suspected of being "Lisa".  It was a technique to flush her out of hiding.  Lori Jean LaFond came forward immediately.  She wouldn't have done that for any other name.

Putting the flyers up with this blog was my way of alerting the police, F.B.I, and the victims of this crime that I was here to help them.  You can "hate" a character and still not hate a person.  It's not illegal either way, but I wanted the law enforcement community to know, "I know what this is and I know we can find her."  Soon thereafter there were other flyers going up that I didn't make.  "I Hate Lisa Too" was what they said, so I knew it was working.

From experience, I know that talking about "Lisa" prompts law enforcement to do things that aren't normal or legal.  Reporting "Jessica" to the police, never resulted in an arrest.  If it did, then Lori would simply pull out another illegal California I.D. or D.L. and she would become that new person.  So the cops could never find Jessica, that's because they weren't looking for Lori.  Lori, on the microphone with the implanted police would say something that she never says, "I don't know who Jessica is," but she is always around the men that were near Jessica.  How did Little Miss Knows Everybody not know Jessica.  Throw in that Jonathan said Lori Jean LaFond was an aggressive lesbian and the question begs, "How could she miss the ONLY girl hanging out with gay men?"

Still not the hardest thing.  The hardest thing is knowing that the more I tried to help our community, especially my friends and most special, is Christopher Monti (my co-informant, friend and bud), the more problems that Lori would cause for them.   Of course, by now, you know about the problems that Lori has already caused every member of my family.  The initial blog was for attention.  This blog is for information and the love of my family and friends.  I can't live with myself knowing that the problems my family has faced all seem to have a Lori LaFond scent.

As I expected, the REAL Lisa came forward and tried to shut that blog down.  The way she did it was in complete "Lisa" fashion.  That was the point.  I wanted to expose the person behind Lisa by letting her destroy herself with lies.  She did just that.  Lori LaFond showed her true colors by fucking with DNA results then following my friends and I to Sedona, Arizona, across state lines; stalking a police informant and his friends. 

In typical "Lisa" fashion, Lori then proceeded to cut off my ties to my police officer, Bryan Anderson and the whole department itself.  The problem was that my informant status can't be dropped because the police are involved in the crime.  My duty, and Christopher's, is to the citizens of the State of California and the people of the United States of America.  When you uncover police corruption or someone using police communication to impact a community, your job as an informant is to continue, not stop.  I needed to polarize the parents of the victims that out number the police and victim pool by two, at least.  Parent's hate "Lisa" too, they needed to know who was playing that character?  Who did this to their child?  Their investment?  Their loved one?

Would it do anyone any good if I didn't say who it was when I was told who she was by someone that worked with her?  That was Jonathan's job.  I employed him to stay inside Lori's hate factory and get as much information as possible.  He warned her to stay away from our friends.  It's a game if inside/outside.

Bottom line is that I love Christopher more than I hate "Lisa".  I could never feel as much hate for an actress as I do love for someone I know and care about.  I am simply afraid for their lives.  Lori puts me in fear for their families and their lives.  I fear for a good reason, I have decades of experience with the crimes that she commits against a family.  I have a dead brother in law because of Lori's drug dealing and meddling.  She has no business in the families that I love, including my own.  Hate Lisa was about Loving Yourself, your friends, your family and the gay community.  How could the LGBTQ community love anyone that was intentionally infecting gay men and women with HIV?  It's not possible.

Don't let Lori LaFond fool you, she knew that Christopher and I were informants the second we showed up for the job.  She even told Steven Frey that. She told Christopher that.  Jonathan knew because he was inside.  I knew that our confidentiality was only as good as "Lisa" could keep a secret.  Lori and "Lisa" can never shut their mouth.  Coming out as confidential informants actually does more to protect Christopher and myself than staying silent.  We ONLY work on this case of electronic harassment, not any other case involving drugs or dealers.  Without coming forward, Lori would have every drug addict in town, and their dealers, mad at us.  I have a good reputation with law enforcement elsewhere.  Besides, Lori and Brian, her brother, have ripped off more drug addicts, dealers and police than anyone else. You would think that someone championing our cause would suit everyone.  It does work.

Coincidentally, almost all of my friends were arrested before and after I announced my candidacy for LGBTQ Advocate for this crime.  You can't imagine how many people that Lori sent to hurt me, now love me for taking her ass on.  Shouldn't I?  I've been the kid she abused since 11 years old.  I'm not new to this person.  I've got a long list of friends that have seen her hate at work.  I'm working hard for them.  I love them more than I hate Lisa.

So this isn't a hate driven blog, it's for the love of my community.  I love this country.  I love the government.  I love law enforcement.  Hell, I love the drug addicts and dealers too.  Mostly, I just love Christopher the most.  Wouldn't you do everything you could to help the person you love most?  Your wife?  Your kids?  Your family?  It's no different that I would help my boyfriend.  So don't make it that way.

Would it have been better if I called the first blog "LoveChristopher"?  It wouldn't have worked.  I needed to flush out the girl that uses the police and justice system like a weapon of hate against the gay community.  This is about Americans.  A minority of Americans that want to count as much as every other American.  The odds were stacked against us, so I went for something bigger than myself.  Isn't that the job of the advocate?  Sure I have all the stuff that shows that the police are lying and covering up my rape, but there are other rapes.  Lots of them.  Everyone has a story.  I became an advocate for my people, so I could love one man.

Lori has a tendency to tell people that I once worked for her "organization" too.  I had to come out strong with a "No I Don't Work For Lisa" policy.  I couldn't afford to let Christopher think that I would ever help the girl that hurt the two of us and our friends so much.    I would never know or work with Lori LaFond.  I know what she is capable with that mouth of hers.  I work for the victims of this crime and the police. She does the opposite.  She isn't helping law enforcement by committing crimes and selling drugs...she deserves no benefit for targeting any human being, but in our case, she hates gay men with a passion.  That makes this crime of violence a hate crime.  The only way to get a chip inside of someone without their consent is to rape them.  Look at the law.  Microwave technology from the military is a weapon.  That makes this system a terrorist act.

The terror in our community in Palm Springs and all across this country, even the world, has lasted for far too long with too high a price.  This isn't just for gays, it's for the majority of the victims around the world that aren't gay.  It's for YOUR family that I stop this crime as soon as possible.

I use to say, "HateLisa Love Yourself" but now I say "Love Your Community More Than You Hate Lisa", it works better that way.

Naturally, I expected Lori to then try to contact the parents and victims that I have as my team.  It is a parent coalition after all.   Lori's plan was to be able to "make herself" sound presentable.  I knew that if I made this about families, she wouldn't stand a chance. She knew it too, so I figured she would try to approach someone like Jeffrey Katzenberg to try to speak out against me.  That's all part of the plan.  Solicitation is Lori's worst enemy.  I've already got emails and letters from Lori pretending to be Jonathan's family and Christopher's family all written in the usual hateful Lori style.  You can tell when Lori writes's always hurtful and childish.  There is never anything like, "Thank you for being such a good friend to Christopher."  It's always, "Christopher doesn't love you and he never wants to hear from you again."

Christopher would never say that and the things she wrote on behalf of pastor Mendenhall didn't show much love between him and the son that loves him very much.  It was about death, not going to his own son's funeral (a pastor?), and a whole lot of telling everyone that she knew who his family was.  Toss in the word "ransom" inside that letter and what you have is a demand for money from his family.  Extortion in a death notice?  What the criminal was doing here is obvious, she's telling Jonathan's family, "I know who you are.  I know where you work.  I can do anything I want to your son and you can't do anything about it."

All of Lori's communications, pretending to be other people, are self serving.  They aren't the kinds of things that a family member would send to a friend.  I am a friend without question.

She was sending all of us a warning about her alleged "POWER"; I saw an instant opportunity to capitalize on her lies.  My friends' families love their kids.  Someone is making them look bad.  I don't like it at all.

So when you read this blog, read it knowing that it is a tool for friendship and a mandate about my love for Christopher Monti.  Lori has told people and the court, that I've become "obsessed with her", that's not the case at all.  The victims of this crime wanted to know who was behind it.  I'm the only one with a history with this girl dating back to the 1980's.  I am obsessed with Christopher's happiness and freedom from this crime, it has nothing to do with being sexually obsessed or otherwise with Lori.  She's the meanest person with the most hate and opportunity to commit this crime.  Ask the police.  They know her too.

More Than A Theory, A Scientific Fact

In a crude way this video represents James Lin, M.D., one of the sources of my training in this field of microwave hearing.  This is one of the earliest doctors to have studied the field.  Of course, sticking a transmitter/receiver in the subject's head allows for conversations to be heard and to transfer EEG's through the cell phone system wirelessly.  When you combine the hearing with the transmissions you create the possibility for someone like Lori to read your thoughts.

The military should be contacted in 29 Palms about the theft of these computers and wireless listening and transmitting devices.  If anyone out there is smart, they will mention Lori and Brian LaFond and talk to the military base here.  They both know that the Marines have been looking for these stolen military weapons for years.

The Palm Springs Police owe it to the United States of America to tell all they know about this unclassified technology, who told them about it, implanted them and used this technology to falsify accusations about gay men in Palm Springs.  Aaron Alexis is just another person pushed over the edge by people like Lori and Brian LaFond:
As a victim advocate I know what I've heard about these kinds of incidents.  Operators of this system want to create chaos.  It's no wonder that I would want people to alert the Marine Corps. Base in 29 Palms before someone like Aaron's handlers strike again.  It's a terrorist attack on a military base.  The PSPD needs to come clean.

This little gem of a story is exactly what the military developed and is used by Lori Jean LaFond to torture gay men in Palm Springs, California.  She's used it since the early 1980's and in that time 650 approx. victims are assumed to be the victims of a hate crime and rape.  There may be even more.