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Ten years of terror brought to me by two waitresses and a Hollywood producer. The mental cruelty that I've been put through only makes me understand one thing...I can't be used as one person then discarded as another. Jeffrey would never even know about this crime if it wasn't for my efforts to save his son. To thank me, he stole $30,000 to help two women with questionable pasts instead of the people that I hired to do the job. He cut everyone I hired loose for some blonde freakshow with a history of ruining families. It's a shame that some people can't see gay men as equals...we already knew the girls didn't.
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Everyone Told Me Laurie Had A Crush On Me, I Just Didn't Think It Was Inside My Skull

Admittedly, not my best head, but I am posting these again because we are looking at the injuries sustained from the morning of my rape.  I can tell you this.  When I was at the emergency room at Desert Regional Memorial Hospital and had these MRI's done, the E.R. doctor told me that "there wasn't anything wrong" with what she was showing me, but she wasn't showing me these pictures. She held up an x-ray to a light and now I know that I never saw my dental work in the photo she held up.  It was the first thing I noticed when I got a copy of these two MRI's ...then I saw the fractures.  Lots of them.  I've never had a significant head injury in my life.  I never played football and have never reported being, "in a car accident" as Officer Kelley Fieux told me and I denied.

So tonight I want to show you why every single day since, I have a headache that varies from about a 5 to a 10 on a pain scale.  It never fails.  I've gotten so use to them that it feels normal to have one.  If I jostle my head too much, I can literally give myself a head ache.  I am leaving the information on the two MRI's and want you all to know that I reported the rape on the second visit after my head had cleared from the morning of my rape.  My anus continued to bleed and I heard Laurie and Brian telling me that "Steven and Peter" had raped me with a Coke bottle.  That's the truth.

First MRI, 9/29/07 at 1:55am.  My head hurt so bad that I had to have Steven Frey take me to the Emergency Room because I couldn't breathe and my head was splitting

Four days later after receiving no attention medically from the date above, my skull had expanded and my brain had swollen and you can clearly see pieces of my skull separating.  It was excruciating.  At the previous appointment, I had Steven with me and I didn't report it as a rape because I had no memory of the event, just the pain.  This second visit, with my anus still bleeding and my head about to explode, I reported the rape without anyone being there with me except the E.R. doctor, a female, whom I witnessed calling the PSPD for an officer that never showed.

In a blow up of the second MRI from the second visit you can see that the injuries sustained at that assault have resulted in my skull splitting apart in the back third of my head.  There are all kinds of compound fractures to my skull in what would appear to be three or more very violent blows to my head with a blunt force instrument.  I can tell you that I can still see where I was hit when I look in the mirror.  That's one advantage of balding.  Can you believe that the Emergency Room, for the second time, sent me home saying nothing was wrong?  No medication.  No treatment.  I took aspirin and Iced my skull.  Even the ice hurt my head.  When I put the ice bag on my head the pain was unbearable because of the hardness of the ice cubes.  To touch the front of my face around my nose was horrible.  The back and sides of my head were also tender to touch but the pain coming from the inside of my head was un-fucking-bearable.  I should have been hospitalized like this, but instead healed myself with nothing but ice, sleep and aspirin:

Now I have given my permission for Bryan Anderson to have these MRI's recorded for his investigation and I want him to know that I never reported being in an accident in a car.  I didn't even have a car.  I was so hurt right after the incident being tranquilized that it literally took a day or two for the numbness to wear off.  By then all I could think of was, "Steven couldn't have raped me.  I asked him and I know what he was thinking...he knew Laurie and Brian had been there before with him.  Once I saw him there through a window."  I needed help so badly I asked Steve to take me to the E.R., I told them I thought perhaps I'd fallen.  Four days later and my brain about to explode out of my skull with Laurie and Brian telling me that "Steven and Peter DiMartino" raped you with a Coke bottle...and I knew what had happened.

Remember I have text messages from Steven Frey that say that he knows Peter personally and that the two are going "on vacation" together.  So no matter what, the police know that someone is fucking with me.

It is important too that this beating knocked my front tooth loose and you can see that in the picture.  A few weeks later it would fall out and be found in the possession of Laurie's abandoned things, allegedly.  Laurie loves to make a beautiful smile look like a tweeker's smile.  You can see that in the arrest from the day after Kelly Fieux took the rape report fully a month later.  It took the police one full month to get to my door and when he did it was horrible.  The next day the same officer would arrest me and have me taken to jail naked without a single charge being filed.  This is the reason gay men don't report their rapes to the PSPD because this is what happens if you do.  That's the message Laurie wants you all to know.

It's also the reason I didn't report all of my belongings stolen either...I knew what happened when I reported the rape, that was only going to make matters worse.  She and her brother stole every single thing I owned.  Everything!

So why did the gay bashing shown above happen?  Well, someone knew I was home alone in that home.  It had been broken into and had someone in Steven's room before...I'd seen that through a window.  Was Steven lured away to take a person he barely knew to the airport so that I would be alone in the home.  I'd slept there dozens of times and never had a problem...but this was the first time I was there sleeping alone...and that's when they struck.  Who had a key to that home?  Who knew I was there?  Why was this so violent and how many times in the past has someone been beaten like this and gone unnoticed and uninvestigated because the police refused to do anything.  Then, as arrogantly as he could say it, Captain Bryan Reyes told me over the phone two years later, "There's nothing more we can do for you.  You can say whatever you want about us."  Isn't that saying that my beating would never be looked into any more?  That's just biased.  How could any case where a man was sleeping in a bed and he woke up bloody and skull fractured not a crime?  How could anyone tell the television that they thought I had "mental issues" when you see these MRI's?

Then, as if to say, "I raped you and I'm going to get away with it", this postcard was sent out mocking me for an art show opening.  My picture with my face being punched out, two months after the rape.  This isn't humiliating enough, now the rapists are advertising it.

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