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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ah The Ties That Bind: Lori Jean Lafond and Bryan Anderson

Ask yourself this.  What's worse, being tortured by an enemy or being tortured by a friend.  You want to know the answer?  The true answer is being tortured by an enemy that is using your friends to torture you, and your friends agreeing to do it.  That's far worse than anything that I could have imagined.

It's no secret that I have a really bad opinion of Lt. Bryan Reyes.  He started off telling me that I was "right on the money" and "we're gonna get these guys", but that quickly turned into "there's nothing else we can do for you" what was I right on the money about again?  I'll tell you what I was really "right on the money about"; the corruption at the Palm Springs Police Department.  As dirty as any in the country and as hateful to gays as any in the world.  The message is clear here: Stay away gay men, the police don't want you here!  Get the message too because you don't want to experience what I did.

First of all the City of Palm Springs is riddled with victims of the crime of electronic harassment in the gay community.  One opinion says that the Palm Springs Police Department, in the late 80's embarked on an illegal surveillance and human experimentation scheme that involved the consent of police officers to be implanted with RFID devices that allowed them to privately communicate with a woman and a man that surreptitiously implanted gay men without consent with the same devices.  Like a bug in a room.  The woman and the man would use the information they stole from conversations where there was an expectation of privacy information about drugs, sex and whatever the woman and the man wanted to add to spice it up.  Gay men were arrested illegally.   The trade off was "police protection" for the man and woman.

The other opinion is that police officers were not given informed consent and were required to have these devices implanted at a private home as an "experiment" for future wireless communications.  Same thing.  The woman and man then went out into the gay community and used a tranquilizer to knock out gay men, implant them with RFID devices and infect them with the HIV virus.  Again, many gay men were arrested and many gay men died and spread the HIV virus to others not knowing that they'd been infected.

About the same time that all this was going on Sgt. Bryan Anderson and Lori Jean Lafond, according to her own affidavit, were dating.  Four years that relationship lasted during the same period that I was implanted and infected in 1987 while I was home from college and visiting Palm Springs.

Bryan Anderson was a friend of my sister's and a role model for me as a kid.  I knew him because he dated a friend of my sister and knew him to be a good guy.  I loved his mom too.  She was the kind of mom that went to all kinds of sports games and never missed.  She was super nice to me.

Lori, on the other hand, was a bully.  She got in trouble for freaking my friend Kelly Brandon out and stalking her.  She was extremely abusive to me.  Pushing me and shoving me on several occasions then screaming at me calling me a "flaming faggot".  This happened at parties and at school.  When she wasn't trying to hurt me mentally or physically she tried having other boys beat me up.  I never knew why this was so important to her.  I didn't know her.  I didn't like her.  I never talked to her.  She was kind of a depressed sad evil dropout type.  My friend Kelly told me that she was a "lesbian"; I didn't care but didn't doubt it.

I didn't report her for abusing me because I was a guy, she was a girl.  It was bad enough after the experience I'd gone through with my father in the previous three years when he was accused of a horrible crime, went to trial and was acquitted.  For three years that loomed huge over my head.  Then came Lori.  I would also point out that if you read the emails from Laurie Johnson, you will see that this woman that says she's been hired to stalk me knows all about this case from my childhood.  Here is the email:

When Lori would ambush me she would bring her friend Julie with her whom would stand there laughing while Laurie thought she would call me a faggot and there was little I could do with it.  Always Julie and Lori, every single time.  Here is a picture of Lori and Julie thirty years later in Sedona, Arizona during the same period that I was on vacation there with my friends Anthony and Jonathan.
Lori is second from the left and Julie is fifth from the left.  The remaining women in the picture are all really good friends of mine whom I can't imagine would be friendly with Lori Lafond.  My friends are kind, gentle, loving and smart.  Homophobia would have nothing to do with them, in fact the girls on either side of Lori came into my work the night before this photo was taken.  I have tons of pictures.

When Lori graduated from high school, I thought I would finally be free of the person that abused me herself and through friends...that didn't happen.  She enlisted the help of a boy named James Jones to beat me up every single day of my senior year.  He didn't actually get to hit me, but he tried every single day.  He tried to beat me up during basketball games and all over campus.  I didn't know then that she and he were friends...I think she was an adult and he was a minor.

Somewhere around this time Lori and Bryan began a "four year relationship".  In my diaries you will see how I felt about finding that out.  Not the Odd Couple, the ODDEST COUPLE.  The homophobic bully and the cop.  Years later I would find out that the two weren't all that different.  Bryan would be in hot water for a sting operation where he called some gay men "cocksuckers" on tape and all of a sudden the ugly head of bigotry shared the body of Lori Lafond and Bryan Anderson.  Two of a kind in different bodies.

When I called a good friend of mine, a police officer in San Diego, to get a copy of the report from the morning that I was shot, he asked me why I wanted it.  I told him that I was working on a lead for the shooting on the tip I'd received from a friend.  The tip was that Lori Lafond was somehow involved in that shooting.  My cop friend replied, " she still married to Brian (sic)?"  I was shocked that he thought they were ever married.  Apparently either Bryan or Lori had given him that impression, I think at a high school reunion.  It has been told to me that Lori somehow was involved with the gang stalking of myself in San Diego (chronicled by my handwritten diaries) via the electronic surveillance and had sent her brother Brian there to do me bodily harm.

The theory we are looking at is that both Brian and Lori contacted my former boss and told him that they were following me for some government agency.  In fact, I was told by my boss, "I have people everywhere watching you".   We are also looking into the contacting of Craig Hopkins whom was asked by someone fitting Brian Lafond's description,  to film me using methamphetamine.  This is also chronicled in my diaries.

These were tips that came from individuals that had overheard Laurie and Brian bragging about the shooting and contacting my boss.  There are items that are rumored to have been found in the home that Lori and Brian lived in that came from my San Diego apartment which was broken in to twice.

All of this above is still needs to be checked.

Lori will deny it but the truth is that she reveled in knowing that my sister was once very good friends with her uncle whom was divorcing her aunt.  Lori, I've heard, told people that she and I were "practically related", because of that friendship.  What Lori won't tell you is that her uncle is the man that killed my sister's husband in self defense.  This is also something that she failed to mention in her application for the City of La Quinta.  I've heard that Lori is really proud of that fact.  I've heard that she even came out here where we live when the shooting happened to gloat and act concerned.  Whom brought her?  Sgt. Bryan Anderson.  He even mentioned her name to me for the first time in years.  I still shuttered to think of that hideous girl that I didn't like.

The relationship between the two has some conspiratorial significance as I would later hear from Jonathan Mendenhall that Lori Lafond was the person that we were looking for in connection with this crime.  I went to visit Sgt. Anderson to talk with him and my parents to ask about this situation...he didn't tell me anything helpful, but he did, again, mention Lori Lafond.  A week or two later, after he asked if I was interested in becoming an informant for him, I was beaten severely and raped in the home of Steven Frey.

After that I was arrested six times by the PSPD and didn't have a single conviction...they were "warnings" I believe.  The rape case didn't go anywhere with an incredible amount of evidence, threats, blood, pictures and so forth.  

The relationship between Lori and Bryan would again obstruct my ability to find the truth when Lori filed some kind of workplace violence restraining order for the City of La Quinta.  That struck me odd.  Jonathan and I both knew that Lisa didn't work...therefore the theory would sustain that Lori didn't work.  Out of the blue here comes a restraining order showing whom her family was, that she knew my family's addresses, and here I was trying to eliminate her as a possible suspect.  I'd done the same with Sheree Frey, Tracy Johnson and Barabara...eliminate and move on.  She seemed to take exception to my assuming that she was a lesbian, because of what I knew from high school and made it seem like my HateLisa blog was threatening her as a city employee...or something.  Her homophobic misunderstanding of the law was that if people at her work thought she was a lesbian, she could be injured because of it.  That's discrimination...and it is highly illegal, but I'm not the culprit.

Lori, allegedly used the same attorney used by Bryan Anderson in the "cocksucker" cute.  All these years later and the woman assisting Bryan with his "cocksucker" is now trying to restrain me from contacting my own police contact. The implication was that the two were "close friends" and that it would be a violation.  The other part was that Officers Villegas and Dougherty threatened me to not contact their department again about my informant work.  Basically the police fucked me on every level.

I think that this characterizes the relationship between Lori and Bryan the way Lori said it was.  Bryan has never said otherwise so it must be true.  To this day he has never done anything to help me with anything.  

To all of my pussy friends that ran and hid all of these things from me, I just wanted you to see what TRUE COURAGE IS.  Not that bullshit kind of courage that you think it took to run and hide.  Fuck off.

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