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It is time to end Jeffrey Katzenberg's reign of terror on me and my friends. He's lied, stolen, jailed and done every single thing he can possibly to to hurt my informant team with regards to this crime. Using his son as a front, this family has joined up with America's biggest domestic terrorist. He has continued to do as he pleased without any regard for what the consequences are for any of us. In the alternative he's been paying a drug dealer and her friends to steal from my family at will. This has gone on for far too long. Won't someone bring an end to his terrorist regime? There is a tip link for you to do that today!!!

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about tis crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What This Blog Is All About: My Story (Part 1)

I've heard, from many readers, that my blog is funny, informational and helpful, but I listen to those people that say, "I don't really understand it because it is so specific".  Thanks to all of the people that read this blog, I want to make it easier for you all to understand.  This is my effort to help all of you to understand the "Origins" of the Electronic Harassment Parent Coalition of Palm Springs, California.

This blog is an informational blog for the parents of the victims of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California.  It is my attempt to explain what these victims have experienced, what it is like, whom is behind it and what we are doing to keep this crime from continuing.  I guess it makes sense to show you I'll start with my story, then try to explain how it became so many peoples' story over the decades.

The roots of this crime are dug into homophobia and hatred of gay men and women, but mostly self hatred by two homophobic homosexuals that have taken to the extreme to hurt others in our community.  My story starts like this.
click for larger view The early years of bullying started like this with Lisa:
Click for larger view
High School and Lisa's "Sophomore year"...not exactly the way she tells it.  She wasn't popular, she had few, if any friends and her "lesbian tendencies" were told to me by a woman that Lisa would continue to obsess over for the next twenty five years.  You see, I'm not the only one.  "Lisa" tells people that she was a "child actress" during this period of her life.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  She was a naggy tag a long bitch that nobody like having around.  She wasn't anything like she tells people she was now.
Click for larger view
I always tell people when they meet me and hear my story that they know a "Lisa" too; She's that girl in high school that you didn't know. You know the one that passed you in the hall way staring at you while you talked to your friends?  The one that went to your sport's game and sat in the crowd of hundreds of people that you didn't see? Remember her?  Neither did I...and that's why it took so long to figure out whom was behind the next twenty or so years of torture.  It is human nature to forget about things like what "Lisa" did to me...the verbal abuse and attempts at physical abuse, all aimed at my sexuality, which, by the way was not in existence.  Hers was in full bloom and mine lay dormant for much much longer.

Almost thirty years later a woman named "Laurie Johnson" would send me two emails that specifically mentioned something that only this girl would have father's trial.  Here are the two emails that talk about that.  I have heard that this woman has talked to others, in person, this way too.  You can see from the emails that she says that she is using this technology to stalk me and that she has been hired to do this.  Here is one of the the two emails that link this woman to this crime:
If some of you are confused as to why I refer to Lisa, then Laurie, you can consider this first email from "Laurie Johnson" as the reason that I now call "Lisa", Laurie!!!  Clearly this author has done the same thing as Lisa did...referring to my father and is the person claiming responsibility for my stalking.
These weren't  defining moments in my life until I found out they were such a defining moments in hers.

Later in our story, you will hear about all of the "high school" items that my team has uncovered that "Lisa" stole from me as well as things from Marc LeDrew and a very suspicious videotaped sex video of two siblings role playing "Kelly and Marc" having sex...which is something that the REAL Kelly and Marc, never did...something I am sure both are proud of telling anyone that would ask.  Allegedly, "Lisa"'s sex fantasies never changed from her sophomore year!

The Summer of 1987: My life would be changed forever...the beginning of electronic harassment and gang-stalking in the era of AIDS...I surmise that sometime between 1986 and the summer of 1987 that this is what happened to Lisa in Palm Springs either through sexual contact or dirty needle sharing.
click for larger
If you want to learn the forensic epidemiology of this project simply click on the logo that looks like this on the right hand side of the page or here, and it will tell you about how the HIV virus ended up with Lisa who then gives it intentionally to electronic harassment victims:
click here for forensic epidemiology of the Red-Yellow-Blue strain of the HIV virus.

In Part 2, I will explain how I became one of the first "intentional infections" of the Blue Widow known as "Lisa"!!!

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