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Oh she's just been awful lately...thinking that she's in so much control over everyones' families. Little Miss Big Mouth Lori and her friends trying to control everyone and what they have to say about her. I just want you all to know that she isn't controlling anything about me right now. I'm working and it takes a lot of effort at this point to keep a perfect standard with my job and do this project. The investigation into Lori's problems with her system of torture and thievery falls onto the shoulders of Christopher Monti, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall at this point. Look to them to do the job that I can't do at this point...they should be working as hard as ever to bring justice to the masses. I can only do what I can living so close to the Mistress of Hate. Under the current circumstances, I have a family to watch out for and I have to earn a isn't easy with a killer living down the street. These three men are perfectly capable of ruining Lori's life...they should be doing just that. Non-violently, of course...
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Monday, June 5, 2017

I Yearn To Be Free From Laurie and Her Brother Brian...Forever!!!

I have the right to go to bed at night and not have to listen to Laurie sitting around on drugs trying to find another way to hurt me or my family.  You know, there is something very sick about a person that rapes another person, twice, and then has to sit there and talk to the victim constantly, as if we were friends, acquaintances or anything more than the criminal and her victim.  There isn't a relationship between Laurie and myself.  There is a relationship between myself as a person and myself as the victim of a violent crime.  What Laurie does is terrorist.  No person with the injuries that I've suffered should ever have to listen to the person that caused them talk about how she's "always gotten away with it."  It's sick.  Over the years I've learned how to deal with it, but it would sicken me to see any other victim of violent crime to have to go through something like this.  Arguably, I have the worst criminal of all stalking me...not just because of what she's done, but because of the bravado with which she does it.

I have the human right to be free and happy.  I have the right not to have my dignity stolen every single day that she tries to find another way to get my attention by causing a problem.  I have the right to tell you about what has happened and I have the right to try to help other people from having it happen to them.  I don't have much of a choice in this life because of the nature of this crime.  The disease and the implantation require medical attention and money...this is what Laurie tries to take from her hosts/victims.  It has only worked because of the silence she's imposed with the illegal practice of blackmail and fear.

Hate has never solved a single human problem, but love always has.  If you don't see Laurie as a problem for humanity, then do nothing.  If you see her as the problem she represents and the threat to humanity that she is, then help with love.  I just want you all to know that gay rights have to do solely with human rights.  We aren't animals, we are human beings.  We love each other.  Hate has no place in a world of humans that seek love and understanding.

Kevin and Christopher

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