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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Protecting The Locals From Terror and Theft: The Tortoise Rock Casino Stalking

One of the only nice parts of living out in this area is the Tortoise Rock Casino.  Laurie has been stalking me here lately though.  Every time I go to watch a basketball game, see friends or just to relax, she calls the security office to fake some kind of call about me pretending to be someone that has some kind of information about "Kevin Bond".  I can guarantee you that their security officers have heard some kind of lies about me that aren't true.  She stalks me with this technology, knows when I am heading up to the casino, now that I have been moving this last month (I have no television to watch March Madness or to see NBA games), so when I go to the casino, she makes these fake phone calls.  All of a sudden she's telling these people that I am following casino workers around the casino.  I don't even know any of those people, outside of people that I use to work with at Holiday Inn Express or that I use to bank with or that I am related to,  I would have no reason to know any of them.

I am extremely nice and pleasant to everyone when I go there.  In my world of Laurie and Brian following me around and stalking me, I love going to the Indian Casino, because I am a huge supporter of these casinos.  I, myself, am an American Indian and have always supported Indian gaming.  This is one of the proudest things that our community has.  I have never been more proud of any casino than this one in particular, in the town where I grew up.  I know lots of the people that go here and I want it to be safe from a drug dealer like Laurie and her brother Brian.  I have heard Laurie talking about selling drugs at casinos for years in Palm Springs and I know that I've heard about Brian wanting to use this remote neural monitoring to enter into blackjack tournaments to cheat his way into stealing money from these tournaments.  If I saw this while I was there, I would probably alert their security.

I am not a big fan of being harassed by their security while I am simply trying to relax and watch people win on slot machines.  Some people, like me, like watching people win money.  I happen to be one of them.  Since Jeffrey has decided on my poverty level, not gambling is what I have to do.  So when I go, I catch a game, and I watch some of the people I know gamble.  I wish them luck and enjoy their good times.  I don't bother anyone.  Laurie has taken it upon herself to monitor me and call security with some kind of lie about it.  I can guarantee you that some of these calls will mention this...ask their security.  I am sure some of these calls will be specific...but not specific enough to have her come in and report it herself.  It will always be done on the phone, anonymously.  This is because it is always Laurie.  Always.  I would suggest to Laurie that she should beware that casino security is some of the best in the world.

I know that I'm never drunk, high, on drugs or anything but pleasant when I am at a casino and that I would never ever want to be a problem for anyone.  I just love the atmosphere and love Indian gaming.  When I do have a job,  I plan on spending more time and money there... I always will support this casino because I believe in it.

What I wish is that this tribe, the Mission Band of Twentynine Palms Indians, could know is how proud I am of them.  I stand with them in the spirit of all of our ancestors and am proud of the kinds of efforts that they have made for this particular area.  It is so important to note the good that they do for the past, present and future of the Indian way of life and for this planet.  I have done a great deal of studying about the American Indian and know what an important role we play in the history of this country.  I encourage more Americans to learn what we do and how we do it.  This world would be a much more peaceful place with more Indian culture and pride.

I am upset that Laurie and Brian would try, again, to take from me something that I enjoy like this casino, that means more to me than just gambling.  It's a place of pride and accomplishment.  This is what shows growth and hope for a tribe of Indians in a community where land was not so great...but is now fruitful and providing.  This is something that the American Indian has been's something that we deserve.  Given the worst land in America to live on, these tribes are finding a way to make money and thrive...if that is the most American way that we can support their livelihood, the very least thing we can do is patronize their establishments and spend money there as much as we can and as often as we can, with as much love as we can.

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