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She's at it again. Trying to fill the roles of "mother and father", Lori likes to "get her ideas" from people that she feels are "more normal" than she is. That really isn't hard, but the interesting thing that she does is pick family members as her next victims to use. Lately, she's turned to calling Jeffrey Katzenberg her "father" and Marilyn her "mother" as if she could simply throw their names around like rag dolls. The problems in Lori's tiny little mind are tremendous...her solutions are tiny. What she can't fix is her past amount of lying is going to do that. What she wanted was wealthy parents and a sister that would do anything for her. What she got is a drug addicted brother and parents that don't really like her much. It's a simple solution...put her in jail for the things she can't explain. Don't wait, that little mind of hers is as "soap opera" creative as her "soap opera" life.
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Living In A Bell Jar Of, "How Did This Happen"

You know, I think that one of the most offensive parts of being raped and infected with HIV in Palm Springs with the Palm Springs Police Department is the assumption that when we get an STD or HIV is that we must assume that we are so promiscuous that we can't expect that we have diseases after the rape from the rape itself.   I suffered a broken skull and numerous STD's that I was treated for and submitted to the PSPD after I was raped and none of that meant anything to the police department as if they assumed that because I was gay that I must have gotten those because I was gay and promiscuous.  If a nun was raped and got STD's that would be some kind of sign that something had happened to her.  If a child was raped and got syphilis, then the police would know that the child was raped.  Why is it, then, that when a gay man that has submitted clean tests for STD's in the months prior to his rape that show no signs of STD's before the rape then show's exposure to Hep C, TB, and syphilis afterwards, and a broken cranium, not to mention bloody clothing and two trips to the emergency room were reported was this not a sign to the police that something horrible had happened to me?

I am not the kind of person that goes around reporting some kind of sexual assault every time a relationship goes bad.  I've never reported a rape before in my life.  Why, then, would I do this now.  Why would I report my then boyfriend for it.  I actually didn't even believe he was capable of such violence and couldn't remember a thing about it.  I told the police officer that I was knocked out on some kind of drug and that I was told that it was him and someone else that had done this to me.  The problem is that my skull was smashed and then I started testing positive for all these STD's.  I know I was raped.  I know it because I didn't have sex with my then boyfriend, we were not having sex.  We never did.  It wasn't a sexual relationship because he didn't want to have one.  I certainly didn't force it upon him and break my own skull to do it.

We were completely celibate.  This whole situation was reported to the police.  You don't get infected and you head smashed in by a ghost Chief Reyes, but that seems to happen in your city a lot of times without your department doing anything about it.  I don't seem to understand how the AIDS virus transfers from some female ghost that seems to be infected with HIV to gay men in their sleep then breaks their skulls...she seems to have a brother that helps her too.

There are too many of us that live with the question of how did this happen when we know that we didn't tango but someone made us dance with the devil.  You see just because your department relies on a stereotype to get away with this crime, doesn't mean that we are going to let you use it to continue doing so.  Her virus has a female genome.  Gay men get infected by a woman as often as babies get STD's from adults or even less.  This crime sticks out even more than that circumstance.  What has been done to us sticks out statistically in this case.  GAY MEN DON'T GET INFECTED BY WOMEN VERY OFTEN...BUT IN PALM SPRINGS THEY ARE GETTING INFECTED BY ONE WOMAN ALMOST ALL THE TIME!!!  THAT SAYS SERIAL RAPIST BIG TIME!!!

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