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Oh she's just been awful lately...thinking that she's in so much control over everyones' families. Little Miss Big Mouth Lori and her friends trying to control everyone and what they have to say about her. I just want you all to know that she isn't controlling anything about me right now. I'm working and it takes a lot of effort at this point to keep a perfect standard with my job and do this project. The investigation into Lori's problems with her system of torture and thievery falls onto the shoulders of Christopher Monti, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall at this point. Look to them to do the job that I can't do at this point...they should be working as hard as ever to bring justice to the masses. I can only do what I can living so close to the Mistress of Hate. Under the current circumstances, I have a family to watch out for and I have to earn a isn't easy with a killer living down the street. These three men are perfectly capable of ruining Lori's life...they should be doing just that. Non-violently, of course...
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Social Skills vs. Social Kills: The Art of Confrontations In Public and Private With Laurie and Missy

A few months ago there was a memorial service for a friend of mine's father that passed away.  I hadn't seen her for quite some time but it is one of those things that I couldn't miss because I have been very close with her family since childhood. Her mom passed away earlier in the summer and I went to that memorial too.  I remember thinking that it wasn't really a good idea to show up for functions like this because being followed like this by Laurie always gives her a chance to confront me at these events.  It's similar to high school reunions and I'm not about to put myself in these situations.  I've already been victimized enough.  I don't dig these social kills and Laurie is well known for her social ambushes.

My friend Kim, by the way, was the girl in high school whom, on my first day, was with me when Laurie walked up, before school even started, and screamed at me for being, "a flaming faggot and everybody knew!!!"   She was the girl that stood right by me and reminded me who this girl was when I stood there before I took my first class as a high school freshman.  Now, at 48 years old, I was attending her father's funeral.  Remember, at this point, I'd already attended another friend's father's funeral and Laurie showed up while there was a "workplace violence" restraining order from La Quinta.  You know with this system, every plan that I make, Laurie knows where I will be.  If I plan to go to an event like this, she knows I am going.  I didn't see her there, but was told later that she was there taking pictures of my friends.  Weird as she isn't really a friend of ours.  At any rate, I went to this third memorial skeptical but knowing to be ready.

I went and her friend Julie was inside.  I offered Julie my seat in the crowded church and stood the whole time knowing that Laurie had to be near and sure enough she was there.  I couldn't believe that Christopher and Jeffrey would allow this to happen with my cop friend Kenny right there with them.  Kenny is also a friend of my friend's father that passed away and could have kept this from being confrontational.  They didn't.  Instead, I've heard that Jeffrey wanted to "see the confrontation".  What in the fuck is that all about.  My mom, my father, my sister and I were all there.  Jeffrey had the nerve to watch for three days while Laurie prepared herself to go to this funeral service and parade herself in front of my family and prep for a confrontation.  This didn't happen, but you know I know all about her.

You also have to remember that Jeffrey has advised, allegedly Jonathan and Anthony not to talk to me since Sedona, Arizona where Laurie talked to both of them.  Yes, the same Laurie that was at the funeral.  You can see her picture in Sedona on the right hand side of the page in Sedona at the same time we were there.  So now Jeffrey is trying to make it seem like Laurie isn't the same person that is on this restraining order...and isn't whom talked to Anthony and Jonathan there.  In other words Jeffrey is advising my employed people for this investigation not to talk to me and now the same girl is right there.  I'm furious.  Christopher and my best friend Kenny are a few miles away and I'm there with my family and I've got this woman sitting right there.  What in the Hell?  He wanted to see a confrontation...?  Would he do this to his kid? Would he do this to his wife?  This is not something that I should have been exposed to.

I'm sorry folks but this is what Missy and Laurie wanted.  I'm scared to death that this man is trying to commit a crime against my family, why won't one of these parents do something?  It's because all of you are committing a crime...shame on you.

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