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I just wanted everyone to realize that we are in a difficult position when Lori starts to get her anger up. She threatens her roommates and we're suppose to protect as many people as we can. How can we do that if they won't go to the hospital for treatment because Lori has her hand on their throats? This situations is about self worth as much as it is about electronic harassment. How can you make people value themselves more if they can't even take care of their own health? This is something that the victims of this crime have been dealing with for years. Now it is the very criminals that are starving, freezing and near homelessness. I'm not proud of that, but I do think it is fitting. For years fear ruled the gay community with AIDS and "Lisa" AIDS and "Lisa" are costing Lisa and AIDS. Love yourself, hate
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Monday, April 2, 2018

50 Years Plus And STILL On Meth? Come On Lori, It's Time For A New Thing Isn't It?

51 years old and still using needles to keep her going on meth.

For those of you out there that are recovering drug addicts, specifically meth addicts, don't you think it is kind of pitiful that Lori is still trying to be the Queen of Methamphetamine in the desert? She ain't no Priscilla.

Then there is Missy Pissy...yikes!  Old women on meth...still angry at the world and trying to make everyone feel like they are so superior.  I don't really get Lori's whole gig where she's on the microphone telling people that she likes "anal sex" on meth.  Um, yeah Lori, I can't really think of anything more disgusting to me than some 51 year old woman waggling her butt in front of me like I'm suppose to get excited about it.  I'm gay.  50 is a bit too old for me to be changing my sexuality and for you to think that you can.

Your parents must be so proud of use your own language to explain it.

It just goes to my theory that Lori is more of an old witch than a confused lesbian that is still in the closet.  I personally think that being a lesbian is the highest compliment.  I would have be happy for Lori for embracing that part of herself, but what she does with it is so nasty and mean.  She is so against lesbians and gay men that she literally thinks it is something evil to be one of us.  That shows her homophobia.  Filing some kind of fake restraining order to keep herself protected, from what?  Nobody is allowed to hurt you because you are a lesbian...there are laws.

Missy Pissy on the other hand is also hiding from something.  Drugs are an escape for many people.  It's one of those things that you learn when you sober up.  Aging is a natural part of being human.  I understand the need to feel energized, but if you are sick and not taking the correct medications to keep you well, meth is not the answer.  It's isn't a cure all.  In fact, studies have shown that people that use meth for as long as Lori has, especially with needles, have the body of an old person...failing to work over time.

Something that all of the victims know about Lori is how evil and mean that drugs make her.  She's like some old woman that bitches about everything to everyone like she is married to them.  Neither one of these two women are happy people.  They are both two miserable girls that can't seem to understand that life on life's terms is the most peaceful that you can get.

Come on ladies, running a drug dealing business into your fifties isn't sexy.  It's pathetic.  You need to plan for your retirement.  You can't possibly thing that 20 something suppliers are going to want to deal with some mean old woman do you?

I've known many drug dealers in my time, I'm not ashamed to say it either.  Many of them were really nice people in a really difficult situation.  None of them were 50 plus year old women.  You two girls are a bit to crotchety to be "cool enough" to deal with.  Nobody wants to buy drugs from grandma aged woman that wants to know about their sex lives.   It's like buying drugs from your grandmother who isn't nice.

Then there is the constant gay porn playing.  Come on Lori, nobody wants to see that.

The same goes for Brian LaFond too.  Nobody wants to see you strutting around in your see through camouflage tights with a prosthetic hiding your junk.  It's time that the two of you hear the brutal truth.  What you two are doing is sad.  It's so sad to think that inside you think you are 20, but outside you look 70.  It's just not what you think it looks or sounds like.  The whole hot dog video with Christopher sitting there watching is like grandma porn.  Sick and not necessary.  You really aren't what you think you are any longer.  The time has come to pass the torch to someone else Lori and I don't mean pretending that you are some kind of sex kitten either.  We all know your voice and your constant "Amos and Andy" old old old school way of talking.  Nobody wants to see that.

The LaFond children lost their nest egg and now they are trying to regain it in their old age.  Sad state of affairs in Palm Springs, where 75 is the new 20.

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