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I just wanted everyone to realize that we are in a difficult position when Lori starts to get her anger up. She threatens her roommates and we're suppose to protect as many people as we can. How can we do that if they won't go to the hospital for treatment because Lori has her hand on their throats? This situations is about self worth as much as it is about electronic harassment. How can you make people value themselves more if they can't even take care of their own health? This is something that the victims of this crime have been dealing with for years. Now it is the very criminals that are starving, freezing and near homelessness. I'm not proud of that, but I do think it is fitting. For years fear ruled the gay community with AIDS and "Lisa" AIDS and "Lisa" are costing Lisa and AIDS. Love yourself, hate
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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Taking Lori To Court...This Week Is Going To Be Epic!

If Riverside District Attorney wants to know why the Palm Springs Police Department has so many problems with the gay community I've got a few names for him:  Jeffrey Katzenberg and Lori LaFond.

This is Mike Hestrin, he's the Riverside County District Attorney and he's about to learn more about what's going on in this district than he ever imagined.  Landmark wouldn't be the word for finding out what Jeffrey Katzenberg did for the criminals in this investigation.  He and his son, Benjamin, can be held responsible for the continuation of a crime that has lasted since the late 1980's.

I have the warrant to take Lori to court with and this week I will begin the process of ending Jeffrey Katzenberg's career.  You see I'm not going to give in to terrorism of any kind.  I won't allow a billionaire to continue to hunt me down and steal from me.  He's already embarked on a campaign of obstruction and, if need be, I'll explain that Jonathan Mendenhall knows all about it.  So does his mother and father.  Turning the parents of the victims of this crime against Jeffrey is a simple task.  All you have to do is ask him what he's done for me and what he's done TO me.

Lori LaFond, I'll say the name over and over again because I'm ready to show everyone what kind of person she really is.  Not the person that Jeff is letting her become with his campaign of "silence and torture" using his girlfriend Missy Pissy as the heavy.

What I'm willing to tell the district attorney about is a rape investigation that went nowhere after DNA evidence was found then later discarded for a fake DNA report emailed to the police chief after he showed me the first real one.  What I am willing to show the district attorney is absolute proof that Lori LaFond defrauded the City of La Quinta into a restraining order with absolutely no jurisdiction and the lengths that Jeffrey Katzenberg went to keep witnesses from testifying on my behalf.  His advice to the victim of a faked death was to "lay low" not, come forward and tell the truth.  That is a crime.

His advice to another victim/informant for the police, "don't say anything".  Christopher's silence is a bribe everyone.  He has direct evidence of Lori LaFond interfering with a police investigation and stalking me.  Jeffrey's advice, "Don't help Kevin."

Not only am I willing to tell him about the break in at his wife's home that insurance paid for, I'm going to teach him how, when he found out the truth, he decided not to tell anyone about the break in.  The man is a human wrecking ball.  The insurance payout is fraud.  The insurance company should be investigating this crime of break in at his home and the rape of his son...but nobody's doing that because Jeffrey has some fantasy about his son and my boyfriend...together.  He's a sick fuck.

I am not the least bit afraid of this man.  I know he's got so many problems because of his relationship with these criminals.  Never once did he try to help the victims of this crime, instead he tried to cover it all up.  I call it "torture for hire" and it has been going on for far too long.  Jeffrey is a problem for the victims of this crime, not the answer.  Neither is his son.  I would be remiss if I misled any of you to believe otherwise.  You can't trust either of them or his wife.  I don't want anyone to believe that because he is some kind of lauded "humanitarian", his actions are anything but.  He'll save the rich and desirable, but the poor gay men that Lori destroyed?  He serves them up like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lori's fantasies and Jeffrey's greed go hand in hand.  He's a meddling father that thinks of only his own reputation. She's a meddling would be fag hag with the same problem.  What he's done to mine is nothing short of slander. She's no different, but I have a boyfriend that isn't allowed to tell anyone. This man literally refuses to let the district attorney see the DNA report that the police didn't consider and he threatens anyone that does.  Others have it too, but Jeff has an iron fist that he slams down every time someone wants to do anything but help Missy and David hurt my family.

Now it is time to part ways with the man that everyone knows said he would help me, but decided to do anything but that.  Back stabbing and hypocritical behavior from the man that everyone in Hollywood touts sobriety and family as two of his values. This same man took part in a plan to stalk and plant drugs on three vacationers that work for the police department.  Isn't he a miracle of humanity?  I think not.  This isn't Hollywood and I'm not looking for a part in his movie.  I don't need a father going around telling everyone to "trust me", when all he's done is the exact opposite to all of my friends.  Nobody should ever trust this man.  I don't and neither should any of you.

Lest any of you out there think that I am afraid of Jeffrey or Lori, think again.  I know that what I've been put through was a diabolical plan by a crazed father and an even more obsessed killer.  Jeffrey's need to put fear in me, on a daily basis, is overwhelming.  His even more great need to stick Christopher into the mix is sadistic and cruel.  The man is the male counterpart to Lori's female character that earned her the title of urban legend.  This man didn't help me...he tried any and everything to put me in jail or have me killed.  Thinking all the time that he has some kind of shield with Christopher helping his wife.  It's sick what a man would do for a film project, but that's the kind of asshole we are dealing with.  His own son recruited to steal this investigation from me.

Sad the level of low that a person will sink to, isn't it.  Going after a widowed single mother who hates drugs, he targeted my sister for fraud.  This is the same man that is some kind of Hollywood humanitarian.  He isn't humane...he's god damn Hitler.  Instead of going after the Jews, he's helping to target the gays in a manner that makes me sick.  He can't continue to hurt me and get away with it either.  I'm ready to battle in court and I don't lose there.

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