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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's Time For A Second Opinion To Be Rendered Dr. Elmore: Jonathan Has The Number To Call

Dr. Alicia Elmore,

I am giving my permission for you to call my N.P. at the D.A.P, Matt Moran to give him your evaluation of the MRI results that are in the possession of you family for Kevin L. Bond.  These are given to you as a second opinion for your evaluation as to the extent of my injuries on the dates of the MRI's for consideration as to my disability.  Today, I received a call from someone from the San Diego SSDI looking for information.  Jonathan has the number.  It is important that they receive a call from you or Laurie will have someone call and pretend to be you.  (619) 278 1456 was the number that I received the call from.  She is looking for information about the extent of my disability.  Some of it has to do with the HIV and bacterial pneumonia that I have had two times since being infected.  Both times the infections put me in the hospital.

Since then I was raped and beaten. The results are the MRI's that you have seen and evaluated.  Matt Moran referred me to a neurologist for further evaluation but I could not afford to go to the appointment because of the theft of money from my saving's account.  Jeffrey and Marilyn would not let me have any of the money from my account to keep the appointment referral.  This is now a huge issue with disability since it would have established that I have further disabilities since the initial determination with the pneumonia.  Jeffrey's refusal to get this information into the correct hands in a timely manner has cut off my SSDI benefits now for a very long time.  This is such a disaster.  I need someone to look at these MRI results and tell SSDI the truth about the extent of the injuries.  If there are any medical professionals out there that can render these kinds of disability claims I need them to be done immediately.  Jeffrey won't allow them to be made in earnest.  I can't survive without them.

Cutting off my SSDI was part of the plan that Jeffrey, Missy, David and Bessie came up with a long time ago and it takes away my ability to get HIV meds.   Jeffrey is relentless in not allowing me medical coverage through other insurances either.  There is now way that I can continue to earn a living with his tyrannical way of keeping me from being employed and not allowing me to make any kind of living for myself.  His game of "going for broke" and Rich Man/Poor Man is deadly.  He clearly has a homicidal agenda or I would, at the very least, be employed by now.

I am not asking for some kind of illegal finding.  I simply want the SSDI to know the true extent of my injuries.  If there is anyone out there that calls this number and lies, then you will be considered an accessory to an attempted murder, which is what this is.  There is already a DNA report that shows both Laurie and Brian's DNA and there is no reason to get involved.  Why put yourself on a telephone call that is recorded and monitored when you don't have to?  Do not get involved in this game.  Only someone with the ability to talk to SSDI and make a true finding should even fathom to do this.  I have the right to these benefits and worked very hard to earn them.  Jeffrey has no right to keep them from me.  Laura Duffy should understand that I am seeking a first and second opinion right away on this MRI as they have never been evaluated because of Missy, Jeffrey's former employee!

This situation is ridiculous.  Jonathan's sister is qualified to make this kind of finding and so are her colleagues.  This should be done and it needs to be done for other victims that have similar injuries too.  Barbara went through the same kind of situation at that same hospital and we need to have doctors held responsible for not looking at these MRI's properly.  No more mistakes can be made!! 

If anyone is found to contact this agency without my expressed permission...they will be prosecuted as an accessory to an attempted murder....maybe two if you count the shooting of a federal officer in San Diego in this case?  Who wants to make the call for Laurie and Brian now?  Is it worth it???

Kevin Bond

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