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I just wanted everyone to realize that we are in a difficult position when Lori starts to get her anger up. She threatens her roommates and we're suppose to protect as many people as we can. How can we do that if they won't go to the hospital for treatment because Lori has her hand on their throats? This situations is about self worth as much as it is about electronic harassment. How can you make people value themselves more if they can't even take care of their own health? This is something that the victims of this crime have been dealing with for years. Now it is the very criminals that are starving, freezing and near homelessness. I'm not proud of that, but I do think it is fitting. For years fear ruled the gay community with AIDS and "Lisa" AIDS and "Lisa" are costing Lisa and AIDS. Love yourself, hate
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Three Stranded HIV Virus vs. Four Stranded HIV Virus: What We Are Learning About The Blue Widow and The Green Widow

I was challenged at Sonoma State University by several doctors in the electronic harassment arena to come up with a way to solve this crime without using traditional methods.  With that in mind I developed a simple plan that has been used for ages..."get the word out".  I put up flyers, looked online, talked to friends and found out that most of the victims in our area shared some same characteristics. Most were gay men...but there are gay and straight women too...not many.  The gay men were online on gay web hookup sites like or  Most of them heard the voices of two men and one really evil woman that used several different identities...Victoria, Lisa, Sheree, Barbara, Tracy, Sara and others...but the voice and message were the same.  "I work for the are a target...and you are infected with HIV".

With that in mind...the numbers were staggering.  500 plus gay men and maybe more were implanted in our area.  All of the women seemed to focus around the Gentlemen's Club on Perez Road...and the number one feature was that they were infected with the HIV virus and other STD's.  

Lots has changed since the early days...I know that I was being gang stalked since 1987...and that I tested positive for HIV then too...that meant I was like the with that...we've done some work that others could not.  We've isolated the viruses and had them genetically decoded in a very very respectable lab...and what we found was is important.

Something different happened when they compared the BLUE DNA STRAND WITH THE GREEN STRAND...THEY MATCHED IN A LOT OF PLACES...EXCEPT IN GENDER...THE BLUE WAS A WOMAN...BUT THE GREEN WAS A CLOSELY RELATED MALE...A BROTHER AND SISTER WITH HIV VIRUSES.  The sister having infected the brother according to the chain!!!

In my research most of the people that are hearing voices and are electronically harassed are not familiar with anyone that could have infected them at the time that they converted from negative to positive.  Gay men are especially astounded at being infected by a woman as are straight women.  Impossible is what you hear mostly but when you consider that a chip was placed inside of their skin just above the temple without them's not a difficult leap.  In some cases men and women know that they were sexually assaulted...bite marks, anal bleeding, vaginal bleeding...and, as in my case, we also develop Hepatitis C. exposures that we fight off...which is unique.  It would appear that the "freshness" of the blood has something to do with it.  If blood was carried in a syringe with appears that the Hep C...dies off and you are exposed but fight it off.  If the Hep C is freshly drawn and injected anally or through a needle...then some victims go on to have both Hep C Virus and HIV virus...both of which are no longer deadly if treated...

Here's the kicker would appear that the Hep C virus also carries the Blue Widow signature and the Green Widow signature independently and what we are dealing with here is a brother and sister with active HIV and Hep C...both infecting people...creating three classes of victims.  Substitute the word Hep C for HIV...and the same thing occurs.

Here's the Model:

There is good news and bad news with this discovery. The good news is that my team is taking HIV meds and Hep C meds that will managed the HIV to undetectable levels in all strands so if you are Blue, Green or Blue and are going to be fine if you are on med.  Hep C, if caught early enough is now 90% curable in these cases too.. 
So in other words, if you know you are are going to be okay.

The bad news is that both Laurie and Brian stole my HIV meds for about a month supply...which likely means that the two of them were taking them for themselves...that can mutate the viral strand and make the virus resistant to the meds that I was taking...if they've stolen others, then they may become resistant to other meds available...there are many therapies for HIV...learning what your strands are resistant to is critical.

Haphazardly taking other people's HIV medication could severely mutate the Blue and Green strands of this virus...making it resistant to treatment...leading to AIDS and eventually opportunistic infections...then death.

The other bad news are the children that have been infected or adults that haven't been tested that wouldn't otherwise have any idea that they've been exposed to the HIV strands...or Hep C strands...which would allow them to progress with the diseases to the point where these targets die when it could be prevented.  This is why it is so important to find the children in those kiddie porn videos and have them treated...left untreated they will begin a cycle of infection without even knowing they have the disease.

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