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Two days off were not peaceful, they were full of Lori screaming and acting like an idiot. Tonight we we will look at how she controls everyone around her by using her mouth and meth. The entire time I've been telling her to stop talking to me, she's been getting more and more convinced that someone will save her. You can't save a person from herself. She will find a way to get attention if it means destroying everything and everyone else. It is quite interesting to hear how she controls her nasty group of friends.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

What He's Done Can't Ever Be Fixed

What Jeffrey has done, as most of you that listen know, has given Laurie nothing but endless fuel to continue to be a cunt for the rest of her life.  He's given her so much confidence to cunt on, that she won't ever stop interfering now that it's remarkable that he won't ever be forgiven for it.  Consequently, I will never accept an apology from him, the Clerk of that Court, his son, his wife or anyone that lives in that fucking house where Benjamin is living.  They all knew what he did would mean the end of my friendships with them...and they all knew that Jeffrey was going to do it.  They knew that he had been planning to sabotage me for years and years, but who he did it for is the most hateful and sickening person I could ever imagine.  I hate that fucking cunt and I hate her brother more than any two people in this universe for what they have done to my family since I was nine.  For Jeffrey to have done this to my family knowing what he knows she and he have done, will alway make me think that he is Hitler reborn.

There is no excuse for this man to live.

He has no soul worth saving.  He has no kind of moral anything.  His mother was completely right about him.  He isn't a human being, he's absolutely made out of ice.  Nobody on this planet should ever meet him without knowing that he knew every single detail about what Laurie and Brian have done to hurt my family and what he did to entertain them even more when he took this job away to hurt my family again!  This pig of a man is so lacking in any human quality that people should spit on him the second that they see him with his wife.  Nobody should ever greet him or talk to him without telling him that they are ashamed of his filthy life.  He isn't capable of the kinds of awards people have bestowed upon him and shouldn't ever be recognized as any kind of humanitarian.  He's what you think of when you think of scum floating in a gutter.  Nobody should ever thank him for anything again.

When he called to take away the job I wanted more than anything, he did it out of earshot so that nobody would hear him, because he knew what a shitty thing it was to do.  When he came back he acted like he was happy that he'd taken it away.  He spent days pretending like he hadn't.  He acted like my mom and dad would be happy if I got it, knowing I wouldn't because of him.  He acted like my sister would be thrilled and told her so, knowing that he'd ruined it for me and still had my finances stolen.  He sat near that shit head Christopher and pretended like he gave a did that asshole Christopher.  Neither gives a shit about my future, just their own.  My health insurance papers still rotting away after three years...still sitting there without my signature prepared by my friend, but signed by Christopher.  That asshole signed for himself, but I'm not allowed.  You see, what this is, is Jeffrey being Hitler.

What he's done can't be can't be gotten over.  He wants me in prison.  He thinks I deserve that after forty years of torture from the girl that gave his son HIV.  It apparently is my fault that Jeffrey couldn't keep him safe.  Jeffrey's guilt is vindictive...he points it at me...I guess his arms aren't long enough to point at himself.  When you are a shit father, you tend to look for anyone but you.

You ruined my life and now you want Laurie to take it...are you proud Jeff?

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