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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Laurie's Ridiculous Ten Year Formula: The Answer Is "No" Jeffrey and Marilyn

Laurie has had this theory for so long that it makes me sick.  She honestly believes that after ten years of sobriety that I will always turn back to drugs if my life is miserable enough.  Um, that's not going to happen no matter how many times she and Missy Pissy turn to Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife to make it that way.  It makes me sick to think that these two parents would go to such lengths to try to ruin my life now that everything that I've worked for has been better.  I won't ever let Laurie use her drugs to stop me or anyone else again.

I won't even allow my car to be parked outside anywhere so that her brother can slash my tires again or so that my car can be loaded up again with drugs.  This is something that Brian has done to Jonathan Mendenhall before and has done to Anthony Dabiere before.  They've loaded up homes and cars with drugs and had both of them arrested.  In the past this is what Missy Pissy and the siblings have done to keep their drug dealing safe.  Jonathan Mendenhall was sent to jail for drugs planted in his car and Laurie called Nick Andre who arrested him outside of a home.  The cop knew right where they were and didn't even search the rest of the truck for any more drugs.  Anthony Dabiere was set up at a home where drugs were planted and took the fall for all of them when the co-defendant disappeared in that case.  Missy Pissy and the siblings have done this for years.  They did this to Steven Frey too...GHB found in his home dropped off his charges when he threatened to tell the police that Laurie planted it there.

Planting drugs is what Jeffrey is planning with Missy Pissy and the siblings do.  Now there is one thing that concerns me Jeffrey...didn't your pal David do this to YOUR family and try to get your home located??? Isn't this concerning you?

This is how you get in trouble Jeff, don't put me in the line of fire and help these four out now by calling the courthouse and getting jobs taken away.  This is the oldest trick in the book.  Turn and burn.  Still feel like helping your friends??? Listerene bottles with your fingerprints on them?

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