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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hey Brian, Maybe Your Cell Phone Needs Some Glasses, It Looks Like You Lost All Your Contacts!!!


You kind of have to know what Laurie and Brian do to understand how amazing it is to have captured the "Cell Phone From Hell" that contains all the information that we've been looking for.  Oh, there are others, there are at least three other phones of similar quality that have been used over the years depending upon where I've been living and who else Laurie and Brian have been stalking, but this one is the most recent and "in the middle" of their current spree of stalking.  Email addresses, phone numbers, names, addresses, text messages, photos, threats...this cell phone has all kinds of information and a serial number that will show lots of illegal phone portability swapping of numbers used by the siblings over the years.

One thing that we have not been interested in, but police probably are, is the drug clientèle that are on the phone.  I've never been a big fan of drug dealing informant work.  It's not something that I do.  Spread the word.  I don't like the way that Laurie tries to make me look and it isn't something that I would do.  I am a recovering addict and would never do that.  I've been sober for many many years and don't like the whole game.  I've had to be very open about my informant work because of the nature of Laurie's tattle taling and frankly I won't do drug informant work.  What Laurie and Brian do with drugs and their customers isn't of my concern.  What they do to try to hurt other people with drugs is my concern.  If they are trading drugs for crimes against people, then I have a problem.

What treasures await us inside of this cell phone?  You can only imagine the kinds of things that Laurie and Brian have been using this for in the past.  The only phone left to confiscate is the Verizon Droid phone with all of the City of Palm Springs' email access on it.   She can't really use it anyway now that there isn't a cell phone number attached to it and we already know the serial number and ip address used to falsify messages from Chief Reyes and others from it.  It's simply ridiculous for Laurie and Brian to pretend any longer that they haven't terrorized an entire community for years.  Chief Reyes should have come forward long ago and told the City Council about the breach in security.  I know that I've let them know about it.  For the police and the City Council to have kept this a secret from the public for this long is ridiculous.  The breach is dangerous and illegal.  It could have cost the City of Palm Spring millions of dollars and tons of private information.

The cost to the victims of crime alone will be shown in the future.  My own screwed up DNA report will be proof enough to the public that a rapist with this kind of access to the police email system can wreak havoc with a criminal case.  My own privacy and family safety was completely breached as a victim and as an informant.

So much time has passed for so many victims simply because Laurie could pretend to be almost any officer at that precinct.  This is a modern world we live in.  Email is a part of real life.  Access to phones and emails in the hands of a terrorist organization that can pretend to be officers of the law can give criminals a huge advantage over their victims.  In this case it gave them everything they ever needed.  We got nothing.  Misinformation and disinformation found its way on to television, in to newspapers, on to DNA reports and into our own families.  Criminals playing police officers has destroyed the fabric of our Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in this community without them even knowing it.  Our parents had no idea what was going on.

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