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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Going Around Jeffrey's Inability To Have Missy Pissy And David Arrested...It's Quite Simple

When a person is arrested they are represented by an attorney in the courtroom.  In the Sedona time frame, I am assuming that a defense attorney represented Brian in the Tuscon area when he was arrested earlier in the week and two different attorneys represented the siblings at their bail hearing in what I imagine is the Yavapai Superior Court.  Superior court would have handled this matter in Sedona, Arizona because the city sits on the border of two counties.  One county houses the Municipal court for lower court matters and Superior Courts handle more serious criminal matters and matters involving higher amounts of money.  In the case of Laurie and Brian, the Superior court for Sedona would have been in Yavapai Superior Court.

So you have two different defense attorney and a prosecuting attorney.  Here's the thing.  At their arraignment the judge heard what the pair was charged with and the prosecutor told the judge what they were looking at.  He or she then suggested a bail or detention based on flight or danger to the community.  Then the two defense attorneys argued against detention or suggested a lower bail and the judge made up his or her mind as to the conditions.  Apparently detention was not ordered which is odd since the pair were from out of state, but, it would seem that an extraordinary amount of care went into detaining them within Arizona.  GPS monitoring and a very high bail as well as a local address appears to have been requested.  I think that may have been suggested, I don't know.  In my experience, this kind of case with out of state defendants would not really get a bail...unless there was a lot of security for the bond...

The sureties for the bond seems odd to me.  One surety for each bond seems odd.  Usually two or more signatures on a bond is ordered so that a defendant has two people that are responsible to the court for the court to hold responsible for the defendant.  It seems odd to me that there is only one per defendant.  In federal court, mostly two signatures and a lot of cash or corporate surety is required.  The court does not like having only one surety per defendant because one surety can slip out of sight, two are much easier to track down.   They usually have to give up family members and relatives too.  So there is no possible way that Missy Pissy either used her real information or used her real information and made the mistake of using family members of other people that didn't know she was using them.  One signature to secure the return to court of someone with the kinds of charges that I've heard were charged?  Sounds very strange.

I'm starting to doubt the arrests at all.  The siblings have been known to lie all the time to make themselves look like bigger criminals than they are.  It's also very frustrating to lots of people that they have committed crimes against.  My gut feeling is that something there happened.  I know that they were there...I know that they were definitely doing illegal things.  I know that there is a very high possibility that something horrible happened and I know that they followed me there, which is a there is that.  What else happened?  Who knows, that information has been purposefully kept from me and law enforcement in California and the federal government.  It should have been reported to the feds if children from here were involved and if there was child porn material that was manufactured.  That is the law.

Moving on.  If there was a crime committed in Sedona, Arizona and you were either a victim or a witness, I am definitely one of them as a police informant stalked there on vacation, it would behoove you to find out who their attorneys are and who the prosecutor is.  You need to let them know the true identity of the defendants and the true identities of the sureties and as much information as you can give the prosecutor about their whereabouts, their family, what they are doing here, what you know about them, a contact person for the Morongo Sheriff and any other information that you have about them.  It is their defense attorney's job to have their surety and their defendant brought back to answer to the court for what has happened.  The surety living with the defendant committing the crime of drug dealing isn't should be told to the court.  Come on!  This isn't rocket science.  That isn't allowed.

I'm no longer playing this game of catch me if you can.  This is your life too...if you don't want to catch Laurie and Brian, then you can suffer the rest of your lives too.

I'm over this baby shit.

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