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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What Jeffrey Doesn't Want The Neurologist To See From The E.R. Visit The Nights After My Rape...Missy Put A Stop To This Crushed Skull!!!

My brain was stretched to the absolute limits of my skull in the days after the bludgeoning of my head with a Coke bottle in my sleep.  You can see very few places where my brain isn't at the absolute limit of the skull's capacity.  This is extremely abnormal.  The pressure on my head at this point was excruciating and take a look at my you see how it is now broken?  I've never broken my nose, and what once was straight is now pretty much bent to the side as if I'd been punched in the face or hit on top of the can see from the front of my face that there is a huge crack right down the front of my forehead.  Once call from Missy Pissy, Jeffrey's personal assistant, to the radiology lab, and none of this was even diagnosed by the doctor on duty.  They never even looked at the MRI.  It was dismissed and someone showed me an xray of a healthy skull in the emergency room.  I was sent home with my head just about to split open...literally.  In a few more days, it would.

This is like one of those "when you see it, it will shock you" pictures. MRI's have to be looked at closely by untrained eyes, but professionals should never have missed my kind of injuries.  Look "deeper" into the skull area of my MRI image.  See the surface of the skull and look where the arrows are.  When you see the ground of my skull, you will see what really looks like a surface that was like cement hit by a sledge hammer with pieces and fragments from the top of my skull all the way down to lines on the side of my head.  Look close at first then you will see the fractures.  It's very painful!

Frontal view from the first visit to the E.R. you see the split down my forehead then the broken nose and my teeth dislodged.  One of my teeth would later fall out and Laurie would end up with it in her apartment which was recovered after she abandoned it in LaPalme.  Very sick.  You can see here that I still had them on Sept 9 2007 but by the time I am arrested in October, the tooth is missing in my mug shot, but Laurie has it after that.

A few days later my brain is so swollen that it has now pushed the broken pieces of my skull to the point where they have split my skull to make room for my expanding brain.  It hurts so badly now that I have to go back to the E.R. because my head is exploding.  Missy Pissy is ready again to call the E.R. to tell them that nothing is wrong with me and  Laurie is ready to call the police and tell them not to send a police officer to take my rape report and bloody clothing that was brought to the hospital when I told them about the sexual assault.  By now my memory of the events was clear enough and I'd heard enough from Laurie and Brian to know that it was in fact a rape in Steven's home.

You can see from this picture that my head was literally splitting open.  The picture above shows that my brain was literally about to come out of my ear canals.  Look to the left and right on the sides of my head.  I can remember barely being able to hear out of one ear at the time and not knowing why.

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