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I feel icky today. It's the kind of feeling I get when I've spent too much time thinking something is going to work without me doing it myself. I do not like what is transpiring with Lori and her 5 friends in that shooting gallery of a home that they live in. There is an overwhelming feeling of depression and loneliness. Lori always thinks that means that I'm about to use drugs, I'm obviously not. There is a really big part of me that needs to know something is going on besides my efforts. You all may know better, but I do not and I'm tired of this bitch constantly acting superior to everyone else. This is not how you handle an investigation...I don't know how else to tell these people. You don't sacrifice one person for any amount of other people. Start playing like a team've got to do better.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

What Do Michelle Carter and Laurie LaTalksTooMuch Have In Common? Involuntary Manslaughter Apparently!

When my friend, Tim, hung himself while his boyfriend was outside the locked door looking through the window while he was doing it, trying to get in, Tim was listening to Laurie telling him to do it.  Laurie had sent a needle full of dope over to Tim's home with his name written on it and started screaming at him to kill himself.  She had been telling him all kinds of stories that pushed him over the edge until he finally snapped.  He ran into the garage conversion, locked the door, and proceeded to hang himself while his boyfriend tried to stop him.  He was dead before he could get inside.

Laurie told him to "have a nice life" while he was hanging the life out of him, feet dangling off the floor.

I think of Tim often while I fight this crime.  Tim left a suicide not and an empty syringe of dirty drugs with his name written on it in Laurie's handwriting.

On the record that we have of Laurie's conversations with Tim, you can see that suicide was something that she communicated with Tim about. She certainly was not trying to stop him.

Today in a Massachusetts court of law, Michelle Carter, whose boyfriend committed suicide after she encouraged him to go through with it in text messages she sent to him, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.  I think that was appropriate given that she could easily have saved his life knowing his mental state instead of encouraging him to take it.  There was certainly time to have made that call.  Like Laurie, pushing the buttons of an already disturbed person, taking advantage of a clearly damaged mental state so that the bomb will explode does, indeed have something to do with the final instigator.  She needs to be held accountable.  She was his girlfriend.

Like Laurie.  She remains the instigator of the problems that almost all of these victims have.  She starts and continues the problems in these men and women's lives until their lives are unlivable then acts like suicide is their own choice...that's not true.  She is the main source of their pain and suffering with her brother.  Taking away all of their love and support.  Once that is all gone they have nothing...when some turn to suicide she pushes them until they want to die...then she practically hands them a gun or a needle full of dirty drugs...then they go crazy and hang themselves.  Laurie is responsible.  Read the suicide note.

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