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Friday, June 23, 2017

Sedona Police: Having Problems With A Positive Identification? Let Me Help You...

Well, it would appear that there are several ways to identify Little Miss Big Mouth and her brother who were arrested in Sedona, Arizona over the period of the week that they followed me and my friends in March of 2010.  I've told you before that some of my friends unknowingly gave her a ride there before she ditched them on the way to Phoenix.  You can see from the picture on the front of this blog that there is someone that is with this same group of friends in Sedona at that very same time.  It has been on the front of this blog because after Sedona she filed a restraining order against me while I was investigating this case.  That restraining order bears her real name though it isn't where she really works.  Another woman with the same name works there.

If the Sedona Police want to know the Real true name of the woman with them in the picture, I would suggest looking up a complaint that these women probably filed with them for the residence that was rented.  They are looking for a complaint filed by Margaret Hoy, Robin Schnelling and Tracy Hatcher during that period in March.  The woman that they are complaining against is the same woman that is a fugitive that gave a false name to them when she was arrested for the lewd pictures taken of the boys in that same home.  Also, I am aware that my high school class ring and possibly my high school yearbook may have been left in that home and was taken in as evidence.  My ring, a Josten's ring, silver with a Peridot stone has the number 44 on it with my name KEVIN on the side with a basketball and my own signature in cursive inside of it.  This ring was stolen from me in Palm Springs.  The yearbook was stolen from my parent's home and probably has my name inside of it.  This woman and her brother, also arrested, were there to stalk me as a police informant in the case against them.  Drug dealing, manufacturing and child porn are some of the elements of that crime...rape and knock out drugs are also involved in the Palm Springs area.

Contacting any of the above women will afford the Sedona Police or U.S. Marshal with the true name of the suspect whom is a fugitive.  You need to be certain that she will always produce a fake id and say she works for law enforcement or deny that she is who she is.  Fingerprints, DNA or a visual confirmation from people related to her or people like these women that went to high school with her should confirm her identity.  I too can confirm her identity.  Mug shots should do it for them too.

I believe that Ms. Hoy has had both suspects prosecuted here for the theft of some of the things stolen from her in that area and two false names were given.  She can probably locate both of the suspects again.  Convictions were gained under two more false names...

As for the Palm Springs Police Department, it has come to my attention that "Lisa" using this system, told members of the PSPD that she would be "out of town" and "working on a case in Sedona, Arizona" for a period of time.  Rae Fernandez and other officers were told that her "services" would not be available but that they could still contact her...this is because they were still angry with Laurie but she had just been cleared by Chief Reyes with a fake DNA report from the DOJ labs.  As you know the first DNA report from my rape identified two suspects, but when the police failed to find the REAL suspects...then found out that it was likely Laurie and Brian...a false DNA report was generated and Laurie was set free and the police cut her another break so that she could follow me to Arizona.  The timing was almost the same exact day as our trip.

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