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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Like Father, Like Son: Dad and Son Katzenberg Spent Ten Years and Thousands of Dollars Paying For Laurie To Live Near Me and Torture Me!

You do realize that most crimes are the product of a critical thinker solving them right?  People call them "conspiracy theorists" and others call them something else.  I have the broken skull, HIV and bullet hole in my car door to prove it.  I also have the arrests without convictions and the dead friends that aren't dead to prove it too.  I have the cop that was "married to" the suspect...I have the money that never existed but did...I have the mother and son that follow me to Sedona with the rapists' girlfriend....the disappearing friends and the bombing at the front of the courthouse doors.

Today I want you all to ponder something before I write about it.  Do you honestly think that Jeffrey Katzenberg and his father didn't pay for a place for Laurie and Brian to live, use the internet, use drugs and torture me for ten years and didn't know they were paying?  Would you have paid for a place for Osama Bin Laden to live just so you could keep and eye on him while he flew planes into buildings?  The truth is going to surprise you.   Jeffrey and his father did, indeed,  pay for the home, dangerously close to my own family members, so that he could watch her torture me....and maybe find out some information.  Torture for tattle...Laurie's dream job.

It is apparently clear now that Jeffrey and his father along with his wife and son, organized and used this remote neural monitoring in a way that is excruciatingly criminal.  Instead of the agreement that I made with his family, they did the complete opposite and pretended for years (nearly a decade) to act like they were working with myself and law enforcement to stop this crime.  They weren't.  Rather than follow the law, Jeffrey did what Laurie did, and stalked my family and our finances until he and his friends could take as much advantage of us as he could.  Who would find out?  In the middle of nowhere, Hollywood's Hitler decided upon a life of alleged crimes including child pornography, drug manufacturing, murder and rape.  Instead of using the tools that law enforcement has in place to stop such things, Mr. Wonderco. decided to break the law in so many places it's hard to find the line he didn't cross for his then "live in lesbian lover" Missy Pissy.  When I say "lover" I mean non sexual...he just loved everything she did.  If he didn't, then why didn't he say something about it?

Let me tell you all about something that the victims of this crime have heard about for years...most of you know this as the "I'll pay you back" promise.  This is Christopher's prostitution role with this crime.  Not your typical prostitute, which would have been better sex for me, he's an emotional prostitute.  His mother always thought he should be an actor and coming to California, working for the Katzenbergs provided him with an option for a career.   The Colton Haynes of crime.  You know the guy that moves here with a dream and gets a break then Marilyn Katzenberg puts you in a movie.  Gay but acceptable enough to put in a movie.  That kind.  The kind that most people will accept because he's a good enough actor or, in Christopher's case, because he'll do anything that Jeffrey asks (get out the knee pads or just borrow David's old ones).  He'll run around and pretend that he loves me for Jeffrey's sake so that if Jeffrey should end up getting sued, he can be with me to steal it back for him.  That's the old, prostitute with a halo bullshit.  I could never trust him now.  There is no way.  If you know him and you think it isn't true ask him one single question.  What did you ever do to help Kevin?  The answer won't surprise you...because it is "nothing".  Not one fucking thing.  You see when your mom wants you to be a star, you'll do just about anything she asks.

An emotional prostitute that has apparently said something about "being in love" with me to my sister, but I doubt that's true too.  He hasn't done anything but rob Jonathan' mother's home, steal a bike, hit a man in the face and go to prison for it.  Just what he fucking deserved.  His mother, on the other hand, asked me to watch out for him here.  I think that job was completed.  Here's a question for Marie Monti.  Why, after YOU ASKED ME to keep an eye out for you and keep you informed, did you not call me when you got here to tell me my job was over?  Why didn't you have your fucking son call me and tell me he was out of jail?  Instead of joining Jeffrey and Marilyn's criminal enterprise, why didn't you tell me yourself that the job was over?  It's over now.

Instead, the rumor is that Marie, moved her grandkids here and set them up in a beautiful home in San Diego after they paid their dues at Jeffrey's son's home.  They went for their training and were taught how to shut their mouths while they took full advantage of me and my family, just like grandma.  Now the whole Monti clan has moved out into the area to become Christopher's entourage.  Guess canceled.  I have news for your entire family.  Your son, brother, uncle is a dip shit fuck headed loser.  He's not going to benefit from the proceeds of this or any crime.  I hope you all understand the position that he's put you in.  He and I don't love each other...he loves money, himself and Jeffrey.  Christopher is nothing more than a future plant to ruin more of my life.  He's nothing to me.  I've heard this plan so many times now I can't even be bothered with him.  I could never trust him.  Never.  I know he's just here for the money.   Guess what asshole, there isn't any for you.  Go away.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard Laurie and Missy plot out something like this, just in case, right girls?

Want to know something else?  How sick is it that Jeffrey would actually hire my former police contact from the PSPD?  Is that not suspicious behavior or what?  Then he hired someone else that use to be a friend of mine?  Two cops involved in this crime that can do anything they want to keep me from finding justice.  One in Palm Springs and two from San Diego.  Dirty fucking cops again.  Three people paid to obstruct justice for the victims of this crime.  What's the difference between hiring retired police officers with current connections with both of those departments and implanting officers and getting them promotions from the arrests gained from this crime?  Nothing.  They are both illegal and both are criminal actions.  Quid pro quo.  You do this for me and I'll pay you.  Let me ask the two police officers from San Diego a question..."Did you tell your police chief or the U.S. Attorney that Laurie and her brother conspired to kill me in San Diego, dear friend?"  No...why is that?  Because you are paid not to.

Two San Diego cops, neither of which is interested in any kind of justice for the victim of the shooting that I was the victim of, working for Jeffrey.  Both connected well enough to keep me from finding justice and both in a position to receive drug information about the San Diego victims.  Pass it along and be regarded.  This is another criminal network of police and criminals.

Jeffrey and his father...boy there's a relationship to admire.  After Jeffrey's mother died, the pair did something amazing.  They started funneling money to Laurie and Brian so that they could pay for the home that they still live in.  Playing dumb, Marilyn has only a few questions to answer about what she knew.  It is alleged that the manufacturing of GHB was taking place in the home that Jeffrey was paying for, so he told them that they couldn't do it there.  It is further alleged that after Sedona, Arizona the food color stained GHB was being manufactured in Laurie's family's home somewhere else.  Now why would two drug manufacturers go somewhere else to make their drug when they have never done that before.  It's because of Jeffrey's interest in that home.  Why did Jeffrey have a say in that Marilyn?  If he knew that drugs were being manufactured in a home, then why didn't he tell the local drug cops?  In fact, what Jeffrey tried to do was move this illegal manufacturing of drugs into the home of what appears to be the victim of a biological homicide.  Did someone out there get bacterial pneumonia and die because drugs were being manufactured in that home?  If so, Jeffrey is guilty of negligent homicide.

Then there is Miss Barbara.  It has come to my attention that the two women that bailed out Brian LaTweeker under a fictitious name were Missy Pissy and Laurie.  Now this bail was very very high.  Those of you that know what bail is like it is usually a 10% cash deposit for the amount set by the judge after a court hearing to swear to the legitimacy of the two people putting up the money.  First of all Brian is Laurie's brother, unless his last name is "Ek" then Laurie did not identify herself as his sister.  Big big lie. Second, the pair swore in court to the identity of the defendant and their relationship to him.  The cash, according to my theory, came from one Jeffrey Katzenberg or perhaps his father.  This is a fraudulent way to post bail and it is illegal.  The girls would have had to show that they had money in excess of the bail.  So if the bail was say $80,000 with 10% down, they both would have had to combine their cash to $8,000 in bills and show that they had, in their bank accounts, combined or separately, of $72,000.  Now I ask Missy Pissy's mother, has your daughter ever had $72,000 in her bank account?  Not even after a lap dance with Jeffrey did that ever happen.

But there is more.  Two sureties are used in a case like this to ensure that this defendant will show up in court.  Both women knew and told Jeffrey that he would never have to go back knowing that he'd used a fake name.  Fake name means no way to find him right?  Wrong.  He was fingerprinted, photographed and DNA swabbed.  So no matter what name he used, he's still the shithead that was arrested and didn't  come back.  Here's where the story gets even more ugly.  Both sureties, Missy Pissy and let's call Laurie, "Jessica Christine Ek", have to produce driver's licenses.  Both California and both bearing the address of one Barbara from Catherdral City Cove.  Same address means roommates of Barbara's.   One employed by Barbara's father for a person and one that is the sister of Brian.  Clearly, without any explanation, Barbara has now been associated with the two women and Jeffrey that have bailed out Brian.  This is really interesting to me because, now it has come to my attention that the truck used in my driveby shooting in San Diego, was also Barbara's.  So now I have Barbara's two roommates and her truck following me around Arizona and San Diego in an attempt to kill me.  But it gets worse still.

Before Anthony and Jonathan left on the trip to Arizona, and in the days leading up to it, Barbara prepared Anthony and Jonathan for Laurie and Brian's ambush of me.  Mind you, she didn't tell me a word and wouldn't let either of them say anything to me before, during or afterwards.  In other words she led me right into an ambush...and didn't say anything about it.  Neither did Jonathan or Anthony.  Both managed to lead me into a death trap, steal $600 of the $900 that I took and both never said another word to me about it.  Then Laurie got arrested and her brother and Missy Pissy pulled another bail scam with Jeffrey.  Now I want you all to know something.  I don't trust any of them.  Here's the kicker.

Where do you think that Barbara is living now?  Better yet, who do you think moved into the home I was thrown out of?  Well, the answer to the first question is Barbara moved to San Diego with Mrs. Mendenhall...a gift of love and kindness or as I call it, a bribe.  Who moved into the home that I was "required to be thrown out of"?  Well that is rumored to be a friend or relative of Barbara's from is anyone out there seeing that Barbara is threatening me and my life?  She's doing every single thing that Jeffrey and his wife required.  Throwing me out of my home, taking away all of my friends and telling them to hide this evidence.  Not telling the truth about her truck being used in my drive by shooting...what the fuck seems to be your problem Barbara?

Is anyone out there seeing a pattern here?  I sure am.  I'm seeing Alice Mendenhall bribing people for silence.  It's either that or she's saving them from the imminent danger that Tracy, Barbara, Jonathan, Anthony and Mrs. Monti all felt like they were in from...Jeffrey?  Missy Pissy, Brian and Laurie?  David?  Guess what folks, they all live five minutes from my home and have for nine fucking years and the above, "in fear for their lives" people, never said a single solitary word to me about one single thing.  That's a crime, Alice.  You and your son are involved in a fraudulent death that hasn't been properly reported.  Anthony and Jonathan have warrants for their arrest.  Furthermore they both watched while Laurie conspired to commit the crime of impersonation of a City of La Quinta employee.  She filed a restraining order that was bogus and she then had "her friends at the court" break the federal stay and have a warrant issued against me.  This is also a crime Jonathan and Anthony, Barbara and Tracy, Mrs. Monti and Alice.  You literally told these witnesses to say nothing while Laurie tried to put ME IN JAIL, AGAIN... while you planned your escape to San Diego. How cute.

Now Anthony and Jonathan will tell you that they have to watch out for everything that Laurie does so that THEIR family won't get hurt, but in the process they both sat around and watch while Laurie and Jeffrey destroyed my life.  There is a law against that all of you new San Diego's the worst thing you could ever do.  You are foolish if you think that isn't what you did for Laurie.  To protect your slimy little selves...and where was Christopher?  In a jail cell for a while, but soon to be talked to by Jonathan and Barbara.  Why not ruin my life some more for your safety Jonathan?

You see this isn't a casual observation of what Laurie is doing to protect themselves, it is a full on attack of me and my family.  Thanks mostly to Jeffrey and his father's money.  You see if Jeffrey uses his dad's money, it is funneled through Missy Pissy without raising too many eyebrows.   This is a full on attack of me.  I did all this work to help Jonathan, Anthony and Christopher and they sold me out.  Jeffrey Katzenberg has promised the moon and the stars to these people and that he "would help me" to at least one of my family members...but you know what? If he can get me arrested before hand, then he has an excuse not to...isn't that cute?

Now Alice Mendenhall is hanging all the evidence that I FOUND in that storage locker of her son's over my head.  I went all the way to San Diego to get this information and Jonathan's mother has the gall to sit around on this evidence and tell people that she's a good person for having hidden these witnesses and fugitives for years.  Her own son dead...or sort of a plot that involved Jonathan's own sister, a doctor, from Michigan.  How cute these parents are...committing crimes all over the fucking place instead of following the law!  You know this isn't without absolute disgust for this situation knowing that most of these people have known since 2003 that Brian and Laurie plotted to kill me and had me shot at.  This cost me everything in my entire life...but that doesn't seem to matter to Barbara or Jonathan, as long as they get what they want, breaking the law all over the place.  Leading me into an ambush in Arizona that only they knew about.    Jeffrey even sent his wife, son, Missy Pissy and David to help...bail out child molesters and his son's own rapist.  Isn't he a god among men?

This whole set up ambush in Arizona was supposed to be a gift to Anthony and Jonathan.  A "thank you" for helping me, relaxing vacation away from all of this shit.  Instead, they turned it into a fucking nightmare...they stole from me and they continued to meet with Laurie and Brian on a regular basis during the trip.  A check of their cell phones will show everyone that Anthony and Jonathan both spent time in the home that was rented where drugs were being manufactured and neither has ever been charged.  Neither of them has ever been held accountable for their negligence and their leading of a police informant into a wolf's den.  I barely made it home after the money that they both stole from me and neither has ever even uttered a thank you and you know why that is?  Because Barbara, Jeffrey, Marilyn and Missy Pissy had a plan to get rid of me.  Once and for all.   I was led to North Scotsdale the first night that Jonathan got there so that Brian could load up my car with drugs....unfortunately he got lost and arrested in Marilyn's car.  Yes, folks, she even donated her stolen car to this crime.  If she didn't then why didn't Brian get arrested for stealing that car?  Why hasn't Jeffrey prosecuted him for it?  It's so fucking sick and dirty what these two parents did to me that now I wouldn't trust a fucking one of them.

Yes folks, years before I went to Arizona, I filmed and photographed Marilyn Katzenberg's stolen car sitting in the parking space, #74 at the La Palme complex in Palm Springs, apparently after it had been stolen.  I put it on this blog and his own son knew I found it.  Instead of telling the police or finding the car there, Jeffrey did nothing, but Laurie did.  I tried to have a restraining order put on Steven's sister that had texted me a message...Steven was the suspect in my rape case and she wasn't very nice.  I filed it, had it served and instead of the police chief staying out of a civil matter, he came to the court and admonished me on the court record for a woman that wasn't the resident of that apartment.  The service, as I know it to be, was legal.  Same apartment as the apartment that Laurie left in a shambles.  So now, the Chief of Police is telling me that I can't protect myself...and Jeffrey did nothing!

You see, this is a criminal organization.  Jeffrey is a criminal.  His wife is a criminal.  This network is illegal and the people that he has paid off use to be witnesses.  What he has done is obstruct justice for my shooting and my rape in favor of a career in drug dealing and child's sad.   Now I'm not saying that he, himself, is a child pornographer...he just bails them out of jail.  What's worse?

There is no hope for the criminals involved in this crime because they are all hateful bitches that think of themselves.  They are wealthy ladder climbing fools.   I don't need to do anything more than have Laurie arrested for her "workplace violence" restraining order lies to have her singing like a fucking bird.  The difficulty ahead is really all Jeffrey's and he still has my $27,000 that he stole from my saving's account.  Now I don't know about any of you, but does any of that sound like he was "protecting me"?  Did any of these assholes ever do that?  No.  What they did was engage in further criminal enterprises with a wealthy man and his wife.  She's a thief and she's a fool.

To anyone else that is interested and isn't puking their guts out because of the dirty underhanded tactics of Jeffrey Katzenberg, I want to tell you something.  I have been a victim of this crime since I was 19.  I am an honest person that will never bend the law like Bryan Anderson or any of Jeffrey's friends.  My family has already suffered one death because of this system...I will never help him.  I won't do anything to help his lousy wife or Christopher or any of the rest of these fools.  You follow the law and you do what you are suppose to do and you stay out of trouble.  I am not that informant.  I want to work for the government...there has never been anything but hate from all of these people towards me.  Fuck you all for trying to tell me to "join you", not that you ever did,  in this charade.  I am not a terrorist.  I am an American man, gay, proud and unwilling to lie or compromise my morals.  Jeffrey is a bullshitting liar.  He's practically thrown out of Hollywood.  You know why?  Because everyone there knows what a slime bag he truly is.  Now he can choke on his own lies.  I won't help him, his wife or his son.  Not one single "good faith effort" was ever made in my direction by any of these people. Not a single one.  Nothing.

I wouldn't help a less deserving group of pigs if my life depended on it.  I hope that when the law catches up to you, I'm sitting there with a smile on my face and telling you, "I don't know what you are talking about, Jonathan".

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