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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Way Too Much Responsibility For One Man Alone: Sledgehammering A Victim

Last night and this morning with Laurie has been nothing short of the old "Peter DiMartino" Days.  She is recklessly shooting off her mouth and testing the boundaries of every single person that knows what she has done in the past.  She has let loose on a tirade of threats like I haven't seen since the brutal rape at Steven Frey's home.  It's nothing less than a bloody sledgehammering of my mind and body with threat after threat coming from her brother's ideas and her great big fucking mouth.

This is what happens when a psychopath goes nuts with a microphone and a disease of death and destruction.  Every single word out of her mouth is about hurting me or a family member with disease or arrests and I'm frankly telling all of you that I'm ashamed that none of you have stepped up to stop her the way you should have.  Now, if you are listening to her, you know what she is really like.  This is vintage Laurie and Brian and this is what she was like when she was in Palm Springs.  Now do you understand the depth of her depravity?  I think it is kind of obvious that she wants blood and destruction.  I won't be another part of her scheme.  I want out of this place immediately.  I will find a way out.  Jeffrey and his plan to steal my money and escape route will be over as soon as I can get to my alternate plan to expose his negligence.  That's coming in the form of Arizona bond paperwork.

When you combing unlimited unrestricted drug use with a diseased and infected sociopath and a forty year obsession that says, "Just give me one family to play with," you have handed her a fantasy that no one man should have to fight all alone.  That's the gift Jeffrey and Marilyn handed to me.  There isn't any relief from the brother and sister killing machine that nobody wants around their own families, but I'll be damned if Jeffrey won't hand her my family as a burnt offering every single solitary time.  He's done it for nearly a decade and I'm not amused by his constant interference in the legal system.  He's got no reason to target my family this way.

Something wicked this way comes...I can feel it and Jeffrey and Marilyn are ignoring it as best they can.  What I want to know is how they get away with not prosecuting crimes that they reported to their insurance company when they found out, conclusively, whom was responsible for the break in at their home and the circumstances behind it.  To not follow through is an insurance scam and negligent in the deaths of anyone that might die in the course of time that it took to put the burglars in jail.  If there was poison in their food or bedding at that home, how in the world did these parents keep from prosecuting these two siblings.   From what I have heard there are even pictures of the pair there.  What more does this man plan to do to my family for some kind of revenge for his lost career?  I had nothing to do with what he's been through.  He made bad choices and bad decisions and now he wants to clean that up with a clandestine relationship with the criminals that caused it.  I'm not apologizing for forty years of torture, Jeff.  You prolonged this situation for this very moment and now that you don't like the turn that it has taken you seem to think that your best option, just like the PSPD, is to let the monsters loose on society.  That's not how you handle terrorists or extortionists.  You prosecute them for the crimes and explain your position.  This isn't how an adult handles a problem. 

We have children here.  The children of a dead man and their children...what in the world are you thinking?  This isn't about me, it's about how much damage this girl can cause to a family that never had anything to do with her.  It isn't a secret.  It isn't some kind of off the wall theory.  You know what she's done and you have failed this desert community in reporting it now for the better part of a decade.  Putting her in a position of limitless power that you, yourself, handed to her on a silver platter.  I don't find any of this amusing and I certainly don't find it to be legal.

You little friend David has serious problems and he's trying to solve them with career destruction and shoplifting accusations...does that make any sense to any of you?  I'm telling you this.  There isn't a person on this Earth that understands the severity of this situation better than I do.  I've stood by and watched while Jonathan was made to look dead in obituaries in newspapers where his parents lived.  I've seen Christopher jailed for a bicycle theft for a year and a half.  You continue to act like she isn't capable of creating a lie big enough to cause a problem large enough to make people angry, but there are two parents that know far too well what your negligence cost them.  Marie Monti and Alice Mendenhall are not impressed with the way you handle this situation.  I may mean nothing to you, that may be true, but to their kids, I am everything that they needed.  You and Marilyn are not the kind of people that do anything for anyone else's children.  We get that.  You don't care and you don't have to.  I understand that there is no law against bad parenting skills.  There is however a law against terrorism and negligence and what you have participated in goes far beyond "staying out of it".  You've participated in the destruction of police informant work now for a decade.  Nobody need believe you care.  We understand you don't have to.

The help that you give these criminals is prosecutable.  A free pass on reported crimes to your insurance is all we need for you to be indicted.  You have to understand that your obligation does include the crimes that they commit when you let them go and watch their every move for your own safety.  There is such thing as the public safety that you have failed to consider.  This has gone on far too long for you to turn up your snobbish nose to this crime.  You can afford to not care.  We hear you.  You can afford to not give a shit.  We can't.  We aren't here to protect your kid and fuck everyone else in the meantime.  There is no quid pro quo law, for sure....but there is such a thing as negligence and negligent homicide and someone died because of your actions in Sedona, Arizona and I'm not willing to say it didn't.

You can't change that by threatening me or putting me in jail or keeping me from getting a job.  These little baby things mean nothing compared to the intentional death of Shawn Parrish, a dear friend that knew all about this crime because I told him about it.  Before he died, I told him about Laurie and Brian and you knew it.  His death wasn't caused by my actions, it was caused because of Laurie and Brian's, but you were negligent in your decision to not help me stop it.  I will tell his mother and brother everything I know about it too.  I will not let his death go.  I will never let you say that these two could not have been stopped but for your actions and the advice of Missy Pissy.

I've lost many friends to this crime of remote neural monitoring because too many people sat back and watched me fight while they did nothing.  This isn't just my fight.  It is everyone's fight against terrorism.  If you've heard today's tirade directed at me, you know what it is like trying to help people that won't help me.  Jeffrey has taken every single person that was willing to help me and turned them into unhelpful observers and that isn't going to go unpunished.

Here's the problem with all of you parents that trust Jeffrey and Marilyn so much in the past.  This investigation is a huge river of problems.  How do you cross a river?  Do you put all of the evidence on your back and try to jump across all at once?  No!  You will never get across that way.  You will drown in a sea of false explanations and a lifetime of "why didn't you follow the laws?"  The way to cross a river safely is by putting one stepping stone in front of another.  You put on a safety vest. You tie a rope around yourself.  You test each stone for trustworthiness and you confidently move across.  You don't have the luxury and money to build a huge expansion bridge.  It takes way too much time and way too much water passes by.  That water represents the lives of other people.  Every single drop of it is another person's finances, life and other family members.  You can't afford to wait while the entire river passes you by.

You have to lay the foundation and step safely across with the evidence you have as you go.  This means that when Laurie and Brian commit a crime and there is evidence of that crime that can be prosecuted, that crime is presented to a law enforcement officer or a prosecutor.  This ensures safe passage.  You take it step by step by step until you are safely across the river.  You don't have the luxury of building a ship or a bridge with all the evidence on your back because too much water goes by.  To stop this from happening you slow the river with the rocks that you put in place to slow the river down.  Step with confidence and evidence.  This whole problem is caused by people not going forward in a timely manner.  That is what the law requires.  If you don't you will be swept away with lies and deception and the lives of the river people will drown you.

There have been way too many of you hiding and hoping for success without the kind of work it takes to stop this river from drowning the City of Palm Springs and now where I live.  It's only a matter of time now before another community loses more people to this crime.  You can't afford to be swept up in all of the side streams and corridors that present themselves.  You have evidence, you use it.  You have to understand that when someone like me has come forward like I have, you have little time left to make those decisions.  I know who Laurie is and I know what she's done and so do you.  If you fail this crossing, you will drown in that river of other peoples' lives because the river of lives is much stronger than any one of you.

I've been adrift on a life raft that I built with friends a long time in this river and nobody came back to help.  I've paddled and paddled and now everyone tells me that I have to do all of this on my own.  I don't.  I will survive because of the work I've done.  That I'm certain of.  Will you?

Today's exchanges between Laurie, Brian and myself remind me of the days leading up to the horrible gay bashing I suffered.  I know when she is completely gone on drugs.  She's lost it again.  For whatever reason she thinks that threatening my family is going to won't.  I know she has to be very careful now.  My mom and dad know there's a woman calling around and keeping me from being employed.  My mom knows my saving's account went missing and there is a lot of money gone and that I'm not responsible for it.  My other family member knows where it went.  I'm trying my best to become employed but even that is something that Laurie is testing by threatening to talk to employees that she should neither know or talk about...these employees are the kind that should never be spoken of on this system.   They are highly suspect for people to follow, contact or do anything with.  It reminds me of being stalked as an employee for the U.S. Department of Justice.  Here's a hint for you operators, never stalk a federal employee.  Don't contact them, don't pretend to be one and never follow them or photograph them.  If you want to be included in the shooting involving Laurie and the above.  Other than that, you have been so warned

Laurie and Jeffrey seem to be concerned with me leaving this area.  That has me terrified for my life and the lives of my family members.  Now that Laurie has embarked on a campaign of telling people that she is going to use her "diseases" to accomplish more sickness, I'm aware that she isn't going to stop.  I've been hospitalize before because of this and I know what she is like.

She's got this thing about paying a visit to my family too.  It won't work.  If she ever comes near my family again, I will be the first person to have her restrained and arrested for it.  She is not welcome near any member of my family and if anyone in the world comes near me again with a story about how wonderful she is, they are going to find out that I will have them listed as a possible defendant for police informant harassment.  She is facebooking and trying to find anyone she can...she's been doing this to try to enforce her authority again.  I'm not impressed with her or Jeffrey again.  Playing drug dealer with me is a really bad career choice in this area.

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