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Friday, May 12, 2017

Ten Year Reunion Picture: Proves Laurie Was Stalking Me In San Diego

This is not my 10 Year Reunion Picture...If You Want To Know Why, Read The Story Below!

You all know how these things go.  Ten years after you graduate from high school, you are busy with your life and you are expected to go to your ten year high school reunion.  In 1996, ten years after I graduated from high school, I was working for the U.S. District Court and I was really busy with my career.  I didn't have any plans to go to my high school reunion and, as is usually the case, I started getting phone calls from everyone asking me to come.  Of course, Laurie was behind it all.  She knew that after ten years of following me around she would finally get her chance to spread around the rumor that I was gay and that I had HIV to everyone in my entire high school class all at once.  There were several problems though.

Laurie, number one, could not attend this reunion as it was scheduled to be held aboard the Marine Corps Base in Twenty-nine Palms at the Officer's Club and Laurie is banned from the military base for life because of her behavior.  She's been banned from all military bases after pushing the General's son in front of a moving car in high school and other various and sundry things that she has done.  She's basically a lunatic that nobody allows aboard a military installation.  The U.S. Attorney should take note that the U.S. Government has already thrown her family off of the M.G.A.C.C. in Twentynine Palms because of Laurie's short, she's crazy.

The second problem is that my high school girlfriend is a lesbian so that took some of the steam out of Laurie's "story telling".  She was bringing her girlfriend.  The third thing was that I was already out to most of my friends that mattered anyways so I didn't really give a shit.  Laurie is one of those dramatic storytellers that thinks that she has something to tell at everyone's high school reunions...and she's done it at my ten year, twenty year and most recently at my thirty year reunion, if you can believe that...she just never you Laurie?

At any rate, there was a photo taken at my ten year reunion and I wanted a copy of it. Since I was in the photo and I was already implanted with this chip, I gave my money and my address and they sent it to me.  Laurie had it forwarded to her address as soon as it was sent.  She probably called my best friend and asked when he was going to have it mailed.  The mailing and the envelope was found in her possession the first mailing.  Since I never got the first one, I spent some time and waited a year or two and called my best friend and told him to sent me another one.  I gave him a new address to my new apartment, the one I lived in right before I was shot at in San Diego.  That picture and envelope ended up in Laurie's possession in Palm Springs but stolen from my mailbox in San Diego.  This happened a few months before my shooting.  This proves that Laurie was stalking me before the shooting occurred.

I have still never, to this day, seen this photograph.  It has been sent to me twice, to two different addresses in San Diego from 29 Palms and I've never received it.  Laurie ended up with both of them. Now you go and explain how she knew where I lived in two different places and got both of them and I didn't?

She is a raving lunatic.   She wasn't even in my high school class.

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