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Monday, May 29, 2017

Mapping Out A Strategy Against Remote Neural Monitoring and Laurie: Perhaps We Need To Show A Flow

It has occurred to me that, perhaps, my legal thinking is a bit too "experienced" to explain how easy this prosecution will be to the lay reader and I need to be very clear that there is no reason that we can't get this job finished without having anyone in trouble.

For years, the problem with my investigation has been communication and a break down of what I need people to do to have this path cleared so that Laurie and Brian understand that their "system" has now caved in upon itself.  There has been an implosion of aggressive behavior that can, in no way, endanger our witnesses, if properly handled.  In other words, we have a win/win situation now and I want to show everyone what we need them to do to prepare.  I can do this on my own, but it is aggressive towards people that I don't think need to be approached aggressively.  Now that I've given everyone a night to think about it, why would anyone want to choose anything but this safe route to freedom?

I have put together the perfect prosecution for this crime on both the state and federal levels, but this can be done with relative ease on all of the witnesses with the evidence that is factual and easily obtained.

I believe that there has been a "fear factor" that might have existed with some of these witnesses that isn't necessary.  There are many ways to go about this prosecution without any kind of danger to the integrity of what we can produce.  This is important because evidence of a crime should be presented safely to the proper authorities.

Here is what I propose for the team members that have had some difficulty with this idea.

Here is what we have and what we know we can do.

Factually, we know that I was shot while working for the United States Department of Justice.  This would bring this to the jurisdiction of the Southern District of California, but at this time, the crime was reported to the San Diego Police Department making it a State of California issue.   That's not a problem either way.

What we have factually is the police report from the night of the shooting.  We know that because of that shooting I sought help from an EAP counselor.  I've seen several attorneys about how that was handled with the Southern District Court.  Two of those meetings resulted in the admission from me to these attorneys that my boss, at the time, W. Samuel Hamrick, told me, "I have people watching you everywhere."  This created a fear factor for me in 2003.  All of this is factual through Lisa Damiani, Jami Ferrara (her father too) and possibly Kristen Churchill.  This was truthful and was a statement made to me by my Clerk of Court.

I resigned my position because I could no longer ensure the safety of the employees of the Southern District Court and because I knew that someone had been breaking into my home and drugging me.

In this situation we would need to show any evidence that shows Brian in my apartment, photographs, a yearbook or any other conversations via text or otherwise that would show stalking of federal employees during this period.  We would be looking for someone that was sitting with Laurie and Brian during this period watching this, phone numbers of street level people.  Apartment manager, Yvonne Wylie, Craig Hopkins...these are extra witnesses.

What we are showing here is this, the shooting was the result of stalking and that there exists contact between Laurie and my boss.  We could use text messages on the phones or anything that shows that Laurie and Brian were in receipt of information about me or my friends at the federal court during my employment.

One of the statements made in the "workplace violence" restraining order filed by Lori LaFond,  was that she didn't know anything about me since high school.  This is in dispute...anything that she had of mine or told people about that would disprove this would be recommended.

So the fact is that there was a reported shooting to the PSPD, a witness to that crime from that morning, a bullet was found (or fragment), the vehicle was an American made truck with a camper shell silver in color with a blacked out back window, the admission from the Clerk of Court was told to at least two different attorneys.  I have written diaries about the stalking before the shooting too.

So why is this important?  Let me walk you through this part.  I resigned my position with the federal court because of the safety factor for the court and because I believed that, because my apartment was being broken in to, that there was really no way that I could return to work there under the conditions that were being set by the Clerk himself.  I felt like he had a role in the stalking and that under those circumstances that I could not return there safely.  I also knew a few other things about my own thinking at that time and will explain that to my attorney.  Because of what I was thinking just before the shooting, I knew that someone wanted me back in the Palm Springs area or dead.

Upon resigning my position, I left for the Palm Springs area to live and investigate this crime.  I already knew about the "Legend of Lisa" which was that there was a female drug dealer called "Jessica" whom was known to turn in gay men to the police.  I began telling people immediately that I did not want to meet her and to keep me away from her.

After reacquainting myself with Steven Frey, who was selling drugs, I began hearing these voices and noticed that the technology seemed to revolve around drug dealing and the police.  I knew that this was where this crime had its roots from my initial infection and implantation when I was 19.  After a year or so with Steven, the torture became unbearable at his home.  My parents sought out the help of Bryan Anderson without my knowledge and I interviewed him.  He mentioned the name of Lori LaFond to me and my parents.  He asked me to do informant work for him.  I said not now but that I would think about it.

Two weeks approx. after that I was beaten and raped in Steven's home.  Any and all evidence of that encounter are terrific here.  DNA initial report, DNA second report, any kind of evidence that would show that Laurie and Brian had means and opportunity.  MRI results, "Perspectives postcard"...etc.

Then there were the solicitations for the in total with no convictions.  Names of police officers that had contact with Laurie.  Since there are no convictions for these arrests, there should be solicitations for them.

At this time I would like to suggest that someone look into the DMV database to see how many false identifications or California Driver's licenses have been sent to 573 South Beverly, Palm Springs, Ca. 92264.  We are looking for any and all CDL/Id's sent to this address with a birth date of 7/6/67.  Male and female.  Particularly, I know that there is one for Christopher Monti there.  There could be others for Steven Frey, Kevin Bond, Anthony Dabiere, Jonathan Mendenhall and many others.  This will show a location for the delivery of false id's for Laurie and Brian.  We are looking to show a pattern of friends of mine with false id's attached to this address and Brian LaTweeker.

I know for a fact that before we went to Sedona, Arizona that a CDL was issued for Christopher Monti with the birth date around 7/6/71...this isn't his birthday.  His birthday is 4/16/71 and there is a REAL CDL that was stolen from him when he was raped while visiting there with David Beach.  I know he was with David Beach because Christopher told me that was whom he went there with when he got raped.

At another point, there is contact between Laurie and Brian LaTweeker in Martin's apartment at the same complex where Jonathan Mendehall lived at Tahquitz Creek. This encounter was allegedly video taped in the presence of Christopher, Jonathan, Laurie and Brian.  It is alleged that in this videotape, prior to visiting Sedona, that Laurie admits to knowing that both Christopher and I are "informants for the police"; particularly Bryan Anderson.  This will show that she knows, without a doubt, that she was aware that we were working for the police.  This is important because that restraining order indicates that she isn't aware of that.  She was and so was her brother.

Then, Anthony, Jonathan and I go on our vacation to Sedona, Arizona to the Sedona Summit.  I can show when the reservation was made by my mom.

A photograph on the front of this blog shows three of my friends, at the time of our vacation, showed up with the same woman that filed that restraining order.  That means that Lori LaFond was in Sedona, Arizona at the same time we were there.  Those witnesses can be contacted about that event and what they were told.  If the woman in the video with Christopher and Jonathan is that petitioner, then we know also that she knew I was a police informant and that she was lying to Christopher about "working with the police."  That would mean that the petitioner, once again, lied on that restraining order saying that she only knows Bryan Anderson and no other police officers.

Any evidence of an admission by Laurie that she was in Sedona, Arizona would be preferred.  Texts, phone pings, rental agreements, photos, Jonathan's presence in her home, Anthony's presence in her home (with video allegedly), and any witnesses that can put her there too.  Allegedly David Beach was there and he had his sons with him.  I don't know if this is true, but this is what I've heard.

It is alleged that Brian LaTweeker and Laurie LaTweeker were both arrested during this trip for charges that may involve one of David Beach's kids or both.  Drugs, stolen car, DUI...any evidence of these arrests under the names that they used would be preferred.  Paying particular attention to the birthdates used on the id's that they both gave.  I am aware of two names, but I don't know if they are connected to this.  "Jessica Ek" and "Christopher Meade" were two people I was looking in to.

I've heard that both were bonded out by Missy Pissy and possibly David the Dickhead.

I'm getting to my point now...we need to show, if the evidence show it, that both Laurie and Brian were in Sedona, Arizona.  They knew I was a police informant and that Anthony and Jonathan were with me.

This is important.  The reason is this.  Once the shooting occurred in San Diego, there was the chance that operators knew that Laurie and Brian were involved.  This meant that I was a loose end.  In order to tie up that loose end, I was beaten and raped in Palm Springs, California and was arrested because Laurie needed to "shut me up".  Christopher and I became police informants after our rapes and arrests...when that didn't work, the siblings then followed me, a police informant, and two others, Jonathan Mendenhall (who knew about the shooting and the rape because of his "relationship with Brian and Laurie") and Anthony (whom had just been told about this neural network prior to this trip by Barbara), to "finish the job".  

Getting rid of the three of us would represent the end of people knowing what Brian and Laurie were involved with in San Diego once and for all; not to mention the rape in Steven Frey's home.  Obviously it would have caused more problems, but Missy Pissy and Laurie think that a showing of force puts people in fear for their lives and they won't say anything about it.  Not a good idea.

So the case has two levels of intensity and jurisdiction.  Myself as a stalked federal employee and as a stalked police informant for the Palm Springs Police Department.  Anthony and Jonathan were employed by me in these investigations.  Thus the three of us are a problem for Laurie and Brian on two legal levels.

Any and all evidence and witnesses to what happened in Sedona, Arizona would then be necessary.

This is what happens.  Factually Lori LaFond is in Sedona, Arizona because of the photographs and witnesses.  When she gets back from that trip, I began questioning whether or not she was there and involved because of what I'd heard there.

Within months she files a "workplace violence" restraining order against me representing herself and the City of LaQuinta.  I thought that to be a bold move knowing that she was obviously in Sedona at the time of my vacation.  Then I read the petition.  There were so many lies in that petition, it made me realize that she was trying to avoid me talking to people about where she had been and who had been there with her.  Anthony disappears.  Jonathan disappears.  Then I don't have the two people that saw her there and had the evidence.

I have a blog at that time called "HateLisa" where I describe the woman that commits this crime of electronic harassment as a woman that "pretends she works for the police department", makes phone calls to people and pretends to be other people, sells drugs, follows me around, tells people that she knows me from high school...and all of a sudden, I know that we have a viable suspect.  There she is in Sedona, Arizona.  The information contained in her petition is weird.  Here is a "workplace violence" restraining order and I don't have any idea where she lives or where she works, it is a complete whitewashing of what was done.  According to this petitioner, she is the victim of "workplace violence" because I am a police informant working on a crime asking if anyone knows where I can find her to eliminate her as a suspect.  Now she's gone overboard and made up a whole bunch of lies.  She says that I spoke to her sister.  I didn't even know she had one.  She misquotes a phone call that I left a message on a machine for the police.  All of the behavior that the petitioner is exhibiting is the same kind of stuff that our female suspect does. Exactly the same.

So now I have evidence of a girl from high school that has a history with me of hating homosexuals, following me on my vacation, with the same girl that she use to harass me with in the picture...and I'm knowing that there is a fit.  The restraining order is full of lies, but the important thing is that she is the girl from high school that is IN THAT PICTURE.  So the person that filed the petition is now not admitting that she was in Sedona at the same time I was there, with some of my friends.  

What I've been told is that the employee for the City of La Quinta was at work during this week long vacation.  Well, one thing is for sure, she can't be in Sedona, Arizona and in La Quinta, California at the same time, so there must be two Lori LaFond's.    The one that works for the City and the one that followed me to Sedona and filed the petition.  Two?  Perhaps a cousin or a niece...all I know is that there is no way the petitioner would have forgotten she was in Sedona, Arizona when I was there because it was all over my blog.  Why would she forget to admit that to her lawyer?

The omissions on that petition are just as critical as what is there.  She fails to admit the things that she tell people about contacting my sister over the years.  She fails to talk about the shooting with my brother in law and her then uncle.  She fails to admit that she has pictures of the bullethole in my cardoor and the blood stained sidewalk. She fails to admit knowing anything about remote neural technology and RFID chip but there is a log of numbers in her handwriting with RFID chip numbers on it, allegedly. All of this information, including witnesses like Anthony and Jonathan could have been used to attack that petition, but then the petitioner has something happen again that is very "Lisa" like.  The commissioner in the restraining order ignores a federal stay of the matter and issues the restraining order against me when there was no jurisdiction for him to do that, like the petitioner has a "friend at the courthouse".  The matter was stayed in federal court during the time of the original hearing, this is illegal for him to have made that ruling against me.  This is what "Lisa" does.  Then, something else happens.

Instead of being able to attack that petition for it's legality and the petitioner's presence in Sedona, like I claimed, one of the witnesses, is pronounced dead online and I start getting emails from Anthony confirming this death.  The two people with me on my vacation are now either dead or confirming the death...and unavailable.  Then something else happens without my knowledge, the district attorney issues a warrant for my arrest arising from the restraining order for a misdemeanor complaint that I was not made aware of.  This is also "Lisa" like.  All of which is done in the name of Lori LaFond.  Now my spidey sense is ringing off the hook.   Not only is this woman lying and getting rulings that can't be legal, she's doing it in her name and my witnesses are dead or missing.

Then something else happens.  Christopher Monti is put in jail for a year and a half because of a story told by a woman that uses my dead cat's name and lies about the arrest.  Now the other informant is in jail, one of the witnesses is dead and Anthony is in Los Angeles and unavailable.  All gone.  All the people that are working on this case are gone and it's right after we know that this petitioner was in Sedona, acting very suspiciously.

So here's the whole plan.  I have a warrant for my arrest for a misdemeanor complaint arising from the restraining order.  I have the right to attack that warrant and that restraining order because of the illegal circumstances for which it was issued.  With information about the petitioner's activity in Arizona and her admission to Christopher that she knew I was a police informant we can establish stalking of a police informant.  She will have to admit her true name in court because I will take it to trial, this means any false id that she's given in Arizona will nullify her alias.  That means she can immediately be arrested for any warrant in that area and so can the person that signed off on the bond using that fake name.  So can her brother.

Now I can do much more with the evidence.  I can go to my original attorney and tell her the story about the girl that had me shot at in San Diego and tell her that she followed me to Arizona while working as a police informant.  With that information she can look at the false allegations and illegal issuing of the restraining order despite not working there and her activity in Arizona.  If we can show that she went to Arizona to follow me as a police informant, then she can be arrested and charged in federal court along with her brother.

The additional information in the form of photographs and diaries she left behind can show the stalking of federal employees and that the shooting was a conspiracy that was set up while I was working for the U.S. Department of Justice.  Her contacting of the Clerk of Court after the shooting will show that he was complicit in the stalking and brings up all kinds of federal issues.

Laurie and Brian now have problems in two different places.  Sedona, Arizona and San Diego, California, completely avoiding the pitfalls of the Palm Springs Police Department.

I got convoluted with this and I'm sorry, but you can see easily that attacking the warrant for which there is no solid reason can result in a flow of information that started in Arizona but back tracks all the way to the shooting in San Diego.  This makes it very difficult for Laurie and Brian to continue to harass me.

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