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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I Did Everything Right This Time And It Still Turned Out Wrong Because Of Jeffrey Katzenberg's Meddling

You just know Laurie is going to go crazy with the word "suicide" don't you?  Look everyone you don't really think about faith the way that I do these days.  I think of death as peace.  I looked into my father's eyes again yesterday and saw pure hate.  Not the kind of hate that you see when someone is kinda mad at you, the kind that you see when your father thinks of you like a drug addict.  Not a "plus" but a "minus", less than zero.  A cost, not a benefit.

Jeffrey Katzenberg is determined to make my life meaningless, nothing.  He wants me to be insignificant.  A zero, a less than zero.  He likes that.  For some reason that makes him feel like a man.  I guess when you are as small as he is that makes you feel big.  He's a tiny man with a small heart and without the ideas of other people he's nothing.  Insignificant and unimportant in the scheme of things.  A producer is only as good as other people's ideas.  He has none.  I do.  That's the difference between Jeffrey and me.  I have terrific ideas and I have heart.  He has nothing and no heart.  When this project came along with him and his concubine, David, the drug addicted black sheep child of his friend's family, he saw an opportunity to steal an idea.  A project, called my life.  So he tried his best to find a way to take my life and make it meaningless.  I guess that made him feel like a big man again.  After all, Jeffrey's movies are stale and unimportant.  This project is new, different, unbelievably good and nobody is ever going to deny, original, I should know, it's mine.  Not David's, not Jeffrey's, mine.

Forty years of torture at the hands of a psychotic girl that became obsessed with my family at the tender age of 10 or 11 and decided she would ruin my life for as long as she could.  It's quite simple really.  Then it became about mind reading, HIV infections, revenge, spying and a whole lot of pain.  The total destruction of a family that wants nothing to do with her and knows very little about her, until they find out everything.  It was a story about love and friendship until Jeffrey came along.  Now it's a story about greed and dishonor.  It's a story about betrayal and Hollywood.  It's sad when Jeffrey gets involved because he makes everything about him.  His wife, for her part, became obsessed with hurting me.  Afterall, who would ever believe that the kind and generous, Marilyn Katzenberg would ever hurt a life long AIDS patient that advocates for the afflicted community of Palm Springs that was raped and beaten into submission?

I'm living in a town full of liars.  I can't stay here any longer.  I'm so afraid now that I can't breathe.  Literally, my life is in constant danger.

Remember the job that I interviewed for?  Here's what happened.  Jeffrey has made some deal with his two drug addicted friends, Missy Pissy and David the Dick.  Now that he has them kicked out of his son's home, the two of them moved into Laurie's house.  Now they go over there and talk to Laurie about what Jeffrey wants done to me.  Remember, the three of them stole money from my saving's account together.  $27,000 before they moved.  Then, once Jeffrey agreed to "not give the money back" they were "thrown out".  Now he won't give the money back.  With a laundry list of tasks that Laurie wants to "do to Kevin", Jeffrey has agreed to cross off every one before he will give the money back.  One of them was "get a new job".

I applied for and actually got a job a a Builder's Supply here in town.  Actually, I interviewed for the job and was happy.  I interviewed on a Thursday and was pretty sure the job was mine.  I had to wait until Monday.   Monday came and went, no call.  Then the boss went on vacation.  I called when she got back and still no call back.  Then I went into the store, but was still hopeful.  No call.  Two weeks.  No call.  Three weeks. No call.  My dad went in.  He was pretty sure I would get the job.  No call.  My sister.  No call.  Then I was told I didn't get the job because someone indicated that I would be "leaving town."  Huh???  Apparently, Laurie, called and told them that I was leaving town.  The list is for Laurie to "show Jeffrey what she does to people so they can't work." This way Jeffrey can show prosecutors what Laurie does to victims.  At my expense.  So I don't get a job and my dad is furious with me!  In other words, my dad is furious with me.  Builder's Supply thinks I am an asshole!  Jeffrey fucked with me.  He still has my money.  I can't find a job.  Isn't that funny?  No it isn't!   It's a fucking crime.  I am a police informant and Jeffrey is harassing me!

This "list" is another one of Laurie's scams, as usual.  I've seen this done before.  The money Jeffrey stole to "protect me" is extortion.  If I don't do everything on this list, then I can't have this money back. BULLSHIT!!!  I won't do this for him and I won't do it for her.  I am not going to continue to put up with anything like this kind of extortion of my family!  Marilyn and Jeffrey are participating in a game of extortion that Laurie, David, Missy Pissy and Brian are trying to pass off as some kind of is no game!  I do not play games!  I want to be very clear on this.  Contacting my family members and forcing them to hurt me or prospective employers is harassment of a police informant.  That goes for casinos, restaurants, police officer and everyone else.  Contacting anyone about me or my family is harassment Jeffrey Katzenberg and friends and I intend to have you prosecuted for it.  It was harassment when she talked to M. Katherine Jensen, Esq. from the City of La Quinta and it is harassment now!  It has always been harassment.  This is not going to continue this way.  What I am going to do is have David, Missy, Jeffrey, Marilyn, Brian and anyone else involved prosecuted for participating in this kind of harassment.  I am very familiar with this kind of stalking.  It is highly illegal to use this system to follow me around and take away my opportunity.  Jeffrey is one of the worst offenders of all.  He's done it with many of my friends and I intend to have all of them testify against him.

Text messages sent to my sister, phone calls to my work places that I apply, casinos, everywhere I try to find employment and every friend I have has been done for years and Jeffrey tries to disguise it as some kind of "investigation" when what it really is, is harassment.  Big time harassment.  Looking into my father's bank account is harassment of an informant's family.  I want this man arrested immediately.  He isn't learning about how Laurie is doing things, he's doing them himself.  He's not trying to "understand" Laurie, he's becoming her.  There are 650 examples of what Laurie does in Palm Springs, California, it just takes interviews to figure it out.  Talking to victims.  You don't have to harass a police informant for a live example to do it.  This man is just a sadist looking to get off.

Here's an example for the U.S. Attorney.

When I took Anthony and Jonathan, as a police informant, to Sedona, Arizona, on vacation, I asked Benjamin Katzenberg to follow us because I knew that Laurie was up to something.  I have pictures of her there.  She is there with friends of mine from high school that apparently gave her a ride.  I had just seen them the night before and know the time frame because one of them was in town on vacation from Maine.

While we were there Laurie made contact with both of my friends and had them both brought to the home where she was renting.  Both of these men worked as employees for my informant work.  Anthony was filmed while in her presence.  Jonathan has a picture of a gun to his head while there.  Laurie spoke to both of them about me while there.

Mrs. Katzenberg, Missy Pissy and Benjamin were there and apparently so was the head of Jeffrey's security.  Nobody from Jeffrey's security has ever reported the dangerous situation that they were aware of for the three of us.  Apparently this head of security came over when he learned of the dangerous situation.  Obviously the situation was dangerous for Benjamin and Mrs. Katzenberg but not too dangerous for us.  Why wasn't this reported to the police or the U.S. Attorney?  

This is the kind of situation that Jeffrey does not allow for me.  He doesn't  care because he doesn't want Anthony, Jonathan or myself to be safe. The danger is not real for us but it is for his own family.  I don't think that Laurie was there to kill his wife, she was there to kill us and Jeffrey knew it.  Why wasn't this reported?  Jeffrey has nothing to say but he also wouldn't let Jonathan or Anthony say anything about it when they got back.  Instead he told them he would do it.  He never did and Laurie filed a restraining order against me when she got back.  Huh?  That's right.  His own security let her file this against me knowing that she was there and he did nothing to say she was lying.  Now what kind of security is that?  Now she's calling around and threatening my safety again.  Who is this guy and what is he up to?  I am afraid for my life and Jeffrey is behind it all.  Why isn't he forced to tell the truth Jeff?

What I can say about this situation is that Jeffrey focused all of this attention on me.  He did everything he could to help Laurie make this high school fantasy of hers come true.  She has had nothing but hatred for me, my sister and my father for decades and his flat refusal to prosecute her for what he knows is the robbery of his home has let her loose to try to kill more members of my family.  He's enjoying it.  I think that the cruelty he's showing is beyond comprehension.  I want him to suffer for what he is doing.  I would be wrong in saying that he caused this situation this whole time, but what he's done with it since he got her is amplify it to the point of total horror.  I've never been more afraid than I am right now.  He's wealthy and he's terrifying me.  His complete denial of what he is doing to me is worthy of a sociopath.  His wife is completely useless.  She literally handles nothing.  She's so oblivious to feeling that it's like she on Valium.  She's like some kind of Stepford wife...evil and controlled.  It's sick. 

This man has stolen money from some of Hollywood's most famous actors and actresses in the past.  He's notorious for it.  He's gotten in trouble for it too.  Some of them will tell you about it.  Some of them won't.  It's like a financial casting couch.  If you talk about it, you won't work.  I won't tell you who because it isn't my business to do that, but I do know that he's done it many times in the past and he never gets called on it.  Eventually he has to give it back but the point is, why would a man that has all this money do something like this to people?  He has no reason to take money from people that have earned it.  I earned every single penny of the money that he stole from me.  I earned it making less than minimum wage.  I did it so that Laurie couldn't do what she is doing right now and he knew it.  He took it so he could do what he is doing right now and act like I have to "live off of my parents."  This was planned.  I hate him for it.  Why in the world would someone like Jeffrey do something this stupid?  It's all about control and now he knows what I am thinking.  You don't want to know what I think about him either.  It isn't very nice.  What I will tell you is this.  I won't sign anything that says I won't tell all of you about it.  I will always be truthful and tell you what he did and how he did it.  It is not the job of an informant to lie.  I am not an actor or an aspiring anything.  I am a normal guy that did his job.  I won't hide from a Hollywood producer.  I want my money back, not his.  This isn't an extortion plot.  I want the money I earned.  Not his money.

He is such an asshole about, "He just wants my money."  No, I don't.  I want the money I earned at my job.  Working.  He thinks that everybody wants a piece of his pie.  Not me.  He can kiss my ass.  I think that his family is jaded.  He needs to worry about his own problems with money.  He's sick and wrong.  He thinks that everyone is out to get him.  He's wrong again.  He scammed my family and I never wanted his damn money.  If he tells you differently he is lying and so is his damn wife.

"How much is this gonna cost me," is the first thing that comes out of this cheap assed man's mouth.  You know something Jeff?  If it cost you that much to be a human being or a father, then I'd rather ask someone else.  Don't have kids.  Don't say this is my son.  Don't be proud of your kids.  Don't tell them you love them and don't ask me for my help.  People like you are so fucking tight that they don't deserve nice kids like you have.  Nobody approached you for money besides David and Missy.  You approached me for my money behind my back.   I guess I should have asked you, "How much is THIS GONNA COST ME," when your son asked for MY HELP, right?

You need help Jeffrey.  You need some serious medication and you need to stop working on this crime because apparently the line between criminal and investigator has been crossed.  You are a criminal.  You've stolen my heart, soul and money.  If I am dead by the time people read this, know I blame you for it.  You killed the heart of a champion with your cold brutal hatred for people that wanted to help your son.

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