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Boy did I make Lori mad today...all I had to do was talk about how much I love Christopher to someone from my work! It was like a shockwave delivered to the heart of my stalker. Lori must have some kind of weird thoughts going through her pin head tonight because she is twirling around like Linda Blair's head on a possession victim. What kind of lesbian is in love with a gay man to the point where she freaks out when he talks about his own boyfriend? Lori has some issues with reality and not knowing what it is. I know that Christopher must just cringe when she starts hearing that I don't have any kind of feelings for this high school loser! She's using yearbooks from Junior High School and high school to make up fantasies about some life she never had. I'm considering locking myself in my home again and not coming out. Total Single White Lesbian Female material. Calm down Lori, you've been dumped before...
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Did You Know: How To Pray For a Miracle? I Know I Am...Here's How You Can Too.

You know what is really terrific?  Having Laurie jump up and down like a cheerleader every single time she overhears one of my parents say something negative to me like she is keeping score at a sport's game.  It's like having her own personal cheering section.  Literally, she says, "Finally, someone is doing something for my family" every time my mother or father says something negative to me, which, in my family, comes about every single minute of the day.  This is really pleasant for me Jeffrey, thanks to you and your beautiful wife.  You two are such horrible people.  Satisfying the two of you, Katzenberg parents is not something that is written into the, "getting my saving's account back" contract you entered into with my sister or David with was it?

I'd like to share with all of you that I found something rather amusing today...did you know that there are actually steps you can take to actually "pray for a miracle"?  Yes, on, you can learn how to properly pray for a miracle.

Here's where you go to learn how to pray that Jeffrey and Marilyn leave me alone and give back my money...or as I call it, "a miracle" (you, of course, can insert your own miracle of your own choosing): How To Pray to God For A Miracle

Instead of listening to Laurie spending every second of the day cheering my mom and dad on, wishing me the most negative of luck on everything from my drug addiction to my life, I would rather wish Jeffrey the sense of God entering his life and knowing that if he doesn't wise up, his empire of money will be taken by the federal government and given to the rest of the gay community that he has screwed over for the past ten years.  What I have tried to deal with for the last six month is his ignorance in thinking that his constant judgment of me is more important than what a REAL judge will think of him.  If I have to listen to that bitch cackle at me again today, he will further suffer the penalties that harassing a police informant's family will bring.  Hopeless billionaires don't exist, only lazy ones.

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