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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bail Forfeitures: Who Is Paying For Those Skipped Out On Bails? Who Are The Bondsmen?

When a person is arrested, let's say, Brian LaTweeker, he is arraigned.  Let's say this happened somewhere in Arizona, in March of 2010.  Someone represented him, an appointed defense attorney/public defender and there was a prosecuting attorney present.  This gives us two very good people to talk to.  Who were they?  There was also a presiding judge, who was that judge?

During that proceeding there was a court reporter that sat there and wrote a transcript that we can have access to.  We need to get that transcript ordered and we need a copy of it.  On that transcript we will hear the charges facing Brian, the name that he admitted to, the bail that was set and his next court date...the one that he did not attend.  I want to get that information.  Barbara, can we talk to your father to get that information?  Usually we need to talk to the court reported to get a copy of that transcript ordered.  I want the name of the public defender and the prosecutor in that court that day.  If there is anyone there from pretrial services, we need to see whom that was too.  I want to know everything we can find out.

During his arraignment, Brian entered a not guilty plea as someone else...maybe he gave the name Christopher Mead or someone else.  I do not know.  Once the bail was set, someone, probably his sister had to go to where he was...likely the Pima County Jail area...and post his bail.  Most of you know that only a 10% of the bail is required to bail someone out with a surety that is guaranteed by a signature of someone that can show financial responsibility.   I have a theory about this.  I know that at some point Laurie stole a great deal of money from the Katzenberg kids.  I am assuming this was done with her pretending to be the sister of Benjamin Katzenberg...Laura.  This would mean she would have a Laurie Katzenberg id and a Laura Katzenberg credit card.  This is just a theory.  If Laurie used such and id to secure this kind of bail, this would be someone that would have the kind of credit to secure this kind of bail.  I don't know of a lot of people that Laurie would know at that time that would have that kind of money.  Laurie doesn't have those kinds of resources.  However...the siblings may have had some of the cash that they stole on hand...if the bail was set at $50,000, Laurie would only have to post $5,000 but she would still have to show that she could come up with the rest of the $45,000 if Brian didn't appear.

How could she do this if she didn't pretend to be a real person...not Jessica Ek.  Who did Laurie pretend to be when she signed the bail bond that got her brother out of court and out on bail?  It has to be a real person secured with real property or cash/corporate surety.   I'm thinking cash.  Whom did Laurie pretend to be.  I've heard that she pretended to be her REAL sister, but I don't know that for sure.  Someone has told me before that she uses her real sister's name, but, I've never spoken with her and I don't know who she is.  I never knew she had a sister until a certain restraining order was filed against me and she was listed.  Now, I'm thinking that the reason her sister was listed was to keep me from telling her anything about this.  I probably wouldn't have any way, I don't know her.  I doubt Laurie's had anything good to say about me in decades in the first place.

Here's the thing, someone is out $45,000 in this case.  The court will issue the bond revoked and the bail then goes to the bail bondsman and someone is out the rest of the bail.  Someone is charged the $45,000.  Now I doubt that Laurie's sister would let that happen without saying something about it.  It would then make sense that someone is wondering, out there, who is this person that skipped out on a bail that I didn't sign off on in March of 2010 for a person that I don't know.  My opinion is that whomever it is, might just know Brian and Laurie either through remote neural monitoring or personally...but they don't know the fake name.  So we need to know what the name was that he was arrested under and who signed off on the bond.  Whomever is out the money wants to find Laurie and Brian as badly as I do.  That person is who I want to know.  Find them.

Sureties on bonds have to be examined in court, they have to be told by the court what their responsibilities to the bond is and they have to acknowledge that they know what the responsibilities are and that they will be on the hook if the defendant does not show up for his court dates in the future...they also have to swear to their identity.  There is no way that this was done for Brian by a person, out of state, with any significant ties to him other than his own sister.  There is something significantly wrong here.  There had to be a bail hearing...someone appeared at that bail hearing and the court approved the surety.  The bond was signed and bail was posted.  Who appeared and what did she swear to?  I've heard that this happened to Laurie to...did brother have to do this for sister too?  That was some trip to Sedona, wasn't it?

Let me also add this.  I've been told that the reason that Brian was arrested in the Tuscon area of Phoenix was because he was searching for Jonathan and myself.  We were in North Scotsdale, visiting friends and Brian had a key to my car.  It is my understanding that he wanted to "plant drugs in my car" so that Laurie could call the police and have me arrested in Arizona.  It is true that he had procured a key to my car from my residence in 29 Palms, California after breaking into my trailer while I was living with my parents.  We know that he also wanted to do this when Laurie summoned Anthony to the home that they rented in Sedona, but he was not allowed to leave the home which is allegedly videotaped.  Additionally, I will add that on the day that we were to leave on this trip, my newly procured HIV meds were stolen from the trunk of my car in Cathedral City with the stolen key to my car.  I have been told that the med bottles were found in the home that was rented by Laurie and Brian in Sedona, Arizona.

We can successfully assume that the key to my then Nissan Versa, 2009, was going to be used by Brian when he was arrested and found in the Tuscon area.  That is what I've been told.  I don't know if that is true.  It is one of the theories.

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