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Lori and Brian are going back to "old school" terrorism, for the ninth or tenth time now. Threatening my family, threatening other families and basically trying to convince everyone that nothing in this world can touch the two of them. They have help too, but what we are dealing with is meth addicts. These are the worst that this category has to offer too. They are the lying, stealing, cheating, do anything they can to keep them in drugs kind of meth addicts. They've proven themselves to be nothing short of the worst criminals that Palm Springs had to offer. Missy, David, Lori, Brian, Christian and Leah are all part and parcel of what happened in Palm Springs. Elite dirt bags are still dirt bags.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Katzenberg Moving and Storage: If You Never Ever Want To See Your Loved Ones Again

Every victim of Laurie's knows one thing, sooner or later, she's going to have you thrown out of your home.  She's been doing this for decades.  If she can, she'll use this time to steal all of you possessions.  It's her "favorite way" of stealing things.  It's just like Christmas for her and her brother.  They get to open boxes and see what's inside.  Of course, Laurie gets to keep the nicest things, that end up with blood and crap all over them and Brian gets the second pick.  Third in command can get some scraps too.  The rest of her minions get to pick through your life until there is nothing left.  Eventually you see your clothes being worn by virtually every meth addict in town.

The most recent addition to this game is being played now.  It's the Katzenberg Moving Service.  Now that my boxes are mostly packed and ready to move to wherever I can find some place to live, Laurie wants them put in the garage where she and her brother have a stolen garage door opener.  This way they can load up their white van that they use to move with and take it to their squat house for Christmas Day aka the day Jonathan Mendenhall died!

This time I have evidence for Jonathan, Anthony, Christopher and my team with me that I have collected for years and Jeffrey would love to get his sticky hands on it.  The  lawyers that are representing the people above and myself should be rather concerned now that both my father and mother seem to be pushing an agenda that would get these items stolen for good.  Nobody seems to understand that this evidence is important to this case and needs to reside with the other evidence.  Jeffrey and his friend David seem to want it to get stolen.  I'm not willing to let that happen without, at least, writing about it here.  Laurie and Brian want whatever I've been able to put together since I lost everything to them when I moved in Palm Springs.  Now she wants to steal it all again.  The last time she stole everything I ended up with a pair of shoes, a pair of shorts, my computer and a pair of underwear...that's it.  She stole everything else.  Now everyone here seems to think it is funny that she wants to steal it again.

If it gets stolen this time, I am going to contact the sheriff and local authorities immediately and tell them that I wrote about it before it was stolen.  Laurie and Brian will have been the pair that stole it.  I will have them found and investigated for the theft.  They are constantly telling me that they want to steal it and they have stolen things before and had my sister return them to my father (toolbelt).  I am telling everyone that Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife will know whom stole this and so will his friends David and Missy.  If it gets stolen, Jeffrey and Marilyn should be contacted immediately.

I still don't have my money back and I want it now.  I need it to move and it is putting a huge financial burden on all of us.  I want this done now.

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