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When you hit the end of June through the month of July, you know one's Laurie's Birthday and it is not safe to be a victim of this crime. The text, "I want him dead by my birthday" flashes through my mind like a neon sign and I think to myself, why doesn't anyone understand what that means to me? Um, when that didn't happen and someone follows you for this many years it seems like an unfulfilled fantasy for years...and I can't understand what this is all about. It never ends. Now I'm in the position to keep trying to stop this from happening with a group of parents that continue to not understand. This has been a shooting, a rape at 19 that gave me HIV, another rape at 39 that crushed my skull, then a trip to Sedona to do something sinister where parents said's like everyone is playing a game with no concept of what it means to me and my family. It's sick. My life may be pathetic, but it is still a life. Why?

Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about this crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Lucky Charm: Sometimes You Need Some Luck!

Sometimes you need some luck on your side!

I know I've needed it all my life.  Angels in Heaven or a Guardian Angel here on Earth!  I have Fairy God Lesbians that watch over me and girl do I need them!  It's just one of those things that happens when you lead a charmed life.  What?  You don't think I have a charmed life?  You try getting to 49 years old with Laurie LaMean following you around with her brother the bastard.  Think about how lucky her own mother and sister are!  Those are about the only two other people in the universe that are luckier than I am.

I am fortunate to even have one day here on Earth when she gets this crazy.  To have been here this long is a blessing.  I know that most of you out there are pulling for me and that makes me one of the luckiest men on the planet.  If you could only hear how awful she is lately you would know, she's over the edge and swimming in the deep end of crazy.  Her brother is as methed out as I've ever heard him!  What more can you do but tell people and let them know that you need their help as soon as you can get it?

I pray and hope and try as hard as I can to let you all know that she is crazier now than she has ever been since I've known her and I've known her pretty much longer than anyone that reads this blog.  Her mom knows she's lost it.  Her sister knows she's nuts.  I need the federal prosecutor to get us a warrant and put her in a car so she never bothers anyone else ever again!  We need that internet connection of hers shut off and her communication with the outside world shut down forever.

I have made a pledge to work with the FBI Counterterrorism Unit on anything that they want to know about this kind of domestic terrorism in our area in the San Diego and Southern California area.  My team is ready and willing to do any and everything that they want.  We would love to show you what we've done and we know you will be highly impressed with the work that we have put in for you.  You will find us completely professional and highly cooperative with your offices.  I promise to work as hard or harder than anyone you have ever worked with in the past.  I love this country and I love working with the government.  I've worked with the U.S. Attorney in the past many many times and I am more familiar with the U.S. Justice Department than most informants have ever been.  I am ready whenever you need a competent informant to do this job.

Let me show you what we can do for this country!

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