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Oh she's just been awful lately...thinking that she's in so much control over everyones' families. Little Miss Big Mouth Lori and her friends trying to control everyone and what they have to say about her. I just want you all to know that she isn't controlling anything about me right now. I'm working and it takes a lot of effort at this point to keep a perfect standard with my job and do this project. The investigation into Lori's problems with her system of torture and thievery falls onto the shoulders of Christopher Monti, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall at this point. Look to them to do the job that I can't do at this point...they should be working as hard as ever to bring justice to the masses. I can only do what I can living so close to the Mistress of Hate. Under the current circumstances, I have a family to watch out for and I have to earn a isn't easy with a killer living down the street. These three men are perfectly capable of ruining Lori's life...they should be doing just that. Non-violently, of course...
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Laurie and Junior: Going Postal Using The U.S. Mail For Terrorist Threats

While Jeffrey sits around and counts his money, the rest of us are still trying to cope with the rage that he causes when he doesn't do the job the way he's suppose to do.  He pokes and prods at Laurie then the rest of us have to fend her off without any money because he steals it all.  In a weakened state the rest of us are suppose to fight for his kid and his family.  How in the fuck is this guy getting away with it?  It's like cutting the bull in the bull fight.  He's making the fight so unfair that it's not even fun to watch any more.

At any rate, we move on.

This morning we are hearing that Laurie has penned another hate letter on behalf of herself and her family.  How wonderful.  How she is going to explain that she works for the City of La Quinta again with two witnesses that Jeffrey squirreled away that saw he in Sedona, Arizona, I have no idea?  This is ridiculous.  Where are you Anthony Dabiere and why haven't you told people that you were there and saw this Laurie in Sedona, Arizona with Jonathan there? 

Any attempt by this fraud to try to explain that she isn't stalking me and my friends is therefore worthless.  Sending out a letter in the U.S. Mail is stupid.  It's a threat of violence.  She's a sick individual that follows me around and was heard to say, "They're going to Arizona, but they won't be coming back."  This is ridiculous.  Why hasn't someone contacted this City of La Quinta's attorney and had something happen?  Now this impostor Laurie is starting to attack me and my family again because Jeffrey is dragging his ass again... what the fuck is your problem Jeff???

Jeffrey, do not start shit again!

You can not continue to cause problems for every single person then step back and watch like you did everything you could.  You can't keep instigating problems for my family this way.  You keep saying that "you know" but you and you god damn wife won't do your fucking jobs.   Marilyn are you stupid?  Bryan Anderson get your fucking lily white ass out here and make someone aware that you have a spine!  You can't keep fucking with this case and sitting back while this little bitch maniac goes fucking crazy.  How in the world is this brother of hers making multiple copies of a hate letter to be mailed in the first place?  This is ridiculous.  You can't keep placing my family in the middle of your drama without warning them that this is going to happen.  Does your Chief of Police have a brain???  This is not the way you protect people.  What the fuck is wrong with you???

Incidentally, threats of mailing these kinds of letters is also a crime!!!  That is what I've heard last night and this morning.

What I am continuing to be put through is the ignorant belief that Jeffrey is going to continue to keep my finances in his own back pocket for as long as he feels like it and ruin family financially.  This is going to stop.  I want to have him prosecuted for his continued attempts to extort my family for the protection of his own family by the police.  I am fucking tired of this game that he keeps playing over and over again.  I wanted to work with all of these families and he continues to be the only hold out.  He won't do his job because he's a selfish bastard.

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