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Lori, for lack of a better way of explaining this, has gone bonkers. She's lost her mind and all control over the people she was counting on to get her through her "golden years". At fifty, Lori still hasn't been able to kick her meth habit or her need to control her older brother. I honestly think that she believes that she is still attractive to young boys. She's not. She's a "boner killer" someone recently told me and I can attest that she is just that. Erectile dysfunction in a female body. No Viagra is going to cure Lori. Nastiness and hate is all she does any more.
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Is Laurie Moving Back To The Motel 6 With Mikey Trying To Sell That Apple Computer Again??? Has She Fallen Back To THOSE Days???

Everyone remembers when Laurie was living at the Motel 6 with Mikey don't they?  Back then she was still calling herself "Jessica" and I saw this picture and it reminded me of the "good old days" that Laurie is always recalling.  We all know "Wendy" from Breaking Bad don't we?  Down on her luck Wendy.

One thing that I want to remind Laurie is that we all have a stretch of bad luck now and then.  Mostly they happen when we focus too much on drugs and behaving badly instead of being a good person.  When we focus on hurting other people for too long instead of being a good person, we end up like Wendy here.  Down on our luck, using too much meth and relying on bad things to pull us through.  There isn't any Mikey going to save you this time Laurie.  This time your brother isn't going to be able to pull off any magic for you.  You aren't going to be able to make yourself feel better with a needle full of drugs.  This time you only have yourself to thank for it.

You can't keep going around expecting Jeffrey and me to save you any more.  We simply don't want to.  Missy isn't going to be able to help you any longer.  You can't be Jessica or Lisa any longer.  Now it's just you...even your daddy isn't here any more to help you.  Your family is deserting you and nobody wants to help the girl that ripped everyone off.  Then told them she'd pay them back after she gave them an STD.  Now you only have yourself to blame.  So I wanted to ask you,
How does it feel to be poor old Laurie LaTweeker now?  I bet not very good huh?


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