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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Long Has Laurie Been Obsessed With Jeffrey Katzenberg's Family?

If I never spoke or put another post on this blog with the name of Jeffrey Katzenberg in my life, I would be completely happy.  I seriously have absolutely no reason to know him or have any reason to say anything else about him on here any longer.  You all pretty much know how I feel.

I am so tired of hearing Laurie use his name every single time she gets herself into some kind of a financial bind hoping that he will find some way to bail her out that I cringe at the mention of his name.  The mention of the name Jeffrey makes me angry.  I don't want to have anything further to do with the man or his wife.  The entire situation is a complete wash for me.  I have nothing good to say.  I know for most of you that there is a past of good or bad with good, but for me there isn't anything but a negative connotation.  I haven't a thing that is positive to mention that I can point to.  There is no reason for me to belabor any kind of positive relationship between my family and his.  There is certainly no way I would recommend that any of my friends trust him or his wife.  I wouldn't want any of my friends to trust him or his family and I don't recommend that police or prosecutors do that either.  I am using my own experience with what I've seen and dealt with as my point of view.  I've had an awful experience with him as a person.  I've found nothing about him to be genuine or grateful.

Other than that, I have often wondered just how long Laurie's obsession with this family has grown.  It would seem that she knows them for far longer than it first appeared.  Her ties to the police department have afforded her first hand knowledge of their family and surveillance of their kids for many years.  I wouldn't have known anything about them until I met Ken Frank and even then I showed little or no interest.  I remain very uninterested.  At this point I've lost interest in a relationship with them at all.

I would suggest to Jonathan that we search for as much information as far back in Laurie's diaries as we can to find out when her obsession with them began for the police, I've washed my hands of this situation.

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