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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Chief Reyes: I Wouldn't Work With Jeffrey's Team Any Longer If I Were You!

Trading one super bitch for another?  That's not the way that you fight crime.  Using one man hating selfish super bitch that goes after me and my family for another one that is just the same isn't any different.  Missy Pissy and Betsy Wetsy traded for Laurie LaTweeker isn't any different.  Jeffrey has traded two women that have hurt my family for decades for one woman that did it for decades with them.  This isn't any different.  In fact, one of these women uses her relationship with my sister to gain favor with them to steal money from me.  How can that be better?  This whole situation has me wanting to leave this area and not wanting to help your police department ever again.  I won't work with Christopher Monti.  I won't work with Ken Davenport.  I won't work with any team that supports the theory that I should be kept under surveillance while my family is contacted so that they will lie to me.  I won't do it.  I am constantly being berated by my own loved ones now and I'm done.  I have protected them for years and now their own lives are in danger because Jeffrey has put them in the position to believe the woman that fucked with my own rape case.

How in the fuck does Jeffrey think that stealing my savings account and buying Missy Pissy a new car with that money is helping me or the police?  This is NOT legal.  It is NOT crime fighting.  It is a continued attempt by ANOTHER woman to scam monies from me and my family to ruin us financially.  I will be finding a way to legally shut down the Katzenbergs and will be suing them for this fraud.  Using my sister to take money that I earned over six years is illegal.  I can't believe that Benjamin Katzenberg would allow this system to be used from his home to secure this information for Missy Pissy to be used to scam my sister with Betsy Wetsy and Missy Pissy for Jeffrey.  This is an outrage!  I want there to be arrests made and I want Jeffrey to go to jail for it.  There is no excuse for what he did.  I am furious with him.

Today my father came over to the home where I am and berated me again!  He doesn't understand that the work that I've done covers decades of torture that includes his own arrest.  He treats me like shit.  Because of this loss of finances I am the loser of the family again.  Christopher's participation with Jeffrey has turned this entire situation into a fiasco.  He is the worst example of what a boyfriend could possibly be.  I wish that I had never helped him or his mother or Benjamin in the first place.  Neither turned out to be the kinds of people that represent the victims or the People of the State of California.  Both victims of rape that don't give a damn about anything but money and themselves.  Our community deserves better representation than this.  Jeffrey has simply bought their silence.

Benjamin, Martin and Christopher sold out the LGBTQ community and the HIV/AIDS community when they agreed to let Jeffrey and his wife treat all of us this way.  None of them have been effective in stopping Missy and Bessie do anything but what they've wanted.  These three men used this system to allow my family to treat me like dog shit for years.  Nothing that they have done has done anything for our community, but what they have done is allow Jeffrey access to information about my family that allowed him to scam my family out of thousands of dollars.  Jeffrey has investigated my family in Arizona as well.  Instead of doing the work of looking into the suspects, he has kept track of me. He knows of every single dollar bill I have and Missy Pissy is constantly trying to take it.  She won't allow me any breathing room or medical attention hoping that the AIDS virus will take over like it did with Shawn Parrish.   Missy is a killer.  She isn't to be trusted.  I am afraid that if she is left alone again with my sister or Bessie Smith that my sister too will contract the AIDS virus.  Nothing is beyond Missy's dangerous plans.  She is vicious.  She is horrible and she is a killer.

Bryan Anderson you are now being warned.  What will happen is this.  Missy Pissy, now that she's stolen this money and has her new car, will now try to make peace with my sister and Bessie Wessie, and they will go to her home.  Keys will go missing or a door will be unlocked and Junior will show up when she is at school. Knock out drugs will be in a drink and she will get raped and implanted or implanted and infected with HIV.  Thanks to your brilliant plan of letting Jeffrey do this, my family is in extreme danger!!!  Jeffrey is a maniac.  He has no way of doing anything positive!  Missy and Bessie have to keep and eye on her now.  Now that Missy has her claws into my sister and I'm still here she wants to control us all.  You fucking stupid cop!!!  Laurie has always wanted this and Missy always wants to keep Laurie happy for drugs!  Thanks to your stupid fucking idea of letting Jeffrey help out, we are all now targeted for disease and killing.  Do you understand how serious the problem is now that you've delayed being honest?  You are the most inept cop I've ever known!!!

Jeffrey has a death wish for my family!  He's been making it come true ever since he got here.  He's a fucking monster and he's got Christopher helping him.  Do I believe that is true?  Yes, I do believe it is true because Christopher is a fucking idiot.  He has done nothing in the way of helping me or my family since the day he got here, has he? Has Ken Davenport done anything right since he got here?  No.  He is also doing nothing right.  All you are seeing is the same kind of thing that happened in Palm Springs all over again because Jeffrey is in love with Missy Pissy.

The longer that I live here, the worse it is going to get, because Missy Pissy is a thug drug dealer and nobody is going after the fucking drugs.  Why isn't this being done?  The reason that isn't being done is because the drugs are Missy's and Laurie's and she can't afford for those to go missing, can she?  This whole situation could have been avoided when the Steven Frey thing was told to Bryan Anderson in the first place, but he wouldn't listen then and he still won't do his job when I told him to.  Jeffrey is stealing now.  What in the world is going on with this fucking police department?

I am surrounded by absolute incompetence.   This entire area is full of idiots that have nothing better to do than fuck with me and my family because that is what Missy Pissy wants them to do.  That bitch is trying to make herself look like some kind of angel, but I know she isn't an angel.  Why is a suspect in this case living with Jeffrey?  Why is one of the main suspects in this crime talking to her father about a police investigation?  She should no more be spying on me than a Mexican drug cartel should be listening in to the DEA.  She is not to be trusted.  She is a liar.  She is dangerous and she is lying to all of you if you think she has anything more than trying to get out of trouble on her mind.  She could not and would not be valuable to any prosecution because she is too far gone.  She's fucking driving a car with money that was stolen from there any other reason necessary to explain that she's guilty???  It was purchased at Christmas....she's a thief.

What is going on in that house is no longer is surveillance of a police informant.  It is being used to torment, derail, obstruct and harass a police informant and it intentional infliction of emotional distress orchestrated by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife Marilyn Katzenberg.  If it wasn't, then why does it go on, unobstructed, day after day after day after day?  It is done to try to hurt me.  I can't live this way any longer without taking action against their family.  This man is trying to get me killed and is trying to do this financially and otherwise.

I will not tolerate being treated this way simply because I did what Bryan Anderson and the Chief of Police asked me to do this job.  I did what you asked me to do and I did it perfectly.  This situation needs to be dealt with immediately before he gets someone killed.

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