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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
Visit "Save Our Sons" for more information about tis crime. This is a non violent informational blog about the crime of electronic harassment in Palm Springs, California. The blog, in no way, intends to promote a crime against anyone. It's intent now, as always, is to become the property of DreamWorks Entertainment as a motion picture project for them. Do not commit any crimes because of this blog.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome To Palm Springs Mr. and Mrs. Obama Hosted By James Costos and Michael Smith...Wish These Two Guys Knew More About Electronic Harassment and OUR Community In Turmoil

Welcome to President and Mrs. Obama to Palm Springs!!!  Apparently they are coming for the nice rainy weather...yikes!!!  These two gentlemen are James Costos and Michael Smith.  James is the American Ambassador to Spain, though I don't know for how long that lasts after a newly inaugurated President is in office.  The pair own a beautiful home in Rancho Mirage that the President and First Lady will be resting in for a bit of time post White House wanna see?  Here it is:

Pretty nice huh?

James and Michael are exactly the kinds of guys that need to know about what has happened in our community for one reason...they know the Obamas for God's sake.  So, if any of you out there know either or both of them, you may want to let them know, "Hey guys, you know our community is in the middle of a huge crisis right now here in Palm Springs and Jeffrey Katzenberg is living with one of the worst offenders of this crime!  Yes, her name is Missy...and she works with Laurie and Brian LaTweeker"  She's the girl that implants and infects the gay community with the AIDS virus and RFID implants.

I know what you are thinking, "Didn't Jeffrey work on the Obama Campaign?"  The answer is yes, he did, but the power of Missy canceled all of that out.  We could no more get a message to Mr. Obama or his wife than Oprah Winfrey....Jeffrey wouldn't allow it, but now that we have family living with the Obama's here in the desert, we can simply go around Jeffrey and tell the President, the truth about who he is living with and what he is doing to our community with Missy and a "family".

It's really sad too since he and President Obama are really good friends.  Missy basically could have helped Hillary win the election if Jeffrey had opened his big fat mouth like we asked him to, but, she would have cost Jeff and Marilyn too much money in taxes.  Trump was better for Jeffrey's he never told President Obama or Hillary Clinton the name of the terrorists or what we were doing out here with this project.  If you can't tell the President about domestic terrorism, who can you tell right?  He is, afterall, his very good friend.  So was Hillary, right Jeff?  She could have been the First Female President of the United States....there went that lifetime achievement dream.  Dream killer Katzenberg strikes again...she didn't earn it I guess, just like me.

Worked her whole life to become the President...sort of like the life I'm living...when Jeffrey says no...he means NO!!!  I guess that's then end of the dream when you own Hollywood.

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