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Boy did I make Lori mad today...all I had to do was talk about how much I love Christopher to someone from my work! It was like a shockwave delivered to the heart of my stalker. Lori must have some kind of weird thoughts going through her pin head tonight because she is twirling around like Linda Blair's head on a possession victim. What kind of lesbian is in love with a gay man to the point where she freaks out when he talks about his own boyfriend? Lori has some issues with reality and not knowing what it is. I know that Christopher must just cringe when she starts hearing that I don't have any kind of feelings for this high school loser! She's using yearbooks from Junior High School and high school to make up fantasies about some life she never had. I'm considering locking myself in my home again and not coming out. Total Single White Lesbian Female material. Calm down Lori, you've been dumped before...
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Laurie Is Going Nuts! She's Using Too Much Meth and Too Much Mouth!!!

She doesn't want us to be on disability, but she wants to steal our disability paychecks.  She doesn't want us to work, but she wants to steal money from our bank accounts.  She doesn't want us to have friends, but she wants to sleep with all of them.  Laurie is always out of control, but lately, it's more meth than method.

When she gets like this it is usually something that Laurie needs to eat, drink or sleep away.  She hasn't been doing any of these.  Once she gets into they cycle of "I'm so important" then she starts thinking of ways to kill people.  It's not one of her prettier sides.  Now she's starting this new old thing of trying to make me seem like I'm being mean to "her family".  Listen up folks, I don't know them.  I couldn't be mean to people I don't know, see or talk to.  They have problems with her, not me.

The way she comes up with these problems that she has is by pure fantasy.  She looks at a picture.  Makes up a story.  Tries to make it come true.  When it doesn't come true and the lies come back to her, she blames all of the characters that wouldn't go along with her story.  As if you are suppose to live her lie for her.  I won't do that for her.  If she wants you to live her lie, then you are participating in something that will probably end with you in a position of mistrust.  Nobody has to lie for Laurie.

The best thing is to make her unhappy.  The more unhappy you make her, the better.  Keeping her in a good mood, isn't possible.  If you do something to make her feel good, then she is going to come and use you over and over again.  It's what she sees as a weakness.  Friends, to her, are a weakness.  If you want to look strong, stand up.

It's almost like she's constipated...maybe that "third Oscar Meyer hot dog at Christopher's introduction mystery" has been solved???

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