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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Word To The Wise: Don't Go To The Desert Regional Memorial Hospital If You Get Raped With A Skull Injury...Find A Different Emergency Room!!!

I have a HUGE suggestion for Chief Bryan Reyes of the PSPD, you need to issue a warning about anyone that is sexually assaulted with a head injury that has visited or will be visiting Desert Regional Memorial Hospital...the rapist has a modus operendi for stopping you from getting help for your serious injuries!!!  Remote Neural Monitoring doesn't just allow Officer Rae Fernandez to know where those homosexuals are that are walking down the street with drugs in their pockets, it also allows the rapist access to know when and where you will be going to the hospital for an MRI!!!

We know that the kind of injury that you see above is the same kind of skull fracturing that you see in my own MRI...See below: 

It looks like Laurie threw a "gay bash" and I didn't get my invitation, but I was the star of the party.  I can only imagine that she looked something like this when it happened.

From what I am hearing, in a second opinion from other doctors, is that this head injury should have landed me in the hospital for a long time.  I do know one thing, IT WAS EXTREMELY PAINFUL, AFTER ABOUT TWO DAYS...IT HURT A LITTLE THE MORNING OF THE RAPE...BUT WHEN THE DRUGS THAT KNOCKED ME OUT WORE OFF, I HEADED FOR THE E.R. AND CALLED THE POLICE ABOUT THE RAPE!!!

I was told by an insider for a City Council Member, that the former Police Chief offered up that this rape was reported to the police "too late" for someone that was raped?  That's such bullshit.  Look at the case of Bill Cosby right now.  These were rapes that were reported decades ago and they are still sexual assaults.  Drugging someone and raping them with these kinds of injuries indicates the work of a rapist that knows what she is doing.  A blow to the face would leave physical marks that would be readily available...I guess a knocked out tooth wasn't enough for the police...a front tooth by the way that was found in the former residence of Laurie LaTweeker.

I am involved with several victims of remote neural monitoring that have suffered the same kinds of head injuries and these are the types of things that have happened to them when they went to the hospital for MRI's.  The emergency room staff is being told that the victim, "Is on drugs and making up the injuries.  The MRI's are inconclusive and that the person on the phone is a hospital employee or former employee or a nurse that works for a certain doctor that has reviewed them and that there is no broken skull."  The victim is then shown an x-ray of a healthy skull, but not an MRI.  I had no idea that this was what was going on.  I was in excruciating pain that left me so dizzy and disoriented that all I wanted to do was lay down.  Spending three hours in an emergency room was not acceptable...when a rape was reported to the police at the second visit...days after the rape, nobody showed up to take the report or the bloody clothing that I took to the E.R.  You see the rape isn't the only thing that these operators know how to do, they know how to cover it up at the hospital too.  I healed my skull with ice and rest...until I was jailed the day I finally reported the rape to Officer Kelly Fieux...for which there is an ACLU letter on my behalf.

This means one thing...someone or some people have a system for handling these rapes.  Whom is talking to the police about them and whom is having a second DNA report requested from the DOJ lab?  This is an inside and outside job and we all know that "only Laurie talks to the police"; THAT'S HER NUMBER ONE RULE FOR ALL OPERATORS!!!

We have a serial rapist in our midst and I am wondering just how many skull fractured RFID implanted, HIV intentionally infected, men and women have gone without the investigation of the police because of their clandestine relationship with the police department and the current police chief?

This is a serious problem and until someone warns the E.R. staff at the hospital and the MRI/radiology department about these calls, nobody is safe!!!

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