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I feel icky today. It's the kind of feeling I get when I've spent too much time thinking something is going to work without me doing it myself. I do not like what is transpiring with Lori and her 5 friends in that shooting gallery of a home that they live in. There is an overwhelming feeling of depression and loneliness. Lori always thinks that means that I'm about to use drugs, I'm obviously not. There is a really big part of me that needs to know something is going on besides my efforts. You all may know better, but I do not and I'm tired of this bitch constantly acting superior to everyone else. This is not how you handle an investigation...I don't know how else to tell these people. You don't sacrifice one person for any amount of other people. Start playing like a team've got to do better.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

If It Worked Once, Laurie Will Try It Again...With Jeffrey

It sent chills up my spine when I heard it and I told my attorneys about it when I talked to them.  These are the eyes of a co-conspirator from the first time that the Clerk of Court listened to a terrorist on the phone torpedo my career at the U.S. Department of Justice.  After I was shot, I was sent to mandatory E.A.P. counseling and while I was there Laurie began calling the Clerk to tell him what she was hearing during my session.  When he heard what was private, she tattled.  The shooting occurred near my home, downtown San Diego, California after years and years of stalking.

Now we know that the shooting was a conspiracy set up by Laurie and her brother Brian.  "I want him dead by my birthday" one text message reads from Laurie to her brother.  Her birthday is July 6 and I believe the shooting was on July 3.  Laurie was living in Palm Springs and Brian was stalking me in San Diego for years.  The silver truck that they used was stolen from Barbara, the same woman that Laurie's fake id's address is on from the surety information in Sedona, Arizona.  There are texts from Laurie to Brian that state exactly what I reported to the police officer from Palm Springs verbatim at 1:30 am...that nobody could possibly overhear.  Laurie could never have known the content of my testimony nor could anyone but she told her brother exactly what I reported.  Text messages at 3:30 am to people report from Laurie to others state that I'd been the victim of a drive by shooting.  Nobody did she know it in Palm Springs...there is lots of evidence.

All of this came after years and years of my diary writing.  I'd written about the stalker for a good two or three years before the shooting.  The night I was shot at, Laurie told her brother that I'd taken a different route home, from Palm Springs...and that night I chose to do that when I left my friends house because my animal spirit told me that danger was present.  All the stalkers were gone...I remember the night like it was yesterday.  The bullet missed my head by five inches or less.

Not many people at the court knew I got shot.  The acting U.S. Attorney Alana Robinson is one of those people.  I only missed one day of work.  It was my duty week with my Magistrate and I needed to be there.  The judge was mad that I missed even one day.  I can remember thinking, "But I got shot at..."  There was a lot of pressure to be perfect in those positions.  I was.  It became hard to adjust without dealing with what happened.  My boyfriend was leaving for Portland.  Someone was leaving drawings of bullets coming through my window under my pillow when I came home from work. Someone drugged something in my fridge and I passed out while I was cooking something...the apartment was filled with smoke when I woke up.  There were more drawings of AK-47's in my apartment.  A drawing of a bullet with an eyeball on the other side staring at it was left.  It was all surreal. I thought it was him, but I found out later it was Brian, the real shooter. There was a new Clerk of Court, I wanted to be impressive and it was too much and my manager sent me to a psychiatrist.

Like I said, the pressure to be perfect was very high.  I couldn't and didn't have time to deal with someone shooting at me or people following me.  Laurie started to call the Clerk of the Court to tell him about what I was telling the doctor.  When I asked for time off to deal with my problem, which was legal, it was granted but they asked for my court id.  I was basically going to be let go.  Then the Clerk said something I'll never forget, "Kevin, I have people watching you everywhere, I'll know what you are up to."  It explained who was following me and that it was something to do with the court and him.  Laurie would continue to call him for the next six months while she had me arrested for everything she could cause.  She would call my attorney, my friends, the clerk and tell them everything.  I was dealing with the shooting, my problems and the loss of all of my friends.  It was a nightmare come true...her fantasy on crack. 

It took nearly 14 years to redeem myself and find out what really happened there.  I knew I would find out.  It is important to note that I wasn't fired from the court, I was offered A JOB when we were finished.  The job wasn't the same.  It came with a ton of conditions and it was the lowest job there.  Basically everything I'd worked for was gone if I wanted to humiliate myself in front of my peers.  I also knew that it was too dangerous for people to be around me with the Clerk's people following me.  I resigned my position for the safety of the court and the judge.  These people were spying on all of us, it wasn't safe.  I needed to find the people that were stalking me and bring them to justice, to regain my life.  I knew what I had to do for all of us.  I repeat, I resigned for my friends.

Let me be perfectly clear now that you know that this is a crime of remote neural monitoring aka mind reading.  The criminals read your thoughts and hurt you, basically.  Weeks, maybe days, before the shooting, I was sitting in my courtroom and I thought to myself (this is the absolute truth), "I would never want to work anywhere else in the world, this is the perfect job for me...I'm happy here.  If I lost this job I'd probably have to move back to the desert and that would be my version of Hell on Earth!"  It couldn't have been a month and that exact scenario happened, because Laurie read it and made it happen.  Forward to now and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

He knew what this job meant to me.  It mean freedom.  It meant I could be happy again.  It meant that I could be free from this Hell where I live and what I've been through.  I could finally be away from Laurie and Brian, Missy and Bessie, Marilyn and Jeffrey and all of the people that have tried to hurt me for the last ten years.  The people that did everything they could to steal from my family and lied to us.  I could finally live where I have my own friends and have my own life.  With or without Christopher who appears to be Jeffrey and Marilyn's property forever now.  They can keep him too.  Nobody that loves someone else would do this to that person.  I'd be a fool to settle for this.

Forward to now.  Knowing that my mom and dad were totally encouraging me to apply for this job and had offered to pay for a month of rent to get me going in San Diego, I applied for the job that I turned down, basically, before when the other clerk offered it to me.  You see it wasn't a pride thing as much as it was a "I'm having you followed thing" and the conditions were way too much.  He was clearly going to be a monster and he turned out to be just that.  Instead, now someone that I considered a close friend, actually, one of my closest friends, was the new clerk.  I even wrote about it on this blog when I found out.  I sent him a card and made it funny, but something weird happened.  I never heard from him.  Not a word.  He and his wife were like two people that I loved with all my heart.  We were even neighbors for a while.  I never heard from them.  I wrote it off.  Then this job came open and I listened to my mom and dad and I got up the courage to apply, with Jeffrey watching.  I got everything ready by the deadline and made sure it was perfect.  When I got it there I knew I had the best chance at interviewing, I'd written part of the manual for that entire job.  My friend wrote me a curt email that said, "Hi, got it, forwarded it, bye" and that was it.  Never heard from him again.

After 14 years, never heard anything like that.  I could tell something was wrong right away.  Felt like someone had already gotten to him...and I think Jeffrey already had.  I have one friend Patrick that knows him and his wife that could have hooked him up with them and then that conversation could have cost me my application and life.  For almost six weeks my parents waited while my application was already in the trash!  I can't tell you how fucking mad that makes me to think that Jeffrey sat there smug as a son of a bitch telling people like my sister that it was a good idea after torpedoing it through my own friend.  He must have told him not to be friendly too because I've never been met with such coldness.  It won't happen ever again.  I resigned my job the first time for the safety of that job because of my loyalty to those friends and this joker treats me like dirt?  He and I carpooled.  Golfed.  Housesat for him many times.  He threw my resume in the trash?  I didn't even get an interview and I'm probably more qualified to do that job than the supervisor of that entire section...and he can afford to turn me away.  He is a very fortunate Clerk then.  There must be a HUGE talent pool to draw from.  I can get recommendations from all kinds of federal judges...and he knows it, my work speaks for itself.  So I guess when things change they change big, it just hurts and I'm hurt by it.  Friendships change everyone, now I have to find friends that I can trust again, people that Jeffrey can't find.

You have to know how frustrating it is to hear Laurie say, "Who is that and how can I get to know him," every single time I shake someone's hand.  It's the end of my nerve.  Now she's got some billionaire and his wife finding out who these people are for her.  It's stalking with the stars.  Since Laurie, after having me shot at by her brother in 2003, started calling the Clerk of Court to get me fired, she started to do this again now.  How stupid it is of Jeffrey to help the two people that tried to have me killed using the same method calling the same position to keep me from working there again.  This should be considered another attempt to obstruct justice and to assist the attempted murder of a federal agent.

Similarly, the new Clerk of Court, should also be ready to be sued for what he's done by discriminating against me by listening to someone calling him on the phone and telling him not to hire me.  Who in the fuck is Jeffrey to tell this guy not to hire me? What interest does Jeffrey have in that?  Why would this Clerk of Court do that?  Were fair hiring practices followed in that application process?

Look, I thought that it would be great to work for my friend.  Now I think that he is an asshole.  Someone that doesn't use common sense the way someone in that position should use when a qualified person applies for a job.  I wrote the manual for that position.  I taught classes on how to file papers for that position in the public for years.  To not even be thought of for an interview isn't just obvious that someone intervened, it is clearly obvious that someone fucked with it.  It's like telling a MLB player that he isn't qualified to coach Little League Baseball and that he isn't even worth telling him why.  So if you all think I'm being some kind of a baby think about it. I'm not exactly trying to work in the courtroom, I'm actually volunteering to take in papers across a desk with a smile on my face and say thank you.  I use to work in the court room with Assistant U.S. Attorneys and Judges, what I applied to do was take in papers from sweaty bike messengers and secretaries standing in a line, for a lot less money.  What they said to me was, you don't rate and interview for that and I use to be your friend.

That's what ended our friendship.  I hope you all can understand that it wasn't just a snub it was a total back stab of a snub.

I think that what is sad to see is that my friend that was a really terrific guy has turned into the asshole that was this guy that was above.  He was a total dick.  One week he called me his "All Star Performer" and the next week he was telling me that "he had people following me everywhere"...two faced and believing people on the phone were FBI agents keeping track of me or something; like Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is telling people that hiring me would endanger people.  This is the same guy that bailed out the two people that planned to kill me in San Diego and moved them into the house about a half mile from me right now.  Now he's telling this clerk something like he's not safe there, but the attempted killers are here?  He's calling for them?  Jeffrey won't let me leave.  He stole my money.  He stole my boyfriend.  He's the one that followed ME TO ARIZONA WITH HIS EMPLOYEES.  How in the hell is he calling people behind my back?  I'm the police informant...I can't file papers?

I can't get a job here now because his "friends" keep pulling the same shit that they did with this clerk.  I blame him for not using better judgment.  What am I suppose to do now Jeffrey you stupid fuck?  You and your wife think that you can do anything you want by stabbing me in the back all the time.  Haven't you cost your precious son enough?  I won't be anywhere near him.  He's like a magnet for you negative energy.  The community can't survive your family.  He's such a negative influence on the positive energy our community needs.  Keeping his intentional infection a secret the way he does and acting like he doesn't know that Laurie and Brian did this to him and Martin for your sake, how stupid.  Is that how you make him show his loyalty to you both?  What he's doing to our own community with his silence is absolutely typical.  Not very Eagle Scout either.

How typical of Jeffrey and Marilyn...they test everyone to see where their virus came from and when they found out it all came from Laurie, they wouldn't let any of them say anything about it unless Missy Pissy could tell someone.  Bullshit.  That girl set up half of the rapes that got these people infected.  After all, Missy, "Always gets her man!"  Why in the hell should she look like some kind of hero?  She's such a whore.  Isn't that withholding evidence of a crime?  They are the proprietors of an AIDS Foundation and they are "keeping mum" about a rapist spreading AIDS?  Why?

It's because they let her out of jail.

One of the names that they let out of jail was Christopher Robert Monti.  That's my boyfriend's name.  Brian was using it in Arizona.  Marilyn and Jeffrey knew this man wasn't him.  They now live with the real Christopher and they still haven't said anything.  What in the fuck?  Missy Pissy bailed out someone using my boyfriend's name...she knew it wasn't him.  She knew it was fake.  He doesn't look anything like Christopher or smell like him.  Marilyn also knew that Christopher was nowhere near Sedona.   About a year an a half later the real Christopher was arrested and jailed for a year an a half but the fake one was living across the street from Jeffrey....this whole thing is ridiculous.

He has the nerve to keep me from working or living with my own money...this guy is a fucking lunatic.  I have no hope or opportunity.  Thank you John Morrill.

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