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Boy did I make Lori mad today...all I had to do was talk about how much I love Christopher to someone from my work! It was like a shockwave delivered to the heart of my stalker. Lori must have some kind of weird thoughts going through her pin head tonight because she is twirling around like Linda Blair's head on a possession victim. What kind of lesbian is in love with a gay man to the point where she freaks out when he talks about his own boyfriend? Lori has some issues with reality and not knowing what it is. I know that Christopher must just cringe when she starts hearing that I don't have any kind of feelings for this high school loser! She's using yearbooks from Junior High School and high school to make up fantasies about some life she never had. I'm considering locking myself in my home again and not coming out. Total Single White Lesbian Female material. Calm down Lori, you've been dumped before...
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Monday, June 5, 2017

Can You Spot Laurie In Our Yearbook Pictures?

Before any of you out there start in on me for shaming Laurie by presenting this photo above, I want you to understand the need for this post.  Every one of my high school yearbooks was stolen by Laurie and her brother Brian.  For at least ten or more years she studied every single signature of every single friend that ever signed my yearbook.  Thanks to facebook and Laurie's "catfish stalking", she has embarked on a campaign of seek and destroy pretending that she knows things about these people from the things that they signed in yearbooks that I haven't looked at in 30 years.  How does a person warn high school friends that this weird girl that use to call me a "flaming faggot" in front of the entire school, hasn't changed and is still acting like a child?

Now, can you spot Laurie in the yearbook photo above? LOL

Look, I can't remember everyone that signed my yearbooks, can you?  I know who my friends are, but the truth of this situation is that not every single friend of mine signed my yearbooks.  Some did, some didn't.  I don't know what you wrote and I don't remember all of the stuff that was said, but this weird girl has a thing for facebook.  I am not on facebook any longer.  I was for about a week then thought better of it.  If any of my friends from high school are being harassed by someone on facebook, it is probably Laurie using a fake id and talking shit, like she always has.  I don't know why she hasn't grown up.  I haven't spoken to her a day in my life.  We have never been friends.  I didn't like her in high school and thirty years later she's still as obsessed with doing hateful things as she use to be.  Most of my friends have seen she and Julie during those days walk up to me while Laurie shouted things that no kid would ever get away with now.

Laurie is obsessed with my homosexuality and with my having HIV, but what most of you don't know is how I got HIV.  If you have any questions, I suggest that you ask her how I got's a hint.  I didn't get it from sex.  I didn't get it from drugs.  A girl knocked me out and intentionally infected me with it...wonder who that was?

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