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She's at it again. Trying to fill the roles of "mother and father", Lori likes to "get her ideas" from people that she feels are "more normal" than she is. That really isn't hard, but the interesting thing that she does is pick family members as her next victims to use. Lately, she's turned to calling Jeffrey Katzenberg her "father" and Marilyn her "mother" as if she could simply throw their names around like rag dolls. The problems in Lori's tiny little mind are tremendous...her solutions are tiny. What she can't fix is her past amount of lying is going to do that. What she wanted was wealthy parents and a sister that would do anything for her. What she got is a drug addicted brother and parents that don't really like her much. It's a simple solution...put her in jail for the things she can't explain. Don't wait, that little mind of hers is as "soap opera" creative as her "soap opera" life.
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thinks He Has Her Under His Spell Too Does He?

Now that Jeffrey has executed his plan to have me thrown out of my home and impoverished in 29 Palms, his little bitch girlfriend Laurie LaTwat has decided that she is characterizing his role with her as "helping her family with something (me)".  She is now embarking on this "organized crime" kind of take on remote neural monitoring approach were Jeffrey has come in financially to help her save her dying system.  Laurie's opinion is that Jeffrey is some kind of financial thug that is backing her system with threats and mayhem that will do just about anything to help her.  Now she is saying that Laura Duffy will ignore me when I make an attempt to tell her what I know about this crime to protect Laurie's system.  Do you think that Jeffrey has Laura Duffy under his control too?  I doubt it seriously.

Jeffrey is Hollywood, Laura isn't.  What Jeffrey doesn't understand is that this woman isn't impressed with his terrorist tactics and drug dealers.  She has a long standing reputation against drugs.  She doesn't like drug dealers and terrorism, especially the domestic kind, isn't a crime that she will likely stand for.  When she finds out that she was once a target for Laurie's surveillance, she will likely be very upset.  I'm going to go about this very intelligently.  I'm also not going to let the opportunity to take Jeffrey down slip away without making certain I do it without making him and his wife look as bad as I possibly can.  After all, humiliation is what he enjoys the most.  I want everyone to see him humiliated the way he humiliated me and my friends for a decade.  I want him to look stupid.

There is no way that he's going to use my family the way he did and take what he did and get away with it.  I've got an idea that will use his finances in a way that nobody has ever seen before.  I hope that his "lovely wife" is ready for the tabloids...she might want to get another face lift.

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