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Thursday, March 30, 2017

We're Done With The Katzenbergs: The World Revolves Around Them

The first eight questions through the door at my parent's home tonight?  "Did you get a job?"  "You know you have no money."  "We can't keep helping you out."  "You have to get a job you know?"   While Jeffrey sits in his comfy chair with his wife holding on to a cashier's check of mine worth $30,000 with my name on it, with my boyfriend sitting in the same room.  Laughing about my parents acting that way.  Aren't they special people?

Rich man/Poor man...the game he's playing with my money that he stole from my bank account in November before Christmas.  Yes, folks, he's still playing the game that he started before Thanksgiving.  Now he's acting like I'm being punished for taking his S.A.G. card away.  His wife is too.  Now they are both mad at me because they are acting like I did something to them.  His brother is pouting around too like I've done something to all of them.  They won't give back the money they stole because they like watching me struggle with HIV trying to convince my parents that I didn't do anything wrong.  It's so funny for rich people to watch poor people struggle.  I guess this is something that wealthy people like to do to poor people.  Is that what you wealthy people like?

His friends David and Bessie, whom, by the way, faked their engagement, they weren't really ever engaged, they just made it up so that Jeff and Marilyn would think that they were, are sitting there with my check that they scammed from my bank account proud as peacocks while they sit there acting like they did exactly what Jeffrey wanted them to.  Now the two of them are pretending to feel bad for my sister that they conned into stealing it from me.   Of course, my sister has made my mom mad at me, my dad mad at me and everyone thinks I'm a loser.  I made that money working overnights at a hotel for Christopher and I to move in together, but now Christopher is living with Jeffrey, so stealing it was part of a joke.  How convenient for Christopher and Jeffrey.  I have nothing to live on.  My HIV meds come and go and my bills stack up while Jeffrey tells everyone, "It's for his own good." Isn't he precious.

This family of Katzenbergs aren't really the people that I've read about are they?  Humanitarians?  Um, that's not what thieves are.  I made this money with hard work. I paid taxes on it.  I saved it by spending next to nothing to live on.  It was for Christopher and me.  Marilyn hasn't let Christopher talk to me even once since he's lived with her.  She's his "new mom".  This is Mrs. Sobriety as I've heard, isn't she just great?  This has been a test of my fortitude.  What I'm really wondering is how she manages to fool all of you into believing that she's so wonderful?  Do you really think that?  I don't.  She's hidden my boyfriend away from me.  She's stolen all of my friends away.  She won't let me help a single infected person.  She won't get my money back to me and for nine solid years she hasn't helped me one single time find and assist one gay man that has been raped by a maniac.  Not once.  I've begged her to help but she won't lift a manicured finger.  Instead, she let her husband use my sister to make my mom look incompetent; even had her tested for Alzheimer's disease before she closed my bank account with the loot that he won't give back.  Isn't she a wonderful mother?

This whole family dynamic where Jeffrey's a humanitarian and Marilyn's an AIDS foundation supporter of Elton John's is a crock of shit.  Neither has a heart beating in their chest.  It's a tax write off for billionaires that don't give a shit about a guy that is advocating for 650 gay men from their own hometown that have been beaten, infected, filmed, photographed, demeaned, humiliated and blackmailed into nothingness.  Their own son was stalked for years until a plunger was used on him during his own rape and infection and Jeffrey still won't help me...a fucking dirty bathroom plunger was used.  I can't help but wonder what kind of man this dirty bastard is that thinks he's a humanitarian.  Maybe he just thinks his son asked for it by wearing provocative clothing while asleep at his best friend's home?  He certainly thinks I did under the same circumstances.  All I tried to do was lift his kid up and tell him I wouldn't let him get hurt again, but his dad told him he wasn't worth helping.

You stole my life savings Jeff, and that makes you feel like a man?  You and David must feel good about that huh?  Since Bessie isn't getting married I guess the money replaces that child she never had?  She never will either.  You three are despicable people.  That was for my life Bessie Smith, you didn't save it for me, you stole it. Just like Laurie intended.  Taking it from my sister is just as evil.

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