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Could Lori and Brian survive on just one victim of this crime paying the bills for everything that they do? Not if that victim is me, I can tell you that. Lori lived under the impression that I would inherit part of my family's water company for a very long time. Remember she has kept an eye on me since I was 19. I am not really that type of person, however. I don't look to inheritances for security and don't really care about stuff like that. Right now I am living the nightmare that happens when Lori is too far from her hunting grounds to find people to hurt me. So she has to do it herself. Not the most comfortable position now that she has five people there helping her.
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Using Willow's Mommy To Explain A Theory Of Mine: The Uniqueness Of Laurie's Chip Number On Disc

I'm going to use Alicia Moore's beautiful neck tattoo to illustrate a point for me today and I hope I can do it justice.  Thank you to Stephen Amell's beautiful wife, Cassandra for her inspiration on this one as well, I hope I can explain it for the both of us.

Okay.  What you are seeing above is a barcode.  You've seen them millions of times to describe the product associated with the package it is printed on.  In this case, it is the beautiful rock and roll singer "Pink".  If you took a scanner and flashed it on the barcode, it would read, "Pink" and a description of the singer would come up on a computer screen.  In other words, it is associated with her.  It would say things like "beautiful", "Kevin and Christopher's friend", "Carey Hart's wife", "Willow and Jameison's mommy", "raddist chick on the planet" and so forth...muah.

Now let me get abstract here for a second.  Let's say we could take this bar code and put it on a microchip, like the ones they put inside of pets to find them when they are lost.  In the same place or on the side of Alicia's head just above her ear so you didn't see it.  She's in a movie and didn't want the bar code to be seen.  You could use the same kind of scanner that you use to scan a pet with to get that bar code number and you would still get the same information about Alicia, right?  The same stuff...only now you wouldn't see the tattoo.

So now you have the first part.  The unseen bar code that identifies Pink.  That bar code can't be used by anyone but Alicia.  It can't be removed because it is under her skin and there is no way to take it out at will.  It would require a surgery.  In other words it is there for life until it is removed by someone, right?  Just like a pet.  Unless otherwise removed, the information on it is always pertaining to Alicia.  Now let's move to the second part.  We know that the bar code is always Alicia's so what if the information from that bar code is transmitted and kept on a computer?

Let's say Alicia's bar code transmits information using that bar code.  If her bar code sends out a signal using the Alicia bar code and is translated by a computer, wouldn't that mean that the information from Alicia's bar code is from Alicia?  Certainly it would mean that at some point the information from Alicia's bar code came through Alicia's chip.  Depending upon what Alicia's chip information was sending and what it contained, would depend on what was stored on the computers that saved that bar code's information.  That would be the subject of investigation.  More important though is who is the owner of the bar code that is harassing me.

Who has the DNA that matches the bar code of the person whose transmissions that talk to me.  The person that talked to me during my rape.  Whomever that was, is my rapist.  So if someone talks to the person that matches the bar code of the person whose transmissions match the transmissions of the bar codes that raped me...doesn't that mean we have a match for the rapist?

All we have to do then is find out who raped me by matching the bar code of the rapist, whom we know was implanted, by the way, both of them, with people that talk on this system.  Don't we know who they are by now???  Barbara? Jonathan?  Others?  Where are those numbers and conversations?  How do they match with current conversations and how do we get orders for their DNA based on these records.  Seems to me that our informant work should do this for us by now right?

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