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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Grandma Meth Is Still Grouching Up A Storm!

Is there anything more silly than a Grandmother Aged Tweeker?  When you take Missy Pissy and you add Laurie LaTweeker, you get two senior citizen meth dealers that act like two old grandmas on drugs.  Drug dealing they way they did in the 1980's, with gang tattoos on their feet that match each other and a "sisterhood" that needs calcium pills for their osteoporosis conditions.  The once "Party Girls" have sort of lost their edge now that they both have some age underneath them.  It's so sad.

Two grown women, past their party prime, still acting like their vital to the circuit of "party girls" and stuff.  I mean come on ladies, meth?  Nobody's doing that any more.  It's just so, old of you.   Meth is like so 1980...what's next are you going to join the Crips or Bloods?  You see, now a days these sorts of affiliations with gangs has given way to a more community feel.  Even the Crips and Bloods are doing more for their communities and supporting their minority without as much violence.  They've learned that what is important is to work for a better tomorrow within our own minority for a better future for our families.

I know that Laurie has dreamed for years about her own lesbian gang of girls and all that, but let's face it, do you two really think that you are the fresh faces of lesbianism these days?  Not really.  Nobody's doing meth...the lesbian crowd certainly isn't in to it.  You can't really head a gang of tough lesbians against gay men in the first place.  Who would decorate their homes?  Someone has to fix those haircut mistakes they keep making...and you don't thing Jane Lynch is getting her new fashion advice from a straight man is she now?    Lesbians just aren't looking for two maniac girls that never grew up to lead's just not going to happen.

So what are we left with here.  Laurie and Brian (arguably a lesbian too; he is a man that "is a woman inside" with pictures of him having sex with his sister), I believe that counts as a lesbian.  Two fugitives from justice from Arizona and probably from California too.  Then we have Missy Pissy...past her fifty year mark...54, too old to be drug dealing and probably not much of a retirement plan...on the hook for some bond paperwork that she shouldn't have filled out...I mean is this sounding like too much meth for anyone?  Come on folks, you are too old to be running a are too old to be drug dealing meth and GHB.  Health isn't good.  Nobody loves you.  All you have is each other and ewwww...that's not the best prospect now is it?

Let's face facts here, you need to stop.  Really, you do.  It's time to deal with life's problems and get serious about something more than a plastic baggy full of a drug.  Sad to think that you all think you are so smart but what everyone else is seeing something much different.  If you won't look in a mirror, at least look at each other.  Is this who you thought you'd be living with at this age?   Nobody thought they'd be fifty and living with Laurie LaAddict...ewwww.

Is this what you got a college degree for Missy Pissy?

Does it smell like success in the room that you are in?

It doesn't look like success to any of us.

I may have to live with my mom and dad until I get my money back, but Honey, you all know that I've got more to do in my life than this.  I have a future.  You all, what's your five year plan?

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