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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Withholding Evidence From A Friend's Case? Isn't That An Oxymoron?

If a someone was incarcerated and you had evidence that proved their innocence would you be guilty of a crime if you didn't bring it to the attention of law enforcement?  Of course you would!  Even if it put your life in danger, you still have an obligation to bring that information to the attention of law enforcement and they would have the obligation to keep you safe.  Would it make a difference if the person was a friend?  It shouldn't.  If the person that was incarcerated wrongly was your friend, your enemy or a complete stranger, your obligation is to the truth and that is what our system of justice is based upon.  That is the law under which we live; to not bring that information forward is a crime.

If you have information about a crime, you also have an obligation to bring that information to law enforcement. I am constantly amazed at the number of people that have told Laurie that they know what Laurie and Brian have done to me and that they will tell the police or me if they continue to bother them.   You know that's a crime right?  It says, "I know you've committed a crime against Kevin or his family but I won't tell anyone if you leave me alone."  That's trading on a crime against me.  It's made my life a living Hell and it has pushed Laurie into a position where all she has is me to go after.  She also knows that when she gets caught, she's going to blame all of you for knowing and not stopping her.

First there is the drive by shooting in San Diego in 2003.  I know that there are a lot of people that know how that happened.  Yvonne Wylie, who was my property manager that was scammed by Laurie and Brian who entered my apartment and acted like they were going to buy it so that I would be thrown out of it before the shooting knows Brian.  We know that there are pictures of him in that apartment.  He robbed me.  He stole a picture of my ten year high school reunion that was found in Laurie's possession in Palm Springs with the address from that apartment; stolen right out of that mailbox just months before the shooting.  We all know that Brian coordinated all that stalking in San Diego and that there are pictures that Jonathan has in his possession that haven't been shown to the PSPD detectives that need to be presented to prosecutors.  Text messages and phones.  None of this evidence has been shown that proves who was behind this shooting...that is evidence of a crime against a federal employee, but nobody is showing it, why?

Remember everyone, Laurie is suspected of instigating the fight between my brother in law and her uncle that lead to my brother in laws death a year and a half before my shooting.  Text messages and drug dealing from Laurie are expected to show that she communicated with both parties setting up a situation that ended up in a homicide.  It was justifiable between the two parties, but may not have been if it can be proven that Laurie maliciously intended for the confrontation to happen knowing what transpired in conversations between Bryan Anderson and her uncle.  It is very possible that Laurie knew that her uncle was carrying a firearm to protect himself from my brother in law that was on drugs that Laurie was providing him and messages sent to him via text provoking him.  One message even told my brother in law about my sister and her uncle visiting me in San Diego that nobody knew bothered my brother in law...only Laurie could have told him about it on this system.  She may have instigated the fight to end his life knowing a firearm would be used.  The text messages from those conversations will be key to that investigation too.

Then there is the rape in Palm Springs and the DNA report that the PSPD initially got.  I saw it and did not get a copy.  Why isn't that in the hands of a prosecutor?  That also will tie suspects to the case.  All this evidence is being withheld.

Where are the videos of Anthony and Christopher meeting up with Laurie and Brian?

Why are all of you hiding?  These are important things can't expect people to think you aren't hiding something if you can't be honest.  You are hurting me.  I have nothing left in my tank.  I've given you everything for your own cases whenever possible, but you...nothing.

I'm done trying to help.

Friends don't do this to friends.

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