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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Planning My Own Funeral...I Don't Expect ANY Of You To Come, Jeffrey Won't Allow It Anyway

It is such a wonderful thing to know that once I had this entire situation about a week from being ready to show to a prosecutor and now it's about a million miles away because a stupid little kid couldn't teach his father to not listen to a ditzy air headed blond whore.  He couldn't get across to him that she was a liar and a piece of garbage drug addict that has put more men in jail than Laurie's slept with.  He was trusted with one single be honest.  He blew it.

A stripper?

Only in the Coachella Valley could something this stupid happen.  It's so cliche that I can barely write it.  A stripper and a movie producer.  Tits and ass and money.  I can't believe that a dumb blond stripper and an idiot movie producer could possibly cause as many problems as they did and still he can't get it right.

The man is stupid and that is all there is to it.

There is so much to hate him for I don't know where to begin, so I won't go into that.  What I will say is that he's effectively done what Laurie wanted to do all her life.  He took my life and handed it to her and said, "Now you can kill him."  That's what Jeffrey, Marilyn and Benjamin Katzenberg have done.  They've handed my life over to the girl that has tried to kill me since I was about 11 years old.  I should commend Benjamin on his performance, it was absolutely breathtaking.  Who would believe that he could do so little and say even less.

There is an opening for someone else to publicly take on this crime with Laurie and Brian now, but I doubt that anyone will because of what Jeffrey has shown you what his wife and son will do to you.  I would caution you against a few things.  Do not work with Jeffrey, Marilyn or anyone that has.  As soon as you hear the name Bessie Smith, run.  Missy is a fucking whore and she always will be.  David will steal your little brother and put him in a room with Laurie and Brian with a camera in it and lock it behind himself.  His father and mother won't care and neither will his sister, as long as Jeffrey tells them not to.  Missy's parents can not be reasoned with either.  They raised Jeffrey Dahmer, female version, she eats men and kids for breakfast and smiles when she is done.  Don't bother taking her on because she'll just call Jeffrey and he and Marilyn will empty your bank account and pretend it's for your own good.

Avoid Alice Mendenhall, she gets too wrapped up in fighting with Jeffrey.  Their battles are long and fruitless and go nowhere.  They don't talk to each other for months at a time and when they do, Jeffrey talks her into something stupid that she believes and then you'll get fucked again.  Then they'll all sit around and do nothing.

I would avoid working with Barbara.  Tracy.  Anthony.  Pretty much anyone that I worked with.  Don't even bother.  Money talked and honesty walked.  If you are smart, you will find an attorney and go after the aforementioned people and be done with it.

I have nothing left in my tank because it just isn't possible to live in Hell for a decade with Jeffrey and his bitch wife.  She's not who she seems and she isn't a nice person.  If you read about her, you'll get fooled.  If you read about him, you'll find out he's not a great guy.

For the rest of my friends that Jeffrey contacted and didn't lift a finger, forget it.  You should have talked to my mom and dad and now you won't.  It's sad.  They invested years with all of you.  You let me down.  You let all of us down.

You shouldn't be at my funeral, so don't come.


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