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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

It's Like Watching Laurie Filing A Restraining Order Against Me For Workplace Violence When She Neither Worked There and She Raped Me and Gave Me HIV (Allegedly)

I think about a lot of the hypocrisy of this situation that I encounter and how many times I have encountered it then I think about how many times I've had to listen to the perpetrator of the crime use her gender and her phone terrorism to conjure up a lie to pretend to be a victim of something that doesn't exist and it is no wonder that I have little faith in humanity and human beings.  Lately I do have a whole lot of faith in God and karma though.  I've seen so many things happening to Laurie and Brian and I'm so glad that the corrective energy of the universe has allowed for Laurie to suffer the greatest losses of her terrorist career.  She doesn't see the correlation between her constant need to hurt me and the losses that she's suffered, but the hugeness of the situation is usually lost on her anyway.

I've said before that anyone with Laurie on their side will always have the largest handicap and will always lose.  She's an anchor that no ship can win with.  She'll carry you to the bottom of any ocean and she'll never be able to stay anonymous.  What she craves is attention and I already know it's her.  The one person that couldn't afford to know who she was, knows it's her.  I've already placed her name in so many places in the event of my untimely death, whether it looks accidental or not, that anyone that takes her one, is foolish.  There is no way that my death will ever go unrelated to her, her brother or anyone that she's had around her for years.  Forget it.  It will never go away.  She's stuck with me and will always be investigated no matter what.  There will be no death that won't be investigated.  No shooting.  No disappearance.  No anything.  If I die without some kind of natural cause and even if I do, it will be investigated...and Laurie and Brian will be looked at. I'll never allow them to go unchecked.

There have been so many times that she has slipped through the cracks of justice simply because law enforcement believed a lie or because the judicial system flat out broke the law for her.  There is very little that the Coachella Valley Justice System can do to defend some of the mistakes that they have made in her favor if the federal government takes a look at what they have done; it is just a matter at getting them to take a look at the mistakes.  Ruling on cases that are stayed in the federal court is one.  Sentencing defendants to sentences that aren't even allowed by the crimes that are charged is another.  Forcing defendants to plead guilty to charges that aren't even alleged for dismissals is another.  There are a myriad of problems that occur within the justice system here that aren't even founded.  There is little that can happen without the assistance of the federal government and the State Attorney General.  The statistics alone combined with the evidence that we have of Laurie contacting some of the assistant district attorneys and police officers should allow us to prove a hate crime that starts with rape and goes through the police department all the way through the district attorney, into the courtroom and to the holding facility until sentencing where gay men that have been raped are illegally charged, sentenced and sometimes imprisoned after being entrapped with drugs sold to them by the same woman that raped them with her brother.  It is insanity at its worst.

It's exactly like watching this same woman file a "workplace violence restraining order" against me for a place that she neither works at nor did I know she worked there nor did I commit a violent act nor did it warrant any kind of restraining order, plus she'd just followed me on a vacation with my friends to Arizona where she held a gun to one of my friend's heads and threatened to kidnap him and take him to Mexico where she planned to hold him for ransom...allegedly.  This woman literally, stalked us then filed a restraining order against me...that's the kind of person she is.  Crazy!  Now that friend is "dead" online with obituaries in newspapers in his home state of Michigan and his father's home state of Arizona and I have a letter that has the word "ransom" in it...but I've been told he's alive.  So if you don't believe me...look at the picture on the front of the blog.  There she is in Sedona...and a few months later she's filing the order.  You tell me.   This is all stuff I couldn't testify to in a court hearing because the judge ruled in her favor while the case was stayed in federal court.

Sound familiar?  Commissioner Best?  All the victims of this crime know him.

That's Lisa's Commissioner.

He does criminal arraignments, not civil restraining orders, so why all of a sudden is he hearing this one?  Coincidence?  Not really...

You see the amazing thing about all of this is that even after all of this has been over for so long, the City of La Quinta still wasted the tax payer money representing a woman that didn't even work there against a police informant that was doing his job simply because I mentioned that I was looking to find and question a girl I went to school with that I'd heard was now a "lesbian".  Mind you, in high school and for decades later, she's told everyone I know that I'm a "flaming faggot" and I've had to live with that, but now that I've had this information passed on to me, I thought maybe she'd grown up and that she could be eliminated as a person of interest, but she wasn't.  She made the City of La Quinta look like a homophobic place where a lesbian could get fired or beat up if someone found out that worked there.  That is intolerable.  It's a good thing I asked about it.  The position that she took was that me even asking about it could have gotten her fired or worse...I think that was the City's problem.   At any rate, I certainly should not have been restrained since I didn't even know where she worked.  I have friends from high school that are lesbian and I figured that I'd ask the girls if they chatted.  You look where you figure they are.  I know that's where I'd be.

Workplace violence, for asking if people knew where I could find someone that I don't particularly like but wanted to find to eliminate as a suspect?   Obviously I didn't know where she worked or I wouldn't have asked.  Remember, she outed me...many times.  Has told people I had HIV many many years before I ever told them.  Ruined many friendships because of it too.  Something she is very proud of.    Saying that I'd heard she is a lesbian now isn't exactly that.  She's told many people including her father that Missy is her "girlfriend" from what I've heard.  I wouldn't even know about Missy Pissy if I hadn't heard Laurie on this system constantly talking about her boobs  and stripping all the time...I mean, to me "lesbian" just means another woman.  It's not a bad thing.

One thing that many of you may not know is that "Lisa" or the female voice on this system whom I now just call "Laurie", tells everyone that I went to high school with her.  She did this long before I thought it was who I know it is.  That's what she told people before I even moved to Palm Springs.  She told people I was her boyfriend, her best friend,  fiance all kinds of bullshit.  The only truth is that we DID go to junior and senior high school together.  Her name isn't Lisa it's Laurie.  She's a year older than me and we were anything but friends.  I don't really know her like she says, but I do know her in terms of what she's like as a person...she's bad news.  She's a psycho that has a horrible obsession with hurting me and my family and she's pretty much been behind some of the worst things I've known.  Now that I'm older I've put most of it together, but I'm not surprised she had her hand in the things that happened since I was in the sixth grade.  She's as hateful now as she was then and most of my friends that know her...know her to be beyond just weird, they know her to be quietly violent.

She starts at rage and all I can tell you.  I knew she was obsessed with me, but she was obsessed with some other kids too.  Later I would find that her obsession with me lasted past high school and that surprised me. When it went to college it freaked me out. I thought I'd escaped when I moved to Riverside two hours and fifteen minutes away, it wasn't far enough.  She sent her brother to find me.  I can't believe anyone would come looking for me.

Now here I am at 49 years of age and this 50 year old woman is still coming at me, on meth, acting like she is still in high school, trying to get at me like I did something to her that never happened.  It's her life long quest.  Do you know how hard it is for a 49 year old man to tell people that some 50 year old woman from high school won't leave him alone?  I can't make her stop.  She simply won't go away.  The advantage I have is that for her 50 years, she's never had a single job.  Nothing.  Her job has been to stalk me.  I've worked.  I've done stuff.  Her diary about me is extensive.  It's all about where I've been and who I've been with and their lives and all kinds of stuff about me.  There is no doubt about who stalked who.  So I'm just waiting for my friends to stop this shit from continuing.  Where is the humanity in these humans?

I see lots of humans but so little humanity.

Laurie has this thing about telling me that she has restraining orders filed against her by the Katzenbergs and the Mendenhalls.  I don't know if that is true.  The latest one is that she sent some kind of threat about neither of these families helping me and my family while she tries to hurt me and some other people.  I doubt that this is true.  If there is some kind of restraining order issued by a court somewhere, you can tell any judge that I have been threatened all day and night by Laurie and her friends that use a party phone line to contact me.  They told me that they just want to "torture me" all the time.  It's ridiculous.  I feel like I am in danger all of the's scary for me to live in this town.  I've been a police informant for so long without any protection and when you see what was done to Jonathan Mendenhall and his family, you know why.  Just look at how many attempts have been made on my life already.  My concerns are real.  There are police reports.  Broken skulls and shots taken at my head.  I need to be out of this town and protected.  Please help.

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