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Two days off were not peaceful, they were full of Lori screaming and acting like an idiot. Tonight we we will look at how she controls everyone around her by using her mouth and meth. The entire time I've been telling her to stop talking to me, she's been getting more and more convinced that someone will save her. You can't save a person from herself. She will find a way to get attention if it means destroying everything and everyone else. It is quite interesting to hear how she controls her nasty group of friends.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Billionaire That Steal Money From AIDS Patients? How Could They Be Members? Gay Bat Signal Is Up Spread The Word And Vote No On Measure Marilyn!

Seven years I saved money making minimum wage so that I would have something in the bank in case something happened.  When it did, I went to the bank and someone had convinced my family member to take it out and hand it to Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Behind my back and without a word he took this money from me and won't give it back.  I earned every single penny of this money and paid taxes on every dime of it.  The way it was taken was so sinister only a Hollywood producer could have taken it.  As you can expect, I am working on a story that I was pitching as a movie project that he was made aware of.  His wife, Marilyn was aware of the theft too, allegedly and I haven't seen the money since November of 2016.  It gets worse.

He convinced this family member that "Kevin needs to be looking for work" as if it was a "condition to getting my money back", so I started looking for work and got a job at a Builder's Supply company.  He got mad at the person that got me in touch with the manager and scolded him, then when I got the job he had one of his former employees come up with a plan to call the company and convince them not to give it to me saying that I was "moving out of the area".  I didn't get the job.

Then I applied for a job at the federal court that I use to work at in San Diego.  I worked for the Justice Department for nine years as a courtroom deputy clerk.  The job I applied for was filing papers and was one that I am way over qualified to do.  A good friend is now the head of the Clerk's Office and I felt happy to apply to work for him.  I sent my resume and waited to be interviewed.  Jeffrey, after getting a phone number from his wife Marilyn, called up my friend at the court and told him, "not to hire Kevin" and for six weeks I waited to hear from them.  It's like an NBA player not allowed to coach a Boys Club basketball team in this position.  I was highly offended that I didn't even get an interview.  Jeffrey ruined my friendship with this man and his wife of many years, simply because he's stolen this money and refuses to give it back.

Marilyn Katzenberg has sat back and watched her husband do this to many people over the years.  He has been enabled by this woman so many times while he has destroyed the lives of so many people.  Some of these people may actually be members of S.A.G.-AFTRA right now.  It's like a financial casting couch.  If they say something, they won't ever work again.  I'm not an actor, I'm an advocate for the HIV-LGBTQ community of Palm Springs.  I have been very vocal about a large crime here in the desert and Jeffrey  wanted to involve himself in this project his own way.  Stealing from me has put my life in danger.  He and his wife decided nearly ten years ago that they WOULD NOT AND WON'T HELP ME!  That was fine, but when they went out of their way to HURT me, that was too far.

Please don't reinforce a value system that allows your members to take from our community.  We need advocates to support what crimes do happen against us.  This entire situation in Palm Springs needed attention many years ago.  Jeffrey and Marilyn have stalled justice for far too long.  I may never live to see the end of this crime now, but someone should hold them responsible because of that.

Thank you,
Kevin Bond

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