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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

She Finally Did It: Threw Me Out

On Jeffrey's List of "Things that Laurie has to Do With Kevin Before He Can Give His Money Back" #3 "Throw Him Out Of His Home, you can finally cross that one off.  Yes, folks, right after take away a job opportunity, like the one at Builder's Supply that Laurie took away from me, now Jeffrey has accomplished another one!  Good for you Jeffrey!  You have really racked up the harassment points this week haven't you?  I believe that these are also called felonies!  In your home I believe that Marilyn and your son will also be charged with these!  How interesting that your family would come up with a list of felonies that you can be charged with while you plan on extorting this money from my family.  This is such an interesting way for a billionaire and his wife and kids to spend their time.  Is this the way you spend your vacations?

How wonderful it is to have this happen so that the home that I was living in can now be occupied by Laurie and her brother so that they can shit on the floors and spray paint the walls now!  On the day that I dumped Christopher, what a wonderful thing to have happened.  Yes, folks, I warned him.  If he let this happen without helping me move out of that home safely, I would no longer be in a relationship with him and damn it he went along with Jeffrey again.  Just like always Christopher chose Jeffrey and Marilyn over me.  That was the last time he will ever have to make that decision because I will never put him in that position again.  From now on, he can have Jeffrey and Marilyn forever.  Good luck Christopher, you and Jeffrey make such a cute couple.

Now Marilyn has her lesbian girlfriend in Missy Pissy and Jeffrey has you.  How convenient.

But what about Dave the Dick head?  I guess he's just going to have to be stuck with Laurie.

Tonight I am sleeping at my mother and father's house without anywhere else to go.  Yes, it is the nightmare of all nightmares.  My sister has finally accomplished my biggest nightmare of all.  She conspired with Jeffrey to have me thrown out of my own home and to have me break up with my boyfriend.  I guess when you are an old maid like she is, you don't have anything else better to do.  Now C.J., my cat, is sleeping at the old house all by himself, scared to death, not knowing what is going to happen.  Thanks to that asshole Christopher who couldn't make up his fucking mind what to do, his is scared out of his wits.  Fucking asshole Jeffrey hasn't got a clue about anything and my father, who hates animals will now make my cat sleep in a cage in the garage until I find a place to live which is slightly better than my sister that threatens to have my pets euthanized when I have to move.  My sister and father are pretty much the most hateful people I know and now they are in charge of my whole life thanks to my wonderful friends.

Where is Josh Dun when you need him?

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