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Boy did I make Lori mad today...all I had to do was talk about how much I love Christopher to someone from my work! It was like a shockwave delivered to the heart of my stalker. Lori must have some kind of weird thoughts going through her pin head tonight because she is twirling around like Linda Blair's head on a possession victim. What kind of lesbian is in love with a gay man to the point where she freaks out when he talks about his own boyfriend? Lori has some issues with reality and not knowing what it is. I know that Christopher must just cringe when she starts hearing that I don't have any kind of feelings for this high school loser! She's using yearbooks from Junior High School and high school to make up fantasies about some life she never had. I'm considering locking myself in my home again and not coming out. Total Single White Lesbian Female material. Calm down Lori, you've been dumped before...
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Helping To Spread AIDS? Take Their Foundation From Them!

Now that he has all of the criminals on HIV meds and gave them their medical insurance, this couple has supported the LGBTQ's worst enemy...LISA!  They allegedly even put up the monies to bail Brian and Laurie out of jail!

I don't think that Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg embody anything more than the complete destruction of the gay community of Palm Springs, California with their two friends Missy Pissy and David the Chickenhawk.  Both seem to factor in highly in the theft of my stolen saving's account and both are now living with Laurie and Brian, their drug dealers.  The rumor is that one of the Katzenberg's homes has been used as a drug stash house in Palm Springs and that Jeffrey refuses to turn the drugs over to the correct authorities after David's sister Maddison, told the pair about the drugs being found.  It would appear that someone busted up Marilyn and Jeffrey's drug dealing scheme in the Palm Springs area, but Jeffrey has managed to "keep it quiet" again.  Just like he does with everything else.

So what were all those Listerene bottles of colored GHB doing in that home Jeff?  Why were they there and who put them there for you?  We all know that colored GHB is manufactured by Laurie and Brian LaTweeker and their presence in one of your thousands of homes makes the two of you look very suspicious, but what makes the rest of us think you two are in cahoots with Laurie and Brian is your flat refusal to have the pair prosecuted for the infection of your own son and the burglary into your home in Palm Desert.  You do realize that in the time since you bailed the pair out of Sedona that two more men have been killed: Shawn Parrish and an elderly man here in 29 Palms.  Two deaths that we all think that the two of you might just be directly responsible for.  These two men had lots of information about Laurie and Brian.  They were witnesses in this case and now they are both dead.  Nice job Marilyn, you really do deserve all those accolades that everyone pushes on all of us about you.  You are truly a monster of a mother.

From what I understand, Laurie has linked herself to the two of you through a family member of mine and through contacts in Arizona that were made while they stalked me and my friends there.  I've heard that Jeffrey threatened both of these men into silence...and now one of them also appears to be dead on line.  What are you doing Heisenberg?  Now that you've taken away all of my medical insurance and HIV meds, you've lied to and looted my saving's account, what's next Jeff?  I hop you understand something you slimy piece of shit, you and I won't ever agree that you have anything that I want.  You have nothing in the way of morals.  I can only pray that your mother isn't in Heaven watching you have your affair with the lesbian that took away my entire life.  YOU will pay dearly in court for what you've been doing Jeffrey and so will your wife.

Take away your god damn AIDS Foundation and pick up an ISIS application Marilyn, you are a terrorist.

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