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She's at it again. Trying to fill the roles of "mother and father", Lori likes to "get her ideas" from people that she feels are "more normal" than she is. That really isn't hard, but the interesting thing that she does is pick family members as her next victims to use. Lately, she's turned to calling Jeffrey Katzenberg her "father" and Marilyn her "mother" as if she could simply throw their names around like rag dolls. The problems in Lori's tiny little mind are tremendous...her solutions are tiny. What she can't fix is her past amount of lying is going to do that. What she wanted was wealthy parents and a sister that would do anything for her. What she got is a drug addicted brother and parents that don't really like her much. It's a simple solution...put her in jail for the things she can't explain. Don't wait, that little mind of hers is as "soap opera" creative as her "soap opera" life.
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Harassed Again In 29 Palms: The Situation Has Grown Out Of Control

There are some of you that will remember the period before and after my rape when Laurie and Brian were following me everywhere in Palm Springs and having me arrested for everything under the sun.  I think there were like fifteen police contacts and seven arrests but absolutely no convictions for anything.  At one point I was held in police custody for a week with no charges being filed at all.   I don't think that I've ever seen such an aggressive attempt at harassment in my entire life.  Now it has started again in 29 Palms, only now, I'm the victim of a brutal rape and several attempts on my life and Jeffrey Katzenberg has stolen $30,000 from me.  Laurie and Brian have begun following me everywhere I go, making phone calls to everyone that I apply to work for and everywhere I frequent.  In an attempt to try to show me that they have some kind of control over what I do.  This is suppose to show me that they will control my life.  It is not going to happen this way.

This is what happened.

Yesterday, I finished working for a woman that I am doing some projects for.  This is a woman that Laurie and Brian are threatening to try to get to know already.  Once I got paid for the job I went to the casino and spent $10 gambling and sat in the bar to watch the Cleveland and Toronto NBA game on television.  My sister came in with her in law, my deceased brother in law's brother, and sat in the bar.  Within a few minutes a security guard came over to me and said that I needed to buy a beer or food or I would have to leave.  I explained to him that I was watching the game and that I'd been gambling and was just relaxing.  He told me that he was saying that they'd warned me before about vagrancy and that I had to either buy a beer or food or gamble more or I couldn't stay.  I said, "I just spent ten bucks gambling and I can't watch this game?"  He said, "Well if you buy a beer..."   I told him I go to A/A and I just wanted to watch the game.  You see Brian, David and Laurie have been calling the casino telling the security people that I go there and don't gamble.  So now they want to throw me out if I go and watch an NBA game on television.  Thanks to Jeffrey and his friend David, this has become a game to them.  See how miserable they can make me.  So now, even if I want to watch Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors play, I can't.  This is how Laurie wants to control me.  

I can't watch television at home because Jeffrey stole all of my money.  I don't have television or the internet any longer.  I don't have a cell phone.  I don't have a job because now, even though Josh Dunn's family helped me get a job, Jeffrey got the job taken away from me...thanks to his friend David, playing Rich Man/Poor Man.  So you see, no matter what I do, I can't do anything.  Jeffrey is strangling me.  Christopher has an insurance plan that I can sign right now that has been ready for years...but Jeffrey won't let me sign it.  The insurance will pay for my income and my health insurance, but Jeff says no.  He simply will not let Christopher let me be okay.  Jeffrey and Marilyn are denying me access to insurance that will let me live.  This is so oppressive that I can't live my life.  They are literally killing me.  Marilyn's AIDS Foundation should be stripped from her...this is no way to treat an advocate for AIDS/HIV victims like myself.  Jeffrey is a tyrant.  My own friend Karen wrote this policy for me and Christopher uses it but I can't?  Who the fuck does that?  Why does Christopher enjoy the benefits of my friend's work but not me?  Tell me that Jeffrey?

What I do not understand is how little Jeffrey and Marilyn are doing for me...this is a crime against humanity!!!  What I am doing is trying to survive a serial killer...and Jeffrey is handing her my life on a silver platter with his wife's invitation.

At this point I have given Christopher Robert Monti permission to sign the insurance papers for me in lieu of my own natural signature and have it witnessed,not in person, by my attorney Lisa Damiani who does have a power of attorney on file for me as well.  I need certain things signed in my absence while I am exiled in 29 Palms, California.  Lisa has represented me in my own case with the federal court when I was shot at in San Diego and remains my attorney of record.

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