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If she wasn't trying to kill me, then why call off the police officer summoned to the E.R. on the morning of my second MRI? Why call the hospital to ensure that I would not receive any medical treatment for a destroyed skull. The problem with Lori LaFond knowing where you are all the time is that you can't get help of any kind before she can make a phone call and tell a lie about you. The fact that I reported the rape and nobody showed from the PSPD to take my report is one thing, but for that same department to then tell the City Council of Palm Springs that I'd waited "too long" to report it to them is ridiculous. I didn't wait, I took a day to try to figure out what happened, went to the hospital, was denied services, went back two days later, brought my bloody clothes and reported the rape...and was denied again. Obviously the MRI's from those visits show something horrible...what happened?
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Did Jeffrey Katzenberg Bail Out Two Rapists To Save His Lesbian Girlfriend? Sad...very, very, very sad.

Good Old Missy Pissy...don't we all feel sorry for her?

It is more effective than a finger down my throat when I think that the girl that "got away with raping me", thank you Chief Bryan Reyes, was actually sitting in a jail cell in Sedona, Arizona while her accomplice was in another jail cell in the Pima County Jail, until Jeffrey Katzenberg did something so unreasonable to spring them out of trouble for his lesbian girlfriend Missy Pissy.  Why in the world would someone with that much money do something that stupid for a girl that is as guilty as sin when it comes to this crime?  He literally is alleged to have put up the money to bail out his own son's rapists.  He knew that these two raped his kid and infected him with HIV and still, he bailed out his own kid's rapists?  What kind of a father does this?  What kind of a man does this?

His own son came to me for help and he decided, instead, to help a blond bimbo that has a ton to do with my rape. She's the one that called the emergency room and told them that my head injuries weren't serious...twice!  Then she went to the hospital and stole the MRI's and took them home.  This isn't the first time that this girl has been involved in my attempted murder and it probably won't be the last.  Jeffrey then went on to help her steal $27,000 from my own bank account.  This isn't a casual friendship here people, it's a full blown Bonnie and Clyde.  This man is targeting me and my friends for death.  It doesn't matter to any of you that his blond stripper ex-Playmate bonded out Laurie and Brian when the police had them in custody and he still won't turn them in to the authorities?  I'll tell you one thing, it bothers the Hell out of me that Christopher would even think of being a friend of his.  I'm having fifth thoughts about being near him, not second thoughts.  I don't understand where peoples' brains go when they find out how dirty Jeffrey is, but there must be something about him that makes them stupid.  Money, I guess.  I don't want his money...I want him to stay away from me.  I am afraid of what he will do next.

Literally, I am afraid for my life from my best friend's father and mother.  They scare me to death.  The things that they have decided to get involved with, I would never have advised.  There wasn't any need for it and there wasn't any reason for it.  The simple fact is that Jeffrey and Marilyn came after me to hurt me. They've done just that, hurt me over and over again.  It's to the point where there is no reason to consider them friendly any longer.  It's an ongoing problem that the victims have with this crime.  "If you step out of line, Jeffrey and Marilyn will punish you for Laurie and Brian."  If you were raped, Jeffrey doesn't believe you.

It's sad for me when I think of how close I was to having this case solved and my life back in order.  I literally slowed my roll so that I could help Jeffrey and Marilyn.  When a year turned into two, two turned into four, four into eight and I realized one thing, Jeffrey isn't here to help anyone.  He's here to help Laurie.  He's her friend.  He's her ally.  He's her bail bondsman.  He's her financing.  One way or another she gets the money from him or Jeffrey's father...and she spends it on terror.  That's the impression that I have.

Missy Pissy, came here with a whole lot of information about Jeffrey and his kids.  She'd been watching Marilyn and Jeffrey through Benjamin's eyes and ears for a long time.  When she showed up with her tits out, she knew that cleavage would give way to clever.  That's exactly the kind of man she looks for...married, so no sex, but rich without a conscience.  She warned him that "people will try to take advantage of you", meaning me, but I never waiver on this.  I don't ask the parents of victims to help out with's simply wrong.  Missy did though.  So did David.  So did Bessie.  All three came here with their hands out and with dark desires in their hearts.  Steal as much as you can from Kevin and hurt him as much as you possibly can so that he can't stop us from being the money whores we are.

You did it Jeff!  Are you proud of yourself?  Do you think of the promise that you made to your mother and give her the mental middle finger every night?  You give one to me every single day of my life and I've earned more respect than that.  I have suffered deeper and hurt more than anyone that I know.  I have sacrificed my entire life to help everyone else and they couldn't be bothered after I did.  The one thing that I know more than anything is that I never said, "Woe is me."  I've never heard a bigger cry baby than Jeffrey who entered into this investigation as a father but left it as an accomplice to terrorism.  He's not a man, he's a true monster.  There isn't anything in this world I hate more than a father turning his back on his gay son.  In this situation, I've seen it before with my own dad.  It's like deja vu.  There is so much less to love about the Katzenbergs than you could ever imagine.

Yes, it is the apparent truth that Christopher has befriended this devil.  He's forsaken me and my family after I helped his with everything I could.  Literally betrayed by a priest/boyfriend/informant and best friend, Jeffrey couldn't have tried to force me back to using drugs if he handed me a pipe and baggie.  I decline.  I can't let anything dissuade me from being the person that I am.  I would never allow Laurie or Jeffrey the satisfaction of relapse...that's something Jeffrey's done without the alcohol.  He's a drunk without alcohol.  Mean, nasty, dirty and foul.  I should know, I've bar tended too and I've seen every kind of drunk there is.  He's the horrible kind.  The one that's worse when he isn't drinking.

Jeffrey thinks like a man in love with a lesbian.  He's literally taken a stripper and tried to turn her into a ballerina.  She's not a ballerina.  She's a drug dealing wash out.  Her last girlfriend could see it coming and bailed and Jeffrey just can't bear to see her look so bad.  You should see how she looks when she's telling an emergency room tech that a life threatening skull injury isn't anything.  Twice.  She's no ballerina, she's a bull dyke with a blond disaster on her head.

This isn't the first time she's gone after my family, this won't be the last either.  Laurie and she have this kind of "family envy" thing that doesn't go away.  The two of them have nothing in common but betraying my family.  That is their only commonality outside of methamphetamine.  Missy Pissy would never have been caught dead living with Laurie and even Gwen Stefani would die laughing at the thought.  Literally, Gwen Stefani knows about Laurie and she knew that Missy Pissy couldn't stand her, but now they are living together?  What a damn joke.  Jeffrey has his own life to fuck up now, I won't ever  be involved with another one of Christopher's screwed up friends.  His friendship with Marilyn Katzenberg is equally suspicious.  I couldn't pick a worse scenario if I tried.  This guy doesn't really know me any more...he's just there to antagonize me and that's all he does.  What kind of boyfriend would let his friends take away his own saving's account or medication for HIV and not do something?  He's a priest?  Yes, but he's lost his heart.

People need to understand something.  Christopher is apparently in a place with the man that I absolutely hate.  He's helping him and his wife.  If you are doing that, then you are against me.  It's quite a simple situation, Jeffrey is against me.  He is for my rapists.  There is no other explanation.  You don't bail out criminals that you know raped a man, gay bashed his skull to pieces then use the girl that helped them as an excuse.  There is no love there.  There is no kindness in his actions.  It is a threatening act to have bailed them out under two false names.  This says that, "I'm willing to break the law to help two terrorists complete their terrorism."  It doesn't help anyone to let them loose.  I don't even see how this helped him.  He must be in love with Missy Pissy.

One thing is for certain, I am in grave danger with him around.  He is the most detrimental person that I could imagine.  I won't be fooled by him ever again.  I won't be fooled by his wife ever again either.  I also won't let anyone else be fooled by them either.  If either of them tells any of you that they are "helping me" they are lying.  There isn't a single thing that either can point to that has ever looked helpful.  They can kiss Mrs. Mendenhall's ass all they want, but the truth is that this man wanted to put us in jail in Arizona, illegally.  He sent Missy Pissy and David there to help Laurie accomplish that...when Brian and Laurie pulled their usual shit, the billionaire's friends bailed them out.  Nobody has ever bailed me out of anything.  They've used me, abused me, treated me like shit under their feet and I'm frankly tired of this entire team out here.  They aren't friends...they are the enemy to all of us that suffer.

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